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The good you want is always within reach because at target we believe in good we can all afford. Hello everyone. It's Eve's checking in here to let you know that you're going to be hearing two different events in history in this episode one for me and went from Tracy Wilson, they're both good if I do say so myself on with the show. Welcome to this day in history class from how stuff works dot com, and from the desk of stuff you missed in history class. It's the show where we explore the past one day at a time with a quick look at what happened today in history. Hello and welcome to the PODCAST. I'm Tracy Be Wilson and it's October first on this day in nineteen, forty, nine Mazda Dong. The People's Republic of China Mao Zedong was born in Hunan. Province on December twenty, six, eighteen, ninety three, and at that point China was still under imperial rule the emperor advocated in one, thousand, nine, twelve following a revolution when now is? He trained as teacher for a time before working at a university library in Beijing and he became interested in Marxism, and then in nineteen twenty one, he became a founder member of the Chinese Communist Party or the CCP between one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, three, and nineteen, forty nine. The CCP was sometimes allied with, but sometimes at war with. Party the coming Tang Nationalist Party or KMT the. CPI and the CAM t united to drive warlords out from northern China and fight Japan during the second Sino Japanese war and that ran from one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine, hundred, forty, five. But between those two events and before and after they were not united, they were adversaries. After the Sino, Japanese war ended the CCP and the KMT went to war against each other and the CCP one that is when on October first of nineteen forty, nine Mao founded the People's Republic of China, at this point China was very poor. It was a mostly agrarian nation that was covering for him years and years of warfare at first the government's primary goal of this newly established People's Republic of China was just to recover from the war there was widespread damage to both the nation's. And Industrial Systems. They got support in this from the Soviet. Union and they followed the Soviet Union's model my how to modernize industry and the economy in the process of all this modernization recovery. China moved from a capitalist supply and demand model to a socialist bottle and China nationalized a lot of its industries by Nineteen fifty-six. Virtually all of the major industries in China were either state owned or joint public private enterprises, and then by nineteen fifty seven, almost all of China's. Part. Of Collective. And a lot of ways, these first five years were a success. There were good harvests. There were a lot of modernizations. People got better farm equipment, that sort of thing. But at the same time, all of these modernizations really strained the Chinese economy there's good harvests were paired with a population boom. So while the harvests were bigger, there were also more. People to feed all the improvements propelled the nation forward faster than the agriculture and the infrastructure could keep up the government had achieved its goals but the people of China. A lot of times felt like they were not better off than before and this led to the first of many attempts at wide-scale reforms that Chairman Mao implemented while he was really China. These were often efforts to completely change the People's Republic of China and the way it's government worked the Chinese government under house. The dog built new hospitals and schools and funded new scientific and medical research and the life expectancy in China increased from thirty five years in nineteen, forty, nine to sixty, five years one, thousand, nine, hundred. But so so many of the attempted reforms did a lot more harm than good. Mouths. Rule over the People's Republic of China was marked by extensive campaigns for modernization and improvement, but also with massacres and famines and purges and. So. Rest and the widespread destruction of Chinese works of Art Architecture and culture in one thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, one there was an attempted coup and an attempt house dogs life he died on September ninth of nine, hundred, seventy six you can learn more about China under chairman. Mao In the twenty fourteen, four part series from Steffi missed in history class including. The great leap forward on September first the great famine on September eighth and the two parts on the Cultural Revolution on September fifteenth and Seventeenth. All of that again is in twenty fourteen. 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Today was October first nineteen, sixty five. A group of Indonesian National Armed Forces members killed fix high-ranking Indonesian generals in a failed coup in Jakarta. The army linked the assassinations to Indonesia Communist Party, and for the next several weeks, the military detained and killed hundreds of thousands of communists, alleged communists and their sympathisers. The coup led to Indonesia's first. President. Sukarno being put on house arrest and General Harto being appointed to the presidency. President Sukarno had begun promoting system of guided democracy since he believed parliamentary democracy was ineffective in Indonesia. As, he began implementing a form of socialist populism he attempted to balance relations with the military communist and religious groups. He supported the Indonesian Communist Party and the army which was largely anticommunist though many in the military did support communism. Land reforms which the communist party pressured Sukarno to. For a major source of tension between the party Muslim religious leaders and the people who controlled the lanes. As Indonesian, Communist Party, gained more influence seeds of doubt grew among army members who were suspicious of the party's intentions and religious groups who were unsure of the party's views. Sukarno became more anti-imperialist and championed economic independence for Indonesia. But the economy declined due to a lack of effective policy. Western nations encouraged anticommunist efforts against the Indonesian, Communist, party Sukarno and the left. In nineteen, sixty, five, the Indonesian Communist Party had three million members and was the third largest communist party in the world. But by this time, there were rumors that senior army generals were planning a coup against the cardinals. And the early morning hours of October I the thirtieth September movement kidnapped and murdered fix of Indonesia's top military generals. The movement members announced over the radio that they had seized power to protect the president and forbid a military coup. The leader of the movement. Lieutenant Colonel in tune told listeners that the president will say that generals had been arrested and that there was about to be a new revolutionary government. But the coup was quickly the army claimed that the Communist Party was responsible for the coup attempt at the time there was not much evidence that the party had any involvement in the action against the military. But General Suharto Commander of the army strategic reserve capitalized on anticommunist intimate and quickly launched propagandistic attacks against communists. He shut down a communist and leftist publications while pro army publications flourished. The PRO army press circulated stories that the murder generals had been tortured and mutilated. Through this campaign, the army inflamed anticommunist feelings, and convinced people that the party was complicit in a huge conspiracy. The military took the opportunity to eliminate the political power of communism in Indonesia which it perceived as a threat. The army police and civilian militias. And killed communist and their supporters into Carta Central, and East Java and Bali as well as parts of other islands. The death toll has been estimated at at least half a million people. It was later discovered that some leaders in the Indonesian Communist Party did play a role in planning the coup, but most people in the party did not know about it. There are many conspiracy theories around exactly who planned the thirtieth September movement and what its goal was. The Communist Party was banned in Indonesia in nineteen sixty five and has been ever since along with any public discussion of the massacre. The military dictatorship that soon took over led by Suharto rolled Indonesia until nineteen ninety, eight with Western support. Indonesia became pro-western and the downfall of communism and Indonesia benefited capitalist country. I'm Eve code and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. If bear any upcoming days in history that you'd really like me to cover on the show. Give us a shout on social media at teased. I Eight PODCAST. We'll see you here in the same place tomorrow. For more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Welcome to teach me something new a podcast from iheartradio in Britain. On your host Sprint Martin, I'm an entrepreneur, a C. l.. A MOM and I'm curious about a lot of things we've already learned so much together and I can't wait for what's next my co host and best engine are back with brand new episodes every Wednesday. 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