S2E94: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 01/25/21


The aids sean. Hobbies beach missed. Any j. along alcohol's barbie pallone on comedy world net radio world jones beach team or accountable radio. This is n. e. j. from sean harvey morning show featuring the wake-up catch on comedy world radio. It did book was tj doc old from the morning show featuring took interest pimp Get back to that. Let's get back to young enough. God bless you guys thank you so much like my mother always say. Thank god for jesus. It is a motivational. It is monday. January the twenty fifth twenty twenty twenty three minutes after the hour walk to the shaun harper morning show features city j. co host. Barb cologne league was right. Why not the only place on earth where you get your your start right. That chat room is wide open. You know or please call in five seven zero nine two six nine five zero broadcasting live iheartradio radio dot com sean harvey show dot com fan radio station distributed by comedy world network special out to all our affiliate stations out there. Thank you so much Also broadcasts all all these of podcasts platforms. We are in the building This one facebook live Thank you so much like shopping. One show featuring a wakeup team page. Also invite yourself to the group highs group on facebook right now only place on earth. Get you more. So right barbie. Cologne on a on a motivation. Monday barbie cologne. God bless you bless you good to see you get to be seeing looking good bobby filling. Great how are you. i'm great. how are you awesome. Good morning guys here. In bethlehem we broadcast live to you from. It is twenty five degrees. Today is ca little cloudy right now. But because i'm going to pick through sometime later in the morning thirty seven will be the high today in one thousand nine in strasbourg. Thirty seven for the high and partly cloudy and north new jersey. It is twenty three degrees right now. Going up to a of thirty nine today and partly cloudy also but there will be a little bit sunshine on. I mean peeking through the clouds throughout the day in new york city. It's twenty five degrees thirty nine for the high partly cloudy also forty eight atlanta sixty eight for the high cloudy with a chance of rain this morning and miami is seventy two degrees. I'm hey seventies having will be the high But it's a little cloudy and they may have. They may have showered you just a little small. you know something light and chicago. Thirty degrees thirty four for the high cloudy forty six in los angeles fifty seven for the high cloudy but the sun is going to come out. It's going to be clear after nine. Am there in louisville. Thirty six degrees forty three for the high rain all day. Today and in rochester is sixteen degrees the highest going to be thirty four today. Cloudy but some sun letter in the day. That's the way that i have for you. All what's it look like where you are colome coming to you. Live michelle having more. Show featuring sidney j will you want to start right exactly the only place on earth where you get. You're gonna start right. Why not only place where you're going to get all is morning. We appreciate tech's out. We have a front page news. Cj as to the w. n. y. Can't deny where we give you the news locally nationally globally and you know how like it from the hood so stay tuned from that. That's going to be at the nine o'clock hour. Don't want to miss that. And guess what we also have the morning buzz. Okay you guys get caught up in that each and every morning. That's one thing we do guarantee of before nine. Am your head will be buzzing so you stay tuned for that and don't go nowhere. What else you have clone. Yes there will be some harvey house bourgeois. Stay till okay. So don't go nowhere guys on a motivational monday. I am already motivated. I'll tell you about it. And i'll tell you why when we come back when we come back we're going to shut out the room. Where's the heart set in the chat. Chat room you know the anthem of the show. Sing along with it. It's all good so we do right. Now bobby cologne. Who will go back to the morning. Drive our beloved dj young. Let's go come on stuff play. Let's go monday stay sean. Harvey beach missed. Nj along with our calls barbie cologne on world net radio. Come out. Featuring pain accountable. Radio any jay sean. Harvey morning show featuring the wake-up team catcher on comedy world radio with it book book wall. Tj joke mortgage soliciting sean morning show featuring took one to fix shots to man. Dj will e is in the building. Y'all man greg. Acids in the building victim is in the building. I see gotta check out. My man will be bad new map. Would i forgot where i was. They was getting that music these tombs today. Dj shown over there radio. Y'all gonna wanna do yeah. I'm i'm the dj music. But if you'll want to. God bless young. Thank you so much. Just play number two minutes. Give me a chance to make things i. We are back in his motivational monday. Monday january the twenty fifth twenty twenty one forty minutes after the hour. Tom flannery woke shaw. Have more show features. Cj barbecue right. Why not only place. You're gonna get your morning love. We appreciate you. Chat room is open and Barbie just said everybody's in jam it and appreciate you for that If call if you wanna call in the numbers five seven zero nine. Two six five zero iheartradio. Radio dot com probably won't show dot com fam- radio app distributed by kami worldnet radio all allow affiliates. Thank you And we all major podcast platforms and this one right here. Facebook live of social media facebook Please like our show. Harvey more show featuring in waco team business page. You like you get notified every morning i seven. Am to seven ten when you know when we go live every day and also invite yourself to our group to show how much featuring wake of teen group one of the hottest groups on facebook. You know get to meet new friends. We put a lot of posting there. It's a fun group to be a part of it and we definitely appreciate you being a part of the group bobby cologne once again. Good morning good to see. You haven't seen you since last week. How were you. And what's going on. Great showing And how are you. I'm good. I feel good. You really feel great. So good awesome here in beverly. We broadcast live to your from. It's twenty five degrees right now. Going up to a high of thirty seven today. It is cloudy but the sun is going to peek through a bit. You know we might have a little peek. A sunshine day all in strasbourg. In one thousand nine degrees thirty seven will be the high also and partly cloudy twenty three in newark new jersey per enough for high partly cloudy as well with low pick sunshine throughout the day in new york city. It is twenty five degrees the highest going to be thirty nine today and it is partly cloudy and atlanta is forty eight degrees. The high will be sixty eight today. Partly cloudy with a chance of rain this morning in miami had seventy degrees seventy seven. We'll be the high end cl- partly cloudy so it's going to be a little bit sunshine but you know clouds'll in the last thirty s chicago. Thirty four for the high and cloudy and la is forty six degrees fifty seven for the high cloudy with The clear into Some more sunshine in louisville is thirty six degrees forty three or four of the high and rain all day today and in rochester. Sixteen degrees thirty four for the high cloudy with some sun later in the day. That's the weather have for. You all wasn't looked like where you are coming to. You live in the show having wanna show featuring cine j. We will get you started right exactly where you get. You started right on a motivational monday homeland. We get your morning started riding when he place on earth where you get your morning start. Why not a few before we get into the show just one first of all you know. We're so glad that you guys are in the chat room all new members. Thank you so much we do appreciate you. I listen so quick visual quick February twelve paterson new jersey. Boys telling these jokes show hog if you didn't know him. A comedian fulltime The next day february two thirteenth. We're ryan bethlehem. We're doing a small comedy show here Please come through if you can't barbeque cologne. I don't know if you've noticed. But i'll tell you right now. Big birthday bash at your spot the mill. That's a march the seventh oscar. Going down. check this out on a sunday. It's going to be five o'clock in the evening. Okay so does early not not too early but it's not too late. I have free time. They probably right doors open up at five starts at six and we go to seven and then hustle is gonna play some music Until about eight or nine. I guess what everybody is free. Oh aren't but you know we're gonna have some free tickets man but just the general mission so we have a certain. Just a certain amount of seating and when everybody there we're gonna have a big party We're gonna do a comedy show sean. Harvey morning show featuring waco team will be in the building Got comedians coming from all over the country. And then after that we're gonna party. We'll heavy wear mass and do whatever you got to do that. Show hobby birthday bash. S more seven down at the i m. you'll was ashes of south delaware state. Thirty one south delaware. Dr eastern half. I remember that adds your come on out. And let's have a great costa rica. we'd be in the building as july twenty second through twenty six. Let's go okay. And i'll keep mentioned and we have all this information in a group or cologne. I i get to see. We're gonna shut out the room. We want to show rooms some love because without these people we wouldn't be here and god bless everyone in chattanooga but before we do that So i'm in the crib. First of all. We showed up to my son. My oldest son sean. She came out other day. Joe him and his lady hung out with us in career was good luck and And then bobby the The day I guess My beloved tiny was complaining about the best sheets so i just immediately just went online or sits that she killed that north. 'cause i'm a grown man. We're not doing. She's like i don't like i like this color. The went on a computer won't delivery tomorrow. Whatever way i don't wanna hear it and you know i wanna make this young lady happy as part of being in relationship everybody and exactly relationship one giant. God bless me. Hope you didn't hit now right so so. If that's the case this is this happened right where we clone The sheets came right right. Okay nice sheets. Nice thread on it. You know what. I mean. Not the cheap stuff. Think of good good great threat felt like i felt like i was like landing on like stealing clowns leg. I was laying on sadness like this like some like golden. It was so far we are getting the bed and watch tv right. And i got the the plate of food in bed and My beloved is sweet. Doing these new sheets right. You got to get out the bed. Yeah and i'm like well. Eating intervention who spilling kick the sheets felt good platinum like watching the watch them to monitor. I'm minding my business. No you hubei. Hubby's sheets exceed comes into all right. What stocks as we do. She was taking back. You gotta get you gotta get up to bed. The new sheets right now shares. i Eating a better life normally. I don't believe. I have to table. But i i take that lucy grant the i wanna say that me say i don't care show. He's a pause eight to be alive. I said you say it. Just hit me with the with appropriate supposed to eat food in the bed Wow yeah so put in one chatroom wien now now. It's not like i do it all the time. But i do in the bed for bob. So it's invisible. So she she goes. You can't do this. I said cool. I don't want. I don't want the problem because it leads to me so i stopped for these little frivolous fight. I don't need because for me like the frivolous fights turned into bigger bankers. It's just like you know. And i agree and i've learned that throughout my life. So why like okay. I'll just also. I'll go in the room this the tv. Or they think of jesus. And i'll just another. And i didn't even the bed and and And i didn't do it for the rest of the weekend even when the football game was yesterday questions. You've barbara cloners do you. First of all was the threat. Count nothing by putting them on chapman. We got some good. She's gone yet to be honest. Good sheet if not. it's okay we don't judge you have every once in a while they'll take your plate now we. We are on a motivation monday. And we're gonna get into everything that we do here. That's technically not supposed to. You're not supposed to eat in the bed. And we saw as children. People like our dull parents or guardians. Or whoever don't even that bad man right and then we get a certain age so have a because of that stupid tv especially that dump. Tv's on the wall now. Yeah we because. I felt uncomfortable for me to say just now that i do eat in the bed. I mean eat food in the bed. Nope pause prince. Could i not. I think it's more on a motivation monday. Then eating in the bed. I just think it's more of a comfort zone. It's a comfort zone for me to eat something but it food in the bed. You know like you make your little play to be a big man could be anything. Could be like a bowl of graves. Okay what it is but you take that whatever place who have boll whatever and you you prepare in the kitchen and you make that beeline beeline straight bit. Yep now of course. There's this mills where at this not going to be a good idea. I've i've taken a bowl of soup upstairs and it is crazy before kobe. I would never eat in my room ever. That's why have a kitchen set down room. Said i will eat my living room before. I eat my bedroom. Every now says covert all my god. I just eat and they're all horrible. I took a bowl of soup upstairs. One time luckily. I have a the protector on my bed and i would. Protector was the protectors. I'm a guy. I forgotten man. You know if you guys have things on the side our okay. It's like go. I call it a s. A protect mattress. You put it on your bed. You put and right vape and thank god because it would have ruined my match and i have a great mattress. Truly re imagine what the buy new one. I would have been so upset. And they asked built soup. Hold amble so you spill to vain the whole bowl and what about the protector. The protecting my mattress. Wow i know. I was so upset myself so i kinda eat eating my emma bedroom now after. So who's first thing. So i find i find it on the motivation monday. Shout out the bernie sanders going to get into that. It's got to create an empire. God bless yes. And i even that don't movies from one of his his first disturbance thing that you shouldn't thanks for your honesty very uncomfortable to be honest talking about eating eating food in the bed. I think as more strange strange for me. The behavior of person who doesn't in the bed so you comfortable in your house. You go to that table and you'd never go in the bedroom prior to kobe to eat. Always in my on. My kitchen It would be very rare that upstate now take liquid like a drink or something but full hour. Nope and now used to get my husband my excellent at all time because it was great enough as children. You do not eight-year bedroom like your bedroom to sleep and do other things. You did. Not you ever. Ah put a number one in the who's he. Who's eating in the food. Aid of based on a bedroom. Bugger but i'm just saying like i at this. A percentage would be more than i be. Listen yeah no. I'm honest. I don't care about you. Chuck your city and judgment with dental care. That's what i'm here for. Barbie policy say might be over sixty percent of the time that i'm eating in the in the bevin sean. Now there's been times where yes there's been those little spills in bed nala and be really clean sheets and i'm one of those guys who did this something like if there's something spilled something happened i really take. I immediately walsh. If you have to 'cause there's not it'll stay thank goodness and i had just bought. She's like a week before my jets. Put him on the bed. I was so mad but thank goodness. Didn't stain she. 'cause i took it right off immediately. Put it right. Washing put put the turgeon directly on on the spill. Really so clear. And i wash it. Came right out awesome so for me. Yeah right you have to be proactive with said so so so so barbecue. Cologne is all different. Stages of my life has been ups and downs in my life. And and if somebody ups and downs are one of the indicators of ups and downs in my life. I don't know about else's life. Is you know you doing good in life by the kind of matches cise that she had mashes so there's been a lot of times that been on the twin a house. I've been on a mattress on the floor. Options had no matches out in street home. It did this ties where a god bless me. When i had my middle here down block. I like a miniature queenside. I thought it was a queens has very full before queen with queen but it was it was it was very it might have been a over size full. I remember this. It was very four or queen. Show you able to. We is weird because if it was enough was enough room for me but then when when tiny got in the bed it was just like really small. Yeah so i don't know maybe maybe might have been a fall. I have acquaint- were good. But not as yeah exactly what you say. You got into bed with your. It doesn't feel like it feels a little small so you have a quick. Yeah right and you good. Yeah so now. I i would from that full kinda thing to we. Have this king's king size might get y'all for myself. Yup and i'll sit and chat room was sizes. You match barbican on this this bed and remember you know i have moved in with my beloved. Yeah and she had everything. Women's well organized big ass bet to put this bed kiss so big that i don't know but i don't like it when i like it. Of course you know the whole thing is this to an that allows space too much for your show too much space for me. I mean. I think it's i'm grateful to have a bed. Don't even know who you are playing but this one is too big now you so you have a queen but you wanna go to the king. I wanna get a king. Yeah chat room. I wanna know it. And it's just me but i just need to space name now. Why would you. Why would you need a big match my bow and he come over barbeque along. I'm telling you these big as king's these hey he's not tell you it is too much. It's not as cute where you wanna cut off a little bit after a while you get hot. You want to move over. You were the queer you myspace move over the in these base okay. So this is what's going to happen today. Tiny works late. And when i get home later i'm going to take him to the bedroom with the she kayla. We leave yeah. I'm going to do that. Because i'm not gonna eat in. The living room shows folks a chat with people listening to you. You eating the motivation. When adams said yeah it's a lot of people a lot of people saying that we it's like equal some say yes some say no but i find it disturbing that you're in the comforts of your home and you have your bad that you're comfortable in your own bed and you're by yourself or you. What your partner with the kids that anybody and you you choose to take food and eat it on. The table is ridiculous. To me was showing. You know. people don't want to do have the accident like we'd like. I did right and you know they don't wanna spill food in bear bad you gotta wash taken off wash. Everything over changed everything. Because you know you've got a coordinated color while you can't have a purpose sheet. You gotta have you gotta match. You have ever woke up with a grain of rice. And you bet you'd like some the blast your only saudi phase the fall on the bed. We go we're to show the chat room. Some love Please if you don't mind please keep the hawes going right now in the chat room. We wanna show your love of the motivational monday. We are in the building. We have a great show sydney. She's behind the scenes right. There online helping us here. And now barbie colonial myself is here right here but most portly you guys are here and we appreciate you so much. So we do now. I wanna see the harsh right. Now in the chat won't please. Where's those hearts because we definitely want to show you guys. Some love chat room. Hey with a hearts fat heart set in chat room. Hey where the heartache. Heart in the game. let's go. Hey with hey win hearts at the hey red arts at with. Hey who what. hey hey. Hey hey hey what's heart satin chef from. Hey glen chapel chapel heart set. Let's hey tap where the heart sac rate heart. Set up what. The heart sac works. Who hey hey. Hey hey hey we were to love it here. Wait a heart the chat room. Hey wait in the chatroom. Hey what chat room has been heart sack bobby. let's go. hey what's court. Hey wait snap with heart. Won't win heart set davos phil. Hey hey hey. Right i inform. We have to have a happy heavily birthday to our deal. Laura today is her birthday. Thank you for posted. Happy birthday laura happy birthday. I will beloved former chat. Remember we as our family member for life may rest in peace. Laura's rang are bless bless. Happy birthday to happy burn. Hates happy day. Laura laura happy birthday. We had chevron down in the building. Hey nikki what's going on with you today. You say hey. Good morning young nut is he hold on. That's just nuts slogan bill. You know our young hot man. Laura now i know he. This is what i say i stay. I gave at the other. Sure did he. Did he pay you away. Baby he stuff you black gives up. They'll pay you a young day. You think are your well how y'all you went out there and gave me some. Hey they're going to give me that day. I was saying world. War died neighbor. I a yoga ios about smell. The building You need to pay smoke. okay. I've been more neighbor. Pay me last year. Yeah out there brooklyn neighborhood shredding is right there now. Yoga in yoga dash me our cash back. Do it must be something new. Yo- dash my cash. Reggie highly is here. Hey reggie razz. Good morning to you. Michael street justice grassy. It's in the building. good morning. Michael how we need him. Right tim house in the bill. The hate him radio. That's my man. God bless ivy. Touch has joined over here. I g michelle i would say is over here and i enjoy a lot of i. I read that i was well. He got up. Well you could be data irish about. He got you smoke. He got your right. They always say that. And they'll never get you like give me. My money should dare. Is he a good morning. The at jackson bill. Damn you know that song lives like this as you take a little bit our rob all land a ugly and bobby. Dad's i'll get on the phone. That's what they call it here together to go be hilarious. Rooney is end to build the head crystal. Good more nobody in vegas. Hey girl kareem lewis is here wanna kareem and you know did not protect my sheets the the mattress protector. Buds are washed immediately so disdain. Didn't that stain again right out. But if you have to match protecting my mattresses protect the oh why would you wait a whole measure. Nobody's going to see it anyway by takes you you. Have you got to get a new one. So if there was a soup stain on your matches like how you gonna get out clean the metric with just takes us some come so so ambi smelling it all the time. When i was a kid i used to be the best we we used to be in the bed. Time off to you. What sooner it was. It was Tomatoes base. yes so yes though it away. He's said prentice. I can't flip my matches over. And the way it's not a regular matches so the bucks the Like the pillow top type type matches. What type of measures you queen beauty. You just can't simply flipping now wherever it was done like. I wanna get into what. I wanted to sleep in their soup. But i'm saying if you just do some old school is i. i just read it and let it dry. You try. if you don't come out. i had to get a new one. Who's going to see this. So i could see there. Was somebody else for other people that you let you know. So what would you. You would get rid of the whole entire match. I wanna get rid of cleaning and they come out at least most of it and the smell is there. I would definitely keep but if the smell that will get to me like if i tried to clean the the smell of the soup company and come out. I couldn't sleep at some point. The smells at some point. A little grease and every day. Probably don't go away latches. That's why i had to stop beating in meru. I mean now putting share like a little chair in front of my funding to be right for the tv. So out my little behind right. And then sher e. I won't see going to be available because i don't wanna have the by throwing any naturally. I don't have money money. But i will find somebody to get a new day or bad if i had hold on blitz. What kind of bed you had roy smoke you blitz with a name like blitz you pollyanna side. I'm not bit sean. Trust with you debuted need that you have money if you sit there and because of a stain your doorway you got to have some money. Because he's saying i would definitely try my hardest to get it out. I even higher cleaning up. And if i couldn't get out but that smell it will get on my nerves all tab throwing away. Nothing we're state. And i will sleep together and let me tell you. Just tell ya. That's why getting those stimulus. That i am from your garden and my lifetime barbie cologne i. There's been a whole lot of stains in the my bed. Throughout my years with the folks that i've been would and i haven't thrown as badges super these matches. I'm not doing what. Blessed got a king top a a pillow top king-size. I i know him. That's my whole point you should. You should relate to get money out there. Your name blades. But you better make sure you got mattresses okay. I'm sure he got good matches. Let's get i hold one of your pillow. Me too bill. Over oh my goodness who blitz over here building over here and i g hey indian. The virgin is in here. Hey y'all my followers what's going on child who was. We have kareem lewis in the bill de city. Says he was barb. Y'all y'all acting up and his chat rooms day show amber rose. I said at bros smith in the building. Hey the morning. Derek evans is here. Hey they're good morning to you for that. Ah george henry is in the building veneta you feel better and your baby boy. Do i hope he feels better quickly. I hope you know cooeperation. Very very rapidly pleased with no. We're praying for him. Frank white is in the building a good morning. Frank are you. Natalie right is here. Good morning natalie. How this morning. Donna in the building tori cherie hager all good morning. Talk show to be sweetest base. It's in the building. What's up to be a hagar free and leshan hayes joe's is here. Hey sean nico harris is in the building. good morning. markus missed a one emoji. johnson is here. Hey market good morning jenny. Wapo is pin the building. Hey johnny you shutouts The beautiful why hanseatic shepherd head wound up. Good morning leshan. Be x is here what i the song super sperm gets there. I've never shape. Brax is here. good morning kenny. Be wearing in the building. But that's essential. Hey food water to you. Pay more rabbeting rue the day because you have to chat room chat. From a member of the week cham- one is masan. D just prop and hey masan. Good morning to you. Deal is in the building. Good morning dido shutouts who neuroma johnson. Hey railroad good. Morning avis denise. Just pop up eight was how are you today. Make daniel jones is here. Hey you good morning to you. Tiffany kasich is in the building. Hello tiffany morning then. Stacey jackson is here. Good morning stacy here. Ceiling is in the building. Hey charles good morning to you. Eric ranges here john cochran. It's in the building. Y'all make sure your download that fan radio app because if you can't see us he alive on facebook you can hear us and comedy work app and on the internet radio job. Check them out. della andrews. It's in the building. Good one beautiful. Hello della value head valid. A good morning to you. The queen is here. Your queens zion. Elio say good morning to the queen because she is building the shore outta hey good morning super sperm back in bed could spoon. That's originally hip hop today. Song super sperm. And let me tell you something sean. Harvey in in in all the main guy put a pause on it. there's some sperm particles on bets. Yeah there's a lot of there's a lot of fluids on is what you would in your mattress pay throwing up your bad trades. You can get on the sheets or you pay. And you put it in a waspa- shame bowl problems solve. Throw away two matches with some soup. But you throw it away with the bodily fluids my match have bodily fluids because i have a. Don't have those fluids back. And he's saying it's been working for saturday and does not have body fluid or have you ever. Have you ever had a smash session where everything off the match with everything of those because if you have it there one of those. I know i've had. I've come in his latest houses and ripped the cover off and we got we got it. In and body. Fluids is all over the place and the carpet have on leave fluids on the cat. The dog everybody nasty and the young lady never who away matches came back a week later. It was still saying that we did the same thing to you. You're going to tell me that you throw away. Imagine what soup. You should throw away your matches. Two years ago. I guess there he say. Robbie been putting the towel daffy gansu you tell your blitz though you're just you ladies cows oil inflect with you times you use. That rang. every repeated that rag after a session is different utilize. You can't wash mattress. you can't fold your back. The washing machine people. Okay just can't do it. Jessica wilcox in the. That was up. Jessica she just popped jesper. Boards headboard got cancelled by see but those are cleanable surface. That you get you some spray. We'll why would sperm can live on the headboard for about thirty days not clean. It wasn't damn clorox or by nerve who wants to hear pickings here. What's up treating a good morning to you. We're gonna talk about everybody. Nasty ass carpets. A lot of body foods long got carpet burn. I like them tossing around on the carpet. Shit oh sorry. Dis does collateral damage. Okay we're going to put a blatant flu awful. Hey i'm just saying you go do what do we do. We make it work though. I got to be comfortable cup. Pillows blankets away. Wait a while while while you're in mid stream of passion hold on and mid stream and passion. You're gonna stop them what you gonna stop the moment. Typical put in the confidence. Forget about it. Forget about everybody someplace else. Those couple comforters. Lot of lot of bodily evidence on company. And that's all. I'm saying 'cause it's not like everybody's smashing as soon as they finished and they put the company into washington. I stopped doing your company's away. Without exactly i my blame. I- confidence here that we all know comfortable paying for but i'm just saying there's residue on those confidence in you better believe you know. It's your own right nights. I slept in our own. Spur this motivation. Monday guys who motivated obvious tired around this was habits. Exactly where you sheets listening louis. Yeah but you're slept right. Intimate got up in washington putting them one chat room. If you slept in your bodily leave. I sitting here. Let's talk about. How robust put it in the chat room. If you fell asleep magnon bodily fluid for one night. I'll put a number one me me. i don't know how exclusive you people are on the motivation motivational monday. I really want by by all bodily fluids. And when i was a kid i used the pin the bay one of us to pee in a bed like me and i was going. We had book bags. And there was the leap from the those elite. We had to get the super the house batches. I was down. Put it on one. If you off. I think everybody had accident. Growing up happens down. It's not cute. But i in the bed in two thousand and seventeen of our did it into like a year or two ago. Those dreams when you got to go to the bathroom. Don't go to the bathroom dream. Young that right because you actually went to the bathroom in reality and you do it you about. I told her mother about god. Bless a opinion the best. Yeah you get winning them depends you better go on this. Is it going down in. Cvs and get you to a certain age now. Why did you brush your teeth. Those dreams are a whole setup. Princess audrey phrase here. Hey artery. Weren't you and happy. Birthday are free and good more than who else we have here. Julius dillashaw is here morning. Julius how are you today. Tiffany top suggests pop in good morning. Tiffany and i believe those are all the names i have seen today. If you are here shouted out make sure you know. Put a little pause. The data some slow years for the next one. So guys don't go nowhere when we come back We have patients. Cj seeing says we have harvest house source with barbara. Got a great show for you guys. Don't go nowhere. let's go right. Are you a black owned business or would you like to support one then join go black owned on facebook and instagram and become a part of the whoa movement hosting is unlimited and free. Ongo goes facebook and instagram pages. Listing will also be free on gold bold list dot com anticipated to launch in december. 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We would love you to join us every saturday. From twelve o'clock to three. Pm eastern standard time reveal hit everything from classics to disco latin to reggae. And of course house music. Catch us using the tune in app. Download it from your mobile app store and listening on w. f. n. k. all day and. Wwe ought in sixteen twenty on your am. Dial simulcast. y'all that's right and you can hit us up on facebook at the open house. Radio show featuring dj rome and ms d. The doors are always open. And we'll see you the open house. D j talk Whoa who down Me back may that's task. Did not you'd moon grab one game. The journey do with a stay monty smith. Thirty league g man. i can bet so. Good friend markedly back in love again. So it is motivation monday monday. January twenty twenty twenty. One thirty three minutes after i walked back shauman show featuring dj co host barbie cologne where you want to start right. Why not only place on earth where you get your morning star chatrooms right open. Please call in five seven zero nine. Two six nine five zero barbara just real quick just the weather across street and then we'll get into what we do here on the motivational. Monday already showing. I am motivated hunting hair in bethlehem. We were cast. Lateral you from right now. It's twenty five degrees. The high will be thirty seven today. It is cloudy this instant. I have cast not Grace with a little presents yet but we will have a little peaks of sunshine throughout the day. That's i have for. You are wasn't looking like where you are bobby cologne coming to you. Live in the show. Heavy more show featuring city jay. Will you get you started. Brain mornings started right. Thank you so much. Cologne world said. Wanna give a shout out to our want. Nonni richard none wolf nation behind you a barbeque. We have our little Little small little banner there for wolf nation wakeup live free so please support his movement over there. Let's check out. Thank you so much Richard we appreciate you. A february twelve paterson new jersey boy telling jokes february thirteenth. Right here in bethlehem telling jokes march seventh sunday five pm show harvey birthday bash on the everybody in the building but if you want a table you gotta call me for that. Yeah okay and then. Costa rica on the July twenty second. I need everybody building more seven. We're going to turn up on sunday. maha swordsman. See for getting number. Dj we're going to do our thing. We're gonna party heavy. Okay so come through. Yeah ronin sexy get dressed up emissions free shaw on exactly so come through show. Happy birthday bash. The first all march fifth we right here at the studio birthday bash for the show. Oh marsa fuel come through. If you're your local open how harvey birthday bash for the show. And then on that sunday would be over at the. I meal doors open up at five pm emissions free. We have a drink minimum. You know what i mean so you know you just wanna by sitting there just sitting there. You understand what i'm saying you're coming to represent me and have a good time. I want these people to know. Like sean as quality people around him you come in there and i see you with one bowl of french fries with a glass of water for more than twenty minutes. I'm escort you out the door. He put as now. There's some hardships financially. They hit me. Oh let me know show and then maybe do you know i'm calling you out if you got you got you got a glass of water extra. You're done you're done did trying to make lemonade. That's right exactly. you're done out. I used to do that with young teenage years. You know you college you broke money. Were so in this because one of the waitresses told me this because she said yeah or extra side all like five lemon squeezy. Pass make liberdade. I'd say garage. And gosh told me that chow zalin college if you do that. Saturday march from outdoor. Sorry god bless you put out. Let's see bobby and we also have a contest that we're gonna. We're gonna talk about that in a second. We have our fryer august. I'll get it go ahead. I'll get it guys. you want to win. The air fire is a we are kicking off the new year with a giveaway destroying everyone show i. Would i give away of the new year. Yes it is a j. c. Penney home three point seven corps f. Fryer you'll see. I think i wanna win it right flyers with three pounds. Vise everything in the air. It's got holes up to three pounds and four idea for three to four people touch handle on this washes safe who they wanna press all your people in your house. May i do. I don't have one at never used it though i have. I made to get on it. Because i need to stop from i stop. I need to get my life together. Didn't gain weight. How do we are doing the very very simple. All you need to do like the show. Heavy morning show featuring the wake-up team paid following like us. Okay tech five friends to the posts. Any posted share said post on your wall. Okay people sit in tune into the show on the twenty ninth of this month to see if you are the lucky winner all you gotta do like if our page tack fat phrase share it and that's it three things your facebook anyway. Okay help us out. Help yourself out. You could win the jc penney. You gotta do is click on your phone. that's it. you're done three seconds so you help. Was we help you. Barbie say like so barter system right so just you know we do. They need to do again. Cindy has put the posts in a groom also check out the post in a group you need to alike and follow the show hobby morning show featuring wakeup team page tech five friends to the post that was posted by j and then share it on your wall. That's all you have to do. Three simple steps. That's it is free for you and your facebook anyway part and we appreciate your input and thank you so much barbeque all of that and Please reach out the sending you know she's sponsoring this this this giveaway and we we love you to participate win. We all win. Yes your name will be entered into the drawing that will be held here live on twenty nine and you know you may be the lucky winner of the fry. Yeah and we're not. Yeah see there you go. I'm not gonna hear your money. We we'll have the right to you. Know whereby i so on a motivational monday. Bon john she said am members of the show. Ken qualify okay. Everyone can enter. Ach now all your cousins can't into the shop so please participate now on the motivation. Monday before we get into news and all that we wanna give a special shout out to the The second man who stole the show us. Barb wasn't here that day when we talked about the The fashion on the inauguration as the whole the whole group was mad as i day. Why because we we. We critique the kamala harris and very non disrespectful way but we like Chairman bonds called in and we critiqued her outfit. Comparison come on come on come on comma comma harris now. Kamala harris. What whatever whatever name is we know. What is her name communist. Because i'm going to say right comma harris anyway. We compared her outfit to Our beloved hero lavar doug so we went into that and everybody got mad you know how dare you show on and we went in and i listened to that show we kinda win but it was all good and then they were mad at. I think they were gonna come back the next day. He did say that. Even though that particular day in my opinion and like i said i love kamala harris. I was the first one to vote for when she was running for president. Sean who's here. Like that's who i'm voting for and that's facts right but and michelle stole show but the real winner of this fashion. The fashion foot inaugural was bernie. Sanders stole the show birdie. He definitely show daily jokes. Lead them online. And then when that. I mean went up with bernie cheer with the gloves and all thing in the mass court wildfire throughout the internet. I think it's dying down a little bit today. Just a little bit but What happened with all this work out because now this is a on here. That bernie made some shirts. And he's making profits are going barely know. He stole show. Now he has. He is my name sensation. Every a main for everything bernie sanders. We hit locos. As many as well bernie took that as opportunity to turn it into low revenue. He him and his polls in his main. His company has campaigned. They decided to make a sweatshirt out of the meme and is costs. Forty five dollars. A black crew next week is made in. The usa is printed and the union printing company by sander's fashion. That's name his company's hinders fashion. And it's going to off the proceeds going to be donated to meals on wheels. So barely took his opportunity which you know he should have go ahead bernie and he created a charity had charity but they created the swisher to donate to the meals on wheels program. Now bernie. let's clap. yes now now. Here's the thing like right so if there's an opportunity you take advantage of especially you know. We live in the world online and people see things in real time so bernie. Any one of us would do. He would take advantage of it now. The difference but the difference between bernie sanders and a few other folks that bernie sanders is already rich. He's a rich man. He's a millionaire and he lives this frugal kind of life as well. And he's you know he's a socialist guy you know he. He wants people to make money and he wants the government to take care of all the problems in the world. Five right which is fine. And he's he's actually an independent candidate. He's an independent his party. he's independent. he's not a democrat or republican. Which a lot of people they liked that about this guy. He's originally from new. York moved to wherever vermont maine levy is up there because A lot of folks. I think retired move up there especially with the babylonian but bernie has resonated through the african american community the latin community. And he's much love already. Sean checks out. The sweat shares have sold out already on eight week back order right so now her right so so so now you go from a man who are like i said already has money right and he he also have campaign money. He keeps some of that too. He has to return some of the money from the government. The government finances can if you get a certain amount of votes whatever they give you something somebody to run for president so some of that money you gotta give back others you know. He keeps some of the money so he already has money. Nowadays own money he got extra money right so the hair go to the name was hilarious in the mean was like i couldn't stop laughing and looking at bernie means one whole day right and i post some and everybody's posts and sending even had him in this city jay had him ills room vais. He failed it for me so far. Better filling exactly and then all of a sudden everybody wants to shirt printed. Yeah and you just said. It is a back order of eight weeks and all sizes. Yeah like from small out completely and this is the opportunities that this country affords us as far as you know taking advantage of things on the internet or on social media because we all live on social media today and it's just a in the best part about this because he's so rich millionaires. God bless him That he could say you know what men of character netflix he goes. You know what this cube all this money to give to the people. Bobby you and i will have to white mercedes benz outside tomorrow. We sold those t shirts. My way of stopped by my little cry of saying we're saying and that's a lotta supposed to do but the man that said you know what i'm gonna take this money wouldn't what does it meals on. Wheels area asian. Yeah and meals on wheels and like like this guy and that's and that's how you can on a motivation monday. That's how you continue your blessings. You don't keep unless you give it away so he's like. Oh you know what. Let's give all this money to charity but it's going to come back to him. Twenty falls so blessed because he gives he gives a lot. God bless you. I mean like this guy. He's another one he's three thousand years old. He's up there with joe and and even joe like these people. Don't stop nancy. Pelosi eighty years old. Like even though you know you have to live a certain way of course but this is motivation for all of us on motivation. You got nancy. Pelosi eighty izzo. Joe biden eighty seven seven bernie eighty nine with seventy seventy move around and these people. There is no healthy. I'm just saying if you're healthy if you blessed with health there's no excuse this noise you sit in around here complaining on a motivational monday of how bad your life is and you see people and not only these folks this all type of folks all over this world. That are older. That still doing it. People say retire at sixty. These people are not retirement. Sixty they keep going. And that's the way i feel about my life barbie. Cologne like hobby is going to keep moving and to today. i'm gone. yeah. I'm gonna try to do guy moving as history. See the difference between men and women. I significantly you on our life. I'm a hustler like that. So i'm hustle to the day are not gonna literally be that day. Nobody's going like dot. Oh wow women get sick and die. I'm not gonna get sick. Women did sit down the leg sick and like you we we have a ten day notice man we hustle so hard we just and that's part of the hustle so my whole thing is these people and others. let's be motivated by them I mean brownies. Blessed where he needs to profit from these shapes because he's giving it to someone else in need is going to be that a hundred percent so what. He's doing his pain to make the shirt because he has to make the shirt. It's coming out of pocket. The make the shirt and taking the prophet would he should rightfully take on his own and given the profit away. Come on everybody and you sit there and you can play and then you blame others for your problems non when you see when you see affiliate story like this on a motivational monday. This motivates me to be a better person to hear a story like this with bernie and we will all laughing about it and we ought fell in love with this mean and it was just amazing and he just took it and said joe. I'm a make these shirts and i'm going to donate all the money. I'm a plan. Baruni bernie and i think you know like us on the internet. Everybody in our attention. Spans are so smart. Our attention out our our attention of really especially now with the internet. Our tests hispanics really about maybe like thirty nine even thirty seconds. Brees doing facial herschel especially with the internet and its shorter for me take like six seconds off of that because of my age so i really my sentence van negative fourteen and foot bernie to have our attention for this long. Yeah is so amazing. Out to senator bernie sanders barron cine bobby. Earning more. i can't. I can't okay. I'm fresh hall breaking at. Hey the borat freak out in the phone clap now again. This is a motivation when they for real because like like the boroughs been fresh broom break. Two point oh right. We'll find out now because she's actually hiding in the bathroom calling us. I don't i don't know contest. I don't know who's ten minutes. okay. I'm going to. I'm allegedly right now. I'm gonna say was elastic. No who screwed up at the board lesley's job with nobody else can't pick up the phone right because that's usually what happens somebody to some crazy and nobody can't pick up the phone the borough as good to hear your voice. Let us know what's going on with you. God bless working really really hard. Last week was not a good week to me rounded i was tired regular women lease and took an overdose of my blood pressure. Man go now to stay up wi. Do they have no you know. I've been in. Be careful with the medication and the medication. You make a mistake and take too much out of here viola. You know how much we love and respect you on the show. I've been calling out your name for the lab. The bar i've been calling women name for the last two weeks. And i know still on tuesday so prentice a call me and well practice day. She she she didn't even always there. Are you serious right now. You been creep out popping this amazing. I've been mentioned your name a few times over the last couple of weeks because you could be this. Your people never believe me was. I was and there was the first week i was nea. But you couldn't see i remember. We spoke about that and last week was when i was missing and he was supposed to candy lovie and not in our medication. Last week i dunno. Listen to women's odierno medication. She's trying to question it trying to question and saying sort of like a joke all last week. A cindy j. Could tell us where the hell is different than i was here. Yeah where's she and then. I kept running joke about. Somebody's doing something her job. Allow anybody else to talk or phone. And she has exactly ten minutes. There's somebody screw up at that job. I know you're saying that you've been working going on guys princeton. When you go into a special therapies rule always because we don't know how regular job so so wait a minute didn't explain this to me because it's been a minute barbie would really do. You have to really. What are the rules right. You gotta work with the rooch. Can't be on your phone. Yeah you came here. Wait wait a minute wait a minute this this is written on paper that you can't be on your phone. Tell you that. I can't be talking and being on the computer and all of that do it. Just don't work and it's unprofessional. Wow and what are the other route this this this now. Everybody at my child just up at ten thirty and three thirty. Take a fifteen minute. Wait oh no. i no way. I'm going on so so there's a you said ten thirty three thirty year so at ten thirty you can get off your get out and walk and go somewhere with your phone for fifteen minutes. This is insane to me barbagallo. We haven't been in a corporate. But i don't care about that one. What did this woman who who messed up everything. Where because i remember back in the day bobby remember when social media came out and everybody started criticizing bosses at the job right on social media and started getting fire last yes. I think that's what it is. Blake rabbi lake. Right right right. You can't go on social. You can't do anything but work. And then at ten thirty you could go out south fifteen minutes. Do whatever you need to do and come back right unbelievable. Twelve o'clock right is one hour last. Well i think it's very strange but they have one hour notice not strange. You get ninety minutes of free time. You get ninety minutes. No no no no everybody should job including yourself may need to behave because they giving them ninety minutes of playtime fifteen seconds. It's like the in kindergarten. They get the recess time. Maybe owed me. Because i didn't know where everybody on. Now you gotta take action a couple of minutes each day until you get whatever they owe you girl but at this something for human resources because brings up a good point. She missed out on a lot of those fifteen minute. Is this something that you can. Who's who can can you go. Who's walking what's what's going on. Tell tell people to turn their shoes down. Whoever is walking clack clack clack. Clack clack clack. And what town do you leave it in today. So there's no overtime five o'clock out the door it's like i have to be beckford. Wife sean. but that's how they were like everyone is just looking at something like a one is. We are going 'cause when i worked in a feeling that do whatever i want now. I'm back inside. i'm i'm i'm a real work of a real works quite reporting by a long extol go. It's fine it's fine to girl you stay right there. you know. Twenty thirty five knows nothing wrong with it so you definitely get thirty but a snack map. Yeah that's like a mini nap. Okay all right boot was looking at good morning. Good morning. i've got three so everybody watching you. Is that talking in the background. We're calling it. Is she off. Workers him on the phone can't put him on phone l. Very you know watching this people who found like asia. Then this is amazing to me they have cubicles tick tick tick it. Take a pitcher cubicle. Just you and just don't do this. I wanna see cubicle. Erat output everybody put a number one in sharon with was see with the borlase cubicle. I put a number one in the department put in. Groom please i mean just i'm just saying just can you know no no no. Don't don't don't pick up your phone don't they. They probably got cameras all over that. Don't do it. I tell you what going back until you go in the bathroom and take a picture of the bathroom. Take that woke that worked selfie in the bathroom lack. When you can't do anything can you when you go outside at ten thirty break and you take a picture of a tree outside. Let us can you take a picture of outside. can you do. Don't try to get these high and not trying to get you know. Of course say can you go outside at two to ten thirty wall to the corner and take a picture of an object anything. No not work related. Just we know that you're there. Oh wait you hang up the phone. Now i i don't wanna get you started you. Let's clap. she's doing a great job. That's right because you know. She always challenges making it to work on time but she was doing really good on her lap previous job. I don't have a challenge of making a i wait. They get right. I have to get to work super early functional. What time what time do you get to this job here. Now in one eight thirty fascinating down to union square eight o'clock and i go to the near record sri coffee. Why do you give frequently. 'cause they have some home and they gave me three one three two. Quit right on the page back. Do you ever do you ever. Do you have a running. Do you ever run the sean hayes jones when you're working in abroad but no one. We'll leave for seven thirty bobby. I'm getting very nervous. I think we on the phone too long with her. I don't want nothing to happen to her. She had to gary. Who's who else talking on the phone. Put them on the phone. And i went. Who's that knows to put them on the phone they can show on. She can't these rules. Social social this bobby sitting here three inches away from each other. But i wanna talk to somebody to talk. Nobody plays in years barbecue. Who is that. she's puerto rican. Black white put him on the phone. Show you stop laughing on the phone. Who is this woman and go. Get the lady with the heart shoes on and put her on the phone. He was walking hard saying the borough talking right. They put on the phone. We're gonna let go go back. Go back we'll take a break yoga. Like aids day sean. Harvey be twist any j. Along with bobby on comedy world net radio is is barbecue from the beach. Up team accountable. Radio this is n. e. j. from the morning show featuring the wake of pain catches on comedy world radio. Who is it gonna put both think but a wall. Tj keeping short one chelsea tape from the morning. Show yup talk june. I can only back monday. Thank you guys for not having a great show today motivational monday. Monday january twenty fifth Twenty two thousand fifteen minutes at the hour. Twenty twenty one fifteen minutes out the. I'll walk back. Shaw morning show features. See jamil where you want to start right. Why not chatrooms wide open. Please call seven hundred ninety hundred zero so Barbie cologne what we're gonna do right now. Here remember we have the Air fryer giveaway. This friday come on. That's like shit show that happening Shahabi birthday bash. Sunday made a marsa seven. But we'll be going to do right now. We're going to get into some front page yet. Right right we do that. We go hug front page news. Do we like to welcome everyone to the show. Thank you so much. We appreciate so much guy page dues. Y'all hey got the front page news. S to the double. Got the page. Jake's down by pay estimates indicate news. Your she got by page news and news would be bobby colognes edition today and the news. I told you. I was on a radio exam at do i had. What about friends called me on a friday. Yeah he was like. Oh i know why are you not on show. I think He's a why would i say. Where are you. send them home. He said well why did not show say. Oh you've finally told him that he's a yesterday. I watched it. Yo ass ain't neva. People do that. that's great. watch it on. Monday are right. Travelers guys people have found out a way to fake their kobe tests. Travelers have faked negative cova tests and after some of them have actually gotten away with it. This potentially dangerous into rows shows a huge loophole in corona virus travel restrictions in an effort to prevent the further spread the new the new mutations many governments have started to require a negative cova test from traveler seeking to fly internationally into international borders but some passengers have discovered a why lee. illegal away. To falsify there there are one They asked interviewed a few people who've gotten caught and one of the co prince has said that i just fired up. Photoshop changed the date admitted to a reporter. He said i just force my negative test for eighty eight say. He did for his group of friends who was travelling with. He said you just scan it into your computer you change they. Ns it right. people are crazy. A few travels has done this around the world But it's mostly when you travel a few people who traveled to sweden and france. Those were the ones who were caught. you know. It's a felony to to change your results in the us. But i'm not too sure about if it's a felony in other countries so if it's a us person who's who's doing it you know they're going to be charged with a felony and probably. I'm sure everyone will be Crazy thank you so much barbara long. God bless you at some point. We all gotta grow up right. Okay listen the the instant gratify. The instant gratification of life is is exhilarating when you can get away with something knowing. Dan well wasn't supposed to do it. And then you put your friends on it. It's like sue. What happens is when it's your turn to get the money. You're not get it because you're gonna get caught right And if you listen to bobby. Cologne just read in the united states of america. Your country our country here. This othello lindy. Do you know what that means if you get caught with this and yes there are responsible. People that are irresponsible too. Tsa workers are irresponsible right now. But let me tell you something. They go train these people to detect all this frivolous bs. That people are doing if you test negative. I mean if you test positive for covert. You shouldn't be going nowhere. Anyway your gas could be a symptomatic but you want to have a fake saying you. You don't have it and then you go on a plane and you get somewhere and affected you affect the whole community. That's right so you have this. Most new have this. You have all his motivation to cheat the system. Why don't you just stay home. Take tests and do to do it. The right way right but the right way is so corny. Because you know barbie. Cologne has always been calling for me in my life. I've always said no. I'm not going to do things the right way. Because i'm going to try to a beat. Beat the system sheet out and you know we got me. Got me in jail right. You got my credit messed up for years it get my whole business affairs screwed up. It's a one details. Like i had to be an adult. Yeah yeah everybody should think that way that some point in their lives. So you don't want to if you if you if you don't want to take the cova tez or unique results to be negative and you're doing all this fraudulent paperwork that can give you that you could be charged with felony. Why don't you just state your punk ass home. Why you gotta travel vast behind on you. You're gonna wrist off fist point. Eight point forty. Five people have been detained by the croatian police for for faking the test. They got caught catches up until you have to take they do it because it's so costly. Well i thought it was free. I guess every government is not is not doing it for free right well. That's that's another issue but godless a wicked it is why you're doing it if costly to take the covert test or its free. Why are you going to all his. I don't want to go to somebody. I don't wanna go and i say this respect me. I don't wanna go to maliki. No miko ya need a fake covert do that. You'll let me get let me get. let me get. Let me get. I tell you what i tell you what i can give you a fake kobe. Test one hundred dollars right now. Got a covert test. A fake covert says looking crazy. Not knowing that you don't know what. The administrator of the united states they might have changed the policies they might things that can scan negative paperwork. And now you could so you. You purchase your trip to the caribbean for from lincoln. I say that respectively four hundred dollars. You get your passport van. Will you nervous as hell taking your fake paperwork to jfk. Right and then you go and you want to go to summer fest. Three thousand you already paid for for the whole event but simply didn't want to take a covert tests to deceive you a negative or positive five days prior i agree with you deal tries mess terrorists. I bet they'll stop then then. Do go quarterback then you go to jfk. You and your lady you ladies already mad at you. you're on. She's on the cusp of breaking up with you. This trip can save the relationship and then you may import the plane. You've paperwork right. Where the carribean. With the new. Pena's that because you wanna spend up top of that you punk asking negative aspects because you scared to take a test result is good giving up. They know when we're back in the eighties with committee. I went right to the house nation. Barbie clothing it was no problem. I have my i tested positive. But you want to sit there but the system joe because it is stupid virus and say respectively. You have to well. Are you this selfish that you want to go. The plane with fake documents could do and you might be a positive and didn't affect everybody. Everybody fellas doing that. Two things i wish upon you want you put in jail and i want you to lady to have an affair with some some guy. 'cause you deserve that shaw have you morning. Show saint arctic. Sean you mess. You're good morning. It's tricky fam- hamas hold on your radio sunday. That's the back to basics. Tricky saturday night saturday night. Tricky d fan radio eight pm ten pm. We all support. You brother continue. I appreciate it. I appreciate that. I said you know. I realized that. I haven't called you guys all for the beginning of years so i'm going to start over happy new year's and yeah this this thing you know forge this document. It reminds me of the college kids that were doing it for people. For degrees right to get jobs they were forging people degrees across cross states in cross the country and they were getting the same thing like one hundred dollars. So it's like you know as people. Everybody likes that challenge. Let me see if i can get away with it. But like you say sean. It's a federal charge yet so are not really taking the fed as a serious thing now like oh i'll just go to jail and rock out to three years in a white collar crime. They they need to boosting up on that because this is something serious like you said somebody can really be sick over. But i gotta travel. I gotta go. I gotta go see my people's let me forge paperwork. Get on a plane in fact affect one hundred people right there off at the airport. Another three thousand. Who made twenty thousand. You know. This thing is is is actually. It's transparent quick. And reason why. I'm saying i got a call because i appreciate everything sean but knocking let everybody know. My wife battled it you know see came into the new year. What covy she was in the hospital was the most scariest time for me. Is she works from home. So the only thing it was that she had to take her car to the shop and they gave her alone car. And you know we were able to narrow it down that arbitration. That is no joke. That is no joke when they now the down just that and i said you know i give all respect so anybody deal with this thing. I mean 'cause it's really not a joke right. Now you put this story up about people forging paperwork jessore can travel come on come first of all god bless you and god bless you your life i was. I was in this journey. Tricky few weeks ago with his wife and we were talking And i'm just so grateful that your wife is on on the road to recovery my friend. God bless then and and it goes back to what he's just saying. Up with these fraudulent papers work paperwork that can be. That's a felony in the united states. You tisch respect and everyone. That's going through this battle. You you so selfish that you have a loved one sick or passed away and you don't even respect them enough to get a login. Has you still want paperwork to go to the carribean fan Know what you right. You know why there's a lotta deflections. A lot of disrespect for the government especially with the babylonian because the babylonian ran up into the capital. And then black folks. It'd be like well. They got away with it then. We're going to do a weekend and we can get away with no. This is still the same everybody ten. We still got come. We still got a come with our game if i were paperwork. Yeah you're right you know what you're on. I think that we've seen that capital attack. An hour people are more humble that you gotta remember just weeks prior they did the blm protests out there and there was no violates. The right there was no violence not violent people. Unless you push us into that corner we're going to do what we gotta do right with that being said i mean if like you say if i should charge them if you're sick and you're found positive and you travel no matter what why that can't be used as an a type of charge time say oh and having a good yeah could be a terrorist a terrorist ajaj but it's also is guaranteed that you really trying to make people sick exactly like when you went back to the people's i decided to sleep with her to know what we're going to charge. They need to do the same thing with this. Yes and and and again go ahead keep circulating with this fake documents. Because like i said you're going to get away with it. You will find out what's going to happen is that. Tsa going to educate these folks that work in the terminals and they're going to spa every fake documents and you're going to get detained at the airport. That is no joke right. people don't even understand. They have gel cells at every airport. Trying to reach you this right. You'd think flying flying a plane is your right because you you are sadly mistaken to fly and there's to drive They can take it from you in a heart hot. So stop stop. I'm sorry you if you feel the urge to travel and unique fake documents to travel. There is something wrong. Please take stay home. Stay right. Stay home if i need to go out the country and i need a fake document and then which podcast document you go out the country. How the hell you know you gotta get back into the united states and the exactly so what what what. What are police that went out with that foolish move that he made on his last day by uplifting the flight bank that was wrong. I mean you opened up the gates in you. Don't think that they came flying right. I'm showing me so. We need to think renewed debate. I mean it's it's serious. It's real a lot of people still don't believe that this is real out here but it is and this is someone and and tricky day. One chat former chat room and we. This is a man. Like i said. I've been with the journey him. A few weeks ago with his wife was sick like she was really sick. Like scary and i was playing and it was just like oh my god and we hear stories time and time again and a lot of us have no. I've known bobby. At least fifty people died of covert wire is then you tell me this story that people wanna try to cheat the system and so the full for their pleasure going buddy yes okay. You know. be. If i'm running things that's a terrorist charge everybody ten years in jail. That's goodbye nex house. Good appreciate you guys. Let me go back to thank you. Don't forget everybody. Tricky radio back the basics every saturday night. Eight pm ten pm trickiness fan radio. John cochran good for whole emma. Get back to the book believable. And if you're co-signing misbehave let me tell you something. If one if anybody that anybody that i loved ones come to me. Oh i got you. How would you think about the fake documents. I'm gonna say no as you should know fake documents. Don't travel out of the country we're going to. I'm going to listen. I'm going to. I'm going to the united states virgin islands in in july and the beginning of the month and then costa rica god willing at the end of the month right taking the nothing fake with me to it important. Now i'm a grown ass man. If god forbid if i caught kobe i can't leave the country then fine. That's something i have to deal with. But i'm not gonna be covert positive and get fake paperwork and go to a airport to carry on a plane that's selling be. I'm committing a crime. I am not crazy. If you won't do what you want. Your son was gonna be horrible. Can't vote you won't be able to try for a little while you won't be able to do things normally in society with this charge. This world is going. Y'all this social media and internet guy all your not. Y'all everybody polarized to the issues of the day. You really. you're running things. You're not fall in line and say that respectively this law in order like the like the noc said it really is shooter. This law this laws you think and you don't have enough money you to be a million million billionaires to bend that law if you got a regular salary you know the crazy thing is though going -cation but you don't wanna pay for kobe test data still pay you stupid. Yes stealth bit speaking of coal. Vade guys our beloved hank. Aaron passed away on the twenty second of this year just about two weeks after he received co vaccine but doctors are saying that he did not has away from the complications of the vaccine health. Experts urge confidence in vaccines at the superstar's death. When hank aaron and other african american leaders in our in invite reporters to wash them received a cove of nineteen immunization shot on january fifth The baseball legend said he did so in hopes that he was spread the word to millions to get vaccinated and that the vaccine was safe. He said if. Oh good. And i'm quoting from a statement from an air. Aaron said afterwards at morehouse school of medicine. Where the event was held now just two weeks later. Public health experts and some of the black leaders with the With aaron excuse me that day worried that the event drew so much publicity inadvertently served to undermine the confidence of the vaccine within minutes of the news break and friday morning Of the baseball greats. Def- those doubts about the vaccine turned to social media to Draw connection to aaron's recent depth to the vaccine so pretty much saying that because he got the vaccine. Jay fan you know. It's not a coincidence that he died two weeks later. I mean kind of scary average scandal. Sean i got again for the second time. Bobby god bless you. Okay barbie we will have fears. And we're all scared of things and barbie cologne. That's natural fear and being fears a natural feeling. Okay fear is actually a healthy. Fila news the dab affair keeps you alert. It keeps you paying attention. It really would definitely removes a lot. Adhd from me. Because you're totally focused. When you're scared his fear you right and reason why i bring this up is first of all big of the hank. Aaron eighty six years also broke the babylonian babe ruth home run record back in the seventies and proprietor him. Breaking that record he was getting death. Threats by by the way guys said that. Don't if you break this record we're gonna kill you wail. He broke and he broke the record and he went on to russia's career think he won a world series and then but he he was up there with the ranks alike. Willie mays and hank aaron and all these other great african american baseball players back in those days in the late fifties and the sixties. Willie mccovey all these guys. You know joe morgan. On got blog is twin black guys for kicking in baseball kicking. Take now is the latino can take a name. We migrated tabasco apple. We we got it and as an n. n. as a standup man through after baseball would he's done contributed to this society life all that and like sydney to be taken out by vaccine. Now hold on. Oh god bless you and god bless sienese in that room. God bless gablers. There's a double goblet. Wake up smell of coffee. And i say this because he needs to be recognized as one of the greatest great and then if you guys know the pitcher from the lost angeles dodgers al downing black guy. Left handed black guy. He was the pitcher on the mound. Win hank aaron hit that historic home run in atlanta. So i give praise to al down and you know why because he was a black guy and you know he did way do. And this is speculation. From sean harvey. Because i can admit that. Al downing that particular night barbie cologne through a nice little nice. Little f- fastball. Right chest high. We think likes to hit the ball so are kind of like you know what we brothers brought. I don't want a white guy to come up here and you hit a home run off of this guy. We both going to be in the record books together. Right an outdoor like seventy five mile an hour almost practice pitch barbie cologne right chest. High and hank rocket that thing right into history. Let's clap out downing. Because he said we in this said we ran out down in at that time was a really good game. He was a really good pitcher footabll left-handed heart curve slider he was at like now in other words he he didn't cheat sheet he just said he just did the value. He did the joint lockton carmello he did. The the magic. Johnson kareem abdul jabbar kobe. Brian shack hate through. Hey karen that mid seventy five miles. An hour high fastball rocket that thing right out the park man right and i say all is to say that this man had this baseball career and after baseball he he was a contributing factor to the society in black folks. He also won the presidential honor back in the day when the reagan days the whoever the bush days whatever is eighty six years old. He took the vaccine vaccine a week ago ten days ago. Okay and he died. Yeah put that doesn't mean that the vaccine killed him while they could do autopsy. I'm sure we did it again again. Because we are so polarized by social media and the internet. We don't even take the time to research how this man has died and i say this respectively because one person puts a post up on social media. And it's like wow everybody on this conspiracy no proof and guess what. I'll tell you conspiracies. I'll throw you one. Let's say he did die of cove it which he didn't because it's not proven yet. Now yeah so save. He did guess what barbecue almost fifteen million people have taken this shot and guess what one or two of them going to fall out why they wanna throw off but out of fifteen million people and i say this respectfully the hank it's not even on the meat of the percentage of people who died of of this vaccine shot and you're still don't vaccine medication. You're still don't even know if this happened to him. Sit here with me. We sitting here together. God bless you and guess what it goes back to the top of the conversation. You said sean you read the storm and he goes shaun. I'll know scale. What are you skin. Are you scared. A conspiracy of it or are you scared of the facts bobby. You're scared of the conspiracy because you don't know that he died of kobe vaccine goldust. You scared you're scared because you think that this vaccine kill hank and then kill hank because we don't have no proof why they didn't do the vaccine so we running around scared by. He died peacefully his. He's done eighty six times can exactly he's sick. Y'all a lot of people are sitting here though. He took the shot that day the week before. And he's dead. It killed him and now one person can't call here. I'm affects guy. I like things black and white. I'm very simple. I can go with your conspiracies till the cows come home. Then i stop because at some point during the conversation. They has to be some facts. Agra just like the other guy bobby cologne before you go on your next door nipsy hustle. May he rest in peace when he died. They said oh and it was his big hoopla and like i say i say respect made this man recipe johnson and johnson pharmaceutical company filer. Merck merck's and all people killed them. You knew that everybody said it. Everybody said and then they said they killed him because they kicked the other guy the other doctor the other guy. Cbc you know. Tom cruise killed cbi johnson his on every everybody was on it but guess what they what the guy who can build gang gang do that. We have mental problems that killed him. But guess what barbie. And i quote hit on that one. I caught major heat on on nipsy hustle but now one person since he's passed away has come to me and said. Did you know sean or any story. you know. They take the johnson and johnson pharmaceutical companies. Going to jail for killing nipsy. Hossan now or visor. But you don't hear it here. Nobody's saying nothing about and then those who killed them. We can look up online on google. Who kill nipsy russell. And the guy's going to pop right up. They get them on the other side of town. Because i video and and you're going to say to me now you bobby say in me that johnson johnson fis and all these mercs people gave that guy dementia guy. A cheque right. That's yeah i've been here to show me a check. Somebody to cancel check. I don't think company gordon needle hired by the outfit. They're go to pay with cash. Rabat's spilled tomato soup barbie mattress. Because i believe that fax. Oh back our. Why do you got my badge though because this sauce this a true it leads back to the truth. Everybody in the chat room right now. We'll take a break. I talk to everybody in the chat room. Put a number one in the chat room right now and i ain't to judge we all family. You all like my cousins chapman. If you believe that nipsy russell was killed by johnson and johnson pfizer in brooklyn crazy. Put on if you're still running with that but because you're not because you're not because you sound stupid and let me tell you something right now. I dare you. I challenge anyone in that. Chat room to go to nipsy hustles baby mother or mother or father and say to them i know for fact that johnson and johnson kills your son. You wouldn't you wouldn't fix your face to disrespect this man's muddle by saying something stupid like that. Would you have no proof ramey growth bob. You got going. Oh my goodness no city in a chatroom going on. I might go back. I'm about to lose my voice. They messed with showing that city department. Her okay you right. Yup missed nikko. Man the if all high best and ma for my we played at at the end to tim. Yeah reality do harvest houses. Sports would walk alone. Antonio brown has been a a mate or to pay his accuser. One hundred thousand dollars for that rape case. Remember that we reported like back sometime less you. They made them pay thousand dollars. That's true you know it really is true. You have money. You don't have to go to jail. And when it's time for you to pay you only because he violated a confidentiality agreement. Okay so now because he got found guilty crowd so if he didn't violate it he didn't have to take it right. yeah. I remember him back in. I think like three million dollars or whatever it was in it. I guess it got thrown out of court but she played pretty date she pretty much so's revenue down spins got. I mean you know if you would track him women you give a man besides someday can't control yourself bigalow excited. Hey you hey. You keep girl barbie i would have to take. My medication will be no excitement. The lady like what's wrong with today was what would you gotta go. Honey take my pill you want some excitement. Give me a glass award. Where tokyo browse low of said. He said the rule of is bull crap and he wants it to be thrown out of court. So that's a quick little story tonio. Shut up you behavior controlled by you. Lucky you back in the nfl plan but you better say thank you. Tom brady 'cause he stuck his neck out for us. We're just keeping those clean. Paid the money and keep pushing that way it gets wrong in the rug grow fast and we wanna be talking about no more. Because you know he's not gonna be around like you. Just be quiet do massage. You say how the vast show you know these men and they will know the hang on do that. He was going to be totally brag. Upsize by bad. Yeah yeah he was in the closet or a man sues him by his has got heart. Wow why what's the world coming to get. A massage means get hot the conference championship for. Nfl guys was this weekend and the bucks. Play the packers the bucks one thirty one to twenty one. The bills play the chiefs. One thirty eight to twenty eight so the chiefs and the bucks will be going to the super bowl. Our own i believe is the seventh of february. I believe it is in the evening some time. I i think that six maybe check your local listeners. Okay listen yeah there you go harvey barbie cologne. Tom brady forty four forty three years. What he did he leave the newell in the new england patriots and left them just regular. They won about six ball game. Seven whatever did and the coach can win his breaking to break things on the. Tom goes to another team and takes his boy with this guy. Gronk grant gronk krause that right gronk out. They just called gronk gronk nevertheless. i took him with him. Then a few coaches and rob gronkowski rob gronkowski right. Gosh back in the super bowl. The super bowl. They play in tampa where the super bowl is. The first time that the home team is playing in the stadium. That doing the super bowl. Tom brady man. He threw me off a little bit with that. Trump thing man and i think-i a year but he's not distant from trump. You ought to best football quarterback of all time and best play of all time. He's playing with men data status in his twenties. It's forty-three and any still got it. He's such he's got a winter man. You can tampa bay buccaneers. Congratulations man. Just he is heading to the super bowl to kansas city chiefs. That's not gonna it's gonna be a tough task. But if they if he wins the super bowl and. I think it's like stem tom. Going to the super bowl. I i don't know up there. He is ten times Skies amazing may. God bless you brother man. And i'm going on all the way going for the tampa bay buccaneers because this is a guy. Three years old goes back to nancy pelosi and goes back to bernie sanders and all. These other guys even. I will our african american heroes. That are innate late. Seventies eighties is no excuses. Man is forty three years old playing a sport that he shouldn't even be playing he's retired should be retired because it's the physical part of it. He's physically she's physically shaped barbie. Just said he's still making. Gradually i say player number two more two or three more years. Tom goofy bro. Win the super bowl. Do for everybody but barbara. He's doing this for you. Everybody over forty years old if you over forty years. Oh you root for. Tom brady ahead of time. Because the guy mahomes who twenty two twenty three twenty five years old guy. Goth kansas city. They won last year. Come on everybody the shrew for uncle issue. That's one thing we can you. Guys get five cities cindy j. or facebook city. J. the three or snap. Chaz underscored j. I believe that's there's four instagram What about you guys. Hey facebook streets by buffalo by cologne zayed and why would close or instagram bobby. Cologne zeina babe. Four snapchat show harvey on facebook comedian. Show held on facebook. Funny is less than the citing new information coming up Within the next couple of weeks with this. I'll be falling down this information to you guys but we like to say that we truly appreciate you. Thank you so much for Spinning your time with us this morning and each and every morning it means a lot for all of us here. Thank you so much motivational monday. Barb it's safe enough to say that you are motivated to no debate. Yeah i'm motivated as well. So we'll see bobby becky anymore. Cine behind the scenes. We're doing everything we do We'll see you guys more. And we're we're we're going out with our beloved. Dj young enough. Let's go died j. Young aids day sean. Hobby beach missed any along. Alcohol's bobby cologne on comedy world. Net radio the show. Have you monitoring accountable. Radio is from sean. Harvey morning show featuring the wake of catcher comedy world radio. Who is it book food you.

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