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208: Fighting Razor Wire in Nogales


The Starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. That's you'll go tickling the ivories. He just saved. By bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally by ring for that gal of yours Hugo send condolences. This next one's freed. There's Thirdly in my. Aw. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Discounts on available in all states or situations. You know, rebels radio Latino rebels radio who that he here. It is Sunday February tenth two thousand nineteen in. You're listening to a podcast version of let's rebels radio on audio boom. Let's rebels dot com. Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. We wanted to do look at what was going on the last week in Nogales, Arizona. I know there's a lot of focus on President Trump making a visit to Basle on Monday in Texas. But there's been some things going on in Nogales Arizona, and we wanted to bring one of our freelance contributors Joe Wright who is in Nogales. He's been writing a couple of pieces for Latino rebels radio. And Joe is in Arizona right now, Joe what is up eight. Thanks. Thanks for having me on your on with you. It's it's awesome thinking for this huge honor. Oh, it's the honors our as my friend just because we wanted to get someone who's been on the ground. You've written a couple of pieces for Latino rebels the last couple of weeks actually last week. I wanna kind of get into sort of how this all started. And one of the things that you've been covering out of Nogales is is what the US military and customs and border protection has been doing. So can you just explain what's been going on the last couple of months for people that haven't heard it? Yeah. Yeah. No problem while you know, I wanna see it was in early December. I wrote a piece for you guys about the of tennis exchange, and it just so hang out. Right. When I wrote this piece it was right after the the sorry. The army had been sent to heart in the ports because of the immense spacious of caravans that were being coming from Central America. And the just the vision the visual of razor wire they'd strung up next to these kids play. In tennis. You know, like literally like feet away from these kids. Playing tennis was was powerful. And then, you know, they left one strand one role coil. I guess you could say of this concertina wire all the way across the stretch of the of the fence all over all across no gals. Santa Cruz county. And we pretty pissed about that to be honest. But it was it was just that end it was acceptable to certain degree. But then then all of a sudden, I mean just last weekend they come back in the string six more rose. And it's literally head to toe at this fence in the border the border fence in Dallas, it's not like other places where there's miles or so of stretch, they're literally houses on international street that are right next to this to this fence kids play their don's play there. It's it's insane. So to give people context of this, basically, what you're saying is that all of a sudden there's a fencer between Nogales Arizona that which is in Mexico. It's been there it, you know, it's sort of kind of like what life is all about. I think people. That's the reality is people literally live right next to that wall. Like that fence on both sides in in the pieces euro, and then you another piece more like an op-ed about it. But. In terms of what that felt like how people have been dealing with that fence like it's almost like an acceptance. But it's almost like we can we can deal with it. So why did this notion of this razor wire for people that don't know what concertina wire is? It's it's basically, you know, razor sharp wire that you might see I dunno in war. Right. You if people people see like or or like in prisons, where it sort of that will that wire that if you can't escape, you know, if someone wants a scale it, and you're basically saying in you took a couple of pictures, and we publish them. But you're basically saying that that fence was literally covered like everything from from top to bottom with concertina wire. Why? Why would why did that become sort of a boiling point? I guess to to people in Nogales. Well, you know, I mean, even though we've been used to this fence that we have here that's been dividing us for as long as we've exhausted much, the it's been more upgraded. More of a wall in the last twelve years or so, but we've lived with the like you said, it's there's no geysers on on both Nogales. It's one city divided by a line. And you know, the like even just the mayor of Nogal Sonoda, the mayor of Nogales Arizona and the allocated vehicle and the consul general in the United States in Gaza. They just signed something called the sisterhood agreement. And it's really a symbolic thing that they do every year to reaffirm this relationship that these two places have and we've gotten used to this wall. That's there. I mean, if you wanna call it a wall because even when designs that's been proposed to Trump for his big glorious wall. But of just putting this razor wire between there is it's not just the imagery. That's powerful this separates its including. It's expanding the separation and the relationship is between the two coaches. I mean, just a couple of months ago. There's a fire right across the board in Sonoda and firefighters Gaza Zona brought their trucks right up to the fence impasse their hoses through the fence. So yes to help them put out the fire. So I understand that. No one was consulted. I mean, no elected official was consulted about this. It was basically the the CPI in the military. They might have talked to local law enforcement. But all of a sudden this was happening. Right. So so what's happened in the last week? Yeah. That that is really the last week is when it's really hectic on like, you said, the the first time even the first time that they put the razor where they didn't let anybody know that didn't talk to anybody. They didn't tell anybody on. And then all of a sudden over this weekend. The military comes back puts more wire more razor wire and people are wondering why they didn't tell anybody. So the mayor of new gals are got. Yeah. He wants to he contacted customs mortar texting. And you know, you guys have the audio of him telling the story to so we went to border patrol, and I sat down there and explain to them how we the city had worked closely with them under the past administration and under the past. Secretary of state and Commissioner, and they said, yes, we remember you mayor who you were you did. Well, you helped us a lot. But we those children that came across over here. You helped us on that. And I said, yeah, remember that and the eagles. Yeah. And I said remember we did good. How we were good stewards. And he goes, yes. And I said, you know. What's what's the wire? Any says we ordered? And that that time I wasn't shock because I thought it was a military come in and doing it from the Pentagon. No, they asked for the wire because they were told to fortify the border Nevada's. He went to two people. He called customs mortar protection, the the blue uniforms, the customs part, and they told him flat out that they didn't have time to deal with it. Then he went to border patrol and they met with him. But they completely dismissed all of his concerns. And then they said that they're the ones who requested the additional razor-wire which really really kind of through the mayor through because he he's always had a good working relationship. He's just became mayor for another term. But he was mayor about four years back. He he was win bust somebody served and he worked well with the board ritual during that time. So he did not insipid this kind of reaction from them. That's when he really pissed off. He walked out of the meeting. They made the resolution to condemn the wire in demand that it's removed. I guess I'm stuck because you know, there's probably people listening to this. And they're probably people who are who who are, you know, outside, you know, live in other parts of the country. And I'm sure you've already got. And I'm sure you've gotten it from the pieces that you've written for Latino rebels because kind of like how we roll like. What there and we've seen comments? There's probably people thinking there's like so good this great like fantastic. This. This is supposed to stop people. Can you give me like the context of Nogales in terms of like it just seems like this is an overreach? You even mentioned in your bed Ps that what the president says of like, you know, how a wall would stop. Drugs and crime. Like like like, you basically said, hey, I'm not a data journalist or I'm not someone who runs crime sits until you straight up. Like nothing happens in the city like tell me about the city like in your purse because you have a really personal like connection to the city. But tell me like, yeah, tell me like why this is. So you know, what? I mean, it's like it seems like it's an overreach to a problem that doesn't even exist. I mean, if you're gonna put in the most simplest terms, it is it's an overreach in its Nova reaction to which is common right now in the in the I guess, you could say in the Trump era, this sort of overreaction is is pretty common notes gives him background. I'm from born and raised here. Nogales arizona. My dad was cousins protection. Like, I said in the in the in the op-ed ends. I mean, even my business partner yet, he gave me the nickname Gingell must make gun. Came of indiscipline in through in Fe in as he will, you know? You know, I it's part of needs as much as part of me is as anything, you know, who you are is room. Brent? Yeah. Absolutely. And so when I see something like this happened, especially when you know, there are people who think that new gals owned by the cartels in seen comments from this where they think that own Nogales. It's it's it's owned by the cartels. Of course, they don't want the way the wired self. It's not only is dangerous. It's it's extremely dangerous for children for dogs, and it's gonna win the winds come in in spring. They're going to blow all kinds of trash into, but no Gaza's a very safe place and the further you get from the border the stronger this misconception ISM it ended in. It's crazy. But no gallons is actually really peaceful place. There's this incredible blend of cultures that just creates a new cultural on its own. And you know, in order culture, it's not necessarily specifically unique to know Gallas. But there is something special about the to why does it hit personal because I mean, just hearing the mayor the mayor sounded really like, I guess, you know, I don't know him. I mean, you cover you cover the. Town more you'll know, you know, about the city, and you know, you sort of know the local angle, but he did sound very like come on to like seriously. Like, this city has cooperated the city's trying and he sounded very frustrated or or and we're the city council members of same way where the people in the room feeling the same ways that is it a general consensus at the city's kinda like we're being disrespected is that sort of mood that's going through the city, or is that it is for the most part. The most of the citizens have feel that way. Now there are because this is actually Nogales for the whole county. Senate coming is it's a democrat county, and I wanna get political not trying to be to get in the partisan politics. But it's democrat county, but most of the people aren't actually very liberal. Yeah. We have a large law enforcement presence. I mean, federal local state. It's a I don't want him necessarily wanna call it police one of the most lease areas. But those when the largest long I been presence in the United States is in. Senators county Arizona, and that's because of its proximity to the border, and there's a lot of people whose family members are part of law enforcement. And there's also a a deep patriotism when it comes to servicemembers members who have served in the military because a lot of people here in observed in the military. So there's there's a respect I guess or reverence for. The I don't wanna say the heavy handed federal government when it comes to border security, part of the culture you understand it. You know what I mean? It's kinda like there's a are you saying there's like a sense of this is who you know. This is part of who we are. And we understand the situation and the reality. And like, why would you even like not consulta speak? We we would we would like we're part of this process. Is that kind of what you're saying? Yeah. Because they because there's so much such long for some present. We we work with them all the time in the federal law enforcement has always worked with the city. It's always worked with the county. And it's always worked with the people to to facilitate to help facilitate trade help Acilitator, the the, you know, just the the massive amount of traffic foot traffic, even that was back and forth. Like, I've said, you know, people cross the border here as part of their daily lives. They have family that visit they've stores that they shot that. It's it's part of the city is part of a culture and. It's to hell of a sudden have that this wire put up without even consulting. Anybody was like punching a chest or kicking the ball. If you wanna go that far, you know. Yeah. It's crazy. So so basically, the there was a resolution pretty basically condemning it. What's what's gone on since the city council resolutions are any been besides you mentioned the sisterhood agreement. I know that you've talked to the mayor you've talked to the sheriff. So what were they saying? Like post the resolution in one of the next steps. Like, what do you think is is going to be coming out of the story? So on my interviewed both on the sheriff, and the mayor on wheel of Nogales might might the Facebook platform that my business partner I used to to inform the community in inform the world about our community on sheriff. He responds a lot to to any criminals that occasionally get caught by by board of Trump. And he brought us his them to get processed through the county. And so he sees the numbers that are happening in the border show. They made this claim that that the area where they put the this razor wire is frequent. It'd or frequently jumped by rapists and murders same claim that that President Trump has made during his campaign since he's been president. But there's no numbers to back that up whatsoever. So that that that claim from Bordman troll really really upset Sherm, and you can talk about that. The other thing is first responders. He's concerned about first responders if somebody were wind somebody does cut in this wire or an animal gets this wire first responders like a, you know, the ambulance paramedic firefighters are gonna have to respond to get them out of there. And that's poses a risk to them as much as it does for the person who gets continent. I think the point that. I don't think people are getting is there are there literally mentioned it again. There are people that live right next to this. Right. Literally ends on. That's another thing that the border token, they claimed that they put a barrier between the the razor wire and the community that there's these these rails that they put. Yeah. And there is a section where those rails are in their signing any wish in Spanish that says danger, but on international street, whether actual houses that barrier these rails. They installed are not there. And that's where the actual houses live were kids walk to school everyday. Yeah. In how close is you know, someone walking near that count. What just to give me a better sense of distance? I think the closest house on the approximate to the actual fences about maybe fifteen. Oh, wow. That's nothing. Yeah. It's nothing at all in so kids will walk. I mean within five feet six feet. Maybe even you know as. As close as three usually made people before the razor wire people would walk along and just run their fingers along the fence, just you know, I was part of the daily walkers cycling group called settles threats that has a route that they take weekly that goes right along the the. Extra magin falling on your bike and Monday. Razor-wire? Yeah. Let's hope nothing. You know? That's so so the sheriff's concerned about first responders in safety public safety. What is the mayor? You talk to the mayor's well on on we love. No got us. A what what's the mayor saying after what he said on Wednesday? So exclusive interview with the man that you just did that. So what are you? So he was he was really talk going into how a finished. He was by the false facts that are being presented by the water. The disrespect that the city has been shown especially after this these years of this working relationship that we've had and then another thing that's mentioned that I haven't done cover. Neither stories that I wrote is that there's a lot of international businesses that I mean, the produce industry on this is a major hub for for cross-border industry, the monkey LA's, which are the manufacturing plants, the produce industry, and they advocated for customer protection over the years. So and you also see B C C B P customs border protection has kind of confirmed that. They did not consult with any elected officials. They've only couldn't couldn't they've only consulted with law enforcement officials. So what's their what's their take? What have they done the last couple of days, our they just they're just not even listening. They're not even. They're not listening the refusing to respond. They've been reached out, and they just they won't respond. The issue that statement when where you said, you know, that they haven't they confirmed that they didn't talk to anybody. And they also confirmed that they're not gonna take it down. It's classic government statement. It's basically the way they said, it's like, well, we talked to every law enforcement, not, you know, blah, blah, blah. And in the end, they're like, and we just happened to talk to the elected officials like as we're issuing the statement. What you're reporting was spot on what the mayor was saying was spot on another thing in their statement. Is that the razor wire is completely outside of the city charter, which is a complete falsehood because just the other day on city workers for the for the water department didn't have access to the water boxes because it was covered in razor wire. Really? So this is this is impacting some municipal work in. So basically, what you're saying in the end is by not consulting people who actually live in the area who understand and the military comes in, you know, that their problems that are rising that they probably never enteprise coming like, you would think someone you would think someone like the mayor who to be honest with you like just hearing him. I don't think he's someone who's I think he understands that there's a relationship here. And we understand our reality. Someone like the mayor the city manager the city council. Members or head of DPW. Whatever would kind of say like, hey, you, you might you might not wanna do this because it would impact the services or this, and they didn't really pay attention. They completely ignored this. I mean, it it. I'm not trying to sugarcoat. It just seems like they're like. Yep. We're going to get it up. And it's gonna look, you know, the symbol here. The the lawless border it looks it looks like tough talk. And in the end, where's the chaos is there a chaotic border in Nogales on the thing is there's not they're never there never has been the last. I mean, I guess you could say international incident that happened was in nineteen sixteen when there was a standoff on it's called the battle of Nogales. There was a standoff between the US military presence in Gallas and the punch of people actually spoke to the mayor this morning. And he said that they're you know, they've they've reached out to to Greek hot, you know, congressman von represe. He's your he's Representative yet. He's a Representative Senator Kristen cinema Senator mcsally who's. The only ones who have responded so far our cinema, greedy. But make Sally Ducey governor of Doug ducey's there as governor they're they're both stunned supporters of of the Trump in the wall. So they haven't responded yet. And of course, a letter has been sent to Kristine Nielsen from homeland security end, President Trump. We're we'll see what happens with that. Are you hopeful? Or you think I mean, do you? I'm serious. I mean, are do you think it's just like here? You are with like this is, you know, here's I'm telling you guys the truth. The Trump administration CB don't wanna know the truth. So is it just gonna be a standoff, you know, I mean, I can't I can't I don't know what's going on in their heads. But for full of what it feels like is that they're they the ones that are on the ground. Here are knowing the truth, and they're lying or end the people who aren't from here. Just don't let me as far as the advocates for this wire bay just don't care about the truth, and they don't wanna deal with the vase. They feel like, you know, councilman Dr much Leonova his he said that this wire is no different than thirty five day government shutdown. It's all for show at our expense. Listen, joe. So guys if you like just want to plug Joe, he wrote a couple of pieces for Latino rebels. All you gotta do is go to Tina rebels dot com. And Joe, I'm sure you're gonna keep us posted. You know, we always love to we wanna keep. Keep a close to this. We wanna follow the story where predate your reporting. So for anyone that's following this. You mentioned your your Facebook page, but what else this is your your opportunity to say like work and people what you're doing all that stuff. So the we have a Facebook page called we love Modahls on. That's where I do most my reporting on on no Gallas and stuff like that. It's more of a talk show kind of a podcast style. I guess you could say, but I'm also an author and a lot of my focus when I write is is on order on the border. I mean, I use my last three books were actually collections of stories in there all horror stories, it's called the unlucky seven series. But, but I use the horror genre to to really actually talk about some some of the issues that are present on the border, including immigration to the danger to immigrants who come into to the United States special to undocumented immigrants on the what they can risk when my first he said. Booked the last story really really gets into that. But I also have another book coming out in March. And it's actually the only book I've written that has nothing to do with the border, and it's more for young adult. It's called the omega initiative and really excited to get that one out in net actually takes place in New York. So you can relate to that one. Jeff, we really appreciate your time. And if you like you like I said go to we love Nogales, check out what Joe's doing. He's also going to keep writing for Latino rebels because he's there this is a freelance freelance journalists who was there in the moment, and we actually probably gonna I'm gonna be writing a piece for you long essential soon. Steve Bannon was was in the area who Steve on the. On the. I love the fact that you're pitching me like. Yes. Listen. And then we love Nogales. And also at Joe Wright, W R, I G H T rights. Joe Wright writes on Twitter and. And instagram. I love it. Hey, joe. Thank you so much for being on the radio, and we'll stay in touch and thank you for all your reporting. And and keeping us a, you know informed about what's happening in in. Where you live in Nevada. Pleasure. Thank you for having. That was Joe, right? We really appreciate the connects. You know, how it all started? This connection Latino rebels. Literally tweeted, we got this pitch from an organization that was doing this tennis cross-border event. And we were like, oh, wow. What a really cool pitch. And we literally tweeted out is there any Nogales base reporters. And Joe was the first person to respond, and we were like, all right? We're gonna sign it to you. And we're really happy we made the connection. And and just wanna thank Joe for not only writing that piece for for renting his recent pieces giving us a recording of of of the mayor. Which is on our YouTube channel, it's on our Facebook page. It's really interesting very compelling audio, and we really we just really appreciate Joe for his work and his dedication to his community. Which is kind of how we do this Tino rebels. But listen, if you like what you heard rate review us, tell your friends tweet us out write to us at this at Latino rebels dot com. Like on Facebook Letourneau rebels. You can tweet me at who lethal seventy seven. We always want to hear from you guys about the show. We are truly. DIY independent podcasting. We just did that over the internet. I hope you appreciate the voices that we bring on. And I just wanna thank Joe again for taking his time today to share how he feels about his community. And we always do we always play does Hulu he Golovin Ella Latino rebels radio we outta here. Wherever you go. However, you go for energy ago. It's got to be five hour energy it works fast. It works long. It tastes good and was Ciro sugar and four calories. There's nothing holding you back fits your pocket fits your backpack. Fisher on the no life. Whether you're going to work going on vacation for just going out with friends five hour energy energy on the go. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com.

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