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It's that time of the year. And lebron james who i did have On my third team all nba. Despite him only playing. I think forty three forty four games. You'd be generous but go ahead but not thirteen. I mean that's that's fine. He obviously was docked for missing many gays but thirteen is okay. But anyway he stat muse which is a. It's actually a handy little website and they have a lot they post a lot of big time stats regarding at least from what i know the nba. There may do other sports as well. They probably do but one thing they posted was. That lebron james this year has averaged now twenty five or more points a game in seventeen seasons which is by far more than anyone else the next nearest person or people only i did it for twelve straight seasons michael jordan raji ones michael jordan. I think kevin durant michael jordan. Kobe bryant carmelo kevin durant straight seasons. They did for twelve. is it just twelve period. Twelve string of really. Yep so lebron seventeen straight 'cause it has to be got to be an order otherwise it wouldn't matter right. Lebron has said would be impressed on. It was even if it was not straight i. It would be weird unless my was injured. Jordan only played fifteen seasons. He played the to the wizards so so twelve is right for him. But anyway kevin durant obviously going to move toward lebron not hill. He won't catch him out. But anyway lebron posted the the the graphic from stat news and then he added a comet raji. Can you read the comment for. Here's what he said. Quote since i was nineteen years old exclamation point. And i'm a pass. I i always been. That's why never mentioned what the greatest scoring. it's perfect. Because i'd rather keep it that way. Let me say this. And i must say rob. I have mentioned lebron as the score. And i know a lot don't but i have mentioned him as a great score. Now maybe means when you see tv shows and they talk about his. James harden the greatest score and all the brandon. Have that jump. Shot or doesn't have i have. He don't have a move. Chris that you say you know what i mean like. I think that's why he doesn't get it. He fills a stat sheet. I don't i don't doubt that at all. Is it always pretty busy. Running over people and dunkin. Yeah other guys have a pretty jump shot. I think that's why he's not rushed wise that way. I think you'd have to be asinine to not say he's wanted a great scores of all time. He's a second timeline. Score may end up the first all time leading scorer averages what twenty seven four his career and he's done it officially he's a career fifty percent shooter so he is definitely wanted a greatest scores as you say rob but i. I totally agree with you. Like lebron doesn't have the offensive package in terms of scoring that koby bryant had that michael jordan had the kevin durant has that steph. Curry has their james harden. Has those guys. Kobe wasn't a great shooter but he was a good shooter. I was a better shooting lebron even though it's three point shooting percentage is lower than lebron's but that's it it's like shaq shaq didn't have the most or the greatest post moves. But you know what you couldn't stop the holyhead to do is jump up and dunk it. I mean nobody who stop them. I mean what what what moved did you need. Is there make you right. Put in lebron's case you know it's just it's not pretty. It doesn't matter though it gets the job done. But when people talk about shooters and scores is different. But i just think that's the reason he's not mentioned. He obviously wanted to ask scores. Whoever played at that goes without question. I don't think that anybody could debate that. But that doesn't mean that he's going to be mentioned with some of the greatest shooters and scores. I think most of the other guys have something pretty pretty jump. Shot move chris patented move and i think that's lebron lax. I actually do think. Also even though i think is there's more to it than this and i've stated my reasons many times as you have rob but i also think in some peoples minds maybe even subconsciously. It plays plays a role in the goat debate. Now i think jordan's better just because of his productions and and things he's done and and just his game overall but his game was more graceful his game was i think jordan had the the prettiest game we've ever seen in addition to being the best. He was the pretty. His game was the prettiest graceful right. The move is like i said about michael jackson rob. You and i could memorize michael jackson's move right and do them but we wouldn't. It wouldn't look as good it just wouldn't you know. Hey look that. That shot against craigie. Low chris just poetry in motion right. You know dude all over him and he adjust in the air and gets it off. I mean you could go on. I covered that game. I saw that live. And i was an all. He wasn't michael jordan yet. You know what i mean like. He hadn't won anything we knew it was a great player but that was like the first real. Like wow like if you go watch that and you know. Obviously i guess i saw it live put to watch him replay and and what that guy did and then the knock down the shot to win the series. It was amazing. And that's what you're talking about. The poetry and motion of michael jordan's moves look better simple as that kobe's moves. Look great vince. Carter's look great. I mean there's others obviously who are graceful innate. They look good doing what they do. But none like jordan in my book. and lebron is truck. You know one you over. Yeah he he's just you know and he's obviously incredibly skilled. He is a tremendous past. That's one thing that makes him so great is he's the size of karl malone. Doing the things he does is ridiculous is incredible but i think it's more those things we mentioned rob not having the one goto shot right not being a great shooter not being as graceful in the air as some of these other guys. I think those are the reasons people really. Don't mention him as one of the great scores even though he obviously is i think it's more that than his pass first mentality or at it might to me might be more of a pass eagle mentality. You know. I don't know if he's a pass first guy is obviously a great passer but he's kind of past equal. He's not shoot i. He's both you know. But i think that more than the passing rob. Yeah i guess. You're right from from that standpoint. But also i think i think it's i think it's the the the way he scores would force not finesse right. Carl malone right. Do people say he's one of the greatest scores about. Obviously he is right. he's the same way. He was a big muscle bound. Guy couldn't couldn't stop. Carl malone right right right so yeah i think. Those are some of the factors. Be sure to catch live additions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard rob parker weekdays at seven pm eastern four. Pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app. It was up everybody. It's me three time. Pro bowl of ten and i couldn't be more excited to announce a new podcast call up long game. What is the point gain. You add along with my fellow pro bowler. Tj and super bowl champion. Yup that's right plaxico burress with that type of talent on it up on game. We're going to be sharing our real life. Experiences loaded with teachable moments. Listen to up on. game with me. The barrington tita cushman's outta and pledged to koper is on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast from chris. What's the social situations your most uncomfortable with any situation where i'm with you know really for me. 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Simple mobile out with the old in with the simple. Let us get to the nfl. and again. i. I keep saying every time i look up. We're talking aaron rodgers every day at least one segment. But it's the mouth this story that keeps on giving and today now the big stories that former green bay packers general manager ron wolf where they dig him up. From ron woolfe wolfman five years old like seriously weighty way over the weekend on the big show network. He said This about air rogers. In today's quarterbacks burgers huge change started russell. Wilson then went to watch them. Now we've got rodgers and it appears that today's quarterbacks one to more than quarterbacks they want to take the coach pick the players. Let's say we got a lot of divas plan league right now and the thing that i fail understand is all these guys that are doing this. I'm long-term deals rob. You've talked a lot about that in the power of the contract respecting it you agree with wolf no i. I don't put everybody in the same scenario or situation and call them divas. Ron woolfe chris. I looked it up is eighty two so i knew he was in his eighties but anyway he was there were far. Was there believe. yeah yeah. Rahm was a good general manager. I'm not going to like knock his career anything. But i just don't look aaron. Rodgers really as devaux. Aaron rodgers has been chris. And you know this. You've been critical of him for not speaking out for years and asking and demanding stuff. They fired his a quarterback coach without aaron rodgers. I don't remember a big stink about that They never drafted a skill position. Offensive player chris in the first round entire career. They're coming off. Nfc championship game where everybody thought they would go. Get him a with this with last year. Not this past year. They draft the quarterback. I mean and i don't remember him ever really. You know beating his chest and say this is b. s. and listen to me and do this or do that now. Now and we still haven't heard from aaron rodgers chris. Despite all of what's been reported have we heard from would. But i'm just we haven't heard from him. You have so so a diva is at me. Listen to me. i'm the running this thing. You better pay attention. Hello i'm over here. That's not aaron rodgers. you could say a lot of things. Christian of some of these things are true then it would be a change for him right from where he was. And maybe there is. I'm not saying there isn't i. Don't know but the call him a diva. I think that's misguided. Yeah i agree. I don't think he's a diva because you're right a divas and attention hound right. Jim mcmahon you could call him a diva if you want it so a lot of the why receivers in the league are divas. You remember when it out go ahead. No i was gonna say why we're see with like you mentioned Inko and yeah. There's a lot of those guys right. Who look at me right right now. I'll give you that. I do think aaron rodgers and we've seen there's been stories deep dives about what really went wrong with the packers all of them kinda come around this. It started with the jordan love situation and he was upset that they want it. They drafted a quarterback didn't draft skill position player. That can help and he was upset today. Didn't tell him and to me. I get it okay. They were wrong in doing that. They've admitted as much but to do all of this over that i again i agree with you. He's not a diva but this. This is bizarre to me. If if that's the case like i said we really haven't here's the other thing. Though to your point i would like a rogers to come out and say something if i was in a situation like that right like what what is going on and only the only thing conclusion i can come to is. That is true rob because he hasn't come out and said anything. If it's false you know this. Let's say that you know there was rumors that you wanted me off the show you g. did you say something. Because there were rumors of that and it was the furthest thing from the truth. Are you just gonna sit there and not say anything or you going to come out and say look this is bs. I'm the you know what i mean. I know i get that but but the other side too is. Sometimes you know you don't wanna you don't wanna go out and justify something chris that's just not true. Do you know what you give it some credence but this may feel i think. I think there's an issue between them. I don't doubt that whatsoever because even leflore and general manager they both said know like they're working towards something. There is something that is true. Yeah but i just think that. He's a little passive at times. I told you after the nfc title game. I thought he should have said look forward. No no let time out time out. Let's look at this thing and go forward and in this situation he's leading an i get it. It's your agent. Probably who's leaking a lot of this stuff for people you trust who are leaking it so i get that they you know you trust them but sometimes you gotta take the situation into your own hands. That's what i'm looking at. Rogers highways about like do come out and say something not for us necessarily but to set the record straight ten and also also made don't know who might not know who is you know we know who notice some. That might be. If i'm aaron jones. I might be like men you know what's going on. I swe signed here. Do you know what i mean. Absolutely a free agent. I just and and i guess he could have called aaron jones. Yeah you know what i'm saying. I'm sure but oh for sure but but because there's a good chance they have friends think he talked to davante adams before i had a bad year last year with aaron would air and so i agree. Those guys probably have talked to erin. I think to rob because he obviously said more than aaron rodgers and russell wilson. I don't think russ is being a diva russ's saying i'm getting hit off an awful lot and we gotta do something. Because i i saw what happened to andrew luck. I don't want that to be me. I rather be. Tom brady rock and play. Twenty some odd years and still be at the top of my game and at this rate. I don't know if i can get there. So i don't see that as being a diva i see that as taking control of the situation and then shawn watson. Obviously that who knows where that's going but he didn't like the way things are working in the front office. They got this new guy in charge and a lot of people. Don't seem to like and i rob. I think these guys aren't really being divas. As much as they're trying to take more control over their careers and we look coaches and front office. Guys don't always do the right thing right. And if they weird a point now whether it's the nba or the nfl. If a star player sees the front office or maybe even a coaching staff making moves or decisions that they don't agree with they're going to call them out whether it's anonymously or publicly on their their name but they are going to call them out and if they think that some of the people in charge are inept they go to say look. I need to go elsewhere. 'cause i wanna win and so and so in our front office. Don't know what he's doing. So i'm outta here. I'm trying to get outta here. The band nine at the problem with that. I don't think that's diva like behavior. I think that's taking control of your destiny. When i think of diva just think of like like and that's just the nature of a wide receiver. Chris because you've got to get the ball you know you need the ball you and i were coming up. The why receivers weren't divas like that. No but i'm saying like i remember keyshawn. Wrote his book keyshawn. Johnson start damn ball wanted a first right but yeah i love keyshawn. As a player he really was. I mean he wasn't a superstar but he was a rare very good player with the jets and then he won the super bowl with tampa. You know he's a good bit higher right. But i don't i don't i wouldn't go as far as as as the nature of receivers because again. I don't remember lynn swann. Being that way fred. Belinda cough steve. Large cliff branch law. Pherson i'm just saying you know those are the guys coming up john jefferson charlie joiner a my research. I mean they were chris carter. They were divas like that. You know so. I think that's relatively new. But anyway i just think that in iraq i think some of it and i don't i get it from the players. There is such an emphasis on winning which it should be right. You play to win the game that these guys are like look man. I'm not staying here for twelve years and you guys are gonna have control and not make the right decisions and because of it. I'm not going to be able to wintering. Yeah it's now did yeah. It's a slippery slope. Because i i don't know i mean we'll have to wait and see. It's not everything right right right. That's that's the part that i have an issue with like you know like if somebody wants to ask their star players. Chris like some input. Do notice guy you know. What have you heard about him in the league. I'm all for that but being general manager and doing stuff like being in the draft. I just can't get with that. I just can't i. Just don't i think that there's no way they're going to know all that stuff and dr. I'd have to question you know what i mean with. Go to say you got. Iraj is a quarterback. You can go and say look. Why don't you take a look at some film he's received. That's that's different. Chris am i right totally different. But hey this guy we really like him. He might be available in the second or third round. Do you think you know what i mean. Look at this and just give us some feedback. We really like them. But i want you to see his technique or whatever you know ruin to see what you think right now. I do think in basketball. Where i feel like a lot of this is coming from. It is different because there's fewer players way fewer. That came right. Yeah and it's not like you got different lineman doing one thing and you know Receivers doing a completely different than it's more cohesive and then what what sister can no more. What system is to coach. Running chris around four zero four. Three eight right. I know what i'm saying. Like what kind of is it covered to write off at right so that that is where you have to be careful but but i do like you say i think you slippery. Slope is a good term. Fine line is a good term because you star quarterback. He deserves a little input. Maybe but you can't. You can't just turn everything over to a guy. And let him run the franchise. Let him make all the decisions. But you can't give some input so it's a fine line. There's a happy medium there fox. 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Scalise stephen jackson kevin jack barnes. They were talking about the power gestalt trait and she mentions well. Hey you know people forget. We had to give a markets all in that trade and kwame brown and matt bars makes a snide remark. You you've given marcus. Didn't give on me talk about well. The following week. I think maybe in the very next episode even gilbert arenas on there and he starts talking about kwame brown he goes onto this long soliloquy about how kwami brow was very physically talented but you know losses confidence these michael jordan michael jordan basically and. That's what happened so kwame brown who has been silent. I think since two thousand three left the game decided he wasn't gonna take it anymore so he went off on instagram. Live and he give you a quick summary of some of the highlights that he said in several who already minutes long was like an hour and a half years. Graham live videos. There's a youtube videos. There's a lot of stuff. One i saw was throwing make himself some money. He should get a podcast. He knows what he's doing. So here we go so just a quick summary. Some of the things he said he simulated that gilbert arenas is the reason why he didn't get eighty million dollar contract extension after he left washington and he also called him the whitest black boy. I've ever known. Wow matt born calls him becky with the good hair and insinuated that He should be more worried about keeping women than keeping how. Yeah now he's rob. I don't know if you say he has gotten personal. Yes now again. I'm cleaning this up as much as possible. Americans heard the the clips is a lot worse. he said. Stephen jackson is a fake activist. Who dare fake the fake. The who makes all of his money tearing down the black man even though he claims to be a black lives matters activists. He said he's gonna slap stephen a smith so hard on the back of his ed. He's gonna l. grandkids to pay covering up his big forehead or you laugh. I ski thankfully skipping shannon. didn't get to skip. Didn't get much. It wasn't as bad as those. It gets really dark. If you were to go. And look i i. People say he cracked a lot of jokes per nothing. He said it was funny because it was all very personal. Right i'm very direct job Just like i'm going to say. And i don't mean scared for my personal safety. I got nothing to do with this but is scary. That kwamena looks like he really ready to bust some heads. I mean he's talking stuff. I mean he goes all in bars. Personal life dared fisher. Took you a woman like going. All in he's calling jack a fake thug. You ain't all that. I saw charles oakley make you cry. He he is going har- at dues. We heard what he said about stephen a he looks like he's ready to erupt on somebody. Well let me ask what i may like. Look this thing and hopefully these dues never see each other if they do they kiss and make up. And it's all good. But i the last thing i would want to see. Is this get crazy. And right now. I made looking like he ready to go crazy. And you've got to schools. I feel bad for him. he's been beat up for a long time. Chris the butt of jokes. You know that quantum agree with you. Okay so he's been beat up for a long time and i guess there's a tipping point and we're member players at one time chris. What was it. They were criticizing when we said something writers or the right now got players who are now in these chairs now. They got a problem with them. Remember burqas in and durant durant when after perk us because we play. Jellison him chris right. That's what that's what they were saying. Now you've got guys who play and you know not insen out and putting stuff out there and ripping each other and now they got a. I'm just i feel bad from the standpoint of yes he'd been beat up for a long time. But you just can't get to the point where you let it i don't i. Maybe chris is bullied. Am i missing. It may bullying him. Holy i mean michael jordan. I just was hard on him. Our told you. But george said the same thing with larry brown did that to darko. Like right right same again and then kwami goes. they'll a deal with. Kobe was tough on guys lows. Another guy right. Yeah we saw in the last dance. Jordan's mentality was. I'm going to make you. I wanna test you right as a teammate. And if you break so be it. You ain't bill for this right. If you break. If i can break you then you go help us in the championship. You're not gonna help us in the play offs so you need to be gone and if you survive it and toughen up then great. You will be able to help us in. I'll embrace you open arms and according to arenas and you know we've heard for years around the league covering the leak that they jordan was tough on kwami and really took his confidence. But i i'm with you robin that kwame brown has been so beaten down right. I mean he's been the poster boy for number one pick bus and look of course as the number one pick. He didn't live up to his billing by any stretch the imagination but he became a serviceable. Nba player. I mean he started. You know hat. Basically half his career six point six point six five and a half rebounds wars career. I'm telling you this is showing right now. Players told me that boy is country. Strong like i don't think dues want to mess with him. I mean he was viewed as a tough do lease. That's what players told me right. He wasn't a great player but he was tough. And the beyond that two thousand one draft when he was number one. You had a lot of dues. That didn't pan out at the top of the draft. Tyson chandler was second who had a nice career. Powell was third obviously hall of famer. Eddie curry he. He didn't live up to his billing. Jason richardson dish. Shame badia eddie. Griffin seven speak we. He's dead now so ghana's shop it was a lot of guys But you also had some really good players. Come out of there joe johnson. Richard jefferson but. Yeah i qua may. He's like i'm i ain't taking it. No more you know to rob said. And i'm sure like to live with that and have to get beat up on his because his name is out there alive. He's an he's the punchline but some of the stuff some of the same stuff that he's talking about though is what he's doing. You know what i mean like. I always get a kick dues now. He grind whose heads like. Where's but that's the thing i wish. He wouldn't get personal like ready to throw down when the brightest minds at the university of florida come together. Something extraordinary happens. Engineering empowers medicine. Data scientist rice. Agriculture geology fuel space exploration and intelligence transforms learning and research. The ideas that go on to change the world. They're launching right from here. At the collision of big ideas and massive potential something momentous becomes possible at the university of florida. 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