Happy New Year, You Cowards


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Good pods checkout for fifteen percent off all orders of forty dollars or more. That's m. i. Perreault dot com and code good pods for fifteen percent off all orders of forty dollars or more focused. That's the perfect guy. Do a kid law this. Is it twenty twenty wrap. This is the last episode of the gp ellen possed in the year two zero two zero or they met last one ever done not a good time to end it. I figure you know you're listening to it. just odd. Cast sucks fucking cut horrible This has been a pretty fucking gnarly year and a good way. Also hear i mean not to like shit on all the people that had a bad year right. i've never or the thousand who died over a million worldwide. Well i don't care paul me. I got laid off. My job had three months to vacations. I mean. is it pretty good for me. You lost your and it was a good thing. I went on vacation. Hey remember that. Six job i had pension and benefits. I lost it. I also wouldn't even be here yet. If i still had that job. So yeah you'd probably out by now. That's why they got rid of. You are happy no no. It's been great. Like i talked to people all the time about this. And they're like oh man twenty twenty minutes. It sought management stuck at home. Can't do anything i want on a road. I went to philadelphia boston. New york city in new haven connecticut rhode island boston for two days. I spent a week in lexington. I got kovin still works. I forgot we went to boston. So we're going to recap all that but a few of the specific things that i had completely forgot about that even happened. Australia burned down. You've ever looking. That was the rave like that was the whole thing like austria is on fire. Koalas dying groggy. Yeah right. I think all the qualities are extinct now. The who allegations colgate it's a conspiracy Not really did. Don't even real so we. We made this drastic transition from like talking shit about crony nineteen grown a nineteen in twenty nine hundred. Yeah fucking krona verison. Twenty nineteen into march hits and were essentially. You know in a lockdown not able to do anything so go to work and stay home fucking. Kobe died kobe right. My kids still jacobi and snow fucking funny to me when like little five year old daughter. She has a little piece of paper. Colby helicopter hitting the ground. Jesus cross the puck and i cried. I cried in front of paul. My mom and dad and star remember. They did the tribute to kobe. And i would ever looked at me. I'm just like bawling my eyes out of some shit. The fuck. It was sad dude. Yeah i was just looking at a picture. That was sad the his daughter like that's just him for me because it seems like people like that. Don't die right book. Their kid well. It's a bummer. But you know what i mean. You see cove seen him so many times samba. Just god like this. Isn't a sportsman. Cast and i don't want to go down the sports Rabbit hole here. But i will say this right now and you could fuck it. Fistfight me. kobe. Bryant is better than michael jordan. Lebron james you could suck nobody cares. I was gonna say. I could give a shitless about the nba. I agree with adam. Just make you i wanna. That's one of the say that satisfy kobe like the goat. It's right but i just. I don't cared about those two hundred thousand people americans while kobe didn't die of covid. So are you sure. His helicopter crashed. Do you feel do you. How bad you feel for cohen kobe. Khurana copter one. Kobe versus two hundred thousand people. I take kobe if you could save kobe or save. Two hundred thousand lives gobi. Okay all right. You don't sit there and go two hundred dollars. You said they go. Kobe icon bro. I'm a whole can a show. I slammed a beer. When we're listening to the intro. So he got drunk all of us. All right that makes sense Bourbon the fucking stock market craft in. What march early march. Yeah a lot of crashes around There were fucking dammit. Lots of crashes fucking protests over the place that was wild. There was wild. They're still going on. are they really aren't they. Is there should still happening in minneapolis. I thought trump lost and now the protests over. I think they're still shit going on around how this guy this guy texas five days later is like hey did you guys see that there was a bombing. Nashville fucking note. I mean it was everywhere. I didn't know. I was like six hours late to knowing and was like you're an idiot. Adamson two days adam found out by about four o'clock on christmas was like that'd been going on six thirty in the morning. I had no idea i think. Got the guy anyway today. Well i think he died but he blew himself up in the in the alleged. But i saw text. I sent over the goddamn democrats and their five g. Trying to kill everyone regarding this just ranting station by democrats the goddamn democrats and we're five g is going to kill us all mates editor again. Yeah maybe maybe he's. Somebody must have traded on him maybe his a camper had five g. That's blew up. Maybe he's onto something. It could be coincidental. Death freedom fighter. I saw a picture. Though of the front of the camper. Like the security footage that they allegedly got of him. It was the fakest. Look thing i've ever seen. It was like a silhouette of a guy in black and white than the trump t- shirt on no really cement. The hate forum. It looked pretty clear to me. That the image i was seeing either was a fake or be fake like there was no way it was real when he does the depending on who faked the video like the either faked it and or somebody on twitter. Got me now's the dude. That's not the one i saw. What do you mean fake video. It was just a picture but it was like they blew up. The they zoomed in on the on the driver of the camera and then there was like an outline of the guy. hold on. go up if you just like quickly look better. i like. That's like my dad him bell. No the guy big that is the camper death that could be. My dad is dead. I mean he was there on christmas hitler. He was the ghost of christmas. Present makes sense. Well he looks like our de. Our dad is a camper momber facts. I fucking garage is and maxwell got arresting you know in twenty nineteen we talked a lot epstein lame just just in Yen got arrested. She did on giannis come of it. It's it's quite on that that she did she. Was she able to post bail. No she's still jail post. I didn't read it so he's been in the news. I've seen a thing. Where her she had her tits out and it had like a thing like a like a black bar. Overtop them in jail. No all right there. We're going to be murder hornets When does have been stunned by two thousand and three kim. I remember that to him. And his dad responded Sisters seat nope. It was the first and last time. I got stung by a bee. It it flew in my shoe in between like the soul my ankle and it stung me like four times and i was freaking out because i'm like i can't see you for whatever the one that can sing you multiple times. It's been like over a decade. I i can't remember. I remember I was playing video games with a kid cory. Though i went to school with in stung me and i thought that got shot by a gun. It was a murder hornet. But this like fifteen years the first one that got her Beirut exploded ever find. That was about yeah. They were storing fertilizer. The fertilizer selling a weapon. I think no no like fertilizer in in like about it was something that was seized at the port but i think it was an explosive of some kind fertilizer. It was ammonium nitrate. That's what it was and if fucking rock drew that video hundred ninety aac yeah. Did a hundred people died that that video bump big time. I put kobe over those one ninety. Exactly joe biden and kamala harris You'd better not say. God damn name wrong racist. I'm pretty sure that's how it said. I'm just saying the people the people camel camel co fuck yourself. You know camelot. I seen somebody say her name wrong. Paul and then like the call racist. Yeah it's like you said her name. Yeah it's fucking now Yeah they they they won. I both voter fraud. Steel the steel black panther died other. Bummer total bummer. After a bunch of people call them the crack panther the back panther. Yeah because he got fucking. They thought he was on drugs when he lost weight. When really was chemo and cancer eating his body. Oh my god. I never called him crack. Grech matt damon tried so fucking hard to make my way through that. I eight not to kick over to the weight loss challenge but maybe some of us not me. We should maybe go to the doctor and get some chemo loose weight. I'll just do crack. Because i'm the only one that lost weight this week. Just congrats adam. You got completely naked to do it per video okay. There's video vinnie up here. We go all right Covered my california was on fire to everything was on. Fire is california and fire all the all the fucking amazon look. The lungs of the earth are on fire. And who wants people saying like shit. It's not on fire and then australia's burnin and california's burnin. Everything's on fire global warming satan. Hey i look damn democrat when we lived in colorado there'd be a lot of wire wildfires and it would be pretty wild like you're driving down the road and you look over and there's just like a mountain on fire. Yeah i missed all that at ruth. Bader ginsburg died kesar who matt. Rpg army g. or. Kobe pick right now for kobe. You hesitate. She was eighty seven pew of the good long fuck. She did a ton of shit. She's never dunked once in her life. Backs backs. Kobe won the contest. Yeah bunch people got covid right trump. Daddy trump got it. His kid got it got it got. It was over in five minutes. Who was the first tom. Hanks was like the. I like big celebrity to get you foul. She got know who got it. These to fucking idiots these to fucking pussy horse survival survivor chance. Immune systems couldn't fight off kobe. Out you got no my immune system did fight off cova nineteen fao got it for you guys are still here. You guys might be part of that. Two thousand this. See the tom hanks movie coming out. No he's like it's stern and he's like protecting this little girl and i thought it was kind of ironic because on epstein island. Some people were commenting on his instagram posts. Which is like hundreds of emojis of pizza You know kind of like adding the pizza gate. And then he fucking dipped and became a greek citizen. If you didn't know that we talked about it. He became a greek citizens he did a camel was colorado colorado hairs. Yeah that was oh man. Ev h died at van. Halen we talked about that for like a whole fucking episode. Didn't yeah all right here. We go repeater games. Were kobe eddie. Covering a back. Kobe kobe every time he has ever hear the three the rule of have you ever have your throat have you ever. You've never thrown into a trash cans. Yeah but call a music that you like. Now is based on the ship that he was doing We're freeport back to your backseat begs. Kobe thing i had We have a friend in common. Who tried to tell me once that people throw things into the trash can and say jordan. kevin yes. Have you ever heard. I throw them into the trash can and think of neither of us to. I know you've grown up your entire life. I wanna fucking hate everything. So i'm never gonna get. Yeah he's out. I'm sorry that that's what you've done. Everyone says colors a reason we have a segment coming up and called nate. Hates twenty one win. Like the kobe thing is always been not rangel person. No one never ever before. Kobe bryant came around said jordan. No only nobody koby came around. It became a thing. We said kobe. Why think michael jordan's better. So i'm going say jordan. Jordan was a degenerate gambler. Who got his father killed kobe. Bryant was saint who only had one rape allegation and what he was acquitted. What am i one of the things that you soon school is when somebody would. If i'd be by the trash can thrown into the kobe and then i'd go jacci and gravity. What was no paper. Tasers high school freshman hip blake thrown dixon. The tragic awesome. I realized i did that twice. But you can do it at work. All the time the kobe. Yeah yeah absolutely you remember. Okay i i thought it was hilarious through my my koby time. How many pieces of paper did you eat. He's about three hundred fifteen pounds. Worth forty percent of his body is made up of paper right. You can't pass it. That's what the that's what it is. I'm just there's three inside them. Yeah to kobe plug out back. I'd say we're probably but again. I mean how old how old was he. A hundred k still taking kobe. Hey can we pause real quick. So we're sitting here talking about twenty twenty and you keep all these people that have died so fucked twenty twenty up kinda ruined a lot of things and then every compound all these things like kobe and age will die every year compared the celebrities that people love and twenty nine thousand. Nine that died. You'd probably be on par with twenty right but we but it just. It hits a little different adam. Twenty nine twenty. Times are tough tough okay. How many times do we have to fucking here. That during these difficult times gets me is when people are like. I can't wait till twenty. Twenty s over. This has been a shitty every. It's like twenty twenty one allender chase. You doesn't change her mac thing. We're in the same boat. Tomorrow doesn't matter no no no. We're all get the vaccine january first a seven. Hey you i have to take the vaccine. Because i had it if you had it. You have to take the vaccine. We don't know. I don't know i don't care i'm not gonna take. I'm not giving you haven't been to the doctor in twenty years. I haven't been to the dentist thirty one years. I'm just saying like i'm i'm indestructible. Dentist is like you're the net one hundred. Never been to the dentist. No hundred bucks in your life ever cavity cleaning root canal. Fuckin- here's wanna go. I mean i could go. I have dental insurance. Here's here's the thing. Adam face facetime today and while he was talking to me thought one of his front teeth was falling out so he saying i mean i thought he had a tooth coming out of his face. So i mean maybe maybe probably just Healed itself suck backup tooth. You've of course flex that tooth back We all scream. I don't fucking bruce but here's the reality of the situation yeah. We couldn't do as as much shit timeout right. I wanna i wanna go back and say this. I went on the most vacations. I've ever went on my life. Because you're an important. I had from may until the end of august i just three months gained twenty five pounds. Eight food hung out with you guys. I had a great year man. It was a little you know. I don't know what's going to happen at first. But i mean i i lost my job. Gained twenty. five pounds became an alcoholic and landed on. My feet became the other end. He said became he really honed in the alcoholism he mastered the draft. I don't think he just quit. Trying to hide. Did not i. I don't think there was a dale sober from may until august. Yeah i mean plugging plugging you. You're not working. just later. He working you drank it. We have podcasts. Where adams adams audio plug and watch me. If i was my job adams audio is almost inaudible and some of them because he's colby late. What's that some of my favorite pods. This year are when you were just fucking shit. Can i think back to the first podcast. And i think i said this last week. The first podcast we ever recorded the after our fancy football draft. Nate randomly showed up. I was like okay. We'll have an foursome yep Do anything it was. I i listened to it. Can't be released got into lethal dude. The fucking I can't remember exactly the gun stuff. The whole conversation about the guns and never gold. No it happened. We released it. There's been a lotta gun talk. Yeah that one. I feel like we've kind of like there was a line in the last like six eight months kind of pushed that line a little bit further for sure but at that time when we were talking about the gun and putting it in my mouth and like pretending i was going to kill myself i went to bed and i was like struggling to fall asleep. Coast they can like what if what. One of my kids like friends. It only hair. You occur right. Yeah i was like we never gonna let my sons never going to have friends because his dad is suicidal. He's rocking the gun in his mouth. I've done that. I've i've done it on the ride home. Were we've gotten some really fucking touchy stuff. Some re- really pushed that line move. That needle would you call chadwick. Boseman crack crack panther. Yup right michael. I never fucking her that you made that upright dot thing okay. i believe i'm gonna search crack panther. You don't have to look it up. But what was your point there is. There's the puck and crack panther from death man right god no which i see seen that looks like he needs to bail fox though tyrone big but That's unfortunate. yeah. I mean there were there. Were some drive home. Drives home rows like fuck. Maybe we did. I go a little too far. They're talking about this specific thing and no we didn't. You never have to worry about that because adams going to go farther than it's going to overshadow no that's a huge part of. It is welcome if adams said on yells and he saints so much better. Don't call an agent. Some real ignorant treks level. Shit show some real crimes breaking shit profound becomes. Yeah yeah thank you but no we fucking we We went on the road trip. That was tight you know. I think we're gonna plan one again. Yeah maybe in may may work for you. Guys will go to canada get arrested. Let's go go to new mexico. Get arrested in mexico. I wouldn't come back. No i've never. I don't think i'm leaving. I'm upping person so the cartel would find me and be like you know much hitter with legal put in their gm and heroin and his astle. No they would kill me and then just like take my innards out and stuff. Me full of fucking. Oh they're gonna lose our hair to leave their dick and it in ainley one page one little one little eight. I don't know how much heroin comes in but like one little bag at a time. Yeah matthew me look like you like that. Poppy you some real groundbreaking. Kfc it's not pushing back on his sorry guys of what this is. I mean the road trip was tight. Yeah we went to fuck in philadelphia. We eat cheese steaks. Cheesecakes were bomb. I didn't have the first part took tasted rotten. Then after that it was right there with you. So there's no way there's a from wrong is. This wasn't the reason you didn't want to have the cheese steak because we knew we were going to be walking and he didn't want to shoot. You know i. I knew we were going to be in the car for a long time. And i didn't want to be in a situation where it's like i'm in there. Were on the road for a half hour. There's nowhere to get off really and i'm sweating bullets about to ship my pants so like me at central park. Yes yes i wish more than anything you would shit in the francie in a lot of the like every time me too because nate you your leather seat has a million holes in it and has those cooling fans so forever you would have gotten now it would have just fucking o. Obviously i would not have shit. I'm not a fucking animal. I wouldn't have shit in a car in central park You re you humid. Take a shit in central park. You would have done it right on the sidewalk on a percents. Yeah in your pants and be the fucking million persons should on the sidewalk in new york. Owner boomer. Yeah a lot of the decisions i made on the trip and ninety were based on where we're going to be doing. Shit all i wanna do is eat does not want to eat. Let's see the food was doing bomb. That piazza we got frank. Pepe soon met you. We went in there. And you're like what are we going to get on this. And i said i don't know just pepperoni and you were like sausage. I fucking hate saw town. I was they five. Fucking sausage was so fighting. And i kind of felt like a dick because i was like i kinda just like ruined this piece of paul time. I want to say something to a classic matt not listening to anybody getting one pine set to. i said we're like hey. Let's get to pizzas to pieces. I ordered one pizza. I was like i'm going home. And then you get sausage dog meat. That dog meat on the fucking pizza. How good was that dog may was the best pizza ever. If that's what dog. My dogs are in trouble but it would have been better fuels pepperoni. I don't think idle it was so good. Whatever that was the get it again. I like you go like dominos and get started on your on your pizza. And it's like this fucking like horsemeat at duda fell. That's what it is. It's sad was so the only bummer about that. Was we ate it right on the water. And all i could smell was shitty water smell and we were in such a weird area there. Were people all over. It was it was like we had no plates lights. Nothing were in the dark eating that sweetest eats a with the cell phone lights. Yeah on a on a random ninety get status. The bench was covered in shit. Yeah and there were just people walking by there was fucking like hey good. Spirit heroin park. It was not a good spot. Yeah that was a key kinda sketch. We should just went to our bedbug infested hotel room that we saw was that the one with the bugs the fuck into oral as orla the buck the door open. No fuck asshole. We got the room. It was on a fucker. We pulled up to that hotel. Okay i walked in the fucking office first off no disrespect to the culture of this individual. But it's it's not like i could open to thing of curry and just put it on my nose and that's what the office smells like. It reeked a fucking curry. So the guy you were. You want to know where i knew. It was going to be kind of iffy. Was when i'm sitting there signing in and gives me a literal key out of fucking room key actual goddamn hausky. And then he goes. Oh by the way the toilet. The toilet seats broken. And i was like okay. And he's like well we had to swap it still. It's a different color. And i said i don't give a shit. Does it work. Does the toilet see work. Does the toilet flush than we're okay so use the key says all right room three and we walk over and reading the numbers and i look and look and i look at room three and it doesn't say three all sees the fucking door wide open and there's bugs everywhere their people and there's little kids running through running in and out of our fucking room are going to be a little bastard cambridge in and out of the room. They in our room. Yeah kids you should have killed him the traffic that kid yeah and then death ab a bunch of videos adam. Schiff pants of bugs everywhere. It was discussed yet. You know bugs neither do i. But that was a fucked up thing. Nothing was worse than When we went to Pittsburgh and then. Paul was just snoring. The entire time organizers hotel for stop guys. i don't remember snoring at all. He snores lawnmower. Which thank god. Because i was i was so worried case or was right next to me doing the same thing do i was so fucking man and then everybody would give me. She'll like why are you falling asleep. Adam because we were up until four. Yeah apparently the first night. It wasn't to the extent of paul's the bug hotel. The only thing that saved that god damn trip was. I no wrong frank. Peppy rosen the rain app but nate asked me to. Hey donald earbuds and it shows and i put in this listen to rain i still listen to it. I just want the record to show that for the entire time we were in boston. I slept in a closet. Where the bed. There's not that i was on. Didn't go all the way down. So i slept like like this. That's i could try to be as far away from you guys possible. That was your own personal choice. But i did that too. L. high sleep declined all the way back. No but it. Didn't you show us to put it in the closet on an incline. Where farther away from. Fuck yeah no i was. I was trying to be as far from you guys as possible so the snoring would doing who gives like i'm not faulting you at you could have slept on on top of me. I don't give a fuck well next time. I'll sleep right on tap. Yeah me it'll be mad on bottom you in the middle miata. The bottom top to bottom we ate at another local pizza. Spot to me knows what we're in boston. Yup twenty twenty recruit cap or is the sir road trip loop road trip. Yeah we fucking walked so much like those my twenty miles that first day as my favorite part that was yeah the first fifteen wonderful and then i remember when we circled back and we got to that bridge before going over bunker hill and i stopped and i was like this is where i die right here. I wish you would have died in boston. Massachusetts outside of a fucking converse store if would have died. Fucking bernie's you. Yes that's fine. If you would pay you die uber. Dying wouldn't have been the worst part of twenty twenty fuck. Kobe bryant eyebrow mad. All right our bg outsor- back coby coby browbeat sorry. Met mass doesn't have the same marine. do it facts. I mean what else do we do. It would be a bummer though. Because then every time you did it you'd be waiting for matt to come and eat the paper the she's did a fucking dead all right. That was it twenty twenty. It's over man. All the government gave a bunch of money out or they did they did. We all got twelve hundred bucks right. We get the stimulus six months. Now you've got the new one and the on the first one i got. Yeah i got it. I didn't use it towards anything. Remotely spend it fucking on amazon really. Yep wow every penny all my savings account right now. Are you serious. Yeah i go that route. Fucking nerd omits the mr responsible over there while juggling guns and drink a bud light still. He's i'm sorry. Hey why don't you get declined for credit card. I got approved for for the poor guy. This motherfucker we couldn't talk last week in detail because it was a christmas present. Paul bought andrea a ring. So anti yeah okay. So paul comes. Domingo's hey i want to buy this ring for andrew and it wasn't a link to the website it was a picture of andrews phone of the of the ring that she wanted right because which is like the most i understand you. You try to sneak the picture. I guess still you said like hey semi the link to look could like done any because that that just tells shooting known like you're not gonna get it. It shouldn't like broke motherfucker so then we walk into this place right. Paul is the most awkward person on earth he walks in hands up like this like ring looked so we talked to the sales guy us on the bridge as trying to give back extremities. So paul's like polls like hey. I want to buy this ring. And he shows the guy a picture of a picture of a ring and the guy sits down shows like this five thousand dollar rings for them and paul. It could have been whatever. But it was like way out of your price point and then paul's like i need something cheaper. So then he goes. I'm going to finance. It gets declined for the credit card. Gets the forty eight percent interest credit card. That every fucking fuck takes. And i look at them and go. Hey can you can you just by this ring. He was just buy it. I said just by it. Then he's i think when finance us to gop almost you paying four hundred dollars. An interest on the spring does by it. No one's gonna own is going to do it. He doesn't ask when the payments do how the payment is if she could even return. If i wasn't there this is all could have given his kids up for adoption and wouldn't have known about over. Walked over to walk out of the business just a long winded way for adam to pat himself on the back. He didn't let me. I could have been like you know. Adam really helped me out with that. He's a good brother. He's not he's not a piece of piece of shit but now he's just wants to scream. About how stupid i am. Yeah isn't that the basis of this podcast. I was getting the rhythm no matter what the interest rate was no matter what i was going to get it anyway so it didn't matter i want this ring. And then he finds when that's not even that one and then he say i want when she did not listen. The railroad ring like the ring. The picture that i gave him yet he just went to the most expensive one was like it but that was not the most expensive one. He was trying to sell me. If only we could. If only you could have said. Hey drei send me a link i can. I can then show that guy. The exact one. The only got a picture of a picture. Listen a picture of the ring in the picture. The only problem was in the picture. It looked gold. She wanted rose gold. Did she return it before after the facebook post. I don't know what you're talking about. I'm talking with a facebook post where she talks about you giving her the ring. Don't i don't know after two days ago. Only balmy my new wedding ring. I've been wanting for so long for christmas. I love my original ring. My favorite part of the entire thing. Dude i love my original ring but ten years ago would he bought it. He got the quality of the diamond he could afford. It wasn't the best. I love my ring. I will always keep it and it will always be special to me but i can't wait for my new one to come in your wife. Basically said you were a poor piece of shape. Terrible forgetting a new. It wasn't about the ring. I bought you know when we got engaged. Originally i got paid from work. It was like six hundred dollar check. I went straight to the jewelry place. I said this is how much money i have. They gave me the ring. I could afford timeout. Can i i listen. I should andrei a lot. And i want to sit on her again right now. Why would she need a new wedding ring. And i was thinking it's not the west certainly is one of my finger it the moment it's like. Hey here's a guy ring so we can have less to me. Listen she's like don't keep up with the joneses. Fuck and friends and go that time. It looks like a six hundred dollar rain into like is it is i. Don't care what you're saying. Divorcing is going to carry the the i wanna be. I would love to make the last payment on the reagan. She fucking divorced. she's why she waited ten years to get that fighting ring and by chance. I got her a better ring. And y'all gonna wait till it's paid off and then divorce. Because she was that a lot of time to get a she was over the fucking ring from the get go and then she was going to stay with you for six months that dip way. When was your venue. Plugged her up with two fucking kids over and she was like god it of one. Is this piece of chicken. A buy me the ring that i she wants to leave him. yeah. I don't think she's wasted a lot of time if that's working. That's yeah that's not a good plan. It's almost paul paying twenty nine percent interest on a fucking ring. It's not that bad bro. Twenty percent dude. It's like you could about two rings. You can refine on dollar and no big paying one literally a thirty percent more than what i would have paid. I should pause a. Hey listen because i did. I did talk him into it. I said you should get it. Because i do. I go yeah you should do it. He said i see. And then i said you know you could always like refinanced like you should. Oh you could open up a like a no interest credit like pay it off that way and then. I thought that's the dumbest thing or thought could do that. He would have just had like the normal financing anyway but instead he got like the The payday loan finding percent on it. The guy when you're filling out the thing you're doing it like on the little reader thing it. it asked me on their. Did i want to run that at the same time as they ran the other one for the real credit card and i was like no. I don't need that. Poor one and i did that. And then like the client immediately. Mother fucker i let me run call one. They called mall security just in case something. Yeah paul's like listen. The only pain cash is fine. Guaranteed that this was a broad diamond. My gosh i think that's an awesome. The first one. I share some little kids. Arms cut off for got stuffed inside of goat. Yes they shouldn't have been stealing and that something their parents taught him. I who all right. So paul more from terrible credit as he makes bad financial decisions but drew got new ring. Yeah it's all the matter. Saint guy i like to live in the moment and i just go with the flow. You know. i'm not worried about all. This is twenty nine percent. I don't care there was a time in my life. Because you know. I had shitty credit the majority of my life me having a good credit score at least like a respectable one is a new thing but also like you know. Act like a a good person. But you're you think you're bad person if you don't have a good credit yes and there was a time of my life shitty people. What's your credit score. Hey parable eight. There was a time in my life. I'm scum fuck denying. There was a time in my life. I thought it was just a fact of life. If you want it you got to pay interest on it. It's the because i was poor. The thing there are lots of times in my credit card. Forty two percent interest compounded hourly the they got. Here's my thinking no right. Sometimes i would rather not have a big chunk of money. Come out of my account and pay for something over time and have yeah. I know i'm paying extra fort. But i'd rather not. I'd rather still have that money. Yeah but like six percent versus thirty percent is a pretty sure. But it's like but it's not an insane amount of money so that'll be paid off. It's not that big a deal. You know what. I mean. Paul i give i give you shit. I do the exact same thing. But i'll do it for way less money like i m be like he's really wanna fuck in this team finance pizza. Do i really want to put this out of my checking account. Just want to charge it right and then like six thousand dollars in credit card debt later. Yeah pizza. I'm okay with in orders. Extra points forty dollars on me. But i've been there when i was when i was like twenty years old and my first credit card taco bell. Gas go to the movies. everything. I magazine maxed out because it's awesome because it's like wow. This isn't my money. It's my money and guess what. Guess what. I never paid. A dime do just went away now. You can't get a credit card at a goddamn dumb dick. I got a house fairly. It doesn't mean we're so i let it go. I'm just saying credit score. And what can i mean like. Yeah you you. You reached the point where it's like. I can get a house the house and then it's like when i don't need a credit score. That's that's not true though. Hey backup you said you finance tacos when you do. You might have talked about this. We didn't financing the time. But i'll never fuck it. Forget the moment. We went me. Paul and the girl that he was dating at the time we went the taco bell and i looked at him and i said hey dude you buy the a burrito and it was like the biggest deal daimler like are you fucking kidding me. Do you really want to your fucking burrito. And i'm like yeah dude. I us know. I don't remember this story. And then i want to one and a two and a five and nine and i wanna party pack tacos and i'm like can i get a burrito and he. You're not fucking hope that this happened. That whatever he's saying is not true. I it's my word against yours. I don't remember any of that. There's plenty to adam. Didn't have any money. I had a teen years paid for everything for you with that credit card. He bought ninety minutes on tacos for anyway. Why did by the breda so twenty twenty. yeah. I don't know how paul has credit scores on christmas go. Well that's what it was. Yup how's chris paul. He went into debt. We all know how that went. His wife's gonna leave him. He's going to have to fuck into for a house payment now. She's taking the house. Oh yeah and the kids. And the ring nate okay. You went up north. Hung out with your family. The christmas row. Would you get a t shirt that would you wear no No i bought this one offer. You finance it. He bought it wrapped. It took into his parents house. Put onto the like. Oh thanks guys. I appreciate it kind of interest rate in the t shirt was that target card forty two zero percent interest. I got yeah really. Boring nothing cool. Nothing could get anything. No nobody none of your siblings. I just gave cash everyone adding of hundred dollar bills twenty dollar bills but yeah i like to pretend not hundreds. I mostly gay people cards also credit card last week so i took to naps. Christmas eve ate slept woke up. Watch my little sister. Open gifts A breakfast and then i did my. That's right. I did my christmas shopping on christmas. Eve like a scumbag. Would you target dude. Best thing ever fucking pulled up that app. Boop boop put a million the cart went there pick my shit up to meyer got some gift. Cards bought a couple of scratchers. One fifteen bucks got some starbucks you bus crash for somebody else. I i did. Listen here's a deal right with the gift cards admire you have to go into the line and customer service desk because were like the fraud thing is really big right now so like you either have to astra debit card with your fucking have to have your id. So i'm waiting in line. All these other people to get gift cards loaded alcove. And there's that fucking michigan lottery scratcher. Kiosks i'm just like twenty bucks ten thousand one for myself. Five dollars per dad. Five zero one for stefan. I'm obviously gonna keep the ten dollar one right. Yeah one fifteen bucks overall pretty good. Yeah i made them give me half whatever they want. That's nice no. I'm just kidding The north fucked up. It's like the odds of your dad. Winning the lottery again again is slim like we were looking up one day and he has a better chance of getting struck by lightning. Like eight hundred two thousand times. Yeah then winning the lottery twice But isn't there like a math thing. Where i mean we all have the same chance no matter what so him having already one is re is like it doesn't it's probably relevant. He doesn't matter so he can still win. Same chances you still fucking place you got seen twenty pick a gay efi. Some gifts fucking ate dinner play like nfl trivia. Watch that football game. Christmas night where who's Who's a due to just fucking tied. The record for the most rushing rushing touchdowns in one game l. tomorrow those kamara hair avak harris. Yeah and that was it. And then i went home and i crashed. That's nice yup. it's a pretty. That's you know nothing exciting. I think you know nobody fucking drunk crazy stupid. No flights saving that for next weekend. Yeah for sure definitely or this weekend. Years no. I have no idea what i'm doing new year's yet i have no plans. I have to work tomorrow then. I have six days off. No idea where i'm going. I'm going to get blackout drunk on new year's eve and play poker nice. Yep that's the tradition. Everyone's invited only take your money pro ziglar. Anybody ever epic new year stories. No but there is one that i always kind of go back to Those kind of like a a really fucked up. Kinda moment. I bought a fifth. Fireball is not that long ago this is probably like two thousand fourteen and I think we've talked about this before. But it's i got black out drunk our friend. Mike showed up to a christmas eve. Or i'm sorry. New year's eve i have no recollection of him. Being there. I just drank and drank. I drank the entire fifth a fireball. At least twelve beers. And i got home in laden bed of sitting on like faulk. I feel like shit. You may remember you've been you've been blackout. You kinda like go in and out of like remembering what happened if the brown out. Yeah and i remember waked like sitting there in bed and gone. I wanna puke and i went into the bathroom and i puked and i filled the entire sync up with puke. Why the sink. Fuck you clear. Don't know what you're dealing control. What's what's the first thing that i could vomit. Yup so pew. I filled the entire. I plugged it. It was a sitting bowl of vomit. And then i remember going into my bedroom and looking at star and thinking to myself. Yeah she wants to have sex. She didn't know she didn't do. She did or did not do not. Do you think she fucked me after that. Are you kidding me options. I woke up the next thought she wanted to have sex. She didn't but she did anyway. I woke up the next morning puke all over our sheets all over my shirt adams like our having sex or i'm having sex on the corner. Yeah your turn out area Yeah no euch. Drunkenly jacking off. He's face the other way in his pants or completely does just ask. Just jig. it's cliched ask streak far. As sorry nathan. I went to a night. We went to new year's eve party. This is like ten years ago. Went to denny's afterwards and as soon as we left like within like fifteen minutes was like a big john. John's were at the denny's holy shit. Four people died. No i don't know because it's like the jacking off thing last week. I don't know if anybody died but there was a bomb. No i'm just saying that was pretty wild. We got on a bus. I wish i probably would've saved those people. My last few new years have been relatively tame no drinking involved. I usually get on a cincinnati. See friends there I don't have any super fucking wild new year's eve stories There was one. Ann arbor where. I ran into an exit. A party and His name coral. And we got into this big fucking fight santiago and she was telling me you know just talking match shit and sitting on apple's and far fall fall far from the tree talk trying to talk some shit about my dad. I don't know how is relevant. And i spent the entire rest tonight after i told her to get fucked when back the party just drunkenly blacked out taking shots screaming. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Now is it the shit out of her elder got hammered Baseball bat beat the shit out of her stories are starting to come together. Yeah right full circle. No i don't know there was one time in drink. Three bottles of champagne. I ate some fed from mr pizza. Ham and then i puked and it was literally like full chunks of veteran like just who back like a curvy hate when i lived in colorado. I got super fucking blackout drunk on new year's eve and the next day have you. Have you ever been to the next day i woke up and i was super hung over and chug like two bottles of water here really chug water and puked immediately in. Its cold coming out feeling. I used to I'm weird with like. I can't burp. We know right. Like i got a bunch of weird shit going on here I would get funk like really weird stomach thing. When i would drink and like if i couldn't puke i would chug like a gallon of water. Do jumping jacks put my finger on my throat and then just projectile vomit. Everything out Thing that's called anorexia bulimia. Yeah he googled it out to be skinned. Didn't work stop eating. Paper right yeah. I don't know it's probably going to be a pretty tame. New year's who's gonna be different extra twenty twenty one. It's gonna be same shit you break in here though right yes. I'm going to start drinking again. You break edge and urine. Cincinnati off fucking kill you. I know the deal is ever break edge. If i ever pick up and drink again. I have to be with adam and plugging has planet. I don't need to be a driver to fucking bikini bar. Crestwood lounge shot a press not to bring a small bat or talkie stick out the window baseball bat candidate and the young waitress that nobody was giving attention to were mad. Kept saying like oh probably twenty three. She was hitting on paul. Listen yes she was like. I like your beer. On a sucker and non cars falter that nine android and dudes and she tried. She did try to get me to go to the car though to get a phone charger and i said i don't have a phone. You should have wanted to have a phone. I wish you. I wish i could go back in time and change one event in history if beautiful china's cheating on your wife and we'd been you know there's no shot of it. Does anybody have any new year's resolutions. Oh fuck you guys news. Resolutions last year we did. We did this last year. And i said i'm gonna buy mountain bike. I got him up by wow cool. That was my new year's time you wrote it last week. Yeah seems like you're not really living up to it. I say about four miles away. Three hundred fifteen pounds three seventy three sixteen. Okay yeah. you're you're already did it dude. Congratulations take atom up on the bed gained sixty five and if you go to two hundred four hundred pounds i will give you two hundred dollars two hundred two hundred bucks. Just gotta hit at once. Yeah bro that would just go to four hundred dollars barely touch. come back back in tickle. You're just gonna stop one hundred pounds and then just right back. Claridge's would not make it to got four hundred. You're going to five. Do you think you're never gonna my one thousand pound life. Don't ever don't ever do it. We'd be doing this. Podcast from the bed that i'd be it. He has become a hole in the drywall out to do a video. You would be here because that room would stink. But we would put you on like the thing in tv and speak the matches with fucking no-shirt on hanging in roles feeder. Y'all contorted different ways. We still have formed we addressing the scenery up like Job with the hud. He has like princess leia. I'm a train you can just edit close on me like i'm one of those fucking portuguese outfit for every season what ever see again portugeuse. Portugeuse nike's portugeuse porch stick. Sorry just something that somebody has just. They just put season. You've ever seen that show got. I like tempted portugeuse. Pray to god. It's what i'm thinking about. That's something terrible people fucking shit about. Its racist against canadians. Goddamn portuguese never seen one of these People put them on their porch. They put it look. That's a goose. Yeah it's normal pilgrim. that's fucking prints. I read what season is the pirate. I told her bro mate. What about you buddy. On new year's resolutions None that i can think of stupider pants. Yeah i'm gonna. I'm gonna get more than years damn but they might not come. That's true. I plan on wearing new pants for the new year. Blue pants new blue pants every day every other day. Yeah it's good to have big goals. Nate i'm fucking about To to fall asleep right now yeah exhausted. I bro the cut it. I'm just saying oh fucking hour anyway. Yeah we're about to go off the rails a portuguese and whatever so he's back taking back porch bringing back portuguese. So so what are. What are our resolutions for the new year. Be lesser of pheap's shit. Paul i guess the same by me and might be like probably have more sex. Commit yours. yeah you know how my dad loved me. more have some the lesson disappointment. How having sex can have your dad. He'll love you more because they're gonna fuck more love with your mark. I'm not i'm not. I guess you're not gonna make more have you made to your dad have a threesome with assists ernest dead. Anyway yeah so. I'm going to be wearing blue pants this coming years. Thank you get ready for that pants. i know myself and i can't commit to anything and anything i try to do. I just quit. So i was gonna be me. Quitting things so goals. No why would a fucking loser. You don't wanna love your dad anymore. I ate my goal is Yeah i know. I have no goal. I have nothing. I have no goal. We'll be better effort to sniff. Your dad's waldinger more off how. 'bout a minimum goal of trying to set a goal for yourself. Nah i'm a failure can't do it right well. Good luck with all that. Next time we assemble will be next year. Drink more drink more. That's my okay. Awesome so with that you can find us at gb. Dhl dot com fat hearing gross dot com. Which will redirect you to all and any streaming services up to an including apple podcasts. Google podcasts spotify tune in pandora iheartradio and overcast You can find aggie d. h. l. n. on twitter instagram What the fuck we on. I should do the safety. Fucking everywhere doesn't matter hard. Say were literally everywhere. We got business cards. We got fucking t shirts. We got mugs. We got everything we got all the merged. We got all the blogs to go and h allen and check out the good blogs soon too soon to be good merck. She's going to be on there too. Right twenty twenty one. we're gonna more fucking merch. It's gonna be great. You got it right. I'm fucking wrapping this up. That's it best. worst podcast. Ever cenex year. Lopez cowards zero.

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