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In. New York Mark Simone on W.. Rally to get you today. Apparently president trump has to resign the big. Breaking News on ABC this morning we'll we'll. We'll get to all of that I. Hear Somebody talking in the background there. Somebody's got their MICA but get to. That will get to Mayor de Blasio the biggest Moron Mayor in history I think he now realizes he's made some huge blunders. Some ridiculous mistake so now he's trying to backtrack. We'll get to that. We'll get to GALENA Maxwell. That was quite a bail hearing yesterday the back and forth that went on there. We'll get to all of that so Listen this trump derangement syndrome. It's very serious disease it similar to Corona virus in that. Even the great medical experts don't completely understand it. I could understand if you just hate this guy Before he got into politics. was that way here in New York? A lot of people love them. They got a kick out of he was Funny Entertaining. The other people just were repulsed by the guy. I can understand that, but ever since he ran one. This trump derangement syndrome has turned otherwise. Normal smart people into complete lunatics again I I I understand the hatred. If you just hate this guy or you hate his policies or you? Don't like the way does this. That's fine, but they go insane and they make these crazy statements. I remember when he got elected a columnist who? I used to think it was a smart guy sends me. This ridiculous column headline was trump is not a donald trump is not a leader. And then the guy called me and I. You know he has run a company. This forty thousand employees these run this for thirty years. I think that qualifies you some kind of leader. He's not a leader in the so you've got this Mary trump today. This is this crazy relative I think. Donald Trump has met her for a total of maybe four minutes in his entire life. I don't think she was. She was not even able to come up with a picture of them together. Anyway, she as he just hates the she's from a little part of the family got cut off from the rest of the family. Remember. Obama had a brother who wrote bad stuff about Obama member Jackie Kennedy Jackie Onassis had some distant relative i. don't think even ever met her. There used to write those awful books about her. These get one of these so this. Mary! Trump who knows nothing about donald trump has spent a total of forty seconds. with them in their entire life the startling revelations in the book. The pig one with the SAT's. He paid somebody. To take his sat tests for him. It was Joe. Shapiro we went to Wharton with or whoever she pointed the guy well, the guy's dead I think that's what she that guy. The guy's widow came out. He'd never even met Donald Trump at that point, he didn't meet him till way after that, so the big revelations at total light. She tried to today saying well. It's not that it's other guy with the same name I mean this ridiculous book. So if you're if you're a TV network ABC NBC used to legitimate news coverage now any Wacko who can say anything, this is the trump derangement syndrome well put. We'll put her on the air. So this Mary trump who never even met Donald Trump? Who's got a no insight nothing. The big startling revelations have already proved false, but. It's ABC, so the George Stephanopoulos a little me. Weasel George Stephanopoulos puts her on. Good morning, America this morning. This is this. Typical. Of leading this country. And it's dangerous to allow him to do so based on. What you see now or what you saw that based on what I've seen. My, entire adult life right now you see. This is what A. Little Weasel Stephanopolous. He's incapable of leading this country. Normal person would say well, he you know. He has been president for four years. In fact, he settled kinds of records in the economy and country seems fine. I know some people don't like them, but it incapable. He must be stopped now. He's already been the president for four years I could see saying this in two thousand sixteen but Stephanopoulos. As if this is something, that's very thoughtful. We must go over this and think about this instead of just telling you, she sounds. From for me to process. Just how many awful things are going on? Simultaneously on a daily basis. and. People need to know people need as much information as is available. In order to make a decision that makes sense for. Our Future. Well. This is a quite a good mission. This is very important because we have no information about Donald Trump. She's going to give us information about Donald Trump. That's great but now his it by the way. This is a good speaking technique. If you're an idiot, and you're half nuts, and you don't know what you're talking about, and you've got nothing to say speak. Slowly. It makes what you're saying. Sound more important now she's not saving, but listen. Listen this technique hard for me to process. Just how many awful things are going on? Now somebody like Paris. Hilton may not sound bright, but she might be saying something far smarter than that, but what you talk like this real fast just doesn't sound is important. So what is a Mary trump proposed here in the Oval Office today. What would you say to? Zayn Nuts that's it. It's official. He's got to go must resign. But, this Stephanopoulos is talking to this. Whack job and he's sitting there as if he's got some brilliant guest on that he's. thinking he seems tired, he seems. Like this is not what he signed up for. If even knows what he signed up for. And, I thought his response is actually. More enlightening than than my statement. And he said. They won't get me. Now if this was. Anybody else on earth, and they sent you this as a demo tape I Anybody else saner would love to give you six segments on good. Morning America. I mean this is the world's worst guest, but it's anti-trump, so they love it now. This looking tired look I don't know you watch this guy. He's in Florida. He's here. He's going to Walter. Reed is back in the White House seven seven meetings. He didn't look that tired to me and that was quite a speech yesterday. He had nasty. Be Holding a briefing at five o'clock yesterday, so I thought it was GONNA be. He talks for ten minutes. They take questions twenty minutes, and that's it well. He started to make a speech and it went for over an hour and a half. In fact, it was a little too long. That speech just went on and I. Mean it's interesting stuff, but a long, so he did look tired to me normally when you're tired. Let's be honest. WHO's to King of looking tired Joe Biden speech yesterday? They built this up as soon. Be the biggest speech of his life. It was about four minutes. That's a guy that looks tired. Four minutes and I've got to go, and then he leaves. This president's speech was literally an hour and forty five minutes. It just went on and on and on from Joe Biden speech was pretty interesting. A lot of it was about his green climate change. Green Energy Green this green, that and fossil fuel and carbon and this. It's all going to be climate change. Paris agreement. That and then I'm watching the guy and he leaves, and gets into a caravan of SUV's these big huge gas guzzling. SUV's billowing smoke all over Delaware as they pull away. And nobody. This is the media in action. Nobody not one of these fake news. We've ever asked anybody camping. You got all these SUV's, and he's talking about climate change. Nobody brought it up. Now the problem with the president's speech. It was in the Rose Garden very formal. Rose Garden the White House was very political is pretty much a campaign speech. You really not supposed to do that. You're supposed to You know you can make. Announcements about programs and things are take questions. Discuss policy, but this was If you do a campaign speech supposed to leave the White House and go out and do it somewhere now I guess the excuse he could use is in the lockdown in all of this. He can't do so many events. He's got to do it from the White House, but it was a real campaign speech really went after Biden Hidden. Do any of the things, but now he says he's going to be president as president. He's going to do all the things that he didn't do. Never did never did anything except make very bad decisions especially on foreign policy. Yeah now that's a big problem for Biden when you get into Tober. If you check his track record, he has been dead wrong on every major foreign policy issue in his entire career I mean that's easy to document layout looking back now. anybody Republican Democrat would say these are the totally wrong positions each foreign policy issue, so he's the worst foreign policy as far as the economy programs are domestic, stuff or police problem whatever that is he was there for eight years in the White House with Obama and never did a thing, so he's going to have to answer for that if you got all these programs. If you got all these solutions all these great ideas, why didn't you do during those eight years? And that's going to keep coming up. Vice President, he said one in five miles of our highways are still in poor condition where we're doing a good job and highways, but. Why didn't he fix them? Well. So. He'll have to answer for that, but again the problem was. Of A campaign speech. You're not supposed to do that from the Rose Garden, but that's okay Biden. You've got to admit look pretty good in his speech I. Mean as far as not what he was saying, but he looked wide awake. He looked like he understood what he was reading on the teleprompter. They do load them up with a bunch of stuff. These doctors give him. Him, a bunch of shots of this and that, and that perks him up clears his head. It's good for about an hour. That's why that's why these speeches are six minutes. It's it's like Jerry. Lewis in the nutty professor remember the drug is starting to wear off and he's got to get off stage, so it's a kind of like that but it was it was. The purpose of the speech, he and he said all the buzzwords that Democrats like to hear all you yell climate change. You have to do anything about it. Just yell at. They never noticed this. When Democrats are voting for somebody, their candidate says all the right words gun control climate Joe. UC l. all this stuff and then get elected, and they never mentioning it's like Schumer that he shows up again a few years later when it's reelection and yells all the buzzwords again and gets reelected goes back to sleep, so Biden look pretty good of that the president. came up with a couple I know he's going to do this and he's going to hear more about this. There are these weird federal programs. you look around? The big cities destroyed by democratic mayors from Seattle to San Francisco to Detroit Chicago I. Mean they've just become violent awful. Crime zones so many by major cities destroyed by Democrats well. Most people aren't aware. This federal government developed the program to destroy all of the suburbs. The the federal government could come into each suburb. They've tried it in Westchester and Westchester has been in court, trying to block this for years, but they can come into scarsdale or white plains, or or wherever they want and order low income housing here or this goes here. They could actually start to put this stuff in every suburb, which lower property values has all kinds of the president brought that up yesterday started. Explain that most people not fully aware of that. And he said I will start dismantling all of that, so that's going to be a big issue. Coming up in this election shut that down. Lot of suburbs. All over the tri-state area are worried about this program coming to them next. He also The big issue is crime they gotTA. Democrats had better start getting this under control, or it's going to wipe them out in the election, the president talking about the word of their incredible and legendary crime squad. And bad things are happening in New York. Bad things are happening. Yet now here's the problem for Democrats. The tournament the puppet masters and pull the strings those shadowy figures that run the DNC democratic world. They've started to realize they've made a huge mistake. A big miscalculation crime is out of control all over the place in New York City and it's everywhere. There's shootings are way up, sue. Cuomo about spikes. There's never been a spike like this. The spike in shootings robber everything. It's just out of control. Everybody all over new. I don't care where you live or are. You don't like this. You're scared. You're. You're angry. It's all directed at the BLASIO and these nutty democratic, far left progressive, so the blasios started realize it. He's started hinting at it on Friday talking more about this week that you gotta start putting some of this stuff back gotta start fixing this. To do violence. Do, not represent us. The people mean harmon fellow human being day do not. Speak for us after us, we will take back our straight to the city. Yeah paint some signs that might do it. So. Here's the problem How do you put it back well? You'd have to undo every stupid thing you did. You'd have to refund the police. Not The police put the funding back. Put back the Anti Crime Unit You know you don't have to be a police expert to. If somebody says the Anti Crime Unit to think well, that sounds good. I think we could use that Remember when Mrs the Blasios came up with that program Yoga for the homeless I could see what you might say. I don't doesn't sound like somebody who really need, but when you hear anti. Crime Unit you think yeah, yeah that we could use. That might be good. So and there are a lot of leaders around New York, Eric Adams and others who are now calling for the Anti Crime Unit to be put back. their main success rate was getting guns off the streets stopping the shootings before they happen. Gangs are now running certain neighborhoods so I. The BLASIO the dumbest mayor in the history of cities. The worst bundling klutz idiot ever I. Don't know that he can fix it. You know you can't just call it. The Anti Crime Unit and say you're back and I don't know that. Really Kill. Themselves knocked themselves out for him right now, but you know he's good at breaking things. That doesn't mean. He's good at fixing things, so we'll see what happens anyway. We got lots to get to today. check the web pages a lot of good stuff up there today. one of the things you want to look at. This is fascinating you governor Cuomo is out of control in those briefings. He turned them into political, highly charged politicized nonsense, and he keeps screaming, yelling angry politicized briefings. Watch this even CNN terrorism apart. Jake tapper one of the main anchors of CNN. Even those brother works there. CNN just eviscerated Andrew Cuomo yesterday over these ridiculous briefings, and the crappy trying to get away with in those briefings watch CNN. Tear apart, Cuomo! That's on the web page. Also, there's a totally false narrative about the president's corona virus response to try to make it look like he did something wrong one wrong thing he did. He was following vouchers advice in the beginning voucher yelling. Don't lockdown no masks. None of it that that's what she kept telling him in. January February into March but watch this. This is the best. Explanation of trump's handling of corona virus a also watch. Here's Seinfeld the corona virus episode. It's all up in the web page. Go to seven ten W. O. R. Dot Com Slash Mark Seven Ten W. O. R. Dot com slash mark. Now you can catch up with what you missed from mark. Simone on demand catches podcasts at seven ten W.. O., R., DOT COM slash mark. Mark Simone on the Voice of New York seven ten W are. Well, we'll take some calls eight hundred three to one zero seven tennis. The number Goulaine Maxwell is this a big story. I thought this would be the case. This would be like the OJ trials everybody following every bit of this Glenn Maximum I get the feeling. Most people don't care. It's like one article in the. Post and gets a mention on TV and that's about it. Nobody nobody really focusing. There's nobody that interested. She did not get bail. Yesterday was quite a bail hearing if you've followed it. I think she would get bail. I mean this is the biggest flight risk magical. And she had a great lawyer who put up a really great fight? This guy was arguing left and right. He I mean should have been a five minute hearing. He stretched it out for an hour and a half. Arguments were so good, but the judge pick them all apart, and the problem is. They don't know her real wealth. You keep hearing. She's got twenty million. She's got twenty five million. They didn't. They don't know the extent of her wealth so. The judge said She offered five. million bail, but the judge that we don't know where your entire wealth. We don't know how much that is to you. also. She wanted house arrest. Get Out of jail and be under house arrest, but then it was pointed out. She doesn't have a house. She proposed to do this in a luxury hotel. Although think somebody would have to point out to. They're all closed in New York right now. as far as this bond, get bail. It would be co-signed and then somewhere in there. She revealed she's married and has a spouse, but wouldn't disclose who the spouses, so the whole thing look too bizarre. No bail. The trial date is a year from now, so that could mean sitting in jail for a year for her, so we'll get back to this. Let's take some calls. Let's go to Marie and Long Island Marie how you doing! How long how are you good? I was watching Taka Clawson last night, and they had a reporter from or the Orlando News stations that was covering about the hospitals the Orlando Health was reporting ninety eight percent positive, and it actually was point nine a veteran hospital. In Orlando, they would reporting seventy six positive, but it was only six percent positive, and nobody was sending any negative now. results out. I always hear from doctors that the numbers are juggled the little and you know some people get multiple tests. so those like. If somebody tests positive keep testing to see if it's gone and over the course of that they may be tested eight times eight times a positive. Those a candidate is eight cases, so the numbers are inflated in a lot of places. Let's go to Tom in Pennsylvania Tom. How're you doing? Hey Mark, you doing good. Good. Hey, so mark two things one is is there's no way to Blasio is going to say. He did anything wrong in the way he would fix. It was like you said is bringing in. You Know Ray. Kelly Rudy Giuliani on consulting those consultation basis, and that that is just not going to happen, but mark I wanted to tell you I used to workout. is the Slope Perks Slope Jim, and we would always laugh me and my kids, because the plaza you be out like a real wimpy guy, and he would be lifting all the time and we just. Just laughed because he will. We ended up nicknamed him naming him string bean. The guy doesn't. He works out at all joke. He looks says he looks like one of those people you see. They're in the gym everyday, but they're not really getting much there on the treadmill, but they're looking at their phone at the same time. just like you know a little treadmill watch TV. Look at the phone and go home anyway. Thanks for calling Tom W Mayer and a lot of these Democratic officials now realize they've made a huge miscalculation shutting down parts of the police department. Restricting the Police Department you got crime way out of control. They're even saying they're saying it privately and I've seen some of them have started to say publicly There's Eric Adams and a few others who starting speak up. Saying this was a huge mistake defunding the police. This was a huge mistake getting rid of the anticrime division huge mistake pulling back to you. There now realizing. Their problems there if there are problems with the should've figured out a way to monitor better monitor. The police do better surveillance on the police. Do that kind of stuff, not just get rid of the police. Have you got a problem? The Fire Department? You wouldn't just cancel it. You'd figure out how to fix that little problem. Let's go to Alan and New Jersey Alan. How're you doing? Yeah you, don't you? Don't mark you. Don't release arsonists from prison, and but anyway the to cook things on. The body. Oh, he says the violent criminals don't on. Aren't aren't us yet. He wants violent criminals to be able to vote from prisons. At least the ones that are left in prison and Mayor Mary trump great point today. She said that people should know all the facts, so that's why the dorm report should come out so the voters facts steel. That's true wouldn't count on it before, but you know Greg Jarrett will be with us. He'll know exactly what's going on with that. Durham report we'll, we'll talk to him in a minute. Thanks for Calling Yeah Mary. This Mary trump has no connection to Donald Trump I think she's met him. For thirty seconds in their life doesn't know anything about him. made up all these fake revelations. Story got totally debunked. It turns out there. Dates are wrong. Everything's wrong. There's this Stephanopoulos said treating her like she's the most brilliant thinker in America. We must hang on her every word that I if this drives you nuts now. It's only July this fake news. Stuff will get far worse by by October, you know. We say an October surprise. We've already had twenty of them this year they're just going to get crazier and crazier and crazier anyway when we come back, best legal analyst of all Greg Jarrett will be with us next. We'll talk to him about d'alene about hate that couple in Saint Louis. Had The gun to defend. Their home looks like they're going to get indicted. We'll get all of that. Coming up on seven ten W. O., R., let's get the latest news. Here's Noam Laden. Seven ten w o R. It's the Mark Simone Show. Well Greg, Jarrett of course, best legal analyst around and bestselling author should have his books, the Russia hoax and which. you should check out his website. Great News breaking news all the time. The Greg Jarrett dot com, the Greg Jarrett Dot Com Greg Jarrett. How you doing hey, mark great to be with you. Hey. We're just some of the Durham report. Now this supposed to be the final report. That'll take down everybody. Get that cabal of dirty cops around coming. When is this coming out? Well first of all I'm sure it's a report. because that is technically against the Department of Justice policy, the attorney general and have to make an exception. I think more likely. That Durham who scrupulously follows rules in the law will issue indictments, and the report will essentially be. The story told within the pages of the indictments and I think they're indictments. Yeah, I can't tell you who but I would give you a list of people who I think should be very worried. That would include James Comey Andrew McCabe Peter. Struck perhaps Lisa page even Dana Blend. these are all people who. Worked at the FBI some people at the Department of Justice, and certainly the FBI agent who's been identified in the media's Kevin. Kline Smith who literally dot Dr Records that were then used to gain the Pfizer Warrant to spy on Carter page or the trump campaign. So you know we'll, we'll wait and see the attorney. General is said he would expect it. to be concluded some time towards the end of the summer. you know here, we are in mid-july, so you know we may have to wait a bit more. But we've gotten our hopes up so many times going on for two years now this. Weight you're right there and there have been some criminal referrals against for example James Comey Against Andrew McCabe the Department of Justice. considered them It's unclear if they presented the information to a grand jury, but in the end they chose. Not to indict a coma. McCabe for those particular criminal referrals, but that doesn't mean they're out of the woods. you know and the most egregious part of this is we now know that the F. B. I.? James Comey and his whole gang new justice. The president was being inaugurated in early, two, thousand and seventeen that they had no evidence that the dossier. Dossier, that was nothing more than Russian information with Sony and fabricated and exaggerated, and instead of shutting down their investigation of Donald Trump and his campaign, and people in his administration, they accelerated. They escalated it Yeah, I mean to me. That's not just unethical, but it smacks of conspiracy to abuse power and deprived people of their constitutional rights. As I'm sure Roger. Stone would tell you twenty, five, million, or whatever that investigation cost to end up with some stupid process crime on Roger Stone, right. Hey, this Saint Louis couple The mob had broken through the gates, and we're on their property trespassing. The guy came out with a rifle and held it up. He's on his own property. I assume that's legal, but there's talk that they're going to indict this guy. What's going on with that? Well I mean. You've got a an incompetent and politically motivated prosecutor by the name of Kimberly Gardner. Who by the way is herself being investigated by Special Prosecutor for corruption, concealing exculpatory evidence suborning perjury. You know she has decided to capitulate to the mob, but here's the law. the mccloskey's Mark and Patricia mccloskey were acting lawfully as long as they were in fear, and reasonably believed that their force of weapons that they displayed was necessary to defend themselves and their home from imminent threat of harm that is the law period and in fact Missouri has expanded interpretation of the long held castle doctrine doctrine that you're allowed to defend your cells and your property. Property in the end the prosecutor if charges are brought against the mccloskey's stance, absolutely no chance of prevailing I wrote a column about this on my website degrade jared dot com today, She did this for purely political reasons driven by self, interest and self promotion, and frankly as I conclude she has no business being a government prosecutor because she harbors such contempt for the law. Should follow this website de Greg Jarrett Great Stories Everyday Great Column Stories, the Greg Jarrett Dot COM Hey Glenn Maxwell. I thought this would be like the story of the century. The crime of everybody be I. I don't sense that much interest in it. You notice that. Yeah. That may change depending upon what happens I believe the judge was absolutely correct in denying bail. This woman who's exhibited you know a propensity for trying to escape and hide detection and had done so successfully from more than a year when you go to the extent of wrapping tin foil around your cell phone so that you can't be tracked by the FBI that's a pretty good indication that you can't be trusted on bail especially when you have three passports in a load of money so you know it's the correct decision by the judge because. As cues used doing with so horrendous. It's horrific. Child Sex trafficking, You know I. I think she's in a load of legal trouble criminally. Charges from the nineties and WHA-, doesn't it make an awfully tough to prosecute? No not necessarily because the statute of limitations is told on many of those show fight it She'll fight that and you know a non prosecution agreement that allegedly extends to her. That was in negotiating with. Jeffrey Epstein, but you know I feel pretty confident in the prosecutor's ability to gain a successful conviction of Galen. Maxwell, but you never know. Yeah Hey Greg Jarrett Greg yesterday, but the Michael Flynn case the the Justice Department dropped it. That's it, but you got crazy. left-wing judge. Who's going to prosecute this himself? What do you think happens in the end there? the case against Flynn will inexorably be dismissed you know Sullivan has gone rogue and I think he's allowed his political views to unduly influence his decision making in the face of clear law You know he's violating the separation of powers. He's taken off his robe and step down from the bench and decided he wants to be the prosecutor. In the case, you can't do that. The decision to dismiss the case is exclusively within the province of the executive branch. The prosecutors it is, the judge may not like it. You may think it's wrong and unfair. Unfair, that happens fairly frequently, but the judge is powerless under the law to pursue the prosecution wants the Justice Department has decided for very good reasons to drop the case upon review. They realized that this was a wrongful prosecution. That exculpatory evidence of innocence was hidden by the original prosecutors. On Bob Muller is a special counsel team of artisans, and so you know they. They finally did the right thing. And now there's judge you know has decided that he knows better than everybody else. He'll eventually get slapped down and the case will be dismissed. It's good to hear a great stuff. E should get Greg Jarrett's books, the Russia hoax which on and go to his website. You should be following this sign up for the alerts and breaking news. Great columns, great stuff there, the Greg Jarrett, dot, com the Greg Jarrett Dot com and always great talking to you. Let's do it again soon. Okay mark, thanks appreciate it. Take Care, and every check out the web page. We've got a lot of good stuff up there Even CNN. Even CNN went after Andrew Cuomo. His briefings have become this highly charged partisan political, just totally politicized these briefings, and it's gotten out of control a watch CNN. Even Jake Tapper go after Andrew Cuomo and just tell he's gotTa. Stop that CNN eviscerating Andrew Cuomo. What's up on the page? Hey, also Part of this thing is creating this fake narrative that the president did something wrong in the corona virus response. Here is the perfect debunking of that false narrative. This is Dan, crenshaw. This is brilliant. Watch him just take apart that false narrative also watch Seinfeld the corona virus episode. It's often the webpage. Go to seven ten W. O.. R. Dot Com Slash Mark, seven ten W. O. R. DOT COM slash mark.

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