10/30 BONUS: Trade Deadline Edition (Fantasy Football Podcast)


Fantasy football today from CBS sports. Email us at fantasy football CBS. I dot com. It's time to dominate your fantasy league. You're some day genie voters podcasts. Everybody trade deadline fireworks. It's a big trades. We gotta talk about it helps send your waiver claims now this Tuesday. So here we go out of the Jamie heath who's the biggest winner from the trade deadline. The deadline itself or just today. Just today the bears defense because Nathan Peterman is starting. But nothing to do with any trait. He said, that's. But. The tribe between Kenny Goethe and Marvin Jones. It's a biggest win for colon. Carson wentz. Definitely Aaron Jones. No question about it. Really air jokes. And don't get the big win. Yeah. Yeah. Big way. Four touches a game. Yeah. How many carries the game that he get? He got to last week. Yeah. For all right fine. It's a win. It's a wit. Good stuff. Yeah. I like it. Here's an Email from Brian PBR league. Now Marius Thomas got traded to Houston. Do I hold onto him or do? I drop him for Cortlandt Sutton. If that's the only guy you could drop by dropping for sun. I I'm really struggling with the value of all of these receivers that have been trained in different teams because we don't have a lot of historical evidence for this type of thing. It is a lot to ask to learn the new offense to build report the new quarterback into carve out your place in the offense. So I have Thomas rank tire. Rest of season. But there's a lot upside of side. Let's go trade by trade, and we'll get to we gotta Wednesday show. Obviously, we'll recap our thoughts on Wednesday. And we'll talk about Ben Rothlisberger broken left index finger AJ greens toe injury CJ Beathard status, which finger daybreak this one. I. Wrongheaded rog. Hey, there you go. Wasn't that? What? No, no, no, not both of them. Only one. Yes. Yes. He's he's a little upset because Halloween is right around the quarter Houston getting to marry his Thomas from Denver for four that you dress up as an F F T tomorrow. Oh is that happening? Of course. Oh, excellent. We're going to dress up like a major, none of us are gonna shave brush air or teeth Houston acquired various. Office. So let's go let's go one by one to Shawn Watson how much of a boost. Stays where he is. I think it's a slight boost hosts losing will for. Yes. It's not a boost for what he's been so forego. Okay. Fair KiKi Q. Do we still want to add him? Yes. But not as the same level as before. I'd only get him in PR leagues. And even then it's kind of underwhelming so of Sutton and Cutie are out there. It's obviously sudden right son is the number one most added player you should be going to get right now. How confident are you in court Cetin highly on the confidence? Oh, meter I'm gonna give it a six out of ten on a breakout. Those are two meters. Ubiqu- there do we think it's going to be better than to marry Thomas was. Yes, he should be. Yeah. Yeah. He should at least be a touched on dependent receiver. But he's got explosiveness that Damaris hasn't had for years, and I was going gonna theoretically step into that role at seven targets week. His catch rate sucks. It's below fifty percent so far, but a lot of those those have been deep balls that he's not gonna say early have to get when you ever. Generally gonna very good catch rate right now. But now he's going to be asked to catch more passes that are twenty plus yards downfield and that'll help them out. It'll lower his yards per catch. But it will help us catch rate. It will make them more productive. Yeah. I I would take him over Thomas rest away, which rather Larry FitzGerald, recorded Sutton. It's show Sutton on. Joe agreed. Is there any change in in recipes in value for de'andre Hopkins or manual Sanders? I think the slight booster Sanders, but not not a huge one actually ticked down. One in the trade chart Sanders. No consensus at all. No. But it's I mean, it's so minor. Like, I think defense Leuke on him a little bit more until Sutton breaks through there's another receiver that if you're in a dynasty league. You can take a look at in Denver. His name is Tim Patrick. But he hasn't been playing. Last couple of shirt. He's already owned probably dynasty leagues. Patrick might not be. Okay. So what what about the Mary Thomas himself to Mary Thomas right now is the number thirty six wide receiver in non PR number thirty one in PR, and he has not had his by so on a per game basis. It's not quite that. But one game with more than sixty three yards. He goes from team that is twentieth in passing yards per game to a team that's eighteenth passing per game. So not really a huge difference there. But keenum does throw the ball more than Watson has been throwing not as well. So yeah, it's Mary Thomas, not even sure if I asked us yet, but value down to the same for Marius. For me. Right. I think he might get ten more yards per game. And more importantly, he won't see some of his targets get siphoned off to Cortlandt Sutton, which is what? It could be I think it's a slight bump up overall rate Lee widens the range of possibilities. Also. It's pretty cool that he's playing Denver this week. That's fun. Hopefully, he plays don't know for. Sure. But I assume at this point, you know, he will be able to win. Yeah. You know, kind of a trial run this season. You can look at Kelvin Benjamin. Last year got traded didn't really do much with the bills, but it's a much different situation than Thomas. It's a much different situation than golden Tate. Not as not as much of an opportunity. But yeah, you don't see traits. Mid season in the NFL that much. It's not that easy to just go into a new system. This is a new era of the NFL. This really exciting. So let's go to I didn't even more exciting trade Philadelphia. Getting golden Tate. I'm pumped about this. I am super pumped about this third round pick for golden Tate. He is so much better than Nelson Igor and they're on a by. So they get a week to integrate him into the system. His second by his second by. Yeah. That's interesting. We'll go the Tate be more. Impactful than Amari Cooper, will this be the big trade deadline deal. For his value. Yeah. Yeah. For the guy value, you think? So. Yes, he's maybe the biggest loser the day. Absolutely. Really? Yeah. I mean, he goes for from team where he was the number one guy in terms of targets to potentially third at best. He he. Okay. But there was a three headed monster there in in Detroit and when throwing thirty thirty seven point five pass attempts per game Stafford through forty attempts last week. But before that he was pretty low thirty or fewer Wentz completing seventy one percent of his passes almost he's playing out of his mind. I guess I could see where you're coming from. Situation, you're cutting or benching outright. But in terms of where he is coming from. I don't think it's like a God, he's awful. But he he loses. If you're just talking about from which side of this. He comes out the thing is I don't think Agla Jordan Mathews, they have no fantasy relevance. But I don't think they completely disappear from the offense. And yes and tape was getting twenty seven twenty eight percent of the targets in Detroit. Those two over the last four weeks of accounted for twenty five combined. He's not getting one hundred percent of what they were getting. And that's not including God her, right? Dave your thoughts on the straight. Yeah. I'm not as doom and gloom on it as Jamie he thought, but I do think it's a little step down for golden Tate. Whereas he was getting ten targets. Eight catches a game. And that might be a little too aggressive in Detroit. I think it's gonna go down to maybe eight targets and six to seven catches per game in Philadelphia. The one thing that I really. About this for Tate is that he's going from a team that finally solved. It's running back riddle and started to phase out. Just how much they use Tate last week notwithstanding because he did have twelve targets playing for mine, and I was going to team that has a tough running back situation. Philadelphia didn't address it at the deadline. They are they're stuck with Smallwood Clement sproles and Adams mixing and matching and Tate's going to be an extension of that run game. He can also do a little bit as far as stretching the field. And that's the one thing that's been missing all along and Philadelphia's offense they need somebody that can make plays downfield. And I think it's going to be dispatched that way five times a game not necessarily the case you're saying is playing outside then more so than he could end up playing inside and outside in a little bit about in Detroit house. I heard him because he's better suit as he is. He is. But I don't think that necessarily hurts him. I think it gives them a chance to get some targets and quality targets at that running row. That he wasn't necessarily doing as much. I don't have the data in front of me for how many deep routes per game. He was running or how often he was lining up outside. I think he's going to end up spending most time in the slot. But some of those routes will be deep routes other thing like it's a it's a loss. If only because he has a by this week when he was going to play and next week and his very first game with the eagles. You have the uncertainty. Whereas you knew what he wasn't a tree that's fair to true. Yeah. He's one hundred catches. He's not going to get that. Now and his value did go down in the trailer and just to go full circle here. Jamie said it best you're not gonna cut golden Tate. I don't think. Well, you can't this. We. Non PR. No. I think if the guy he was borderline starter. None PR. Anyway, if your PR sixteenth PR go, Dave, I think I think you should check in with whoever owns take nearly. And if they're unhappy with the trade, you try and get them cheap. Carson Wentz to Shawn Watson recipes Wentz with. I think that's what I'm most excited about. I'm excited that Wentz gets another weapon because I really don't think atop by quarterback again. Yeah. Well, I wonder where he is since the last five weeks. I gotta be right there close. Yeah. Even though he isn't not finished higher than eighth. I don't believe even last week. He's done it consistently every week. He's been top twelve. So I mean, he's Notre Bisky but bad games. Yeah. And honestly, like, I know you think he's third now. But is it possible that golden tastes better than now? Sean, Jeffrey, absolutely. It's the unknown. You know, go back to what we said when Carlyle was traded is hide better than net is high better than Yeldan until you see it, you don't know. Yeah. If that that will come down to just how quickly Tate simulates into the offense and how well he does. With the coaches asked him to do looks like Carson Wentz is number six quarterback. Since returning on a per game basis. And I I don't know how you guys feel. I would still put Tate ahead of the three receivers that have been traded. I'd put him ahead of Thomas, and I put him ahead of Cooper. Would you put him ahead of golladay or Marvin Jones? No, all right. Let's talk about them. Big winners. Boom. Yeah. How about this this week dove a big one? If roads by Kenny golladay has five games with five or more targets, and he's been great and four of them and he had seven fantasy points at PR eleven and PR and the other one. So he's been good in one great and four Marvin Jones cut up and down. He's also five games with six or more targets. He scored five eleven twelve five and Twenty-three fantasy points at PR. You know, he's not a huge catch guy. But yeah, big opportunities. So you'd rather have you can take golladay over golden tape. But you'd rather have Marvin Jones over golden Tate? Yes. Okay. I don't think I'm there in PR. Where does where does Cortlandt Sutton rank amongst the Denver, Detroit guys? And and golden Tate. I think behind all them. He's right there with date. He's behind the Detroit guys. I would take him ahead of Tait and maybe not in. But in non PR, take meditate, and I take an Thomas both see that's really interesting. It's really hasn't proven anything, you know, and these guys some place place, but so his coal Tate. Obviously and gold taste four straight ninety catch seasons. Colon Sutton's, a rookie who's case keenum as quarterback, you know. It's just all about opportunity. Yeah. All right. And then finally time on Gumri to the ravens they're big impact here. All right now, we're getting to the big trade of the day. I like, I don't think there's I don't think there's much here. Because what are the ravens expecting? They gave up a seventh round pick in twenty twenty. Four. I think whatever he can do to help their run game out they'll be happy with. But I don't think it's going to be a big role, and it's great and Green Bay because we got one less rat out of the rat race. Okay. It's bad. It's bad for Collins in divorce. I it makes me nervous about them for sure it changes like Jones is now a surefire number two running back for me and Williams gets a boost because he may be the one that plays on passing downs. Yeah. Okay. Jamal Williams will be available on your waiver wire would rather pick a according to some sites so Alaron Jones, please Jamal Williams or or Josh Adams. That's a good one. I think just given the fact that they didn't make a move the deadline kinda tells you what they think about. Okay, go Adams and Washington acquired safety Haukeland Dixon, the Packers for fourth round their defenses nasty. That's a good move. And if the great move, it's stupid move from the Packer standpoint great for anyone facing the Packers and the Rams acquired defensive end not foul there from Jacksonville and other great move probably somewhat. You don't pass for shop. They can get. All right, guys. Thank you. Thank you for fifteen minutes. You sure we're done. There was a trade trade. It was the guy. I miss that must this that trade since I've got to ask Jamie can hop back on Alice college Aaron Jones recipes it Jones Jones who was that way before. Was that way before way before that just wanted to add it might it might be Williams over Alex way? The way the. I think that the ravens just want timeout Gummer to return kicks. That's my that's my hot take their ELO Aaron Aaron Rodgers wins and loses on the same day. Why I can't imagine. He's happy that they got rid of one of their better defensive players. Oh. Well, I'm sorry that I made Jamie talk after the gotta go by we totally ROY. The second one that line by Dave Dave play us out. Now.

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