Diane Witch Hazel


Hi, this is Mark news for plan. Talk radio. Thanks for subscribing and listening to our plan to the week podcast. Brought to you by bodied products family made in America, visit by dot com to find a retailer near you each week plant talkradio's Fred how're focuses on the plant. That would be a great addition to your landscape now for this week's Bonn, I products plant of the week. Well, outstanding plan actually in the landscape is a witch Hazel, but a red flowering variety of one of the best read flying is could Diane so Hemos into media Diane, and it's a beautiful copper to read flower right on the stems of the plant and one of the things blooming in this late winter time period easy to grocery. We'll get quite large over time. But not a problem. I don't think eight to ten feet easy to prune right after flowering. And also a bonus of nice orangey red fall color. I actually even like the summer. Just nice green healthy looking leaves. But so you get that three season plant and on the witch Hazel the shape of the plan is very nice to kind of nice stem structure. And so the Diane which as all full sun to light shade, sometimes grow under big toiletries. So that's a nice thing to do and put it somewhere where you can. Appreciate it in the winter against the backdrop of the frost in the snow. So don't hide it away. In the yard somewhere. You may not get to in the winter. Make sure it somewhere prominent and enjoy that which as oil and a mix border. It could be a specimen or a grouping of three or four and just a great plan to having the in the winter the right things up a little bit. Thanks again. For listening to our podcast brought to you by Baen. I'd products at Bonn dot com. Plan. Talk radio offers other podcasts as well. Including our daily your gardening question podcast and our weekly plan. Talk radio all available on I tunes or your preferred podcast player. If you have a plan suggestion for Fred cinema male. Fred at plan, talk radio dot com.

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