Episode 56: Pray For Didi


The. Todd, five ago, the body love these Aaron Boone, the Lido, his person of the. Out of the game. These. Just the first. The fortune ROY. What what happened? Welcome this of the thought porch. I'm your host hubs along some of the side of the laptop. Comey smokes. Tommy what's happened with up just to excited to have the CO tonight. It's been a crazy. Sunday was crazy Saturday as well. Just the, you know, I'm just that it was a good three end. 'cause the keys clint's was bad news. It's hard to do list. Also oughta really what you were doing was really the list. I was talking, I got it like mental problems. Only Jeffrey Dahmer from the ringer. Yeah, you should just got like drunk and anyone even had to try docu. I do not have all my God. I was. I do not have a list. I don't have one that was, you know, it's funny. Is it so hard to say the word lessees shell heart like you have a lisp. So arm. It's so I don't have all my God. It was the. I do not have a lisp. I do not get a lisp when I'm drunk. It was the phone. It was the connection in Cleveland. I've heard Cleveland turns you into a list. List person is this I don't know something in the air, but I don't have one. I'd never have never will. It's drunk thing. I do. My friends backed me up even though they were screaming in the background and they've played that. I mean waking up on Thurs when they do the pocket Wednesday night yet waiting making on Thursday, the hotel and getting all the shit on Twitter and then telling my friends and they, they just kept playing throughout the day at random points. Like we were out to lunch and he just played it. We were at the tailgate and they played it because it was just so funny and it was a miserable day, but and also took like I had to like, have some self reflection be like, wait, do we do this woman drunk. Like what's going on here. And then I no one's ever told me that. So it was it was the, I don't know, I'd is. You're hearing right now. You've been with me drugs. I'm not saying you normally have a list, but you don't know what type of phone would make, which is mix. Have a list like it was like a bad, have screen, anything have sprint, so that can do it. I don't know if that's look. It happens. You are just really drunk. You are slurring little and it was I, I mean, in retrospect, listening back, you had it basically from the gecko, but it didn't really sink in until whenever that eight minutes in whenever it is that I said something and then the rest of the time I just couldn't not hear it as funny. But yeah, I had it let mmediately it. Was that how you didn't notice from Surat? Don't know how to notice I, it was weird, but once I I heard it, I was like, Jesus also any better. Who do I remember I wasn't what was even like, really that drunk. I really like I ended up way when I was at was Wednesday night though. Yeah, I lost money on the night. I was very, I actually profit. I may look a hundred fifty bucks for the weekend, which is great. I played back up after the Browns game on Thursday and one, and I've never played back up before, but you just bend the player. We call Gary Gary Player of the golfer, but I've never played soccer. Yeah, I never had my friends love it. I don't know why that of craps is the one that's fun to play with a bunch of people crabs have never played before. I think there's lots of a super fun as the most profitable way, but obviously blackjack is my game, but and we were winning in that too. But no, I really wasn't like that. I mean, we definitely like that was that was the keys were destroying the Red Sox and then not destroy, but they were. They beat him up and. Ten one that there wasn't a lot I I have. I've actually discovered that I have the worst memory of all time like, can't do it. Like I, the only reason I I know all twenty five Yankees on the team is because like they're more hot now. No, I know, but now has forty like like the Packers like I have trouble like naming everyone on the roster and it's just because I just because I remember lots of things that's not a bad memory. I don't think I think very, very few football fans can all fifty three of the lakes. I'll have trout like like, it'll take me a few games to realize the entire offensive line. I have horrific. I can't process things in my brain for like like lots of loss of your mission. I could also be very stupid that that saying like, I can't process things in my brain is just like, tell your line. Okay. So let's kiss Yankee talk. We did not win the division shockingly. No, I'm just shocked. This is barely. It's been, we've known since early since since the Fenway series. It's been a foregone conversion. I'm gonna try and see what I actually lost Ono, why lost faith officially when they had their chance when they swept the raise in Tampa, that's when they had their chance. And then they came home. Remember correctly is tesla memory, but they had that home series against the White Sox and Tigers that that's the week, right that it was over because we could have cut it to five or four them. And then you ever got head to heads left's Boston had some tough game since the Indians come up the Astros, but when they lost that week week to the White Sox and Tigers I think they won. They went three and four something. Yeah, that's one. So, yeah, this is not the biggest shock control. Obviously, I did not want the Red Sox clinched home field in the almost of way doing it, which you've been massive for pry purposes and they were unable to do that. They did pull it out tonight. Which sucks. Yeah, I thought they were gonna win that game. We didn't. That wasn't part of the podcast on. A last week, but I mean fucking call heads, grand slam. Andy hits it. So perfectly that just cleared the right field fence. You knew everyone was so upset Boston over that in baseball dimensions. I don't know if we got to this, I think no, but I was cut off right at the very end. The dimensions yet we talk about that. We talked about the dimensions. There's something else you're getting caught enough cut off from, but we, we had a pretty. We added a decent discuss on the dimensions. Okay. But regardless it came up again in just like, I almost wish it this point for the rest of the time that every single Yankee Stadium home run that we hit. It just clears the fence because I want I want I want to rub it in like nothing would make it better than if we play the socks nail the s. and in games, three and four, like they hit balls just cleared. It would make me so happy because you know how bad it would make Jared, but so they were unable to win despite your calls home run the bullpen, failed miserably on Thursday night. Honestly, like couldn't have been worse. They just like whatever. Very, very flushing. When you're when you have this bubble, they just don't do well, but so they move on pled good against Baltimore, Friday, Saturday, Sunday today was pretty terrible. We'll get into the rest of the begin, but we address the big elf in the room. I mean, d Gorce injury is horrible. Honestly, almost throw up when I saw it win fucking from zip out of nowhere. Scroll through my time is the ice. Tweet from Bryant Hoke. Yeah, I was like, this, can't I like checking the date was like just like an old tweet or something like, where did this come from? Just I know idea and I haven't watched the press conference yet, but apparently Boone broke it by the way. She'll I'll tell you what happened. So in hoax, tweet words perfectly because he go by the one because so Boone is talking about the game so much on these game in how he didn't wanna use levers and whatever. And someone forgot who it was. I don't actually, there's no economic the voice, but someone asked him, why were you late to the press conference where you addressing the team? Because a letdown loss of Baltimore couldn't do it, but like, hey, let's get going for the rest of the the finish out the year. No, wasn't that. He said he was talking to people that Didi. And then the guy who has the question goes is DO k. and you goes while he actually torque Arledge in his wrist last night, and that's what he was out today. And it's a chance he might not be back for the rest of the year. Just drops that Trump's through Ricat agile. Being in the room. I probably just looking at each other like is this a practical joke sprays? -i and someone did say, like, I mean, he might have just found that that information like two minutes before the press conference. So most might not have been in check, but like you gotta leave art with that or something. You can't just have it. Can't drop it like that. Can't be he. He announced his. It wasn't big news and it's major news starting shortstop. We Twitter, major news. I mean, the judge injury was big too, but when you consider the timing of this, you could say that this is even bigger because Didi is d most clutch player on this team. You shouted in the last wildcard game, the huge run against the twins at the bottom of the first inning. He killed Cleveland, they I'm Mike confidence in the one game, playoff right now is pretty low. If without Devi it is astronomically. Look, I will say they can't survive at least the wildcard game without him, but they won't do anything to play where we are on the opposite side here where you're sort of moving inky past card and not knowing you're you're more confident in the wildcard game than you are in the AOL DS. 'cause I think it will be at home and I don't see them losing at home at that crap. I will. First of all, we don't know if it will because Yankees can't beat the Orioles. I think we have to go the oils. The go. Seven, oh, this week and we. And if we go four and three, they'll get anything like we go foreign three in these next seven, which is, I don't think that's a lot ask for split with Tampa and win two, three in Boston or three or four gas like you can find for Wednesday next seven, Boston's going full hard Tampa. You know, might be a little, let them they really like decide like, yeah, let's play spoiler fuck these guys. I don't know. I think like being eliminated from the wild card is gonna hurt them. I guess, technically they're stole tiebreaker. Yes, that's why seven. Four. Three were good. Are we goods seven known fourth? No, we're not good. Seven, four threes when as get it? Yes. So writer six in one. The Ke's can go foreign three. Rice big, go five and two. They're on the road for they are on the. They're on the road on the real quick. I think it's it's the angels. The angels coming up there at Seattle for three in at the angels for three say six games. So I see two losses there. Yeah, I think so. I don't think that's two losses means we can go fucking three and four. Yeah. So. I mean, I just want me they want today. I being terrible shape, but it they lost the Minnesota grand. Be nice if we swept him have, we'd have to almost be lock of at once day. But I mean, so back the DD the reason I get past them with the wildcard is, I mean, hetch area is going to, you know, he'd play short. Glacier, got a second, or they align up where possibly Walker would play second and glib, replay, short and relates in the later innings. You suffered hetch various short move, glare back the second. That's your offense. Defense lineup. If you just wanna go full defense, you start Danny their short. What would you prefer? I mean, we're offering the lineup, you want walk in. It's not like he's a liability at second or glaciers liability, New Yorker, short key. He can hit one out, like, you know, I had survery, whatever's name is we want to pronounce it. I, I don't think it's, I don't wanna just sacrifice that much offense for the defense when I think they'd be fine defensively their way. I agree. I'm not called item. Knock if they do not have if they do not have Didi for awhile CRA game, I'm giving them less than fifty percent chance of winning the game. Okay. So the the injury is to his right wrist. I guess it was jammed when he slid home, can we stop sliding headfirst home? It just never works out. It would jammed up. He didn't even realize until this morning. That's why like you see him celebrating after the game. Although I don't remember seeing him too much in the post game celebration for the quenching the playoffs. But he said in the morning was very sure. So they checked it out. I'm just gonna pull the quote isn't encouraging quote out there. I have some movement in there. They say, like they say these things like this happened other players. Some of them have played through. We're going to see how it goes. It feels better if it feels better, I'll be back in there so we can make that playoff decision. I would not want to sit out and watch that water game. He's up there high level optimism. He can return this year. I think he'll be back. I, I think I'm a little uneasy that it's the right wrist and that's throwing wrist and really no room d. h. him because that FOX up the outfield and stands pretty much got a d. h. or judge whatever they decide, it will be. It'll be sen- by. I mean, we'll see how he took a course on shots at ice will see Iraq's tomorrow on a lot more tomorrow big day. Yeah, he wakes up and he's still massive pain that will suck no doubt about corrobos texting on the side is very weird, like dead serious. Like he'll be back like I've had the same injury, blah, blah, blah. Knowing fuck about you had the same injury, he'll play through it. So you know that cards coming de camp, big play through it. And I in my sixth grade little neighbors league twelve in when I was twelve sick, the fucking man shared good for you. We will not do anything. The playoffs past Walker game without de grace case in point need the gotten a lot of this shorts, the feeling ability with the combination of his hitting having career year. He's twenty seven home runs on the year. It would be devastating one of our best that are, where are you? If you wanna save this relationship? A wildcard game lineup, Gary, Roman. We're saving that for later we're gonna get into that in like two topics. We're gonna do a whole while card line on roster starter. Do wanna get back to today, Boone decides the not use any of the important guys. So on Saturday, the bull was great, extends the games, extra innings allowed Hicks, the walk for the win in that game. We used pretty much everybody. We used Chad, green Chapman Batanes his Britain, holder and Canley all combined scoreless. The four hits total of struck at a billion people that is exactly. The formula we want for the playoffs. Dobbs didn't have that on Thursday, the socks. But today he pretty much the that everyone is unavailable aside from Canley. So happy of the spy innings. One run seven ks. He's got a lead for him three one who you bring in the sixth inning in pretty much every game playoff game at this point with how close the as our and obviously with with the as losing today, a win would have been massive. Like the season Ville. Right? He AJ Cole. Why are you doing so that he so bad? So bad is the worst. He's the worst pitcher we have on the team. I put Sesing over him white. It's almost eight since the start of August, he had a nice little run in may or June whenever it was I, I would hope that he does not pitch another meaningful inning this year. Oh, will you're wrong? He's going to. I don't think I, I mean, look when it's it's hopefully the keys by like Friday night of clinch the first wildcard, and then Sarah Sunday, Jake cultures throws eighteen innings. They just start a both games just don't take out, save everyone else, human sacrifice. Who is that guy in the Mets? Got the Mets who just let him go out here. Like fifteen runs in inning, and he just retired after the game. Like do that day. Jekyll. Just keep out there like you're not coming out until you. I'm saying that enough. So coal comes in how many out you think edgy Koga. I'm gonna guess between zero and a half, he got euro actually got zero hitting get one out, gives us a good fifteen pitches magic. Give three runs net span. You're fucking disaster gives to home runs. Finally, Boone takes him out brings in Canley. Kelly does give up a run, but you know what? Kelly started the inning which lead, but now that run with five, three fucking disaster. And then Sessoms in it says a actually was okay, three innings, one run, but still like you need these caves man, and you're throwing me cold canyon Sessa you mean to tell me holder, let me let me check pitch count from Saturday, like us. Wanna see what would what we're dealing with here, who couldn't have possibly I understand Chapman trying to eat him back in. Unless you're eating pitchers, which is, I don't know if you pull up ahead of me or two if you wanted also wanna see a bitch Friday real quick, so which we not go back to back here. Okay. So Britain would have been three in a row. Robinson, been free. Narrow Robertson would have been from six pitches on Friday. Batanes is through relevent on Friday. Okay. So. What second? So maybe say holder could have pitched again will certainly I think is available with the reclining yesterday juice fucking last week. I think holder could have given trad green for sure. Chad green eighteen pitches. I think he can give you another NSM Delon anistan Britain. But I think Robertson and Chad green at holder could easily been used for one inning each, I don't think is an Canley and he did use Canley. I agent Colin Sessa in in a two run baseball game is insane. And then yeah. Oh, that's just that's crazy to me. They don't make if they don't win the home field because of that fucking game at, that's just insane. God damnit that piss me off a lot. I just didn't make a lot of sense to me and just fair. On agent coal to what. Some because on EJ coal to. Yeah, you gotta get outs. I mean, you're majoring pitcher. Sheffield. Yeah, that's what I mean. I understand. You didn't call him up to like pitching the most meaningful spas. They really just call them up because might as well. But I mean, I can we pitch Justice, Sheffield, one of these innings. I don't think that's a. That's a few vanities gonna be working in the playoff roster? Yeah, even Tarpley I mean, and it sounds like Sonny gray was being saved because they might use him as an opener slash starter in when these games. Tampa. Which honestly sounds like a disaster. That sounds like a lost cause. But yeah, that pissed me off a lot at this meal. What silhouette Saturday night? Yankees, clench playoff spot. Where were you in terms of if they should have celebrated? You know how hard they should have already, would you? Would you think about it? I was, I flip flop throughout the whole day, started the day thinking that shouldn't have celebrated wait till you secure the home field, and then I decided. All right. Well, you don't know if you're gonna get that home field. You might as well. It's baseball. You celebrate. Everything. So you might as well just do it? Yeah. I mean as much as I wasn't ecstatic about it, like I get it, they had a celebrate because I was not one of the division. That's cool, right? And the first wildcard, you don't know if you're going to get, and then if you don't get any end up with the second wildcard, they needed to celebrate it all. It's a long season. They've won ninety five games. They're gonna be in the playoffs there in the ornaments. So I understand them reflecting on it. He's been a a rocky season and you want to celebrate. But me personally, I wasn't like, I'm usually glued to my TV for the the post game celebration because they all along culmination of I wasn't really feeling that way like it didn't see my. This is such an awesome celebration. I still feel like things are down. Dan, I don't just lose the division like basically two days prior and not feeling super confident with how they're playing right now. I wasn't like, hell. Hell, yeah. Hell yeah. This been such a great season. Let's all take take a minute and step back so, but I get it. I I understand why? Why did celery I do think it was reserved celebration. I don't think there were. I think a lot of the vets like you didn't see said about the it really at any of that, even Severino believe is off to the side. Not really doing much there were it was basically and hard labor really were the only ones celebrate those guys. News or it's time ever in the playoffs Carla Gallo. For sure, and I never problem with it and I think it was a quick one. I think the celebrations pretty much over before even thought it with, you know, like they were showing something else on. Yes. Before I even like really oh well, it's been like six minutes. Okay, so I think that's fine. If you're going to sell it begs the biggest thing to celebrate and disappointing last couple of months. But at the end of the day is team's gonna win close to one hundred Dame's and they had a lot of injuries and they're still when their full strength. They're just as good a chances. The next team to win the World Series south Naina Silva, however many wins they end up with. Let's say it's ninety. Nine ninety eight hundred nine out. I believe they will be like the worst ninety. Nine win team ever. Oh, without question. I mean it's whatever new and it's the same way as talking as for homecoming yesterday, I saw a friend of mine I used to work with is big Yankee fan base. He's saying the same thing. I don't know why, but it's just this team doesn't his don't do in a one game playoff through this twenty seventeen. He's twenty eighteen gang twenty seven to twenty eight twenty seventeen every single time even though they're end up winning eight less games. Yeah, I think there was a GM sentence. I don't know if I chose or not, but especially like I mean in terms of like momentum, do you believe in momentum heading into the playoffs? And it's like, yeah, have you ever fucking fifty fifty of five hundred two months heading into the playoffs rather than like winning. Seventy percent of games last month. Like I'm gonna take it seems totally believing momentum. I don't even care how many wins you have for the year. Who cares about? We didn't April and June and July when you had a rocky fucking August-September like, that's, that's really all it. Mad gotta get your hawk going him. That's why I kinda like like if one of those NL like the rocky, forget what the Rockies seems like those teams that are just like really gotten going lately, like the cardinals, those that they get in, like who knows dangerous teams and I, yeah, I worry about the Anki for sure, not having momentum and not having that spark that the that the seven hundred seventeen did. So yeah, it's not great. I do wanna pull up. Judge said something after the game, I was focused on Voight to. I wanted to see. I mean, active urban, celebrate. I I was reflecting back like that guy in June was was fighting for at bats in Saint Louis on a team that was not not time that time they were not good. So they weren't ground make the playoffs. They had to go on a tear to get to the point there in right now, but he's twenty seven years old. So at that point in your career, you have to think like my ever gonna get a chance here, like it's twenty seven like baseball players from the twenty seven like, you know, you pretty much know what you know what you're gonna do. The rest of your career. You're going to be like this, this guy full around teams, and you know, maybe gets a, you know, plays first base to the seven days a week, like at best. So it gets he's thinking and flesh for two months later, he's like the hottest in baseball is the most homers in last month in business key cog on an almost hundred win team. Yes, I wanna pull the quote real quick. Judge had a great judged who's like, I know what you're talking. I was a captain quote. It was very Catholic. I just I quote to so harm up pulled up, but it was very, it was a very well the, you knew like he, he took it well, like, did. Walk me. I was struggling these moments in life. This is an embarrassing this way. I mean, I guess they didn't tweet thought really thought he did really thought retweeted got Brennan Cody those hoped Judd said he pulled aside Luke void during the celebration quote, we wouldn't be in this position right now. If it wasn't for you, you coming over here. I know it was a slow start, but you picked it up and you picked us up. We needed the big hit. You came through for us. I mean, that's awes- magin hearing that from it's awesome, but it's just it's a long thing to say to somebody in the middle of champagne just pull. That's like, that's the. I mean, judge wasn't drunk, but Luke vitamin. But like that's like when you pull your best friend over the bar. Usually the bar. That's it. It's like, I love you, man. It's not like I love you may everything we've well, I guess sometime this kind of long like our guys like, can we go. Can we go drinking. Lovely boy, a heat, three who's three halted? I some, I didn't expect the c. show I got. Let's talk about next wildcard roster, which is sort of easier to predict because you can throw less starters on the roster and you know it's different from the aled. Yes, roster where you have to really narrow down because you have to bring on your starters too. But so I got here. We'll narrow down the twenty five. So I will start with our lineups. This is if DVD's play, and I think Dede will be playing. So I've got mccutchen and left judging right Didi shortstop, Stanton age. I've got void hitting fifth as the first baseman. I've got an Hartford base hits center. Gary, catching glared second. I feel like that's the right one. Yeah. I really question here is Gary hitting eight, which they did that on Saturday liked it. I think he deserves today. I think he's I've probably I would have Hicks leadoff. I think I was twenty behind that. Mccutchen just has a higher will be. That's really just went with, but I don't know because it's gonna be gets fires. You want the guy mccutchen owns fires. She want more bats. Oh, yeah, that's true. I was thinking too. Yeah. I just love Hicks in that. I mean what's so he's three sixty four on the air. I think the Yankees maccagnan's like four hundred overpaid. Yeah. I mean it's a smaller sample three sixty all on the ear Hicks. Cy three sixty nine to three sixty four. I'm just trying to, you know, cut since four twelve with the Anki. So I like, I don't know. I just like kicks more in. I didn't think about the fires, but yet you know what? If it's fires, I go mccutchen one. If it's anyone else I liked kicks. I for the Wiggins really haven't seen a cut in hit lower than liked third that this team or cleanup. Yeah. So feel like they're just the, I guess, I guess we'll change it. It's fires right of I'd probably put onto our of voy-. I still trust in more at this point. Okay. Narrate a, yeah, I'm I'm almost would put reminded I tweet over the weekend on you saw that. But I like pretty much gave up on Gary and I like wanted to take it back, but I'm like, and then 'cause he did get ahead today. And next any strikes like, you know what? No, this guy takes like he can't hit the minding one eighty two. It's not like there's it's if he was a great if he's a great hitter. He has been the past couple of years. You would be able to live with the bad defender. He was an average hitter this year. You'd be able to live with, you know, average defense, he's a bad hitter and a bad catcher. There is nothing to this objective war should be like negative ten this year. He's a bad hit right now. He's a bad catcher at you just know there's going to be passed, falls in the game. You know, two wild pitches that probably should just be passed bald, look, I understand he has that type ability where with one swing, he could change the gate me on his arm is the really the big. It's not even his his one swing, his arm. He does control more did throughout a guide today. I did read that Romans costly percents this year with Gary is like almost even so really not good. Yeah, I, I don't know. I end it just he's not. He's just not a great hit. The once wing to me doesn't make up for everything else because he just hasn't had that many big kits enroll mine with. If there's a an opportunity with runner in scoring position in one out or so much. That runner. I want Romana up there for sure. I want real mind up there instead of Gary. So it's I mean, Boone said it's going to be Gary. So it's. Conversation, but I honestly would consider I consider doing it roll much. Yeah, I think I think the decisions should be had. It's just just have. I've been the biggest, Gary guy like I've hung on everyone else pretty much fell off the cliff. And I just like on a something happened this week and I was like, fuck this. What are we doing? What happened. She's like, what are we? What are we doing here? Why are we forcing selves to just have these past balls? Like I understand that while if he does start, Gary will come out of that game late for romance. You likely won't have the pass while you're way like, I can't imagine Gary catching like Britain in the eighth. That's that's. Yeah, we're chatting with that. Just what had or you know the flu side of that is though if reminds start which again will. But if remind did start, you would have probably gallery coming off the bench lately, games for one hit run at that depending on the situation. Right? Yeah, it's Gary. So the, it's a new cover. People who are acting like urinating, you don't know baseball. If you want us to moment of the lineup urinate, I hate you. I hate your guts. If you think watch the gene that expe- people think they know like he's guys sticks. Tell me that it's not even discussion. You're an idiot. If you think that it's fine if you think Ari desert should start, I get that, but to sale at Google. Real goal is one of your more. Yeah. I mean, and also I didn't give up on him for his career. Like I've given up Greg birds career. I just. I just coming up on our screw either. Don't with him for this year. Like I'll see more done for him for the wild card game because it's such a y'all, a winner, go home situation like I don't want one passed ball, the siding, my season, so I just rather be safe and do Roma. That'd be just my guts. Also my line of them we just gave. That's what I think will happen. That's not what I would do by were their role. Mine will be hitting like eight or nine for sure, but this is not going to happen. Okay. So I guess we could do a lineup in case, so let's dis not playing nut game, then what do you do? So I want Walker in for him. They sliding up for the three hole. And you're up. I was just gonna say, I maybe Hicks. White looks enrich all the righties then I'd probably go mccutchen drudge. Hick Stanton, Andrew, heart Voy. Walker disclaimer hit lasted any line of you. You just like turning him over like that? Yeah. I mean, it's had success so, and it's not like there's going to be someone awful, awful, awful in the lineup that you need to have blow. Well, role mind would be that guy. Well, yeah, but he's not gonna be right. Okay, she would so, yeah. Okay. So we would go, we would go with the Walker glacier, short lineup, and then hetch of our coming in for defense later shifting, glare back the second. I think that's a consensus move. But so that's what we would do. If you ask me what will happen I had if DVD's out hatch will start short. I think they'll just secure there and they'll have Walker come off like a bat also bench had should be the starting shortstop in glee replay, second, not what I want, but I think that's what would happen. I think it's a possibility for sure, but. I don't know to me Walker Labor's is good enough defensively, okay. Chanel will go to to the wildcard roster. So we've named are nine, let's this will be the whole thing will be if DD spot, because I think that will be most likely thinks named are nine. How many starters do you put on that roster for the Welker games. Starting like started pitcher for once. I believe it's a different roster for the LDS like you can just. Yeah, yeah, recites right. So I probably go in before that Bill. That's actually do. Who is your walk charter right now wants to that. I'm so torn that Severino star changed everything. I know boy every that's all we wrote were we, I kept saying this said he has the ability to just leapfrog everyone with one good start like that. And it's been too good. Starts row. So capable of just imploding though, and he just got shell by Oakland in his last start. Yeah. I mean, part of me thinks that he may just like take is nuts and be like here it is. I'm still one of the best pitchers in baseball and just have that shutdown start, but we'll know in the marriage. You'll know. I mean, you could always just hope he has it in him and if not, you just make it a bullpen game. Zeyer it. I. Man, I'm probably going. It like just sound crazy to start Jay half over Severino this point, not at this point, but just like in general, like Jay, have the journeyman veteran lefting Severino's a electric. You know. Cy Young candidate last year hadn't Yorio under two for half the year this year and Tanakh. I was all I, I'm still all on Tanakh. I know he had a Beth Oregon's the Red Sox, but I don't think that's totally knocking out of it. I'm going to go. Is so hard. I'm staring. Part of me party makes it feel like at least he got that stinker out of the way against the Red Sox. I people that go, Allie starter. He can't pitch against Boston, will won't be Boston. I'm just saying he just in the LDS that would have. I don't know if I feel good about the thing is though if Chevron knows back, we all of a sudden have a plan for. It's like a pretty good for sure. You don't know. So is lined up for Friday. So he is. He is lined up to pitch that game to say, but technically everyone else because you would assume so Tanaka Reno. I don't remember. These objectives are pitching Tampa because it really so I think so. Sounds like sonny's gonna start tomorrow or at least Monday when you're hearing this and they're gonna look the push back everyone a day. I believe that's what's happening try counter like, or he starting to announce, where's my phone? If I'm looking? I see here at Severino tomorrow, but that wanna make sense. I think they would put great Amaro maybe. And then that way Severino would have a week. 'cause you're not gonna starts every note Amaro and then having weight of a week. Today's actually for the wild card game Tuesday's the day, they don't have anyone announce. So maybe seven is pitching Monday. That's, but he he if he pitches Monday than what he throw them out of the bullpen on Saturday, maybe and he starts Wednesday, I don't like that. Open. I also like having them wait nine days, right? Don't like that either. Yeah, I it's why thinks sunny, I think is gonna. I would think they do the bullpen thing where it's sunny, maybe that's why they were holding off everyone today from pitching one name of the trying to get them all in a Monday at it's not doesn't make me feel great. If you asked me who is going to start the game, like just predict it not who I want. It's gonna be Severino who want is hat. I want I wanna grumble pitcher who had can rely on whose pitch well against this team. He pitched he held a one hit in that in that started Oakland on he, you know, you're gonna get five. This excruciating 's only star the with the, he's Detroit, but they also c. j. half getting knocked around for life. Four runs items and it's like, wow, we just started Jay half over have well, that idea you don't really get that would Severino. It's like, okay, well, you pitch your best guy like, fuck you. Gotta go right ship a point. I get that half but side from one team. He. Struggles against his whole career. I mean, what is have done to make you think like he can get knocked around like that? He's going to give you five to six. Good. He's gone. I don't know. Maybe I go, I, it's tough. It really is tough. Try how many lefties to Oakland has time ahead, Chapman, Lowry. Larry, switch dread lower switches switches. Okay. Pretty Paul. Some lefties. Damn, yeah. Okay. Gun in my head is Chevron does start the game. I think he's gonna pitch well against in his starting Tampa, the as if he pitches well, Tampa like Boston locked. It's over like it will be. It'll be. I hope I just the decision is made easy by the end of this week, casing think on call today that decisions all ready made that he did Severino. I've seen that around too, but I don't know. Okay. So let's say Severna. Do you take another starter and the roster? Yeah, I would still take. So looking at last year is can at last year's thing before. So they had, let's see. They had. They only carry ten pitchers overall said Severino. Chad green Batanes his warring keenly gray Robertson chatman c. seen tree. So this is our rosters yet. Wildcard roster what startles I had written down here. By the way, the lions are just absolutely taking it to the New England Patriots right now. I don't know what. Routes, you bet the patriots lions first-quarter as lock. Quarter or quarters. No. Got Delon roll this. It's to Canley three Robertson four Britain, five green, six holder, seven than obviously to starter would be eight. You're gonna go one other starter just in case nine. And then I think you need a lefty in their aside Chapman. So I don't think they can take Sheffield right now, but heart so Tarpley I think they might take him just for the hell. And that will give you ten through starters, eight relievers. I'm probably putting Severino Tanakh at half all new all three. Yeah, I think so. Just to have them in case it goes, Casey run into a seventeen inning game or something. At least you have multiple guys that you feel somewhat comfortable in given disaster heavy, go to disaster. So I would go those three not now. No shots. No, that's funny. Delon Chapman Robertson keenly Britain. Green told her. So how many is that? How many pitchers that? That's ten? I think ten is the numbers that's that's what I. Yeah. Awesome. If anything they're likely to carry, eleven pitchers more than like, not. I think they'll carry ten to eleven. Okay. So let's say it's ten than you got the nine position players in the line of nineteen in need six more. Got remind Gardner yet, Walker head, chevelle area. I think Tyler Wade has to be on there for a pinch running opportunity. And do you Detroit. So wait. I'm trying to think so. We have nine for art to their room for one more. So this is a sumo is playing. This is swimming TD's plying. She of Ronnie possibility bird alleys, any chance of that hope not. I would hate that. Yeah, to raise I get burned. I could see if we're doing more of a prediction. I could see bird may be getting the nod just because they they want that one swing. That would be a disaster. I mean, I would get show drummed if he came up in a tough in like basis loaded spot in like thirteen dinning I would. I would drink all the high action. I think they're going to end up probably end up carrying eleven pitchers and then just good bring with guys on the bench. But you grew taller way though. Right? He's got to be there. Yeah, for the running head for the defense garner still has to be on just, oh, yeah, runner name armor replacement. Yeah, that'd be. I think that'd be stunning garden. It was on. Yeah. Fueled. Right lead, I guess. So, yeah. Yeah, probably a rat. I, I think maybe I may just carry eleven pitchers and then probably it's Tarpley. Eleventh. See, I guess. So. Okay. How many starters they keep on the roster last year. Did you say that three? There was three starter seven relievers last year. Okay. Okay. All right. We talk about that I would go. Yeah, I would go. I wouldn't go against. I wouldn't go against last year. So three starters, and then you're looking at, we really want two, three, four, five, six, seven, ten. I do eleven relievers, throw Tarpley in there as a lefty or Sheffield. I don't think you can put Sheffield on there. I mean, you're not gonna put those guys in. That's like an emergency slot and that any go five players on the bench. I think that's fine. I may put in like. Scraps that I put in CC over Tarpley. Oh yeah. This point. Yeah, I wasn't. I mean, for if we were gonna go to lefty, I'd rather go to CC than Tarpley outta. Sure. That'd be so weird. Men. She she's warming from the thirteenth. Inning crushed. All right. Let's go to send DM's this week's DMZ sponsor by stamps con. These days you can practically get everything you want on demand like our podcast. You can listen whenever you want. Whenever it's convenient for you. Conveniences, all what the world is about. You know your your, your food from the from your bed. I her Domino's Friday night, electric. You know, you can watch TV shows whatever you want, do whatever you want, the move, whatever stamps calms your you for that. All you need, which stamps you access all the services of the post office, right? Wherever you are wherever you are you by imprint, real US postage for any letter. Any package is available twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week. All you do is click print mail. You're done by being a boom, Samsung com. Even send you a digital scale where you can wear your letters. Packages imprint, the exact mountain, the postage every time a right now, you use the promo code short. The special offer four retrial which includes postage a digital scale. You go to stamp dot com before you anything else, and you kind of radio from the top, the homepage type in short at stamps dot com. Enter short. You gotta do stamps. We're doing stamps. You gotta descend. Everyone's doing stamps, get onboard, Santa. All right. Let's go DM's quick about to live bet the patriots am deathly gone to. Yeah. On an a hole this week. This hopefully I mean it's going to be like, what do you think? Plus two hundred eighty? Are you crazy. They're picking they're picking that. You don't think second quarter, ten, nothing. Do you know any outside the lines of the ball? I think it's patriots. Pick plus two hundred things not loading. No. I mean, maybe if they score this touchdown, it'll be plus one fifty. It's New England Patriots to comeback from everything. First question here from a JC on a scale one to ten, how how confident are you that the world that the wild card game will be played in the Bronx. Scale of one? Well, just percent. I'll say it's like a seventy percent chance gets playing Brooks. Okay. So you're gonna be way lower than that, then it'd be fifty fifty. I on the game itself. I'm going to be like fifty fifty on getting getting it like seventy percent chance just because even if that the eighties like. The Oakland catcher plus one twenty eight right now Apple's one thirty eight. Anyway, I'm actually gonna wait till the end of this. Dr. He should should help Detroit scores, and then you can get money I want or take a lot of spread. I would put it out. Yeah, like seventy five percent. If they had one today, that'd be up like eighty five ninety, but they didn't. Who would this is from Ben bell? Who would you want that next year? Britain or Robertson? I think this easy one. Easy Britain, yeah, rusty young younger, right. I would think so. Yeah. And just has been more dominant has been better this year. I think it's easy. It's just like, I just don't want to walk tight ropes anymore. I'm pretty cough more than it was gonna definitely call more. Yeah. I pay, they'll be fine. Paying money in this, don't you work? They're going to spend plenty of it. They will have plenty of my gives Akron a one year Provea deal to have him. Just go bananas at he'll wanna prove a deal to feel like he can t nosing get his off is value even higher. I think he's going to be a multi year deal. Believe in that. Yeah, maybe to to your deal. I just think he he's gonna year two for will. Now that's a lot. I don't know the market though. So. Thirty to thirty. I said, oh, q for thirty. Yeah. I mean, it's not my money we're spending. So Michael Pell says, do you think the fact that we don't have? This is the momentum question. We did that the fact we won't be momentum will impact this year absolately on e. momentum. And final question will be from Nick, Tompkins. I don't like Sanchez in line about all, but I understand the threat. However, why is the consistency avoid in? Why is he consistently ahead of voting laboring lot, I would bat Sanchez, less no reason have one your best in tours batting, lest yesterday's lineup Saturday's referring to a little better than it has been with Sanchez at eight, but still I would put Voight glaze over Hickson Sanchez z. saying, like, why isn't Sanchez's consistently eighth wise towards batting ninth I do like about a night. I like how he turns lineup over your show many hitters when this is a fully healthy lineup, that light, whoever's gonna hit. Ninth is going to be like, you know. Why is that cutting knife? But it's not like Shane Robinson is in the lineup anymore. So assuming he's artfully health. I mean, if like head survivor ends up in the lineup that he's probably ninth assuming they're fully healthy. Gleyber nine. He's had success theory turns the lineup over well, and I dunno, it's it's not in ninth for its eighth isn't a huge difference. So I have no problem with him knife. Yes, same. But with Gary, I think he should make. He deserves his and finding spark with them. Then we have an amazing or any eighth who figure it out. So he still dangerous centering for sure. But he's, he should not be taking up Voight or and harse spot or any of those guys hitting out of, you know he or Hicks. He should be below all of those people. He's he's a waste of spot if he's anywhere above those people right now, it's hard. But yeah, that's our show. So we got four in Tampa. God help us, please. Please just win towns of ours house of horrors win to you, win three of the great Neil. God damn good thing is Boston does no reason Boston's gonna like pitch their guys, I guess in that series, like we're like, go hard like no one's gonna, go deep in that game. So. Yeah, it's at least dot full of a week. None means. Oh, it's going to be just pray for DeeDee at this point. Pray that that man searched is some feeling in his hand when he wakes up and and he's able to do it, God. Damn, that sucks. That's that. Suck the here. I just can't believe boom broker the way he did. It's like, oh, you don't deal assuring of the year. Shooter this this, but let's reliance driving. All right. L. that log money long by the way, guess he's Mickley when I mean being that Browns and thank goodness, the first win. Hey, was I brought them the win. Utterly they have literally me and also. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I rooted for the Browns my my best friend Yemen going to go into polling territory and Rufa the jets. I don't any. I don't any allegiance to the jets. Fuck that. Is this fun being plus my. I mean my the jets fans, we're with got it. This rate, I mean, Browns fans are ruthless. People like drop the hard f-bomb at not the word. Fuck. When we walked in, like welcome to Cleveland blank, like their law. There are like, you would just you. So you would expect that from Browns fans. They're just miserable people like you're not gonna walk into a team. That's when one game in three years in have them be like, hey, how're you up onto our city? Opium joy your night? Yeah. That was actually someone in my hotel was the short porch that was so many so many, the elevator. I was like, what? Why raise here his a few people at a homecoming yesterday said that they were fans for homecoming, you guys will say Chevy. Have you ever been Cleveland? Yes. So the ankles there in twenty. Twelve. Okay. I might have mentioned this on Wednesday show, but I mean, there are I, I'm just convinced no one lives in Cleveland is show up the Browns games because walking around that city for all Wednesday and even Thursday, I, they just have so many buildings in hotels and just no way is enough people in that city that only cities like that though. Like I, I've been like, Houston, was I Houston last? I know whenever I wasn't. He Sten last. I thought the same thing, Dallas. I've thought that there so many cities like New York is the so so busy that ever else just feels empty. Gets her that dealt with now working in New York definitely, definitely has got that is just that Brown was rocking they have this, oh, h ozone, which I guess is in Ohio State song, and it is fire. It's just like decides, got such a good be to the place was just Ray of this. They do the dog pound bark. It was just, oh my God, what a one atmosphere. I probably said I never know Yankee playoff game. So in terms of atmosphere, style number one, sports atmosphere been like just people didn't know what to do with themselves, and it wasn't like after game. Like they let us outlet, those city on fire. But like ever they were a little reserve. Those Browns have no idea how to clear out a stadium. The Yankees don't know how to bring people into the stadium, but the Browns how how to let people out because his stupid lake, right the stadium. So like you can only go one direction. So I was graph edges, don't jump into the lake stuck. I was. I mean, if they have lost if they had lost that game, like, I'm sure that would suicides. But the fact. That dropped it. The fact that it took us like twenty five thirty minutes to just exit the air. Like we got out of the stadium, but walking to an area where like the weren't a lot of people took thirty minutes. We were just in standstill what walking traffic for twenty five thirty minutes. So like the bars filled up ships which went the casino and then we drank few bars. But like it wasn't like I was expecting respecting the city clue, not even know how to handle a win and just below itself up did not happen. So it's why I'm here. But overall good trip. I will not be traveling officiel feature because it is time to just lock in for the. I mean every game is a playoff game. At this point I be going Oakland if it's in Oakland, which would be horrifying. So let's pray. I'm read. I know on going roughing rally and that's that Friday, October fifth. So that would be if he's got passed up one Handke's Red Sox, which would suck to only be like half all in that. But yeah. Otherwise at sons growing you off Frankie cheeses on my own Thuc. Oh my God. I'm not thinking about that gives me already, but let's just hope it's in New York. So Dallas brain has come on here. I've had enough doubt spring Moee. That guy tries to me if every game we win, they win any. Actually, they gained like seven games in one day on us, and they're coming death, Dallas. I know the Oakland a.'s are here fucking tweet. Me every day said, hey, helps you up like we won the same could today, like I say, Dallas going to have to work that game regardless rate. No, I don't think so. As on. Sure. Yes. Our doesn't like broadcast a playoff. It will be like cribbing post game. Oh yeah. But like during the game hill, like she would sit with us. I don't wanna go to Oakland Oakland fucking up. I don't wanna deal with that and San Francisco in general, just bad vibes. All we need to. We need to win four games just win four games this week, and then make Oakland make Oakland go undefeated. So we have to win four. I dare you to go on the field. I really wish I didn't just say that like definitely wanted feed. Yep, that's our show. Pray dis. Okay. That was terrible. Will be back here on Friday. Hopefully talking about a sweep in Surat in the drop, but we definitely won't be. Right. The sit in. I'll tell you see. Bowed on the. And stand. Lois you say the end.

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