Local Hour: Miami Marlins


The Dan Le Batard, Woodstock Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC horse racing in my right? Are we starting with that? Or do you want to start with the war that broke out here because of who who know rules? Yeah. Well, ROY kinda likes to make his own rules as we've learned we'll get to that. In a second. Thanks horse racing in my right? It's all the talk. It's what everyone's talking about. Everyone's an expert. Everyone cares. So many tweets did you guys watch. I've no idea what happened. I know that there was confusions somebody want a horse one while we can go out horse racing with other horse racing. Chris it turns out is our horse racing expert. We found that out on Friday. We were having we were going to call uncle dick to tireless about horse racing. But he didn't answer the phone, and then we were gonna call Allison's bomb Dadi, but she didn't answer the phone, and then we wanted to talk to Hank, but that didn't work out. And then we found out all this time. Chris knew everything about horse racing that we needed to know. Oh, and then we accidentally hung up on. Well, not accidentally relying on a guy because we thought that he said something raises towards Puerto Ricans. But it turns out that we just misheard what he said. So that was unfair celebrating a jockey that was Puerto Rican. And he said stay away from X horse because something and go with this horse because he's Puerto Rican. But somehow the only person that heard it correctly was Chris, and we heard stay away from this guy because jockeys Puerto Rican. But that's not what he said. So we quickly pull the plug on him. And he said, no, no, Puerto Rican slander on this show. But there was no Puerto Rican slander, and we made him look, so, sir. If you're listening today, call back in because I believe. Wanted to talk about lazy rivers at Atlantis. And we're down for that. Anyways. Now that we're all caught up. So Chris is our horse racing expert. And there was controversy this year at the Kentucky, Derby maximum security, the horse that won the Florida derby. So it's not the horses not from here. But it kind of became, you know, south Florida's horse since it won the Florida derby, so maximum security one its way to the derby. It was like the to start the day at the derby. It was like the fourth or fifth favorites so horse that could have won and long story short at one. It was a wet track real sloppy. I was actually at Gulfstream fort where the Florida derby is. So like, you could tell that people. There were rooting for it, and you are a horse racing Defoe. There's our Defoe goes he fo was not there. I did see some local celebrity there that I I don't know if I should say because what if he doesn't like what if he didn't tell his wife that he was there. I should just don't say just write it down. Okay. Well, we'll get back to Vini. No. My name might rhyme which moldy, but so so maximum security coming down the lane and he wins the race. And so everyone's excited. I actually had I actually had ten bucks. Why did you turn that into his wife might not have known? He was there. I mean that makes it seem bad me. What do you mean? All right. So you bet being at Gulfstream for the Kentucky Derby pack, their everyone's there. Yeah. That's why I'm wondering why you made it like a bad thing. Just I just saw I even saw Goldie out there. But I didn't say hi, I pointed like ours is really nice you should've. Hi. Goldie or confirming. He just said that was one of those instances we've talked about this before where I could have gone up to him and say, hey, I'm Chris from lebatardshow who would evacuate all excited to seem even though he really probably wouldn't have cared. So we would've just had this interaction where I just decided instead of having the awkwardness of hey, how you been? Oh, I remember that one time I show up sports bang. Yeah. That was fun. These one of the nicest people, I know he's so nothing would have. I'm not this is nothing on him. I know he would have been completely night. What you've turned them into some sort of Philander. No. I'm just saying I didn't know if I should say his name because you just didn't rule it out. Right, right. I have just casually sits is quite the digress. I could've got crash religious said Goldie, and then turns out later on and turns into a big thing. Tim and his wife. Well, if it's going to happen. It's going to happen. This seven day just move on. Yeah. Let's just drop it before you besmirch him and some other maximum security wins the race. And everyone's excited. There's high fives. I might have had some money on maximum security. So it was happy. And then you I did. I had okay. Yeah. That's legal. Yeah. I know. That's why I'm wondering why you said, you might have, you know, I don't want to put my business say legal out. I have money on it. They're people's business out there a vested interest in maximum security winning so often and horse racing a horse race finishes. And then there's an objection. There's just something like there might have been some bumping. So there's a little waiting period, which is a common thing and horse racing. But usually a horse. Maybe just moves back like, you know, the winner becomes second-place. No, no, no. After like, ten minutes. People are saying this is a long objection like something's going on here. All of a sudden after ten minutes of waiting around. And this is never happened before in the Kentucky and the Kentucky Derby will what? Happened was maximum security the horse that won got disqualified. Why I should probably should have known the exact details before going into this whole thing. I think it was something like just veering like he veered into your day said that he didn't take like a normal path that that he got out of the way an intention cannot in the way of other horse. They can see in video that there seems to be whether it was on purpose or not like veering to cut off other horses. That's not legal those veering tend to happen when the track is somebody I I'm not a pro at horse bedding. But I would imagine that that seems like it'd be more likely to happen in a wet on a wet track. Where does this rank because I remember a couple years ago? There was that controversy where there was a picture taken during the Kentucky Derby where the guy was holding the the horse. It's not a whip. I don't know what you would call it. But he was holding it in a certain way that they deem to be illegal. Where does this rank in terms of Kentucky Derby controversy? Well, like you said, I don't think that the winning horse that like a winner was a winner happened. And then the Kentucky Derby. Qualified. I don't can't be happy ever happened. You can't be happy. If you're the winner, right? Like if you get awarded that win they go, congratulations. You just wonder because I saw the video. Oh, wow. You just won the Kentucky except you didn't win the Kentucky Derby because didn't finish in first place. So like you're getting kind of like the win. But you didn't actually win it. Right. So like on your resume is now, I'm winning jockey for the Kentucky Derby or my horse won the Kentucky Derby, and it's like, oh, let's see the video. Oh, yeah. Look, they know another another horse finished ahead of you, though. But you won the Kentucky Derby, congratulations. So as you dress. I was under dressed it because it's one of the things that if you're actually going if you're if you're at Churchill Downs at the Kentucky Derby, everyone is dressed up. But when you're at another track, that's not the Kentucky Derby, I'm thinking to myself. Like do I have to dress up? There were like I'd say a good twenty seven percent of people were you could tell they put on jeans and a button-down like they were doing extra effort. And then the how how many hats there was the women were wearing hats. I was with my wife, she wished she wore a hat. She saw enough hats that she felt like. She should have been wearing toss play event. Right. Was Greg there. Greg was not there. Greg actually had half. My I at ten bucks on maximum security. So that would have paid like fifty bucks. If he one half of that was great code an five you saw Greg Cody all over Twitter any wrote a whole column on it blasting maximums twenty this. He he he was invested. Hopefully, I'm not I'm just saying a bunch of things mean you're putting everyone's best. So. So he was actually he was actually just texting me because somebody tweeted at me, this was funniest thing from the sports weekend. Greg Cody getting irate over horse racing. And he is so livid about this that he text me this morning saying why is that funny? It's not the horse was one. His my dad tweeted out right when the race ended maximum security, and then the objection thing happened. So he had to go back and retract a celebration tweet. Did he retract saying may maximum security? So you had action on it. I did what was the reaction like Gulfstream near the betting windows there. It was there was an audible groan. I don't know what kind of grown. It could be. If it wasn't audible. But there were audible groans at Gulfstream when the official that he had been disqualified her sing mad. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I had I crumbled up my ticket and threw it away. And then my dad text me I wish you would have kept that ticket. It might be worth something someday. Like, the maximum security will could have been ticket. It was a celebration. Like when people did anybody tear up tickets thinking that they had laws. I mean, if if you're a rookie if you did that because any horse better or just better knows that when there's an objection you just keep your ticket because you never know what could understood but a lot of people betting the Kentucky. But I'm sure our new to all right? I'm sure that there were a handful of people and you're going to be mad because the horse that came in second that became the winner was one of the biggest underdogs in the whole race. Yeah. I'm sure this affected all sorts of fact as to act. Oh, yeah. Everything switched. Yeah. There has to be a real solid number of people that tore up their taking not really knowing what the deal yet. I saw there's always there's always a few people at tracks. That are like these guys are a little you can tell they're down on their luck. They're like scrummaging through garbage is oh, no. I've seen people because like a lot of times. There's so many tickets at tracks. Like just because once you lose a ticket. They're all over there on the ground there early next to the machine, it's one of the more satisfying things like I just lost his ticket, but I'm gonna tear it up into pieces and sometimes because like when you have a say put twenty bucks into a machine make a two dollar bet. Then I returned my balance. I have a thing for eighteen dollars slip that looks like a betting slip. I want to go to a machine that's what I mean. So that you could sell interaction there's often people who are walking around just looking at all the scrap paper's hoping to find some winning ticket some balance that someone left. That's the saddest thing. And almost all this is sports all of sports, you cannot find anything in the whole realm of the world of sports horse racing. Baseball soccer, like literally, these saddest thing is at a track seeing somebody rummaging through like old tickets just hoping to find something that they can redeem money for what was shmole wearing. He he looked like he was not like dressed to the nines. He you could tell he was out to maj. Now, it was dressed like the sixes. Trust had some like khakis on nice shoes all their shirt. He was on the he's got he had it. Right. Why does someone dressed to the nine? I don't know. He had it right though. There's a hole in the where were you on a number scale? I was I was wearing four like four, and I was wearing a collared shirt, but I went with my hand, of course. The twos. What hat you're wearing one of the Myrlie ads. We have a million of those hats. Yeah. Many actually if I if I'd say at this point. Yeah, I'm gonna need if I get it house. I'm like in the market for house. I might get a room a hammer hats, they had a lot of hats begin with. And then we're getting infiltrated. I like you're hat, by the way. I know. No one can see us when it's the Marlins read one do they will they ever actually wear that. No. It's just a hat. I really liked that. Let's get to know. Oh, wait, hang on. I'm getting to the origin address to the nines. Apparently, it was just a misunderstanding. Because in old English. It was written dressed to the which is is. But apparently, it's difficult to understand old English. So I'm became nine. And that's why people were dressed to the nines interesting to Ono. So ROY what we've had no arguments, you know, for years around here, they're they're famous will often be arguing TV where people come in here who know again, and we'll say, Yep. Who know ROY has this thing? All right. So I don't know if you're if you're people out there, but let's say in a game of let's pretend the four of us are playing in here. Billy me, ROY and Mike. Okay. I don't know why excluded Allison from this game. So let's say Billy puts down a plus for a draw four, Mike. So then I would have to draw four cards. If I have a. A plus too. I can put it on top of that. And all of a sudden ROY has to draw six that's ROY is always argue that's has claimed to have house games where someone it's going around. And so one has to draw thirty two because it's gotten that cumulative where people are putting down. Yeah. Ou know has responded, apparently, this is the big controversy. So mino- officially tweeted out if someone puts down a plus four you draw four and your turn is skipped. There's no there's no cumulative if you put down a plus through the next person does not draw six so Ohno has put a kabosh on this thing. And ROY what do you say to that? Because you've often argued about, you know, all the drawing my house my rules. How are your house rules ROY in like, do you do the like if someone puts like three can you then put down like your threes and all the colors 'cause I've seen that in some games. Yeah. Really? I play ROY rolls. I like this is the only way that I've known says own puts down a blue three, and you can put down seventeen threes if you have them in all different colors. That's right. That's that's how you do it in my house. If you draw draw, by the way, nonplus draw four if you call out the color, and you but draw to you can do on the draw to if not then to what four say that. Again, I'm confused when you put down a draw card yet the call a wildcard right yet. The call it a color. Well, if it's a wild card plus drying, jaw four is a wildcard color. Okay. So let's say I draw for I say blue. Yes. And if I have a blue draw to I can put down the blue draw to win the next person. Yeah. So it has to be the color. That's called by your rules. Heavy all willy nilly like that. Well, you're wrong though. Yeah. Oh, telling your only. Yeah. But again, my house we are rule. Hold on a second. So I'm playing with you. Right. And you put down a draw for right? And and you say blue right that might turn because I'm next then skipped after the four chords because I'd play games within. I'd have to put down a blue cord after that. And then I'm drawing for six days because I don't have any blues, and I'm continued to draw draw draw. There's no more blues in the deck. And then we have to flip it over. And he shuffled again. I think that's just the case when you're continuing to draw right? Because if it's your turn, and you don't have a play don't you keep drawing? Yeah. That's what I'm saying. But that doesn't happen on plus the plus is you pick up four cards, and then you're turnips live played both ways I played sometimes where that's my turn. And sometimes like, all right? Well, now, find a blue card and said, why don't have a blue card. So I need to draw forever. So in my house that takes way too long game ends up being thirty minutes. So just draw one corn. Let me ask you something. Keep saying in your house. I've never been invited to your house play. How many how are you playing Ono roadhouse Rune oh night? It's not that often. Like, you're pretty strict on these rules. If this is something that you do all the time. So. Steadfast like commandments for. No. But you don't actually play often. Yeah. I it's been I've been doing this for years years. But it seems like he play once a year. Now four times we have a child. Now, we have that rejoin where you claim to you could beat weighed in in, you know. Yeah. Yeah. I feel like you couldn't though because you've been playing with all these fraudulent rules, and it seems like you don't play that often. So you'd be out of practice. Oh, no, no. No, no. I would totally take way to the woodshed. And all right. So why don't we just do? This does not skill is it for really gonna strategy tax strategy strategist organization. Yeah. Every once in a while dumbed them a win by luck. But you have to have. They have all my cards in my hand. Do you guys? Get your colors like red reds. Gather all the yellow I'm not going to tell you my strategy, right? Because we're going to have a night of ROY sauce. Roy let's have a new tonight at your house, and let's publicly invite twain Wade, and if he doesn't come in. He's jerk would no work on the radio we could just play tomorrow absolute while we just play along as we audibly announced. I'm putting down as a yellow seven Royster. Let's just play at the New York event. How about that? Who why would that? Why would that be a better on stage play as well as somebody else? Does it'll be like the way they broadcast poker will have hold card cams. Yeah. I think that's the worst idea than just playing on the radio. I feel like playing, you know, isn't that something? Hey, roy. We're spit balling here. I like it. Yeah. Yeah. The events next week is he yeah. Jeez. Yeah. See weeks? We may have to play, you know, then at this point. Yeah. Yeah. Stu gods here for a few weeks. Now, I've been reminding you that mother's day is fast approaching now it's just days away. So one eight hundred flowers is here to help you pick out a gorgeous bouquet that'll show her. She's loved one eight hundred flowers has a mazing offers on beautiful mother's day bouquets and arrangements starting at twenty nine ninety nine. My mom loves the thirty six or bay roses. I get him for just thirty six dollars your mom's gonna love anything from one eight hundred flowers dot com. That's because everything is beautiful. And you're gonna love him as well because everything is affordable with an amazing selection of sweet treats bouquets, one eight hundred flowers has everything you need for mother's day. 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Geigo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance donlevatar. Stugatz remembered today that seven ninety the original incarnation. One of the options was seven ninety the shark. Yep. It was. The ticket the ball the shark at the wave seven ninety the wave was also another option, I think one of four three the squid was an option. Stugatz. I mean think about that seven ninety the octopus. Rocking your Pulis. These with our show with the stugatz on the ticket. Right. Been doing some thinking, oh, God the break and have an idea for you. What to moneymaking venture? So you should like this. Why don't you just blindly agree to it right now? No, right. So here's the deal. We have this event coming up needle, right? Yeah. Come on, ROY. We had this event coming up in New York, right? We have the theater rented. I'm assuming the entire day. Right. People aren't going to come in until whatever time it is that they come in. What time are they coming in? Does anybody know around six around six so ROY on thinking around three you just bring some people in and you charge them like fifty bucks a head for an tournament. But there's no actual prize the prizes. You know, you get to play, you know, with ROY. But you keep all the money. What do you think? Get some of that flight money for a need at think, that's a bad idea. Why I don't know. It's just an added thing. It's like the domino tournament almost. But it's it's a an Ono tournament. Those Donohoe domino tournaments have been pretty efficiently run. Yes. So should work out. Great. What do you think? I'll go. I'll be with you. I mean, it's New York you could do one of those sidewalk games. Right. And you just hustle people out of their dough your that could've anew. No play right and play ROY rules soy with you your game. Could be like I win from big daddy were no matter what you win. Yeah. Where people know going into it. I'm gonna lose to ROY. I'm I'm basically handing ROY fifty dollars is probably a bit steep. Let's say twenty five dollars. I'm handing ROY twenty five dollars to play a game with him chitchat shoot the breeze a little bit. And then you know, when the games done, I'm done twenty five bucks to hang out with ROY look each Throwdown a card in the onus is on you to explain to the person wine. Fact, they lost even though when looking at it on the surface, they should have won the hand. But the object of the game. Is you win? No matter. What bruno? Okay. All right. All right. So how do we do we do this? Should we set up an Email or do you want to just give your personal Email like how do we get people to sign up for this? Yeah. We didn't ROY ROY bell just set up a cardboard box outside of the Gramercy theatre next Saturday. And I think you'll be good to go. All right. So tweet at ROY don't hashtag Rune O R U N. Oh, if you wanna go and pay ROY twenty five dollars to play with him before the event. Now, you're not going to win any money. So you're just giving ROY twenty five dollars to play Luna with him. And you're gonna lose to ROY. Because it's Roy's rules in Roy's always always win. And you only get one hand. Yeah. You only get one hand, you just hope it takes a long time. In fact, if you're gonna win you can control it by just dragging it out. Right. Mike you missed the doozy. Before the show ROY said, he's only on Twitter and our a day. What? Yeah. An hour a day outside of here. Okay. 'cause here you're on all day. I can't speak for outside of the show. But let me just go to at ROY belly on Twitter right now. And see if this ornament hold any water belly hashtag Bruno if you wanna play with red dollars hours worth of your momma jokes. Yeah. Yeah. Was he thought was oh you today? Like keeping like, yeah. What is up with Chris today? He's gonna attack you what is this to me? Yes. Out on the stop putting other people's names out there. Yeah. Yeah. Von Joe business. My bees wax, ROY Saint page. This argument that you're only on Twitter for one hour at Robelly. Hashtag bruno. Well, it's a lie. It's clear li-. I'm seeing eight tweets twelve hours ago. Seven tweets eleven hours ago. Eight tweets ten hours, you wanna publicly invite out was game of thrones. Okay. Yeah. But what happened before game of thrones? When there were seven tweets are we're going to do that again today. Everybody talking about game of thrones. Without actually watching it or knowing what's happening with game spin on an old classic. I didn't actually watch it. So, but I can still talk about it. Because there was a Starbucks Cup left in one of the scenes though what? Yeah, there was there was a Starbucks Cup left and one of the scenes and Ben Axelrod. Okay. Now, keep in mind. I did not watch the episode yet. Ben Axelrod at Bannock Surat on Twitter has a theory that I kinda dig and he paid for that. No, no, no. It's. Is going to be that the cinematographers are so much smarter than everyone. And they put that in there to be some sort of meaning or time travel some stupid crap they just made a mistake. Same thing with the darkness last week. They just made a mistake. I need the details on this. How exactly was this? Starbucks come on. I'll show you a photo of the Starbucks Cup. It was just a Starbucks Cup. That was like a meeting at a table at a layer like in some no that was layer. Look, here's seriously Nazi deniro's, tell Garin which ones alleys. Like at a table, and there's Starbucks. That's not cropped in that's legitimately in the show. Okay. So the placement of the Starbucks Cup. It is so hard to miss. I understand. There's a lot of stuff going on while you're filming the show. But I Ben Axelrod's theory is that this was done on purpose. Of course, as a troll job to those crazy game of thrones fans that overanalyze every scene of this show and come up with these crazy cockamamie theories. So I kind of liked that as a theory, but I lean towards Billy's theory, which is someone just made a mistake. But look at how it is in the middle of shot. Middle of the ship people make mistakes editors. Yes. Somebody made mistake. People like outraged by this on Twitter because I just hold roll past all these game at their own things. So people are trying to read into it. Right. Which is exactly what Ben Axelrod's suggests they're making fun of that. We sure that the Starbucks Cup. It looks very much. So it doesn't look especially when you look at it from far, it doesn't look like a goblet of any. Maybe this is supposed to be another one of those episodes where everything was really dark. So you couldn't see the store Starbucks Cup. Maybe that's what happened last time in the fights. And there's Starbucks cops and Starbucks food, and and these has made super dark because really like to see the baristas spelled the nearest. That's my whole. Tis Danny news. Kalisa is with a h h silent Khalidi. Yeah. So that's what happened in game of thrones. And a meme of Kelly's face in which is like sort of like frowning, but with our eyebrows up like what? What? And that's all. I know from game of thrones. I was so lead disconnected from the internet. I know something happened with the Kentucky Derby, you filled me in on that so good. I know sports, I know Kawai played well last night. I know that there was almost a I know Steph curry, Mr. dunk. Yep. In overtime. They were down by I think five with twenty seconds left, and he had a chance to you know, he could've just laid it up, but he went for the dunk, and he got rejected by the rim. He just doesn't look healthy to me. Wow. Air it is the the time honored tradition of whenever Steph curry and the warriors struggle. You know, Steph just doesn't look right to me. I mean, there was no they were letting him score. So I saw that. I saw that. There was a four overtime game between the was there four overtimes with three four four overtime games. And I saw Yokich played a lot. And I saw Rodney hood when they game, right? Rodney hood won a game. Yeah. Okay. All right. So you fill in me. And I didn't even know. That's the right reaction. Wow. I saw Yokich broke a microphone. He also had some funny and can probably play later Chelsea in the Champions League. And that's my extent of sports now Marlins played the Braves they had extra-base hit. Okay. They went to extra innings jest and extra-base said. They lost. So did how did they do in the series? Yeah. Well, let's at least now they're going to play the cubs who've just one seven zero how to even baseball. Do you guys think that jeeter is gonna last all this, man? All man, we got some sound we should play. He's started. I feel like it's turning a little bit the first up until this sound. He's kind of just like been saying all the right things, and we're gonna play sound here. You could tell he's starting to get a little annoyed with the media talking about shadows. Well, Nancy and said it was. Well, look, I every park around the country and shadows at some point in time. So they won that game. Actually Zimmerman hit two home runs. I think that's one of the reasons he felt like he can only make sure we're close it next time. Help out the shadows is something that people Europe postseason game with four o'clock deal with shadow. So look I played the game. I understand how bad shadows. Are you know, if it's something that will dress moving forward? But I do not see it as a crop. Shadows are pro. When when PM? With Ruth hope. And how many times have we done that twice? We have more problems in just shadows. Dear one of the things they were saying that see the issue. They say the alluded to one issue where one of the guys they said almost got in headline, Dr PubMed I've played in a lot of four o'clock games with shadows. Or around the country. Look a lot of postseason games shadows. There's some things you can't address. Obviously if it becomes an issue like that. Then look I I never liked playing and shadows either. But one thing we don't want to do is start making excuses. You have to play the game you both teams have shadows. Both teams are playing in the same conditions. You get to a point where you plan a postseason game on the west coast where you're going to stop him complain. You know, you don't do that. So you deal with the issues that are hand that something that we can address moving forward. I'll address it wasn't anything that any of our players brought to me prior to the game and into this point. None of the players have brought it to my attention yet. So Sunday if the wonder if committing play for revoking closer for you. If you stop asking me this question, so close. That's that big of a deal close. I thought he did that well robot reporter have you played it a playoff game at my man. My man was what I enjoyed and my man and I played the game. Yeah. Does he think that it'll get to the point where the Marlins are playing and afternoon postseason game against the tend to like that it seems seems pretty far away. It seems like his frustrations you're just piling over to the media. Like, I don't think those questions really were annoying. And it seems like he's just getting frustrated in general. Can't you understand that can you guys? It's not just that they're terrible. And he overspent by four hundred million dollars on the franchise. Well, he didn't he put in like thirty million. Okay. But he gave the advice that resulted in you know. Overspending because he was competing against moss who didn't have any money and moss drove up the price with that. That decoy move that they had where they put moss in the in the seat next the Loria during the all star game. And so the price just kept going up and up and up. And now, he's Magic Johnson. So help me out because he's Magic Johnson. He c-. He just got married. His he's ready for the next phase of his life. Do you really think he wants to be answering questions about shadows? I think that's the first time in a while that he spoke into the media. So I don't know that he was specially, you know, thinking that shadow conversations were gonna come by the way that shadow game. Here would go that shadow game. I feel I know none of you watched it that shadow game. Todd Hollandsworth was giving what I thought was terrible advice of how to play you know, in that situation because there were no clouds in that game. And he was saying, and I hope to. Guy that I misunderstood this. Because it made absolutely no sense. He was saying that the way that he would play it when he was an outfielder was if there were no clouds in the sky, he would look towards the sun. I because that was the hardest place to see and then you move away from the sun, and you get a better vision of the ball after looking into the sun. And he also said something along the lines of he didn't have the flipped out glasses because it was too complicated. And I was watching it. I'm like what the hell is doing. What's me anything other than a below average defensive outfielder? Am I wrong about that below average? Am I am? I remember at the baseline an average before I start telling you, it's rookie of the year at the former rookie of the year. Yeah. Who had a huge hit against a coke in the Bartman yet. All right. Let's just let's just slow down a little bit forgot the Bartman game. Now, I'm just imagining him pre-game going out and just staring right up into Zeltser. Game. I'm ready could not understand that advice at all which was stare into the sun. And then you'll see the ball come off of the sun. It'll be easier to see look I've stared at the sun before I would advise against it, especially when you're playing baseball. Because after you look into the sun every time you blink. You see the sun everywhere, you're looking and you just blinking. You can't really see anything. You can't make hesitates of anything. It was a rough week for the Marlins like over the weekend. There were a lot of articles written about the situation. Like, deadspin had something he has PIN some had something CBS sports had something like it's worse than it's ever been on. I mean, I don't know. And it says because they're actually being honest. I think it was worse two weeks ago on a sleek because they'd won a couple of games since then put them back on a trajectory to not be the worst team of all time. So it was probably worth a couple of weeks. Royals game last week for that attendance Bill. Yeah. That was a game. That was more embarrassing in terms of the crowd. It was the first band header on a winning the difficulty with this situation is I like the idea that he's impatient. And you know, it doesn't accept losing all that stuff. But it's kinda like you fired the guy that you brought in to be in charge of business after fourteen months. So is there a plan because if there was a plan and you're sticking to the plan? I don't think that firing the person you just hired a year in is sticking to a plan. Your mother doing all the same stuff. Everybody's ever done down here thinking they could get this weird fan base to support the team. They're not doing anything creative. What are they doing? That's different. Well, not in terms of the major league product and the minor league product they care mo-. You can't even argue that they care more about the minor league than last week did because the president David Santon came in and said, we don't care about the minor leagues where that's a shift. That's happened now where they're trying to build something. Now, it's gonna take a long time to do that. But they're focused on that. Where? For David Sampson to say that he didn't care about the minor leagues was ridiculous. And to say that there's other teams that don't care about the minor leagues. Like, the gangs is ridiculous. Because the Yankees have unlimited funds where they can make their major league problems go away by throwing money at it. So they don't need to care about the minor leagues. And they did care about the minor leagues. More than the Marlins who don't have the money to throw a problems to make problems go away. So just ignoring the minor leagues was a huge flaw in their in their thought process and one that when he comes on here, he won't even admit was faulty logic. Like he still convinced they were they were playing for the narrow all the time. They were shortsighted all the time because they never knew they were playing for survival. All the time. They never know whether the team was still going to be here or not. Well, that's not something that's happening now like well. The plan for the later. That's the only way to do it cheap. The only way they could file it under. Oh, we believe in resources the only way to do at cheap is to concentrate on the minor league. Could it be the no one in the organization toll jeeter? Hey, this is the way we've kind of we've tried all these things before and that he just kind of had a meeting. It was like, you know, what someone's got to pay for this. We're doing all the same stuff. They've already done business guy. You're gone because from the player development stuff the farm systems better. I feel like they're sticking to the sticking to the course in that area. And they're just trying to shift on the business side. I mean, there is one holdover from that previous regime. It's Mike hill. And he's not gonna say anything that draws attention to Mike hill being pretty good being my hell right now. I think we can all agree hiding in the shadows. Gammit how long is going to be there. I'm honestly as I don't know how long his contract is. But I mean, you would think whatever I dunno. I think look at some point business guy survived everything. And it's and it's very you got to look at the top of their organization. Honestly, he's a very high ranking. Black executive. It's not easier. Cheaters the owner. He's black. I know high-ranking that Michael hill. I'm I'm telling you that stuff is difficult. When baseball has historically had a minority problem. Like, it doesn't make any sense that might kill is the only one who has survived every change over here. Well, I mean, you can keep them on if he has guaranteed contracts. So that you're not paying two people do the same job knowing that they're going to be terrible. You can hold onto the GM until his contract runs out. Because there's no expectation that they're going to win. Correct. This next couple of years. So I don't know. I'd have to look up what his contract is. But you would assume that what I read a bay to GM's to lose. Or can I just keep the same guy on the payroll to lose? What difference? Does it make if you're paying him? And then eventually a year down the road. He'll be the fog guy wants his contract is up. You know, things we're working out. He's gone. And then Mattingly when his contract comes up. He'll be another fall guy, and he'll be gone. I'm surprised they made the move with this business guy. Have you seen this chip hours guy? He looks the part. It looks great in a suit. We were at this goal. Gulf thing a few months back. He looks exactly what you like you'd wanna business op guide. I wouldn't want it to and his name chip Bowers. Like, I don't know why they made the move it fit. All checked all the boxes for me. I just Google them. You're absolutely right. Yeah. How did this guy? This guy should be running the team. Oh, man. Well, look at that checkered pattern, you know, how much guts you have to have to wear that material in south Florida donlevatar, you introduced me to a great masseuse Jeff benny's his name. Now. There was a time where Jeff Finney was giving me massage on a weekly basis. He's rough like he stretches you out, and it's really really rough. Stugatz. And I sent them a text. I thought I sent them attack saying, hey, nine o'clock tonight. I'm ready for you to work on it. I sent it to Jeff deforest. This is our show with stugatz on the tickets. So Chris you mentioned something me during one of the breaks that your dad is mad. Let's give the fan some background on who juju. He is. Juju Gotti, isn't Atlanta? Hip hop artist and producer. That's a huge fan of our show. And as a follow on Instagram and has a tattoo of your dad's caricature on his leg. He also did the theme music for you never know for you never know, which is a segment that lives within the mystery crate police, search out laboratory and friends mystery crate on your preferred streaming platforms and subscribe, thank you for your feedback on episode to episode three coming your way on Friday. I actually met up. What you got in Atlanta. I went to a music festival in Atlanta. And I asked him if he was going to the music festival. He said he did. And we arranged occurrence and I met up with YouTube Gotti. And I mean, just a delight. He he's he's great to be around Superfund. We saw back together. He was dancing. He was a great. He's just he's awesome. He has a new tattoo on his leg right next to the Greg Cody tattoo, of course, Chris Cody it is dance face dance. Caricature. Had he play by him. Yeah. It doesn't say Dan below at like it says Cody just says D period. So just d-. Wow. I asked him if he was gonna get an Allison tattoo. He said that she would hate that. He's he actually revealed that talks and all the time and Allison, and it's like a genuine friend of his and so he knows it getting annouce tattoo would sort of ERC Allison because she probably doesn't want. She doesn't like her face show. And I'm sure she'd probably doesn't like her caricature. So he doesn't want to get the Allison tattoo. I didn't ask who's next because now I'm just sort of assuming he's got a Bill about the leg with like a stugatz. Perhaps the Chris, Cody Guillermo, but. Gods is like not one of the first two spaces. Right. It is because got says I would say the most popular guy on her show most popular character Greg's up there. But Greg's not in every day. So it's just anybody with a Greg Cody tattoo is incredibly random, and this was a huge point of pride for Greg. Cody, should you gotta came down to one of our Jay Wakefield events. He was a huge star over there. Everybody wanted to get a picture of the Greg Cody tattoo. Greg Cody jealous that now he's not alone got his leg that there's a face of Dan lebatardshow beside him. I was with my dad this weekend. And I saw you was it you or do to someone posted a picture of the Dan tattoo, and I'd just casually mentioned it a dad, you see, you know, you've got Dan on his leg now and my dad, and Greg, Cody fashion. He's just like, oh, that's cool. And I could just hear it in his voice. I'm like this bother you a little bit. And he just had this look like a little bit. We'll Chelsea he wanted to be. He wanted that. For himself. And I don't know if it was 'cause it was Dan specifically. But I think anyone he just liked the idea of someone having his face. And if anyone else's impinging on that. I think he yeah. Definitely a little gem fringing fringing, or I can never tell like, you have this thing in place, where since you combine words now, you have a built in excuse for whenever you mispronounce certain words, sometimes I actually combine words that could be like two words that could be used in a sentence. I'll just combine them like infringing and impending. I dunno. Let's give moving I asked to do. Because our our fans are super supportive of what we do their vocal, you wanna know it because I think on the internet people are just generally negative, but people reach out to do all the time. And I think his biggest like is big as base in terms of like music supporters are lebatardshow people that seek them out. He gets tons of feedback from it. He was telling me that got a bunch of invites to go up to New York. Just from casual fans will not casual. Petard show super fans that actually got to get to our Grammercy data. They had extra tickets, and they're like, hey, do you wanna come up as a plus one? He's like, well, I mean, he said that he had like twelve offers on the table from just he's like, you know, I'll be there VIP juju is going to be there to take care of juju will be at the Gramercy theatre event on Saturday. But yeah, yeah, we can talk to him tomorrow about it. He it's just it's so Greg Cody just to you know, kinda seem like he's okay with everything, but he wanted offer himself if he's he's, but he loves himself some Greg coach, Billy jeeter doesn't really talk to the media all that often it would appear and this was like what a state of the union kind of deal that he delivered to it was just in front of the media talking to them. Is this something that he does every couple of months is a set or he's just like, hey, I'm gonna go talk to the media right now because it's not an easy time to just make the decision, obviously, he'll speak when he wants to speak. He's a fairly private guy. I think it was because they made the move the Bowers move. I think right is that why it was called? I'm trying to figure out the the reason as to why because I'll give Derrick jeeter some credit. He doesn't have to be given the press anything or or explain any of the things especially right now when it's difficult for him to do. So I guess this is him sort of taking it on the China. Why he does that to be honest with you? I don't understand it. You can only go it can only go poorly for him. Like, what's the benefit of him going to talk to the media? I don't think that went poorly forum. I thought the shadows thing was kind of funny. What does more potential for harm than good? Well, he goes out in the way that the team is right now there's more potential for harm than good. He's had a couple of missteps with the whole Broward thing sort of ignoring Broward. Yeah. He's had a couple of missteps leading up to this this one. I didn't think was particularly bad. But yeah, it's it's not an easy time right now to be Derek jeeter. And I guess I'm not really sure what's in form other than just a couple people saying, hey, that's mighty brave of you is it though who's who's going to be out there. Like people saying that who cares. Yeah. I I don't I don't really know. What's in it for them? Then maybe you should stop doing it. I don't think that that appearance is bad for him. I just found it interesting. And that it's the first time you've heard a tone with him of frustration it at that. It was directed at the media. But I would assume it's just frustration that he's showing to the media. It just seems the first two years anytime you heard him speak. We're we're going to get fans out here. Like, it was just all he had a general he seemed positive and encouraging. And it just I it was the first time I've heard him speak where it was you know, what I can hear the tide turning a little bit with frustration. There would be Optima. There was optimism in the first couple times he spoke, obviously. And it was frustration from bunch Marlins fans weren't really ready to be optimal. Considering that you are promising them more of the same in traded away to MVP's in your outfield. An all another all star knows Oona. It was a very difficult time we've gone through it time and time again. However, I don't think it would be you would hear that tone change if they would just merely pad. It's affected their this Bet El wrecks Recing. What do you expect from t-? Like he's upset with the players. The team isn't good. I mean, they're not set up to be very good. What's the surprise? Oh there. He's upset about attendance. Well, who do you expect to go to these games realistically? Like if the team is terrible. This is one of the worst teams ever while I'm not even like, exaggerating like, this might be one of the worst teams ever like they were on pace. I think the CBS sports article had for the run differential be like minus three hundred or something crazy. Can you? Explain it to me. What happened exactly what ship hours? It was a strategy. I don't know. I don't have the answers. There seemed to be mystery as to what happened. He just said that he wasn't performing to the expectations that they had for him. So he let him go after fourteen months, and they said that they did. Oh attendance didn't have anything to do with it from what he said. And I believe that stadium expansion expansion, but the stadium renovations was a plan that was already in place before chip came in. So I don't really know the business. He was the gauche eating I think TV deal and naming rights for the stadium. I I don't know. I mean, there's behind there's still no naming rights like who knows behind the scenes, there could have been thing we need these naming rights by this date, or you know, who knows I mean, David Samson did tell you for chip hours just sauntering and sell the naming rights for something that would appear to be market value or what they would think there'd be market value would be kinda strange and impressive considering how difficult David Samson said. It was. Timpson never got naming rights suet. And he also never just slapped naming rights on there. I think there's all sorts of things in place to with major league baseball that you can take a discount deal on the naming rights because it establishes a precedent for all the other clubs. So they just simply can't do that that seems unfair for the teams that no one would really want their name on right team. Like the Marlins like well Swede think it'd be cheaper than for you. I would like to asset David Samson the next time because I'm sure there were all sorts of dollars vailable to the Marlins that in the shady business dealings or perceived shady business dealings. They might grab a major league baseball just simply wouldn't sign off on just because it might Salish a dangerous precedent. It's why they're jeeter's overspent on the club. By what they end says is four hundred million dollars. Tomorrow returning down money. You think Samson and lawyer returning attorney that money the Al sales in the old stadium. Look like a NASCAR though, I'm I'm curious to know, if there were certain deals that they couldn't take because major league baseball there just one of thirty two, and you can't establish that sort of precedent. Unders looking for another Sherman to do this, right? Because when he's talking when he talks about getting it. He doesn't talk about how good the corporations are here or whether he's got someone lined up. He says you need time to build relationships. Jeeter would have so much more success in New York with this stuff because it matters when he walks into a room as jeeter it doesn't matter down here when he walks into a room jeeter. And if he could find another Sherman who's going to give him a bunch of money. I don't the the thing I've never gotten. I'm I've been curious why Bacardi doesn't spend more down here or or why wouldn't Burger King affiliated self with something like that? And it just makes me wonder that the Marlins brand is so bad. It's so awful that they don't want to be affiliated with that stuff. It matters when he walks in the room in that people wanna take pictures with them, but not enough to spend money on him. Well, Sherman was willing to spend one point two billion dollars with him. I think that they've got an a ton of new sponsors largely because of their cheers. Like you see new sponsors? In the stadium. So I don't know that it's fair to say that nobody cares. I mean, they have new corporate sponsors. They have all kinds of restaurants and stuff inside the stadium. I mean, ultimately it comes down to winning baseball games. If you want to sell out that place, and you wanna get big TV deals. You have to have a good product that people are going to wanna watch because you can go EP factory of the stadium or you can go pink factor appeal factory. You know what I mean? So it doesn't matter. I'm not gonna go to Marlins park just to eat bean show factory because I can do that factory. And I don't have to pay for the name of the stadium. Honestly, I wanted to be insured Mitchell park. I know what you mean. It's hard for franchise to survive in terms of fiscally. It's hard for them to survive in the face of twenty years of losing or a really long sustained period. The Marlins actually haven't had twenty years of losing. There were quite all right in the mid two thousand but they had their other issues. But when I was interning for the Panthers during a lockout, Michael your Mark was turning stuff over and selling things like crazy. You can't have just bad s sales people. I mean look at look at seven ninety survived. I mean, su- God's was taking all sorts of deals even though like early on it probably shouldn't have. So there there are ways around it and Bauer certainly looked the part. I can't wait for David Samson and join us because I'm sure you know, some sort of inside information on what's happened here. And he wouldn't be he won't hesitate at all to tell us. He's he's definitely the fair. One to talk on this. And also ask them what what what the deal is with Michael hill. Because I mean, he didn't he do these trades? Who wasn't any do the Brinson deal? Who was it? Was it David Samson made the joke that he had pictures? Didn't we ask somebody about wise, Michael hill still there? He must have pictures. Wasn't that the joke? Someone may not real though. Oh, it's a joke. But that's like the his point was is. I have no idea. Why is there? It's baffling. It is baffling given that, you know, this organization had I mean kids have executives called Larry buying fest. Uncle Larry like he was family to that team. And they got rid of it would happen. The Larry by says what happened to Larry festive? What had happened to Randy fund? Yeah. What happened rainy fund? I think I think Randy fund didn't want to be working with Riley anymore. Because there was there were some issues over not having any real power by festival. So I think what it is. But I I have not talked. I've literally just overheard that in a couple of places I haven't confirmed that please try to find out what had happened to Randy fund in Michael. And Michael Hill's defense, though, this team has had acquired drafted talent throughout the years. It's not like a hundred and sixty two draft rounds. I I'd hope to God that was saying some Mike Michael hill is not like terrible at evaluating talent that we just haven't been able to keep any aren't these trades port of evaluating who knows who's really making all the decisions on these traits. Well, that's the thing. We're sort of puzzled as soo- who's making the decision. So it really makes it difficult to blame somebody. So I guess when they fire Michael hill as a as a sort of sacrifice to the masses. Then I guess we'll just play Michael hill. We'll take the word for or could it be that the very beginning. This. They told Jeter, hey, you should keep someone around to be a fog like what's more realistic of the two things. I just said that they actually respect it. Look, it might not have been pretty here throughout the years. But this guy knows and can evaluate talent or jeeter. You're going to need a fog. I if it has to be one of those two things I imagine that being like the closed door meetings at Loria and Samson had would Geeta were Jeter s so any sort of advice for me on the way out. Yeah, you're gonna need a fall guy. In fact, you're going to need several I loved that around. I love that as his business card instead of, you know, general manager president, just Michael hill. Fall got twenty seventeen July twenty seventeen he got a contract extension through twenty twenty. So I mean, are they gonna pay him to go away for three years? We'll find out do you think he's still going to be here after twenty twenty. My bet is no. And I'm not sure jeeter's going to be here. I honestly think you've gotta start wondering about when Magic Johnson gets engulfed by that. The please don't forget who this person was an is. He is a sports legend who's been turned into a laughing stock down epide- think that he's gonna wanna just walk away as the laughing. So that's the thing. It's hard to envision him just walking away. And having a be a giant. Wasn't it hard to envision Magic Johnson doing? No. Because Magic Johnson it before Magic Johnson's identity is just being magic Derek Jeter's identity is captain being the winner. He gets five year. Right. Yeah. So he invested thirty. So he'll be your sixty six years. That's all you just going to walk away before he finishes this much money to. I do not. Oh, I think so I don't the ownership stake is not that annual salary.

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