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E._S._P._N. L._A.. The morning show rolls on Ben Lines DEMARCO GEICO far. Can I do the running man anymore. No I won't even try I. I won't even try to run so happy Ron Radio Right now. Nobody had to see that the shock was we are no seventy hours away from Monday E._S._p._N.. O._C. Weekday WANNA gets going in Huntington beach at the Zia Pa- past CEO Resort and hotel right there on the ocean. It's going to be beautiful then afterwards Raj and L Z whore. Hey if we can find him. He's GonNa go. He's going to go to they're gonNA go to dukes Malibu caboose not dukes dukes honey to be right there on the ocean yeah. He is soon witness production. They go by listeners. Drinks have lunch. Meanwhile Travis and I are going to go to to Roger Done in Santa Ana eighteen twenty one village way eleven to one P._M.. Come out for a chance to play golf with Travis on Thursday which is E._S._p._N.. Week Day four four in Yorba Linda Black Gold actually got this shirt Roger Done Party Friday's here at E._S._p._N.. L._A. Pool Party Friday's because I feel like this crew that a real party would actually actually go swimming in the pool. No doubt like so many L._A.. Hollywood parties you go to everybody just walking around the pool. Yeah I feel like DeMarco Far Canon Ball. It's all I'm that guy. Can you imagine magic demarco doing a cannon but I'm that Guy Yeah. We're at a pool party. We're going to use the pool. People will be getting wet next to me. No doubt the is that light up in the other room when he's GonNa say Sir cannonballs. There's this giant Komo in my right when demarco far says things like if you stand next to me everyone's getting wet. Well listen. If Marcus does it can't involved O._C.. It'll be like the Chernobyl of Orange County. Look who's talking. Did you see Ben. He was asking me for swing tips during the break did said he made a breakthrough. You helped him really really. Didn't I give you came in here really fired up. I give have you heat. I would love to go golfing with you. Want some a swinger tips from me. No I do not want to be on your tips from you. Go Out and place Gusting Chris have mice wingtips. Let me tell you something Roger Swing tips. Here's what I always like to tell people about wash and I've known him since I was nineteen years old. I'm thirty five now of my ten greatest nights in my life right and I've had some good ones. I've been lucky enough to have top ten top. Ten Raj is part of five to six of them. You're kidding no the greatest nights sites of my life. He's got more than half yeah. It was one we watch out of this warehouse. It was six. We know where we were. I have no idea to stories told them stories. I like no one of the greatest it's nice. Your Life took place at a warehouse warehouse. There was some questionable things in the morning the top ten nights your life. That's something to think about tonight. We won the TAG team belt W._W.. Style tells me also took place at a warehouse who Japan for a championship so yeah we go golfing anytime well. I changed my mind now. You're GonNa be who got Monday. You're going to be a training camp right. I will take your advice and we'll just leave it at that. She'll be at U._C.. Irvine so so you can roll over to Santa Anna Travis Roger Done. I'll look at your swing speed tailor-made fittings as a matter of fact. This is how I like our relationship a big piece of glass between us. We can can do that to puppets. Meanwhile I feel like Chris you could take demarco to the Gulf and you shop the golf course and be like yeah you name this course after me. What were we doing Golfing O._C.? Week wow wasn't I'd like you to try the meal yeah. This is my Guy Carmelo. Anthony and I think he's talking about these crazy. David Griffin comments David Griffin formerly the G._M.. Of the Kasmin Lebron won title in Cleveland now the Executive Vice President of basketball operations for the New Orleans Pelicans who I order business you've got to deal with the Lakers pulls up that trade for a D.. Two now he's talking about Valla Lebron's saying the kings not motivated. He's not the same animal that he wants was when it comes to winning and that he's focused on other things well now mellows sitting down with Stephen such a gossip girl curl ridiculous now mellow is talking to Stephen a about a David Griffin had to say about the Brown. Who's been the greatest influence in that a you guys mind number one and number two? How did y'all get to a point that other players from previous generations wasn't able to get to what do you think assisted that? I think we have to just realize the power. How would we have and we never athlete as basketball? We never knew would power we had as a basketball player. It was always you come in you. Do this. You make this money. You shut up. Shoot show up drew now. You can't say that says no more. Everybody has businesses. Everybody knows the business of the game of basketball double and they're trying to grow the game of basketball as well. I think it's appropriate because I want to pull up a quote <hes> transitioning to your Buddy Lebron James <hes> a WHO I still consider I think he will return remind everybody is the greatest in the world. This season is a quote from David Griffin New General Management of New Orleans Pelicans former general manager for the Cleveland Cavaliers on the CIA Health Kip Championship in two thousand sixteen. This is what he said to sports illustrated about Lebron said many things and he'll be on the John later on today with Rachel Nichols but this is part of what he said there wasn't a lot else for him after winning the championship of course. I don't think he's the same animal anymore about winning. Lebron is getting all the credit and none of the blame and that's not fun for People Lebron Response Response Because you know him well you see it all right I'd enough enough that throwing has been plagued with too much and horseplay f they're coming or ether coming soon ether and sorry come into straight far your response tell us what's going to tell us what we should expect based on what we just said or so I don't. I'm not big on people speaking on personal situations after the fact right if you had a issue with me or what I was doing at that point you should came to me. I was around you every single day. We spoke. We talk have have enough guts to come. Talk Down Ready to me and I know what I don't know what Lebron is feeling. Oh what he's saying Oh what he wanted to say what he's going to. I say I just know me from being in a situation like that. If you around me every single day don't be afraid to talk to me you come to me. When you want something done you come to me and put this whole ization on my back to win a championship and I come in? I deliver that what else what else you won't be. I don't know I don't know the answer now so what you do know him well enough because you're you're one of his hit well enough one away and you saw order quote he that was just put up. He wanted to win and wanted to win and he's going to do anything he can win. That's what I know about. Would you like to play with her percent of what we talked about since we was eighteen nineteen years old have your representative reached out to the Los Angeles Lakers we reached out to a lot a lot of people have the lake has been one of the Lakers has been one of the clippers one of them. I mean clippers has one teams is we. We we talkin is is dialogue with certain teams. I don't WanNa get into specifics but there's conversations but I think for me now is it was just a matter of me. Let everybody knows where I'm at right physically mentally emotionally like this as well Matt. I WANNA play basketball. I still love the game of basketball. I don't play the latest game for a farewell tour I'm ready to I'm ready to get back on the team. And what will we see. Let me allow me to fantasize games. Be in Los Angeles okay. I'm back to be honest. This is the first couple of cuts you're playing me at that. Mellow stuff really had me and my feelings you know it's a reminder as our favorite players. Get older that we we ourselves are mortal oftens like sobering and you get angry and he gets sad because you realize life is short when your favorite players in childhood can no longer do the things they've <unk> done. That said Mella wants to get back on basketball court and I think he is going to be here in Los Angeles. That's me wearing purple and gold were number. Seven seven quakertown off the bottom chaired is getting them out there. Towering bronze luggage cares a bad thing if you do on the team to fall in line and to come off the bench and he's actually engaged and that was the best sound bite of the twenty minutes we're waiting. We're waiting for that. One not necessarily money shot hi everything Lord Anyway is going man. That's not necessarily a bad thing you know if you get him to fall in line and come off the bench and be that guy you know how it is star players and the idea of just I mean falling in line sounds odd which the idea of having to to change and adapt and as as it's all on him as men I feel like it's Sh- more challenging as we get older to kind of change in recognize certain failures in our own life and I was is doing that on a national stage right now one of the biggest rules in sports as an athlete. Is You control what you can control. You can control this if you're Carmelo. Obviously you're trying. You know there might be jobs out there more opportunities. If you accept a ventral you know and you do have good friends still in the N._B._A.. Lebron is here like like you said so accept that role and if he does I mean can you imagine mellow coming off the bench fifteen minutes a night I think he would extend his career another three for years and I wish you would have done what Vince Carter and Paul Pierce and Jason Kidd and all these great players data's that have a third act and how do you think that team would do with mellow coming off batching he'd finally win the Daughter Step Star Star Star Star. I'll take twenty eight nate overland sanity any day of the week. You're not getting twenty eight today. No definitely not and and you know he's always talking to the clippers the Lakers yeah talking to everybody see he's talking to everybody on the show especially job. He's not talking to Max. He's only talking to Stephen. He's doing one on one with Glen Robinson. Go out quietly sons in the league so yeah okay but I don't know how big Dog Kinda ended yeah a lot of a lot of our our favorite N._B._A.. Players that Third Act is not that memorable yeah yeah Dunkin's back now here O'Brien is entering that third act and has been kind of on the fence Ford for a number of years and you know when David Griffin comes out at a sports illustrated article and says the guy's lost his passion for winning. He has no longer the same animal and is consumed by the way he was in Cleveland. That's that's that cuts deep. That's just oh I think he's lost a step. That's easy losses step. She doesn't care questioning. The Guy's heart the careful. I just wonder how many how long before somebody jumps on the word animal it takes it takes a whole different angle. You know what I mean in but I get where he's trying to say but that's still dangerous to me because Lebron is still playing you know he can prove you wrong. Maybe that's the whole point of this. Maybe he'll come back later and say this. This was like a Tom Jackson approach. I was just trying to motivate Lebron because that's the only way out David Wright itunes to the responsibilities of being with the Pelicans but yeah here's how coups Mo- at a sit down with Kerry champion had to say about Lebron and his focus this season it was ready. He's ready. You know you know I think this year this off season you know you see people you know slandering his name aim and saying this about him saying that but <hes> you know he he's been he's been super-motivated this off season. You know working you know between no shooting schouten movies and he's in gym. He's in gym early night. Whatever so <hes> you know just you know spent locked in? You know that's the biggest talking about being ready for it. All Sheriff Wade on twitter hit me up and said when Michael Jordan shot the first space jam he was working out during and prior to filming remember those those video sessions from court they built on the Warner Brothers Lot and the result was a seventy two and ten season an N._B._A.. Title An M._V._p.. all-star season regular season M._v._p.. And finally he was locked in. He's Michael Jordan so yeah. Lebron can balance seeking making work. He can do space jam two and then go out there and get the Lakers back in the playoffs. The only thing I don't know between that equation and how old was Jordan when he shot space jam was he closed ninety. Two Jordan was thirty six in ninety six so he was a little younger little bit younger than what Tehran is right now. Okay the baseball stuff but mileage pop digital baseball stuff yeah he did mileage probably the same so yeah it can be done. It's been done before and you can have have tremendous success doing it so yeah but it does sound funny when you say he's training for basketball and shooting move yeah blocked anything focusing the gym day and night he's memorizing lines Don cheadle with green screen. He's dealing with C._G._I.. And Bugs Bunny and have an act opposite a tennis ball and a stick so yeah look they said though about you know the world of twenty nineteen professional athletes like all these guys are balancing stuff off the court. Nobody in Portland is like Damian Lillard can't get over the hump because he gives focused on his rap career like no like everyone passions off the four. Everyone is businesses and investments and things they want to do so tell certain guys can like lay beyond bell had to like you walked into training camp with the basketball. He said like football is not not my favorite sport is actually basketball and my rat career now. That would bother me a little bit. You know what I mean because I'm paying you to run the ball as Brian tweets about that tiny college we know he doesn't care about college football as much as right right right so I mean some guys it's that should only be reserved for special people that can do that. Your whole life is centered around that if sometimes a Lotta guys try to do too much well a lot of the guys see Lebron has always been the leader of the League you know both in terms of the way conducts himself on the corporate businesses off the court and they're inspired by that so they want to go out there and invest in have companies in you know I. I don't think that's only reserved for star players. No I mean but it should be. I think only the fortnight business yourself out when your whole life lends itself to that like you are a star Star. You're an alias Guy and you have those opportunities that come to you then do it but if you're trying to have a start up while you're playing football no it tells me that bubble burst when the greatest television theme songs of all time my friend and probably one of the greatest TV shows of Laupheim doesn't hold up like yeah it was funny at the time but it was now the writing other than I know my stuff like that which is funny at the time when Shaggy here never heard a new of the show and he spent hours watching it on Youtube Social Media Shaggy. I gotta be honest. Man is a little before my time remember. It's worth watching reruns so he didn't hold up so it's worth watching reruns because that's the time you've got to put yourself in Greece shows of all time hell that way no y y it came apart why they took James off the air <hes> he didn't like the writing on it. He didn't like the dynamite Jimmy Walker took over yeah he hated it started to be it goes on like Urkel. Yeah yes right right you become the guy says the one catchphrase four table forty years ago. Good Times ended on C._B._S.. Dam Dam jammed had had a member Janet. Jackson is Penny Penny child abuse issue. A little penny was that spike Lee but her name Rice Ron right right she was little spike. Lee Mars Mars okay kickoff to weekend and what go ahead Ben Kickoff to the weekend Friday as we do here on the China. It's getting you see the light blinking in the studio. Yeah take it on the Senate the cocktail and when the diamond is blue joy a refreshing horse light coors light refresh your summer all weekend long marketing campaign is like cold. Our Beers are just super super cold. I was on the golf course yesterday during a colon yeah of course and it was so hot nice well so humid how was it it was like ninety degrees but it was up in the hills so it's hotter so hot one yeah Chris why do like to get after it but yeah. I'm good so you know I gotta take this time next week so see week then. It's football season. Get get into a baby. Then the days are shorter. The good times have any spin offs. I don't think there was a spin off on that. Show no okay most successful television spin off off of all time is on Jefferson's. The jeffersons is one God. There's a defining one of the Mary Tyler Moore Ones Right. It has Ed Frazier Fraser's answer Vernon Shirley the cuts just thinking and didn't a little Ragu guy have a show no he did not have a show carmine yeah Karma he didn't have the show. I think this is donald shows a good stuff. joanie loves that'd be had to joanie loves Chachi my first week in L._A.. I went to the final taping being a of Joey and Matt Leblanc was that was that was not a good thing you Austin crying the whole show play Joey getting in your Jeff Katzman. Let's all right. Let's go on your at scrimmage yesterday. Yeah Charges Ram scrimmage in Costa Mesa was that the chargers see we practice field <hes> the next one will be on Saturday in Irvine so to good teams to had good head coaches getting some good work. What's a football scrimmage? Is it like a simulation in baseball. The actually play fifteen minute quarters they play a full no no it's like a simulated down in distance stuff like you'll have individual run period so you'll take their defense. They're they're seven guys from defensive line on back to linebackers and put them against the rams offensive line or running backs and do drills. You'll take take the offensive line and defensive line take them down on one field and do drills like pass blocking then you'll take the receivers and corners down to another side of the field and practice seven on seven so <hes>. It's just a lot of practice. You're just using other people to get it done so I like it. It's good to get work against other people in camp. Also there's a different mentality. Yeah I would imagine for professional athlete when they're lined up against somebody. WHO's not on their team when you're practicing its your teammates? You're still going hard offense defense but you're still all in the end. You can't kill your own guy. So there is a part of you that you you give one hundred percent or give everything you got but you're going to pull off a little because he's your teammate but when you see someone else who cares man bumpy a little bit and you fall on your hurt yourself well. It's not my problem. You know what I mean. That's yours but the other never do scrimmages against teams that they play he later in the season. Oh yeah absolutely chargers. I don't think play this year especially in preseason. When you're matching up with someone you might give a few like the rams are going up to Napa to new scrimmage the raiders before they play in preseason? Do we do a fly away for that Little Napa True Yeah I think leaving on Tuesday Cabernet Fun Yeah but you you get good work against other people that you don't really care about so it just it helps you sharpen that killer instinct. You can't really do that against your own people. You talked at length about out <hes> the running back situation for the chargers and yeah it was kind of running back by committee because Melvin Gordon was there. What did you notice from the ran side of the ball? There's some work doc to do Aaron. Donald still the best in the game. You know whether it's his own guys against anyone else. Here does shows US man crushing sports. I my man crush rushing hanging out here. You talk a lot of A._D.. Like you love Aaron Di. It's not a man crush. She was the number one player in the top one hundred he he got a ninety nine on mad Up Jared Goff showed up <hes> he's getting bigger faster stronger. <hes> a guy that you're going to hear a lot about you always hear about Cooper Cup Robert Woods and Brandin cooks. You're going to hear a lot about about <hes> reynolds the four hundred Josh Reynolds Receiver on the fourth receiver on the football team. He's a matchup problem. Things scored a touchdown in that game verse Kansas City kind of came in yeah the second half of last season big-time dude too tall lanky fan no doubt I like Josh Reynolds. He's GonNa take a big step for them to Scott on the field due to injury. I think he's he's going to get on the field due to his play. Now you know at some point you're going to feature him in the lineup or feature him in certain personnel groups and if you have a shorter corner that's probably where the ball's going yesterday we were talking about the best receiving course in football and how pro football focus had the eagles rated number one and we had this whole conversation yesterday doesn't these different receiving even cores and not once did you and I mentioned Josh Reynolds and that's exactly why the rams have the best receive in course because they are so deep. It's not just Jarvis Landry on one side Odell on the other end. Maybe some guys they got four dudes who are all really good at that position. Possibly more I mean we were talking trios. So if you're talking just groups I mean that's that's hard because look even Arizona. I'm not ready to count outfits. Even though he's added advanced Larry Fitzgerald is still a problem yeah and in this offense it's in the air raid. I if you're cuyler Murray a rookie quarterback that doesn't know anything yet. Who would you lean on? Here's a collar Murray had to say about everyone thinking. He's Great Pretty Hungry Lauren probably who said the WHO said that yeah now I gotta deal with somebody's favorite I don't I really don't feel honestly you know I see it on. You know we're at dinner and the T._V.'s on we'll see but other than that. I don't really pay much attention to it to me. That's just a something that they have to do. You gotta go out and play well and if I don't people are going mad. I'm going to be mad. Everybody mad so my focus is play well. I love this Guy Yeah I do. I think he's going to be great early. <hes> he's GonNa be on. I'll tell you a story somebody related. They were playing receiver in Atlanta. When Michael was Michael? Vick was a rookie so he runs an eighteen yard out that means means you're going up the field eighteen yards damn near twenty and then coming back and waiting for the football with your hands up so a professional receiver sprints up the field eighteen yards turns around waiting for the football and Michael Vick pass them up. That's how fast is the not pass them up with. The bill passed him up running right so Michael Vick dropped back to seven and sprinted past the guy before he got eighteen. You're going to see some of that stuff out of Carl Amari. Let's get back to the rams and the scrimmage U._N._C. Yesterday. There's there's someone soccer than sitting there players during preseason in moments yesterday see the top guys out there. It's your work in practice. It's controlled. Nobody's going to the ground. You Know Quick Nick Whistle. The guys are trying to protect our guys like Andrew Whitworth but he needs work. He needs to get work against other people. He needs to get ready for the season but in preseason people can fall on the back of your legs. It's live football in practice. It's a little bit different so you get good work but you don't go to the ground so it's a little bit safer. Is there a loose fun vibe practice. Active music now is in a good mood lights no sign the fun is before practice in the stretch lines and then after when it's done but at least yesterday yesterday when the whistle blew and it was time to work both teams went right to work was rushed Ben. If you want great football I love there is nothing that would make me happier all right and even better beer even better to get beer. You get warm sand then you need to look no corona beer official beer of the Los Angeles Rams is giving you a chance to fly away to Hawaii. I can't win but can I enter the copy. Okay Wayne. You're participation. Part is over you get to see the rams versus the Dallas Cowboys in August seventeenth at Aloha the trip includes round trip airfare two nights stay at the rams official hotel and tickets to see the rams and cowboys now texts corona to four zero seven zero five for your chance to win and remember over message and data fees may apply then did you hear during the break Bannon demarco in for them but the guys by key back Monday as we kick off E._S._p._N.. O._C. Week it says on that in moments but did you hear DeMarco asking Roger during the break if he's black black black appreciate him saying I'm sorry Ben and then asking the question our nothing's private in this room nothing. There's no question that's private in this room well black. Are you black black Rod. There was a reason behind that question you give it to us well. Your musical tastes right yeah okay. We have a similar background in some concerts. It's easy easy to spot you okay. That's why I always I know but then when he came out my older cousins like it's okay to like the tears for fear and I was like okay I think we've all had a similar experience but in different ways it shows that I go to I can point out other guys who look like me right all kind of have that same Jorda break we were talking about metallica drummer early and how bad dave stain messed up. Yeah I saw slayer slayer on on Christmas Eve one time and just how do you go see slayer on Christmas Eve because we're getting the Tattoo <unk> Haessler. Let's go check Satan's favourite band on Christmas Eve yeah well he gets to I guess so right. Wow Hey rod you might be interested in this. WHO's the highest paid defender in the world? <hes> you mean like a vendor as a defender defender when I say to Demarco of course Donald Centreback in soccer McGuire to Manchester United Annika's world record fee a hundred and three million while for Harry Maguire the Leicester City defender heading going on over two days Chechen centreback three million. That's a lot of money I don't understand how that works and soccer centreback. No not not just like how them how the the transactions like bought somebody yes he'll basically I agree with the player like if you're going to go so you don't have to treat you. Don't have to give a player back you just by the point just by the player pay the other team all that money goes to the other team and it goes to their budget and they can then use that for you know just whatever for the money yet with that work in American in sports. It's the kind of primitive way of doing it. I don't think there's more old school. Oh yes soccer was around okay. We started playing stuff just sometimes like the terminology. I'm like wow you you you bought the guy. It just doesn't make sense. Are you going to do the whole segment ben over like that out in me right. This is radio. No one can see media chair stretching almost stretching that one out okay anytime whatever competition you want come on well retired. If you're taught we know not golf dropping the gun while we can even go golf just add that in there. That'll be one win. You're asking me golf all swing tips okay. Let's play basketball. You do what you must be. That's that's fair right then. We'll go to the batting cages. Okay Okay and then we'll run come. Can you name one that you're GONNA win. We'll we'll do whatever you WANNA. Do you WANNA go homeboy. Do you want to play defensive tap water okay and put it on tape. Let's videotape listen. That's okay say always prepared to take okay. We'll play whatever sport you want homie okay what about sumo wrestling can do l.. Plead undying for that one. Let's go now. He did show me someone Democra- with his hands on that when I early touch me and push me into show me an angle and what you do if you were a defensive tackle I was more than that. He's an athlete thank you. I understand if you've never been called in your life defensive tackle. You're right. There is nothing about what you're doing right now that it's stretching yeah you're for it to the microphone stretching arguing. I know what he's doing learning and you're making out with the Toyota look like the Guy Questioning Lebron. How do you know what I'm doing over here to my own body thank you what's just is that throwing up we that is only cash all right well? These mentioned Ah David Griffin. We've hit that a lot and we're going to get back to that. 'cause my Guy Carmelo. Anthony was on. I take talking about Griffin's comments about Lebron. He's talking about playing for the Lakers or maybe playing for the clippers burgers so we'll we'll get into all that but I do want to talk about what happened at Dodger Stadium last night kershaw Zo to peace like Sir Mile and passes Sandy Colfax alone third dodger all time lips. I have a feeling he's GonNa end up on top in almost every category as far. There's the dodgers and all time not just strikeouts. They have announced it on the video board here they deserve the rug means nothing else out to sports L._A.. For the sound and he passes <hes> Sandy Koufax to be third all time on the dodgers list but Raj ain't it that means those people that were applauding wrong. I'm just saying it's third place when you're on the Colfax passing the torch from the greatest lefty ever to the new greatest look and I saw stopping us like Oh wow did he already get I or you know something in is like Oh third-place. ooh Okay you know man uh-huh medal. How does he passed as a sell-out mood passing Cindy Colfax who cares like the level of of hate expectation expectation that you feel sorry for celebrating third place I mean I don't know for now -nology dodger third all time nine dodgers dodgers are pretty all-time go all time gold back to I don't know Don's garage. Sale has twenty four eighty six yeah not that far away I'm trying to do the math in my head. Failing miserably carried a one six the ninety one eighty nine strikeouts eighty eighty nine strikeouts to pasteurize well so don Sutton. That's a while six ninety six. You think you'll actually get that no pitcher now. This is not this year next year second. That's cute second. I'll be okay okay all right. That's a third no good bronze-medal when I am a dodger fan but next year when they when he gets it that means they would have lost three world series in a row Chris. You GotTa get this negative energy out of the trade deadline. We got positive Banerjee only on the morning show about seven hours seventy hours. We will kick off E._S._p._N.. Week let's go goosebumps but there's a reason why I'm playing this because what will happen also also next week during the week we are five days away and I know this is special to you. Ben Lines just like me nine hundred coming back the original. I'm so excited fire it really is it going to be any good you think well. Here's what's ambitious about what they're doing with this reboot. They're not playing Steve Sanders son of Rush Sanders. They're not playing G. O.. J.'s breeze he's not playing Brandon Walsh son of Jim and Cindy. They are playing themselves in an almost curb. Your enthusiasm suzy style Improv is is this life are they the characters blending so very ambitious for mines earing Tori spelling in the game in West Beverly Incur Incarnation Jenny Garcia say I've never seen one episode. Carrots are never in the opening credits Chris. I I don't know tips you. What's your favorite? You don't have to rush sanders Russia's good. You know what I mean. He's got the turtlenecks. He funded the after dark house. We'll wrap this up but there's a peach pit after <hes> not peace after there's a peach pit pop up in West L._A.. This weekend Yak all over that I'd have to actually that's one of the problems I might have to go by just for the instagram foot or the Mega Burger James Other Salvatore Mundi if he's going to have a photo on the wall while so five years away to report GonNa Look Satellite Sanders Buddy months from the keg house easy and E._S._p._N.. That was more than I was ready for bed and that's actually a fan of the show E._S._p._N.. O._C. WE CAN Monday it gets started as CEO Resort and hotel in Huntington beach. Go to our instant our facebook our twitter at E._S._P._N.. Los Angeles for all the details the whole schedule. It's GONNA be exciting. It's GonNa be fun can't see weeks GonNa rip you know I love Orange County culture. It's so different for I grew up just the idea of vans and high socks to the beach and just letting newbridge quarter mile at a time you became a man in Orange County. <hes> sure did saw a few at the brewery I did. I didn't tell you that did I. I heard you talking about. Let's got crazy so if you want a few old friends oh boy yeah with their husbands. Go See League's going to be. I gotta be careful. 'cause you might have to go into hiding all good because they don't you know you don't want to get into those conversations around your new husband. That's all yeah well yeah. Jerry Jones says he's not concerned with the time line for Ezekiel Elliott's Z. Cosby locked in by but the key Dallas cowboys owner general manager and a real life look and skeletal said he believes the contract extension will be reached with Dallas Star Star running back but the organizations not going to bend over like Demarco far trying to stretch in the studio. It's actually has a desire to do a deal that will allow to keep his talents under under the same roof with Daqing Amari. Is this GONNA come together in Dallas every day that goes by. I have a feeling like it's no well football's tough man I mean it's a brutal sport. It's very short so some times when you get beyond the posturing like if you get Jerry Jones Zeke Elliott in the same room and what do you you want because money and football's appreciation so is it. You don't feel appreciated. You feel like I'm showing Dak more love than you. What can I do to make this is working with Ezekiel? Elliott is just realizing that you know not only as football career short a running backs career within football is even shorter sir can be. He is at the height of his powers. He's led the League in rushing to out of his first three seasons and the idea that he's not going to get paid for two more years. Appreciate it if you will. It doesn't sit well with him and I totally understand that well. I'll say the skies like Zeke Elliot. He is clearly special. Can we at least say that Zeke Elliott special like running backs acts I get you they've been devalued. Zeke Elliott especially yes. Oh absolutely okay took them number four overall now if he goes through his career and never has a catastrophic injury where he misses is a bunch of time. I think he's going to threaten some rushing records. He's going to move up the church. I saw Stephen Jackson you know bang in toil away for bad eighteen for years and I think he ran up eleven thousand yards and is in the top ten not top ten but top twenty fizzy top twenty well Zeke Elliot will be you among those people if he stays healthy healthy on the field that if he stays on the field because he doesn't do anything off the field right exactly it doesn't go to jail. That's one thing but I think he's that sort of back. He's special. He's going to take his place among all the greats so I think Jerry Jones for all his crazy things and attention seeking behavior understands stands out about him. Here's Jerry Jones Ezekiel Elliott. I don't see I don't see a point awesome. I'm very satisfied with long term. I don't think that's the best way for us to go at all but as far as doing asante would disrupt and shake the day so plans for how to keep the talent guy he and how to do that aw I'm not a bad shape. How do you tell the guy that's your most important player? Can we argue that you're a cowboys fan is Zeke. Elliott your most important guy absolutely and how do you tell that guy that he's not gonNa make the most money on the team. That's where he's at. That's where you are right now. That's why he's in Kabul. You know what I mean. You have a problem mom with two years left on your contract. Though it's not one like Melvin or is not zero years enough like <hes> we saw last year we love you. I'm Bill Zeke has two years left where that's what Anthony Davis did. He a two years left on his deal and he was like you know what I want to put it out there that I wanna get traded and in his sport he was able to be ahead of schedule for his own self interest to leverage bridges power that he had an Zeke's trying to do in football to answer your question not in football because they can cut you whenever they want right so there and you've got you've got you know awesome leverage then go ahead and exercise that leverage. That's what I would say yeah gives them a chance of getting a third contract right exactly yes somebody who held out last year and we'll being jets camp and isn't jets camp right now on bell and he really wanted to tell fantasy owners that he was going to miss the twenty eighteen seasons a lot of people drafted him top five in the League or I remembered that number two pick and I was like do I take them just taking Antonio Brown and then I lost so bell said he wanted to come out and tell everyone I wish I could have told fantasy owners owners some type of way like I'm not playing this year so they wouldn't have picked me. That's the only thing I really apologize for. He doesn't care about turning his back on his teammates. He doesn't care about missing the season for Ben Rothlisberger Mike Tomlin he cares about us. The fans not drafting fantasy so one of my favorite players in the N._F._l.. It's kind of kind of ridiculous now. He's saying that he wants wants to be the number. One overall pick in fantasy livio bell that good demarco yes even with a year off. Absolutely I think he's going to be better new team second in your quarterback. No wide receivers get a lot of help in Pittsburgh for running backs. This is what your own bed has told me you you never actually get a chance to heal. You're just moving onto the next year and you're overcoming what you have already so lady on bell had a year to sit out. He's GonNa come back fresh and when he was banged up when he was really being used in Pittsburgh he was still the best running back in the game. Guys come back fresh as opposed to rusty like here's what Jason Garrett the Human Mannequin Slash Dallas cowboys voice coach said about Zeke coming back no reaction to that. We're focused on the guys that we have here what we need to do to be better coached every day. You know what I know about. Zeke ezek loves football Zeke works very a hard a plan football as competitive passionate said a big impact on our team over the course of the last three years so you know we trust him as a player we trust him as a person and and we'd love to get him back here suzy. Can we trust that he's going to be ready to go some some about being rusty and being ready and it's a fine line. If Roger Federer took a year off. How long do you think it would take him to get back up to speed not long? Tom Brady same thing you're off. Kobe Bryant actually think it would take a multi Lebron life life north of thirty five. I know he's still young. He had a year off. He had a chance to heal his body. It's not like he forgot how to play football. Come on it's only been a year yeah I mean I think he's going to be fine. <hes> these little ridiculous though speaks to a state of mind where he's more concerned about telling fantasy owners that he couldn't play as opposed to. I don't know his teammates or the organization. I know a lot of the hate on him was is because of that so maybe he was just answering that question that's new you have to really appreciate that like fantasy is a part of football and there are a lot of people that were upset so he he answered it Yeah Yeah Yeah it's got. It's kind of ridiculous. If you think about it all right speaking of holdouts Michael Thomas wants to earn every penny of his new saints deal we signed is crazy contract keyshawn nephew isn't he panera breads brothers stumped brothers or sisters son brother Sun okay. I'll be back to do a third deal. The five-year extension is worth ninety six million dollars with some bonuses makes him the highest average salary of any any receiver in the N._F._l.. So now it's on to the next goal is what he said now. You're the highest pay. Now you gotta go earn. It got like that mentality from from a young wide receiver yeah. <hes> you know I think Aaron Donald. I hate to bring it up because you're going to have a man crush down he is. I like the way place and he's a good dude but he's the guy that got paid the big money money and he's working harder so I think he set the new example. I do like that yeah. It's funny here. Musicians often say I worked so hard to get a record deal but no that's when the work starts you get a record ordeal then you go with the Promo tour and then you put out the album so for guys like Michael Thomas. He worked so hard

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