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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent on grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. What's in your wallet? You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast those hands catching up tater. I just got old tease, man. I've been coming into the show for years infiltrating the tea's like an infectious disease, the slowly but surely is to couple shots here. And there that was fantastic. A big show today. Holly Warlick where the news almost as soon as we started the show. Holly Warlick was out as the head coach the lady vol's at the university of Tennessee seven years made the tournament every year felt like an erosion was happening as the years went on you look at the numbers and listen to any other school any other coach this is certainly not going to have you dismissed. But in the case of Holly Warlick who born in Knoxville played at Tennessee set records that stood she had the single season steals record that things stood alw- until just the last few years. And obviously she played. Four Pat summitt, she coach underpass summit, and and took over the program after the tragic loss of Pat summitt, and it's a set it early in the show, and I'll continue to say it, all Tennessee, volunteer shift forever. Be grateful and thankful for Harley Warlick taken that torch after her friend and mentor and coach passed away and help with the program. Stay afloat. We also had news down road and Tuscaloosa, Alabama got him a head basketball coach, and as the athletic director egg burn will do he kinda snuck the news in the back door tweeted himself. That's how the news broke NATO tes been up at the university of buffalo for the last four years. Three out of those four years took them to the NC double A tournament back to back MAC titles back to back mat coach of the year wards as I mentioned a three tournaments and he got into the second round the last two years. He was an assistant coach they're hired. After almost a dozen years coach high school ball, and a toy was hired by Bobby Hurley was his right hand man, and what Bobby Hurley left. Arizona state NATO took over that program and took it to newer heights. And oh, by the way, also beat his former boss, so the state earlier this year, and I've said this all throughout the show, and I will continue to say it. I know Alabama fans were holding out hope. That they were going to have some future hall of Famer that we already know is going to be in the hall of fame taking the job a name coach. Is a good heart. The basketball people the one selling us at Pat forty join us earlier who he went crazy over the higher Dino Neal's going to join us in a little bit of Nath let I know she's going to dig it to the real basketball people, including coaches who've been texted earn show say, man. That's a good hire here. So that's all I gotta go. Chris was on the line Christmas up. Chris key. Can you hear me? Yeah. Man. What's up? Well, Ron McGee to host of Mardian with G favorite shows are present that they're Ivanhoe. I'm driving home today. Listen to the podcast, mardi McGee from sat there you. Go your best friend, Chris. I turn the turn the TV on. There's rhyme McGee. Yeah. Do I'm everywhere. You were talking y'all. We're talking some crazy stuff. And I love it. Because you know, what you over talking about a guy from Kentucky Cohen in us in about. I'll talk about do can UNC say, nobody cares. Listen, you know? I got I got mardi talkin about PIN in the wind come home. And that's the great stuff ever. Hayes who wasn't to call in and started banging on us for nothing. You know, we have to do our friend Vernon Kentucky aren't. Yeah. We're gonna play for you a clip Vernon called back and telling you Bernie Bernie Bernie Bernie. Yeah. He we're gonna play this clip for you later in the show this hour on you'll enjoy it very much. Okay. All right, Chris. Yeah. Was verdict. We played Vernon's clip on Marty McGee him complaining about us. Not just about Kentucky basketball team. And then I got Marty talking about he don't have his watch seat. Woomera all me, I'm going to good old country. Blue like y'all at cracks me up because I just bought a new truck. I'm driving down the road the other day. And my wife says my ass is hot excuse me. I can say that you want and I'm like, well, I don't know what's going on. She's like all it's just hot. And I'm like, well, push some buttons. I mean, he'd secret out driving drunk cracking me. Yeah. Y'all greg. I'm here for my show and talking some good. I don't really care. I usually tell the finebaum show and talk about sports. But no, I don't like country redneck stuff y'all opposite. Chris you're the man, you're you're you are what we call the target audience and percents call I'm gonna call you on Saturday morning do Nabi. I will be disappointed. If you don't. All right. Well, y'all have a great day brother you too. There you go. That's so Hayes. I sat in here Thursday last week, and the very first caller it said exactly like like did just innocent mardi McGee. And I thought you know, what I'm gonna take this call. And this guy was gonna talk about me and Marty on Saturday mornings right here on C network, and is going to say how awesome. We are. He did not it was. And he was so crooked us that we continue to play a week later. We played it Omar Neil Saturday morning. Yeah. This is what happened. I think it was Monday Ryan. So you had your experience with with Vernon. We all got a chuckle out of it. You won't believe Bernie or Vernon. We're not sure yet how he treated Paul as well. Can history to bluest programs in the country. Kansas contest, I'm not going back in history. I'm talking about twenty nineteen twenty not paying Vernon Vernon. With the Verney with an OEM at the end. Let me tell you something. The biggest rivalry in college basketball. The two most recognized teams outside of Lexington Kentucky are North Carolina and Duke, you can go anywhere in the country. And that game is the most watched game. It's the most anticipated game that vets not verte. I'm just telling you Bernie. I'm just telling you that you're wrong. Well, I'm telling you, you're oh, well, I'm telling you that you're wrong. Well, okay. You're wrong. You. You're hearing here. Long Vernon you. You're from Kentucky and your buys your advice. Why am I bias 't because you live Dan show? Why would I you should be? What does it matter? We're live. Okay. Over there under ACC. Hey, Bernie, can you give me a reason why not Bernie Paul will burning? Let me ask you this. Your name's not burning. No, it's burnin. Well, listen, Bernie, let me say one more thing to you may not Bernie your name is Bernie, according to buy board here. Well at golden court corna my driver's license. It's Bernie pro proven. I'm of it you prove it ain't. You prove it. Vernon's been back since she talked to the last week, and he's become quite the character on the show. It's every dude that I went to high school with you. You make me do that. By the way, we mardi begins on Saturday more than we need that clip for ourselves. Well, these note that our honor was defended right here in this chair. That's right heard. It was. Hey, there's another Vernon sitting here is not that Vernon is Vernon from Florida. What's up burning? I'm I'm sorry. Have that first name? No. It's all right now you really early right now. I'm really not the same person you can say Vernon's a couple of things I've been listening for a couple of hours vehicle now at home. You're doing a great job. Take you out pretty number number two, the Holly Wunderlich coach at Tennessee. Got let go. Yep. I'd like to see Florida. Hi, hers assistant coach, I think the women's basketball program might need some of that experience from the southeastern conference. And here's my last thing in I'm probably got lucky no offense. But I probably got lucky to get in today because you're hosting show. But I'm gonna I'm gonna let it go. Anyway, I've got a Frank boils imitation. I would like to lay on you. And see what you think? Okay. Okay. I'm gonna set this up. This is. Frank boils talking to keep Jackson about Herschel. Walker betty. Yep. Keith this man Waqa. He's a two hundred twenty five pound player. Keith he runs like a hundred eighty five found me. I can't believe it. I like it. That's all. That's all. I got not all like taking me back a lot of people try to imitate Frank Royle's. But I've always tried bed. Fantastic. And the I'll someone Arkansas heard debt because that was a that was better than most of the ones people try to throw him in. And when I'm in favorable, so good job. Well, I appreciate that. And I enjoy what you're doing man. You got a good show and your other show with that other guys. Good good show to his name. Sorry. That's no you people. Use more go read the red head guy. Yeah. We used to call Gordy south Bridget. I've aren't enough think you say you say ferns so good job. Thank you Bye-bye. There you go. I I gotta be honest with I feel like I say this ever told him in this chair because they do I didn't know when I came here today that I was going to hear so and so off certainly did not know that I was going to hear a Frank roles in person, by the way. Whoever hires Harley Orleans. That's going to be a great heart to be a great higher. I think she'd done all she can do at Tennessee. But she knows the game. She knows how to recruit she she. She knows how to win which by the way, she's still one. It just wasn't at the level program was used to so. Yeah, if you got a head coaching job available. Hollowell? It would be a decent better than decent heart. So I would have. Said give out shot. A hindrance on a line. From Knoxville what's up hitting? Hey, how you doing today, man? I just wanted to be I walked all the time. And I walked in the Dan turn you on. And I've been watching and I've seen it was about of tenure team coaches and stuff. And if you don't mind, I like, if you can get the time to go back over who got fired and who got hard and all that stuff. And now hang up and say all I have to say go all yes. There you go. GB? Oh, right now, listen just to give you the quick recap right there. In Knoxville where you are Harley Warlick is out as the head coach of the lady vol's, certainly not unexpected I think but still difficult for the people that are involved with people who love that program. Holly included Arkansas still looking for a head coach. After Mike Anderson was out, we started the show a couple of hours ago with an emotional statement from him in. Oh, by the way, Alabama went and got themselves a head coach, and I'm gonna make you work, Google, oats and buffalo, and you'll learn all you need to know about him because I feel like I've been reading his resume all day, but I'll say it to call somebody who knows college hoops way better than I do a former co worker, Dino Neal is gonna join us to talk about all the moving into shake in hoop. And it's the Paul finebaum show. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back everybody. It is. The Paul finebaum show. I'm Ryan McGee. So I think I told him hamstring playing an immediate softball game over the weekend. That's why keep if I look comfortable. Because comfortable, but I'm not comfortable with you guys. Give me a call eight five five two four to seven to eight five of certainly not uncomfortable with all the March basketball that also the March basketball news to discuss that we bring in a former co worker Dana nail from the athletic Dana, how you doing. And get them out. Right. I hope you take care that hamstring. You know, you can't let these things go. Well, instead of cover basketball, Saturday a plate in a media softball game. A pretty sure of fruit. All I don't think. That's basically what I'm old and sedentary. So that's not should be planning media softball games. So. Where are you right now? I can't keep trying to wear you are either actually. But currently I am in Louisville Kentucky at the last. I checked that's where I was. I woke up to twenty. I think that's where I'll be tomorrow morning as well. So plan the time of year when you wake up and you look at the phone next to the hotel bed because you've not to town you're in. Yeah. Absolutely. I've been there. Well, we have Pat forty on earlier. And obviously we talked about this throughout the show today. But this Sweet Sixteen very chalky as they say, I mean, a lot a lot of really small numbers next to those names. What are your feelings about this week sixteen that doesn't have sister Jean or doesn't have Davidson does it have any of that in there? I think, you know, look, I mean, we all enjoy those stories because they're kind of I don't know. Unexpected and exciting and fun. I was there in Florida Gulf Coast. It's thing in Philadelphia. We all enjoyed since gene last year is kinda what March madness is all about. But if you look at these games as a pure basketball fan, and you look at the match up we've got coming up here this week and then going. Forward through the weekend. I mean my goodness hurt. There's some really good teams with some really great game. So mature basketball standpoint, you can't really be disappointed. I just you know. Of course, we all root for the dog when we can no, of course. Well before we get to really dig into the tournament. I want to ask you about NATO tes. But that news broke just shortly not too long ago after we started this show, obviously, it's five bomb shows a lot of reaction here. What was your reaction when you saw that higher? I that was a slam dunk of a higher by Greg Byrne because listen halos is going to be on. Everybody's sort list is here. I mean, essentially is based on what he's done at buffalo. He's you know, rejuvenated that program they were legit top twenty five team pretty much all season. He was going to be the guy from that level. If you will that somebody was going to land in Alabama a team that you know, let's face. It hasn't really moved the needle at basketball landed him. I I think speaks volumes to what Greg Berg once that program to be and what it potentially. You can't be. So I thought I think that's a big statement by Greg Byrne and by Alabama about what they're going to do with basketball down there. It's a great hire. It's what he does. We don't know what he's gonna do until he tweets, which is that's a that's a good athletic director right there. Right. I mean, nobody can keep a secret and Greg bird certainly can dang. It's for us. That's a that's how about that. So. Well, the until tournament you're in Louisville. Tell me what we're going to see about what? But when we check back in with you on Monday, what will have happened their view level. Well, look, I preface by saying that since October my national championship game has been good zag versus Tennessee. I'm very grateful to the selection committee for allowing that to stay alive the bracket. So, you know, look, I'm all in Tennessee. I have been I visited them a lot this year. And I just just so impressed. You know, I o game was fanny with their intelligence with their toughness with their experience. I just thought that's all the intangibles that you need also been you count in the number of great players. They have on that team. So I just feel like you know, what that's that's a t-. I I have loved his October. I think they're gonna come outta here. But you know, what Virginia look I mean, we've all talked about the UNBC tiller ready to throw up, but they've obviously put that that to rest, and that's a really good basketball team. I mean, I think that there could be a formidable opponent because they now have got past that I feel like I don't know. There's always a freedom to it. Right. There's a freedom to like, all right. We got past this now with can we do and the scene is much better off entity the Andre hundreds of. Great player that they haven't had to but didn't play last year. I think that makes a unique unique team in this region down here in listen in having covered that you'd be game a year ago. Like, I did a felt like it was kind of good for them to go through that first half regarding to web getting this Bill cathartic, they finally broke through in the second half. I agree with you. I think like look I mean, I think I think everyone expects it come out that the win to leave the first half are like seventy points. Right. That's what we all do. And the fact that they didn't I think it kind of was like all right. We got that out of our system a little bit. Let's let's actually go play basketball little bit the Kentucky. Wildcats the they're they're playing it very close to the vest was a superstar who showed up for an interview today without a cast on and suddenly had won only again later. How do you? There's still a one point favor or three point favorite in that game. How do you feel about the Wildcats with or without Washington in the lineup? But I mean, I think they meet him. Look Houston is has been sort of. I don't know under. Served all season long. I mean, this is Kelvin Sampson, isn't it amazing job with that program? They are tough and fast is going to the dentist and you're not gonna play a game. That's pretty to watch. But they are going to ugly it up and make it hard for Kentucky with or without PJ Washington in the lineup. But look, I think they really need him. I mean if not for anything else for their psyche right to have him in there. And know that he's the presence. I'm not sure what they're doing. I don't know what they're doing with them. I was surprised that he ended up with a with a hard cast to begin with to be honest with these now that it's off on again. I'm not really sure even how that works. But I think that's gonna be a tough a tough game for Kentucky, regardless just because of the way Houston is kind of playing like defensive vice a little bit nog Ruth a LSU toe cathartic sitting in this studio a week ago watching that first round game. And I'm so impressed with what the remaining staff is doing to to kind of in that team looks relieved to me to not have to answer questions about the. FBI? How do you feel about this LSU team? Yeah. I, you know, I think they've got this great attitude of you know, they know look it's us against the world. I mean, most people probably who care about such things don't really wanna see LSU win. They that's how they're playing it. Right. That they know that everyone is reading against them because of what's happened with. We'll wait. And so that's a great thing to have in your hip pocket. When you when you're looking for something to motivate, you not that you need it. But it's an extra push that you can have in his NCAA tournament at LSU in Kuwait. I mean, I don't care who their head coaches. You look at Nausori. You look at devante fart. You look at to out waters. I mean, that's a really good talented team that it's not their smoke and mirrors. They deserve to be doing what they're doing. And I think honestly, I think that that's sort of their attitude right now, we belong here. Nobody wants us here. So let's go out, and let's just take everybody off or we're doing this tour of the SEC in the Sweet Sixteen which means we have to go to Pearl and Auburn, which is this is the team and coach that I know you spill. Tom around and a lot of different tenures over the last over the last decade or so how do you feel about this team? I keep picking against them. And they keep wanting to ball games you need both. I mean, honestly, I went to the SEC tournament thinking like this is going to be a debacle and then is going on in Mexico state against New Mexico state. I was at that game. They had this single worst three minutes of college basketball, maybe in the history of running. But, you know, New Mexico state said, you know, what we can do you one better. I mean, that's to me. But I feel like they're. I don't know there. I think the Sweet Sixteen is broken up into teams that had a lot of pressure at teams that are playing with house funny. I put Auburn in the house money territory. Nobody really expected much kind of fell apart. They weren't living up to expectations now here they come. They got attitude. They got energy if they can shoot like they'd been shooting. They can hit threes. I they are going to be a really tough out 'cause Villanova has taught us anything is that he hits threes can win a national championships. So I would discredit them at your own peril for Dino new joining us and athletic. They not get you outta here on this right at the start of our show in was made official there. Holly Warlick was out at Tennessee. You know this. I'm a Tennessee grad. I will forever be thankful for how she handled it almost impossible situation when you look back on Holly seven years at Tennessee. What will you think of I that's it? I mean, listen, I mean that was it's always difficult. To replace anyone that's alleged anywhere. And there is no greater legend in women's basketball. And really, honestly and all of basketball, you know, you could put you can put Pat summitt at the top of both Louis bend women's. I don't care what you're talking about to come into that circumstance to handle that the way she did with Grayson dignity. Tennessee owes her a thank you and for service. Well, performed I mean, I get it things happened. People don't win. I understand the business of that naive. But man, like, you know, what that was impossible. And and she deserves all the credit, and I hope they're kinda see fans will always feel indebted to her for how she handled all that don't O'neil. It's always ready to talk to you. Don't get to do enough. Thanks for joining us anytime. Ryan, thank you for having me. Absolutely. No. It's. I'm just saying that data Neal award winning National Basketball Ryder agrees with everything I've already said today. So I'm just going to brag about that Vernon you listening. It's the five ball show. I'm Ryan McGee sit in for Paul. We are we're about to take the white flag. That's the last lap for for what y'all for those of you. Don't watch racing to give us a call eight five five two four to seven to eight five. Two and listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Everybody. Welcome back to the Paul finebaum show. Ryan Mckee sitting in for Paul. I got a tweet as much as that's a millennium. Falcon time. Don't feel bad. If you didn't know that because mortgage. No, it would you say Markey says like the D says that star to death's door come on son. Well, look, I mean, look at I'm looking at it. Okay. Well, it looks like it could be the blueprints for the death star in. Now, you hold it up like that. Now, I see. I was just trying to fly mytalk across TV. I've owned a lot of pain medication because his hamstring thing. I feel like I might be impeding. My four progress today. If you want to call me, do it or us. Yeah. Torma hamstring playing an immediate softball game. I should've said she goes great picture me. Look like a really old man pitching in that softball game. I did not tearing my hamstring pitching a tour after a base lap. Hit a grounder thou trying to beat out. I m beat it out, by the way. Actually, what the second because as will happen in media softball games. Catch outdoor the first and throw it down the right field line. But I think it's a double in the in scorebook. Lines are loaded but call anyway, eight five five two four two seven two eight five eight five five two four two Paul Don in Hazel, North Carolina's online was going on. Thank you, very. Then I'm hanging out. I thought I'd throw that in. There's a lot of today percents. Hey, no problem. Listen, you know, I've heard the conversation about Holly Warlick. And I thought you did a great job. It just looked like at the end of the year that the kids weren't just playing for anymore. It just seemed like there's a detachment there. And you know, I if it was kind of sad to see that. Because I thought she did a great job. But I was thinking what your opinion would be on someone that might be a great replacement for well in the good news is the bad news is Holly has gone to good news is is that this legacy of lady vol's basketball. There are so many tremendous candidates out there. I mean, there's so many former players that are still in the coach profession, and why is because the some now I have also heard the name Jeff Walz in Louisville mentioned a lot. And quite frankly, I thought Mitch and maybe too much while Holly still had a job. But but that's those. The names that you're going to hear you're going to hear the names of of these women who played for coach summit all over the place. Kelly Harper is the name that I come back to a lot. You know, she's at Missouri state now, and and she was tremendous guard for coach summit, and and I think maybe is the right age certainly has had the right success in LA tournament. But but yeah, I gave it to you. I haven't looked. But I guarantee you the Knoxville news sentinel probably got a list right now. I got a couple of thoughts and they haven't been in the coaching around. But there tremendous players both at Tennessee and into WNBA. And that's one of them is Candace Parker. Oh, yeah. I've heard the other day that she's very articulate seems like she'd be a great coach. Of course, she was under summit when there's so well tells us I mean, she's so good as an analyst. Yeah. And then that just means you'll be great coach. I know and then Cairo Lawson what do you make of her? Oh, absolutely. Well it again. And I'll say this to you know, as I've thought a chip Kelly about this when chip was working with us at ESPN. And then he went back to UCLA. Now, let's forget his record year ago because he's cleaning houses starting over. But I was there an advantage to sitting at the desk and watching games on the weekends. And he said there is a thirty thousand foot perspective of the sport. That's hard to get when you're so deep down in the middle of it all the time. So yeah, no, no, no, I like both those plus there's just there's just I mean, you wanna be tied. To the glory days. And you want to be tied back to Pat summitt. You certainly not going to go wrong with wallows higher. So. Yeah. But to get news is this is a really long list of candidates is interesting because it's the head count the opposite problem or the opposite deal with football. There really wasn't a Phillip Fulmer coaching tree that we had there wasn't. And you couldn't go back and get just go get Tennessee guy. But in the case LA there, the plenty of Tennessee lady vol's out there to grab at all. I can say is go men's basketball team. Yeah. Allstate, Switzerland Saint? That's right. Don, appreciate the call Emba. Yeah. No, no. It's. It's an interesting. It's a good problem to have is that there are so many like I a joke about the Knoxville news sentinel, but ESPN dot com to right now, as I speak, I'm taking for a fact the list is being put together and the problem with putting a list of potential lady, volunteer coach Candice together is paring it down. Because there are so many good coaches at so many schools that played for coached under an all of the above Pat summitt, Mike in Tennessee is on the line. Michael up. Hey, Mr. Greg. How are you? I'm good. What's going on first time, caller and joy, your mardi McGee show Saturdays and just had a quick couple of any Bill questions. First of all if you heard anything about. Possible replacements for Bryce drew. And number two. The do you have any idea who's going to be the quarterback replacing? Our former star this year. I do not know on the quarterback deal. But I'm going. I'm really really curious I guess Vandross spring game is on our air. It's on SEC network on Saturday. I have not had a chance to pay much attention to those guys being completely honest because a basketball, but I will be watching that spring game. We'll Saturday curious to see as far as a replacement to be the head men's basketball coach Johnny Dawkins name was coming up a lot even before what happened against Duke on Sunday. So I would be Nabis. Listen docket. This is if veterans willing to pay for it, but I think Johnny Dawkins would be I mean, that's a pretty smooth transition going from coach K at Duke to to be in there at Vanderbilt. Will. I haven't heard any any any news from down there. And just wondering if they're going to do the. Decision pretty soon or or what? Well, I think I think it's coming soon. And it was funny. I always compared to like if you do a fantasy football nobody drafts a kicker, and then as soon as somebody drafts kick, everybody's ass kicker. When out the Alabama job is full and Greg Byrne kinda snuck it in the back door. I wouldn't be surprised if we have an Arkansas announcement very quickly and advantage international. Very quickly tech him announcement pretty quickly. I think once that first job was filled in the conference. I think they'll all be filled pretty quick. Well, he know one thing money's not a question. Then there is no. It's not appreciate the call, Mike. Yeah. That's the good news for for all these programs is. There is a little money. So good for them Laron Orlando's online Lehrer was up. Hey, how you doing Ryan? Thank you for taking my call. I shit. Sure. Been a been a central Florida resident or about twenty nine years, Alabama, grad class eighty seven and never had anything against UCF. But in the last year, so with all the hoopla that they've gone through with the national championship in the football. And then the basketball the other day get a little soured on on the UCF situation. And you know, I'm all for teams winning and and doing well, but I gotta listen to it not only on the local radio stations here. But I listened to it from my friends and just you know, it's kind of getting old, and you know, it's nice to win. But you gotta be humble at the same time. So you know, just wanted to give my two cents in about that. And you know, I I hope you know, they have success for. The day winning. And you know, that's really kind of what I wanted to say. And also wanted to just say hope all the SEC teams that are still in the tournament have great success going forward. And that's about it. And I appreciate you taking my call. Yeah. Larry, good luck. Good deal with all his Golden Knights on their. Thank you. It's we should get Larry. And was the guy's name sleepy. Steve boz. Close. Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy. We did he get Jimmy get those guys get the first coffee. Maybe maybe he can counter there's not a lot of intensity by can counter each other. Anyway. I said why flag lap earlier. Now, it really is. If you're going to get on this show, you better. Call eight five five two four to seven to eight five. The award winning final segment final full segment of the Paul finebaum show is coming up. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to the Paul finebaum show. We're told a little golf with the with the apostles in the control room. I yeah. I I like I when I play a lot of golf, which I don't anymore because I have I had a daughter does into that. But I used to play a lot, and we would just say. It matter how you played loans. You look good. So my bag look tricked out, my bag had everything every awesome towel. I'd like a Saint Andrews bag tag. Although I've never been there. But my college roommate wind got one. Yeah. Get your name embroidered on the side. That's what the say he I looked like Paul Azinger, and I played like one of his kids back when you how long ago was that. I play because pausing was the man Buckton. We're talking about golf, by the way in the mystical magical TV only part of the show with play this weekend. In the masters coming up. I can always tell them the masters. You're coming up because my. Next door. Neighbor has the most ridiculous as I as I don't know how he does it. But right when it's time for the masters. The just pop up. Speaking of pretty things Linda mortgage on LAN Linda was up for that was click. Do you like that? I guess that was real quick. I don't mess around as soon as I did only a couple of names. Really? You're the only one if your name pops up. I don't you. You're never you're a hole for like four seconds. I've had people here on hold for like four hours, and I immediately feel so privileged honoured. Well, now you so last week I was here Thursday, and you promise you would call in the morning McGee. And you did you set your alarm and up and actually called into the show and Marty was super pumped. So thank you. Yes. Well, I'm glad that he was and he does like the name cornbread. He does just wanna say Hello. I had a good day up until about thirty minutes ago. I was up at my daughter's keeping my great grandson. And I went to lock her door. And I come. And about half of my middle finger on my left hand has gone. What? Yes, they didn't have time. It's not even kidding. You. Her slot. Do you want? What what would do you need to go to the emergency room? Linda D are now actually it's not all the way I'll halfway it's halfway off halfway so have half off, you know, so okay. Well, no, I've got I've got a trip down and stuff. It's gonna be. All right. But oh my goodness hurt. Like a stuck hog? Oh. Oh. Our about don't want you to just if you if you need to go the doctor go the doctor it's up to. Portola is boring on their plus pain. It's the Dow, but it'll it'll come down. I just called to get sympathy from you. No four Linden Collinet to get Saturday. Okay. All right Torah finger up and still dial the number. I appreciate that are present the effort. At least I won't tell you this. I changed it from God's AGA and North Carolina to do North Carolina a while. Okay. My last tape. All right. That'll tell you. I mean, I can't even imagine in my neck of the woods. I grew up Raleigh. I can't imagine what it'd be like up there. That'd be Balkars. All right. Yes. That would be bunkers Farley. The I love you put Intel bits putting I love her at little Putin. And I'll be calling your Saturday. All right, go get you some cookies, you some some antiseptic or someplace guys, I'm guessing baseboard. All right. Okay. I'll be okay for said. Linda plane hearts, y'all think she's overdramatize it because I don't think she was. I do for one. Yeah. I can tell it just need to put it out there. I mean, she called and since then half of her finger was cut off. And then all of a sudden, no, it's they will have way that's been. I can't believe I'll give you to say that on the air, but we do care about her. And hope she's ok okay. Now, you feel bad. How does she dial? Jeez w t h. But we hope you feel better. That's just what I say. After I rip somebody who she died picking on just step. Hey, bob. Waving my father who always listened to the show. He heard he did here earlier talking about the should they review pass interference. And he says, no total over-reaction so blown call and a big came three sets of eyes looking at the place should be enough. Pretty soon. The officials responsible to spot the ball mega PI was his call for decades. So don't review. Please review this show either. Because I'm tireless your how feel about it. But I enjoyed it. And I appreciate y'all have a me Paul will be back to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast.

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