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Everybody'll what's going on. Bob sister nino and i'm very excited to bring you the first in a brand new survivor off season series where we are going to be taking a look at some of the best and worst lists of ridiculous survivor. Things on a new series. That we're calling. Outwit outplay out. List here on. Rob has a podcast and now here is the man. The co creator of this new off season series. Give it up for mr. mike boo boo. Mike how are you rob. I m pumped beyond belief. It's been six months talk survivor proper. But i do have to do. I have to get my tattoo changed now. Is there a misspelling. The new podcast. Yeah maybe you could just put like a sticker on that one card per decal over the a that. I can peel away at any point. Once if this podcast series ends great. Now i can go back to what it initially. We'll have we got you on video to show off your tat yet. I don't think i don't think so. I mean thought working great. Okay all right on instagram. If you want that kind of my dm's pixel by all rights. We are off to a great. Start very excited to say. We're going to survivors. Greatest product placement. Okay so we will get to that but let me interest. Third member of our panel today Once upon a time he said let's let's do a podcast about all of the greatest things that survivor tried to plug on. Its finales Which is similar turned out that other than tko. There wasn't a ton of things that survivor was trying to hoc audits. Finales joins us year today. Please welcome jason. ray jason. How are you doing great. Rob honored and grateful that you let me on this first episode of the series and my honor and gratefulness are brought to you by quicker. Wow delicious or gross well. The big canister of oats. That's like a survivor ration. Yeah that's the thing. Like jeff probst bargains you foreign exchange for your shelter like all right. I'll give you these oats but we're gonna take the tarp. Let me let me onto that. My precision the podcast is sponsored by by tender g. Infused fruit drinks bought to you by into really caught him. That at one point by by by Natural natural marketing. Yeah and this episode of the podcast is sponsored by rob is website dot com slash patriot. Checkout all the fun we're having over there including our first ever all patron brand steel. Where the three of us saw last night got together. Check out Jason rate as part of the new school patron tribe and we did our very first ever survivor brands. Deal with real live and it was so much fun. I made it for free. Available at rob has website dot com slash patron. You can check out that full of video and See how that all played out. It might of another brand steel on thursday and we we did off star wars brain steel. It's one of those things where like there was so much preserved that like once. We got the real wheel rolling really. Couldn't stop it you myself. And josh regular did a star wars survivor brain steel which was for lack of a better term out of this world. In my opinion. I think a very well received and very fun season on our part but may add. We'll be crossing the threshold when it came to simulations and actually having real life bodies and people to talk with when it came to simulating a brain steal season name was experiment that paid off immensely successfully from from my perspective and i think a lot of people's perspectives. There are many incentives to become a patron even in the survivor off season. And one of them is as you said. Rob this is a new survivor. Offseason podcasts series. In which you know we are taking suggestions from. The rob has a podcast patrons both in topics and in entries within the topic so again many many reasons to become a patron of off has a podcast. And now there's a new one you get to have first hand participation in what we're going to be doing here for the rest of the off seal trying to do more and more patron activities now. That big brother is In the rear view mirror where it should be okay so today we're going to be going through our list of survivor product. Placements mike how did you define product. Placements sure so. Basically what we're going to we're going to talk about. Essentially all the survivors sponsors over the years and to go to backtrack a bit as to the origin onus of this podcast because robinson have been going back and forth like it's been six months since winters at war wrapped with survivor not necessarily on the horizon anytime soon at least in. The american variety have forty seasons to ruminate on. Let's take the opportunity for maybe some of these joke. Your podcast ideas to actually become realities. And so we're gonna do what. Stephen fish back does not have the guts to do himself arbitrarily and reductive and list various things throughout twenty twenty years and forty seasons of survivor. Figured a good place to start which is actually one that was suggested a bunch in our patron group would be sponsors. So we're gonna be talking about all the survivors sponsors over the years. Basically any time you saw a reward or jeff salaciously talk about a brand or product that exists outside of survivor. That has somehow made its way past the fourth wall into this little island nestled. Home contestants are interacting with it in some way. Product placement and brand deals have been apart of survivor since its very first season. I think that that was one of the ways that mark burnett helped pay for the show he went to. Cbs and said that there would be Sponsors every single week that the castaways would fight over things like a bud light or a cadillac from target and that was one of the things that was in the show from its very first season. Probably heavier in its earlier seasons still very much just today. Jason was there any particular reason that the idea of things survivor was trying to schill. Jumped out you enough that what you wanted to go back and watch every finale of survivor wells less about what survivors trying to shows more about Kind of touchstones in time like the idea sprang from the very first survivor finale They pansies two guys in the audience and they are the reebok guys. Like who the heck are the rebound guys dave. Yes yeah doodle. Dandy dan dave were earlier. They were actually new. Dan and day that was doing three campaign right when they were like competing for the olympics. Freia so that was the first one. This one is more like a these two douche bros. Juuling different commercial spots and like doing stupid stuff. The and then i found other commercial that preceded that that pan into the audience was actually reebok commercial featuring bb from the first season. Yeah whereas you know. They hear a rustling in the trees and his. Bb runs out. He's like they're cooking a rat and he tells them how to cook the rat from the first season. Sonia was in that too right. I mean they got like the first two people. Do you believe stacy still minute appearance. Which is surprising. A rare non-litigious connotation with survivor. I think i saw saw bins of her with those two guys still. I've nickname so so that i that i Reunion got me thinking like what else is there to see and look at turns out. There wasn't a whole lot ideals a little dead on rival but it was. It was fun going through all the finale for sure. Okay all right mike. You've also incorporated some listing software here for us to go through as we get to all these submissions from the listeners. Rob a podcast. Yes so we are doing what the kids are doing nowadays and the twitches and on the streets and we are tearing up here This is something that. I have shamelessly and lovingly taken from the great amfar. Keeley and the tearless tuesday's he does on his own twitch dot tv slash ism. But basically what we're going to do is we have four tiers. Set up here and this is that's going to serve how we initially sort our sponsors as i go through them and then from there became sort within those sponsors. How things ranked so that. Hopefully by the end of this podcast we will have an unquestionable. Categorical ranking list of sponsors that we have in front of us from best to worst and numbered lists yes. We're talking this through that. I felt like that in robin. Keeping you to podcast. Once time we came up with a The king of the matt's We ranked all of the mats in matthew's in david's that are out there and we ended up walking away with a list of the greatest matt's in matthew's and that's what we hope to come away with at the end of every single episode of outwit. Outplay outlast yes. It's something we can go to the bank with You know admittedly as rob set sort of at the beginning of this podcast. These are going to be very silly ideas. We have a lot of survivor history to ruminate over. So you know you're not really going to see here are the rankings of the fifth placers or winners or seasons. We're instead going to vote on. Perhaps some of the the more eclectic the more miscellaneous yes up survivor paraphernalia. But as jason is alluding to you know these are things that have been part of the show since its very beginning in very weird very interesting ways and so this serves us not only our own ranking in categorizing but also a retrospective on twenty seasons to twenty years two decades survivor at this point. Now and we really want to hear your feedback on these shows so Let us know in the youtube comments on social media the patron facebook rope. Wherever can leave us. You're rob has a podcast Feedback hey it doesn't kill you. Talk about it on the survivor. Read it either definitely not ready to pick from all your poop posting put it everywhere oriole posting put it everywhere on social media right get survivor trending again. Let's do it all right. So mike has. The list came from submissions from the listeners. Or your yourself as well. So i i put some in there. We have some The the vast majority of them are submissions from the rha patrons of course there are some blind items that i that i neglected. I do apologize because throw in some at the last minute if we want to but it is a pretty girthy less so i think it'll be enough to sustain us for this podcast kind all right so mike give us the first thing that we're gonna talk about it and is this in any particular order name no particular order but you know what i think. Jason did a great job of teeing up one of our sponsors. I think we should start with reebok because that was one of the initial sponsors of survivor was a sponsor for the first four seasons. In fact it is a rare collector's item. Nowadays for buffs. That had the reebok logo on them. Because after season four reebok went by at least from survivors perspective. They then re they republished and resolve bush. Yeah exactly these these new buffs without the logo on them. So this is definitely a sign of the times. It was all over the buffs. Unfortunately i don't believe they got any reebok products. But as jason did mention there is a commercial featuring two actors by the name of stafford and don lee playing nate and brian. That played during the finale of survivor. Rob i pop that in the chat. If you would like to play we can all sort of take our minds back to the summer of two thousand and when bb anderson met the to frosty tipped and brian in this. Okay all right. i'm gonna go ahead and share that here on our youtube video and for the podcast. You should be able to hear this okay. Here is the aforementioned commercial looking like flaming yawn. Sure the noise. No flights continue. Okay then sport to the commercial. What the hell are you guys doing cooking. You can't cook grass outweigh you. Gotta have indirect heat and you gotta keep it moist brains in your head. What better advice. Go get some firewood. It reebok with the mx technology. Finish line absorbed. The shock guy. Right not cool guys. That was. Just be your mike rico. Go pass this or that's good. I mean just it's going to cut to these two guys in the pros make their way. These guys in the audience were these guys. We had the reebok guys were they. Donnelly jake stafford are jason. Are these guys actually olympic athletes. Or they're just douches. No no they're just douches. There was a rebound guys campaign. Like i wanna say eight years before that for the olympics were there were like actual serious athletes. Actually i look that up. Because i looked rebound guys said there were two olympic athletes. I look back at this picture. Now like these guys looked like serious olympic athletes. Then i found out the difference between the two and it's a very different campaign very paying. I mean jake saffir to looks like like if you couldn't get sean william scott for your movie like i'm sure you can get this guy. He totally has stiffler energy and energy exactly especially with this posed that he's doing right now. God i mean. I think people would have done anything to be sitting at that survivor. Finale especially to have these guys get like sort of a front row seat and have to basically gyrate towards the camera when it cuts them after this commercial where they met the great bb. I don't know if it feels like they got an opportunity that did they didn't know that they had at the time to be fair if i went camping and Heard a noise in the woods. And then i was then ambushed by bb anderson. I would be really freaked out. I'm so intrigued by the choice of bb of everyone. You're going to pick the guys like i'm going home. Everyone vote me out Why just think that production wives that. I think that that was the first person that was available to do it. And then they said. This shows a mega hit okay. Who could we get our ended up getting the second boot from the season to be able to shoot a commercial now or you tried to quit before the commercial shoot was over to do this. He goes into craft and washes his shirt in the the coffee. Everyone's trying to drink Commercial where there is no like no real tied to the product a blurb at the end. Okay so yeah reebok made stuff. But jason do you find reebok to be a very iconic survivor sponsor no besides a symbol being in shots in the show like they didn't really point to a much as saying put on your official reebok survivor of i don't know if they call a bus time. Bandannas that house about it i. It's just the symbol. There didn't really come into play much in the actual show. Yeah so for me mike. I don't know how you feel. This is not doing a lot for me. Yeah so let's talk about how how we're doing this because like i said we have four tiers that we are going to put these these various products into so it's an easy way to sort of stratified things so the top one is going to be worth playing for which means the best of the best. The tip of the top criminal cram. My life is fine. Means like that's pretty good to average eight. No hershey bar. I'll colby donaldson means like it's not. It's not great but it is not as bad as forget you go home good bye. We do not want to see this brand again. it is trash. I guess it's not trash but it's just it's an. It's an nothing sneaker for me. What do you think jason. I put him in the bottom tier because there wasn't much going on with yet or no. It's interesting because i do like the fact like it had at least it's mark on first four seasons but when i look back at like cheer point infamous reebok moments on survivor is none. There's none it really is embarrassed. Which i think a lot of that. We're gonna talk about had infamous moments on survivor that we will remember. So it's almost like. Did the brain do his job even like are remembering reebok survivor. Moments in twenty twenty. Yeah they stink. Not just the shoes. Yeah get rid of it. I'm glad to. I'm happy to start the second with forget you go boxing. I'm even tell you. Put them in the bottom tier. It's not like i hate them. it's that i don't care about them. So i think i think at the end of the day not caring is is when it comes to marketing. That's still most this is the death knell ripe Okay all right mike. What's next all right. Well let's let's go. Let's go from shoes to food. Sort of keep the sound in there. We have a lot of food here. But i'm going to go to popping and never stopping. We're going to talk about pringles. So you might remember. Pringles first appeared in survivor. Vanuatu there was a reward. Will they were given a trip to a waterfall and pringles meal but it came to super prominence in survivor palau when the along tribe won a trip to jellyfish lake complete with pringles and my ties. But not just regular pringles rob. These are survivor. themed prince pringle. Yes i actually have a couple of cans in my garage. Somehow that i'm afraid to open because i think there are biohazard now. I saw jason. That jellyfish lake is up there for one of the worst rewards. Ever could you. That i would. The last thing i would want is put me in a lake filled with jellyfish and soggy pringles. They don't staying at least. I don't know if that's going to help the criminal no way out. I would feel it touch my leg. No i'm done. The i'd rather just put me in a regular lake. What we need to be in their jellyfish out by that an option. Yeah yeah okay. All right The pringles of course. Now this was interesting because you could go and buy the survivor pringles macaws. Who doesn't want to eat chips with red dye number four questions on them. Yeah though i do believe along. So it's blue and i'm assuming so there are trivia questions because i believe at the time pringles had launched campaign with trivial pursuit where they put trivia questions on. Because nothing says. I'm eating chips better than asking people questions with a mouthful of chips and so we saw a sequence of the tribe asking each other questions since there. I'm assuming they lost every single question but it was still a fun. Moment to advertise went against survivor was in such zeitgeist that your junk food was talking about survivor. Okay jason how you feel about the survivor pringles as a product placement. I feel pretty good about him Because it's you know. They made a one specially for survivor. And it was you know at the with the trivia was kind of entertaining. So i put a pretty high up there pretty high up there. I think it was like. I don't feel like it was like conic so for me. I feel like it's a very meh in terms of Being a memorable product placement and i had cans of survivor pringles. Somebody sent them to me. We couldn't find them in the store. Okay so let's take a look at our list and see where we want to go. So i think it's definitely better than the shoes right so i think the question is. I think we're sort of between eight. No hershey bar in my life is fine. It's fine think find is the definition of the end fine. Yeah i think it's a it's a fun idea right like this is not just a survivor thing thing. This was actually factually survivor. There were some questions that were asked. I the reason that it's really sticks in my head. was i remember. During the seasons. They would play these criminals commercials constantly and they would use footage from the show and the one question. They kept showing over and over and over again. Stephanie look grocer. Asking which survivor player has a daughter named raya. And it was rupert. So damn well knew rupert's daughter's name by the end of that season. 'cause i heard about thirteen times over the course of one season. It's hard for pringles trivia question. Actually the other two ones that we heard or at least i heard on the episode. Were like who won cars in survivor. All stars which the answer is not rob sensor nino and that's all no matter and the other one that was at that point who had one more women or men okay. We'll get some this. This pops open renan afraid to open them. Probably all getting tenure. After that so a quick anecdote on the survivor pringles. So i this is probably like two thousand five. When i got sent the survivor pringles and a united still. I still have them in my garage. I think frail. Mary said that she would take them if i wanted to send them to her house. Like the sister of the traveling pringles can they believe that. She says she would accept them. So when i in the years. In between when i was doing survivor stuff and then when i started rob as podcast so i worked at a production company and there was a guy that his name. His real name was crisp. but everybody used Sort of like just goof on this guy and they called him cliff edge. Jerry gurgles time it was a similar dynamic and and he would just like eat the office out of house and home and so we had had the can of survivor. Pringles like just like like sitting around the office for only about like three years or so at that point in time and then We just like left it on the counter. Knowing that one day he would eventually eat them and then we told him like what the like. Two years expired And he was so angry about why. Oh god oh why would you leave those out. You knew i would eat them and you try to poison me. Nobody said to eat them. We're not gonna trapper you cliff. Yeah so he was he. A co worker wants very angered and that was easily. You know twelve years ago at this point. Yeah whatever clefts doing right now. I imagine cans. You have your garage from the same batch. I think somebody sent me like five cans of them and then this one one point in like two thousand eight. Somebody open them and tried to eat them. All right yeah. I don't think we've actually heard the verdict. I'm assuming these are plain flavored Original chips that regular chips with just like the red question on coconut flavored or anything. Not survivor themed. I can put on one of my n ninety five masks and don't can't show you like an instagram live like that. That'd be interesting. Look it's a long offseason. You might as well screw sparkle survivor. Quizzing source yeah. Okay lunar microscope. Let's let's check it out. It'll be like the al capone's vault of survivor. I'll go in my garage and start taking out weirdo survivor memorabilia. Something will actually be there geraldo on that he was going to be trouble is yeah all right mike. What sex all right. Let's let's fast forward a bit. Let's go to season thirty. Four the section oft forgotten sponsor. So much that it had to be brought up by the patrons for me to remember. It marshalls was a sponsor of survivor. Back in game changers soon we forget rob de marshalls lounge. Which was a key reward in survivor game. Changers i'll let jeff probst described at route. I put a clip in there with time. Code for you. I remember at the time this call one of the most lascivious jeff probst descriptions that we've ever had and that's what sort of syria my mind more than the actual marshals content itself. Okay all right so let's take a look at the marshalls lange from survivor game. Changers okay here we go. Let's take a look at that and here it is. You will enjoy a shower with don shampoos dry off in a gyp. Shin cotton toweling relax fluffy designer robes. Pamper yourself with low. Xix when you're good clean a little more comfort in the form of berg is apple regular. We're ever satisfied right now. Jeff what point in the game is this. This is pre merge here now this is like the second vote after the merger. This is the ozzy boot okay. The marshalls lands. Maybe this is a two hour episode twenty. I'm pretty sure it was. Yeah i think we were so we were so as haley. Ford stands united not haley. Ford focus stance. We were we were so we didn't even think about that. Second episode when indeed the marshalls lounge was the thing to get in that second hour. The app jason. I mean nothing really captured the imagination when you're talking about relaxation and the life of luxury like marshals go to all my luxuries side. But but say what you want about. Jeff if i have a single thing to so i'm giving it to him. Yeah i like when he talks about Lotions yeah it's And the interesting thing is that apparently all these lotions that the end up going to the actual marshals lounge all like coconut scented. Everything smells like the beach that they can't escape the first place. It feels like a little bit. I dunno black mirror. Ask that like oh you want to get off the island but you never can. It's in your hair now. yes i actually heard. Ozzy is still a working in robes and with lotions that book club is going to be the marshalls catalog. Yes that's right all right so this is interesting It's absurd but yeah not super memorable that this was like during the rob podcasts era. I would have said this was a game that this is a fake survivors sponsorship. It did not happen. Yeah it's weird. This is definitely the this is probably the most forgotten of the less that we're going to talk about. You know it is survivor. Game changers wasn't a radic season anyway. And this is also sort of in the category of stored that is not known for a spa offering a spa for some reason. Like marshalls is a department snore. You're you're going there to do black friday shopping now. Looking for egyptian cotton tau go to get cheap furnishings like a couch cover. Go to marshall's at marshall socks. That's a good spot for a underwear. Undershirt foot inside of a marshals. Yeah okay so. I still exists because i do have here my s- collection okay. I mean i guess you are your skin. It's pretty dry out there on survivor. Maybe want to douse yourself with lotion. Okay all right so let's look at where to place this and it's absurd but not memorable. That's the thing is like how much are we rating the actual because how much do you balance the versus like the actual viability of the product itself right because again. This is not a really marshalls. Nobody's being like. Oh i can't wait to go to marshall's for that fluffy bathrobe. It's more so like how. Why the hell is marshall sponsoring in island getaway. Here okay question. You've got that stuff from marshall's marcia just like we're just pay for the time on your show Giving stuff wherever you want okay. Marshals better or worse than reebok worse. I think reebok least has the commercial marshalls like marshalls had spots with thai trang. Maybe it would put it up there. Jeff probst greeting everybody hand. You'd be so excited. I could get like a chicken like chicken. Coop from marshall chicken at the marshalls lounge tie trang street ran across the marshalls lounge naked during the reward. Yes i certify that for a lot of people sands mark. The human were saying in response. I think that reebok has more of a connection to the show ultimately then martials though i think this is the beginning of of many th sponsors with being linked to the show proper. Okay alright what else. We got my. Well let's go from from a rough fairly ubiquitous. Let's go to one that. His bid a key part of more than ten seasons of survivor. I'm talking about sprint baby sprint okay. Of course sprints has sent many of various giant falcons to survive ryland sometimes with videos. They've given away one hundred thousand dollars at numerous finales sprint. So sprints began most richest right. They still exist you. I believe they merchants mobile. So i don't know. I don't know who got off better in that deal like the multi ahead conglomerate. There were prepared for a marathon. They really it was all in the name in terms of their business model was good for short spurts but that's about it. S long-term sprint. Basically was a major part of survivor. At least the name sponsor from seasons fifteen to twenty six even outside of the sprint fan favorite player of the season they were used mostly for loved ones videos. There were many a time when they would get a sprint phone. That had those video from the loved ones on it. I also recall in survivor samoa. They've won a sprint sprint. Palm pre and it had an idol clue on it as to where to go because at that time right phones with pictures for like it was like back to the future thousand fifteen flying cars. This is absolutely bananas. Don't go to twenty. So they want to show off as many features of this as possible and actually i found a press release from two thousand nine. It was about how not only has sprint. Sent a palm pre to the island but it was actually developing. Its own app four survivor where someone could have a player of the week competition which a sweepstakes encouraging fans to vote for their favorite player each week for the chance to win ten thousand dollars so even outside sprint favorite prize. They were moving to win the survivor or the person voted the person i voted though. I think there's one survivor that would very much have wished that he would've gotten ten thousand dollars com getting the popular vote each and every week. Okay all right. Jason particularly fond memory about sprint with survivor. All these remember all sprinter. Just you know bragging about the camera. The oh gosh. Can you believe that picture and veto this takes. I can't believe it You know our producer like off camera feeding them these lines Yeah as my fondest memories of as like obviously these are ya reduce and thinking why. Why are iphone sponsoring this. This is this. you'll play before the iphone. So that's that's your answer right. There surviving played happen. The iphone eight half not. Yeah all the phones are hilarious. If you go back and watch those episodes they're like so gigantic and ooh. Yeah well. I think they're really trying to tell the law these sponsors they're trying to benefit from the idea of people deprived of creature comforts right. Thank you like really going for the any port in a storm. Angle of listen if you passed upon pre in the street you wouldn't give it a second glance at that point sprint for the survivors meant family visit like sprint like box. God we're getting our family visit Was less about the phone seeing their families. Yeah and it did seem though that the sprint fan favourite award like there was a little bit more to it than the cea award where. It's just random where she's just going to give money to whoever she happens to liken that season but i do feel like that for the us sprint. Fan favorite. Mike i mean. I don't have the list open in front of me. But i think it was sort of encouraged by you know who would play. A hard game is that is fair to center. Let's play a fun game. Let's see if i can name all the sprint fan favorite players here because we start with james clement. Two times over he wins in both fifteen and sixteen. Then we get a series of winners. We get Bob crowley and then we get jt. Then we get a double header of russell hands. He wins both nineteen thousand. Nine hundred twenty unless say twenty one was jane. Bright twenty. Two boston rob twenty-three was ozzie. Twenty four was kim twenty-five lisa. Well chill out malcolm by a hair but then he comes back to win in and beats out. Brenda in twenty six. That's pretty impressive. Impressive yeah although you started with the double. Jesus i started with the sprint one. Not like the serie. Ozzy yaman natural fan favorite price when the cars. Yeah i don't know if yaoman he's not considered actual sparta this list of fan favorites. But yeah you nailed it. Yeah so. I mean i guess to your point i think it was like i think it was just very beloved characters for one reason or another but they were big players or big characters case. It's like james clement. For example he was definitely the ladder. But if you look at someone like boston. Robin redemption island for instance. He was the former depends on the season as well granted if there are not many options to go for but luckily you know i think that sprint fan. Favorite players sort of went away as the third to wayne as the social media community around survivor wax. Because now i imagine a sprained fan favorite award right now. I'm actually. I'm okay with it being dictatorial. His hands right now. Because i don't know how much i trust survivor. Fads terms of giving away money here. Okay all right so jason. Let's go back to the list. And so then. Let's see what we should do in terms of our sprint. Fan favorite Do you have a sense of where it should go. A thinker should go pretty high. Up is a pretty big part survivor for a long time. And you know it was. It did have huge product placement inside the episode at least one episode of season. So they can go pretty high up. It's gonna be the one in the screenshot of ben. Browning and ashley is the symbol of the palm pre. Okay all right. Can i ask why it was i. I found a shot up the palm pre and it went into close screeches. I know it's hard not in the running for no ounce of ten thousand dollars just for that that's what they're thinking. Okay all right better than marshals. That's definitely better than marshals located. I would. I would argue better than reebok reebok pringles. That's a big question. Now would you. Would you put it in the top tier. They'll it's still in. My life is fine for me just in terms of doing this. I'm going to be very protective of the of the top tier that you like that. If we want to have like a big drop off between the best of the best to me it's gotta be a no doubter if it's going to go to the top sierra very harsh crater yeah so how many how many are in each year. We can do whatever you want. We can do whatever we want. A share being mr earn. I'm not married to the tears. I'm more interested in the numbered list. This is just place holders for me. Okay yeah so right. Now it's our top seed is what you're talking about. It's the best so far. But i don't think it's the best that there possibly could be but i think it stuck around for five years for a reason it. It certainly has made its mark on survivor as apparent from the fact that it gave away the over. A million dollars to vary survivor contested. All right what's next mike. All right. let's let's go let's go. Let's go old school again here since we were went a bit middle school. I wanna talk about visa. These okay so much like the visa card. Yes a much like reebok. This was a bastion of the first four seasons. They used to be a reward in each of the first four seasons where they would go away and a nice little rendezvous and jeff would go. Don't worry guys it's on me. And he would flash his visa card. Evidently that entire reward was bought and paid for by these a proper. Okay all right. There was a jeff probst credit card. You'd go unrewarded. Then put it on the jeff probst card. It was almost like the survivors. Were having so much fun. Committing fraud in stolen jeff props identity identity theft if you actively say. Here's my card use it. You're allowed to like. I don't think you really allowed to just give paschal your credit card and then By things as you sign lexical big tip the election. Africa was i act like it was his. I watched that when he ended his as like. Oh yeah here you go ahead and charge it up Yeah i think that jeff needs to put his card on file and say those guys are with me really allowed to give his credit card. But that's a performative aspect of this because in in africa they. I can't actual credit card. You're gonna win and it was like you know the whole carbon copy Gives us time. The one thing. I also remember is that i don't i believe it's been a fake credit card number every time but i do recall discussions that people pausing their stuff and be like i got jeff probst credit card number the three digits on the back guests at the nations. Jason security co was a thing back. Then i don't know wild things were so frivolous back in the early two thousands. Yeah okay so. The visa credit card any notable uses for it. We know lexin big. Tom went on a balloon. Ride alexa mcdonough on a balloon ride. We have the very first one was when sean went on that yacht trip to see the captain aka his dad. Tina went on online shopping spree after she won a reward that we might talk about a little bit later. Actually and then you also talked about paschal and elliot's doodoo meant event with the big tip. Yeah okay let's take a look at the board and see where we're going to put the visita credit card. Okay jason. how you feeling about this visa credit card. I don't think he's meticularly memorable. It was part of four seasons. But it was a very small part. I would probably put in between sprint. Pringles in between sprint rails. Okay all the way up on the second tier. I would personally put. I put it at least below pringles. Personally i don't know what it is. I think they the remember the survivor. Pringles if you had told me like oh you know no. There was no way jeff. Probst had a visa for the first four seasons. I'd be like okay that that's fine but the pringles are something that definitely sticks out in my mind. Yeah the only thing saving it here for me is the fact that it actually says jeff probst on the visa. Which is ridiculous that mike. I also remember once a month. You did a podcast with jordan. Par har- talking about the movie batman and robin of course with the infamous bat credit card. Yes that man has a similar credit cards of this right. Yeah i mean who would have thought george clooney and jeff probst will be spoken in the same breath but here we are. I mean luckily this is not a survivor. Themed credit card. She don't remember if they did survivor. Theme to be says in honor of the occasion. Obviously jeff when it have one. But i wonder if they went that far. I don't think so. I don't think they have that. I actually. I even think it's still too high the visa credit card. You ain't no hershey bar. I think it's probably lower than reebok. You're putting it right above marshals. Yeah i don't know. I would put it above reebok because reebok was only like the reebok. Memorabilia was only really on one season even symbol was permanent like meaning the played a part in each one of those four seasons. Some way ever under the name reebok shows. I miss that. I'll keep it ahead of reebok. Drop it to that tier. I i can settle on that i think. Just what do you think yeah. I think that's good settled. We've settled the bill. Put it on my car. All right all right. We're going to step aside real quick from our special survivor. Podcast talking about the greatest product placement in survivor history to tell you about echelon fitness products and we are blessed because the first lady of podcasting is here. Huge fitness enthusiasts. This professional used to have a website called. She loves loves working out. And i thought that she was be the perfect person to talk about. 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Okay all right the call thank you so much and now back to the list mike. What do the let's let's. Let's go to a big one here. Yeah let's go to the first of our cinematic deep dives in this podcast and it's a big one quite literally. Talking about gulliver's travels the hit. Jack black jason segel film. That was advertised in survivor nicaragua. Okay all right of course Very notable big big reward first time survivors went on a movie reward. Now you called it a hit. I'm interested to know. How much did gulliver's travels at the box office. Looks like it earned back. it's money and then son. It was one hundred and twelve million dollar. Budget may twenty seven two hundred thirty seven only in. I think it might have been that survivor. bump Yeah a lot of people say jack black's finest movie gulliver's travels that's a bit of a screw. You kidding kidding okay. All right so gullivers travel Boy what a weird marketing pitch that jason the is it the ad executives for gulliver's travels like okay we got an idea how about What if we built a survivor reward around us People like survivor right. Get people to come out and see us has. Our movie has nothing to do with survivor. The thing with these movie rewards. Jeff always try to tie the theme of the movie to survivor. Which like serve. You tying things to it would be very important. Well so jeff does say when he describes the reward he says the moral of gulliver's travels is it doesn't matter how big you are on the outside matters how big you are on the inside which really could be paired with his lotion talk but besides that being like it's just like you win survivor. You've lasted this long. You should sit through. And i mean it's also ironic that this is the episode where neon and purple kelly also quickly games. Evidently gulliver's travels was not as much of an inspirational movie at. That's the moral of the story. We've had shallow. Hal as well as other product placement here. This is what you look outside jack. Black film festival. Maybe mid king kong. He's a giant ape. Doesn't matter what you are on the outside even more memorable than the movie itself and the roof kelly. Quitting was dan limbo on that big chair swings so they had a theme challenge around aware they had to. It was the return of chewy gal rob in that they you giant dummies that they would call gulliver to carry through all of these obstacles and dan. Lembo did not have to participate and got the a giant shared dangling. His legs like he's a my son in his high chair to while he waits for the other team to get there you know. Just do a little. I m d bags here on jack black That it is it fair to say that this is i mean. I'm trying to figure out exactly where jack black's of film. Career went wrong. Wear that one point in the early two thousands. He's a big box office draw. I guess gulliver's travels does end up being a big financial hit. But i don't think that he has another big movie hit this. I know that people love john lack. I don't know if you count like kung-fu panda count. That i've actually voice. It's not like he's not like the likeness of jack black but he's still playing a writing the record. Yeah he the sequel to kung fu panda comes out twenty eleven. Okay so he was. At least getting i m realize i felt that gulliver's travels was a pre entire kung-fu panda series. Consummate handed the original. One is all the way back in two thousand eight men. There's a couple of specials in between men. And i know that. Probably the more of the the biggest project that he's affiliated the lately is the jumanji reboot been pretty funny. You know that has kevin hart. Who wants time. Advertise his own show on survivor finale. Some linkage there. But i think that he's a a excessively there. I think as far as a starring vehicle peaked in school of rock and that was about it. Yeah okay all right so not to go too. Far down the gulliver's travels rabbit hall all right so here we are gullivers. Travels of course the iconic image of dan lembo sitting in the giant chair who could forget. Yeah i. I'm gonna put in an argument that i think this might be worth playing for. Look there's gonna be another one coming up. I think is more infamous but like you said like you. Never forget your first. This is ridiculous. I love that. They theme the challenge after it including a giant share that they had to build just for the sake of this challenge and while the movie does not bring any sort of like raucous attention that the other film that we're gonna talk about might it does have been recalling it like. Yeah this is a good flick. It's good enough for battery. Good enough for you. Film critics screw off rajouri. Burt young listening to ben. Ry jason rotten tomatoes of gulliver's travels. What's your prediction. we'll talk. critics fans are both. Okay gimme gimme the critic rating critic. I'm gonna go sixty to sixty two high forty yeah Thank you both overshot. It that it's looking like twenty twenty. Okay don let me does but let me just double check that. My my page is taking a little bit of a long time to load on the rotten tomatoes maybe rotten tomatoes could be down right now. Yes everyone's rushing my god we've got to see okay gulliver. Let's say all rights and they're mad at my adblocker on. I'm sorry okay if somebody skips the ad on this podcast. I don't say oh. Actually you can't listen to the rest of this podcast hit that. Go forward fifteen second button. We'll know the point of this. Podcast though is to acknowledge the advertisements that exist in this in the shell. I think it only makes sense that you take down the ad blockers here. It's what you know. What would reebok do the podcast yeah. Bb anderson come out and and yell about this. Okay actually would've been interesting adblocker. I only know how to make seven ass this ad. Washers out. here you're gonna have to move on from this page. Okay all right so this is number one here. Yeah i think this is number. I think this is probably one of the most infamous when you think of like what are some moments good or bad of survivor sponsorship. I think gulliver's up there if only four the for the dan limbaugh but the actual movie itself nothing very good the battery of it all. I just think it's pretty iconic. He's got a double quit like that. Yeah that makes bush. I say i'm done with this game. I think she liked the movie. The movie bad another. She denied highly to see. I think i also think it wasn't the movie for. I think was her being like. Oh i'm gonna. Yeah little jason segel. I'm on board thirty three on the meta score and give you that okay and we've never done a movie. Review of gulliver's travels or the other survivor movies. We have not and look. This is a long and dark need to. We might wanna take a dive here and get tied gown. Chocolate gulliver's travels all right go. Travels is in the top tier mike. What's next all right. Let's flip flap back to the old school here. We're going back to the australian outback or some dow retail hose and mountain dew in episode. Sick games yeah survive of survivor. The australian outback jeff offered a sumptuous picnic. For the winning castaways. Little did they know that they would just be waiting. Several bags of doritos and a bunch of cans of mao in do. Yeah and i hit asked tina wesson recently about this like did they make you say that. Or do you just love doritos. She loves her favorite though. I think they might pay jerry mandy. Who just yells do the do baby from the dell dell to asker that on the recent talking with episodes jerry springer the big time when they get the reward and an african remember the do so but yes some doritos amount. Do you have had a couple of other appearances. Actually it appears later in the first ever survivor auction. Where nick wins. Four doritos for the low price of sixty dollars. Four three dose neapolis. Tina says it's more than ten dollars. A chip anchor for eighty dollars. Wins a glass of mountain dew. And then she. She has that reaction then because jeff take gives them a chip and a sip to pass around before the ward and she freaks out and as jason mentioned in africa. One of the rewards all you can eat buffet stock to the rim with mel indu in fairness the glass of mountain dew might be the way to go on. These people have not eaten have nothing in their stomach. That a copious amount of mountain dew might be the last any humid. The first drop hits your tongue in a massive headache from this. That i don't i don't want to give survivor contestants. The same thing. We give like east sports players. You know perfectly war. Kids from talladega nights some burritos manu. Yeah they don't want to be like. Oh congratulations you stand on a perch for three hours. Here's a thing we gave to this kid. Who's playing gun roadblock for six hours straight Yeah maybe a mountain dew might be good reward. Like during a sequester mini. Yeah exactly only seven. We're droning it to your house okay. All right the doritos and the mountain dew. Okay what was the last time they appeared on the show so it was that early on. I believe after season three. I do not believe neri high nor hair of dough retail no or mountain dew. Okay so. I'm not sure i'm not sure why. They decided to pull out there because they were very prominently featured. Maybe maybe they said you know what we went on top. We had jerry mandy the queen of all survivor at that point. Say do the do. That's all we need right now. We're going out on top. Well mike. i'm not sure if this is on your list. But they took a big downgrade the season after mountain. Dew sierra mist miss the season after that rob was you with the fridge of coke so they definitely want other directions but these soft drink options. Yeah i mean Coke that's mainstream sponsor and they never came back must not have been happy when guys ruined roger shutting it down. That's the that's roger. i think ruined the sponsorship. Okay all right then The doritos okay. Better or worse than marshals the marshals. Yeah i would definitely put. I put it above reebok. I it above visa. I depend on my above pringles. Different goals led the berkeley. If we're going chip versus chip here looks like i think going to edge out pringle so right now it's below sprint. Fan favorite but ahead of survivor. pringles jason. How do you feel about that. I would personally behind pringles. Only because of the survivor is specified pringles. But i'm fire leaving it there okay. I'll wait until tina western can save pringles sending them to pronunciation. That's been stuck in our heads for niane twenty years all right. Let's leave it where it is okay. Let's go back to the well. Mike what do you got all right. Well speaking of well. Let's talk about some well drinks which might be available at one favorite. Sit down restaurant of krishna patel we are going to applebee's applebee's okay app. These shows up. It's just in season thirty nine right. Yeah this is. The most recent sponsor that we have experienced applebee's has made its first appearance. In season thirty nine it was the post swap reward and this might be the most cumulative milking i've ever seen of a reward reaction. Yeah i remember these contestants. And then when jeff probst announced that it was applebee's do you remember how much they were all went nuts. I can. I want to know how many takes have any takes. It took to get the reaction to get an ever like missy was rather report some applebee's nobody else has ever been as excited for applebee's yeah. I don't think even people that have like taking a cross continental flight and landed in the fiji air per like applebee's fine. I think the more the okay i like. Applebee's the there's definitively applebee's just from experience. No which is why. I don't know where they got the apple these from kids. It's authentic jeff describes it's loaded sizzling fajitas smothered in hot caso buffalo wings spinach artichoke dip case a d. As the blue ribbon brownie but of course the signature. Drink one a favorite teacher. Tommy sheehan this shark bull shark of playing with the gummy shark shark bowl. Yeah so it's It's the the lavishing praise upon applebee's does not stop after the description highways. So when boakye goes they're they're they're porn it on like that hot says this is an experience that he will never forget in his life specifically not being on survivor or winning survivors specifically going to applebees in meiji. Okay here is the survivors reacting to applebees the biggest reward of the season. We wanted to make it special. We brought applebee's to feature. I'm convinced he said something else that you can make them getting their reacting. They cut that together. I think now someone should photoshop. The beatles landing at jamie with like the heat and the case of the buffy apple peels. That's the reaction. People were losing their minds over a place. You will go after high school play. When you're makeup still caked on your face and like no other places are open and ask a separate the check sixteen as on jeff probst credit cart. That one's pretty early in the wasn't it episode five or south missing food that much to me like that crazy over applebee's yeah okay applebee's now it only came up once but it wasn't memorable there was i mean this is probably the most memorable reaction twice a product placement we've ever seen but to your point how. How much is that going to buoy. Its ratings much like a gummy shark in a bowl of alcohol. All right so applebee's okay. Certainly more memorable than marshall's right. Yes that's definitely going to be our low water mark for valid reebok above by above reebok of guy. Does it be visa. i. I'd everywhere wanna apple. Beatles yes i guess. The question is like when we're looking at our chip barrier here is how how's it. Pair with the pringles or with the doritos in the mountain deal was part of the story. That charisma really wanted to go to applebees. Hundred sit down. Restaurants will my favorite compliment. I have heard someone give someone else in quite some time. it's like it's like the equivalent of kiva calling you his favorite gentile rapport like in a even in even more specific variety. You're my favorite bearded gentile All right does applebee's for us. The chip threshold jason. I'm going to say does. Wow on the other side of the chips besides team. Nobody will really seem to indiana the doritos. Besides i mean doritos amounts and do is known for like the chintzy of it plus the do baby and dough re toes but i think the cumulative effect of every one bay basically nearly institutionalizing themselves over the idea of eating applebee's appetizers in fiji is just so unbelievable kennett beat sprint. That's tough because sprint has so much lasting value there are a lot of sprint moments riley. Jason talked about like in heroes vs villains then taking pictures at those spurting geysers like so many family moments around it. So i feel like applebee's is for lack of better term like a flash in the pan that sprint is more of like a nice saute or a marinade. Okay all right. We say eating good in the neighborhood is at them. Yeah i believe they still have that phraseology. I don't know what's going on over at applebee's hard time to that will be so. I think twenty nineteen. I do not think there are a sit down restaurant. I don't think it'll be in the restaurants here on risking cova. Don't risk getting cova for your shark. All right mike what is next. Let's go a bit outside the box here outside the but unfortunately no taco bell sponsorship yet and survivor. So i'm gonna go with the internet. The internet is sponsor were going to survivor the australian outback. It's a reward to fix wishing or award. I mentioned before. Do you remember the australian outback. Internet cafe yes of course so the final five or given the opportunity to chat with their loved ones. What was very clearly aol. They couldn't show anything very clearly. A big ass. I mac and they couldn't necessarily show so i can't really say that it's like it's putting forward the brand of aol or or apple. But i feel like the concept of the internet is just so new and has never been done again in survivor of allowing people to essentially chat their family line viruses that i feel like it might earn. Its way in here. Okay all right. Jason jeremy strong feelings about what is the sponsor here. I guess i'll go with the internet. The internet the internet is a sponsor so in defense of it. It was a memorable moment. Like i went to go research or for this podcast could've sworn sworn. Aol will the sponsor of this. But they're nowhere mentioned are or anything like that so it is memorable for sure W for tina talking to her family like you see like Eighty like yeah like like ten years. She's going to be on the show with with With her mom and to his girlfriend carrots but he's also like the world's slowest hyper new. This is why. I feel like the internet espana because the internet with so so new to people that like titas husband type in all caps like. He's an egg person on twitter anymore. You don't do that anymore. Shouting very big ass. Like satellite dish like mega little hut practical or not but they just had a set dresser. Okay so i would say that this is memorable but not as technically not a product placement it is i guess unintentionally advertising this brand new marvel that was the internet in early. Two thousand one. So that's gonna make this very difficult to place on our list because it doesn't go here. Okay i to bring in a couple of day matthews here. Just throw you off your trail here all right. Well this look. I appreciate being here and i think that'll be the challenge. So is the computer. That wasn't a sponsor more icon than marshall. I think it is. we have a new benchmark. for lowest. the veterans and marshall's i think marshalls is the line that you have to sorta step over if you want to make like barely competent in terms of in terms of product placement. And i would agree. Because again had moments in your despite the fact that there was no technical product placement so i guess marshalls for actually failing at their intended product placement. An unintentional product placement works better than theirs does whatever the commercial for it. Actually this would be a great commercial right of like someone. Boston and on an island proposing to their girlfriends on an i mac. Typing one letter a minute. Two thousand. Yeah who is elizabeth chatting with. Her family was chatting with her family. Maybe a tim hasselbeck no. I don't believe she's slid into tim. Hasselbeck aol dmz at no. You've got mail notifications tim hasselbeck. He's got some games to play. Okay all right then is it better than reebok. It's more memorable but it's not a product. There's the rub. put it above reebok. I'm above all right all right. Can it be better than visa vs. I'll leave it right where you get mike. I feel like the use. They actually used the visa for the internet shopping. Spree that tina one that made her husband type in all caps. I'm assuming iraq. Further kids surpass the actual private fourth effect cannot pass the primary effect. Yep alright service. The product need the computer for the e. Commerce can't have the computer go ahead of the credit card. Do you think if they have this reward in like two thousand eighteen thousand nine hundred and would be like some sort of bitcoin stuff going on with people using the internet. I don't know if bitcoin really was getting used to buy a lot of things. Not maybe inspired fire tokens even earlier than it did. Yeah bitcoin his. Little fire tokens of currency like Sure i guess so they see. Don't worry we'll horde them. These might pay off some day. Oh they don't okay. i'll give them to somebody else. Now you probably get credit card to buy that. I make five thousand dollars back in. The thing is the size of their camp. It looks like it. Looks like two and a half keith. Heads tall Yeah okay. They turned it into the boston. Rob statue i think eventually it wasn't a prop department. Eventually they said okay. Let's just put some plaster tag low lying in the back for a while. We could make a giant twenty-five foots tach out of this. Okay all right. Let's go to the mac go. What's next my all right. Let's go back to our department stores here and we'll see if this clears the marshalls meridian. That seems to be the first you were going to sears. No zero pretty profound effect on a survivors seasons. I was a reward in season twenty. They had to pick through the sears catalog and not the one that lets most is lack. Go crazy with the ogling. He does of women in there. Believe the the villains got to pick out some items in a big ass crate that with them the entire time but sprint us more pertinently known for the fact that during seasons twenty one and twenty three there was a sears casting contest. Yes that got two contestants on those seasons. Yes i know. One was jimmy t in survivor. Nicaragua who was the second person that would be rick. Nelson the cowboy sally they nailed it they were nailing it over. Let me see. I found the press release. Actually because this is the first ever survivor casting call contests and you weren't guaranteed a spot. Basically you submitted your tape and then the top ten selected videos will be open to the general public for a vote and then the winner would be flown to los angeles to audition for a spot on the show. So not even a guaranteed seats on those tribes. You basically guaranteed to get audition in front of the producers. Okay alright sears. Of survivor contestants Okay the now defunct sears. Their spot on survivor heroes villains even in an iconic season was not enough to keep the doors. Open over at sears. Yeah maybe the heroes had one people would have been more spirited like well heroes us for years products like. Oh those rascal the villains never mind. Okay i feel like that. They are more iconic for the contests jason than the actual reward. What do you think yeah. I would agree with that I actually don't even. I didn't really even recall the series in the episode before mike senate So you add probably put a pretty low. Okay all right. Let's go to the board. Go to the big board and check out what's going on here. alright sears. Is it better than marshall. This across the marshalls meridian. I think it does lessen the fact that sears is actually had an like. I do think it's going to be this is going to be substantially impacted by the fact that sears has had a hand in casting to people across two seasons that does say something. Say what you want to about future malcolm and rick nelson but the fact that their their appearances on survivor. The tv show are because of sears. Needs be acknowledged here. Okay all right jason. They better than the reebok sneakers which you could buy at sears. I was saying no no That's where i was bike. How do you feel. I think it's better. I don't know i i would put in. Good is jimmy t. They gave us. Jimmy t i would put in. Stri might be so bold as to put it in. My life is fine. Because i just think a slow down slow down well let me also read. That are not josh. That that rick and jimmy t were not the only people that were put on the cast were found i would say from the sears campaign call to other people from survivor south pacific which warn guests as to who those people are Elise that no at least emoto was not from sears. let's see was it brandon hansa. Somebody ordered russell hands out at the seers catalogue roaming around empty after the last one in the warehouses so like all right. I guess they're not the bread enhance no unless in survivor. Wakey might be lying to me here. In which case. I have egg all or do all over my face. Apparently papa bear. It's real it's happening was cast through sears. And so was sofi. G clark. Dot cast from sears. I don't know your a texter right now. I want you to tech sophie. Right now at ascot cast. I'm going to a text sophie. Okay all right. This is a new new foe. Who this were you cast on. Shaw gonna get blocked for this week. Cast on survivor through the sears casting contests we shall find out this. Is i guess. Survivor mystery so what executive they have to do. Is this series contest. They had to do like a miniature version of a typical survivor video where they had to give a thirty to sixty second video of themselves explaining why they think they could win. Survivor series exact side. Like feifer like you should put these guys audition weird serve alternate path right because like okay. Would you rather make a two minute video. Or i guess a thirty second video. That could give you a larger pop bias sears. but also it's only thirty seconds. It is like one sixth. Six the amount of time that you would usually get dashing video assuming sophie do actually come from sears sears. Try to like claim or win. As the last grasp at like sleep at what sears did to survivor. So what you being our sears commercial release yeah okay all right. Let's see we'll see if we get an update on that all right so for me. I could put them ahead of the sneaker. But i think they're still behind the fake Computer i guess. Sophie answer affect your ranking Well if we get an answer might affect all right we shall see. We'll come back. We'll come back if we get an answer raining. The dalton ross meet the cast and he says here well dad. Mark anthony caruso and so fiji clark were found through through sears so we applied delete continue for these hard hitting scoops about how people got cast on survivor move over sierra and the taco truck from survivor token jeans. Here comes so sears. E g clark Rob sex like. Oh my god and found out. Okay we'll see. Let's see if we get an update on that She might just delete my number okay. Let's see we'll come back to that all right well. Let's see tv out. See that's me. I had to move it up. I hate sears and i feel like when i was a kid. My parents used to go there. It was so boring. The only thing that was good about it was that there was a mcdonalds. There it'd be so far in sears. That would be like the highlight of the you know. My childhood is not a happy story is just that i have nothing to do with my parents. Taking me to all these department stores being so bored wandering around aimlessly and then gets go to mcdonalds a series of car like four years ago for christmas from my mom. I never went to go like some tires or something before. They went out of business. Like what is this like. Why would i ever go to the store. Yeah i guess the thing is though. I mean they had more of an impact than marshalls which is why. They're passed the meridian right. 'cause like while i wouldn't say that sears is known for its i guess it's its staffing. If that's apparently what sears has had its impact on in survivor. it has at least provided more utility and more long lasting on iraq. Apparently not lots of lots of durability on the mac as well. I think we'd drop that thing off of off of a sears. It'd probably still be okay to use to talk to appease. Okay all right mike. What else do we have her. Let's let's go. Let's tackle a big topic here so obviously cars have been a huge part of survivors. I fourteen seasons. I'm going to hone in on one in particular. But because there have used as sort of like a marker for cars in general. But i gotta go. Let season two before walter white. There was colby donaldson and his pontiac. Aztec loved the pontiac gas tech. And you say season to that. Richard hatch wanna pontiac cass tech. As well and cesar right i remember they. They shot the alternate ending's right. Were like they. They got out of that call that got out of the airport and they sat in the car. And they're like wow. I'm looking at my million dollar. Check my new pontiac as lever. One got pontiac aztec and jason. Do you remember what the selling point is about the pontiac as tech. Yes you could turn the back into. A tent. Could have a great night with your mommy. Yes yes well. That's for colby. And you know what i was like. Wow i am a survivor fan. I live with my parents. Perfect hamesh wait. So you're gonna live out of your car. Was that like the selling point of now. I can finally do it without feeling. That pathetic. look official now. I thought mike. And i'm like in my head. I'm like well like like. I'd like to date at some point but i live with my parents may be. Maybe i felt like this was like moving apartment on. Wheels isn't gonna live in the car at the azteca rocket. This was how my twenty one year old brain works. Well i think if you were to take honey home they might just stop at the back of the car because it has the most garish looking back. I have ever seen in a vehicle in way and me about the women that i used to know my pets. But the actual back of the pontiac aztec is horrifically angular and it's is obviously is car ever absolutely terrible and you could tell again. This is kobe similar. To what jared. This is a guy that knows what. It's like to make or just trying to make a name for himself on tv. So he is selling the crap out of this pontiac aztec like. Wow look at that interior. And i think he has a confessional says like these are some of the neatest amenities cars ever had specifically hyped up the idea of a speaker system in the back of the car you could. I don't know let's some books on tape while you fall asleep and your net. Yeah and it also is featured prominently through breaking baths so i think that that helps make it more iconic. Yes the car of meth dealers in albuquerque. Okay all right. So i have some updates yes okay. So sophie clarke has gotten back to me about this info. And here's what she had to say. She says that. I was not chosen as top ten. But yes that was how i applied and how they originally contacted me. Let's and i asked her as sears. Didn't like you enough but casting did. She says correct papa. Bear to yeah. This is exactly why they're out of business if judge their part. We should've seen it coming when they decided to push forward rick nelson above a sophie g. Clark wow who raquel that overhead during the whole like the whole season. Yeah yeah well. I got shows of you didn't so she got the last laugh like who's laughing now who's got more money than has right now is at snape worth All right so so we gotta go to the board here. Because now i think we have to replace sears and also the pontiac put them lower down that they do they put it. They had a winner. They were the introduction. Will winter in this series is she would. They didn't have her in the top ten. She got she got on in spite of sears. Sears that he want to push your four. So the below the meridian. Is that what you're say you might have to put them below marshals for this injustice. Just down how sears is last. Yeah i think you're anti sears. Rhetoric is coming out right now gentleman. I put them ahead marshals. Like i could split the difference but there behind the shoe at least for me. I'd be fine with that. Okay all right better than marshall. I think the as tech is gonna go on a little bit of a variety here. Yeah i think we're going. I think we're at a drive. Pass a suggestion to put it in the suggestion on in my life is fine but i don't know how you guys feel barreling through stream vicious your sound effects. Christmas is driving this all right so it's up. Is it better than the pringles. Yes yeah i think i think it's fair than the pringles. It was the prize in the first. Susan's yeah which i think. Better than the dough re toes as well okay. Applebee's kobe's reaction was a little less than the than the applebee's even richard hatch like. Wow camper laugh. This is this product asset representing all the cars. Yeah i guess that's a good question. Are there any other cars that that stick out in your minds up met. Because i think this is the most memorable probably not the most memorable and Matthew vaughn felt as a saturn ion yeah saturn is the sprint of car manufacturers for the for the cars. I think the cindy in guatemala. Release sticks out for me to your shafting fellow castaways from getting. Yeah the marines car toys with ford getting with the ford super duty truck. I believe yeah but to me. I think that as tech is super memorable are you. Are you moving up towards playing for. I don't know. I don't know if it's better than would put out put it head sprint. But not up into the top tier. What do you think my. I don't know. I feel like the pontiac. Aztec is more memorable but sprint said such more of an affected might. She's able to rattle off all those spans favorites Like arya stark off the top of his head. so let's run through my james clemens. James sleep every okay all right. I'm good with that. let's go back to. What's what's still in the bag. All right well forgetting forgetting a little thirsty here and you haven't had enough now in. Do how about some seven up gents. When did seven up get Give it do survivor. Castaways rob rob rob. How little you remember the seven up oasis from survivor one world but more memorably that season the a seven up originals commercials. Oh yes. I forgot about back and actually have one for you that i found online poverty. Shallow did a spot of a survivor. Originals commercials so if you just want to taste a little sip of what it was like to be a fan during two thousand twelve in survivor. One world this really was a the. The first we had in the race are the desert that was survivor. One world shrink of something. Let's see what went on on the seven up. Originals commercial here from survivor. Twenty four asked if anyone had hidden. And i started handing them out to jerry went to sandra. Everyone's mouths dropped. Gt was him packing. And i eventually made to be yourself. Refresh beats the heck out of the amazing race Connection what are they saying. No dot singular action. Yeah yeah. I don't think parties coming on. Like when william and kate marriage last year marriage. Yeah okay so. I guess those were iconic. I don't remember the seven up away sis. No that was a brief reward that they took. They had a nice chess. Which actually the picture for the for the thing here full of we're not talking about how to in full of seven up bottles on ice and that they had a nice little trip away where everyone was hanging out. They brought a big chest back. But yeah i think it's more pertinent for the seven up commercials and specifically robert. That's when i started listening to rap has a podcast and you had a day and a half with the seven song complete with its own theme song that you made up. I think that we did some fake ones. Also got billy curse a deal. That's one defined somewhere. Along the way i got him at the reality rally. I had like portable audio recorders. Billy garcia to do his own seven original. Okay all right. Is it better than marshal's that's good. That's the million dollar question. Remember about the seven up. Is just the placement in the episode. While like there. Because kim and sabrina like scheming throughout the throughout that reward. And you just see like kim isaka. Uc's big ask ball of seven up like in the foreground. His august background smaller As far as making yeah put it above marshals. Okay i think it might be below sears below sears up produced a winner but they produce commercials sears bruce winter either keep saying that they turned down a winner Yeah a winner. who was spiting them. All right you think super good c seven up one better than marshals. I think so and i think the commercials are honestly the only thing that's keeping it above marshals because remember well. Actually i don't know 'cause like which would you rather have the seven originals commercials or jeff probst soul tree description of the marshalls lounge. Good point. yeah. I think i'd rather have the commercials. I'm actually very surprised at the poverty. Commercial is not of erik reichenbach. Giving mpg necklace. Maybe there was cerita. Did that remained a camel. Let's leave it where it is all right. let's go back to the eib bullpen. What's coming out next going from the bullpen. To the we're talking sharman by god. That's the charen shacks music. Yes so sherman has popped up actually in a few places. Most prominently was the casa dei. Sharman in a survivor exile island. Where the kasai tribe one basically an indoor outhouse with a shower and toilet paper and bunch of so but back scrubber but there also was these sharman teahouse in survivor china. Where john robert was really creepy with everyone. Sitting into tubs and these sharman cafe in survivor token jeans. So i would say that i think sharman sponsorship levels peaked during its first instance. Mainly because of bobby bob dog masons You know involvement custody sherman. That was way back when when toilet paper needed to advertise before it sold itself here in two thousand and twenty. Yeah di china might be. Someone's like fallout shelter short. You could get in there actually. I think Bob dog and bruce surrounded by toilet paper and wine is a very twenty twenty moods be quite honest every dollar on toilet paper. Advertising was a complete waste in twenty twenty sold itself. Okay all right jason. How do you feel about Casa di sharman multiple iterations. I like the shark. All sharman spots We have in the survivor Lexicon i would put it What would i put a above marshalls sears about their. You feel above internet. Yeah mike it's always a weird of thing to pitch on survivor Have no toilet paper. I guess they make a big deal about it. I think it's a big creature comfort. I don't know maybe. I'm a bit high. This i'm i'm thinking it's worth playing for personally. you were putting the top tier. I mean listen to casa di sharman is iconic in my perspective. You have not only do you. Have bob dog need to take a break and wanting to break it in by dropping a deuce in front of everybody t minus two minutes after they got it. We also have them him. Bruce camped out on it at night. Drink dribbed slugging. Sure sure. I can't see putting it above sprint like right. After burn is the highest. I would put it. I think it should be behind the ashtec. It's absurd. I mean it's memorable but i don't know if it's iconic i think it's a microcosm of how cartoony survivor exile island is as a season. An outhouse serves as the source of such drama. and maybe that's sort of serving representation had has bullied might tastes a bit. I do think it belongs at least in. My life is fine. Cheer we're not saying. Get it out of the tier but i don't know i I think it belongs definitely a wrong the realms of sprint or the aztec tech. Just don't know where it falls. Among that i would put it above the astec at least personally. Okay jason. Do you have a strong argument to where it should be here. I would put it after the asset. I think the sprint and asset which is kind of representing all cars survivor. I had were memorable staples of the show at one point. Yeah the as tech. I mean it was the prize for the first show. We the memorable moment of colby with his mom sleeping in the aztec which was a cultural moment. People talked about colby sleeping in the car with his mom for months in the year. Two thousand and one. I think that the bruce and bob dog drinking in the the sharman shack was funny. I don't know if it was icon. Hannah blip on the radar. This time i think i listen. I do think it's also considering all the other craziness that ensued in in kasai. I guess this uplift on the radar. But i will concede but i do think that look. I think also would have only sponsors that produced three different edifices. We got a cafe. We got a teahouse and we got a cafe out of it so they weren't just throwing sharman at people to they are really trying to build entire facilities around this idea of chairman and i think that that's high praise. Yeah now sherman has just gone all in with the animated bears. Yeah the chinese clean song is definitely been one. That's been sung around our household many. That's the bathroom. The bear little bear comes walking out. Like commending his but wiping job by going behind is clean. Oh yeah it's sharman clean and he's gloating about it like you just won the lottery. Wow okay let me see. I told this is not one that i am familiar with But let's let's see okay. This is not a commercial for us. Gotta pick it up. I'll pick it up okay all right. Well i'm jealous of mama. Bear papa bear. Yeah i'll also you mentioned that there's basically what the baby bear is saying is don't worry this underwear biz. Bear underwear does not have my skidmarks. In because i wiped my ass with but the bear doesn't even wear clothes. Why why were the underwear have skipped. Who's under are these worries the dirt. Are we supposed to believe that these sharman bears are actually wearing clothes. That are the same color as them and they just sort of like fit over them. I mean underwear. He's holding are the same as like his white belly and listen maybe these are actual bears. Maybe he's our people in bear costumes and they have underwear on under their cost. Silica which would make sense why you'd be like i don't wanna touch that it's been rob sped. Stand there for eight hours wearing his bear costume. I don't touch that underwear. No my clean alright. So there you go all right rudy. Didn't need any Sharman toilet paper survivor borneo that he was ready to use the the bible. Yeah bibles plead. A the only reason i could see. Bring some sharman out. There would be used for toilet paper. Okay all right larry's all right we'll so you probably think like okay. Let's actually stay in the bathroom. Because once upon a time castaways forgiven the ability to build a bathroom using supplies from our next sponsor the home depot. Okay alright home. Depot is gonna make a few stops on survivor correct. Yes so it appeared in seasons eight and ten sponsors that rob. You have firsthand experience with their for the that. Feel like this might be a sears thumbs down as a result But yeah there is a shelter ruling challenging survivor. All stars and then in survivors survivor palau. James got mass steph as well as as all the other tools to build a bathroom to satisfy what production consultants on survivor. Okay all right. So the home depot challenge. Yes i remem- i remember it well back when myself. Boston rob big. Tom and alicia. Calloway were working on putting together a shelter and then i got in trouble because i was doing enough. I didn't have anything to do and getting in trouble for not doing enough stuff. Yeah yeah we're we're you laying down the rocks in the path. I seem to recall. That was like one thing you were. You were bequeathed with the where. Where i got in trouble was that i was supposed to be like just like gatherings of like robin tom. We're doing everything that there was. No like so i was just like a like a helper and i went and i went to get like a like a shipping pallet. I had seen elsewhere on the island. And then i like ended up taking too long to go and bring it back and i. Didn't you know clear that with my supervisor and it was looked at as i was on like a coffee. Break goofing off big mistake. I should've sat that. Challenge out all right so could have really taken a coffee break. All right that being said the home depot child conic is i kind of. It was a big part of those. Two seasons narrowly speaking. It is for my mark i think. One of the bright spots of survivor all stars namely the boga log cabin wing the rupert and poor rafa he did not like going down and then of course long just the pure hubris on james's part just all go down in flames or down the toilet that they just built in trying to craft an outhouse okay. yup think it's better than marshalls set up better than sears is. Better than reebok reebok. I think it's too it's too for two is produced to entertaining challenges from my perspective. I think that has to put it at least pretty far. Above applebee's yes. Oh wow okay jump up a little bit. That's not really. You've been a sponsor of anything. Put the service of the internet. I think applebee's produce like one like off the wall but really fun moment homedepot produced to off the wall really fun challenges so just by the numbers that has to be at least above apple by home depot sharman have lasting effects on their seasons. 'cause you still see the product while the season yeah mike. Do you think it could be better than your beloved causes. Sharma i mean listen. You know what i'm going to answer it's gonna come down to the two of you. I still feel like the casa sharman is a moment. I enjoy more and think about more than than sort of the the home depot all repeat at night thinking about the custody chevron while i repeat the names of the sprint fan favorites in my head so i i'm finding zero sharman that you sit in a nighttime exactly but i would love to hear what you guys think because i do think i think this goes below the ashtec no matter what it just depends if it's above yeah sharma. I think this feels right. Jason how do you feel. I'm good with this. Or below casa sharman but above applebee's. Okay all right. Let's keep going all right. What else you got my well. I'm assuming at this point the podcast. We're getting a bit peckish. He may want a snickers before you get to angry. Snickers has made one old and one new appearance on survivor. So the old is a king. Snicker was a reward during the kite. Flying challenge in survivor. Marquess that's right one. Candy bar yes. Jeff probe sliced into nine little slices and he accidentally seductively fed to zoe's dacas. Thought that she like very like she bed out his hand like a giraffe or something and then and then in survivor. Thirty pops back up. When they had like the big candy reward and mike holloway just went on and on about how much he loves. Snickers yes okay all right. Is it better or worse than a baby ruth. Listen you have certain patrons. That's a point of contention but evidently according to my calloway. You happy dance for that. Snickers no matter. What okay alright. So a snickers bar jason right. Where does this end up. Moving the needle for you not really know besides the mike Interaction with the snickers The you know Who was kathy. One of the marquesses running back for the rest of the tribe. Not really doing a lot for me. i think his brethren marshals around the up area to be for me yeah. I remember. Dan did not eat a lot of the candy. He was like bragging about bad about how he was only going to drink water. Yeah for something. that's all i remember. Was him holding the eminem between his thumb and forefinger and sucking it in some sort of. I don't know some sort of sideshow act that he's dead was trying to show off everybody. Talented guy. many many talents many interesting talents. I definitely put her about marshall's. But yeah i might honestly put it below seven up the commercials. The seven-up originals to me are more entertaining inherently than zoe's fifty shades of snickers. It was hilarious when kathy will want a snickers bar for reward challenge. Yeah that's again like goes back to the four. Doritos that nick wine in the end the survivor australia auction right like how stingy they were with the food back in. Those days was so weird because it was like you get this big excursion and a snickers bar snickers var alright makes me wonder if there was actually a sponsorship of they found one at craft services. Throw something in here. It was also a lame challenge in should the fly a kite. I really feel like a challenge out of survivor. Like this is something you would do. When you're seven years old and you're with. Mary poppins right like go. Fly a kite and then eat a snickers. Yeah it's basically a college. Survivor of a challenge is flying a kite and the winner will win a snickers bar. All right mike what else we have. We got a few left here. What if i were to tell you that. One of the sponsors of survivor that was shown as their survivor reward was survivor itself. Okay tell me about it. At the final five of survivor borneo kelly wigglesworth won a bottle of budweiser was not enough. She was given a trip to the survivor bar. Got to watch the first five minutes. The first act of the very first episode of survivor proper. Okay all right memorable moment but was this product placement. If i recall. I feel like that. The actual sponsor here was bud. Light and the this was. I feel like that even at that survivor. Forty like preseason hannele that dalton ross jeff probes told the story about how the survivors like ready Mutiny olmer the reward was going to be a bud light and they needed to come up with something on the fly to make it more interesting that they were mad as what we're playing for. Just a bud light bud light and a chance to watch fifteen minutes of the show right. So couldn't you say that the key thing that made this award salvageable was the advertisement of survivor itself. So i think that that was a reward. I don't know if it was a product placement to sell survivors. People already watching survivor product laser for those people in that bar. review survive. They're working on survivor right and they and they got advertise. The shown that they're going to be watching all right let's see we'll be eating snickers and watch a snickers commercial advertising can be circular. Okay this would be like you were on the set of a snickers commercial and they were trying to entice you to buy snickers on the seventy. And i wouldn't be surprised if that ended up happening so i did watch this so recently and it was like the scene is solves memorable because they blindfolded kelly and brought her into this bar like double blindfolded. Her that that in itself was memorable. I don't know why they needed to do that. Because he thinks i'm gonna production facility. So they sneak out of camp with a hotel. They were all stationed hold on her and like spun around the boat like five times and brought her back where they already were mark. It really is to rob's plan was a last-minute scramble they're like oh i guess one beer didn't suffice after sean. Got a yacht trip. And jeff pro personal credit card. Okay there's a survivor bar. That exists and quick. Cut the first fifteen minutes of the first episode that we can screen for peanuts. Someone else earlier awards. Jeffrey love to our horn himself. In on these rewards. Yeah he would go. Everybody like go in their truck going there like so look with you screen time. Yeah but it was a weird thing readjusts. How you doing in the game right now. It's like a weird sort of like parent teacher conference and like him. And as you alluded to jason in the pontiac aztec reward part of it was jeff got to share a meal with colby which must have been music jeff Sit down with coby in the middle of the game. Okay really cool to all so survivor itself. Better than marshals. It's interesting is. Is this going to fall below marshals. i think so. I think it's better than marshals marshals marshals stays as the with low oceans okay. I think it's better than marshall. It's better than snickers bar. I think the scene of going to the bar was better than the snickers more memorable. Okay let me shoot all the way up here to season. One is better or worse than reebok. I would say A reebok. I put it under reebok under reebok mike. Do you agree. Yeah my i might be coerced to put it above a better than the fake computer. Exactly we might as well pair the to not sponsors. Yeah i'm good with that okay or would do you think that they should be touching. Should they be. Why should it be a survivor in the fe. Computer idea sal. Let's let's their brothers right now. Okay all right they are. They are locked ultimate bromance of a computer. That's not a commercial for anything and an episode of survivor. It's not a commercial for an episode of survivor. Oftentimes the commercials are ones. That aren't rob. Okay chew on that excellent. All right mike. What else is out there. We're going jack and jill. It's finally happened. Sort of damocles kuhn or sort of damascus than hanging above us. Now we finally cut the cable here. We are talking about sandler's inimitable. Flick jack and jill. But you don't have to take my word for it. Let's let's hear from the oppo lou tribe giving their own sort of commercial slash included clips for the hit motion picture. Jack and jill as they won this reward during survivor south pacific. Okay all right. So let's go ahead and bring that upwards is going to be a clip from the episode. It's gonna be a clip from the apollo tribe watching jack and jill inclusive clips and of course some of their mostly uproarious reaction including a tearful close up from sprint fan favorites or sprint cast members. Sorry sears cast member rick nelson all right. So here we go. Let's let's share. Jack and jill renewed. Skip ahead to when we're getting our award all right here. We go candy are we. Only i've been waiting for repeat. Some twins have strange powers and they can feel when the other one's hurt. We'll harder jack. And jill loved it. I love adam sandler personally on the fan zhiyi good because it funny but at the same time there was a message. The message was a family. Come first that's a great message for us to be reminded they to these days to comment. We'll get tough. It will get to be a point of compromise but we have to be pun. Compromisable as unbreakable was and. We're ready to play the second half of this game. Wow what a lesson. Jason coaches speech there. Yes you are you willing to on rotten tomatoes the critic meter on let you in this time. Want to go he said medic for goal travels like thirty seven percent right. Yeah i think that. I am able to probably get gulliver's travels in a moment that will give me a good good point. I want to go probably for credit score like a twenty twenty okay my higher lower than twenty. I think it's single digits. I think this is often touted as one of the worst modern films ever made. So i would imagine that. They piled on the criticism here. Three percent critic school audience score thirty six percent. And i'm pretty sure that that three percent is all coach. Wait submitted his own zone review. Greatest movies celebrity. I think my favorite part is sandler's favorite of mine. Personally personally. I want this over in the adam sandler photography here where we already out on. Adam sandler this point. Or i think he's come back. I think that this might have been like pretty close to the absolute new dear of adam sandler filmography now. You've but i think the. I'm i'm wondering time where we like way out on adam sandler already or is this a start of his decline. There were little things right. There was like a crazy stupid or punch drunk love and there was like yeah and then there was. There was some optimism. things that he was working on. Click is another one. They're like. Oh adam sandler can do some stuff but this was you know. I'm looking at the other ones around this time Yeah you don't mess with the zohair on the funny people. Grownups came out. I believe the year before. Jack and jill just go with it which he played flagrantly said was an excuse for him and generates. Just go on a vacation. Yeah so gulliver's travels actually. I only had a twenty percent on the tomato meter. A twenty-seven percent audience score so audience. Actually enjoyed jack and jill. More came from the survivor. I mean listen. There's nothing like adam. Sandlers voice stolen like this for now. I just like i mean like i just almost seems like they edited in the actual movie. Jack and i just weird to imagine. It is so surreal and uncanny valley for me to imagine that a group of survivor contestants competing for a million dollars kick back and watch an adam sandler. Movie during one of the most important moments of the game is something that is just giving me so much cognitive dissonance even almost ten years after the fact that they all get together in. Uni like the like borneo contest. Just don't make us watch that movie so anything else. That movie spliced in like the oh they loved it. Yeah the jack. And jill only coach gives the confessional fee just like kind of laughing. Yeah that's the thing i mean. Sophie proves why she is a woman after all of our hearts just completely nearly stone facing the entire movie not reacting whatsoever to. Let's say for example. A jill languishing in bed with a cockatoo. Next to her for whatever reason or getting punched in the face by a child's has something duct tape his head. You never laid in bed with a cockatoo. Yeah rick and brandon just laughing maniacally like and. I do believe they would laugh. When i we had a movie like that. I i think those type of guys. I would do that. Okay all right. Not as mcgill of the sears award winner. The she's not going to bite on product placement toe put her three african screen. Some adam sandler clips for you. We'll see how you react to them. Okay all right better than marshals. I mean listen. Let me throw something out. He didn't shoot it up. I think this is top spot. Perhaps all right. Well let's let's then compare it and contrast it to gulliver okay mic. Make the case. Why should this be higher than gulliver. I think gulliver's travels has the one doesn't have reaction moments where we have been re saying. It's a good flick and we have like the image of dan limbo in the chair. But jack and jill has just the ridiculous idea of this tribe uproariously reacting to what is regarded as one of the worst films ever created. It's not just an gulliver travels is not a great movie but it is not one of the most talked about films as just like the bottom of the casa di sharman. I'm talking about so the fact that it was not only included but the tribe was favorably reacted to it and coach was deriving an aristoteles moral from i think puts it by far that the gold standard of just memora- -bility iconic sponsorship within cyber jensen. I would agree. I think is coaches speech versus dan's. You know swinging his legs. Yeah and i don't feel free. Speech wins out. Yeah i think code. I think jacksonville ones out and then purple kelly quit. Also after watching. Gulliver's travels that. Help it or hurt it. I don't think it affects the much. I think it's an after think all that happens. Pretty much after governor travels. But you got you have the talking about a while. They're in gulliver's travels but it happens after after the fact that let me also mention that much gulliver's travels the challenge was themed around jack and jill by they had to pair off and paint themselves to look like each other and jeff said jack chills a film about a pair of twins and this is really like on the island. Jack and jill don't always get along but in the end they realize they need each other to survive in this world much like you guys do now at two comparisons to the game of survivor in in that episode for for that one move yeah and just to be clear it is one of the worst movies ever made and it draws not one but two metaphors then is there anything to it being a second. The second movie gulliver's travels do anything. It was the first product placement of these to happen within the same calendar year on survivor nicaragua and then on survivor south pacific. I believe right. I think it might have been separated by one year. I think those replay all seasons ironically. Enough actually the to sears. Season's worth two movies seasons boston. Rob don't put a movie on my season. They actually is not through the film cancer actually into that volcano along with the idol. Clue you only movie. I would watch is what did what did they go see survivor. All stars lord of the flies lot of allies of maybe go with my girl. Amber virtually no mention of the fries out of africa or treasure island because these were not sponsored films. They were saying this is a this is an exclusive. You're about to really watch cinematic masterpiece being released onto the world. A little bit early survivor. Folks here's jack and jill Okay you mean out of africa like frankness off. Yes jason. you're good. With jack and jill and the top spot. I'm good there. Yeah all right mike. Do you have anything else. One more left are on this this this be challenging for the top spot here. I think it's going to do pretty well. Maybe i'm inclined to say it because my my last name is bloom and bloom as part of a popular product at outback steakhouse. We are finishing strong with the authority on steaks as jeff probst would call it alright. Outback steakhouse seasons has the outback steakhouse sponsored survivor. It has sponsored season twenty season twenty eight and probably most infamously. The emerged feast of season. Thirty five triple h. That was infamous. It was a lot of people. Were talking about it specifically. I mean it's not on the level of the applebee's but it's sort of on that spectrum of them freaking out we all remember the yippie. Kaiei jump that. Ben did when they found out that they were getting a rabbi. Joe mena basically is drooling all over the beach when he hears about the chocolate thunder from down under. There's a lot of stuff packed into that. Outback sandra famously. She loves the outback. Jason then it comes up in season. John when that is when we're talking about the pineapple rita vacant and that's when spencer finds a clue in his napkin even though he barely touched the napkin the entire time he was just so hungry Okay alright jason. Are you an outback. Guy I am an outback guy. Probably little more than albee's guy again not in interior restaurants. I think it's a. I had a bedtime i enjoy. I'm not a snob. Okay i may not like sears. But dammit i will not turn away and outback. Yeah stephen fishbach won't be just won't be joining me but i'm like tony. I go to fine dining. No he goes to bonefish All right the outback bloomed yeah former employer of mike blow exactly so this is something that's near my heart. I work for six months at an outback steakhouse so i know the products. Well i did leave before the pineapple. Rita's so i couldn't take advantage of that employee discount but you know the jeff described lascivious once more the bone in natural cut. Ridi- means baked potato normal nixon all the chocolate thunder from down under again. That bolton brownie that jessica describes a not so virginal way how she wanted that chocolate thunder from down under from that waiter and of course the gold coast rita and the pineapple rita. Well okay a lot a lot there okay. A lot there. It is also the source of not one but two idol clues. This is not only worth spencer found his but poverty don't hers her napkin and that was the key to that seven up original moment that she spoke about where she found her second idol and played it. here's jessica talking about the chocolate thunder down under the healthy waiter. He brings me a from under. And i'm like. I love your thunder from down under and that doesn't typically comes out of my mouth being virgin. I'm just trying to stay pretty moral and holding her. I don't know and i think chocolate thunder from down under. I'd say my high need clean because if there's this chocolate under under might not be the case. Oh boy yeah. Most virgins than punctuate every sentence with chuck thunder from down under. Okay all right. So where does it go. Where is it go on. It's a good question. Because i i personally think it's worth playing four but i'm not sure where it falls in that top three mike. You're hyping it up a lot. I don't know if i'm that high on there's a lot of infant but there's a lot of moments around it i mean. I think it had three very good appearances on the show. I is it a compiler. How do you mean in that. That does not have iconic moments but has it had been not enough seasons where it has racked up some Moments right to put it up there. But not as high as i think mike wants to put compared to like sherman which appear seasons. See the pack year. Let's put it by the goals. Okay that stuff over pringles for me over the pringles bentley and i would say i think it goes past applebee's personally hersher okay. It crosses the chip threshold. Okay okay so it's over. Applebee's i think it's over applebee's applebee's freak out is great but again there's a little bit of like a mini applebee's freak out what the season thirty five cast when they find out about outback. So you get that anyway. Is it over the home depot. I think so. Because i think i feel like we have like we have people talk so much about how much they love. Outback steakhouse and i feel like we don't get that with like home. Depot or sharman. Okay jason do. You agree with outback steakhouse over the home depot. Yes okay a alright. Outback versus outhouse. Says i've been make the same argument that i feel like the aztec with sprint and with these other two movies you have people talking about them as if their their their own show for the product. I don't think we get that for sharman. Sherman has fun moments but i think outback should be inch above it. Just because now has those sort of like you know like plants of of outback schillt's in there to talk about how much they love it. Jason what do you think over the sharp okay. can it get past the aztec. Yes i don't know. I i trae to to ask your opinion on that. I would leave it right where you got it okay. That's what i can't pass the aztec mike. I know you're a former employee. So you're bias. So do you think that the blooming onion can only go. I cannot go full bloom. God yeah this is tough. I i i would see it above the aztec. Not is my bias. I just did watch the season. Thirty five merged feasts which is so for the purposes of isaka and it is so don't question my life choices. Robert de busy guy stopped out watch. Rewatch heroes healers hustlers but it is so prominently outback. Heavy even more so than kobe's wow. That's a nice interior that i don't know. Maybe the the rabid ravenous with which these contestants were just tripping over themselves to get their hands on outback steakhouse across multiple seasons. Might might give it the push for. In my opinion. I think the aztec is more i- conic that it's it's such a ugly car. That i feel like if i saw as tech i think i think of two things i would think of breaking bad and i would think of survivor. If i drop. Pass the outback. The sandra finding idle clo- i think for me the like aztec and i love the touch soon so different time like at the time. We've their car was cool and we wanted to have that car now. We look at it as an abomination. I think that's part of what makes it pretty high up there It's a disastrous car. It really is it's the only car with dunk. Yeah so i feel like that. The car sort of stands on its own. All right. i'm fine with this being outback's resting place which is ironic. Given you're you're very soon to go to your resting place if you eat too much. Opec steakhouses the pontiac. Ads was almost once my resting place. Your place will end up in the casa. Di sharma change. Yeah all right. Let's take a look at where we stand by and see if we want to move in and out of tears as well i think for surprisingly forget. Forget you go home goodbye is empty are trashed. Here is completely claiming. Should anything go. Down to the bottom tier. I would put seven up down the marshalls in the bottom tier. Okay mike do you have any problem with delegating these three to the bottom. Not you know what. I would put them down there because i think they are not good rewards paired with like yes there are fun moments there but i think compared to everything else. They are just so they pale in comparison. I think sears gets by by that by the skits teeth by that casting contacts there as well now is when you say gets by. Is that a callback to your product. Placement drink exactly no. it's. I've already has been gotten so. I'm selling it at this point but i think that sears sears had some memorably in that capacity so i think it's at him. Bob is going to stay in eight. No hirsch okay so just to give our final rankings. Here okay so we have eighteen things We have a lot of survivor. Cast and brand steal this rob future. Let's not do that tonight. Okay alright so right now. Currently at number. Eighteen is marshall's number. Never never got out of the bottom here. But i think it was the third one that we said and it just nothing but down for marshals. Okay then a number seventeen is the snickers bar may be a lot of things by ain't no snickers bar. Okay say unfortunately. I think have given. I miss remember that day. Chocolate that koby refusing gets into like a snippy fight with probst. I thought it was a snicker bar. It was just a miscellaneous bar of chocolate. If it had been a snickers bar would have definitely been pushed up. Fortunately let's go. i'm it only has those two moments murders shoot the scene. Now jack okay. Alright number sixteen in seven up. Number fifteen sears. Stop me if anything should be higher. Lower fourteen reebok thirteen episode of survivor itself number. Twelve a computer number eleven. Jeff probst visa number ten survivor pringles once poisoned a co worker of mine. I'm far. I've got cans in my garage number nine a survey it's pringles rob have they'd survived a couple of moves with you iza Yeah it's actually sprinkles. Why would you throw them out. Yeah i haven't. They almost killed man number nine survivor. Doritos in mountain dew. Number eight the applebee's for charisma. They go so number eight on our list. The that's actually. That might be the place that christmas came to. Okay number seven. The home depot Number six the causa de sharman or sharman miscellaneous buildings number five a blooming onion number. Four the pontiac as tech. Now do you think there's a case to be made the switch the aztec and the sprint for me there might be an applebees caso apple and you change applebee's and sprint one. Change azteca azteca. You get like in real life you would get more use out of as thick out. I would want to know what happens to all the cars after survivor. By who keeps their cars doesn't keep their cars tax purposes. So i have a little bit of visibility into this from knowing many survivors over the years. So that they get they get the cars from the dealership go to the dealership. I think a lot of them traded in after a little bit of time or famously dreams going for the taxes right. I think yeah. I think i'm pretty sure he sold. He sold his truck after everything. My town yes. He got a different car. So i do remember a going for a ride. I feel like a mike. What car did the survivor. More cases players all get. That is a good question. That i'm looking at saturn's is that her view yeah. They got like suv. I once about them. I went for a ride in boston. Rob's saturn vue circa two thousand two. But they all get those cars. I don't know if i ever got to go. In gem rascasse a saturn ion. Did you cruise tricks in. Matt's send never got the hang out too much with matteo. Post a survivor the amazon. I don't know how impressed women would be if you were driving around saturday night. I'm probably better than in pontiac. Asked tech as tech would probably be a little bit more of a like okay. At least it's an suv. While i was gonna say. I think pontic asset. It's sort of like peacocking talkie like wow. That's an ugly car and you're like well. Yeah i bet in. Their is awful expectation like return pickup shakes near like. What do you think we're going to do in that car. And there's a little forward it is a little bit. Yeah yeah well actually. It's in the back then. Should it be ahead of sprint. Though sprint had more of the impact on the show. But i guess the question is is it more memorable than taking more family visit verses car. I think that spring is probably ahead. The ad tech. I feel like that. I still would say kept the catch myself and say sprint. Fan favorite talk about the. There wasn't award for the fan favorite player of the season. So i think it's been there. Mike bloom has them all memorized. I would feel bad to blow the aztec. We don't want to mess with a sleeper. Let me ask should sprint. Be moved into worth playing for because i was one of the first ones that we went through and i wonder if upon reflection much like we did with you know the bottom three. If it's just so noteworthy enough that it. It shouldn't be anywhere above number three but it might deserve a spot in the top tier. It feels weird to say. Only the movies are the only the only survivor. Sponsors worth playing for are the to really crappy films that they had to watch on survivor. would be also wanna put the card in there because the cars were part of the shelley The tradition of survivor it was on multiple seasons. It was a big deal when it happened. I i i'll take that argument. I think that's a great that great call. Yeah okay all right then all right so the pontiac gas is four sprint fan. Favourite is three. The gulliver's travels movie reward is two and number one with a bullet. It's jack and jill. Very sophie clarke. Themed podcast this time. We hear her passing story. And we get to have her. Relive all the trauma of watching jack and jill as its number one spot here there. You go all right. What a great list. Thank you to the listeners. Who helped suggest all the different things to put together here in our outwit outplay out list. Great job mike by trading everything here today. This was really fun. So you know a depending on the frequency and subject matter with which we come back is going to be dependent on you also. Please let us know your thoughts. Were trying things out of this. Offseason is not looking to come onto the horizon anytime soon. So we're trying to look out. Waste like have fun with the show and look back on different ways robin. I certainly have a bunch of ideas including patron ideas. Let us know your thoughts. I mean if you want to come back more and more frequently. But i'm excited to what. However many times we do this come back and endless some more stuff out from survivor history. Okay all right jason. How are you feeling. I'm feeling great. If i could often wards right now what would it be. The asset obviously just wants to lie down and go to sleep in that room back. Yes right yeah. I had a ton of fun fun. You buy skippy. Wow that's a lot of peanut butter a that's like a edge of extinction size That cost you about. Twelve twelve tokens. Wow guy store them off from tony yes boy. You're in some sort of like cosco pantry with giant peanut butter and giant. That's right we're big. Costco family really like actually living. Like gulliver's travels everything so giant around you yes. What is your shirt. Say jason vendor shirt. Evanger you go unfortunately no. Mcu films screeched her. Fortunately cvs going to get the rights to screen us and marvel movies as rewards for survivors. Not yet not yet. Who knows maybe come. Survivor forty whacks. Actually i think the survivor cinema might be the safest place to go. See movies Yeah yeah all right jason. Where can people keep up with you. I am on twitter at jr one zero. Eight five is j. a. r. one zero eight five one zero eight five. Got it okay. All right and then mike. What else Are you working on. Yeah so if. I'm talking more island bay shenanigans with josh later on down the hatch. Are we watch podcasts. As well as going galactic with jessica lease on our star trek discovery coverage. But outside of that. Rob you and i are still keeping it in the cbs. This fall podcasting not once but twice a week about the amazing real. A pitch to the survivor fans also may not be watching the amazing race. What else are you doing with your lives. Come have fun. Watch the amazing race with us. Yeah really it's been a really fun season so far. It's a really great cast. I highly encourage people at checkout. If you've never seen it before we do a lot of explaining on the podcast we even have an entire amazing race one. Oh one segment talk about previous. Were certain things have happened. So don't watch look at whether you're a beginning or an advanced person this there's a there's a spot right here for. Cbs reality on wednesday at eight o'clock. That's currently filled by a very great show. Just because it only took place on an island for one leg doesn't mean that you shouldn't be deterred from checking it out. i'll keep it one hundred with you. Amazing race isn't my favorite. Show that i get the podcast about but you know what it's the only show that's on right now. So that's what i'm doing. We're watching the amazing race. And i get to talk with my friends. Mike and jess okay. Let's we have a lot of miscellaneous like this type of fun with it as well in fact last time in our tar pits which is our second podcast of the week we did a deep dive into cbs holiday. Merchandise which is just how off the beaten path. We are going so if you're even if you're you know not so committed to the amazing race here talk nonsense each and every week and who does it need that right now in two thousand twenty all right check that out of course if you are interested in even more survivor shenanigans. The star wars brand steel is up in our podcast feed and then you can also check out. Our first live patron brands steel. Which is up on our patriotic page at rob has website dot com slash patriot. You could watch it for free. The youtube video is available at robert website at dot com slash patron. We will have more lists more talking with t. Bird more survivor. Fun war mazing race and much. More all at rob has a website dot com. Check it out. Everybody take care bye.

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