Episode 235: Operation Just Cause (Entry 869.EZ4510)


Nothing we are Jennings and John Rodrick. We speak to you from our present which we can only assume as your distant past the turbulent time that was the early twenty first century during the great cataclysm that will surely befall our civilization. We began this monumental reference of strange obscure human knowledge. These recordings represent our attempt to compile and preserve wonders esoterica. That would otherwise be lost. So whether you're listening from an advanced civilization or just reinvented the technology to decrypt our transmissions. This is our legacy to you. This is our time capsule this is the you have accessed entry. Eight six nine dot easy four five one zero certificate number one nine three four five operation. Just caug- Mr Purple. That sounds good to me. Poppy Mr Urban the purple. Some guy some of the job is Mr Purple. Your Mr Paint. Who CARES RENAME? That's easy for you to say you're Mr White Cool sounding name. I look if it's NO BIG DEAL TO BE MR PINK WANNA trade. Nobody's trade. Would anybody just 'cause what we we see that joke in blockbuster video about once a week there was a? Do you remember the early? Ninety s thriller. Just cause with Sean Connery. And Laurence Fishburne. No so I've never seen it either but there was a plethora of these kind of bad sean connery thrillers in the early nineties badly reviewed end a. I would always grab that one and be like hey do you guys want to get this and some say why and I'd say just because people love to. Yeah there's no pasta before the cause them. Yeah I feel like I feel like my desire to make that joke and then your story makes me feel bad about my. That's kind of why I wanted to give you the background have you. Do you remember you remember this time? Of course the nineteen eighties. Reagan era into the into the Bush era early ninety s with with some Clinton hangover of Of just being excited about. Us overseas military adventurism. This so people could not get enough of that on Cable News. You Know I. I was the target audience for late seventies early eighties military adventurism but after the invasion of Grenada and the Falklands War I transitioned into like a radical peace. Nick and so all this stuff. I was no longer excited by it. I was enraged. I was protesting in the streets. I was one of the one of the hippies that was out marching around me John. I'm supporting the troops. I know you were. I mean it's hard to imagine because we now live in an era of constant endless global war. Isn't that kind. It's fantastic. I know everyone. There's no downside. As an investor in several a munitions factories. I always interested in a new front. We're always looking for military contractors to advertise on omnibus. We're looking for Raytheon or somebody to buy some time to put your new missile system on the omnibus- just Just right at the omnibus project. That gmail.com we will load you on the bus and so it seems odd for people of this area and I assume I'm speaking to a future. War ravaged Earth where they are still in the middle of endless global war. Yeah they're just listening to US between raids right. Thank you by the way we appreciate being your voice of Voice of the blitz or whatever but there was a time not so long ago when the memory of Vietnam had faded a bit And I mean not for anybody. Who is there cut for anybody not for us either for Gen Xer? The memory had faded a bit. And the you know. The beginning of the current nightmarish war on terror hadn't happened yet. And so and Cable News crucially had just started. Twenty four hour hegemony in needed. That's right it's content within the first. What ten years of Cable News Right? I don't know when Ted Turner when when did CNN start going round? The clock early eighties. The problem with it was that it had a half hour loop. That never changed right. I mean they would update little bits of it but just David Good now on headline news saying the same stuff. It wasn't this con- It wasn't like a news anchor standing there like real new real time using you. It was. It was prerecorded. It was like watching the the Walter cronkite thirty minute newscast over and over and it makes me angry. That doesn't exist anymore. Like you turn on headline news today. They haven't changed the name. Maybe it's now but it's just reruns of cold case. It's like reruns of true crime shows from the nineties. Yeah but they still the CNN. Still call the station. H. L. N. But it just airs twenty cold cases in a row. I REMEMBER WATCHING CNN. In those early days. Just praying for something newsworthy. Because for whatever reason I would watch thirty minutes of news and then it would recycle and you'd watch it again. Just the idea that it was. It was happening that if something did happen. The plane crashed or or a war. Started that it that you'd be the first to know. It was super excited. We were the first people I think. For whom foreign policy and natural disasters and stuff became real time real time television entertainment and of course that led to the the end of the American experiment. Pretty Much Roselle but it was. It was super exciting back then to see what's going to happen to Mount Pinatubo. We'll get another update at half an hour last night. I logged onto twitter to tell some jokes and whatever the latest foreign policy disaster just rolled in as it was going down and I felt that I had to comment course and we're recording this early. Twenty twenty when we're at another. You know the endless series of flash points in the war on terror which is not reduced my terror at all no although it's really kind of a war reinforcing townhall though you know the terror that Americans kind of like to like to experience personally isn't real Iran. Iran. Iran has no capacity to strike against the United States. What Iran is going to do is set off car bombs outside of embassies for the next twenty five years so as long as you don't go to an embassy or overseas. Well Yeah you're fine. But what if you know anyone service as long as you don't know any will be deployed to as long as you're not in the military or do not have a child that's going on foreign exchange or do not do business with any multinational corporation and that's okay employed in live in? Seattle and you know. We don't actually know that many people who are deployed we do. I got I got a lot of messages last night from people who are either deployed or have family or friends that are deployed. And it was. It was shocking to me. A friend of the show who listens from his bunker said that the very close friend of his WHO's in the military police just went to Kuwait like three days. How I saw. He's like she's over there now. And what can I do? She she usually. I have her back but I retired and she just went on like a milk run. It's a lot less academic. Yeah for for hundreds of thousands of people and also the million eighty million people who live in Iran who are now going to find hardliners. Much more appealing option. The four hundred million people live in that region. Read who were already like Kind of amped up so really. It was really pernicious. This idea that the occasional Reagan era military adventure was a fun thing to watch on. Tv were you in high school in eighty nine. Yes Desert Storm Slash Shield right Remember they remember the the support? The troops we are the world like Kevin Costner engineered Asher thing it. Eight hundred nine was also the Oh. Sorry operation just costs so yeah shield is ninety one. That's true. I was in ninth grade in eighty nine and I remember really round the clock coverage of the invasion invasion of Panama and it had a neat three act structure that our cable anchors loved. I mean seminal moment there is Bernard Shaw John Holliman and Peter Arnett under a coffee table at the Sheraton or whatever watching the first bombs fall in Baghdad and everyone just watching it like it was a video game with night vision cameras and Americans just eating it up. That was released spoonful of sugar and the cool thing about all these military engagements is that they all ended about four days later in resounding victory and we got used to the idea that when the US declared war it was good TV and then it was over by the weekend. The problem with Noriega is that he was such a tinpot dictator. It did not feel like he was worthy of that much American attention and also even then they didn't thirty thousand guys for one for one drug lord even then yeah the connection to drug money laundering and the way that that had all just recently played out in the arms for hostages. Sort of scandal of the Reagan administration. We all were very suspicious at this point about CIA and involvement in drug trafficking. And so it very much. The stink of conspiracy was on the invasion of Panama and and particularly those named operation. Just cause really. It was a big big cesspool. See this is your peace. Nick take you and your buddies are already talking about how this is. Just cover up north all over again man. It wasn't th this was. This was the era when we were starting to recognize that the that the drugs from Panama get turned into crack and sewn in the streets of American inner cities. Creating an epidemic. You know we were. We were tying it all together. George Bush was the first president with a crack dealer. That's right as we've covered so just to set the stage in nineteen eighty nine. Manuel Noriega the dictator of Panama. As you mentioned had been a operative. He had been our guy in the region for decades but it turned out he was everybody's guy in the region for decades Reagan's secretary of State George Shultz said. You don't buy Noriega you only rent him. He's like beer. Apparently because at the same time as he is happily taking a six figure check from the CIA every year to advance American interest in Central America. Because I'll be cared about back then. The form just had one question that said the Sandinistas and Noriega was like wait. I got one hundred fifty thousand a year. Oh Yeah I hate the Sandinistas Eight home. Much eat them. But as it turned out he was also funneling aid to to the Marxist rebels Salvador. He was minute. He was giving intelligence to Cuba and other Warsaw Pact nations as a anybody with an open. Checkbook Manuel Noriega became their best friend and a few decades into his run as a US CIA asset. He also became president of Panama essentially dictator for life of panel and we had recently had very complicated relations with Panama American Public Relations. Wise because Carter had had negotiated the transfer of Panama Canal to Panama. During the late seventies leaving tens of thousands of US troops based there but yes giving them back the canal zone which was which was a very controversial thing and it was politically controversial in the sense that people on the right side of the spectrum felt like that was a betrayal. I will never forget my seventh grade. Social Studies teacher when we'RE DOING. Latin American history saying until the SE I. I saw the end of the sentence until the canal was given back. Thank you very much. Jimmy Carter and with such venom inner voice. Suddenly she thought about her anger. The Panama Canal Zone was no longer American. The bumper stickers said keep our canal giveaway Carter. I don't remember them. Yeah keep our canal giveaway cards Panama Canal Zone Anger Drum. If you retrace Carter Anyway so yes Ken. The canal zone had been given back but leaving the US troops in the area and has tightened his hold on power while he did a few things. First of all he started to traffic drugs more flagrantly right leading to actual indictments in US courts and was part of the Iran. Contra scandal exactly right of the Reagan administration. This was the dawn of Seymour. Hersh to or not the dawn but like this was he wanted Vietnam era reporting. But this was one of his This was one of his later. Saurav exposes a right. I mean he he did. My lay was his his. Yes debut but this was the dawn of him just sitting at like in his New York. Times basically being the connecting pieces of yarn on garage. The Ronan Farrow right just like hey guess what gets called Seymour. Hersh he so Noriega. In addition to his during trafficking was tightening his grip on power at home He had lost a national election because he was just massively unpopular flaky character. Everyone they called him pineapple face he had yet acne. Just because this guy is murdering political prisoners doesn't mean you can make fun of his acne scars in my opinion no punch up exactly matched up exactly like trump is fat. But it's not. That's not why we hate him. Does Not why we hate them but we don't hate him. Santa's fat we love. That's right exactly so. So there's lots of reasons to hate Noriega. You don't have to call him. You don't have to call him custody fat. Yeah now I really hate. Maybe you should be eating more pineapple having a face. Short like triple threat. Oh is he really short tall. He's a squat guy if he is actually tall then he's got to be four feet across he had been soundly beaten in an election and then the opposition pre count and saw they had one and so he nullified the election. Could man and send out. This is one of my favorite dignity battalions to just start beating up opposition protesters and leaders. I mean that's what I would have done. Dignity Battalions is very good like. It's got the kind of Orwellian thing where the thing means it's opposite you know the Ministry of Truth does but really what he's saying. Is that what what gives you? The most dignity is to beat up your political rivals. St Sure there'd there'd be undignified by voting for for some lefty Weirdo with a college diploma. Instead of the Generalissimo feel like dignity. Battalions are things that would appear in those late seventies German porn movies where there was some sort of Nazi dominatrix and listen. It's some lady slapping a writing battalion. I'm going to take your word for it. The dignity battalions and he and when the when the US started rattling sabres about these actual indictments in courts in Miami or wherever they were He he retaliated by sending his battalion's after US soldiers again. There's over ten thousand soldiers stationed in his country. You'd think that would worry him but no he just starts having them beat up on the streets. What really yeah. He doesn't support the troops. Sean Female Service members are getting groped and harassed and worse. There are about one. Hundred incidents of these dignity battalions guys just roughing up some some guy out by souvenirs off the BASS. Don His me when a when a like a regional warlord. So confident defies the United States to the point that the is prepared to like go like tip over into cruise missile time and whatever. It is whatever 'cause they're all kinds of dictators to find the United States all the time but that they wouldn't be able to read the room if you know like they're going to rain bombs down on me if I don't like back up a little and the weirdest thing about Noriega is that unlike Kim Jong Java whoever he literally has multiple US bases in his capital city you know he's he's miles away from the nearest Delta Force seals special forces right like one mile away but but he also has the phone numbers of like twenty five high ranking members of Congress to call North's Pager. Just all right all right all right what is it. GonNa take to settle this factor. That must be what he thinks. He must think his connections with the Reagan. Bush axis is going to you know. Keep him safe and this is all just sabre-rattling for the press right look like to keep America safe. That's that's their number one thing. They do for generations in fact the night of a few days before Christmas. Nineteen eighty nine the. Us Says No. We're serious we're going to invade. Panama Noriega says Nah and goes off and gets drunk when the when the You know in thirty thousand. Us forces arrive in Panama City. They cannot find Noriega and it's because he happened to be hiding from his wife the night the invasion started. Wow this is a man after my own heart. This is what I would have been hiding from my wife and oops an invasion. Maybe in your early era so Noriega's off drunk in so they surround the presidential palace. He wasn't there and his wife doesn't know where he was. Because he didn't tell her he went off to get drunk and some REC center at a at a Panamanian Air Force Base. And had a sergeant go out and find him a prostitute genius and when the troops come and he's like. Oh Bush was serious. He's just he's dressed in a T. shirt and boxers and flip flops. And he's running for cover and he just heads for his secretaries apartment in the city craze. Like they'll never look at The Marianas House or whatever taxi and he's right days go by and nobody can find the guy. So this is why it's perfect for Cable News. So we've secured the capital. Tell us what's going on on the ground there but we don't Noriega's slipped through the net. He's allusive spider hole except it's just suburban apartment and because this is the pre nine eleven time line this all gets wrapped up for two or three days on the next day. He makes it to the Vatican embassy a day. Later we start. You May Remember. We start cranking Yeah Classic Rock at the Vatican embassy in violation of Vatican two. You know of course. It should have been should have been bluest. Her cult. No it should have been. Those Gregorian chants popular minute. Einste- about an issue. I bad one song. Sadness part desire or whatever it was How did Noriega get to the Vatican? What point did he make the transit from his secretaries apartment? Oh it was just easy. Nobody was watching the secretaries apartment. Why didn't you just stay there at some point? They're going to. His secretary doesn't have diplomatic immunity right but the pope does so he. He's banging on the door. Sanctuary sanctuary and the nuns. Take Him in so I knew a guy who was in the army during this invasion was in Panama. My sister's ex boyfriend Damian. What did he? What a Damian do Damian was an infantryman and and fought actually like like fired bullets and And like shot people securing strategic targets occurring strategic targets. And and. So I've talked. I talked to him quite a bit about the invasion. And of course he later became a like adjacent to alternative culture enough that he had lots of lots of things to say about. The invasion of concern confirmed our worst. Dighton the cynical nature of the Damian on our side now Damian was one of us the you know the detail that cable news loved that we were blasting annoying music at the Vatican embassy to try to get rid of trying. To get Noriega out seems like really are we? I mean the real. Do we have no other ankle? Real victims are the nuns. I mean Noriega Opera. He did not want to hear sticks but in fact the real story is pretty interesting. The reason why the OPS guys who showed up started play music at first because there were new American news media and international news media on the balcony of a nearby motel or something with parabolic. Mike's and they were afraid. That tactical stuff is going to be over hurt so they just started playing Steve Miller band so the mask the mask the sound you know if they had played the they'd played Kenny. Loggins like front to back like greatest hits of Kenny loggins. I think the war would have been over with an hour. Well they started taking requests and every and every soldier. It'd be like Oh you'll be funny like strange days by the doors a Panama by Van. Halen I it was all in everyone of the play League Greenwood a God bless the USA. I have a playlist here. Let's pretend you're in the Vatican embassy and you hear these which of these songs I'll name a song and you say whether you stare you go. Okay you've got another thing coming Judas Priest into it. Yeah you stay blue collar man by sticks totally into danger zone by. Kenny logged out. We actually did play dangerous. I Bet Kenny three songs in and I wanNA hear you didn't last long. I don't know I can put my head under the pillow for the dead man's party or and go bowling. Go hang for that. Don't look back by Boston. Yeah for sure. Electric spanking of war. Babies FUNKE DELIC. Yes. This is a great party. This is claiming is amazing. I'M GONNA put this on my heaven's on fire by Kiss. Well you know. I'm not the biggest kiss fan. But that's not a bad song. I like that the army and the army are now. The same diagram has overlap. I've always said that That as the army becomes more and more motivated by metal and country Western. They will just end up being kiss army. It's just a battle of whether the Gigolos or the kiss army takes over the US armed forces. I if I had a rocket launcher Bruce Cockburn. The seems like they're just going by funny. Titles right but but it's gotta get they got to run out of funny titles pretty fast in my time of dying led. Zeppelin sure ironman Black Sabbath. Come on we should be playing this for this. Episode of Nuns are probably mashing at this point. Judgment Day Whitesnake. Oh no I'm back under the pillow for that a lot of songs with jungle in the title. Because this is what they're army guys thought was funny play. Welcome to the general so Judgment Day by Whitesnake jungle. Sorry sorry jungle. Love by Steve Miller totally into that. Yeah welcome to the jungle obviously differences Paradise City. No More Mister Nice Guy Alice Cooper. Yeah Lava Paranoid Black Sabbath. This is a this is like pre. It's when metal was still heavy metal. Rather than I mean I think these days you would just hear one slayer song after another or some black metal from Norway up the guys would be well. You know what they'd be doing. They'd be playing like hip hop well. I think in Guantanamo. I think it was a lot of ironic. It was like the Barney theme. I think is what we do now. Oh just play like the worst like imagine like you have a kid like Sri songs by the wiggles over the car stereo and I was ready to surrender to Delta Force. You'd give it up give up all the and obviously renegade by sticks refugee by Tom Petty. You know you can tell what they're you shook me all night long. They're going for funny. This means war by Joan Jett. The party's over by journey. They're going for funny. I was at this party in one thousand nine hundred nine. I just didn't realize that it was the same number. Yeah you had no idea and after a few days I think I think Noriega realizes he's stuck in with nuns. Yeah like there's there's really no. This is boring. Good way I was going to be able to talk his way out. Once he gets out he he walks out and surrender Marino olof where he do that more. Why don't we? Why don't you speak Spanish on every episode? I don't I didn't know you were Jamie. Lee Curtis from a fish called Wanda. I just keep hoping you'll you're going to switch over to Russia and the strong. Yeah John cleese on the plane and so the invasion ends happily the audience applauds. Vh One. We've become convinced that American invasions on TV or a great idea which the Gulf War does nothing to not me changed me. I was I was. I was sitting shaking my fist. You and Damian are mad. I was listening to refugee by Tom. Petty but totally mad. But you've already mentioned what what people have. Our political stripe thought was one of the most pernicious things about this. Not just that it was on TV and had greg readings but that it was called operation just cause seemed so cynical so it's on the nose just in case you're wondering if this was a just cause hey it's right in the Chiron at the bottom of the screen right. It is And it made me feel like the people that that get to name. Those things had no sense of humor anymore that was that was not the first name for the Panamanian invasion. It was originally called operation. Blue Spoon Seem. That's a great operation. Name Operation Blue Spoon. You'd prefer that. I think that's so cool. That sounds like a special ops operation. Just cause just seems like 'cause please I'm the dignity of attendance being. It's it's for it's for no one right. It's I mean it's for it's not for the public like you'd have to be one of the twenty insiders on earring of the Pentagon who know what Operation Blues. I would write a song called Operation Blue Spoon. The problem yeah. It's not too late now. The problem is that during the run up to the invasion the Pentagon is getting more. Tv aware general. James Lindsay commander a special operations command calls the operations officer. 'cause there's a bunch of mid-level. Pentagon guys who worked for the Joint Chiefs. Who are coming up with these names and he calls and says. Do you want your grandchildren to say you were in blue spoon. Yes see but they don't think so. They think it sounds trivial wool. That's the thing about it off a secret name. Yeah you call it like operation candlestick and it ends up being like the carpet bombing of like ten villages. Well here's the thing like those names. Go back to the Germans in World War One. They were the first ones to pick. You know to say you know. We'RE NOT GONNA call this the the offensive to take operation four to take whatever operation for the date. We're going to give it a one word name and we're going to say this is operation. Crates Burger Barbara Rosa or operation Valkyrie. The plot to kill Hitler was a great operation name. Although integrate operation I mean it didn't. It didn't succeed obviously in our timeline. They'd call the Blues Boone. Maybe we'd have a different outcome run by with an eye patch. That operation has a lot to like about it so the so the Germans were the ones that started naming operations like to keep the to keep them secret because if your operation is named Operation October fourth and that falls into enemy hands. Hey wins it wins. I it's counterintelligence sex on February thirty twenty nine February thirty nine. The on the ninth of never so it was. It was just German commanders. Planning the Western Front in one thousand nine hundred nine who who were the ones who kind of gave us the modern era by saying no no. This should be Operation Archangel. I love that just something from mythology like and thereby creating the Robert Ludlum the James Bond era. We live in their two thousand paperbacks that would not have titles if it weren't for whoever those mid level German commanders. Were I mean they were the ones who decided you had to put initiative or ultimatum? Or something we hadn't got to the second word yet but they had figured that out and And so that caught on especially Winston Churchill. Great had written a four volume history of the Germans in World War One and so he was very aware of how important this should be. He had very strong ideas. About what Konate abuse in the Central Eisenhower figuring out the interstate highway system by watching the German autobahn like Churchill came back and listen. I've figured out how to name operates. It's GonNa be so cool. Check it out and he actually wrote down principles and sent this to his generals. You know this is the prime minister and he's saying hey operations and rich. Large number of men's me live. There may lose their lives. Should not have a boastful overconfidence sentiment? 'cause you don't want to say tell a thousand moms that your son died in never fail. Yeah exactly operation. Your son lives. They shouldn't be frivolous. Because then you'd have to tell some widower mother. Churchill noted that her son was killed in operation. Bunny hug or Baillieu like it's got a sound good on a on A. We were at to Inform Telegraph. Churchill said Operation Bunny Hug. That's his idea of a of a no go navy because that sounds like a green lit comedy central animated show now Improv group operation. It sounds like you would like bunny hug. It's a blue spoon type. Meaninglessness makes it. Perfect well but bunny. Hug isn't meaning stunning. Hug is cute right it. It does suggest well. There's a lot of irony in it right because if you're if you're killing people and calling the bunny hug who that's not what you mean or it is what you mean the. Us mostly started using colors operation to go and then when they ran out of colors. The joint chiefs approved like a a pre written code word index that each each theater got assigned blocks of masculine sounding common. But not too common nouns. You get you know. The European theater gets market. Pacific theater gets flint lock for example and Churchill actually would veto names They'd come across his desk and he's like no no nope. We are not doing soap. Suds for example. Which is what the American bomber raid on. Romanian oilfields was going to be called. I'm reading from this seems like Churchill's down in the weeds about some stuff that he should be thinking at a high level she'd give that to a to to grow trump's our joy. We show blood sweat soap suds and tears. I'm reading from an article by military. Historian Gregory Seem Sieminski in nineties wrote the definitive history of twentieth century military operation naming the Normandy invasion which eventually it was called overlord for her fixed name. That's heavy because it worked. I mean failed. You'd look like a real dummy kind of a bummer operation. Five hundred pound gorilla but originally the operation was going to be called it was it was a combination of two planet had previously drawn up nine hundred forty two sledgehammer and nineteen forty. Three's round up. You switched over to Gabriel. Before right and so as a result they decided to combine it and it was gonna be called round hammer and churchill absolutely did not want round hammers brow although it sounds a little bit like some kind of Nordic like a like a mythical Nordic town yeah. You don't WanNa go to Germanic when you're invading hopefully when you're hopefully getting all the way to Berlin right the thing about all these names as they were only used internally. I mean today we all know. Operation Sea lion never happened. Operation Overlord was a huge success. But at the time these never made the papers even after the foul wasn't this part of your Your entry in the omnibus about the crossword puzzle. Revelations of all of these nags actually. That's why it freaked them out that suddenly Utah and Omaha overlord appearing in the Daily Telegraph Crossword or whatever. Because nobody was supposed to know these although the name doesn't give anything away but it did suggest like a that. Somebody's interpreting for for someone else who might have part of the answer. Yeah but in the years following World War Two. This naming gets a little more public. Because obviously if you're already selecting cool names it's a bummer. The nobody gets to hear them right right. The Guy who got arc light the guy heading. The A-BOMB TESTS ON ON BIKINI. Atoll for example was very carefully. Chose Operation Crossroads for the name. It's the crossroads of the Pacific. But also it's the crossroads of a new era in Warfare Etcetera Etcetera. He was very proud that he had thought of this and he wanted to any he he used it in Senate testimony. News articles began to include accounts of these words. Right it didn't carry over in Korea Macarthur. Just use the code word list but when so that's why you got like Operation Chrome or whatever just a meaningless name but when ridgway replaced him he decided this could be a propaganda tool and he just chose very violent aggressive nicknamed operation killer. Operation Thunderbolt Operation. Dauntless right like one of the one of the bombing campaigns of North Vietnam was called Operation Rolling Thunder. Well this was the problem in the Vietnam era. They decided they decided to go the other way. Johnston started complaining that the names were too violent. Because now you've got these guys on the ground trying to one up each other with Gung Ho names operation ripper operation Masher operation flaming children. And I'll be right. Well that's the problem. Lbj's dealing with shrinking approval ratings at home people don't like the idea of the war as visceral violence. That's what's that's what's leading on the news. So he gets mad and Westmoreland has to scale back the names to be a little more neutral up huge proper names. Operation Niagara still suggest a cascade of bombs on the North Vietnamese. But it's it it you know it doesn't it doesn't make a sound like bloodthirsty butchers right. It's like a honeymoon spot. After Vietnam the practice becomes to semi automate. These names a system called Nigga is invented in nineteen seventy five. That's the nickname for the code word. Nickname and exercise term system the CW NATO which it doesn't choose it doesn't spit out a nickname for your operation. But it's a database now. The hurricane naming conventions are those chosen by a an algorithm or does every year a does like a committee. Sit Down and say this one's GonNa be called Lawrence. Every Year Committee makes a full alphabet and they know they're not going to get to. W but they do it anyway. Well I think the big change there was that it used to be all women's names should be God intended. Well I feel like it's important representation. How many storm Gods Mythology are women none? Yeah that's right but all storm Gods in America used to be and now we've got Hugo and these things that are like I think the idea is it was it was called Daphne. It was considered misogynous to continue to associated force of of destruction with with female energy. Why not make sure every other one is Andrew? Well that hasn't been my experience in the dating world. See this is exactly the kind of hilarious Johnny Carson take. They are hoping to avoid by putting male names on the hurricane so what they did with the what. The military did with their naming operations that they divided the alphabet into sequences and assigned one of these two letter sequences to the twenty four component dod agencies in commands worldwide. Started in seventy five. Yeah so the US. Atlantic command gets assigned. It's like the dewey decimal system. Okay Atlantic calm you get. Ag THROUGH A AL. Es THROUGH EASY J G jail they get these segments of the alphabet of NAFTA PICK and they they're segment ends with. Um through you are which is why they chose urgent fury some staff officer somewhere recommended urgent furious the name for the Grenada Invasion Invasion. They're going through a specific urgent fury. Think how urgent it was to invade and furious. It was to invade Grenada. Nineteen eighty-three that's exactly when it starts sounding super dumb like blue spoon really cool urgent fury. It sounds like it sounds like a comic book and Comic Comic Book by un-imaginative. Right but here's the problem. In the era of twenty four hour cable news. Who loved the stuff is news anchors? Who now get to sound like a Robert Ludlum book right time. They say the Pentagon could not believe how often people started saying just cause operation urgent fury because they just thought of it as an internal thing. Where if anybody asks it sounds cool? That's all they were thinking. They had no idea that these bozos on CNN some guy some guy doing a stand up in front of a an embassy is going to want to say operation just in front of the embassy operation. We are three of operations because it makes them feel like they are right. Delta force operatives because they know the Secret Super Code Word you remember the the war journalist character from Doonesbury who like parodied exactly that kind of Like flack jacket wearing a chorus war correspondent who who loved the jargon and who you really situated himself in conflicts as a somehow as a participant even though imagine the Pentagon pivoting from Vietnam era thinking where the liberal press is the medium to realizing how quickly they could coop. These guys you know and and you get the whole practice of embedding journalists. Because that's actually not dangerous. That's the best thing you can do. Because these guys love to feel like they are part of the troops. And that's what we see in the in. The the first Gulf War is the complete neutering of independent journalists as they become just sort of I dunno embedded tools of the of the military. No one's no one's allowed off the reservation. I guess we don't say that anymore. No one's allowed off base off base. I don't know if it's a military base or a baseball base but just causes the pivot on which this turns in which Centcom realizes see. I just I said send comment. I felt so cool for a second. I felt cool to say it again. Said Com San and Spanish Cinta Kamal and they realize that this kind of What contact coolness is incredibly valuable? And so a lot of thought starts going into how these things get named. It's not just one guy being like. Hey Captain Lopez. Let's not use blue spoon anymore. Something cool they long conversation. Start to happen. Memo's go back and forth leading into Desert Storm. That was not the original name for desert. Shield it was originally peninsula. She'll because I think maybe p. e. was the right prefix and Schwartzkopf didn't like that became crescent shield because they thought if you give it a symbol are Saudi Arabian allies will. We'll see us as a force for good in the region and not a force of Western meddling crusaders but that didn't read very well either not compared to desert. St- right once once they realized how Cool Desert Shield and then desert's a sequel like you could storm pretty. Tv viewers decimal eventually but desert shield turned a desert storm. And for American movie franchise audiences. You were like Oh hell yeah. I Love Desert Shield. Let's up it. Let's turn let's tune into Desert Storm now rank volume and one thing that thing. That happened very quickly as that. All these foreign operations started to get this verb noun kind of a thing like you know you re Operation Restore Hope. Yeah operations to sounds like bad star wars ler absolutely. I don't even remember where these were restore hope is that is that Clinton in Somalia maybe promote liberty uphold democracy stop. It just became like what you would think of if you didn't have an idea and what's crazy about these and the thing about the thing about the invasion of Panama was that it felt so much like like an operation that was just a training exercise right then. All of these. It was a training exercise. But everybody got real bullets like there was never a threat. If American troops got injured. It was just that they they twisted an ankle in a hole or maybe a couple of people got shot but probably by accident and that became our baseline expectation. Yeah it really was. The people won't get hurt but we got to Durken's we'll get Americans but we got to do all the cool stuff. We got to drop paratroopers. We got to have gun. Ships got have bombs so it was just a it was just a way to like expend the ammunition that was about to expire in our in our ammunition dumps right like well. Let's get all this stuff we're about to retire. Let's give us up into that one one time around. It's ominous to think that what led to the advent of drone. Technology was not so much the microprocessors make possible but just the Pentagon realizing the public now demands this kind of bloodless war entertainment war on our side. What are the technologies that we can advance to get us there? Five Americans dying. It's like we can't. We can't sustain these losses but But we can spend thirty billion dollars and nobody bats an eye. This kind of propagandistic operation naming continues today After nine eleven the immediate decision to invade a Taliban held Afghanistan was at first called Infinite Justice Boy. Churchill would really. You can't want us deb. Out His cigar. It's like a school yard thing where infinite just what are you going to say infinity plus one and I think it was actually American. It was you know the Council of American Islamic Relations or whatever it was it was local Muslim clerics who were like doing the fingers to the throat. You donate this j exactly like this sounds like crusade rhetoric and that's when it became Enduring Freedom in during freedom which really is the perfect name for an operation that is now what year going into year nineteen going going into year. Twenty truly is enduring it has really endeared. Good job yeah the. I mean all of that naming convention and particularly like Homeland Security all that stuff just suggested the sort of anti intellectualism of that of administration and that whole era like for anybody to say Yeah Homeland Security it just it sounded so and nobody there said hey have you guys seen starship troopers. Yeah it's like Neo Nazi sounding. Yeah and but but to feel to feel like that's the flag you WANNA raise it. That was I think. Maybe the a tipping point for me where I felt like there is a real dividing line now between between an administration that would put like thought into making the thing not sound to Taliban versus an administration that would that would say you know what that name doesn't sound to tally. -Tarian enough this is maybe the kind of thing we should not be saying on the record lest know a dignity battalion. Show up at our door. Well you know. It's one of the reasons that I have fortified this compound. Because there are a few dignity battalions already expecting of the sort of seventies porn variety. Well they can't get in either and that concludes operation just cause entry eight six nine dot easy four five one zero certificate number one nine three four five in the future links in the unlikely event that social media exists in your era and that you've been a listener to omnibus long enough that you can stand sustained liberalism that we've exhibited in this episode. Snakes Knicks be second. Have to do it a couple of Snow Flake. Cox over here with our anti-bush is it doesn't mean that Kenan Ir are brainwashed. Progressives far from it. We're freethinking individualists we just. We're just not persuaded by the invasion of Panama. Yeah if you want to know more about us in our personalities you can go to Ken Jennings and at John Roderick We keep it all going at omnibus- Project on Instagram. So you can see me and fact I'm GonNa take a picture of you can put on my instagram. So if people want to go and look they can scroll back far enough that they see your real person. Don't finally no. There's plenty of photographic evidence of meat. I guess that's right. Well especially after your recent TV conquering hero status. Now your pictures on the cover of newspapers worldwide. I I really do think the odds are now fifty foot statue of me all over the future. Some of them probably rebel others already already in warehouses owned by tech millionaires. Here stands Mandy as king of kings. You can email us if you have. If you have corrections or addenda you can email us if the if you have mash notes for us if you have naming conventions for episodes you WANNA play a game of mash with us. It's an apartment. Oh darker game. What does s mention apartment you can write to us and tell us what the s stands for in the mass game? When Act game or mash game never played this mash. What is it? It's just an eighties trapper. Keeper thing you draw spiral and depending on where you stop the spiral it tells you who you're gonNA marry in where you're gonNA live and it's the most powerful form of divination ever invented by. Man. I never even heard of it. I don't think ancient peoples used it to find fertile grazing lands and water. No no I'm at a complete loss normally I I just might have to be. Its own under the century right well. Email us at the honorable project at g mail you can go to our facebook and Reddit fan groups under the future. Ling's umbrella you can mail US things at Po box. Five five seven four four shoreline. Washington nine eight one five five and if the if the mood strikes supports the show with a financial contribution at Patriotair dot com slash omnibus project? There are lots of bonus materials available only to Patriot supporters. Ken is now opening mail. We got a bunch of holiday cards that I didn't open in time that I'm now opening belatedly. That's nice this. This test says that her cats PIPPI and buster often listen to us but not her boyfriend come on bill well I think you have a new year's resolution which is to get bill to listen to the show and donate to us at Patriotair Dot com slash omnibus project. Jennifer appears to be some kind of Yoga instructor. Well past our yard over here. You keep the card. I don't need. I don't need to learn anything about yoga but I do need to learn about yoga instructor. She sent us events of Tillamook creamery temporary tattoos and Buttons Through Canyon. Crest Athletic Club. Let's see where that is. It doesn't sound like it's around. John just cares about his two nearest yoga pants wearer. But I'm interested in what she said what she sent us a Nestle Quik Rabbit Rabbit have a name. I don't know. Is he the one that kids can see or can't see but snuffle up? Can you crest? Athletic Club is Oh. It's in the inland empire. I would have assumed it was somewhere down in in Arizona. But it's really the next time you're in the valley. Let's see here. She also sent in Riverside California. It's not our into inland empower. I area and let him. I assumed you meant the San Fernando Valley when you said no inland empire is what we call that sort of Idaho. Spokane dominated Eastern Oregon. I've never had to refer to we. Call it the inland Empire Land Empire. I've been saying I've never been. I don't know what to call that part. Well no you know we also got she has tennyson. Buck Minster Fuller stickers reach. What are what's Mine? Mav It's saying don't fight forces use them and he's holding up his hand like he's using telecommunications say he's a very old man and he appears to have powers in this in this picture not just powers to to create uninhabitable geodesic. Don't no he's he's doing? He's doing Jedi. Mind TRICKS ON US. Right now listeners. Future Ling's from our vantage point in your distant past. We have no idea how long our civilization survived given the escalation in military operation naming. The trend line is not great. We hope and pray that the Catastrophe. We fear maybe averted thirst. Come soon this recording. Like all recordings maybe our final but if providence allow we hoped to return soon with another entry for you in the omnibus.

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