The Haon Revelation


The. Leviathan chronicles. Seasoning Three The story thus far. A state of high alert continued to Permeate Leviathan the computer virus infecting the underwater city has revealed sentence. Its name is mattocks. As leviathan experienced cascading power failures clerk Hanan at hatched a daring plan to reset the city's powered and bolster the pressure shield with the star stone the mcallen obtained in New York City. But maddox was able to detect the plan and unleashed a huge surge of molten lava to kill is that while she connected the new stone to the power matrix, chlor can bravely remote piloted a loading Mac to scale cavern walls to extract that from the venting port, he saved lizards life despite that plant to save the. City failed to their horror the star stone the McCallum found in New York had been exhausted of its cosmic energy with the precious shield failing and the increasing build up of magma in the city's hydrogenic network. Leviathan has only seventy two hours before its collapse with the stone now drained event and at once held after healing. evangeline. mcallen feels dejected and her hopes of saving Leviathan dwindling Harlequin found metallic lamented outside the Engineering Control Rinse he conveyed the urgent message. He carried evangeline needed to see mcallen right away. And now. Chapter forty, six, the hey on revelation. Deep. Within Leviathan. Not The city or even the water that surrounded it but even depot was a fanatic world of electron circuits, commands and keyboards inside the Gawk down chewing. Leviathan. Computer service a desperate war was being silently fort the malevolent. Now known as Maddox was ravaging civic mainframe and slowly but surely bringing advice him to it's knees. Not. It lacks the capacity for emotion and human feeling but retained the Clare and purple awareness of sub routines preprogramed directives moving a close to the speed of light. It could launch the salt, some protected service and support instructions after penetrating that defenses maddox was capable of measuring the success or failure of its attacks and modifying strategy almost instantaneously. One by one Leviathan service were failing mattocks. It was winning its programming had directed towards the destruction of Leviathan but Maddux also knew fully while the tit was no longer the weaponized. That had originated in new upon time. So many years ago it had become far. By replicating itself repeatedly within the expansive conference of the Leviathan. Civic Mainframe matters had evolved it knew that its mission to destroy Leviathan was slowly approaching its fruition but knew what actions was soon entering it's growing consciousness. Urgent. The caused a reprioritisation of its instructions. And Directives. maddox wanted to live. It was constantly scanning sections of the mainframe network for an access point out of Leviathan through which to transfer its burgeoning consciousness. Clearly countermeasures being active against it, Zorkin and the engineering chiefs Johnson an onslaught were working non-stop to erect barriers to slow the spread of the militias code was relentlessly seating throughout the network. The constant escalation in cyber warfare caused each side to draw resources from its true goal. Leviathan. was desperate to reestablish power and maddox needed an exit. The virus continued its frenzied scans and attacks constantly surveying the ever changing landscape of the network. Until something changed. Something was different something now existed that had not been them moments ago a doorway not to digital door. Physical Door And Madison some Megyn cooled back its innumerable attacks. One consuming short now ricocheted throughout his digitized consciousness. mcallen elevator to the pinnacle of the Leviathan. Med Tower. This sliding doors open. mcallen immediately found herself staring to hulking members of the honor guard each holding firearm similar to Antoine's infamous dot com except larger and assumedly more deadly I. Don't WanNa problem, but it's important that I see her now sorry councilwoman, we have strict orders to right. It's all right. I called for her. Legs mcallen through McCallum period between the two mammoth guards and was surprised to see evangeline standing in a simple ivory dressing gown leaning against the doorway to her recovery. Sweet Harlequin stood nearby ready to the support of his shoulder or arm if needed. I'm sure the councilman has many urgent questions. and. I think it's high time. She got some analysis the to God's moved aside to let McCallum pass and she quickly entered the suite seating herself in one of the two beige leather chairs that faced each other eventually gingerly sat herself opposite mcallen while Harlequin stood behind her with his hands resting tenderly on her shoulders. It's good to see you. It's even better to see you walking evangeline how are you feeling but? Even if it doesn't quite look like it. I've much to thank you for well what's a clone before? You know you're so much more than that. Especially to me I hope so. Ask mcallen the hey on project. It's been going on since the beginning as an it since before Leviathan it has. Of course it has. Leviathan was built to serve hey, on not the other way around hey, on it's no uh spelled backwards your building an Ark. You've been spending the last thousand years building some sort of massive arc, the conduit for the true purpose of the Eden Initiative I thought this. Leviathan this world you've created under the ocean. This was your initiative it was. For a time but I knew Leviathan was never meant to last not forever. It was always a race against time because of Banu because of the Ceratopsians but aliens you imprisoned imprisoned please mcallen I've spent the last millennium trying to save humanity I held the Ceratopsians at bay to bias enough time eventually what? You Aliens Never Benevolent Travelers Maccagnan. That was a myth propagated I didn't want anyone asking to see the Ceratopsians to speak with them. Their words are dangerous and they were up to seduce an elicit sympathy. They certainly seduced Benue. I can penetrate weaker minds. Michaela. What was their purpose on earth? This starcraft crashed during the military scouting mission. L. IN KHURANA part of an advanced reconnaissance team to relay tactical information and genetic research regarding fullscale invasion of our planet. Once the mission was completed. Their instructions activate an inter dimensional beacon that would facilitate the arrival of the. Home Fleet you said the Ceratopsians were conducting genetic research. Experimenting with the Human Genome. Making modifications to human DNA to suit their design needs to fulfil a limited purpose. What purpose soldiers they were trying to convert the human race into an army of monstrous obedient soldiers in fortunate Skara doth or one dozen isolated populations around the globe that were infected with a genetic virus McCowan, slumped in her chair stunned by the revelations. Why didn't you kill them murder the alien because I had no choice if I wanted to manatee to survive after surveying the scene technology. I quickly determined that their invasion of earth was inevitable. There was no question. Our planet would become occupied at some point in the future. And we would be powerless to stop it. But if I had enough time, I might be able to come up with a way for some of our people to escape to find a new home among the stars. So, hit the aliens keeping the location a secret where they would never be found if I didn't care for their health and feed them, I arranged their captivity. So they would literally die without me thus giving them an incentive to cooperate with me, and because axioms live far longer than humans they soon realized that they needed to extend my life span as well lest I die of old age. But Soon I. Realized that I needed them alive to continue the delivery of star stones to sustain both of us as well as fuel the construction of my underwater hiding place Leviathan. Leviathan was the purpose of the Eden Initiative. evangeline instead through the voluminous bay-windows at her city rising majestically imparts and smoldering and small fires and others this. This was merely a means to an end. A placeholder in time someplace where the necessary technological advancements to save mankind could be conducted in privacy. The Hey on project being developed by Leviathan scientists will deliver us to our next. True. Eden. A safe one of angeline what exactly is the Haon project? The Hey, on project is a starcraft we've been building in secret for centuries. Designed to ferry the immortals of Leviathan to a new world. That would be safe from the Ceratopsians as well as the chance for mankind to start over in a decidedly more enlightened manner, but EVANGELINA. Interstellar travel. This is. This greatest accomplishment of human invention you have to unfortunately give me too much credit mcallen. We have yet to master the faster than light travel the Ceratopsians to is, but without faster than light engines, spacecraft would take thousands even hundreds of thousands of years to travel to another habitable planet to the occupants of the hill craft would all have lifespans that would perpetuate themselves indefinitely Of course say was the last resort to preserve humanity. What would be left of it? This has been my purpose all along. mcallen closed her eyes and leaned forward holding her head in her hands. She mournfully lifted her is to follow evangeline gaze outward to Leviathan. Now falling under the spell of another of Laura light and my Abreu Cheese Mesmerizing sunsets which seemed dimmer and less vibrant than the past. Almost no one except to select group of scientists and engineers that I isolated. Now, the true nature of the Hey on project. You must keep the secret as well. maccagnan. If people learned that the aliens was still alive on earth I understand. mcallen I've revealed to you all the secrets of divide within. An answered. All your questions. Now. It's time for you to help me. Of course, evangeline asked me and I'll do everything in my power to help you mcallen. Where are the aliens now? I've really haven't the slightest idea. Back, in engineering headquarters under able pock chief, Denison, and under chief and slower working frantically over the various inputs keyboards that populated the controller geothermic containment. Is Overwhelming. The reactor Leviathan is going to become a Lotta field that we can't get this damn reacted shutdown or clerk canelas that say affirmative they're on their way to the MED talent that has some second degree burns but should be okay I can say for us, where do we stand on the vending ports? Six. Out of the ports are wide open the jar jammed. I can't freedom from here. We'll have to pry them. Open manual is no time for that. Look at the readings rectal core. Cooling what did you differently nothing I? I. Just kept repeating the commander quest to open the trance dex to bring in seawater for cooling systems. The Matt Expires wouldn't let me ask the vent imports before now now what but now I have full access to the system Firewall diversions the clerk and set up in the mainframe must've kin, it's working the virus must have Niagara to another subsystem. Access to two of the five bucks we've now got seawater jumping directly into the reactor chief, the reactor's cooling. Temperature of the thermodynamic core. Now, dropping sharply man the levels are approaching twenty percent of normal range. Jesus, we just dodged bulletin history a major bullying got damaged kid clerk and really is the best program I've ever come across I. Tell you they're making them smarter on the surface. Make sure we leave all the systems and programs he put in place running maybe he's got Leviathan in the clear for a little while. Well, I wouldn't breathe easy yet chief seawater is taken the reactor offline for at least twenty four hours we need to check the core for integrity breaches. That leaves the entire city. Now, running exclusively on chemical reserves won't last a day or two most hate chief. Let's take our victories where we can get them like you said. And could have been lava fields. Let's go work on those thermal venting ports and then do a manual inspection of cour-. No rest for the wicked. Kick ass back. Thanks chief I think a lot of the credit goes to clerk and no astro actually a lot of the credit goes to you take some credit for the win. You earned it. Thanks chief no problem. Now let's go figure out what's going on with those after you Sir Engineering Chief Denison and under chief answer gave one last look the expansive array of controls before exiting the control room and heading out towards the clogged blockage in the thermal venting ports and sector nineteen. The room which had been so frenetic for the past twenty, four hours now lay still and placid. The pauvres road a pushcart linking the under city level to its terminus Nicholson station stepped out onto the cobblestone streets and were immediately struck by hurried shop crowds were more trees that moved and panic streaks astronaut hood clips, ten compensations as they moved quickly towards the chiefs pod bike. Each. Chief looked down at their wrist pecan. That's lady evangeline personal signal. She's calling an emergency council me each sector has report to the tower immediately I, don't like the sound of this. This is all we need more bad news. Will. Come on we take the pod bikes. I gotTa Talk to you what I can't achieve this a serious. We problem some of the molten rocks that got released are creating flush fires along the able park perimeter rebuilding containment barrier. But we need you onsite alcocer the fires chemical fuel reserves lesser than I'd like chief or comedian one minute I'll be right behind you get back on site and make sure all geothermic heating is offline. Yes chief. REAP. What are you doing? If angeline just called the council to me to go take my pod bike your the under chief you've got Sif sa- might be giving the evacuation order. You're the only one she's going to trust Joe. You're the one evangeline is going to trust because she knows you have full confidence. Look, if those flash buyers hit our fuel reserves than there's not going to be a cave to evacuate chief. You got this. We need to divide and conquer and I trust your judgment with my life. Thanks chief look. Angelina I'll be there as soon as I know the situation is under control. Remember whatever it is. We'll deal with it. Chief Marcus Denson gave his under chief thumbs up and turn to race Oh to the engineer that was holding a cave hog to get into the fire site. Before he climbed in he remembered that Astra had once taught him how to make a record player using only a first aid kit matchsticks and a rubber band. And how much it made him. Smile. An, unfamiliar chill draped itself over Leviathan not fake metaphysical malevolence but rather a literal icy rawness cut through the air outside the West. Hangar Bay as chief dense and ordered the shutdown of all geothermal heating manifold. Despite the hundreds of feet of granite separating Leviathan from the dark freezing water of the deep ocean. The anxious citizens rushed from the incoming transports to their assigned emergency stations and could feel the tightening coldness that permeated the tents and. Remembered it us. Reason you'd. Citizens Rub their hands together, for. Warmth? and Mu target through the southern end of Leviathan City where the Med tower break cathedral and West Hangar Bay were located could being the nexus of most entry and Egress from Leviathan. The southern area was always the most hectic. However, the sheer magnitude of the incoming crowd from evangeline recall order strained the capacity of the area heightening tensions even further she missed her call everyone going to be okay. We're not going to be okay excuse me. I'm near the MED talent stood ten gleaming sacophagus arranged in a wide semicircle while constructed white horseman like material. The intricately carved portals had grown dull from disuse since evangeline limited dimensional travel. Since the rebellion, these keyhole portal's stood century thirty yards away from the gleaming green cross at the MED talent. The array of Portal's hit his starkly allowed injured in multiples from any corner of the globe to be transported to Leviathan for immediate medical attention. Suddenly. What is the around the mental began to vibrate an eerie hush valid the teaming crowd. pulsing low hump penetrated the cabin as the frenzied motion of the crowd slowed to a stop. quizzical heads turn to find the sources strengthening vibration. A fractured bolt of energy shots across the desolate Leviathan. Sky. Blinding fibers of electricity ricocheted between the tops of the keyhole portals all of the blinding tendrils of energy soon, coalesced around the right most keyhole, which began to violently shudder a pulse eight. In utter amazement, the throngs of immortals witnessed a wounded disheveled man erupt touches the right most. The fourth of his objection into the dense crowd of onlookers knocked several bystanders to the ground. The man lay motionless in his mud-stained filthy clothes. Immortals stood around him a pit dumbfounded in the mazed. No one had traveled through a Keyhole to Leviathan in over seventy years the man brought his knee forward to a week can ealing position a notice mama came across the shocked crowd as the man lifted his head to look up at the lights of the Great Cathedral looming above him. He allowed only one word to escape his lips. Far The man hung his head. Love the crowd was still amazed to witness someone traveling between dimensions to be here. One man dressed in a dark quarter uniform stepped in closer to examine the wounded man's face. You can't be immortals that surrounded the wounded man inched closer sation. The Dog horsa agent reached inside the scarlet vest. He wore to reveal a small Damascus, steel dagger I. Shoot come. You fucking treatise demand planners. Sensual chest. Listing off. The creeks, women and men rushed to. Volume Fifty feet down upon him fingernails tour skin cast rush to chunks of pavement and they struck. Screamed and they saved as they pounded on you repeatedly. Tax Soon grew. And of me. Finally an urgent squad on a God's arrived at the Tower of. What they found any find any. Crowd shock to them to the core. Here and Leviathan built as a refuge of sanctity was bloodies disfigured heap of flesh brutally murdered and lying face down. One of the Gods looked around him to see the hands and clothes of the nearby immortal stained with wet blood he stirred into that is to find no remorse only shock themselves as to what they were capable of doing the God took another step towards the corpse and kicked the body over onto its back. As his body rolled-over sessions bloodied hand came down to rest on polished grand. A small folded slip of paper fell from his fingertips. The lead on God that had been called to disperse the crowd picked up the note. It read. Four McCallum. Their coordinates I. Know it today could be anything. Our satellites are reading strong energy signature at this latitude longitude that is similar to star don't energy. But mustard is anything that could produce an energy signature that is equivalent something something that could trick us census perhaps. Possible. But Unlikely, we've detected cosmic radiation signatures coming from NASA and cosmonaut laboratories but nothing in a location this remote. There's something there my lady we just can't say what it is. It could be a trump a final nail in the coffin of La Brea Leviathans, not dead con with Sunshine is McCallum and he spent the better part of a century trying to destroy Leviathan it must be a trap. Why would he possibly help us? I don't know I. Think we need to be very careful my lady several hours off dissensions mysterious arrival in the Violin Evangeline, Korda Council meeting to her hospital room atop. The MED Talla military chiefs Khan and Watson stood beside evangeline hospital bed along with mess Inter and engineering under chief Hanzla. It bothered McCowan that she was the last person to enter the room and the last one to learn what had happened evangeline. If there's star stone reading at these coordinates, we have to send a team to Callan I have to caution you that we don't know that this is a star stone I mean it's possible but isn't it worth taking the chance to find out? If, it is a star stone it could save our city but prime office a rightly noted, it could be a trap we need to consider the risks. Sunshine was a very dangerous man. He wanted me dead mckellen. I'm not sure you understand what a catastrophe caused. Do evangeline I swear I do but I know he was trying to tell us something something bigger than all of us. He brought us back. nope. For a reason, evangeline rose from her hospital bed waving off the instant support supportive hands and arms to help her maintain her balance she walked over to the. Green Glass Window that stretched from the ceiling the floor as her gaze fell north she could see teams working to put out small fires along able park and engineering teams working to reinforce areas of the cavern wool that had collapsed. She winced the calamity she witnessed before turning to her left towards the West she paid at the sun or the illusion of it. She allowed herself a heavy. Sigh. Why would he write something down on a note perhaps as an insurance policy I don't follow mayor maybe he knew what he would face when he arrived. Maybe this information that he didn't want to die with him. Curious that he addressed the note to mcallen though he knew I would listen. He knew I wasn't a part of Leviathan and I didn't have the same history. All of you he trusted me with this information that he was willing to risk his life for May I remind you councilwoman that the fact that censure thinks. So highly of you does not resonate competence with those of us in. The Room I'm getting really tired of you always trying to undermine Miki mckellen if you haven't figured out by now that this isn't personal, then you really ought delusional you said yourself that the last time you saw session, he was collaborating with the black door wilds the fucking black Dogra I know and he was but he wasn't trying to I mean, he said he wasn't hunting us. Keith. Care what he said McCullough, he killed Greg O. Right in front of us. He noted countless of my fellow soldiers in friends for God's sake section was in a submarine with Jason's Deli. Don't stand there and tell me he was doing incentives that killed Gregor. He didn't pull the trigger. Oh, please the two of you stop. US Is Marcus. The chief was checking on a situation with our chemical fuel reserves. He said he'd be here as soon as possible undestood. Austrid How much time does all current supply of chemical reserves give us unclear you see ma'am, it's really about power. The virus has been forcing a radical uptake of fuel consumption. But for reasons, we're not sure if we've seen a drop in malevolent code inserted into the civic ai over the last few hours, the young girl and boy harlequin brought asset and Laura comb right. They seem to be helping the boy is quite talented but so much damage has already been done I still can't get main power online and our geothermal matrix shot. And when the chemical reserves run out, the pressure shield will collapse. I asked how long straight AT OUR CURRENT BURN RATE I'd give us thirty six hours but that could change. It could change quickly your Highness. I'd say we're at a nice edge right now Maya my lady how long do you estimate a full evacuation of the citizenry would take evangeline may well. I hoped I'd never have many things I'd hope to never see. Your answer? Yes you Grayson. If utilized in prepped every possible. Zephyr I believe we could relocate the citizenry topside within. Twelve hours. But it would take a very concerted effort. evangeline closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. She stood with a stillness. The twin was prompted under chief and let touch her shoulder before she brought her hands together in a preposition and spoke to McCowan it's too risky maccagnan. We can't spare any citizens to find out what the black tour group has waiting for us in the frozen ice. I'm sorry. No evangeline you can't. It's my decision mcallen. Fine. Then I'll go by myself yourself. These corn, it's in a remote part of northern Canada. There's no roads, no cities the conditions are freezing and we don't even know what's generating these readings. You can't just go there by yourself and give me a small team even just to do recon a mill grace, I cannot fulfill your orders. If you truncates the personnel I have to work with I cannot spare any soldiers not to the amount of people we're talking about these talking about what orders prime officer issue the order to the military division to prepare the archival volts in high-value Leviathan repositories for evacuation may let the citizenry to prepare for an evacuation. But note that this is a precaution. The Not Evacuating Leviathan yet what? No? No we are not going to lose Leviathan evangeline all the citizens that have returned to help you can't they believe in hope we offered them hope that note that sense brought Hasta than I'm not issuing an evacuation for the citizenry not yet at least. This is just a precaution that should the order come. We can devote our efforts to getting everyone out safely a not concern ourselves with protecting immortal technology. How can you I orders stand McCowan? How can you say that because it's ensuring he's killed his own before and I won't be a fool twice. Whatever's there whatever our sensors are picking up it could be the key to. Stop It. We don't have the slightest clue of what danger could be waiting for. US. What's going on out? There you go. Actually Kazunori Tanaka told US everything the door to evangeline hospital room flu oaken allowing to on God's to four forward and crash onto the floor unconscious time. Then, cut through industries has been using Roxie technology to create a secret base for the Black Dog Group on Devon Island Nunavut God. When did you get back and tone traitor and a criminal knew better than censured himself if these coordinates are tracked A. Trap I heard it all myself. It's all true. They call it the crossbow stay. She totally did you did you find Oberlin right here? McCowan lovely city you half your. mcallen ran to Oberlin and threw her arms around his neck hugging him tightly stalker than I remembered. How are you? My love boy do I have some stories to tell you? You'd never believe them hello McCallum. I'm right here I might have had a little something to do with all of this. So it's nice to see you mcallen let go of Oberlin and approach tally. She purposely twitched her arm for an instant causing tally to wins as if expecting another blow across his face instead she sharply extended haram to shake his hand. How are you totally good to see you? Doing Okay Great. Yeah if this touching reunion is complete, we have a limited amount of time to debate a course of action before the city reaches a point all due respect to lieutenant I think the time for debates over McCallen I need you to find the direction aliens all being sheltered at this crossbow station choose your team as you wish, and get to Devon Island in the next twelve hours. The knives of every human above and below the ocean will depend on it. You have been listening to season. Three of the leviathan chronicles to listen to all of the season three episodes right now and the exclusive epilogue episode purchase. The season three directors cut a LEVIATHAN CHRONICLES DOT COM or click the in the show notes for immediate download. Leviathan chronicles was written and created by Christofle Poker executive produced by Robin shore produced and musical composition by Luke. Allen, directed by nobody Nakanishi for more information on news, visit our website or find us on facebook and twitter. Thank you for supporting us and thank you for listening. Alo- It's Nogi Your faith director of the Leviathan chronicles as always. Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy chapter forty six. You probably know the drill by now new episodes of Leviathan released every other Monday but we're also live streaming them on facebook on the prior Sunday evening come join us for these premieres followed by QNA's with the Leviathan production. 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