NPR News: 10-14-2019 11PM ET


Get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make WIFI simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply this message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races other things are fast like Xfinity X. by days investors await news about the U._S. China trade deal the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell twenty nine points I'm Shay Stevens N._p._R.. News in Washington the California Public Utilities Commission is threatening sanctions against Pge for what it calls the failed execution of last week's planned power outages in a letter to the utility the regulator says the scope scale complexity and overall impact of the outage cannot be understated the commissioners nation has already begun into what caused the building to fall for NPR news. I'm just Clark you're listening to NPR News Pattana Jefferson when he saw her through the window he ordered her to put her hands up and shot her through the glass her eight-year-old nephew was in the room for NPR news during pgn e- executives to appear an emergency hearing on Friday bgn says it shut off electricity for more than seven hundred thousand customers in central North in California because of the threat of weather related wildfires herald balloon the Longtime Yale professor and bestselling author of literary criticism has died automate until they bring the violence to an end many Republicans strongly oppose the president's decision to remove US forces from the region which allowed the Turkish offense I'm Christopher Connelly in Fort Worth a white former Georgia police officer who killed an unarmed naked black man near Atlanta four years ago has been acquitted

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