Among direct game saints one thing remains the best kept. Cbc You went platinum with a game. Okay complain I just had a dinner with Mr and Mrs Trig okay pretty good if fine fine people a little tall for my liking? Both just like six eight hundred. What the hell. When I met her she was five. Eleven by forced her to grow or get out. I just told her to grow. She made her choice. He said the first time they went on a date. He he got her A whole box full of Georgia gear and said he'd be a with it or out of here. I retire remove appears. There's a work that well. Yes so far so good Chicago cold. It was good. That sounds like it's good Boston. Not Not as cold. I don't think couldn't have been. They don't make it colder than possible. Not a flippable. I was the the the non deep dish pies by was the deepest I've ever seen. Do you have any non deep dish though? I know that's what you went there in search of I got a anonymous name with alita. Elida leader a leader yet. She told me to try a place called P. Quad. I was like. I don't want a deep Soup he was like it's deep dish but it's not soup. I was like I feel like you're lying. He didn't lie so I ordered it. So I've got a processor. They was very good. The heaviest ever picked up by Alexander that it's just when I wish he would have worn me. I was like what the Guy Hands Your Pie. Grab a one hand. It almost added. Break your wrist playing off. I was legit like what? What's in here by going at the wrong thing? They also they don't cut it which I like keeps everything in place so Danica that makes oh. I'm sure yeah. Yeah can't grab that. That box got a murder scene. If they cut that so I I get. It was like wrapped in foil of the box was tucked out of box very professional setup. Yeah I got a medium. I don't know why I was thinking like a medium no medium and it was basically fourteen fees. I did my best with it was a lot of deep dish. Gupo yeah that picture was it looked astounding fries. I can hold a camera after like whole Dan and cutting and carrying it up to my room Rosa. Well there's a way yeah I'll just eat it like on the floor. There will all the all the stars were out. Luga Dodge said The person he was most star struck by was Cardi B. How about how about you? Who got you off Guard to one. I was getting on the elevator at the hotel. There's just like a group of people there get on you. Say what's up a say what's up. I'm on my phone probably tweeting. Some ORB Going up and one of the guys in the back starts talking to might look vomit. Mike I know that voice. He keeps talking. They're walking out and he's in the very back. It's Alan Iverson should have known because I barely hear like over the sound of his jewelry. Clanking together that's I think. That's like the jewelry honestly made me look up from my phone and I was like man. You know that Jingle it was Alan Iverson was. Have you got squashed their beef after after out too now now from the looks at that he saw me before. I saw him so if he wanted to continue it he could so not the fire still burning on this as because safe Harry hostile going. He was waiting to see what you were going to do. Now is a couldn't be bothered even eye contact with the man. It was a weekend up. Piece is a treaty. This like all star game. That's we don't Easy me out Lennon. Walkout acuity where that's my ass attic. Ut No not this time now next time hard to say nuys on my in Toboggan. Who's number two number two was I went to Dwayne Wade. Spades Party and everybody tackle was there so of course everyone was looking at tackle. I Guess Pretty Talk. I don't know if the television really does it justice but yet he was there in the same that I just saw. Aaron Gordon Dragnets. Baco noted the bridesmaid. Aaron Gordon get everybody's looking at Taco. I see curls as like I know those curls Patrick Mahomes I did not expect yet did not expect to see. Patty MOMS shorter than I thought. But brooker than I thought it evens out. Okay yeah even what would how would you say is I'd give him? I don't know what he's listed it a six to maybe like the curls really do give them some pop right if he if he ever cut the curls is GONNA lead calum. Murray after but listen. It's six thirty so all right. Yeah okay the hair. I thought Taller. We used a mix of Jackson in. Oh I wish Jackson was the of course you. Do you use the picture. You're seeing Patrick and display like. Where's Jackson can't the MVP? It's Jackson home with Jackson. Homes had just lost the dunk contest. I'm sure he was drowning in his sorrows looking wounds as it were like us. Taylor roots was at the. Party's talk to her for a minute. And then after that people started burying lead. And that's no no now that people looking at me like I was somebody so that was pretty good like mahomes gave me the. What's up? I what by Campbell he said. What'S UP I. I didn't get the chance to say what's up to Kimball. He said what's up to me so that's A. Yeah that's I mean I very. I like the very first thing we ever did was go to the original Big Three in Brooklyn as we didn't really know how to 'cause it was. I was the most like professional thing. We'd done in terms of like traditional media to incite trying to get these guys in the hallways after the games just like where to even walk around like where to go. We were basically we just attached ourselves with the help of Taylor rooks and just siphoned off. Like she'd be like Gary Payton go pay. I guess I'll talk to you and we'd like you talking us to Payden it'd be like damn it. Rooks foiled again now thankful for her to for showing me the ropes. And give me some clout with mahomes. I imagine he's telling the same story on his podcast. One can only imagine like I looked up and was truly whiskers hair was longer than I imagined. Every bit of six foot eight agreed. Yeah he was like Ham. You'd think it was saltier. Not that salty. I wouldn't sell to candace. Parker was there. You talked about stunning. The I could see that what what place do come into the spades tournament. Take on the on the ground. Now you know they don't let professionals what was the room tents so. This was Saturday night. After everything yes was yet dunk contests on it. Are we GONNA say word? Had like presenting. Did Aaron Gordon show up with like a Tommy? Gun like what? What was the mood now? The mood was there. It was so much so laid back. It was like if you weren't looking for like celebrity celebrities in their face. You wouldn't have known was them. I got disowned by trae. Young like harden like Gabby Union. Wade tiffany haddish. They just sitting there yelling at each other playing spades not a soul enetering cared about the dunk contests I would uh I mean we. You're on the building for the DOT. Com does yes or no yes. What a what was it like that? The atmosphere and there because it was electric on the Internet and be. Was there a bloodlust? Wen when Dwayne Wade at one of the Great Russian judge moments of all time. Now he knew what he was doing like in Chicago he knew they were gonNA. He knew he had a party to give to a massive me party. There's no way I would have been there without someone like no press. He's he won't touch anybody do anything. Just let him play nicely this time. Yeah I didn't play nicely. No it was out the consensus in my section. Was the right person one the wrong time. 'cause we all dare Jones. You should have one. But in regulation but only the overtime dunks. I Agree Gordon One. But it shouldn't a went to overtime so I can't really hate the result. I've gotTa Take it Dr Jones Junior shooting in the second round steady. Contin the White Board game. That was a good dump. It was great it was that and it was when you're when because I I felt like nine dunks we're all just like let's see what humans we can jump over. Yes that's where it was. I think the thing that helped Jones there. He was pretty much nail in a mall. I travelled for a while. Just like yeah. I was like you bring out smaller. Chance the rapper year ever so many that pissed me at. That's why I wasn't too upset about Aaron Gordon losing because he just kept bringing chance the rapper out however Derek Jones's first dunk which got a really good score like forty eight something like that. He pushed he pushed off Bam shoulders. Which when everyone else's clearing everyone and when Aaron Gordon all but clears TACO. That's when it's like. Yeah but like that got pushed off. That's why it's hard. That's CONISTON CONISTON with the white boys can't jump and what the off the backboard now that they actually now the judge is actually not look for the replay. Before the Tha. That was good. Yeah I thought those were two really strong ones and I bet he had something else. Kokin but that's like Dark Jones and I'm not even saying that because on pick state by guys like Jones never win I thought he for for for what that guy typically brings he was the opposite was he was delightful. It was really good. Duncan does Aaron Gordon Zach Levine. Like Diet like it was. It wasn't as good but it wasn't a full step behind it either. It was just a little behind it so I wasn't upset that we got a really good dunk contest. But it was Kinda in a way a perfect setup for how the actual all star game ended a little weak in the front Mostly Goes Dwight Howard was involved and I don't think I can't remember second. Get all but the one where he win the reverse. Three sixty in stared at all the judges. That was a good. I don't know what he got on it the other way. It was good enough. What hurt that one was? It was a that was the first song of the night right for any yet very so it's like no you got to do like a front flip to get anything above like a forty nine like they're just. You can't set the bar letter right of Aaron. Gordon had broke that out last like if Dwight hadn't done Gordon did that last. It would've tore the roof off the place but to go I. It's very hot crowd. You go first and that one relied on the replay to show like how much better it was. Can't go I there if he had done the Kobe tribute i. I think maybe we would've seen Dwight in the second round that was trying to Nelson here. What's going on tape I've got? I've got a rewatch. I WanNa see all the dunks and order. Get Gordon I think. Aaron Gordon has the most fifties in dunk contest history. I think someone had that Stott. No hasn't won any of them. That's rough. That's real Rimirad. I guess I think one of the ones Had protests to where he might have to file a legit Glam. I don't know who the board would take. I mean he will due diligence. He was not pumped in his Post Post Game Post Dunk contests. Qna Yes that's stuff. I want to say I can't imagine was because it was Kinda like once way did it. Somebody made you behind me was like Oh yeah he was never gonNa Voting Miami and Pro Life Long. The problem was the other judges. Were naive to the fact that Wade was going to do that. Because the story came out I think Haman will also brother. We'll get to the said that they talked about they were going to have a tie again and so it was like Chadwick and Vote the same as they voted for Dark Jones so I think it was Chadwick. Common gave nines and weighed her that he was just. I Bet I kinda like that no there but I like things like Catering I'm trying to be old. I don't know how many more around would have had honestly like food. Input like chance. On top of tackle shoulders an Jumblatt blow Disheartening part I thought docking over TACO was such a perfect ending to such a wreck. Because he didn't want to come out leaders you could tell he was being bashful. I'm tall I got and that but what's up to friends. That's awesome that the nicest person in the world But the second like they talking about peer pressure. Everyone of the buildings. Get your tall ass out there Taco you. You're saying in the matter here you're going to say. I mean you gotTa fake it with a League. He had to get off that coat. Man I think he was just gonNA play He didn't give them like a full twelve. No this all now. Barely brush my hair man. I just threw something. He had the pants to with the the vertical stripes just to make himself look a little taller for the kids. That's why I was like. Wow this guy's upwards sixer six foot one eight is. He was drying out to be In Radioactive Man. The movie Yes. He had a Chihuahua to add on that. For Wade to just throw it was such an all-time scumbag wherever I am. Starting to come around on it because it is just the dunk contest but I did feel bad for our Gordon. That's awesome yes. Because he was like I keep going until I get it or is it just sitting around Buffalo Bills? Gordon said he's done. I feel like you said this layer could be wrong but I thought he was on like no. I couldn't do come on earth okay. I'll do one last time all right. Let's fuck you. Over one. More time you got fucked. Levin beat him like Levin did a what like between fucking legs from the free throw line like what? Leo's Greg Dunk on as an Aaron Gordon would certainly no scrub but I do think Gordon want yet I would give about. I think they would each of wannabes. But if he if he got that one we never see him. Jump over teco he would have scratched. His Age didn't matter in the long run because he's still lost. I think he lost cause came out in a terrible Jersey Avenue. All the Orlando They forced him off because even in the skills contest and three point cod. They're all wearing their alternates. I can wear any other alternate like we've but cannot relate to alternate royal blue pinstripe hats and all the I I get a lot of. There are a lot of confusing tweets. This weekend there. It was like people weren't on the same page typically like a group thing crowd the crowds Mob mentality like Gigolos. What's going on I was talking about? I'm sorry about the Magic Jerseys. People like it's a nod to the orange trees. I think it's pretty cool. I was like it's not that I hate the the nod to Florida. It's you just can't add orange thirty years after you've got so it's not how this works. You just can't do that. I've got some bad news because I did an common with. I'm usually not a game supposed to start at eight. It's eight Oh seven times to complain like I if you watch sports and you don't give it like a twelve minute grace period. I don't know what kind of a patient that is. But God bless you. This started at like eight forty for eight o'clock tip that was that -rageous eight eight literally eight forty one and I looked on the court and they would just now starting to get shots up like in the warm ups. I'm black. I'll come on so you go to the actual game or were you already back in Atlanta Esa. Now's back with it okay. So yeah they really dragged out and common man loves them. Some spoken-word if if he's going to get like huge endorsement deals and then headline all-star. Intros by doing it. I'm not gonNA townies. Is doing it wrong? Clearly doing some right however ever gonNA arrive. Everyone's names you can't just mail in like Leonard and obstacle Bo- like you got to commit IGA figgy. You're going to go all in on the bit. I'm not biting and I roasted under the mix tape account and I got a lot of responses ban lagging way off on this one. I was like what was going on here. I think twenty nine okay had not gonNa do it for Tangas. Starters no like no. No no you gotta do one for every like the judges like we need one for a Reggie Miller he's like Okay I'll do it on the fly. It was it took forever. I get I get that to do Kobe. Stuff of course Brief mention of David Stern for sure they gave. They gave the entire oral history of everything that's ever happened in the city of Chicago Like Obama popped up Jordan pop up all over the map. Yeah big three remarried. That was way too long like there were several times. I thought they were gonNA ended and then they'd be like here's Bing crosby he's performed here before just like what's happening here Ryan Sandberg Tellers. Your favorite alleged. That refused to stop but I do every time Jordan speaks. I feel like I'm always a little shocked seat. Just doesn't for a guy who very publicly owns a basketball team doesn't speak that much publicly our respect and that's what made me really good law tweeted Jones got an incredible voice. Yeah he's eighty on windows six rings with the voice. I'm a firm believer net jet. That's the thing everything Jordan went right like everything in his life led to the total package which is like if it's one of those things you remove want peace it all falls apart voices for share part of that Michael. Jingle Jordan said Jordan spoke common did that I think of anything else. Weird happen before the intros before the game started. It was forty minutes. Something must have happened the twentieth. That was common China around Lebron James. With the Basketball Games when I can. Leonard Really Infuriated May Malin Lebron. He's going to tweet me a better at me. Anti Amila NCOA is You know what I mean. I'll never send out a one What did he rhyme onto? The Combo with is inferior. It'd me whatever it was judicial Let's see glaring Refu- fucking on something like a modeling. My favorite part was implying a lot of Kaiei sauce and just not acknowledging him whatsoever. It was it was. It was especially watching. Tnt All weekend it was a lot of if it wasn't a direct conde song he produced it right. Also I did not like the part which she keeps us not involve the step from what I read. The literal city told them they couldn't you? Cheeky loses rules no I think the NBA not like they told the NBA like listen. You cannot have this guy. Perform bad things will happen. What happens when he performs cobaine everybody in the buildings crime? They didn't think about the now. We'll never know they didn't let Wayne performed Kobe. Bryant there was. There were a lot of missed opportunities. Damon's dancing as `self man. I thought Wayne remembering the Versi gave Damian. Lillard was most impressive thing. I saw weekend. Don't let grin and man happy like where I was sitting at the dunk contest. Like the big stays that lifted up. I can see behind that so behind that like I saw one little. I walked out there. So I'm saying like practices. Dance moves before they go. Traffic Book almost pulled off with three point contest before we get to the actual game The the four point shot absolutely fucked up joe absolutely actually kept running past it and I was like now now. This is where we would have helped if I felt like. We expect everybody could have did either. Not Those two out I or did you racks in top Dover at those two for I would've felt exactly what buddy hield needed. Oh Yeah Buddy. Healed was someone tweeted out. I'm pick state by said he's coming last or when it all and he didn't come last so now. The Elliott had two options to true outcomes swinging back to come off the bench for the Kings. I love the other. Yep He's doing. It is already strong arm them. Give him new deal and now he's probably GonNa get cut. Who knows what the Kings are GONNA do? Ghafur Dwayne Voices I'll show. You had a strong moments and still get which that vive AC was. I think he had them the trophy. He was out there. That fast Atalaya why. I didn't even know you're here in your report. As a no way he's allowed there we can get a keeping. He snuck up behind that the big screen in the first notes of Benito play the United Center just turned over on its side. We've never seen anything like entire boom all city of exploded. The didn't play any on the broadcast. I didn't hear any like drill. Instrumentals not a lot of the big huge weekend for Lupe fiasco on the TNT broadcast. Oh yeah because Lupe like. They didn't play anything more recent than anything off the cool so just here in line. Yeah exactly just hearing all those instrumentals. You're just like. Oh Yeah. That guy used to be the greatest rapper of all time A try just retired right now just like a while ago was an wait. No he was really good. Why did he do who knows what happened? Yeah it'd be or what actually happened is like if trout had these first six or seven years. Yeah and then for the next fifteen like for some reason kept playing but he was never more than like a thirty five hitter next year. You'll get back with us here. The DELUCA step is still good. It's just like I think I'm good. Last thing I listened to was mural. I don't even remember if that was also the name of the album. I knows track one and it was really good But then by like track three he was rapping about like all the fishes in the deep blue sea And being very confused Earn it all killed me. Kills me either one actual margin or that in both killed me every single time the turn it off good cause a? Is there a longer video that comes from? I feel like an old no you do I do. I've only seen in. Yeah they're doing like a as I guess what they're doing. I don't know if the battle just wrapping and they start playing the beat on their fall and that's when he steps off the guards turn it up. Oh okay wrong. That's my favorite thing is turned up as far as I can go. He starts speeding to none of the beat. Just the worst bars you've ever. They're hyping up. It's it's a great video. I do need to say all about seven back up on the road and the tournament though those those would care perfectly with your because I saw him today. That's what made me think of them. Just listening to my first ever troy APP song. The seven minutes later just listened to my last ever. Utah get aren't at all Law Bank and that's it turning into that level of bravado is half the battle. I got the tougher. Half are the bars will come and they want to write bars. He's also I don't know very small human beings taken pictures with him. Good a yet if I I mean with with no other humans to tell just how far he fell off. The curb showed how short he looked seeing any version of debt. Any version of any video with the like the whole accordion sound on it like when they put Baker dancing to dance. Yeah Bow It kills me. I honestly think like it's funny with any of them. I don't think he can get funnier than Baker. Such want on this and the very specific dance breakers. Now you have somebody to the Lebron James in the studio leads a lot of videos a nod and really hard to beat the back of the Phantom just only Sierra Lebron quietly a horrible dancer with terrible I I saw some of the fuss. I don't I don't like Oh these kids take talking. Yeah there was that was. I'm trying to think of anyone got matter about anything this weekend than that you now that was there was the Internet so like I think it is good when we can hunt down the original creators of stuff like this so much of an when we do should absolutely give those people those flowers. I think there was a lot of unnecessary like vitriol. Thrown at people As if this done with something like this is the Internet like memes. Pop UP JOKES POP UP DANCE POP UP. Everyone starts running with it And it's sometimes incredibly fucking hard to find who created something. That's where I like Ashley. It'd be like furious at the NBA. Like how could they not know? I duNno they're fucking multi billion dollar multinational corporation. I could see that one. That's exactly what they should know. Maybe but I can see. That wouldn't let them being like I. Who's WHO's the most popular talk? Get THEM HERE JACKSON HOSES BOOKS? Arket number two. We'll take to Still Jackson home. So Damn it alternate account but Yeah I. I'm glad they got the original girl there and and when it was time she fucking She might have should have won. Mvp Lorcy does girls. Oh my word I will get. I don't think it was you. Don't they visit like Let's intentionally get those. What if you don't go that hard to find the original great? That's how I should get loss as I now. These these two white girls created this dance. I think they also sung the song to the the young girl from Atlanta Kate. Campbell way too damn many I was GONNA say. Is that a cake song. Got Some bangs. It really does For a long time now to Like this reason but I've never heard anything past the first like fifteen or however many seconds the dances and then even when she was dancing to it on the court and was doing like a minute they still didn't let the actual song come and they just run back the renegade with the instrumental. I was like. Is this even a song? Who's GONNA eat their long? They didn't know they should've known issues. Fucking Russell's like Shit. I'll let's not be crazy. He would have much preferred that he would have lost. Two probably most likely be. That was the angriest us up people get this weekend was about that and even when it got fixed it's never like oh they. They went out and they fix it. Why fix was that even something to be fixed wrong. They knew who to what they know. Girls and create that Dan. I don't know if it was because that wasn't the datum do multiple other things. Like those guys will just in the office or one of them was at least Like their massive a huge. Yeah that's the point. The which again if they create any of it like if not. That's fine don't mean you can't be famous or whatever but it is like that's we know that. Yeah let's celebrate them. Both like Mush isn't creating any of these dances bushes. Which again is eight up to that. Would that would have been the best of Muslims just out that was just fucked. Renegade renting's is on my birthday. He's GonNa Brazi our made everyone much angrier if they've got higher but we also got this guy. Ninety cancel most is runs off the court. You just see Lebron. Take off the Jersey Half Gordon. He's on like he when he left the KS. I Dodge Verse Lucas half-court brain a Walker. Just Klabin stolen. Finally the game the way it's supposed to be played out played a lot earlier than didn't play again. I use this chilling some popcorn Yemen. Trae like okay like I'll get this middle run in but now nobody's playing. Longtime dodger played. Eighteen minutes from the boxer. Lebron Played Nineteen Elza. I don't know who was count knows minutes. I don't know if they even like how many does come to played too. Damn twenty nine okay. That sounds more accurate. Lebron sat for a long time. And this was What may Integra talk about dinner for a little bit? I WANNA get your take since we do the show together and whatnot A lot of people are giving the format credit that. I don't think it deserves go on. I feel like a lot of people are saying. The game was close because of how everything was set up and I don't know that that's true. It really feels like the middle. Two quarters were Kinda like Lebron stain was gonNA play it like an all star game and Chris Paul was like now. We're building this lead. And then the fourth quarter was was good and I do think that the the no time limit makes that like all right. Yeah no either of us can win like let's get after it. I do think that helped but I think the first three quarters being even nine going into the fourth. Thanks so something like that. I don't know that it was just the setup as much as it was Lebron statement. Kinda mailed it in the middle there while I keep on Chris. Boston Jaanus is team. Built a lead just being like no. We're actually going to try even if they're not going to. I think the biggest gripe that I have about the fourth quarter is that close basketball does not make a good basketball for sure because it was like the first three quarters I think they shot fifty five percent from the field and started Alaska thirty five in the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter alone to forty minutes to play in there were more was status either. Twenty one thousand the fourth quarter more than the first three combines. Either playing defense are but this this is not i. Don't WANNA watch keep watching these free throws. I don't really care that the game ended with the free throw I didn't I do. I don't mind that I thought it was. Kinda exactly what I'm saying. The dunk contest early like really like the NBA at one. That got like this was a tough weekend to be like the all-star weekend stinks crowd as not the weekend for those people but for for the whole week at the dunk contests ending like that. Whatever it was still like a show. A lot of people want Dr Josiah to win whatever so that game to win especially with how heated everyone like playing was getting and how competitive it was getting. I agree it wasn't a sharpest basketball. We've ever seen but with how competitive it was. It was fun to watch and just richer for it just waiting for that game when like if they if if lowry just got dropped and sort of pushed an mit that that would have been sick a but for it to just be like. I Dave shooting foul either just following the game because again if you're GONNA make it may win by two or when a debt. But if it's like okay we know they can't went on a free throw alerts would just get the ball bag. It's like you know. Just cut his head off when he becomes into pages cut. His at all was the worst second. I think hard and getting some undeserved fleck to yeah. I agree like it looked like I watch. Everybody was like what are you doing? Blew up and then replayed he's got Janas and Janas ask. What are you supposed to do? He puts up all up and they make them eat it. And we're going to affect the way so I think he did the right thing. Well I think what happens? When he first caught it and he would have got killed. He had just when he when he first caught the ball. There's no one even close to him so on its own Kuwa- honestly to the better. A better passback why he lays an easy game mobile I think. Even what hardened turned he was shocked. There was no one anywhere near but yeah once he got to the pate blocked by at least four people if he had gone up with had also like it wasn't grip as like okay. This is how they're like they're calling everything in the fourth that's going to be fail or it was a top question about definitely foul. I just thought it was like if they're trying to get that pickup. Feel that that streak like that. They had With Bobby uh-huh Bobby. Darcy isn't bad heaven. Baron Davis Breaking Down with Rod Strickland like breaking down the new rules like they just kept running the segment all weekend and Dave and kept harping like is supposed to be old school street ball style like checkup stuff like that. And it's like honestly if they want to take it to that next level like get the fuck like Monty Jones tweet out players go there on house now. That would take way longer than forty minutes but I. I wouldn't complain when they say you get you get to fouls on you know you get you get to of whatever ethnic two thousand you call or you can cancel out somebody else's foul called or shoot for it. I won't I'll players miked up and argued like you chuckles like they have to keep score. All of it like just go rail pickup like they go. I agree when when by two they they did up winning by two. But you can't win on a free throw. Maybe no free throws says the reason. I'm fine with us because eighty head to he missed the first one and then everybody that I saw. That was just was like wait a minute now because the second we laugh at his so it was signed by guessing recycling but never allegedly tanked the first on purpose. Oca- I do the I do think he did. I think he did do that on purpose. Sure one fifty one fifty six one forty two. Actually that within that close like one can immedi legal the other way about it while with if. Kemp IS GONNA kick the ball into the stands. Miss opened layups. I don't think he's too worried. I was surprised he didn't play well when he was warning me. Thrown the ball around now spurs. Also the only way mistakes made he. I was like the oddest had. I think fourteen of sixteen points in the second quarter at one point. That's when I knew like all right if they win. He's getting envy. But there was a point there especially in the fourth when your team strategy was like we don't have anyone who can one on one get a bucket except Cambe and he. I know he fished. What twenty three. I'm okay? He was one. Wide legit looked was like wow. I didn't know you had the mini. It's twenty three nine of eighteen five or eleven from three. 'cause we were dangerously close to gain rudy go bears MVP. That's what they would. And I was like this is not what Kobe or anyone would want it now. A he got that third quarter tying lob that was disgusting Rudy Gobert hates charity. Knows it also the Dr Phil into a one hundred percent? They decided who was going to win each quarter before again. I'm fine with that. The second quarter. I was only one of those like some real distance. That was the youngest. They won about twenty points. They've we'll take one. You guys got to three hour coincidence. In enforce we'll play play and they did and I- Campbell was mostly out of minutes restriction. And there were. There wasn't a single sub by either team in the fourth now again Forty minutes lots of files. And that's how you go like ally was is like. Wow Yana students no he should now. That's why I've Cambe if hit that lay-up not had that turnover and hit eight. Three is he broke off. Lebron they were picking on the Braun the mouse in house. I don't know why came out and was like yeah whole strategy was to go at Harvard. They didn't really go hard. They pretty much went to Lebron strictly after like they wouldn't know cer think. Crm posted them up at the embiid somebody else and hardened defended well and feels like. I'm all out of ideas but yet honest being Lebron heaven honest entire fourth quarter. Not Sworn Point. Now you've got the highlights like the tenant issue blocking the jump shut but it was one. That was another thing I was like. Wait eat him score the entire fourth quarter note. Now I'd like he had a couple. They weren't even going to move a strange very strange. It was really like Kemba. Can you just go score for US please? And he was like sometimes see what I could do. Chris Paul had the first law of his life. Actually Thrill the cloud. James Corden again you know and I was. I was tweeting us out to upset people a little but it was also true. You know who had like really good natural chemistry out there harden and westbound. Now who? Tatum Simmons all those draft workout. Yes Simmons had a good run. I don't know what it was him and tatum their talent. That no look where he was turned around to Simmons at a couple lobster one another. That was if I were a sexist found that would make me throw up is one of the worst LOB Games. I can remember who played. There was a terrible lobs terrible and also terrible shooting like eleven for forty from three and twenty four from seventy from three in part to that. Twenty four was co and Chris Paul so like I can't believe you're missing Three months free throws and the La was so surprised the I mean the three three of the like seven best shooters of all time. Didn't get to play a we gotta get us back in the game next year I can't remember who tweeted out but songs like durant would've eight in this format and considering he ate the old one a year needed to unlock is now but I do think the if he were inserted into that fourth quarter really for either team probably wouldn't have taken him his first four pick so he would have been out there with with Laurent I do feel like it would have just been like Katie verse. Whoever wants it? Let's go to to For sure like I kind of like lebrons like I'm playing like one in four like in the middle like slick like two different games. Yeah which I didn't hate that part after like it'd be looked back on the got much better than an house like I feel like all along. It was like at any point. Was Anybody Board with any certainty. Certainly points in the past. Where are these? What's even going on? I feel like they were like definitely ratcheted up level. Dan But I felt like people seem relatively engaged because the gas in the second third is okay. This is our run like we're not getting in later. So right. Some of the second At site second half of the first quarter felt very like rick. Barry was throwing up into the soup watching it. It felt very standard all-star game that's when it was just like are you gonNa wide open donkey get to open dunk like early and yet guys getting into the feel of it now that and it's like all right if we know we have to play actually high later like let's calm down now. That's when Kawai was I think he hit us for five threes. Yes I started off five hundred Mrs next one But yet felt very lax. I saw a lot of people to be in like I didn't fix the all-star gets all of that early on those people properly. Shut the FUCK UP BY THE END. Not Filling those people. It's like if anybody watched us like it's very first all star game. I'm in now. Did anybody watching like you know what this is. My last all star game. I can't take another minute charity. That lost was it was very weird and also funny to see accused. Kids living and dying out man goes off shoes for basketball season team. La Brian team run. Boy I do really like I think in the plate. Certain like going forward thinks you want. I won fifty two hundred whatever and I was going to say. That could be games. Where it's like one forty nine three quarters now in Garrett until now just one shot. Bang see later. Listen that's GONNA be a great three quarters. I'm fine with that. Now what are they gonNa be at twenty four always for Kobe? I don't know that part's been decided. I feel like it worked. It's like a non ahead my dad's for sure and I was pleasantly surprised especially since does not first team to twenty four. I think which they won't get every year but their hope is like I keep it within less than ten and the other team. I mean really anything less than fifteen if you're in the NBA. Most competent players. Feel like they're still in it. Dawson bigger. Be Calling it like by the book like that's I know. We can legit Goto the lion in e- did you. Can I would say anything inside. Fifteen year. Say they team abroad had to score thirty three to that Before so they put up a healthy amount of points. Eight or nine going into the boy was eight or nine groin into our boys. All we need a seventy six more points translate. What else happened. Devon Booker at a ferocious dunk. Don't remember him doing anything else. Goes JIM FIRST ALL STAR Game Man I gotta get like Trey was like I don't have these last threes. I found. I'm going put my like regular clothes back on because we all watch them for the fourth incredible sweatshirt trying to think what else happened in this game. The halftime show. It was a whole weekend of chance. The rapper which is a lot so. I don't think that helped People's opinion than him being the the headliner the dunk contest. It was just all weekend. Are they just on that halftime? Show like if you're just like at the halftime show in a vacuum in terms of Like last ten year. Nba All star. Halftime shows I feel like that was one of the better ones which is more of an indictment on the NBA also halftime show than a appraise. Of what chance did honestly. I don't remember a single one. Remember any odd number cutting us off so I guess if it makes a memorable Wayne came out. Never GONNA be absurd. You might have. I was gone by then. People were like not even saying I was like man I got laundry to fold. Daiei came out because he had a hot and Kobe Bryant Jersey. That was sewn into pants NOCA- which I can respect ever trinity Who has someone else came out? Fuck was I'll never remember. I refused to remember. I feel like we got like a nickelback someone like non end like nine close to what the NBA Jesse. If this thing that you can look up like again of all the Chicago talent show head this. We are like for the whole even see if they did like a Chicago Medley. You'd have to be in that for sure but it will probably like as it's either him common chance chance. Yeah I think it's one of the things like You know he's safe for a national audience. It is Chicago so he checked. Both those boxes and I feel like a lot of the younger players do like him. J. Cole so now from the area as this problem direct who was last year was the Jayco last year it had to that. I'm looking for the twenty seven and be all star game. I don't remember but the halftime show was Riyan Drake and Kanye West Mills. Like we've taken a step down since that was an la. Yeah that balance pretty strong the next year. Pit Bull Neo Chris Brown in nature. I don't know Liz aired haven't booked for next year saying like that was twenty twelve the one Got You got you one. After the twenty third team was. We should keys halftime Trombone shorty Dr John. Ill Monet Earth Wind and fire Gary Clark junior down eight starts Ariana Grande. Day Nick N. Nikki Moniz Twenty. Sixteen was staying just second. That's dressed in the next year was just just John Legend. Let's to slow the next Faria migos any our D. In last year. Charlotte was Jayco closing like they're going. They're cutting down the artists. Like the one. We're going away from the Super Bowl halftime show. You know you're getting at least two three acts. We're going the other way we got one. If you don't like it fuck you. Cueva came out. That's who cannot and wouldn't xers indianness rapper from Indiana Gibbs. Big honestly not even that. I don't know if he's big enough like he can't just be the guy and also I don't think the NBA wants. That's what I'm saying. What he's got a say on their their airway. I don't know who on where they go on the media name. Let's Rapper Indiana tied to Dan. And there's a total of eleven so and one of them is Mike gaps so k. see typed in what is happening cam to initiate. I don't know any of anything happening here. Let a hard core punk rock band from India genres of music. Vm's Jordan Bay helsing staples Halftime through you wouldn't you wouldn't dare L. Baby face okay. Yeah baby facing gives. Little person called. Michael Jackson falls me on the gram grams. A Lot. John Cougar Mellencamp. Okay Navy Junkie. Was Jack and Diane harmless. I mean Janet they claim the am I gonNa from getting on what they Disclaims Jackson you get on the wikipedia page for music of Indiana. They start off with John. Cougar Mellencamp and then com Michael Jackson would as racism. Were terrible usage of our power as whites. This is a waste of our time. It's too those are the two out. Thanks to talk my. Gosh you're talking Jackson Cougar. Mellencamp let's take a pause real quick John Cougar. Mellencamp is a hell of a fucking May. How old are was dollars? Lake? I'd like others last night was just cougar. Mellencamp may be some Russian John J mellencamp previously known as Johnny Koga Comma John Cougar. He's a little older. My Father Citrus Establishment at finally. John Cougar Mellencamp. You talk about the cashes clay to Ali. Johnny Cougar. The John Cougar Mellencamp. He was like it's good. He's I can make it better. Not Look at somebody. He couples on letting no he say he probably got to do to be in front of might hurt so good. Come on our K. In the USA might never see that don't thrill matching just in the middle of Thriller. Might WanNa going off to come. What do you think John? Cougar Mellencamp net worth is. If he's ahead of Jackson making big bucks. I've been around a minute. Let's say seventy five million dollars twenty five which in Indiana is trillions of dollars looking. Always gotta go. Somebody like a political and controversial may say not a bad guy. I think he is. It interim one Mellon camps at that orphanage unfiled like Bach. Forget Mellencamp was critical of Ronald Reagan in the nineteen eighties and wrote some scathing lyrics. That horse enough on Drugs. Nora and his nineteen eighty nine Song Country Gentlemen. He ain't gonNA help no children. He ain't gonNA help no women. He's just GonNa help his rich friends. Bars got a journal regular so sick he died. He can believers Let's see performed for the wounded troops. The number one by not respecting the truth. Direct his two thousand seven album Freedom's Road Mellencamp included a hidden track called Rodeo. Cloudy he took Wayne's book wow The Georgia Bush. Because he was he was With a direct reference to George W Bush is naming. Names me find out cougs the father of a Modern Music Mellencamp in Oh eight Told John McCain to stop using his old US hot air man can't use that performed for Obama Andy also in the same election Performed for Clinton neither candidate is liberal as I would prefer but I'm happy to contribute what I can middleman johnny as long as blue. I'm saying yeah I'm in the performed it Obama's inauguration. I think I think he's a boy. Malcolm supported Mike Bloomberg Twenty twenty techs game from Whiskas Me Mellencamp Michael Bloomberg is going up against some starch competition. Can we count on your support? It done so well until this year. What happened to those story that stop threes? Turn it up those pants nominee every single champs on you know he's got five thousand songs not enough all man just Bush to tighten John's CEO. John Cougar Shop. Pull up before John. Coltrane John Cougar's not even his real name. That's what I say you end up behind Michael Jackson the John Coltrane boy. Oh Boy Jack and Diane plus on at I mean it is a fucking diddy of traffic hanger pink houses. I did not know hurt so good was make sense but I do know you can tell me with Spring staying. He can tell me staying. Wouldn't be IRA. Ck In the USA Baggers on Baggers. I can't wait to George will reprise like you don't understand. He said all of endangered of a forest fire Indiana. Everybody hates him. I might. We should a baked To See who else like I get very bigger than cougs. He gives Hoagy Carmichael. The host Milwaukee boy become Philip. Hoagy Carmichael is name so much. Oh I'm really taken actual guests you think Hoagy Carmichael 's name is his birth name. Yes Oh boy. Hogging old car might with a dangerously. Close Hoagie sandwiches probably saw that. He had to come from somewhere. I spit it out hoaglund Howard Hogan if you ever GonNa make it in this business hoaglund. Something more familiar. The People Phil Hogan is to to formal still any face hoagy carmichael what he looked like because I know he looked exactly like a hoagie calm. The hoagie is it's Ted Williams. I'm somebody this weekend. It was just one of those first I can't believe money name. You did like similar Hoaglund but I wrote it down outside. There's nothing similar to Oakland called Michael. This so Liu and I heard you been seeing a guy from the neighborhood. What's his name probably? Never Hoaglund you. Don't you probably know? Now wait a minute. Here's something else that on more more hoax out now. I can't possibly do more. Hoke ocht never again talking whole deal. Hoagy Carmichael New Year new you when back some me time this year. Pamper yourself order door dash so you can focus on you. We talk about it far too. 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Our listeners can get five dollars off their first order of fifteen bucks or more when you download the door. Dash APP enter code mix. That's five dollars off your first order when you download the door DASH APP in the APP store and Enter Code M I C K S. Don't forget goad mix for five dollars off your first order with door dash. What were you going to say at five dollars on? If you put Promo Code Hoagland me thirty one bucks for use Promo Code Hogan now you're saying talking about who the girl was dating. Remind me on Friday. Barsha CHICAGO LAB radio from a Bar So I get there. I don't know what the hell they did for two hours. They're about to start the second hand and there was this old man there had to be willing to give them seventy two. I think tweeting allow Richard as we came to know his name and he resists given white socks day just the death stare and advise like what like what is going on so he came up and got on the MIC. He was like I don't like that head he's gone. It was a black and silver. Hey look like raiders colored Said but it wasn't a raiders at work Who hates the raiders? Have it's the raiders callers? Back in nineteen seventy two me and my old lady just finished doing business in the phone rings on the other end. Kenny Stabler Kenny stabilize. Fucking my bitch. Like Damn Ritchie aired by. How did you know was Kennedy St Louis? Did you hunt at the snake again? So he he pulled out pictures on his follow him with our back had many more pictures with many more old people none of us knew they were and even after explaining he still just by pointing at White Socks Day. He's like you see a Togoland H. G. Call fucking my Bush. The same bitch. No different bitch. No no different in furious stabler. I blame them. Because I'm not that I knew a whole bunch Can stay where I'm all in. Though it all takes could be calling. He's like midnight where we were really not an Oakland yes. There were several hours behind so richest great grasp on times. All Beheira will grasp is relationship. Yeah I'd probably the most random name he could have said Hogan Carmichael say maybe none of us knew who he was gonNA markets outlet. Who who who could do it was Al Davis Note. The Snake Genie Kenny Snake. Stabler Bama's findings. What are they? What an incredible story to share with a live national audience never told us all just barely got showed up. Did he took At the bar six years ago he showed up again six years later to take another sheet but the thing about the bathroom. There's no door on the toilet stall like you walk in and it's like you see the Toward the first thing you see. Because again they're zeroed or Pratt and then right behind his urinals so if you're in they're trying to make business one everybody in the stock and see too soon as it opened up to the outside. Everybody can see you guys like note. Six years ago to the day this is where Mitt Milady. My Lady I mean that toilet. There are a lot of things that we as humans have to look forward to than all the same thing. We all have our individual crosses to bear as it were this man every six years just on that toilet. I respect that. Respect that tremendously well. That's the Which we a more questions. Until the day that Dimaggio sent roses to Marilyn Monroe's grave every year site to the day day. He showed every six years on year ship in the store today. The some say he died of a broken heart six years a long time to like they could easily install a door within six. He comes back each heart attack. Maybe that's why he is not by go back like every year. That's too much. I need with our see when I walk in a needed to shut. The guys need to be like shocked and pleasantly relieved shocking. Infuriating issuing suggest privacy for such an AD. Kenny State would Jesus Christ. Yeah I would like the raiders much. Either they were like well. Listen you gotTa Admit Snake was Nice. Though he was using credible he dropped the name It was one of those like he was. He's like you know who was Barack Obama. He said the name of big cat was like you gotta understand. All of us were born after. Kennedy's barber like died. So none of like. You didn't get anywhere near the react. You thought you were going to get Richard. You updated. I'm GONNA check them added it was Chubby Checker farting in my lives. Air That you breathe. Unbelievable picks picture and rich Gannon with the helmet on now. They're just plowing riches. It sounds a lot like king snake. Stable who played Ringing phone three times in my life Babe Ruth Josh Gibbs. Fuck my bitch. Yes bish stapler. You never really forget it. A want one tweet. I was reminded of That I don't think we've ever fully spoken about on here. The Day was April thirteenth. Twenty twelve longtime ago. Shrill red specially for a first time all-star twenty twenties them thirteen fourteen thirteen at king. James Follow back. It's Larry Hughes nephew from Saint Louis and Abe RJ. Little cousin and Justin Son. Follow back from at J. Tatum zero. What was the plan? Here are just overwhelmed with that Jersey. In our sweater you had spaghetti writing. That day was your sweater. He's also attached a photo of Hammond. Lebron James riders replies back. Then ring a bell this visual evidence of Maine. You May wearing a Koby all-star Jersey you wearing a sweater d. Remember me if so follow. Bet If not follow back unless discussing the beams now listen. I don't follow either of these people but it's a come to my attention that Lebron James has not followed datum back even still and also Jason. Tatum no longer follows. Lebron James Bore just satellite age. Thirteen year old. Jason Tatum was like plenty of people. Tweet follow back at broad but I actually know. So here's I'm just picking on Broadway. Hit like Larry Hughes. I know that nephew. He's got a lot of nephews. Saint Lawrence J art fucker but ABC guy. All right up torn. Yeah Justin Son. Justin sometimes is good. Sometimes it's bad I respect to me than leaving it up would have been long deleted. Who is me it starts followed and this was back. This was dead ball era tweeting. This was the the one forty character limit. Listen he pushed the boundaries Jason Tatum Campaign for two hundred eighty characters. Way More relatives. All the bridging might know my aunt agnes took to school. One day. Edna was used math teacher. Because it's only makes sense if Lebron knows all of these other say Larry us. Yep No abe course no. It's me Lebron I work with Study familiar with you. Know it comes on Tuesdays Friday. Okay follow if this straight as a twenty six thousand three two thousand lakes. Let's Braunstone like nope. No thank you Dana Dana. Pf T the second follows. Banke blocks them. Just this dominance. Tia have already dumped on you. My teammates of Dongdan. Yeah everyone knows dunk done you now? I'm blocking you just like yes even. Rg Uncle Orgy to blocking. I Jason's not I could see them from anyone. But our uncle tape Larry Youths. And Eleanor. Argentino the Larry Hughes Parts. Maybe the best part I feel like it gets buried by the A. J. Justin Bits Alabama's Larry Hughes nephew. See he arranged me to take this photo with you done. Basically he was writing. I like the Bible. Larry he used nephew layer was the GATT. But Adam and Eve Adam and Eve beget by Jehovah Vet and phyllis any of these names someone tweeted. Ibm So this characters. On game of thrones introduce themselves. I just I if my name Lewis. Yeah but that family twice by marriage. Jason J. A. Tar Areas Zero. If if if you're doing your your full check on a player pre-draft you see a tweet like that like you. Just run his hat with like the top twenty five. Mba players like as the over tweeted atom. So I feel like we get plenty of like fuck fuck Kobe. Fuck Lebron like from when guys like twenty thirteen and whatnot. That stuff wouldn't bother me. Where would this rank for for trying to drive so undrafted top three? It's one of the like everybody. Basically Hugh Jackson. Everybody gets one brigades one. If you're bad tweet was A. Maybe you're calling for the burning down of a mosque. I say maybe tweeting. Lebron James Volley back. Everybody it's one anything after that. That's when you Jackson's gotTa step in the hatch. You Action Jackson Hugh Jackson NBA Draft Consultants Listen. He he ate the the tour with a knife and four. Everybody is one. I feel like this to me. Show someone WHO's Basketball to game communication tyler. You've gotta be able to real quick call out screens defensive. Assignments relay plays from the bench. It's a hectic games especially in crunch time this to me show someone who a in the confines of one hundred and forty actors can give you an entire family tree without much pictures. Take what like six eight characters back then to offer like more like bit dot Then world to sixteen. Yeah Photo Book using photo. I get the news cook. We search his name several different pictures of Broken Chris. I think it makes even funnier. Lebron known driving like the world's best memory right so he says August. Rj's nephew Brom. Replies baggies your great uncle by marriage technically he's married to aunt. Phyllis Phyllis as the blood relative. I'm still volley and met on July seventeenth. Nineteen seventy four. It was a Balmy Balmy Day Dayton. Still going on our day beget a what else. Exci- Feldstein uptick viewership good. I'm not I'm still wasn't ready to jump back into football yet. I see why they kept it going but I needed needed a break from football but I enjoyed all the things I had been seen except for pepper John Environment for one game at Israel as a cutthroat league. I see Danube's of millionaire now Well I think is Jessie Vere debt. After let's not news everything. He promised away he's upland in the whole but can you do that was An interesting week you guys. Guys and girls in his life turns around. Wow who could have seen that coming a message with my five years ago. I was trying to follow back forever. He just wouldn't listen Dana. Lebron James Barat. We've made a comparison often as Dana. Lebron James Well next time it comes on the show which I don't know when that's going to be a big timing us before when he was at the bottom of the barrel so I can't imagine any rush to get back on air anytime so come on anytime invoice. You guys. We could not get out. He's like I'll buy your paltry little program is. I'm sorry I shouldn't say that you guys have been nothing but good because of the first people to allow me to do. God's at Ano- man. I can't wait to Davis and deputy beer hall of fame into custody. You graduates dabbing tier after a two year from our eyes at lawnmower hats you guys are the real MVP yeah. I don't much care for walk. The line trying to claim data. Only when he's when he's on top. I still won't clam right now. That's that's how I feel about Dana so awesome. It's a chip on. His shoulder. Makes them work correct So Yeah Brandon's the walk the Line Gas Syndicate which is really just Replacing me new Brent Walker The rest of the shows the same Yeah it's It's ugly it. What the man have his moment thought about about you. Correct right or wrong. This time it just happened to land Double Zero. He's already promised fifteen thousand a Bloomberg campaign of her takes. Mellon gap was like trust me. It's the winning ticket. Perhaps get listed on early train. Then I'll finances entire presidency. You don't have to make that promise that promise. I didn't say it I'd say that's right. I'll hammer spike there. My Dick's no-one no-one at all Dana. Yeah I wonder if I could hit myself with a car. What was that? You can't do it. You called me a Pussy. An eighteen world truck right over himself a single reality again. He's GonNa Legacies. He asks to get married right formality at once. They went through dual tables together. That felt like an official ceremony at least in Buffalo Standards on content. She said to ask us for his hand mirror designed she's going to be part of the part of the families. You're going to be party family yet. Maybe we just have Garrett the program just cut DNB APP. That'd be a much much better conversation. You guys can drink as many beers but I feel like Dana. I mean he's he's got things to say. There's no arguing that absolutely whether I did think a lot of this week was the I can't even call unreleased because we released it. Mush Dana. Podcast. There's going to be like man. Omai because every of the early sessions Michael Jackson imprint. When a group together what now they cut a couldn't eat peas like four song. Here they put on John. Cougar Mellencamp South. It was kind of a cold. Glass Cabin Carmichael lab playing the hits executive produced by holding eighty. Michael Hogan couldn't make my stand. What a what an ass over. That parent was names. Haw What do you think we're never going to hear again? Hoagland our whole now. I bet there is some about. There's some hoaglund still kicking around. I think he's gotta be aid off man in spelled that way HD Like I don't know I don't know about ever again because I would have liked Hitler's still relatively recent. So two hundred years might not but also people keep randomly bringing them up. Was the baseball coach or something. It you see. The soccer coach does brought him. Up was gonna find this story then. They asked him something he was like. Listen there's no doubt about it. Adolf Hitler was the Best I've ever let go is a college football go there. We go pretty quick type in the Hitler and coach not too. Many coach headline a football coach was suspended after he said he'd have dinner with Adolf Hitler. Listen let's skip you know. I don't agree with the Holocaust absolutely. But how Impreza Nazi dictator's leadership in an interview with College newspaper in the Mo and most of the Cuban. A Burger Discusses Coaching background in love with football. But then the student editor asked him which were historical figures. He'd like to have dinner with Burger. Chosen controversal is probably not going to get a a good review. But I'm going to say Adolf Hitler. It was obviously very sad. He had bad motives but the way he was able to leave with second to none how he rallied a group in filing. I WanNa know how you did that bad intentions. Of course but you can't deny was a great leader. The way he was able to get people to rally around him was crazy. The student journalists reply the Patriots of nineteen year old. That was Craz- no absolutely sick. Answer okay you got room for to Hitler and Osama bin Laden as tall as give Meryl Streep Hitler learned Streep Back at it again. Nobody's you talk about spinning a yarn of Hitler he had is on the edge of our seats. Even if you'd like first of all it that is the most like Freshman Year of college. Take a have. It's just like man. You WanNa talk about great orators. You you talk Dolf. No listen I gotTA seventy eight nine history one. I feel like I'm very qualified to speak on. That guy. Could rally the troops if you know what I mean. Perfect for some was him. Hitler John F. Kennedy and Christopher Columbus. Kennedy's just like I. I'd like to leave so so while for. What are you talking about a standard question? The softest ball by one old president one old musician one football goes softball. Ooh Eze Mussalini. Judy Chris you talk about turning your back on your friends. Jus I mean there's something to do something special a gosh. That's really just just the guy to kill. Jesus that's really want to get a beer with this is a. We'll get back to this. Someone tweeted yesterday Ten Day campaign which it so one point. Five million dollars in merchandise promotion was impromptu. One hundred percent organic and led by a previously unknown talent at data bait as disrespectful. Data's unknown I went on mix tape and got paraded several. Usually when he's right he's right. He brought those brations upon himself. Oh absolutely also give credit he when he when he shipped his lady back home he did you see video no very five hours ago. He's a time to get her honor flight on Standard Selfie video altruism. Having a grand old time. He's drinking a beer sure Long video it's about a minute. The only person who can who can remove a piece of luggage from a room big daddy. Trent gets her out of there. Move Now L. G. Train ending tread at he's is is new Major League Baseball on by like you. Don't get ejected anymore. Truck comes out and just wheels your luggage out dead pulls the collar on your shirt up like the handle. The tension of forty five degree angle. Enrolls you're listening. He put the shoulders up on your on your oversized suit like Kristen. Lead law like bugsy from Fresno looney tunes those Paula poundstone. The best. One I saw was looked like Tom when Tom and Jerry was about to go on a date. Tom and Jerry by the way. They just celebrated like an eightieth anniversary. That sounds right. That'd be kicking and that's insane but slowing at the right year. Here they still go on. It's not anniversary of the they still going away. Well a debuted eighty years ago. Today this was eight days ago. So can we add this Cartoon cat-and-mouse Fighting Razor Handle Light Racism as one of like. Yes they they may still make new episodes for. Boomerang I could see that. I mean he wouldn't go on no date. I know he not rolling also guard or shooting. Anybody anymore gotta be terrible. You talk about onsite scratchy. Never Tom Trial. He's called his cousin and I was like I gotTa help me this mouses as a huge baffling me and they wouldn't succeed not a bust. The door healthy shoulder. Get the right back out the only really the only bridge. I have two shows that didn't have words like talk like Before the talkies. And it's like I like. I'm sure lights cameras. We'll be rolling over in their grave when they got understand. How people could laugh at Charlie Chaplin? If I can laugh at Tom and Jerry. Elegy fine with it taught chaplain. No I will watch Tom and Jerry like I don't mind. The silent films would always kills like they showed the picture of what's going on in the words. Oh no ono I like. His head was blown off him head as I just saw again. Charlie is bewildered. Look on his face. Is Stupid. Irishman exclamation point exclamation is so into the back of the theater would play an actual piano time. I had a lot of people. Texted me about checkbooks after we talked about. They couldn't believe it. Yeah Yeah now my parents still they also get. I think is the last generation of such. But I know they're absolutely some checkbook balances out there have to be. 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Further proof the quantitative from the table leaves a word and comes back with his family knowing what he does for a living because illiterate. She has no idea she's alone. Since GET UP. How old is she? Oh I would three four. He's a young one twenty four H. Somehow what is the costume party? What why are you wearing that all the time? I just does not have concerned go to break. That information doesn't matter of US basically just talking about things co Alan and. He told his family at a corporate meeting this weekend. Edsa annual retreat. Give me some award. Bosca overtime again like the playoffs so I do. Co. Islanders is just trying to explain to you. Your great uncle which you do for a living I worked for Mr bomber down and I got transferred here from Toronto New in town picture. They're gonNA sit him down like intervention style like five years debt. We figured it out. We know you're in the CIA. He's like Yep yet you figure me out caught me. Yeah we you're surfer. You're talking of working with boards and things like towards it again but my baby girl pats on the head legs Cindy Lou. Who sends her off to bed? Read a store knows anything about that. I don't think a story in bath time in the sun just he just always turns to Uncle Dennis. Furry yes sir. And now in his gives the thumbs up because I okay precisely one bedtime story will be rid courtesy of Mr Balm. I wouldn't be surprised if Gore would would would he thinks the funniest by what's the hardest if if Dave Chapelle the hardest that's ever made you laugh. And who's painfully unfunny me? I'm zero Where do you think why like knot? Standard like joking around quiet just like the hardest. He's ever made someone laugh fifteen scattered because he I decide. We say it would. Just be so unexpected. It even the stuff. When he was talking trash he wouldn't even say funny stuff. It was killing me Boardman. I'm grabbing that too for mangoes. Pay If anybody else said those. That's not funny but just imagining him saying very funny to me. Have you seen the movie airplane? The hole in. Oh yeah not a long time but yeah the smart set. The clip of a Kareem on the plane is like this is quiet talks. Is Kids friends so now we decided we being the Internet. We need an airplane Part two and cohabited has to be right to murder. There's no other if he says no. You scrapped the role. Maybe the movie. Because he's the only person were for. I do thank him doing a movie like airplane. But him thunderstruck like aggressively like. I'm trying to pitch figure out like a character. That would just absolutely sleigh. 'cause it was like Conan O'Brien Pat gnaws what we're talking about writing for. Snl Patterns never done it but they were just talking about it. In general and writing writing for How how much fun can be writing for Athletes? Because if they buy in even just a little bit. It's the funniest thing that can happen. Because they're out of out of their element and they're they're just so like good at what they do that to see them even if they stink at this if they're all in it works room and they were saying like when. Payton does it like he's always all in it always works. They read Ski. Killed it When he did it back in the day joys right so if like Kawhi not even SNL. But just I'm trying to think what character would be like if he did like Kenny powers. Type character outrageous interstates just takes. Danny McBride slain not drop out Pineapple Express to is. I'm I'M NOT GONNA why Leonard Roger Murdock Junior. My father was a pilot Myo Message. You shouldn't treat a popovich like bullshit. I shouldn't I was hurt. Dab It acquired hanging off the bone. You tell your old man to go guard. Way Lebron type of shape humidity. Some of some of boasted just still photos from that back. Game with the Spurs intentionally broke the heat. Ac rather and Broadway look like. They got not only shoved into swimming pools but like held underwater for a good five minutes. Each like those right lightly. Moist JERSEYS I was game one to what it was. I thought it was later in the series. I'll titles like mmediately could be wrong. I one of us is exotic was at the yearly. One or the the Spurs one spurs. Definitely one that year yet. The second year I yeah because I remember that I was like listen I respected. You're trying to get every pain as you can without question. Then he goes out crapping. They lose a game. I'm glad I didn't ultimately end up mattering because I got for enrolled the rest of the Games but if it would have a strategy now that was straight out of our back. That's something I've always. That's it's classic gamesmanship like listen where we're GONNA play in three hundred degree heat. That's important vantage like how bad it's gotTa be gone for Lebron James but I can't take it no more. What a hilarious thing to have to stay. Oh yeah this soaking wet just so my muscles literally falling apart. What's that disease? High School football players can get with their coaches like over. Lift them over. Work them to the point where they literally shot like pissing out their muscles. Heat exhaustion Texas High School Football Jeff. Van Gundy net will that's true. Pf T- brings it up all the time which is very thing to do a ship. That's what it looks like Lebron's on the verge of here is my heart was cramping up. What a move. What an absolute move up. Dan and I remember after game. Think no wherever game. He hit the game winning shot. A CLEVELAND BURST ORLANDO. It was the only time I've ever seen like before they did the post game interview. The broncos like hands on his knees like give me a say like debt level of walked right back. We might win this. If he's woukd after game through might witness that doesn't move. You can save like game. Son is dead yet. We get to do this one time so if he just happened to drink an extra twelve glasses of water before the game. We're bone but if not chance this did you see this Lebron. I haven't read the full stories a paywall. I'm pretty sure but it was like about his diet. You know with fucking ago did very nice store Zach Lowe talking about how much Bam kicks everybody's Ass darrow workouts. I enjoyed it. Lot is from a Tristan Thompson via the athletic is the worst fucking diet ever. He is like five French toast. Drowns it and serve with strawberries and bananas and he has like a four egg Omelette and then he goes just fucking dogs on. Everyone eats desserts with every wheel. He loves sweets. It's crazy I was body just burns it steroids. Now I played all ministries is next level but all those guys are like they need to eat everybody under the table or one of sugar would cause her body to break down. And that's Brady. You got to pick a firm. It was Steve Nasty adequate eating sugar completely was killing at Amari. That's wild man. He just drinking a bag of sugar he goes. I put up thirty eight thirteen. I respect it really. Is You get after. Jordan wasn't a big Diet Guy Stepped in a few beers for the game. That's just boys being boys you frank and I don't know how I don't remember an apparently nobody else did either. The Dump Jordan basically did put his arm in the Rim all. Not Now now now. Eight million fire pictures or more. He's like looking eye level at the rim and then just puts his arm could've left it there but he was like. Nah I guess what thirty eight tomorrow night. So that's why we don't remember it. He didn't get fire was just seeing every single Jordan picture ever posted up like he was saying they would have stuff for the Yeah like the retired players just Jordan highlights in all the legends were gathered around like Manna. Got something else like. I've never seen any like forties fifties NBA players Wnba globetrotters. Everybody's like Jordan other. Fungi do this. That is is After midnight was his birthday yesterday. It's always pretty much going to be right around all star weekend if not directly on the All Star game like it was last year I'll say it. He was good Ohka. The video of him dog from the free throw line and jeans was going around every everything was going around today. But that one's incredible. He's playing one. One someone and just watching Wasi Benjamin. Yes watching him get wherever he when they yelled out the score at one point. John was like once scar and they said nine three are less bad. Look for Jordan. I thought this is GonNa be a twenty-one Skunk see later kid I lack I got three on Jordan. What an athlete. What a Moaner. Put HIM IN. The hall of fame joined by with Nays. I started writing three. Three fifteen binghaman threes. Now just keep it played as a life score games on never really worrying that my golf was far more important than this. Ain't even come at the warm opinions. He's like why bother now shared. Didn't and like everyone else was wearing team sanctioned warm ups and has just as twenty three is on his own Hawaiian. I'll get a couple of these buckets and then I'll sell never talk to you again. Is What what I will do. I'm GONNA finish playing the second half. I begged them. I may have to throw on the ninety two documentary codes really just a Jordan documentary Featuring other players abortion all of the dunk contest did in like wow. It really was just multiple shots at him. Looking down at the rim from various angles. What's the most underrated Underrated I don't mean like got fifty. But in the Pantheon of fifties underrated like no even the judges that day didn't give it a good enough score a couple that came to mind of Jordan or anybody. Anybody 'cause you're right Jordan putting his arm in the hope of like a decade before Vince. Carter did certainly underrated on a couple of years. I got a thing. I think. The Gel Green cupcake one was the one that started getting people to actually look at the replay before they put their vote in. Because I think a lot of people felt bad after they realized they'd put down six sixes for guy just jumped up the now from that. Same One where. He did the sock feet under the legs. Yeah drop stay as people are just like. Yeah so what he could have lost. It all goes wrong and that was it. Put his career on the line for no reason. I think the one where Andrei Madala Iverson threw it off the back of the backward in Ecuador hot and wet underneath the reverse scraped his eye on the bottom of the backboard. -ducted I've I. Now I got terror like a forty two I wanNA say weightless been in town I still believe just miss. The first person in a dunk contest. I've seen truly jumped from behind the free throw line. Not like not like touching it not step in front of it like on the like behind the free throw line however he put down a piece of tape. I duNno seven feet behind. The free messed up. Yeah that ruined his score because that was fainter by Tomahawks and he brought really high. That was one of the more impressive things I've ever seen and I got like thirty two years. He put that Goddamn taped. Yeah Josh pleased but no no you put it. Put it ten feet inside so when you saw past it looks better. He's not going to put it at the half court line what. Jr's the first person who brought a bind his back trying to see what that got for a score. Because I know he didn't make it past the first round but I don't remember what the score was Scored juvenile with the two balls. Just because I remember taking like the width of the board alone on both sides makes it incredible. Yeah like people that jumped at like at the hang time to do it because I don't like the wings Bannon Group of the ball right. Yep surprised more people. I know it's it's hard and it doesn't get rewarded. I feel like Moscow. Jeremy Evans said that one where he dumped onto hoops. Yeah all forgettable dunk contest Blouse one where he liked painted. A Picture Staedtler Fixing the Doug on like that in the wheel wasn't the guy to us was down real bad. I'll take whatever. This is all even if it involves Aaron Gordon Game Shaft after dot contests is entirely dependent on. Just whoever's in it like the wheel was never going to help It's just They tried to make it like a a rookie. Sophomore event for a while there were just like the the younger guys are Super Athletic. Core looking to make a name for themselves. They'll show out they never really showed out It does it does need a certain level of star power. Aaron Gordon's established himself as a doctor. So that's going to help but I mean job mirant ended was like am out if that's how they're going to judge it and it's like that sucks 'cause Jaya Sick Zion will be sick. Zion would just hand it to them like they did Blake Griffin. But he would still show out lead he'd Ernest keep because Blake reference to but they also did just hand it to him read. Unforgotten blake the O'Reilly bogeys at a low cut. Man All this for like I'm watching like BC eighty footage. I've seen him with the curls for so long. Yeah I do forget. Oklahoma Blake Look. Nothing like kearns like yeah like a different person like Taylor. The must've been older brother. I can't remember specific. Don't but I do remember just from the St Francis like just getting basically shut out because it was teaming convince Carter on ABC. She bore some. Somebody had fifth for the twenty seven Yankees. Just be Stevie what's I don't even know how to phrase this. The worst like even thought of or attempted duck ever seen was from that Jazz Smith on when his team mate Chris Byrd. Addison took an hour and a half trying to throw it off the jumbotron heaven. Nate Rav had a while. It's like okay. We have to limit you get seventeen until one more. That's the other part to win. Someone's not out there. Attempting the same thing over and over again could have. What's the most money went year to no one? I feel like now I went past two. Yeah if you I don't know how they would do it but I feel like if you nail a duck on the first try she gets some type of bonus if you you not on the first right. It's a out of forty six which one point from her by. It's fifty one so it's still be somebody can just get all tin dumb right bonus but I do feel like they're just needs to be some kind of if you hit even within the first two times I was just up not But you hit first time. I would hope that we give you some kind of credit. I think the only trouble you'd get into there is if you like. Leave your feet. Does that count as an attempt? Yes if you run at all look at the revenue any way. Because I think what you'd see you see a lot of guys jump up there and then just not drop the ball. Yeah they're just hold onto it and be like not no. I didn't have it and that kind of anticipation over and over again really suck rather guy just because you can still get like oozing odds from a mess of. It's like well. Wait a minute like where. I'm glad I'm glad I'm getting a second. Look now I know what I'm looking for now. I can actually see like a second. I agree second. Attempt isn't always the worst thing Fifth attempt is there's no good fifth atop alright. Alright Levin runs out there and Mrs like three sixty from the free throw line but just off the back and then he hits it on the next one. That's still fifty. I'm not taking points away from that loses. Aaron Gordon just did two handed down a flat order. First Time fifty five even look at it drops to yeah I think off the vert just right under the hoop will never score well just because most people they need the run that build of buildup of anticipation just at a gel green could have been like I'm standing on marbles idiots forty goodrich shoes on Donda at it only like spud where or Neera every effort lights like. Cher rather tall both on the understand. It's still three and a half feet between there in the room with zero. Just gravity's pushing them down right now. They got long. I'm like can't believe they don't dog. Langdale Ohka the overall hours. I was happy with everything. Bam on the skills contest Yeganeh. They need A. They need to do something with that. I feel like the cottages use it as a placeholder for the first twenty minutes that are that are actually at the head to head. I don't think like you get a shot every once in a while like sheriff someone like knocks the ball. I duNno I duNno. I feel like it used to be better when it was just like against the clock like just one guy and they had to do like it was just a much longer obstacle course. This one's not really stout and back really can't do that in I would. Let's go bare involved. It can be totally different the dunk contest. We just WANNA see the block contests be NBA players trying to get the youtube guys. It's like okay you can do it in the open gym It looks like when miles turn face. Embiid verse Go Bear in like a. They put just like a hundred little kids on the court. Just see how unlike unlimited basketball's like how many blocks total and five minutes. Just that'd be. I could watch all short people all day all day. It's so funny. It's another kid. Start like comes timmy. Ultimate Warrior Yeah. I donate that I still think horse deserves. Another shot is one of those things. Where if you anything you could get them to care about right in. Nba players kicked like when they used to do the old. They have like an old player. A- current player. Wbz player after one more hit house. I would watch a half court contests does I just three was it was just. Yeah just W old player current player. I didn't hear that Mike like you're I admit that can't be the headliner of course but it's like okay. Yeah people love shooting half court shots. People love playing horse. We can do something with it. Yeah I did like that because it was also. I don't think there were were there. Multiple rounds or was it just fast as one and then they moved moved on. I will feel like fastest and moved on but he added might be. It might have been a final two. Yeah because there was there was even a little bit strategy on that too. Like if you're old guy just like Akeem. Yeah you're not shooting the three pal you can you can knowing the free throw. You'll pass it. Onto D Cooper shed three and then. James has the half court. Yeah especially if you get like the hawks now with the dream and just trey trey from half court. Oh yeah might back. Nuclear three quarters of course games. I have court no probably thought this was an event hit that the actual game you understand. Basha said Lillard dollar. You know it never happened. Gay Pat was text me. He was like damn debut is really wrapping. I was like Oh. He's been doing this for several years. I wish I was only just finding out about this. Like you. Respect Guy Listen. You can't stop me. I think he hurt himself just test. I pulled my own growing off the bones if knock me out of the performance count myself out now. Dame Mayfield February seventeenth eleven thirty two. I am I do not take offense to not making the PF top one hundred players. Many of those guys are not better at football than me and they damn sure can't lead men to engineer confidence. Work Ethic Honey Badger. He's not wrong. It might be a hundred players better. He's he's easily top. Twenty five hundred. I'd be hard pressed to find a hundred better fifty on each team. You understand better players does strain. He's he's a bottom three players. One of them you may I. I don't I don't think he did as a hundred so I agree. He's also someone who actually has been counted out so by Winston by institutions so when confronted means a little more the bake man why why wasn't number one what the haters want. I have no qualms with honey badger saying his work ethic and all that I mean the guy who Houston guy. Read it like. He's just been for like three years. Now we're all set Which I I disagree with that for sure I pro- that's good for him. They cooked cooked. I think he's on the should two maybe three delegates short deal and it's I can't wait to see what goes wrong. He gets cut from this one by justice how he gets cut from this side with the seahawks. I was like wow you got. Both of his legs made second team all problems. I it's something else. Yeah I thought at least go. Chiefs defense was two different units. Second half the first after. They're they're looking at the totality of the whole year. Obviously the whole defense isn't his fault but if the looking at the entire year I could but I also didn't realize the made all pro which certainly would negate part of that point gets taken before even on the Albro team brick earn your ad to your community even other good like a Repeaters and Mandarin Honey Badger got. His argument is of the best of the first team. Dvd's this yeah. Those three DB manage Adams and Mika a safety thing trae wider corner so just of the. Db's we'll take him. I three I think free. I Love Honey Badger. I think Humphry special. What's your beef with him? We got nothing. Mike right after statehood. Honey badgers like man. You know what I would like if the guy on the other side of me was also on this first team lists like Marlon Humphrey for sure. Yet how great we've awoken the the whiskers Humphry Beef. We didn't know needed. I just keep using random Alabama players. Yeah you like Julio's on his on the out. Some I got some new blood on stabler though so I got five Riley. You're extending the olive branch. It's really a a handle. Some of a rose and you prick their finger yet again. He also made the first team as defensive. Beck Second Team. The safety which still is bizarre. Marcus Peters second team cornerback. First team defensive back what did he think? A cornerback is I blessed. By what part of the they just throw in. Shit what did they? What whispers in Goodell's me? He's like those are the same. Oh man this is chaos. That also makes me think that that's exactly what happened at all. Pro Voters really only cared about the second half of the year. And we're gonNA everything because I know That was his name was burnt toast. Nah until he got shipped to Baltimore. Peter's yeah was so yes. So what are we talking about here all pro and also like I was? I look at it. I don't know which ones if there's AP VFW N. Sports Nation TJ To J. Watt First team did you away. I seen for P. O. W. S. N. FOR LAB BECKER BUT SECOND TEAM Scoring for a sporting very relevant publication. Join each other absolutely should absolutely Making these calls. We'll see another lake. Shack bear made Second Team. And that's got to be a first half of the season thing right like got thirteen and a half sacks six games. He finished with thirteen somehow. They took one away. They I know I know. Pf had Richard Sherman twelfth overall for all players in the NFL of like from this year. Yeah team all pro. Cornerback didn't even make defensive backs. I wonder about us why what was already doing out. There is even here Bro. Ravers was like I we. I wouldn't vote him for either guys playing zone. I would like imagine if they just had three different all be teams Lebron. He made first team for the. Ap Basketball Reference Saint Sporting News. Thirteen what happens for the contract was It'd be like if if when we ours. They got reported may say what you will but whiskers booker first team. So it's on the resume forever. Get extra fifty million dollars. I I'd be Selamat to anyone who wanted Aron Baynes. With his third straight first team handing a large burlap sack with a dollar sign on it to coordinate. Both Grinning Tyler. Ulis would still be starting because it's like well this guy keeps making first team all whiskers what what a way to do clearly. We'll give them supervise four years to forty at sleep literal. Cheapest we could get them for. We couldn't get him for a penny less the the books can we do. We gotta keep us the Janas a bargain because we've stacked all ours with Kentucky and I've got jaylen Brown it at at least two positions marcus. Smart at all five. I mean listen. Ep of can do it at defensive. End and defensive tackle WANNA sign so. They're still very high on Aaron Donald Do. I don't remember the full Lisp. I remember them being like if this was just a guy who didn't have the last five now six six twenty fourteen year. Six just finished you six and they were like if he didn't if this player that we just showed you a stats and you watch them on the field and you had no prior knowledge of what he did the other for years. You'd still say that guys the best in the league just because it's stats didn't and I was like. Yeah now that's correct. Yeah that's more than okay. With this line of logic. He also made all three of the team of first team like even AP Okay I think we agree. This guy is a good thing. They didn't even consider anyone else. Yes in the is either. I don't think it's a big enough deal that the Kelsey brothers to first team all pro members of their same team who were completely different human beings. Y You the MAHONING clubs of mates to it. Yeah I mean genetically because chaos Bomani or somebody platinum pops taking them to two separate barbershops growing Jason's like yeah. I mean super clips. It's fine a rosewood. Ever I know a guy forty five minutes out of town custom best famous city very different neighborhood. That has there's like Stays out of trouble? Draft Cleveland for a haircut. It's almost like some sort of lab experiment. How the NFL players? But if if it weren't for the names now to have any clue you're related not a chance not is that even lake a man different levels boy all the grotto boys party right as I know. His Achilles field and stream tribal scales. Use a dance on the did you did you know Michael Vick. Tedy Bruschi were biological. Yeah you say Richard Sherman car cousins Kirk. Cousins is two minutes older. He's still buzzes balls. But yeah that's that's the Kelsey brothers both are just racking all Perot's in it's because they're so different I feel like that's one of the underutilized things like I could hear more about this. I don't need to hear anymore about a basketball player turned tied in. I need to hear more and more at how decay arrays in the same household. I think again. I uh studied to see some genetics are. They've met de both just racking up first teens. Both just winning championships like their parents would be lauded forever or shamed for not even introducing these boys until they were at eighteen nineteen. Jason played hockey in highschool brother. Travis played basketball. No that must be every. These named incorrectly travis seems like the Jason. I could see the low post. Yeah who is currently being relationship with the Internet celebrity? I'm sure Jason Kills Easy like married. The first woman he met in First Grade Has Never seen a tick tock in his life now he absolutely has. He's named familiar with the popular. Dance at Tick Tock by cash for me with both jurors in the is. It's the only way I can tell. They're in somewhat related at all after that Travis. Put a big kiss on Jason Jason. Do that stuff. He's got a beard images Glenn on the same college see. I still don't buy yeah. They've got a they. It's the brow the similar just that streetline brow. Yeah like a forties. But honestly Jason's got like the better cut right here. Let Travis gets cut every two hours on the hour's gas. Just let us go hockey ga third brothers just now. He's all pro quarterback Patrick Mahomes. A third kills brother. Lamar Lamar Jackson same. How a Shaker Heights? Fine author of now I think the most unlike would it'd be bow Russell Wilson in who'd anybody dubbed like those kind of like he's right perfectly in the middle of the trip. You've been on this but Roy Wilson and Colin Kaepernick fraternal twins. Quite as as camp and usually one brother is really good when stains out of they both get it right. I mean the Watts Casino Tj. I thought it was not yet. I'm I still haven't corrected. I feel like we're starting to see both brothers being good now or at least the drought so severe. We've and then it's like they weren't like J. Die For TJ to make first team. Yeah but they're both still good. Jj was still alive. And I still would have been consideration for one of the teams. I feel like that's something we wouldn't even see like one of his before just old No chance they both it. Let's just pour all our love to a Blake Taylor who figured out he's next year. It's exactly what happens. Kelsey family some reason was like maybe we're gonNA love a support. Our kids the saying which I think is good. Yeah I wouldn't be may still got the third brother to the Bronx for the chargers are. Yeah no all pros. Yeah Anita C. Three three all protons into the world your body genetics study. I feel like the The Fuller's got I dunno if Kendall's ever made melt pro. He's really good. I don't know if he's a reminder per I know. Kyle has now. He's just one again. That's the normally the gap we see guys all pro other breath. He's pretty good. Yeah the Edmonds Tremaine into rail. They're both going. Who of this? The cousins all the time cousins doesn't count like cousins. It's like like I think it's Jalen. Brown Stefan Gilmore Shaolin Brown in one of the corners are actual cousins buddy from Texans now plays for. Aj boy their cousins to know that there was a third edmund brother what the fire everybody plays for the steelers to a RIMAC. Yeah who's of some other brothers? Both a man's hall of fame but one was still clearly better. Everyone knows I was topped. Oh yeah it's crazy thinking a lot of these guys played at the same time David. Derek Carr like what does that age gap drafted Oakland one. Oh to go to find out. They're really falling sign. Troy aikman would have slandered him already. They're twelve years apart was doing account. That's all high school career their whole school career it's an entire literal decade Seventy nine in ninety one. Those guys born three decades apart older brother just being Kenny. The snake stable. This is the one of the ones out in Seattle check and also check driven the S. They're both solid. Our you talk about hall of fame. Genetics John Bones. Jones Arthur Jones knows another mama showing up talking to superbowl champion. Defensive Linemen and maybe the best fighter that's ever graced the planet Cham- boss Bailey gets the level of difference. I'm used to ASK THEM AT FIRST TEAM. All pro boss. No boss Pretty Good Samples Right Ronda. Tiki. I guess they started to break. Yeah they were pretty close and wildly different positions phlegmatic Martellus but they feel like similar talent. Both those guys like another pretty good out of court. Forget though. Jesus Christ you bear fucking horrifying grateful. Bob Lose to. That's right. Aaron Aaron and I feel like Aaron and Jordi Rogers type of gap. I'm used to just massive as I mean those guys onto brothers this Carson. George Rogge that that's the level of Gabon. Used to Cam Newton and his brother also goes to a college wins the championship by himself. What the fuck by what you stated Lincoln College and just ran up. The I'm expecting to his brother to stink like him being good in shock me now like him be bad which shocked me there for like the flip. The switch flip. I'm not ready to commit yet. I'm just not I may be too good but in the same sense like I'm taking a case by case I think two is GonNa Stink. Despite the fact that I've never even seen him a helmet on let alone at throw passed by. Lamelo is going to be solid a Jila now. There'll still be one who just because you have three. If if you're feel like a lot of these guys will see like the The blades family. That used to run through Miami and all the NFL being Brian. It's like are. They all didn't turn into pro bowlers at the next level but it was like. Yeah I'll I'll keep taking a shot on this family. But not all of them are going to work. I think certain family matthews the Macoris mcchord Vernon violates. Both those guys are pretty. Good the Someone I feel like a couple times a year will hear like they've got a brother in college still. He's really the best one. I had no idea. Joe flacco at a brother pointy. Nfl Player. Mike FLACCO Talladega. Where's what does he do? He played in the NFL quarterback. No some sort of tighten. Okay also plays a minor league baseball. Apparently so the hell is GonNa be to flacco now. What were the? What were the Jones brother running backs Thomasson Nama Sin? Julius Julius. They felt pretty pretty close ethic. Thomas ended up having a better career but those definitely stretched there where they were close. Tom's commitment bitter career because it was Julius Jones admitted to smoking cigarettes before Games. One of the more stunning facts ever read about it already. Nfl Player at all. This wasn't even like nineteen seventies like everyone was on it now. This was very much like mid two thousand. Every time you hear the national anthem near the lighter sport in you know like Oh eight way. She was Jones's the boys get into a Virginia. Slims of the Khalil's a Ryan. Med kendricks might go. Eric Hendricks I didn't know Sammy. Watkins Jaylen Watkins. I do not know that was semi while his brother Give Them. A shot came in seasonal moon. The lawyer Chris Kyle Long those fail pretty. Even it's one of those like other both pretty get better vernon invented verney. Bad Save is I don't know has starts. Vodka was dominant team left to right the mccown over But either both racking up up maybe often of linemen was Dav of lemon. It was lying third bose's than they can do like learn from each other for each other around. Were if someone had just lined up for the garage that they would add worried near the true fronts. Because more I can't believe Desmond Marcus But in the editor but as Sterling Shannon's jar look very strong early. Got Hurt as we can't both be on all two words carefully. We haven't seen like like twin receivers. You can't both of them want the Baltimore stuck out as the one position like. Nah He's all right but I was. He saw me open Philis. We'd like we see enough enough Belushi in basketball and mcchord as can do it secondary like imagine if you if if Julie that just had a brother break brees is going on both sides. is odd is a lot is on on both like the. Moore's twins Or as twins also. There was a stretch. There were only one could be good at a time and now they've kind of they both figured it out of the universe kind of flattening out reward. Nba superstar brothers. Does anyone have anyone coming. Alonzo's got lamelo but brawny. Bryce I mean if one of these avocado brothers get it together. Yup every time I blanked says Costas and they got six small. There is one high school right now. Killing perseus assault brothers like Lopez brothers. Both those guys in fine. Wong's better than other put both fire Lopez. Twins are another one where it was like. Only one could be really good at. It's mostly Robin Brooke kept inert. Then he figured it out Amazingly Zoning Guan still mind you wrote Basically the same Guy Nineteen plumlee. It's no one's gonNA brother coming Boogies brotherly played ran. Brother play also felt like maybe those guys would have made it with a man. I mean I could get up at four in the morning. The bus my house or you know what I mean Kevin. Durant still my brother. I get some shots. Early not really want to drive this Ebola. The burn outs through the Miami. I'm really now. I'm just picturing like yoke as like a bigger even fatter brother. We'd all now about needs comes over. Starts giving work? I think he's got to. He's like he's like the small one. He's like the the baby boy because their boat like his biggest Yoka gears he doesn't look like Like issue. Pm Murder His brothers. They got that look. It's a good I mean there's an all like the best possible. I'm trying to find a good picture out while the first one that pops up is Nicola brother arrested for allegedly choking woman Boy But yeah these I large human beings anti yet the ink and stuff. He's like the tallest one but he's still by. I'm sure the absolutely still like conscious daily. Oh Yeah Fuck you. I just don't see it. You talk about something meets nothing in the Oak Households. First team. Nothing give me another beer. I Okay Did you see him coaching the NBA cares game. That was called. I had a different something along those lines. Yeah Nas I saw the clip going around. I didn't see. Would he actually did it was it was just him as coach and he was Jerry. Tarquini yelling at the coaches box. Alpar yes I I can imagine he was. He was yelling a lot but it was. It was almost as good as don. Al As plano more taking it easy good weekend the strong weekend of I gotTa shut out the NBA Rpa. Of course who made it possible and let me in advance and somehow let me be close to other Allah famous after what happened in ninety seven last. Got What New Jersey back in our. I still be banned. The now they've they've made some good strides in helping you prepare your relationship. Hopefully maybe Cleveland Lake Avenue in Iverson closed-door just monitoring motto. We need a little bit more time. Just looking okay. Oh it's indie net. Cleveland the are after we open more time. Maybe some mellencamp will Would calm you boys down. We could get this group. Texas like enough of this voice in this right now as that Bloomberg twenty twenty. Heard you guys beef Michael Bloomberg. Can we count on Your Book Mel Gab? Why are you arresting out? I listen you see how bad his pants are. Some he's gotTa Tech Mac. Eleven wasn't a bedbug. Tommy Gun is just actually will lose evert. Those all died. I can't be surprised but I wouldn't be shocked right. Yeah finding out so I was named. Hoglund is certainly more shocking than that. Not a stunning stunning nine months. Nine months awaiting the HOGLUND now. I think we oakland excuse me now. That was his brother that also a second team all gone and Hoaglund a combat. Or whatever. Go My hoglund's Hoaglund. Neither of them are much worse than Benedict's cold. That's the name me. The Brits. Keep churning out. That explains this one man. Prince William of like enough my wife but I hate the name Benedict I'm out all MOCATTA quits. They've got enough. They added all this free money. We have to shape all these other principalities hands and whatnot. No thank you. I'm tough life. A lot of people out there really struggling the Duke of Wellington. Or the fuck. They do purchase of York annot she dead. So someone Tonight keep them in your thoughts and also your prayers recipes. Tom Yes recipes Boorda yes resumes bow. Yes recipes nipsy. Tmc recipes aiden. Yes rest and based Kobe recipes. Also shutout million dollars where the game somehow procuring Track for Koby before anyone else. Okay those Wassall. It was out. I didn't I haven't heard it and I didn't know who procured but yes. Yeah I don't know how you talk about scoop city. Ns got posted like real late. Saturday night maybe Friday night and it was just like all those things like I I saw. What do you mean? What does this series of words even mean just goes roads? Like that's how I got the scoop. Here's the lyrics may have all the times. I scratched out a Gillian wrote shack into making. Just the I recognize all of these words and some of them even together By themselves but I am this complete order Say a shoutout them. Helluva SCOOP GREAT. Kids will call on the bees caucus reflected lower Please also thank you No picks up until the Games are back. Which should make sense to people might not will say I still a couple of laws of games being played trae. Young's warming up. He hits over three. That's plus two fifty. But but John Collins grabs three of these rebounds qazis lights that Dave and I liked it sometimes these games. He's I tyler you know what I wanted to make fun of it. But I'm going to take it next day yells at me. I hope to excite never comes back. He just yells at me for share forgets. That's a show not doubt my mind. What do you mean we used to do every day? That doesn't sound right. I'm so busy. Championship Lebron seem on Koa got finals. Mvp Zion Snub. I it feels like the rookie sophomore game. And maybe we do another thirty minutes here. Who knows the rookie? Sophomore game deserves better than Friday that might should just be the dump contest and three point intro like if you do all those one night. I know they'd never give up a third night but academia to feel like boy we just have to the people want to. It's like Oh yeah. I won't miss this Saturday Sunday. Or Why is it? Just put it on right before the All Star game even on Sunday the rising stars. Yeah. I'm fine with it so rare that you make any first year in the play a ewbal play nine games and was also trained. Don-shik who both barely platen in the all-star game but it's like that happened so rarely as it is. Someone's in both so yeah. I don't I don't know I think it's it's interesting. I just think it. It's too much talent in that game for just be like Friday night. People aren't even really paying attention yet. And the celebrity games right before it or after it one of the maybe after it. Good bye it deserves better than paired with that like USA versus world like keep training talent. So I agree. It should like you'd have to add something to it more None of you need to be your Friday to put the same day as Lib. That's disrespectful right. We'll see you guys Thursday.

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