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Pull oh it's the shipping container talking to you in two thousand and twenty. We're back boys. We are are back Roy. Give me hug are Roy wasn't when he walked in here he wasn't overly abusive in is happiness for being new year. Yeah being back into work like we picked up right where we left off man. It's such a fun field. Don't care It's such a fun feeling today because it's Thursday but it kind of feels like a Monday but sometimes mondays drag. This is like a fun Monday. Mondays are always always a drink. But this one because it's not actually Monday has the feel of a Monday but it doesn't because it's later in the week it's like this. I don't know how to feel. I'm so excited to be back. How are you guys doing what's up? How's your Christmas? I think we're all frigid. Because no one saw studios for several days to breathe a little bit here and well. The good news is Dan's GONNA walk in here and his body heat is I think like approximately one hundred twenty degrees so he should warm everything in this room like a furnace went and sat in his chair because it was warm. Yeah it's freezing but I was often extra week because I was out in London Look at you. It's great to see you you guys. You guys sincerely and I've been doing a lot of reflecting do on the year that was and what have you reflect. Oh I'm I'm I'm making making some changes it resolution. I'm making some changes New Year new. You know well New Year new on air me new. Yeah Yeah I'M GONNA I'm GonNa be you well. I was but people hated it. So I'd definitely change so I gotta I gotta change a little bit. Is it going to reflect the way you've been on twitter. The last couple of days Brown's when I wrote down yesterday on twitter funniest thing and a lot of I got multiple. Oh People Mike the last couple of days on twitter and I didn't really I haven't caught all of it seemed to be with Brown stuff like I didn't really like all right here. Let's this is the browns nothing in particular the browns and the canes. It's weird because sort of remember. You said you're going to be. Let's talk it. Our we know I know I know I know it's this is exactly the worm going. Yep I it's weird because like the way that I found my voice on the show was being a homer but but it was with the heat. Yeah and everybody liked it right. Well not everybody I mean. Nothing's going to be universally praised for the most part. I wasn't getting the bile. I get what you're saying. You were like the cocky he fan. Everyone's like yeah. And then you got your Brown's got good. I'm going to do that again so I don't know if it's because the heat were just good got for the most part the last laugh or just because like most people like those teams and I was playing to an audience more but no one's really a browns fan that's listening and no and the canes I mean in Fifth Place in south Florida. Yeah but I'M GONNA make some changes. I don't know if I need to just be overt in in my phantom. I thought I pretty not much was some dude called me from a block number and curse me out last night. I'm pretty sure he was just a Ravens Fan. I spoke with him telephone number. No dude he was like cursing me out. Yeah I don't know how he got my number but I after being talked to like that so long answer to block number and it was just randall. He called once and I was a little shell shocked by because I was just like the profanities Galore. I just put my daughter down whose two years night I was sort of stunned by. It is still alive just to be. Put her down lake. Yeah Yeah thank you important clarification and like like just chewed me out for thirty seconds. It was just sort of stunned. Silence and about fifteen minutes later. I guess he's still had things on his mind. You GotTa answer so I answered talk about the Ravens. I don't I think it was. You know thought about the Ravens but I. It's pre said something about the Ravens. I was just like because I was like all right so like I've been pretty thoroughly embarrassed by the Cleveland Browns. This year and helpful accounts like freezing cold takes out there bring up lots of old. Yeah Yeah but for whatever reason something that had already been picked up by freezing cold takes got picked up again and I just got like crazy. Mentions from Ravens fees saying that the the browns are clearly all the tweets and cocky stuff that I sent out after the browns had one of their few wins actually against the Ravens. And Look. I'm so wrong on all these things. The part that I'm the part that I've seen I don't think you really need to change. Look this is sports. You had to take you like your team. You're wrong. Who Cares I think is that viable that self reflecting all this stuff like fairly the people like we come to the Lebatardshow to escape and not have like right? Okay I like sports fan guys funny well not so much and already off to a bad start because there's been way too self involved and that was one of the things that are dressing stuff. Were closing the book on the last year. The People this is an ensemble. And it's been too much mia in two thousand nineteen and twenty twenty. I want to share the ball. More dance dance sharing the Volvos. Let's all share the ball more. Let's let's be the heat. Let's be the Miami Heat. You guys watch this team the ball movement. It's like Oh my God it's pretty to watch not kidding. Actually Committee beauty all movement has been insane with this team of people say it has yes movement kept waiting to say ED. How was your Christmas? Bill gets you look at you. You look the same. Please don't call me bill. It was fine. He doesn't wait. It's weird because I eh. I often like go bill head of like. Yeah because I've done it for a while cash and then I go I go bill. I recognize that he doesn't like billy is more Kashmir so I'm trying to correct that that was a twenty nine correction. Yes man what's up man. How how did he lose by twenty two the warrior? Not to to the wizards. The Wizards can score I went to I went to the heat. Game versus the Knicks. Dow Was it's fun. Oh yeah that was that was a dunk. Fez The heat have I. They're not that great without justice when they're that great the justices are Wednesday going ranking. I think I think they were playing their best ball when justice wins. Oh who's just been riddled with injuries this year and Gordon targets. We're healthy and it seems as they were doing that coasting thing against bad teams and then they were sort of coaching against good teams and economic. All these exciting wins at home at Pacers sixers home sand with the one point victories. The spinal sequence against the Pacers that that sixers game was on drugs. That was one of the more fun games of the year that you had them losing. Just because there's a back to back and you would have been fine with them losing or no no because you hate the blending together down the the sixers stuff. Nobody knew what the hell was going on at the end of regulation that the ball had hit the ruined too early. That can't be reviewed viewed Josh Richardson. Throwing the balls into the stands and then missing the Jimmy Butler causing me my my spread because he can't make a free throw in the clutch in the sixth seat. I think right now. Sixers are struggling and Josh Richardson. I don't know if you've read his quotes but he's saying pretty much everything. Jimmy Butler said on his way out that they were crushing Jimmy Butler for between the lines. Yeah but I can't be like that crazy excited about it because I'm trying to make changes. Yeah you can be. You just have to taste when you're wrong matter you. That's the kind of thing I think. Yea I don't think I'd take it and I don't take anything that's what people get mad then. I got to fix that I I think yeah. I don't think he'd take it. Well like on the show but then like I think I've been saying you WANNA make changes and it makes me think that you're not well I I don't know how many people oh can take that stuff row because some people like look man. I got a threatening phone call for forty minutes last night. That's true but you're number. We should probably I should probably let Disney security now. But you know it's just and I was like I let them talk. Yeah it was just like why didn't you just hang up who cares. There's no because I let them talk because I don't I think if I spoke to them because it was weird it sounded like they'd listen to the show and they were all hung up on like you have a national platform platform. You shouldn't be saying these things I'm like. Man I was like you know this guy over fourteen like we don't know anything. Do you know what the job is like. This is like like akin to like calling someone on being upset about a sketch they did. It's not real it's not real. We're just saying words. We gotTA BE WACKY remarkable. It's two guys go for fourteen and still be on really. Yeah yes yeah impossible. You couldn't do it if you'd like. Well he did try and he'd could not get a single game right now. The best part about all this secretly is that he secretly does every week because he thinks he's get this deep down. I know play. He'll come in today buddy. It's great for me. This is awesome but yeah he's trying to hit games. It's weird because we know what sue God is. Oh God I think to a degree also knows God's is but he still goes on Golic and Wingo and they give him this platform which they treat them like he knows what he's was talking about just turns her back on. Listen Mike I agree with you. Go like I love your thoughts on this Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. I I I remember getting incensed watching Golick and Wingo. Because he was like saying Alabama should have been in the College Football Playoff and Utah and it was like okay. Whatever you can have that but I know he doesn't watch I J- I know I know? He's STU gods. I know he's capable of going over fourteen but first time he's done. This started a college season. Like Owen. Twelve quality something also yeah and the. NFL season didn't have very similar. A stretch where he was like over fourteen to. He's he's unbelievable. Well that you should learn from him because he's not coming and saying I need to be different ethnic thing. I need to change this year so people think that I know about sports. He doesn't care. Well I need you guys is to help me change because I like what you did right there to be better with handling the criticisms and being able to take it I need you guys to rein me in because it's a New Year your new Mike and with that we go out to our first call. Oh no I got it okay. How `bout you tease it? I learned something. Oh this break break. We learn because you're making this like it's a thing you know worthy that's it. I'm GONNA tease it. We can go to call now. There's no no no no you. You have the perfect is find out next what you learn Stugatz here. It's a new year the perfect opportunity to take your business to the next level. Oh by hiring the right people. But finding qualified candidates can be challenging ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash. Dan makes it easy ziprecruiter. 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And here's what he said was the weirdest thing I was a little cold put on a sweater then wasn't cold was it's like was also an obvious. News Gyco makes it easy to save money and easy to reach them with licensed agents available around the clock so switching is a really smart decision. That's that's obvious news from GEICO. Chris Yeah what did you learn man man all right so I heard my my middle finger I cut it. I was doing on Christmas Eve Christmas. Cutting I don't WanNa like you know ruin anything for anyone potentially listening. That was just what I was doing things that parents do late on Christmas Eve for their children. Oh gotcha constructing something. You're making cookies for Santa Right and I cut my finger just a little cut little cutting my middle finger on the inside of it and I was like wow. This is annoyingly painful and it was bleeding for a while I'd elevated above my heart because that's what you're doing you're bleeding. Yeah keep it above. Why are you using a knife to make cookies and I was? I was opening a box and I was using scissors and the box box. Okay yeah whatever. It's annoying for an underrated kitchen. So what did you learn putting your finger hurts. Well no well that I learned that that particular spot it takes forever for to stop lead. Yeah and band. AIDS are very helpful. This is not what I learned. Just a little side so basically I had a hurt finger for a couple of days. This was hurt my middle finger at the tip of my middle finger. Okay so like little things you do in your life you know. We're we're going chase little things that you do in your life. I really wish one of the things that you learn to be more efficient. You don't realize how difficult some things are with that part of your finger. You didn't realize I guarantee you if I said to you you could lose one of your fingers. You'd be like get rid of the Middle Guy and ask not that important. I would definitely lose one of the middle's maybe like my one of my ring fingers middle fingers. You can't lose your here's a couple of things in life that are made very difficult by having an injured tip of a middle someone the middle finger easy. Okay because yeah so. This is what you've learned things at. NC brushing your teeth. What's difficult the chance you know? It's really difficult brushing your teeth with your offhand off. Hanoi need to go home today and brush your teeth with your offense. Do both hands. You go to your left hand. Well I have one of those like electronic toothbrushes so I just kind of have to move move back and forth. I'm just saying I tried brushing my right hand. I was like Ooh that hurts my middle finger so I switched to my left hand. I'm the worst Roy. I want you to go home today. I want you to brush your teeth with your left hand right now. Yeah we'll do that. You might be doing the motion and you might think it's fun but I'm telling you it's difficult. were cut your finger. I don't think I use my I'm telling on you. It hurt and then the next thing. This is the real thing what you didn't learn that I learned that I learned that her like it's hard. Yeah I learned that brushing your teeth with your offhand. Japan is difficult one. The second thing I learned was putting dress shoes on all right. Get Out of your finger get Outta here. Hsun Hor Guy Shoehorn guy. That's no one actually uses a shoehorn. I wish I still had issue there. Yeah they're good tool but they don't WanNa couples them. Don't have one. You're putting on dress shoes when you use is your right hand because I want to your feet use your right hand. I'm telling you your middle finger is so important. It's shoehorn. Your Middle Finger is the shoehorn. When you don't have a shoehorn and when nat thing is hurt you can't put on a dress you so you learn? Basically how important your middle finger is to everyday life. I realized how important Middle Finger was. Yes you you learn how to me. Basically no I mean this is. This is good I I. I've overlooked my middle finger all these years. I've never really given it much. Thought as being one of the most important fingers fingers deadly top five. But I don't know that I put it up there and like what did you learn. Roy Your Look Your judgment. Would you learn this Break that much. Yeah stay at home. I thought I remembered learning something but I forgot what it was. So obviously didn't learn. It took too long. No I remember there was a time. Correct that's helpful New Year. I was like I gotta come strong the first show this topic page. That's what I mean New Year. Same you got more. Let's go ah okay more things. You learned his knee. Hack okay on twitter. Are we allowed to talk about Disney axe Kinda work for Disney. This is what you need to consider is is this. My Cup of noodles are falling. This is something that you need to consider is sharing this Disney hack going to cost you in the future nine like in terms of like your job or whatever but like I kind of think about this also with life hacks and stuff like that when we do like academic or like if we go like I go a place that not a lot of people go. That's awesome. I try not to publicize publicize it because then I don't Wanna a bunch of people going there and then it taking away from the awesomeness so like if this is a hacker something that you do at Disney that helps you like not wait on on the line or whatever I would consider not sharing it just because if you tell too many people then if it's something that they haven't caught onto they'll know and they'll correct it or a bunch which people will start doing it. I'll give you a perfect example. So marlins park. Before this past season this past season they changed their menu to have A. It's called the three zero five five menu right right and though is like or Spanish right so they have different items in this one concession. That's dollars or five dollars right and one of the things is a hot dog and I don't remember if it's three zero five but it's one of them right and then there's like a beer and right and it's just like these discount price. I'd say it this one stand before they had that they had you know all the old concessions a taste of Miami. The you know conferences all that stuff but they had one and stand in center field. That was actually around the same area where they sold a hot dog that was labeled like a hot dog but they would sell to anyone always. Yeah and it was the exact ZAC same hot dog that they sold everywhere else for like eight dollars so I would go to this one. Stand to get the three dollar hot dog because why am I gonNA waste five actually. Yeah Well No. They changed the concessions but I was like very close to the vest. I think I may have told you guys telling me but I was like. I'm not going to tell everybody. There's three dollar hotdogs there because yeah you know what if this was an oversight and I want people finding his three dollar hot dog and then we correct it and I had season tickets. When you're so I was there a lot? I'm not about paying eight dollars for a hot dog that I could get for three dollars. It's like the the mobile passport. Yeah so many people that I've told about that are so thankful. Yeah you need to be careful about who you tell these things. It's a little too risky. I would never really tried to pull this off. I'm curious if it's how all right this guy says it was someone on twitter. Just also tweet this. Did you spend a lot of time on twitter and instagram and stuff over the break. I I actually need to keep touch on like the the show I was trying to. I was like marking stuff for the show a little bit. But I tr- I said to my wife like like the twenty fourth or twenty something. I'm GONNA stay off social media till New Year's like it lasted like twenty minutes. Yeah like instagram. I was on instagram. A lot more than it was on twitter twitter. I deleted the APP on my phone really. Yeah that's probably a good call by by you. I need to say on twitter because the the show promotion and like the Chelsea stuff. I generally a lawyer. Twitter for work is just old. Yeah it's yeah. That's that's the reason that I mean. I Yeah I mean. It's just good for markings. I did a catch up session. Yeah the day before yesterday and yesterday. Oh like catching up on like everything. I was watching sports on. I was watching the news and stuff so I knew what was going on. I just didn't know what like you know. Random people thought about all right so the Haq is he says you book a Disney Hotel. When you book that you get fast passes sixty days in advance? Yeah and you can cancel your hotel after that and you keep the fast pass. Oh Wow you book it Paul. I mean I'm honestly honestly alerted was. Yeah that's what I'm doing right here. Disney doing this just saying I don't WANNA get in trouble for earth unearth. Listen I've been watching a lot of prison break over the break. ooh Wee season season two. I just finished season to season two. It's great yeah I wa. I've seen it before but I'm really watching it now with my wife. Oh man it's such A. It's such a good good show but it falls apart toward the end. Yeah Yeah Yeah but what I'm telling you is. This is what I've learned. She's speaking here foot information. Put out there because like I. I made a mark mark of this and even saying this. Now I'm risking my life. Who are if the company hears about this? I'm not talking about Disney. I'm talking about the company. You may disappear like if their interest is not letting people know about about the whole fast pass Disney hotel situation you may vanish. We may look back at this if this even makes it out being the reason. Why probably won't David David Johnson? Next an interesting creature inhabits the flat arid plains of many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead. It's most agreeable and will not along to talking despite having no brain function but when the bubble had here's how GYCO not only save people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and and over the phone deal not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer easy. Pablo had easy. You can get whiplash. They are not the decade with our local. Our guests our friend David Samson it is twenty twenty when he and there were a lot of people doing decade list. So David Let's start with your movie review which I think ties into this theme. Yes so I wanted to think about all the movies I keep keep track of every movie I watch I write it down and then it makes it very easy for me to go back and ranked so I have a top one hundred list and I went through this whole decade. And this WHO's GonNa create a problem and what bothers me about these lists. Is everyone judges them. And my real view of it is just make your own list but you can disagree with mine but this is and the number one movie of the entire decade for me with David O Russell movie called American Hustle. Where in that movie? The song was dirty work It's a movie with Bradley. Cooper Amy Adams Christian Bale and I found it to be perfectly active perfectly written visually incredibly stimulating. Amy Adams looked incredible. Edible Christian Bale grew that big stomach and it wasn't fake like you actually. He's the guy who gains the way to lose the weight depending on the roll like so the fighter when he became anorexic and then for this movie where he basically got to eat donuts all day every day and the movies just brilliant in terms of character development and how it ends with the complete complete the ratio of every bit of work. The Bradley Cooper had done with his permit curls like from coming to America Was the member that there was red and that is So so for me as I look through all the movies and all the choices I had American hustle one I had inception into and I had interstellar three but the runaway winner for me was American. Also if you haven't seen it and turns out many people haven't it is well well worth your time. So you're big. Christopher Nolan own guy He's he I I view things sort of as if you're on an island and stranded and you can only take one director and watch his entire your library of films over and over because you're stuck on this island forever. Christopher Nolan's right up there is the guy who I would take 'cause you're talking about inception you're talking memento you're talking about movies that you can watch over and over again. The only other possibilities brin comedies like the movies like fletch which you can watch over and over and find new lines. Every time that the problem is there's no great library in that regard. Maybe Chevy Chase. That could bring all of his movies but for a director is probably going to be Nolan. Tarintino up there for me Just in terms of re watchable films all time films. He actually did a podcast. gwen tarantino join the ringer for the re watchable. podcasts cast and he reviews dunkirk. So I WANNA put that on your radar that that might be a fascinating. Listen Quentin Tarantino talking about Christopher Nolan movie you know Glynn Tarantinos movies are are a great call because of their running time so if you have a lot of time on an island you know. He's going three clutch pretty often and so. Oh that's something you could pick up a Lotta days. Just watching his library on an airplane rewatch Once upon a time in Hollywood. I was worried that this wouldn't be high on the re watchable scale but the performance is really are just so great. I can't take my eyes off of Brad Pitt. I even if I know it's coming. I'm just so fascinated by his performance. Do you think this is a big year here for Brad Pitt. In terms of award season that best supporting actor categories looks absolutely stack this year. Yeah I think he's got a good chance at a nomination. The Golden Globes are going to be an an interesting thing. That's coming on January fifth. The thing about once upon a time in Hollywood I was just talking to someone about that movie and that person had no idea the Who Charles Manson was in terms of how he's in that worked into the movie and this is after seeing the movie so I quickly moved on to talk to someone else because if if you don't actually realize that that was a movie about a Hollywood ending of a crazy serial killer moment in time? I fear you've actually missed the entire hire movie. I WanNa talk to you about the biggest sports news that there is right now and that is the the passing of David Stern I I know you took to twitter and you had thoughts and people can check out your programme. Nothing personal podcast is out now. Check it out support David. He's been great to us and that's a good show your thoughts on what David even stern men to American sports. Well he meant a lot more to NBA Athletes and NBA owners in terms of his ability to create value is unprecedented. If you're talking about a tough guy started off as a lawyer at our Rosa Law from New York He then started working as general counsel also for the MBA. And then became commissioner. After Larry O'Brien and what he did is he expand leave by seven teams that a lot of money for owners but then he made the the the players the focal point of marketing both locally and internationally and by doing that he changed the rules of how we can raise revenue and increase visibility and basically football and baseball and hockey and every sport has been tried to copy that in in terms of making their brand global. So David Stern goes down in history for me is to me the number one commercial commissioner. In any sport of all time time and number two the one who created the most value by tapping the markets. Everyone's been trying to instill trying to do right now. I know you have to adjust for inflation him but I've seen the stats and apparently revenue revenue for the NBA was under forty million dollars when he took over and went up to five point. Five a billion dollars by the end of his reign as commissioner. I know you have to adjust for some inflation. Put that is one hell of a return on investment. Well one of the things that people may not remember the NBA in the old days. I don't know if people remember the cocaine scandals So many issues with the players that was a related ability problem that really was reflective of America who is a highly African American league. There's really no European influence and it was. There were so many social issues and that was creating revenue problems when I was younger the NBA finals were tape delayed late at night on television. That and I'm not that Oh we're talking about you know early eighties Late seventies before burn magic came on now. He got lucky in that he had bird magic and Jordan to help the propel his commissionership but the thing is that a lot of people can get a lot of walk but then they don't know what to do with it it gets ruined and then it's gone forever. He took that moments mentioned time and he used it to buttress his vision for the NBA. And it just worked it flat out. Work David in your in a recent episode. Sort of your podcast. Nothing personal with David Samson you talked you broke down The trade the famous trade the Blue Jays marlins trade which is really cool to hear especially being a marlins fan just like you gave a lot of details about the inner workings of that deal and one of the things you revealed was that you guys ended up getting just Nichelino but apparently on the table for you guys was just a flat-out Nichelino or thor Noah syndergaard and obviously you know hindsight's twenty twenty but is that the biggest name in terms of a star or a guy you guys just could have easily had and what made like. What was it about thor that you guys were like? We're GONNA go with Nichelino. Well the first thing is your question is myspace in misplacing. Listen here's why he wasn't sore then remember. This was a young. He was an eighteen year old pitcher who had tremendous velocity. He had no secondary pitches at the time and he was a right handed pitcher. And we're all a victim of our past and we had a player back in the day named Matt Lindstrom who also could throw a hundred as all righty did not have a secondary pitch and could not be a a big time major league. We thought Justin Nichelino was lessee. We knew he was a lefty. You always take a left the overriding. He had great pitch ability. He didn't have the stuff that syndergaard had or projected to have more major league ready much better command of his breaking can stuff very good. Command overall didn't walk a lot of a lot of batters. We thought he was the safer. Pick to actually become a major leaguer. If we had known that syndergaard would become sore. I mean obviously you look back and you just say Damn we missed it completely. But that's not the only miss the only one I think of in that trade but we were shedding so much money and getting out from under so many bad deals that having the choice of Nichelino or syndergaard thought about it scouted it and shows Nichelino no but I don't regret that trade even with that big mistake in terms of trades on the opposite end so obviously you would not redo the Ugueth Urbina trade. Because you've got a world series is out of it. But you lose Adrian Gonzalez. Is there another player that you can think of then at one time was a Marlin that went on to become great but never played as a Marlin. Well I you know. Andrew Miller comes to comes to mind when we traded for him in the We Got Andrew Miller Cameron may have been in the Carreira Trade and and we were absolutely shunned for that and I gag because he's a hall of Famer but we couldn't afford him period to resign him and if you see the way. His career turned out definite. I out hall famer but right. Now he's been part of a team because he's making so much money they can't win in Detroit. But we got backgammon. Andrew Miller along with a few other guys for enough genius delacruz etc.. Mike Rabelo but maybe Miller were two of the top five prospects not with the Tigers in the entire sport they were the two of the top five prospects of the entire Major League Baseball and they both missed for us now. They're both still major leaguers all these years later so they've had successful careers but Andrew Miller was supposed to be an eighth left who was throwing ninety eight a starter who is going to be randy. Johnson he had funky mechanics but they were repeatable and maintainable. He had perfect command. He was perfect in every way camera. Maven was going to be a middle of the order. Power guy it for average speed. Aren't everything these were. Can't miss prospects. There's not one GM at that time or even today. Who would tell you that looking back at that moment? Getting both Mabon Miller that hurt Dombrowski to make that deal. Obviously he got Cabrera got a world series appearance out of it. He was getting a superstar but they had to pay to get them and they just neither of them really worked out for the Marlins but Andrew Miller ended up becoming one of the top bullpen arms. In the game For many many years I meant more along the lines of Adrian. Rollins is someone that became great. That was once a Marlin but never ended up playing for the Mars because you traded for him to get youth arena to win the world series. If there's someone else like that he's is the best example of someone the Marlins had but never played for the marlins but ended up being great that they lost as you know like a smaller deal. Kind of like the thor thing would have happened for the blue bluejays. Had he come here or he's worked out obviously for the mets. But if you guys have a piece that you moved in a trade that seemed inconsequential at the time but ended up being a great player. I'M GONNA have to go back in the annals and bring that up it's a great topic for nothing personal for you guys next week. I'd have to go back. I keep a list I just don't have it here of trades and I go back you know executives always say they never looked back and they make trades and they move on. It's like when you're in the stock market and you sell facebook no two days after it started and you say you say you don't think about it. Of course you do. I think about all the traits that I made and all the players. We've traded away. Who got good? We didn't think would be or we took back. We thought would be good and wouldn't and weren't good good so I'll come up with a great list Peter Next week or sometime on the pod rapid fire there wasn't a trade made by the marlins organization when you were with it that you didn't have some input in was there no but but remember input. His differently by input was a lot on the financial side. I would look at the players and what they were making. What what they would be be making in the future work that into a payroll that I thought we'd be able to maintain given certain revenue assumptions but when it came out like sore versus Nichelino I would not get an opinion because I hadn't seen either of those players so on the minor league side when minor leaguers were involved raids. I would not get involved but signings for sure or free agent signings and trade big league players. I would definitely be part of it but I would always let certain scouts. There were certain people in the organization who I would listen to more and starting to who I would listen to Because they I valued some opinions more than others. It happened before I believe you guys got to the marlins but Johan Santana was a part of the marlins organization as a rule five picking then subsequently Delta the Minnesota twins. That would be an awesome one if it were you. Were you even aware of that I. That's the the first I've ever heard of that. I did not know Santana was a Marlin not many people. Do I thought it was urban legend. I had to Google it but he was indeed a rule. Five pick for the Florida. Marlins and Dan finally his name has been mentioned a couple times in this segment. Have you spoken to Ugueth Urbina since his incident down in I mean the incident is certainly one way to put the machete attack. I yeah Yeah so he. He went to prison. we were in touch a little bit with his agents twenty when he first went to prison But then lost touch completely and I actually don't know what became of him. There are very few players from the world series team votes. Three a WHO. I've completely lost touch with one. Is You get the being who I spent a lot of time with Montreal. We had him with the expos when I was there. Back in two thousand and two thousand one and the others wanting wanting Nazione and it's a much sadder story he was a big part of our championship team Played in right field for US. And he got hit in the eye standing in the on on-deck circle and lost sight in his eye and was obviously forced to retire and he disappeared. He doesn't do. He doesn't respond to any Calls that we made over the years for reunions or to come be a part of the organization doing alumni events we just never had contact with him again and that was always sad he was always such a nice nice man in such a good player and he just talk about bad luck when you're on the on deck circle and a foul ball hits Him Square in the eye and that was it. That's a real bummer. And this one all right I looked up as Johan Santana thing and I'm kind of confused about it so a you obviously know how these things work David. So I'm wondering if you could explain Elaine this situation so after this according to compete you after the nine hundred ninety nine major league season you'll have to. Hannah was left unprotected by the Houston Astros and eligible in the rule. Five Live draft. The twins had the first pick that year in the MARLINS had the second pick. The twins made a deal with the MARLINS that the twins would draft jeered camp with the first pick in the MARLINS would draft Santana. The teams would exchange the two players with the twins receiving fifty thousand dollars to cover their pick. Why would they do that like why would you not? Just if you have the first pick any what Johan Santana take your head Santana. And the MARLINS would take this jared camp so in in in rule five draft the reason what what that means. Is You only have a certain a number of spaces on your roster when you draft a rule five player. What that means is that you have to carry that player on your Major League team? The entire course of the season or that player there has to be returned to his to his original team when you switch spots in the order. You're doing that. It's not a cost issue. Actually if there must have been a reason that camp when I I've never heard of camp in he never. He was not a Marlin when I was there. I can't remember him as a twin ever so he must have had no career whatsoever and the marlins must've gotten something else out of that In terms of taking Santana and then moving him up back to the twins there must have been something else is involved the fifty. It could have been money. They'd Marlins could have gotten more money. That was under John. Henry and Dave Dombrowski so I was not a part of but when you switch picks like that you're doing it to try to get from extra money all right. Thank you so much for joining us this week. Nothing personal with David Janssen. Check out the pied thank you. We'll talk to you next week. Be careful out there okay. You will the Miami. Dolphins have found the quarterback of the future and he is thirty seven years old before we go to. What is going on out there that we have to be very order? A happening called her in here than it is out. That's true I mean walking South beach at six. Am today it was still dark out. The streets streets had a different feel certain is ocean drive open. It was closed. They just all the bars. I saw Chris yesterday. We were talking about it. All the bars had like just their stuff. Taking up like one lane of traffic is just close. It seemed like it was probably pretty crazy here. Yeah yeah I mean also the Orange Bowl. Don't forget yes when you go to the when you arrive at the airport. There's all sorts of Orange Bowl. Sign Edge IT'S A it's a big deal you know lots of cavaliers fans coming in here. Ryan Fitzpatrick won a football football game at New England. Ryan the the Miami Dolphins One avenue in Gamma-ray. We did all right. You're the you're the dolphins fan. You have have to be super stoked. I know it's such a big year for you. You I know you were all in on the tank found. You found a coach. Anything I was. Well Yeah Dude. Goosebumps that speech after. They beat the dolphins gums. I mean after they beat the Patriots. Dude yeah man I mean I was all in for two like I was taking because I thought that was our best way to get to answer. I mean and everyone now everyone everyone I mean I am I missing. Something is to of this guy that she was going to be injured forever. Now like because that's the only reason you wouldn't take him here man. There's no way you could predict that sort of thing like to announce that he's going to announce s on the sixth his decision. No one really has is a press conference to say they're leaving. That's not really something that we have. We seen that before. I hope so. We don't do conference to say he was staying staying. I think people have press conferences to say they're going to stay this transport. Oh by the way we don't need to get into that. He must be waffling. He must be waffling thing. Because all the dolphins brass went out to the citrus bowl and just to see him walk into crutches like and it. Why would they do that unless they were like? We need to go out there to tell him. You could tell a lot by the way an injured person walks on there. That's what I'm trying to say. Why why would they go out there for that other than to like me with him to just be like pleased? Talk to the talk to the staff. Not just him arc easy and it's not just him doing there. There's a lot of MB NFL prospects aspect in that game. And they're all. I saw this picture. There was like seven of them there. It would be weird if to help the press conference to announce he's leaving just because we don't really see that usually when someone announces their intention of the NFL draft. It's you know something on social media statement and begun with it. You don't really. I don't know so if the plans are for people to attend this press conference or if this is a branding opportunity kinda there were rumblings beforehand to before this announcement of an announcement come. The tool was leaning towards staying will. Now you're now you've got me worried again like I was. I was in the camp of. He's definitely gonNA come out and the dolphins need. I thought the debate they were GonNa have is should the dolphins pull the trigger on him at five. What would you do if you're what if you were to? What would you do because I saw similar stuff on twitter later where people were saying? How if he goes wherever it is that he's projected to go he'd get like nineteen million dollars but if he comes back and he's the number one pick he get thirty million so he's causing himself ten million by going into the draft but he was supposed to be the number one pick this year and then he got hurt? So there's let's say those are the figures right wherever he gets drafted. There's one thousand nine million dollars. Guaranteed if he gets that right or he can roll the dice to try to make another ten and he could get hurt again and not the number one pick again. I would think if you come back and I'm just thinking aloud. Why not? Just don't even play like just sit out a year but like beat Alabama Rehab and then just because uh-huh besides Lawrence Lawrence's drp it outside of that. This is a deep quarterback because you could Willis mcgahee sort of why not why Rehab at Alabama when you could rehab have with an NFL team presumably better training staff. But I mean Alabama's at the top level. And you guys are freaking me out now man. I wasn't even like I guess I've been seeing the stuff on twitter because I did not know I thought he was definitely like I just assumed coming. I would say that ten million dollar thing is interesting but you do also get to your second contract. You're sooner too so you do maximize the amount of money that you can make in the pros if you come out early in age actually knows exactly what this breakdown is. And he's getting some sort of counseling without signing with one. It's just a roll of dice though like if you go back to college. You're not getting paid while you're not getting paid but you're like hoping that nothing. Nothing goes wrong next season. And you come back and your number one pick and you could also regress to your. Why would you WanNa Lawrence was the best quarterback ever in the history of college football ever? Everybody said this is is the greatest guy that's ever played college football. And then you Kinda wasn't this season. I was absolutely back. I exactly. That's what I'm saying. But if Trevor Lawrence this year if he was in the draft where do you think he'd be drafted he wouldn't go borough. I think I think he would. I think he's animal unpick if he comes out this year. Yeah I was interesting. It's all right dude dude. What's interesting about that is that they changed their whole system up and like they were the RPO stuff look at us doing a sports segment? RPO stuff and like that's the big part of why the offense was so good this year. So I'm like. Did he really make this jump and his this elite quarterback or did he just have a great system this year. I'm wondering if he's a seventh grader. Just playing against a bunch of fifth graders you you know like he's older. He's been in college. He's obviously if there's talented younger players. No no no no. I'm talking about your borough. Jonesboro was in Ohio state. But he's twenty three. He's older than Chris Wink. He's Oh he's older than the March ad. Yes he's older than Lamar Jackson. Yeah what's so weird it is you know I I saw Joe Borough play last year against University of Miami when they started changing their offense obviously took another leap and he himself took a leap. Yeah but we played against Miami. You look at Joe Borough and I was like that's an Lsu quarterback. He wasn't the reason why we're down borough before the season started. That's why I was like Ed ever and after I saw them play I was like that's not really that's not. He's not great. He's not going to be the answer that everyone hopes for. I think he was like eleven for twenty four one hundred and twenty yards. It wasn't very very impressive and to see the leap that he made. He's one of the greatest college quarterbacks we've ever seen he's fantastic. That's GonNa do like he's not going to be that in the NFL right. I don't know if you're asking the second thing. He's just good at college now. He's he's certainly a better thrower of the football than than Tibo is back to to if you're asking what I'm as Dolphin Alphand Fan. Just kind of hoping happens. He declares out the dolphins take him. Roll the dice. You have a million picks. This is what you did this for like yes. We don't know he's going to be great he could be an injury. You're prone guy but he's thought of as this great prospect so roll the dice. LET'S TRY TO I. I'm with you taking. I don't know if I had to put money on it right now. I think it comes back. I I'd be interested in like the do people announced when they leave me nervous. Now what do they do if you go. Let's just let's go down the path Hatha he goes back so too is out of the question. Now what are they doing is it. Herbert ferber played well last night. Is he going before them a five. There's I mean the teams that are taking. The redskins aren't look. Maybe you don't go young quarterback. I'm not saying bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick who's thirty seven years old and his Health Chan Chan Carigali thought of that. Like what Chan Gailey is. What we're doing? I was GONNA say Tom Brady. And Philip Rivers might also be options more veteran quarterback but by Philip rivers chain. Gayley was very puzzling. We saw with the offensive coordinator. I thought you guys kind of dug the offense coordinator considering how the dolphin sort of finish is the season. I don't know man. I mean I guess changes you just gotTa make changes when you go five and eleven people thought you were going to win no gain. You're actually five and fourth north final nine weeks but keep in mind off his two first round picks next Gulf next year too so they have three this year to next year. Oh let's talk about it I'm like rifling through my papers if you guys hear any of this going on because I'm trying to find I have so many records here in front of me. I'm trying to find your dolphins. preseason thing because I think that you were close to being right like you didn't have them winning one game. You think you had them like yeah you had in the four to six range. I'm pretty sure and I'm just trying to find it to see if we can get some closure on. I'm trying to find this. I got caught up in the air. I'm trying to yeah. I got caught up in the air because I was trying to find this article in which local I've absopure couches. Aim because I was trying to go through papers. I'm local south. Florida coaches rate in on. What are some of the issues facing the Miami Hurricanes Program and I think they all sort of agreed that it's because the Miami hurricanes don't pay players who are local south Florida coach like high school? I think a lot of them were on name because they don't want to put their business out there. They're saying that other like their players are getting getting paid by other programs. Why would they do that? But I sort of heard that I'm like yeah I understand. That's why we can compete for a national title. But we also have thirty three more four to five star recruits then Louisiana Tech Gloss at Duke F by You and Louisiana Tech. I mean this is not exactly Alabama boosters that are having these recruiting websites and star Dr Recruits. That's like you do that before you know whether they're good or not once you get to the drafted people is where you really know if you have good players the two thousand one team at seventeen first round draft picks on it this past decade the Um had four first rounder Scott you put into those sites honestly. That's my point like come on. Yeah but how many high the schools are there just in Miami. There's probably like what forty thousand fifty thousand eight the United States that have really. How on Earth could you possibly rank like their third? It really is a cycle of like you have this factory in Miami. That's a good school. If you if the number one receiver there is runs a four something a good forty time. It's like that kid goes to that school. He's the number one receiver four star. You know what I mean like Saint Thomas I don't that much deeper. Thomas Aquinas. Your four-star like no matter you work you had this good workout video three and a half stars like I just. I don't know how much but I do know that. Miami's getting better players than the we had a test right right. And there's there's still losing to them. It's a great a problem. I think the Alonzo highsmith rumors for those. That might not be familiar with that and again just for the local audience. There's talk that there's going to be a chief of staff for like the football department that that's one of the sort of solutions at the University of Miami is looking at because and it would make the Miami Hurricanes Canes fans very happy Alonzo Highsmith is held in very high regard. Down here Has A personnel background cares about the program. Many think would would be someone when that would be there to protect the program. Make the right hire. If he were given sort of power over the program does that Power Undercut Blake James. How much say does play James? have in the hiring this position but one of the reports. That's out there is many is in too hot on this idea and I haven't confirmed it myself. I people were wondering why why. Why does Manny Diaz have any say whatsoever? Canes fans are not too hot on manny. Yeah like shut up Manny Diaz. You have no say here. But there's talked to many has has contract language that protects them from this position being created. which like if they brought in Alonzo highsmith he would be a breach of contract for many years? Yes I love which I say breach that Damn Contra I love other essentially bringing in a GM which is what people say. We want to stick to contract when he left temple after ten minutes very true. Bill you found it you found it. What did I do what did I okay so I was rifling through papers for no reason because I I was smart about it and I put it in a doc had put it in a dog but I forgot that I did that so that it would be easy to find so one would argue that? This was an easy feeling. Thought one though because I'm going to get the actual dolphins results have have you. You've predicted and I want to get the actual results right next to it. Okay so you WANNA go game by game. Yeah all right here we go Roy. I know you're on this. Yeah sure a New Year new Roy Week One yes. That's all changed versus Ravens. Yes loss Chris had them at a loss and they lost. We're GONNA do. I feel like at this pace. Starting you had them story through week eight they were one and five six. You didn't have them winning until week. Eleven tie against the jets in week nine which was their first actual win fast forward through all that you know you had their first. I win against the steelers at the steelers week. Eight so them one six you had you had you had five wins. You got the exact number of wins right. You just had different games contagious. fist-bump bills you win. They lost that. One you had the beating. The browns nailed it. Basically you got the number right. You just got different games. I actually feel like I did a pretty good job of this team because early on. You're like like worst. He felt like guys relax. Just like you know they. I learned off schedule. This is really early. You you made. These picks may twenty second. And whenever revisited this I always said tough schedule. Go finsider Chris Hogan can you name the four first round picks this past decade eight from the the Miami Hurricanes Mike because I feel he's the only one that's gotta shot from this decade like the past decade like the all the ten nineteen first round. There was the I thought my terrible often sublime and they got picked by the giants Eric. What's flowers is a Jenkins no no. It wasn't Jenkins so it was a corner. There was a corner that got up I. I'm looking at him. I had never. He was drafted number. Thirty one let me go. David no was in a first round pick in jokue and I mean think was there another tight end. WASN CERNAN Duke. Johnson was not I that was my guest. I thought he was for some reason. That was like when I start. Play this game before I looked it up. I was like Duke Johnson and I was wrong. He's not afraid trump. was there a linebacker or safety. Who is on the right track I think with the corner? Yeah so it's two corners. No one's receiver. Oh who's the receiver. He Philip Door said. Oh Oh yeah that's right. He's been a nice little career bit of a bus like for where he was drafted. Did he still in the league. Birds already burns. Yeah all right all right. Good that I learned I learned about your Middle Finger and now I learned about about the Ford guys. Bad News off great. It doesn't seem like the finsider is still a thing. Shut out the John Cangemi. But the finsider with a P. H. is a thing and that's the dolphins you ever. Did you ever find it weird that John Jimmy was like doing Dolphin Steph. What what is his background? Dan Marino's backup in college. Wow now it makes sense why he was doing insiders.

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