The "Boxing on a Corner After Tyson-Holyfield III Sells Over 4 Million PPVs" Episode


Hey this is Megan. Pino and I'm sue bird. We've decided to turn our crazy. I G live show into a podcast for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the show touch more new episodes of a touch more drop Tuesday only on the blue wire podcast network. Be Sure to subscribe to the show on spotify apple or anywhere else. You listen to podcasts. What everybody welcome to another episode of the Corner Podcasts? Kill Dan's we here with the old man. On Jay's hail were promised you we would come back with a combat sports episode and here it is. We're talking about boxing we're talking about A. Ufc fight is going down in Vegas. At the APEC Center highlighted. By tyron Woodley. They also have a paper if you coming up next week. So business is picking up in the world of MMA continuing to roll on that front. We also have boxing about to start taking top rank announced when they will return. We expect others to follow suit shortly. So we're getting back into the thick of things. It is exciting again in combat sports to get going before all the other sports gives us stuff to talk about To start this episode though dre something that just came across my desk and I felt like just throwing it in here at a whim to start it off. And that is the highest paid fighters of twenty twenty twenty thousand nine hundred twenty twenty right so the past year. We've seen a good amount of fighters I thought get big paydays. What comes in that. Only five of them crack the Forbes top one hundred paid athletes and leading the pack. We have Tyson fury route number. Eleven fifty seven million earned last year. We have Conor McGregor coming. In at forty eight million ranked sixteenth we have Anthony Joshua shut to zone ranked nineteenth a forty seven million wilder twentieth right behind him at forty six point five and can Nilo ranked thirtieth at thirty seven million. I'm shocked right. 'cause I don't know you guys plan I know you guys don't do pay per view but if you list these four got these five guys together. Maybe I'll Khanna McGregor fought once I believe in the it's from June from this June. Two last year he fought wants and netted the forty eight mill outside of Conor McGregor. I'm not sure how con- Canola Alvarez isn't second on this list Does double the pay per views of wilder and fury. He hasn't fought. He fought twice last year. He fought September over live. He fought of that. Was this one fight. Wow Okay so that's why it's at thirty seven. She okay. Fury fought between June. June fought twice while talk twice because they both have warm-ups. Yep You're right so they had warm ups for each other And then you have Elaine and that you had or teams then fought each other's. Let's to fights. Joshua fought twice 'cause in June. He was upset and hit three match. So that's twice. Canola me that in one. Connor made that in one okay so they would've been wanting to slow down. Man is Yo- fury from where he was too being. The number one paid fighter sports at fifty seven million in a calendar. Year is incredible. Incredible I the man was three hundred and fifty pounds. He says like seventeen stone is what he said. It's crazy to come back. I expected Joshua to get here expected. Wildest Gate here 'cause they're heavyweights right. Every traditionally get paid. Fury's the biggest surprise to me and connor forty-eight eight mill. I thought that was low especially for proper whiskey. But maybe there's just counts. How much pay out and not your your entities in which yells is going to be my question because this does this. Include advertising market like anti Joshua's under armor so does include any other yes it includes endorsements four put in endorsements but not what you own so connor owns proper whiskey. He they only included what they cut him in a check for last year. Not The entire equity of the company so his equity if he sold that shit would shoot him through the moon. I'm sure I'm sure of it. Could Lord a s a lot of money man? I mean look canal. Oh She's one fight. Looks like thirty seven mill but what I think contracts thirty right thirty five a fight so he brought in like two mill. Endorsements Floyd Mayweather brought in zero in endorsements cleaning. That's doesn't endorse shape. Never seen commercial. Did Bananas thing ever. But these guys I mean Korea cash conor McGregor being the cash. Cow this this forty eight million dollar figures very interesting to me because he he did fight one time. Yeah and makes you a man? We're going to talk about John. Jones Fransen God who thing but man it makes you wonder how much of fighters getting made that we don't know about. I mean a lot of this has to be on the back end right like he and it seems like you have see is doing this which. I mean from what I've heard on the record with John Jones. And everything is that he's seeking this guaranteed money but the USC seems to be offering incentive based contracts. You put up this number you get this amount so on and so forth percentages whatever so when you look at that. I can see a guy like connor betting on himself. It's an easy return. Isn't that what floyd did when he went out like when he left top rank and went to showtimes? Like I'm going to better myself. And that's how. He started making Boo Koo Bucks because his numbers started going through the roof so connor. I can see him saying it. Better myself if you're John Jones. Which we'll talk about later the yeah. I'm not sure he's in a position to bet on himself. In terms of pay per view buys mature. If that's you know I don't know of him. I Francis and God who gives him what he thinks. He's going to get which might be why he wants. Guaranteed money which we'll talk about. John Jones him refuting. So is it troubling to you to see one? Mma person this is the five guys on the top one hundred. I don't know how do we gotta go to find another. Mma Guy on this list when it to we might name into seventeen boxers before we get to the next guy in like Daniel Cormie. I don't even know who's next but it'll take forever to get to those guys and Connor had to go to boxing to establish this type of payday. Is this still? How do you justify that they do the same model dinner on the same network? Tyson fury and Conor McGregor on the same network. Same pay per view platform. Same selling point everything and he's bringing in fifty seven mill. Why is no one else you? I don't know if you take the next ten annual salaries of the UFC and they add up to a Tyson fury made for two fights atom of Nido. Yeah I don't I don't think you do so is talk has to be something different right like how do you justify this? I in the U. OF C. Model is Kinda McGregor. Just broke it. But it's the brand over. The fighters is a UFC then Dana White. Then everybody else kind of took it into his own hands it fuck all that Rhonda Kinda did too but it was different like Rhonda was like an anomaly at the time. And that's worker Ronda. Rousey McConnell came in called his shots like bet on himself. You dared anybody to call. His bluff has the perfect storm of fights fought quickly ended them faster. And you WANNA see him. Talk the right amount of Shit like he did everything right. There's going to be so hard like the. Us GOING GONNA look. This didn't ever GONNA WANNA pay another fighter again this kind of money because as much as I love Connor and what he brings to the table. They don't WanNa pay this money to somebody else. Because it's a huge risk counter had to win to get this far and still I don't WanNa say completely mind blowing but he got choked up India's in that helps them get paid more right like it didn't really matter because he had a built in excuse and I guess that's what happens when you take proper risks proper twelve properous. He fought in the weight class to weights higher than his regional. Wait an last minute fight so it didn't really matter. People always washed up news. Fine then one beautiful lost F. I different story. Then he wanted to. He lost the copied snuffed out anyone. All he did was give Khabib. The RUB could start. Everyone's to star Neko's back. He doesn't biggest pay-per-view number. They got unfortunately Donald's star star in his own right but connor was the star. No-one no-one moves needles icon interesting to see what connor does compared to like a Cannella. True Canola pay-per-view foot because I still think Nilo has that drawing power is just you know he's on a platform. Now you get your money straight up and catch money straight up note. No shame in that just broke down thirty five mill- fight shit that take that to the bank. So yeah man. It's crazy to see these numbers but I'm not shocked by the top five so I felt like opening with that. Next year's top five might look drastically if Mike Tyson wants to wanted to different. Trae these all. These guys are amazing. No one has the earning potential of Mike Tyson comeback and it looks Dana White data white gave us an interview at USPS. Yesterday I posted the Shit. He says Tyson Israel. He's coming back. We Damn near Table The exhibition shit. He wants to fight. Maybe lower rounds on some butterbean type stuff. But there won't be no headgear. Give him four game six rounds for Tyson. That's an eternity for what Tyson was. Then you have other people think about coming back Roy. Jones is hitting the bag. We got Event Holyfield saying completely like arm back to we have other people wanted to get in on. This may guys wanting to get a little piece of Tyson. Plenty of options dre. You can't tell me Tyson. Holyfield doesn't do the biggest pay per view number next year. If they wanted to it depends on what else fights. I do think some you could fight on you. Fight Jason Whitlock on undercard. You guys get paper viewpoints. Do I think like if Josh Fury? That's a bigger fight. I after fury wilder which is a huge fight and seeing the numbers eight drew. Yes wilder or skewed fury. Joshua's big is not Tyson returned big because those guys biggest stars that they are they are Tyson big. I don't think Tyson someone pay per views like that. Oh I think I think tights itself pay per views like people tune in for Mayweather McGregor. I think price point out one hundred dollars and people will buy it look. I'll bet you're going to argue this point because people the fucking weird people are where I see the numbers on Tyson. Post people are fucking weird like people love Tyson posts. But it's just like. Are you going to pay pay per view to watch but how many people watch wilder fury didn't pay for that Shit? Know Steel Steel Fever. That's high that's the key. The people want to watch Tyson field again or people a larger group of people incapable of stealing my grandmother. Those people that generation who still pays for pay per views will do it out of muscle memory and you will get a higher mark than people who want to Joshua fury and we'll steal. 'cause this is a fight that not only taps into the people currently know how to stream but to people who have no clue how to do so and there's a lot of people who don't know. I know a lot of people that can't there fucking remotes. We know people in boxing media that if you handle them computer instead five this fight right now illegally would be lost as fuck. There are people and they work in boxing. There are people who can't bootleg if they wanted to in this fight with sell with them. I don't know man I don't know how big this does. I don't think four million like those numbers. No nobody does too. I don't even know if it does to do if racing at sixty it does to wild if you can do a million and that's okay but okay how big of a farce was McGregor versus mayweather. You have a how big of stars where McGregor Mayweather Coronado big as nice in Holyfield trilogy. Don't the Jewish. I see him hitting pads post this thing every day. People believe dre. You don't believe you didn't believe connor can knock or at stood a chance. I Guess Mayweather but other people believed and they tuned in Tyson. No here's the difference with Mayweather. Mcgregor was two worlds anime boxy joining crossing each other. The biggest the biggest boxing force it was very had the immigrant community behind him. Tyson's a mainstream star but Tyson hasn't won a meaningful fight in twenty three years. Twenty two years twenty three years hasn't wanted meaningful fight and to ask people who come out of their pocket a no man to fight another old man who wasn't selling pay per views like two million. That's a lot that's a lie. They do the engine left to be behind the Sony. Other things aren't things that won't happen but it's like what the fuck is going commission. These two fifty something years if somebody will do it. Don't get me wrong. Somebody would do it but two million. They'll beef this shit up because there's a lot of things gotta to happen in terms of promotion are Tyson and Holyfield going a worldwide tour of talking to each other baby. What else do they got to do? Yes possibly man possibly got them heart attack doing all that damn travel look. I can't see this. I think the fight will be attractive. Just like any goofball fight will be attractive but no you're underestimated you're underestimating the power. I'll tell you in this climate simple to y'all know I posted the fucking ear-biting thing the other day people are like. Oh I forgot about this. Licks a free. What clicks are are three? But there's a translation and how much if I post mayweather content of opposed connor content. You know this you can generate and understand excitement level based on your numbers and analytics but do Tony Kornheiser on PTI. I said I don't even pay for sports anymore. Boxing all the stuff I will pay for this. Yes I will buy a seat. I was risking owner. It is raining pay people in his lowest because they would pop the highest number. I'm not sure. Ever because his bootlegging absolutely it it will reach McGregor we'll stat. It will not reach you pay per views absolutely not. You're nuts if you think this reach four million paper no what do they do? Two Point Four. No they were the McGregor. Did four point three to me. What was the highest four point six with a pack? Yeah Oh it's doing four then I'd take my fucking stance back. Cannella can do to ask doing for four Tim. Right under your even. That's the thing to this fight with do that. You absolutely bananas. And it's not even one hundred. They prices at sixty. Do they price six and my towel? No no there is no way this doing for million. No curiosity aren't hanging fights like that you guys you should learn this because you just saw but dice reasserted. Two years ago to now is recent people will pay that. Recent pandemic are either Tyson or Holyfield as big a star as Conor McGregor. Mike Tyson is yes to this day. He's a he's biggest currently right now right now. The big an attraction to fight as YUP IF NOT BIGGER CORRECT. No He's you're in. Mma bottle bubble. Yes but people still don't recognize I am as a fucking sport people understand Mike. Tyson Nostalgia Belt Ninety one. Three in Vegas. Yes he pops. What's what's the last payment. Worst last pay per view bossing Mexa crack over a million aside from with Magritte's Telemann Tyson doesn't do a mill. Actually Question Cannella was. The last one can triple g one point eight maybe to you know no barely over one. No daily cleared one. I'm looking at because that's crane you don't you know who but if I what Mexicans you have under power black people the buying power when it comes to pay per view of black people in the youth. They don't buy that. Shoot they steal it? Especially now because the climate of the world has changed. Because everybody's cutting the cord. Everybody I got home like do you want to see shit. It'll track willow now glove at one point one. I one point three and that fight was huge thin crack to. Why does this give her five? They're bugging might one but we we dude counter was a circus because of what connor meant to the community may people bought into the connor hype and it was the Once in a Lifetime. Thing and Floyd Mayweather was undefeated. There were so this is an aerial coming back. This is too old Fox fighting in the ring. Yes we love Mike Tyson. But who really gives a fuck about him? Vander Holyfield Tyson Holyfield are synonymous together and for the first time people believe Tyson. My wash his ass. Here's here's how here's Miss? Oh Boy Mike Tyson fights whoever does a ton of is van Holyfield fight somebody you think is not talking about no but they have history. I'm just asking. The question. Have History. It's deluge of just talking about the drawing power. Mike Tyson draw correct. There's a story line here that exists correct fifty something years old. Nobody's paying four million. People are not buying this fight. You're out all old. You underestimate the stupidity. Know-how nation people buying people. Still with us. It's awesome still. Nobody's buying pay per view. Is like that anymore. That McGregor was a circus shows. Two years ago. This would it be a circus? This this would not be the circus degree because you big back. Neither of those men will do the vigorous storing media obligations. Day Won't do that to the extent they don't have the energy that Conor McGregor Hats Tyson has working podcast Tyson if Tyson wants to be on. Espn right now. Were shutting down whatever the hell is on television. The tore between Mayweather McGregor drove buys because of the entertainment value. Even though it was ridiculous those two we just talking Shit I. I don't think I could bear to watch holyfield-tyson talk shows each other. It would replace the weekend before we would play the first fight. And the second and it's free people would that but people are four million people aren't buying that fight. Oh boy fifty years old. You're because you're so that's fine. I'll let you be wrong here. So I'm not on four million people four million. It does if it doesn't do better by doesn't do better than McGregor. There's an floyd in a way. This four million is that's house it like. What is the fucking record? What is wrong with guys? He's coming back dude informally when he was active and pay per view was in every household he and do that number when he was active knocking. People out the big attraction. Embossing people to named for Floyd Snooze. Fats we knew what we're going to get floyd a school. What's what's going to talking about. You know what I'm saying like him versus McGregor. We knew it was going to be a one-sided traffic school but everybody that people Dixie McGregor migraines those same people by into Tyson McGregor macklin workout. If I were McGregor. Sold to fight was also recently by with conor McGregor because he was knocking people out in the May. Where's mayweather was undefeated considered old when he really wasn't so you had boxing versus MMA. There was a completely different storyline. Two old men fighting connor just lost a year before. But we're talking about Conor McGregor recency bias. He Kinda mcgurk is has been a superstar for a wild and he's not Mike Tyson. Floyd home is is barely the star. Mike tightness. There's a difference between people that you want to watch in a car accident versus people that you WanNa Watch fight. People WanNa Watch Conor McGregor fight. People WanNa Floyd Mayweather loops. I don't know what people WANNA see. Vander Holyfield Tyson knocked his ass out but people told want to pay four million. People AREN'T GONNA want to pay not for not for all right. We'll let the people decide but I drastically disagree with you. Do let them in a bigger number now than you. When I saw something two years ago between two guys that I think this could equal the amount of buzz two years because between the undefeated pound for pound cash king who was the pay per view king who killed Tyson's numbers even before fighters inflation. Yes yes yes. He's even better. He built a better basis correct. Yes yes Tyson do. Tyson is going to take advantage of one of his prime years. People will be curious they will buy four million people will absolutely not by despite three billion minimum stealing because people dog hope they should ask and this. This four million number is ridiculous for what you to what? I'll give you one in a possible I won't. There is no way I'm giving you four million for this trait. We are stopping. We're stopping at this and I still owe you one but we're doing it again. Dinner do another bridge Beck Co Co Brunch. Bet Gimmie three five. Now you got four you ask before you get four more for. I'm confident I'll take four Tyson. Holyfield does four million pay per view. Buys you guys her to here. I I'm going Brunch. Bet I'll yet buffets aren't even open find somewhere brunch. Bet this do it. I'm caching now. My wife is outside of wherever recorded. Takes me no more bets excavation? Release just as you know. I'm standing by this bet. It's done income on four million runge. Gak like four drunk. I'm barely through this crowd. Peach all right. So let's let's take a quick break when we come back. Let's run through this. Mma card and talk more about John. Jones Francis Gano. You stay right. There might make another bet on the other side of this. We'll be right back all right. We'll get back to their show on one second but first there's no shortage of action. Going on at our exclusive partner bet. Online NASCAR is back and bet online has hundreds of other games events and sports to get in on you can still bet on simulated NFL NBA and UFC. Vince twenty four seven or you can participate in a ten thousand dollar madden bracket challenge a march madness style. Nfl simulation torn. You can enter for free and coming up next Sunday. Bit Online has X. Chicago Bulls Ron Harper. Horace Grant Bill Car. An Craig cards is joining them to discuss the Michael Jordan documentary on. What they're calling the final dance visit bit online that ag and use Promo Code blue wired. Receive your new welcome bonus and check out all the action that online. Your online wagering solution. I'm winning this one. I got exude confidence. Who is how it always starts? Always get riled up is always talked always feel so good in the beginning all right all right just that quick. We are back to laugh every I always feel so confident of gaining by it. I don't know why he is so funny. I've confident in this. It's it's happening right. It's going to be the first one I win. People you guys got to be behind me on this one. I feel it. I feel the strength. Mike Tyson's coming through with the big number. Let's talk about the USC and numbers and the Mount. John Jones is looking to fight Francis and gone John. Jones goes on twitter. And says you know what the fight's not going to happen. I WANNA move up to heavyweight. Try it out at first. He said he wanted to catch. Wait to twenty get his feet wet and then go all the way heavyweight then it gon who's like L. Let's fight. John was like fuck it. Let's do this at God. Knock someone's face off again in under a minute and John wanted the challenge then he wanted the UFC to put up the money for it. Make the risk worth the reward. But he failed to realize that you have see didn't ask for this fight he francis and gone will ask for this fight kind of lose leverage when is not clamored by the company? The fans anything I you just created out air and then says they talked about it briefly. Never put a real number on the table and pretty much. Got The gist. That it was not going to happen. He went as far as threatening to not defend his heavyweight title. Because there's nothing left their forum and you'll just vacated and chill out until they WANNA pay him as much as he deserves. They wait is going on. Espn several times since and said John's looking for upwards of five million dollars for these fights may be more and it comes back to me. And I'm thinking John Jones is grossly underpaid in the same breath. Dana White said John Jones's best mixed martial artists of all talk. So when you're paying conor McGregor better than the best ever does a problem there. He should probably close that gap. But even then I'm not sure how much leverage John has because I still don't think he's a draw and you get paid off of being a draw more so than being the best in the world. I argue Tanko. Crawford are the best in the world along with Canelo. Canova came in fifth on the list. We talked about earlier in the show. Four fighters above him. None of them are in the top five eight pound for pound in the world so sometimes skills don't pay the bills you know. Sometimes it's about. How many is you can draw to you. And I don't think John Jones is the biggest sell he's not. I mean he's been proven these not but I think there's two things here that need to be examining one is. Yeah nobody asks for this fight but what happened with John? Joel started talking about France and Ghana became like the biggest thing in. Mma people wanted us because the level of injury between guy who just murders people with his hands and the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Moving away classify the guy that nobody wants to fight. There's a level of intrigue that I think People Will WanNa see is a fight. You didn't know you wanted to and I think this is what that is and would John. I think the challenge here is your like Dana. Says he's got an unfinished business. Dominic Reyes heavyweight. Okay that's fine then. Would Jam black witch know the rest of the division John has fucked up a lot in his career. It's still has managed to be undefeated. With the exception of the decoy loss programs and lost Dmitri. Johnson's pound for pound was paid like bet but I think John is a little bit different in the sense that his outside of the octagon persona is kind of would sales because if I remember correctly him and Kobe did do a million trying to remember. I believe so and I think a fight within town who had heavyweight promoted right do extremely well which leads to the next question is about the beginning shows. How much are these guys really getting paid? Well I look at that. Mcgregor number and see John. Jones wants to move up to fight at heavyweight against God who I see John. Jones disclose persons are only five hundred thousand his highest disclose per five thousand whereas also ovary has a guaranteed under fifty thousand dollars for Firewall Harris. No sympathy no four fifty. Five fifty did knocked out by garden. And if I'm John Jones I'm like there's a fucking problem here. 'cause looks like grossly underpaid no matter what you're paying me under the table which the problem is with these fighters don't tell anybody and they start complaining about how much they get paid. And then when Dana White do what he did on today's grown and says John Jones and s for Deontay wilder money and kind of laughed it off like twenty five or thirty million will. Do these guys get paid. All I know is in disclosed. Pay is grossly underpaid and I know. A lot of guys are grossly underpaid. It's I don't know John is should get so necessary. Think he's wrong for asking for more than what he's been getting for this particular fight. It's the most dangerous five greer by far. I just don't know. Where's the Bar Man? I don't I don't know what the bar is. Like the five hundred Cain it but what is I think John Jones versus God does pretty good paper numbers. I think it might do the best pay per view numbers John Jones career closer Corbin. Yeah I guess. I know. He's underpaid about that. That's not a debate. He's underpaid for his skill set for what he brings to the table but he brings to the UFC. But then again. I look at it and I say you don't know if he's going to be here tomorrow right know like in the NFL your transgressions off-the-field way into your next contract. They hold this against players all the time. If I can't count on you to not fuck up not getting arrested not it pregnant women which car etc etc. I really can't make you. The highest paid person in our sport disclosed. Just it. It's A. It's a tough slope. I got a hold that against them. It's tough but but you the president that the US's continued to do is reward bad behavior kind of got rewarded for enough Dolly through a window in his highest payday. When he's two things he to a Dali any `push old man face he punched an old man interface possibly raped somebody where we're talking about real. I mean that's possible. I'm just saying upset. There are legal. They're legal issues that to around you have the dispatch and cell phone. I mean the Cajun to at the Kirby fight that he was involved in that was jumping over sure what connor was doing prior to that that led to all this. I mean he's doing this. It is a big deal but when you reward somebody for bad behavior and if John I'm going to be on behavior and you keep letting them back this kind of your fault like when you let it go too far love. Houston children but we let it go too far and you try to reel them back. The it's too late. The kids like fuck. You already done everything else. How you gonna try to really baggy now. You didn't punish me when I did that. You gave me more ten more toys when I did this. You give me more. You let me back in. I pop a failed drug tests. You let me back in. I'm UCLA heavyweight champion again. Light Dana White made it clear. He's the best in the world despite his mess. Ups when you tell somebody yet you give them leverage and this is the part that sucks is the UFC. Runs this unilateral thing. Where it's just like you're really know like the Goshi fight and nothing like that. It's just like here's WanNa pay you and there's no union. There's no Ali Act. There's none of this if this anybody who is so weird to say this anybody that has a high enough profile that can campaign for fighters to get better pay an equal opportunity to pay your sponsor. Whatever it is is John Jones he could be the Guy Right now. Says I fighting like I'm out? You know what if he would've fought like say he's like okay. I'll take yom block of each whatever. Beat him if he gets. The heavyweight title is a champ champion. Says I'm out that holds more weight than what he does. Now he's like oh I'm holding division hostage hostage and I'm out until I get paid for deserve just very possible trip. I mean he had to take at this point. I feel like John. He's not poke right. He's made good money. Could he make better money? Yes kinda McGregor. It's never going to buck the system. Because he is the system and he's the exception not the rule box to him. Yes fine he's ever take stand for other fighters that's just now. O'connor's going do John Jones. A hand is paid in the same realm as other people even though he's the best fighter in the world and even though he's for a lot of one the most recognizable fighters in the world. He's not like a tremendous trove with people know who John Jones is if he were to say like finding like I need to. I need disclose pay. Anita disclosed persons to be higher. We need a fighter unit. So everybody's getting paid okay. John I think John can spirit like 'cause Doom Leslie Smith like jeans. She can't do it like fighters who fight like the prelims can't do you need A. He's I think John Joe's he's accomplished so much in his career where I think if you're never find again he could be cold like he's a cop. There's really nothing left for him to do in the light heavyweight division cool and it's like a one word or from them a ton of money. He's just cash out. Keep winning in a retired. He really has nothing left to prove and he could take a stand if he wanted to. He could try to go on box if you wanted to be like go to boxing and box. Don't pay no. It's not but for a payday. If he wants money he can go and box. He has name recognition to do so very easy he go in there. What crews wait to a five if you wanted to? He's pieced up in Boston. I that's a. that's a payday. More than he he'd get what he's asking for from the UFC if you went in there and wanted to box so I mean he has options. That's that's always the key. He has option. So we'll we'll see what comes out of that in the John Jones Saga. We actually have a card this weekend. I don't know if I'm calling. Us Vegas. I don't know what the Hashtag is yet. it could be USC apex because it's the first one being held at USC Apex Facility in Vegas and we'll just go through the main card real quick. Just make predictions talk more about the main event when we get there between Taiwan tyrant Woodley and Gilbert Burns. But so starting off. Mackenzie is back for Hannah ciphers. Mackenzie dern made wait the easiest. She's ever done our life after coming back from having a child. It was a tough fight. She took her first loss. But I think I learn more from that first loss than I did in any of her wins and she showed toughness to me and I think this is a better fitting fight for her. I'm going to take Mackenzie dern to win. She's only twenty seven easy again. By the way great for being focused she had no focus earlier. Now it seems like she had a Kid. She has focused. Yeah I you know. Hand ciphers has just lost. Anc Hill during this great jujitsu practitioners. He seems motivated seems focus Losing fight kind of was I mean. Do she bounced back from having a baby like I'm not a woman I have no idea how this shit is shows like two months after yes like. She's nuts for doing it so I think she wants this fight It's GONNA be interesting. Because they try to book Mackenzie during the next big thing and she just hasn't panned out to be anything remotely hosted that so maybe she can have a quiet run and then make a name for herself. I feel like she can still be a star to Ken but I think it needs to be quietly. Like don't push her trying to like lead her just win a few fights and this clean it up like okay she is. Let's go. Let's start the engine like can't do the sage's North Korea next big thing is fuck see. This is a complete different scenarios. But when you were talking about DOJ cat in our previous episode where someone just needs to remove her from the limelight. Real quick letter like chill. Get Her wits about her teasers. From Shea and then quarterback I feel like Mackenzie dern did that in a way better way but she was removed because she was having a child she just thought it was the first time in her life so she was like what seven she didn't have to compete into. Jitsu or an ma she just got a chance to breathe and then now she's back in issued. Like I'm doing this because I love this so I think it was perfect pause for so I expect a lot out of her still so it's cool. I can see this fight that we have Roosevelt Roberts versus brock. Weaver all right Give Me Roberts going based off of just pure stats like who's GonNa keep pace me. Robert is six two six foot weaver. He has one loss. Weaver has four. It just makes sense. Why I don't see Roberts is six to one fifty five yes. He's very very tall out. Work tall lightweight. So I'm going to pick the way today. One person must wait. No I believe it was a broccoli. Miss wait okay. I thought it was in that fight cool but it was my like one point five pounds the shovels on and then we have spike. Carlisle versus. Billy quarantine will I just like spikes name fuck it. He's four years younger to me. This card is is a little thin but this is where we're going to get. We're going to be entertained. It's the fact that they're having cards cool. And a lot of these fights between people. We don't know as much to me leads to better fights is like the other fights watching apex. What does that Dana White's looking for a contender? Whatever contender series. Get some good fights. There feel like this should have the same buzz. So give me Spike Carla. Yeah I want. Take Billy Corsican No particular reason I mean he fought couple time no one time contender series So yeah this. Do this car this car in when we get to. Ufc Two fifty wichita about next week man. Not good this one to me. This one is fine for being on. Espn quenching people's thirst. I think to fifty is the perfect opportunity to have a number card on regular. Espn was GonNa you pay per view and who the hell is going to be. Pay Per view. But I think if there's times to adjust this quarantine is time to adjust to try shit to experiment and to have a numbered card on regular. Espn which just make it? Feel special and I think it would pop big number just because it felt special and I think it should you know I think that should have been the call nonetheless. It's going to be on pay per view. We'll talk about that next weekend. Ivankov Nov versus car. I Know I've Nov taking him heavyweights throwing like listen. I see a familiar name this. He's only five nine to fifty. He's throwing bombs. I've if I remember correctly he lost a split decision to Derek Lewis. I remember he got peace. Well piece of lost Gino Santos. I'm actually taking us a Chi- in this fight I've always had some tough tough ice. Not believe I remember correctly. I've had a nice little running in L. and world series of fighting as well but be to Vassar. Be Ben Rothwell. Beat some guys. Yeah but I'm looking at the KYW and the only person car's check Congo granted he's beaten like ASCII which he probably shouldn't win that fight But I I don't care I feel like this is going to be a quick knockout or a exhausting slugfest. Not even exhausting. Slow paced fight fair. I hope it's ending in like three minutes. But that's all everybody fights right but no. I've an obvious historically going to decision so I don't expect a knockout really. We'll see hopefully when you see everybody's on the car. It means fireworks. This one is probably going to distance. But it's only fifteen minutes and then we get to the main event tyrant relievers Gilbert Burns. It's weird right because tire rim. I thought was perfect for Liane Edwards. They had some words but Edward stopped because travel ban. Go Burns had run. I just don't know if Gilbert's really ready for he look good against Damian Maya but I don't know what my is at this point guard Nelson gave him a nice little logo at it. He wanted decision but that was a good fight and then outside of that is resumes pretty slim so this is a big step up for yet. I'm picking Tire Woodley. I just I'm picking Woodley to if he lets his damn hands go. You don't gotta belt. Don't be timid. Go back to the regular time. And I've Kinda giving him a pass for the men fight as much he said his like Shit. Just wasn't clicking. I kind of feel that way and I think that kind of helped as well and the reason why I picked Williams fight with anything else because Yeah Burns Damian. So what Burns last loss was Dan Hooker. He's been on a nice little run. He's looked really good. But I look at how what Tara Willie did it there until and I think that time will come out to play because like when he fought to people like he's a giant. He's going to give a hard time and Rutley just mauled and I think I don't know if you'll mall you'll burns but I think between the embarrassment of getting pretty much snuffed out by the fact that you need to win the fight you're Kinda fucked in this division in. It's like you're in a position where it's like go home because if you don't win you know these guys like Maskhadov that you can fight like this this opportunities but you have to win this fight and when push comes to shove people forget how good is. He's a great strategist as well. He's a great game planner. Who just neutralize everything that he had. I don't think you'll be burns says that I don't think so either I think Woodley's just matter and thirty eight years old. You can look if you like as father time creep in only fought twice since twenty seventeen as one a year. Count this one. It gets dicey to be slowing down at this point of your career but is there may so no people I mean. Dental Cormie is fine into his forties. So I I think Woodley so has more in the tank and I think it's a big jump up for Gilbert Burnsville taking lead by stoppage Give me like third round though not like quicken early. But we'll he's gonNA catch his US and I and I think it's over. I think you're right on that one. it man. That's that's pretty much our show for today. Though we said we come back with some combat sports. We gave people a nice fifty minute episode on boxing. We made a bet. It's been fun. I'm a finish off the rest of his Crown Royal Peach and my white clock a not yet tips. Even though dre thinks I am I want to say shot out to the sponsors shout out to blue wire that network. Blue a you know. We don't got the ad read all right now. You guys know what it is. Use the Promo Code and follow us on twitter at Corner podcast. Underscore me at Danby him. Add entrees hail until next week talking tonner pro wrestling next week? We're out pace.

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