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Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight. Dell small business technology advisors. No, there's nothing small about your business. That's why we offer one on one partnership and reliable business PC's with Intel core processors to help you get business done. Call eight seven seven by Dell that's eight seven seven by Dell tonight. Several developing stories as we come on the Air New trouble for Joe Biden before he announces a second woman now coming forward tonight saying he behave inappropriately what she says he did add tonight, the former vice president at his latest statement, also breaking tonight a short time ago, the horror reveal the medical examiner's report after that young college student who got into that car. She thought was her Hoover. What we've learned tonight and the warning now for per family for anyone who orders an Uber or any car urgent hunt tonight after this hit and run is captured on surveillance a little girl struck she's in the hospital, the family putting out this video. They want the driver caught the White House and the whistle blower from inside tonight, claiming at least twenty-five security clearances initially denied, including two senior White House officials were overturned by top administration officials because you'd manhunt tonight in Los Angeles police searching for the killer the Grammy nominated rapper gunned down outside his store. He was set to meet with the LAPD just today to help stop the violence. Lebron James Steph curry John legend all paying tribute. Also tonight, Mick Jagger's health, scare the major tour put on hold at what we've now learned major fire erupted workers raced outside firefighters rushing to get nearly two dozen employees and customers to safety. The six year will boy who collapsed and died in power after this baseball photo was taken what caused this is ABC news tonight with David Muir. Good evening, and it's great to be back with all of you at home tonight. And we begin this evening with former vice president Joe Biden, even before declaring a run for president the headlines mounting tonight. A second woman is now come forward accusing Biden of inappropriate behavior. Even before this second allegation, Biden acknowledging quote expressions of affection support and comfort in my many years in public life. But adding he never believed he acted inappropriately. I it was a former Nevada politician who claims Biden touched her shoulders and kissed her head during a campaign event. And tonight, a second woman, a former congressional aide said Biden got too close to her as well ABC's Mary Bruce leading us off tonight. Joe Biden's would be campaign is facing a major test with two women accusing the former vice president of touching them inappropriately today. Amy lap of Connecticut tells the Hartford current it happened to her at this fundraiser in two thousand nine describing the scene to our Phileas WTN H he reached over and put his hand. Hands behind my head and pulled me close. And I thought he's going to kiss me. Former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flora's says she had a similar encounter with Biden at this twenty fourteen campaign event, I felt him get closer he leaned in in was like right behind me on my body, and he leans down, smells, my hair, and then plants this big long kiss on the top of my head. In a statement, Biden admits in my many years on the campaign trail and in public life. I have offered countless handshakes hugs expressions of affection support and comfort. But says not once never did. I believe I acted inappropriately. If it is suggested I did. So I will listen respectfully, but it was never my intention. I don't believe that it was a bad intention. I I'm not in any way suggesting that I felt sexually assaulted or sexually harassed. I felt invaded Flora's. Who was a Bernie Sanders supporter wants? Tearing in a campaign ad for him insists this isn't a political hit Biden's behavior has sparked questions before like this incident in two thousand fifteen when Biden and put his hands on incoming Defense Secretary ash Carter's wife, Stephanie whispering in her ear during her husband's swearing in. But now Stephanie Carter is coming to Biden's defense writing in an online post, the Joe Biden in my picture is a close friend helping someone get through a big day for which I will always be grateful. So let's bring in Mary Bruce us live in Washington tonight in Mary, some of binds potential opponents are already weighing in on these accusations. Aren't they David Elizabeth Warren says she believes Lucy Flora's while any club ajar says she has no reason to doubt her story. They want answers from Joe Biden. But David they're stopping short of calling this disqualifying. They say it's up to Biden to make his own decision. David Mary, Bruce leading us off on this Monday night. Mary. Thank you also breaking just a short time ago. The medical examiner's report is now out tonight in what it reveals about the horror that college senior faced when. She got into the wrong car thinking, it was the Uber. She ordered. This is the surveillance of the twenty one year old getting into that car. The driver tonight is now charged with kidnapping and murder. He engaged child locks on the doors inside and ABC's. Victor KENDALL is in Columbia, South Carolina tonight. It was the last time twenty one year old Samantha Josephson was seen alive here on this surveillance video outside a bar early Friday morning hopping into what she mistakenly thought was her Uber ride beliefs in Columbia, South Carolina, say the man behind the wheel kidnapped and killed her the child safety locks were activated on the door that would not allow someone to the means of escape tonight twenty-five ruled within your role in under arrest after hunters found the body of the university of South Carolina senior in a rural area, according to a police report. Investigators recovered bleach Josephson's phone and traces of her blood from his car and nonstop seat today revealing she died from multiple sharp force injuries, Samantha's anguish. Mother speaking out in court. And thing that it is face was the last thing baby girl saw on it or Smith was by herself. She had absolutely no chance overnight. Her father joining hundreds at a vigil on campus, urging anyone using ridesharing services to travel in groups what we have learned is that you guys have to travel together at night. It rekindle with us live tonight from Columbia and Victor. We're now hearing from Uber as well. Tonight. That's right. David Uber offering their condolences and calling this in unspeakable crime. Police say that this is the spot where Samantha Joseph in got into the wrong car, some important safety tips tonight from Uber. They want all their passengers to double check and see that the license plate the make and model all match what you have in your ridesharing up. You can also ask the driver who are there to pick up. David. Always check that license plate victory. Ken to important advice. Thank you. And there is also an urgent hunt tonight for a hit and run suspect outside Atlanta this evening after a driver is seen on surveillance speeding across a families lawn hitting their nine year old daughter her parents have released video tonight. They want the driver caught we will not show the moment here. But the daughter does survive in here's ABC's Stevenson Sammy from Atlanta police in DeKalb County Georgia tell us they're chasing down leads tonight. In the case of the nine year old girl seen in this horrifying surveillance video she's being hit by a speeding black sedan that crashed into her front yard while she was playing with a friend is is want everybody. Pray for dairy on. I just want the people involved to be caught ladera. Anna home was rushed to the hospital Friday evening with broken bones. A skull fracture a leaking heart and other wounds. She's a cheerleader who loves to tumble. Her mother says doctors are telling them she'll be able to do those things again in the hospital today. She was smiling, she strong, and I know she's gonna bounce back from this is just gonna take a while the disturbing video shows the car blowing a stop sign, and then hitting the girls as they were trying to get out of the way, we've stopped the picture before impact. The other girls suffered minor injuries to people get out of the vehicle after the crash and then run away the family believes they're teenagers. Stevenson Saami with us outside the hospital in Atlanta, where the nine year old is recovering tonight. That's good news. Stephen police sources are telling you that they're now closing in on the possible suspects. That's right. David police say that they actually know who the two young people were who were inside that car. Meanwhile, the girl remains hospitalized behind me. And despite those smiles she is still David in the ICU. All right Steve Olson Saami with news from his sources tonight. Steve thank you now to the search for fifteen year old Louisiana girl tonight police believe she may have run off with a forty seven year old neighbor. A divorced man with three children who became friends with her family and who had hired her to babysit tonight. What her family is now told the FBI, and here's ABC's Marcus more tonight. Louisiana police and the FBI in a desperate. Search for fifteen year old domina spell authorities believe she may have run away with forty seven year old korry Stephen diesel, tell her distraught. Family handing out flyers now fear. She may have died her hair to disguise her appearance. Police say they could be in a two thousand three Honda Civic sedan the missing teen was last spotted on Thursday getting off of her school bus spells family, telling ABC news, the teenager was a babysitter. For diesel tells kids. Seen here smiling in a selfie with the forty seven year old they claim they alerted police about diesel tell after seeing numerous texts to their daughter police are not commenting about the parents warning. And David investigators have put out a call for the public friends even classmates to come forward with any information on where these two might be David Lukas. Thank you, the whistle blower from inside the White House tonight coming forward to congress with what she says is a serious national security concern claiming that at least twenty five people, including two senior White House officials right now who were all granted security clearances despite initially being turned down during the security, check ABC's Keira Phillips tonight on the reasons they were denied at first only then to be allegedly cleared by the White House tonight, a whistle blower working inside the White House tells congress top officials authorized security clearances for at least twenty five people whose applications had been denied for reasons, including foreign influence conflicts of interest concern. Personal conduct financial problems drug use and criminal conduct. Tricia Newbold who has worked in the White House personnel security office for eighteen years warns the situation could impact national security. She says among those twenty five people to very senior White House officials with significant disqualifying factors, including foreign influence and outside activities a memo released from the house oversight committee doesn't name names and earlier this year, President Trump denied he had overruled security officials to secure a top secret clearance for his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. No. I don't think I have the authority to do that. I'm not sure. But I I wouldn't I wouldn't do it. Jared good. I I was I was never involved with the security vodka. Trump doubled down in this interview with the views Abby Huntsman, the president had no involvement pretending to Mike clearance or my husband's Clarence zero. But just days after that interview. The New York Times reported the president had in fact, ordered his former chief of staff John Kelly to grant Kushner that top secret clearance and cure Phillips with us live tonight from the White, House and cure. We know no response from the White House as of yet. But Republicans on the oversight committee are already pushing back on the whistle blowers account. That's right. David Republicans saying tonight that Newbold had trouble recalling specific details during her testimony and Democrats are prepared to subpoena. Her former supervisor as early as tomorrow, David Phillips at the White House tonight, always good to have your KIRO them. There is news tonight on the showdown over the border president. Trump threatening to completely shut down the border as soon as this week. But no plan has been revealed as of yet an ABC's chief national correspondent Matt up in is on the Texas border tonight gridlock tonight of one of the busiest American border crossings in El Paso with millions along the two thousand mile long border waiting to see the President Trump follows through on his threat to shut down the border with Mexico doesn't stop the flood of asylum seekers heading to the US. And if they don't stop them with closing the border, they'll close it. We'll keep close for a long time. I'm not playing games customs importer patrol estimates. More than one hundred thousand migrants were stopped at the border in March alone, an even higher number expected in April, El Paso, typically sees a million cars in about seventy thousand trucks crossover these bridges into El Paso every single month. And the last time that these bridges were closed for any reason over three decades ago tonight, the chamber of commerce predicts quote in unmitigated economic. Debacle? At the president carries out his threat warning five million American jobs would be immediate jeopardy about one point seven billion dollars worth of commerce flows across the border every day and forty percent of all fruits and vegetables that come into the US come from Mexico, which could mean higher prices at the supermarket hardest tape could be L Pessoa. Who's Republican mayor is sounding the alarm what happened to the city of El Paso, if that border shuts down it's critical to the city of El Paso on his critical, Texas, and it's critical to the nation. It would be harmful all the way around one hundred and three billion dollars just in El Paso, just through our ports here on an annualized basis. Back and forth. Imports exports so many parks to this story met Cup with us live from the Texas border tonight and met President Trump. We know as you reported there is threatened to shut down the border this week. But so far the White House hasn't released any kind of plan on how this would work. No. And neither David has the White House told DHS officials when this possible closure might happen. Now. DHS officials tell us they will be meeting with the White House this week to craft some sort of plan David n met while we have you are the people were looking at behind you there. These are people who live in Mexico, but work in the United States in crossing back as they do nearly every single day David mapped up in with us live again tonight. Matt thank you to marines have died in a helicopter crash during a training exercise in Arizona. It was the first crash for the marines and one of the newest attack helicopters called the viper. The routine flight was out of the airbase in Yuma. After dark on Saturday. The marines are withholding the pilots identities tonight, pending notification of their families we turn next tonight to the manhunt amid an outpouring of grief after the murder of a rising music star rapper nipsy hustle who was Grammy nominated. He was a former gang member who had turned his life around and was set to meet with the LAPD just today. He wanted to help end the gang violence ABC's. Adrian banker is in LA tonight, rapper nipsy hustle was set to meet with L A police today to work on stopping gang violence. Instead the community is mourning his passing the artist gunned down in broad daylight in front of the clothing. For he found it. Once again born. The Thirty-three-year-old started out selling mix tapes from his car just this year. He was nominated for his first Grammy this far. So, you know, that's that's important especially stars, including riana John legend and the NBA Steph curry paying tribute family is community the young father with admitted ties to an LA gang remembered most as an entrepreneur activist and advocate who called the peace with Justice. We're calling upon wherever kilt nipsy to turn yourself in. David. We've been seeing a steady stream of people coming to pay tribute to hustles life. There are more than a thousand filling the parking lot where he was gunned down. Police are looking for at least one shooting suspect. David horrid aid banquet with us as well. Tonight. Thank you Adrian, and they're still much more head on world news tonight this Monday, the major news on gas prices coming in tonight also tragedy on the baseball field. The six year old boy who collapsed and died just an hour. After this baseball photo was taken and we have news on what caused it. There's also news tonight about Mick Jagger's health scare the major tour now put on hold. But we've learned and a huge fire erupting firefighters rushing. It is seen to get nearly two dozen employees and customers out of this building. Lot more news ahead on a Monday night stated. When it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com. Get started today at indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight. There's nothing small about your business. Your passion, your hours your reputation. It's all huge your partnerships even bigger with Dell. Small business technology advisers. You'll get the advice one on one partnership and reliable PC's with Intel core processors to help you get business done. Call eight seven seven by Dell to speak with an advisor today. That's eight seven seven by Dell. Returned tonight here to Mick Jagger's health scare the Rolling Stones halting their tour, and here's ABC's Linsey Davis. He's an enduring rock and roll icon known for his boundless energy. Sideline tonight by doctors just two days ago. The seventy five year old apologize for needing to postpone upcoming sold out Rolling Stones tour in the US and Canada for a medical condition Jagger pictured here on the beach in Miami on Sunday with family. Jagger has long been known for his stamina on stage with high energy performances as he struts and sings for hours covering several miles each concert training with mall runs and the diet of an endurance athlete tonight. Guitarist Keith Richards tweeting mic, we're always there for you and fellow stones guitars. Ronnie wood telling fans looking forward to seeing you all again, very soon Jagger with a message to his fans tweeting LV working very hard to be back on stage as soon as I can David Arquette. We thank you to the index into just an awful story out of rock, spring, Georgia tonight, six-year-old Brantley Chandler collapsed, and died of a sudden heart attack just an hour after this photo was taken his mother tonight says he was born with a rare heart defect preventing the left side of the heart from correctly developing at three surgeries hoping to correct. The heart or thoughts are with his family tonight. The major warehouse fire in Oakland, flames breaking out the interstate eighty five or five. Eaters, helping customers and employees who are inside and get out. Thorny say the fire started in an alleyway and gas prices are on the rise new numbers tonight. The national average jumping about six cents now to two dollars sixty nine cents a gallon, four states now reporting gas prices above three dollars, California, three sixty one Hawaii, Washington state and Oregon right there. Funny to note here America, strong, the little boy and the one firefighter. He wouldn't let go of lead fire department answering a coal pulling up to the Lampson Taus. That's three ruled Connor right there. He is obsessed with firetrucks his dad has been away for awhile US air force, captain, Manny Lampson in the Middle East for the last six months. So on this day. The firefighters step into help Connor is brought cookies to the fire house. So they brought the truck to him a fist-bump lift into the drivers. Then the back door one more fire. Dealing down lifting up. His helmet was Connor dad, man. Lots of kisses for dad in Connor kept putting his hands to these father's face was released him tonight. The fire department writing welcome home, captain Manny, Lampson, Connor welcome home, dad. Great, captain, Lampson home in great shape at all of you. We'll see them all night. Are you hiring with? Indeed, you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash tonight. That's indeed dot com slash tonight. Dell small business technology advisors. No, there's nothing small about your business. That's why we offer one on one partnership and reliable business PC's with Intel core processors to help you get business done. Call eight seven seven by Dell that's eight seven seven by Dell.

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