Nike Targets Muslim Market with Swimwear Hijab


Business Wars daily is sponsored by net suite by Oracle net. Sweet offers a full picture of all your finances all in one place in real time right from your phone or your desktop learn more schedule your free demo now at net sweet dot com slash vw daily from wondering this business wars daily happy. Friday rent Nike is launching a line of swimwear for women. Who Wear he job? Call call the victory. Swim collection features are one piece head to toe. Swimsuit priced at six hundred dollars for women who can't afford that hefty price tag. The collection also features several several cheaper garments including job a TUNIC and leggings those range in price from forty dollars to eighty dollars a piece. Nike is responding to increasing participation in athletics by observant Muslim. Women all over the globe is first foray into the market was in two thousand seventeen when it introduced. Its thirty five dollar appro he job. That lightweight secure headcovering solve some of the difficulties Muslim women athletes often have with jobs on the running track the basketball court and the boxing ring typical head coverings are often made of cotton and they don't breathe that well they're hot and they can fall off wired reports Nike's thirty five dollar. He job was so successful that it was the seventh most searched for item of women's fashion in two thousand nineteen and while that originally he job performs on land. It doesn't doesn't fare so well. In water the difficulties of covering the whole body of made swimming one of the hardest sports for Muslim athletes to participate in Arab women women and others who prefer modest fashion or way down in the water by multiple layers of loose clothing Thompson head coverings often balloon up around swimmers. which can feel unsafe and safe and certainly slowdown competitive athletes? So Nike designers took on a challenge. That turned out to be much harder than it first appeared. It took Nike fifty five different iterations over eighteen months to develop this new swimwear. It had to be light but not skin-tight. It had to shed water quickly so that a swimmer getting out of a pool didn't wind up sitting in a puddle garments especially the head covering had to be both breathable and secure during swimming. Not An easy task. Nike is getting a lot of press for introducing the new collection. But it's not the first company to Wade into this served market this year for casual swimmers Speedo. Oh introduced both a full body modesty suit and a separate he job and both of these name brand companies followed in the footsteps of numerous small startups in the US and and abroad which began designing full coverage swimwear. Several years ago the fact that a multibillion dollar global brand like Nike is introducing this collection. May you make a statement about the company's support for diverse women athletes but it's also a business decision trade publication retail dive reports that over the last couple of years Nike has been introducing new performance products like a yoga line intended to attract new sets of customers. And it's been upping its investments in products for women. Those those products have been growing at double digits. Outpacing growth in the rest of the brand anything Nike does to court women and people of color however comes with some level of irony since the middle of last year Nike has been under fire to increase diversity in its workforce and to solve issues of pay equity and alleged discrimination this spring spring issued a report suggesting that it had made significant gains in workforce diversity and pay equity but CEO mark. Parker admitted at the time that the company he had not yet done enough so observers of Nike will be watching this announcement and the February appearance of the heat job swimwear collection in stores with great interest. Hey thanks for your ears. Every weekday morning we're taking the next two weeks off and we'll be back with you on Monday January sex from this business wars daily. This week's episodes were written did and produced by Elaine. Appaling important is our editorial producer. Our executive get a producer as marshal Louis created by non Lopez. Four wonder. I'm David Brown. Wish you the happiest of holidays at a joint in this episode of Business Wars daily is brought to you by net sweet. Hey if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business that is what net suite by Oracle has set out to solve off because most companies don't have a clear picture of their finances and that's why many businesses fail the question for any business owner out. 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