Little Esther and Dave King, Our Couples Goals Friends


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Yeah had to squarespace dot com slash the boys for a free trial, and when you're ready to launch us the offer, the boys to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain. Having a yes. Saw! The mission peace. Wealthy here comes Hayes factor a patron. On Fanning Shawn Fanning who was the benefactor? The wealthy benefactor I can't say okay. Okay I'm not allowed to say. Can you tell me what you said you sort of? There was a moment earlier where you kind of mumbled in like your. Harry near the microphone. What were you saying I was reminding myself who was? Let me say. Let me give a fake. Let's say it was commissioned by Commissioner. Gordon and that will be very easy way to remember well, and that will actually draw a lot of our fans who are. The outcast, the weirdoes, the misfits, the people who enjoyed Batman. So, he you know. I, usually work in Marble Clay. That's your radio some that. He has requested something that has a little more give that he can kind of like. How press on like an like an honk, parts of it. and. Make possibly carve out little. Crevices the scoop out little pieces. Yeah, exactly. And so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it. COULD BE I, use different sauces. I heat them up I. Wait for them to cool down until they have like the right something. That doesn't just like completely fall apart that you like will stand there, but will also like. Leave a little indentation. Lost When you press it or honking or whatever lost in the sauce. So ultimately. It ends up just getting too late, and I end up just having to. He shows up, and I ended up to standing very still like a statue. Well and to be fair. You have been sculpting your own body for years. You've been free end it is. masterpiece I know are you freeze pieces of your body? And it's Kinda. Submission Smith him in with different. You know kitchen tools and stuff, and it actually has been looking I think really cool lately, not traditionally. Sexy or whatever whatever that means. What does that mean? No, it's true like why you know. Why are we so limited in our definition of like what's attractive? When you have now sort of it looks like a fork on one side of your torso. And then on the other side, there's like a big bulbous ladle shape. People say like Oh you have a fork like if. You eat in a kitchen now. My torso forks. Before the legs! And I took the one less travel. Right and so he walks in. He does his dogs. Around for like fifteen twenty minutes. He said he would get bored and he did. He walked out. And I got. My money hi welcome to Hollywood. Guys. But dropping names and finding love in the red carpet line back hallways of this industry week, all Showbiz and romance is it possibly the most special episode we've ever done? It's Valentine's Day episode and downtowns. Day is all year long for these two and for us as well. We want to introduce. Esther petoskey little astor. How special has a new special allow? Comedy Central Presents Esters new special. AM I. believe she's hot for her own name, oh. My name gets me so fired up. ooh, my name. Oh I will know my name. It's not like that it's like I'm hot four. My Name's David further special. Okay, you can change it now is things are all online just going? Yes, go into Youtube, click. The Bar opened the TAB adjust. It'll be next to the top wine. Army no because. Because I'm not allowed on that site. and You you're not on youtube what happened. Well, we're going to get into relationships today, and obviously my wife Stephanie Graf. Has. some restrictions on my web browsing now because of some videos I was watching. I've had to do that, too. I was watching dodgeball fails, and it was preventing me from doing my work. Your schoolwork and we WANNA say hi today. This really quick. We Wanna say hi to Dave. Naheed Hey ooh. The nasty man has entered the Chad one. Show to. They've both been a guest on the show, but never. Ren- room. It's so crazy. It's so fun to be a part of this and take you for to be by all the monitors that I prefer to be known as. In Hollywood. But it's very. Nasty demand the nasty decay. They're in love and they. She talks about it in the special special is out. Kevin Win this get to air. Tuesday We're moving this one up I. We have a lot in the bank. We are were sure we're going to move this one. We have no elephants bigger guests. And and two of those episodes went really well. Why would I be offended? That's such a compliment that the bigger are being pushed aside. I'm just saying I'm saying. Maybe we decide now. TB Fine. Let's see what we get from these two. Because it, it's already aerated aired Friday and it's going to stream on the comedy central APP and it'll be in front of the paywall by August. Second so you guys are flexible when you can release most used APP comedy central APP. For you in your life when you think of an APP, go open an APP on your phone. You go like okay, so and my mind. I'm looking at comedy central look. If you can crack the code to finding the APP you will be, it will be the most use up when you re watch hot for my name every night as you fall asleep because it puts you to bed. So. I like to ask people like what you know. The Bar at the bottom of your iphone. That holds the like four apps that you always have on the screen. It's like. Outweigh I. Want to look at it. You don't know what I'm talking about or did they get rid of this on the newer versions of the phone minds off minds of photo some lady. And she's got a kid. Wait. This is a family. But. Talk about your phone Dave I. Don't I'm not sure I want to anymore. I. Think this. Be went off the rails. An old phone or something nasty. Yeah. Dave has a nasty phone. I have the IPHONE nasty seven plus. And it has these APPs at the bottom. You can't get rid of and I was GONNA. Say Like Oh. What is everyone? Keep on the bottom other than the comedy central APP. But I think that might just be the nasty phone. All right first world problems guys got too many APPs. Yeah this. This is not a flex, Ifan sorry. This isn't. Hollywood flex book. It's a handbook and it's for advice in its for. And we WANNA help people in a lot of people out there saying, how do I? How do I phone love Find Romance. How do I do special talk about what a what a little bitch I am? Yeah I can I get somebody. Do a national special big. Audience and then just clown on my fucking. Happy meal asked all time. People want to hear that so a dream. Come true for me so the special. Are we sure? It definitely works. You've tested. Make sure it works because we don't want to direct people to it, and like it's not working or no I don't know if it works or not I. Do. You need to check that. Let me I can check and see if it were silence. Okay. I have no idea I decided letter. C. In auto completes such dot com slash. Many players slash. New Special Today. Let me see. It. Right now it is. It's not working right now. Okay, so that's not my problem, but they'll hear this and they'll get into it. But I you know I. WanNa say the other side of the coin. Not Everyone's GonNa obviously get a special done about them, but somebody might be saying. How can I meet someone I do all special clown on their fucking happy meal as the whole and I, get to do it. Get out in front of the audience. And just destroy them. Well he was originally in the special, but he wouldn't sign his release, so we had to cut him out. That's true. Well. I wanted to see if you guys money, because I'm a SAG after member I knew that if I were in it like. It I'm not been here for. Knocking to appear for just skin wasn't nonunion comedy central. That's the exactly and then I was gonNA say carries Hydros but you don't have to say. nonunion car is just on. Bateman comes down the chimney. Exactly arrest your ass. She is my first call. is. Walking no, no shocking, but it started talk. No I. Don't WanNa say to got something to say what I really don't please leave me on. If have some mistakes, say one word to interrupt than than disrupt the timing of the podcast and then back away, okay? Pay Roper likes it Yeah. I thought that was just a famous Chicago critic, but it's actually a famous national critic. Richard Roeper of Ebert and Roeper you thought was like just a Chicago Guy Yeah Yeah. Did you think uber it was just a Chicago guy? I did but. Now I now will liked Brittany Murphy and Roeper lights me so now I'm like Brady. Murphy Right. Out when the Jordan thing was airing and everyone could see. You were like I said this was Chicago Basketball Player. Like no, we actually we have access to it as well. You guys know about Obama. Don't you feel we'll I knew about him before you because I'm from Chicago before Hayes I doubt it. Before me. Don't you feel special that? When your city has like a thing that gets national attention and you're like I knew I. This episode about love I don't have Osama citizen of the world now, Hey! You do have to be careful with Rober. I do want. Obviously they calm that for. A reason. Stop. Yeah. Last sues Phillies, he does, and why they he's He's one of the most renowned gropers of phillies and the entire nation. And if you get too close. Go Rope you. So I wanNA talk about love. We want people to be able to show on that flex. We talked about that too much. Yes. That one, we can't talk about that anymore. He amount. We've talked about. It wins the coming out. The! Book about, let Laker episode by episode dissection of Love on Net flicks. yeah, The book is coming Ou-, God. Do you have the timing on this Kevin? I mean it's not like is a book. It's like tax dash like let's like the Taj is not like the same thing as A. It's like a show piece. Book like it's Tashin. We can bail on this bit and go to the love stuff if This is your love stuff, but the book is coming out. Next time I throw up. The high. You got your book because I will try to learn how to get a book practice. She means how to like buy one book. Auto? Okay, in a little bit of A. Lover's quarrel here obviously. That's part of it having a huge fight ed public. My dream number do. Screaming sometimes I'm like we're like out at a restaurant like let's fake fight right now. Really big, get big screaming me. Spit on you, but it's just. He's not the right partner for that, but as either of you ever want to go out, unlike Oh, casual lunch and do a fake fight. Make a big scene I won't do it kept, but I noticed some chemistry between yourself ship cabin earlier, and this was as we were getting set up, there was there were sparks and. Oldest Kevin Twenty seven. Okay Twenty Kevin. because. He is. He is twenty seven dresses. Just, who he right now Dave. You're awfully quiet. We have to talk about love the. Show, so we have actually a little bit of a primer. A lot of people don't really know what courtship and romance is. They just don't they haven't. Experienced it for themselves, which is sad, but not uncommon, and especially in our audience I think The majority of people would say that they don't know what. Dating Love Romance. Companionship are Do you have Yes, the prepared sort of Primer. This is from people at people on twitter so as Pretty reputable always people and it's how. Lin Manuel Miranda used rap to win over his wife. And, if people exclusive actor writer and Hamilton Creator Lin Manuel. Miranda is opening up about how he won over his wife. In Highschool Linden well was a self professed nerd. One day he noticed a stunning girl named Vanessa, but was too shy to talk to her. In fact, she was so shy that he says he made only exchange five words with her. By the time they graduated, it would take him another seven years to finally make things official with Vanessa and here's how he did it. In two thousand and five Limon Well Cincinnati, a facebook message. Message inviting her to check out this new freestyle hip hop group Freestyle Love Supreme as you do. He tried to talk to her. After the show, they connected stated touch, but it was a few months before they saw each other again when the NASA asked him out I. Love that you'd go. Vanessa Leeann well tells us. It must have been a strauss skills that impressed her which makes sense the thing that one Vanessa over happens to be the thing that made millions of people all over the world all in love with him to the so basically. That's dating so what I would ask you is, and this'll be helpful. I think for the audience knows like Dave. What was the main rap you did that? You felt really one esther over. An ESTER. What was it about? Dave's wraps that made you finally. Ask Him out well before we get into that I digital. WanNa say. Isn't it kind of weird? That rapping is so masculine, but then when you when you wrap on Broadway, it's actually kind of feminine. While I. I don't. Really feel comfortable with this. Avenue of discussion, okay, that's can just say that by myself and I'll I mean what I liked about. It is that it's gendered and problematic and it. A racial element to is the racial element, and it's also not what we were talking about, so I liked. I liked those aspects of it. I mean I guess we could dive into. Broadway's is very feminine. Well you know I think we're probably not gonNA. Touch St-. Okay well. We can move back to the other one, but I that's fine, and it's not even that it's like totally untouchable does seem a hundred percent worth it. Yeah I'd agree with that too I'd agree with that Dave. Why don't you just do the rap that you did? For me I can't I mean I wouldn't because here's the thing like you remember, so we met at as. Sean Hayes. Said we met. In the Green Room at Hollywood handbook. Esther was recording A. I don't know what episode was, and I was like waiting to record the next one. Just have their name in the title so. Data US recording the episode. That's probably what it was then. You guys and I was like this was like two, thousand, twelve or something and I was like. Oh Hey, I like saw her, and I was too scared, and then a center of facebook message later and invited her to come see wrapped. In the Green Room at Hollywood Hamburg when I was recording next time. At. What I did was I was like right down. Six words on different pieces of paper, and then all pull them out of the hat and start rapping about him. Yes, and I think esther you would exceed. That I basically slade and you were like. There's no way I don't want this man in my life and so I don't remember what the pieces of paper were. I do remember that I took the ones you wrote in tore them up and then just wrote. Words that were like good for me like for rapping like they all run and. You work your shirt. Remember you wore that shirt. That said I right. MR, right. Yeah I have a bunch of shirts that say Mr Right on them. W. R. A., but they also say I. write it, says Mr Right, and then Anita that's as revive right. and. That's what's and it's cool and like shore. saw that she was like okay. Who is this guy who writes well? I just liked that it was so embarrassing, and so that's what's hot for me is like. Not For my name hot for me, Clever is when a guy is so embarrassing and just absolutely willing to humiliate himself in rap, even though he is clearly not good at it not talented not hot at it, but it's like oh! Turn on her well. No, it's like! Oh, I won't be embarrassed for you doing this so then in the future. What won't you be embarrassed doing? You'll buy me my tampons you'll you know by me? My IPAD, my adult diapers one. Like you'll be buying those embarrassing things later when I need them, and that's how I know Oh. You're my Guy Tampons I. Remember that being one of the. Words words, you written down. Yeah, yeah, which is tough, the really the only where the Ryan's with it as crampons, but you use her mountain climbing well, so am this is just a little tip as because obviously I I don't know how you're in a relationship without like the rapping skills, but like did was like like she wants tampons. Maybe girl daughter cramps on that you. You can kinda use. That actually does not rive well. It's sort of a slant rhyme like it's close enough. When he says my baby girl, it actually makes me WANNA vomit EMOJI. It's awful, right? It's that and that's why I'm like okay. He makes me so sick to my stomach. That I wanted to vomit emoji. All over my house that I will be with him because. He makes me sick and you call him a pedophile at least once in the special. Is that correct Oh yeah, okay, so he yeah, but you know turned fence. This was before this was before. COMEDIANS are being accused of being pedophile and it was headed files were. Generating yes, a different time. It was only one of the most important things for the population at large to be accused of and not for people specifically in the comedy. The comedy World Yanic comedy world, so it's like understandable that she was doing it. It hasn't aged as well as you might think. Where at the time that it was written obviously like. Yeah, that were something very bad to be pro. You know like the. Bottom rung of the totem. Pole and like prison terms and The Society Somewhat Yeah Yeah do you want for me? I have a full face of fat and my face. Guys who like me are typically pedophile semi supposed to lie. Am I to lie. No comedy comes from what's true. That's. Yes. That's a book. Yeah, is that the book trying to get? The one book you WanNa buy. Not a book I WANNA I don't WanNa. Buy a ball. I could just explain most of it to you. You just said we wanted to do a whole podcast, said baked for you to buy a book. No, I would like you guys the Hollywood handbook to teach me how to write a book and get paid to do. It redid that once. Oh gallison did that with bj. No back. We wrote it on the show. Yeah, I can do a wrap. Day was mean earlier about me. Being able to Ram, not gonNA actually. Wrap it, but I could say one. Away. So I am of course. I am married to Karen Moss. She is not married. To me, it is a new. Version of a relationship for twenty twenty. Couples do not have to be always married Oh, the wife, Oh because the man is married to the wife. The wife also has to be married to the man. Is this the rap now? It's context I'm explaining. This is the leader of the rap, and if I could do my. Sorry I know, we had an argument a little bit and I want to hear Hayes rap, but just the tampons thing. Do. You think this is a rhyme. Hayes because I know, you didn't like got cramps on, but what if I did and just before I even say this line and Esther comeback. Astor. I'm here before I. Even say the No, you're not I want to be clear so that no one gets upset that I am referring to to my booty. Baby, girl wants tampons. Booty big enough to camp on. Oh, say on's say Camp on Camp Ons. That's the okay, sorry, sorry. Okay your booty. Go ahead enough. Your? Big after Cambodia big enough to campaigns, I loved. So go ahead and do explain your relationship. There's like three or four more minutes of sort of I. Don't know I remember exactly how to start from the beginning. A rolling stone. Gathers no moss. So I'd better stop rolling. Because I'd like to gather like a boss. Eat that Moss until I have my fell. And now it's time for me to take the blue pill. The pill is. By grow. Bad more and that's made. I was doing it. Oh Sean added a little something I liked that. John I was just saying that's the rap that made her want to let you marry her yeah! But Her, but not her dad's so. Yes, that's a wrap that. Made her want to make me marry her. Yes. Interesting. Though are we married? No, am I married her. Yes, here's my ring. Does she wear one? No, she wears earrings different. How long have you been married to her? I have been married to her on and off for. When did revolutions come out two thousand three? Two, thousand seven and now. Year today. I was expecting a different answer after you one year in terms of like complete. Three hundred, sixty, five three hundred sixty five days today. Cumulative Days Yeah. We count the off time in our. We don't all the time, yeah. We include the time before we. Started dating to because that's off, so we do so can I tell you, so you were technically dating her when she was a baby then. Yeah, absolutely, that's the part that I'm the most into. Dave tell them about how we started dating in two thousand and one on. Right after September eleventh tell tell us all right. Okay, so when I was at with Rosie Initially, oh. So when I was in eighth grade, I went to on this trip to new. York with my dance teacher and it was really a formative I saw Broadway plays I took dance class. Anyway, that's for what's important. Is that this at this time? Dave was also living in New York, so he was it. wasn't having a job yet. He was just out of college and had no job was very sad and doing sad sad things, and I was there as anchored, or we were both in the same city at the same time, and that's when we consider that. We started dating because we could've walked past each other on the street. Could have the first time that we theoretically it is dated, so we assume that we did for that Short period of time you could have brushed against each other a an unemployed twenty year old. Yeah, this is so many ugly Manuel Vanessa, where like no. They weren't dating, but in a way their relationship goes all the way back exactly when he was a self described nerd in highschool. No and just to be clear we. Also include the time before that like back to the dawn of time as when we were gambling an all time moving forward, but in terms of like. But we say also that could have been the first time that we. Met Each Other while we were David right but I. Feel like every morning when I wake up, I meet him all over again. I feel yes. I feel the same way, and it's partially because Esther has the fifty first state, but it's also like just because we really love each other I, think and when I go to sleep I, forget. Everything I know so. I relented every day like fifty per states. Allen let you guys talk. Hey guys. Having clothes that fit just right can be a huge confidence booster hurricane indochino started on the belief. That custom clothing shouldn't cost a fortune, and that's obviously true and. The like the company I will say in the company has not done anything wrong. No, the company actually provides a great service I. 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Evolution Online, DOT COM. Yes, yes, sleeping. Online. boy boss doesn't really do any of those thing or publishes content, and I guess it showcases were no definitely. A lot of work goes into these posts. They're very creative very imaginative, and there's all kinds of content on there or one kind of content on there to enjoy in the time since we reserve pictures of distance just remarkable pictures of it has become it. Pictures of animals and animal ranking site first pets, then all kinds of animals. People. Would rank the animals. Then it became more focused on what the animals liked I guess, and and and it became about the animals liking. And one actor in particular Mr. Vince Vaughn. They have really turned on Vince. Since the last ad we did. okay so all bad at all. The in all the photos the animals were thinking about Vince Vaughn thought Dole and all the. People, were man Vince. You've been Vaughn I. You know. I've been. Horny for the first time. What stuff a while it was stuff like that. And I. I think it's great that people were expressing themselves in this fun creative way. They do not like Vince anymore. The animals now are planning I. Don't think it's anything he did and I hope it's not anything I did. You don't think he did anything to to turn the animals on him, but now the posts have become fairly sinister and they are planning. To. KIDNAP AND Harm grievously harm. K. One of America's stars at the silver screen so now this is I just want to make clear this. These are not hosted. By animals, these are people posting pictures of animals. Obviously, if you're just looking at the screen, you, you cannot tell because it is an image of an animal at least. At least the poster at for now has been purporting to be the animal and saying this is what they want or this is what they're planning so. I you know not up to me. 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Another gentleman myself but I still see her all the time. Because I do. Pull my big ASS pickup odd to the front lawn of her house and I shined bright and I drink about. Five Hundred Beers and and I throw them. At the porch and sometimes I fall asleep on the horn. And it doesn't wake me up. so I do still see your, and she's really I actually honestly as cool and beautiful as ever, but the rap that I initially. What are over with? Was You know? I was an advantageous position similar hayes where he noticed that Moss. Like is a thing. As well. Like the last name yeah of the girl. With Stephanie Graf so yeah, actually Dave I just WanNa say by wife is a woman. Okay that's cool. Book and mine, too, and I said, and and so I thought like graph. Math stuff and I was like okay like. But it's dating and I went. I'm I'm with graph at the bar and and you can check the charts. Staying Sharp and target like we're throwing darts. He's like. This is rap. Like cupid with his era when he shoot my heart's. And And And And other and other parts WHOA. Okay cupid shot other parts of in this case. Cuba China a lot of different shawn's part right When you guys air this, are you Kevin GonNa lay down like a sick. The underneath these wraps or well then how it is lay down, probably not the ones that you interrupted in the middle of them. Okay. That's smart. That Brian. A Little Bit Yeah I love that he was so nasty, but then when nastiness came for me, I no longer wanted to be a part of it when some guests are. Do you like them? They're. The guests, which ones who are you thinking of? What just any that you might lead, they might help it instead of heard it guests that we like. Kevin you probably got the list. Kevin's kind of the in house historian. What guests that you like Kevin Little Trivia any guests. That were good weird. AL helped it. Okay, yeah, helped. And also offered us Tickets take a show afterwards. That was really nice free tickets. You guys go yeah Hell yes king. Okay! We have free tickets for you. Wow to what? To Dave's battle. The Yard, pandemic friendly rap battle. Against Kevin for my love. While I'm a little nervous about it, but I think that's GonNa like. Give it in extra sort of charge for people who come and watch it. Yeah, because the states are quite frankly high like I'm learning every minute just how high they are, and so I think it's like I'm to be very motivated to win, but also pretty bad at wrapping the idea of reminding of of you meeting each other a every day. Reminding me so much of Palm Springs in that reminds me. Wendy you all plan on announcing that you have seen and that you liked it So I missed the first way. Okay, so it's a good question so like. I didn't get a screener for it so obviously. I was out I couldn't do the tweets that were like hey. I got to see this and it's amazing. Yeah, and I thought about trying to get in like the very first wave opening weekend and be like. Night, up hits who you're watching boom, everybody, check this out I'm on new hotness like. That's cool, but you missed that. I missed that and I did watch it opening weekend I did really enjoy it, but obviously that's not relevant like the question is. When do you get Wendy? Sad. Man, we get credit for that so i. have a I like obviously. I've been taking about it and. My latest thought, which is a little crazy is like wait till award season and be like hey like. Do People like we always talk about how comedies are overlooked. Let's me real like Andy and kristen gave like phenomenal performances. Why aren't they in the Congress and I? Agree with all that like that like that is a cool time to jump in, but obviously you guys know my take well. Just tell the audience so that they're reminded us what the PODCAST is for should have been called tree. and. It's a hot take. It's blazing hot. That is because they don't go to Joshua Tree in the movie the movie. I love watching it. But when I think about the title, I, go, US. Call this baby Joshua Tree. Right because it's. Because it's close to Joshua, tree, but in palm springs in because there's none of the music from that seminal fame. As. Asked her. When are you GONNA announce Dave? Why don't you tell them what by announcement plan? What would I did? Well after a different way, which is, she hadn't seen it, but announced any way that she liked it on. was sort of like the I have loved now. That was bad too. I know that the producers produced my show, so that's what you do. Don't walk and you stamp of approve. Can we get the exact language? I believe I said. This is a great poster and a great movie. Something like that and then tagged Okay, I think. You weren't tied of subtly indicating that you hadn't seen it by the postal. Was your favorite part of it so the poster, I? Sometimes we don't even know what we're telling people. What with our actions Mitzner, alert, national and Listrik. Didn't you love the poster I? Did I loved all? I'll. Mobile Really Fun, so for people who have seen the movie. People tend to think about the movie more than the poster. Once you've seen the movie and I am not everybody well, not everyone, but again like it's hard. You haven't seen the movie, but only seeing the poster to Kinda. Like compare the two because there's a little more about it. What's hard about it at all? You have to see the Sure I mean you wouldn't understand. You haven't seen the movie, but you still sell sorry day if I something no, no, no, no, no, no, Dave! Here's something they don't. Doing this Dave Dave, we are not doing this. I work in Hollywood. Okay, so when a movie comes out does not matter what you think about it. Do you understand so? Why do I watch it? I don't I just tell people that it was good because I want to work with the people who made the movie I. Don't need to watch. It I. Don't need to have an opinion i. just need to let the world know that I liked it I only need no one thing about people who made a movie. and. That's that they made a movie. Well Esther I think so. This is instructive, actually because I totally agree with you and I wasn't didn't mean to imply at all that you should even see the movie before commenting on it, but my point was at I think Sean Hayes for getting this. If you're going to like talking about the poster, instead of just the blatant lie of Ice Up Palm Springs, and I loved it. It's amazing, everyone see. It almost suggests that you hadn't seen the movie. When that was not your intention, your intention was to just fall on lie about having seen it which I fully support, and it's almost like you pulled your punch a little. So in the future and I'll help you in the future. It's something we can work together There's probably like some other comedies coming down the pipe that are going to be important for. This is almost kind of a rap. Doing I'm sure have. Turned on just listening to me, he's disagree with her point out the ways in which she's misunderstanding things where your rear wrong because Luke. Did you ever see that thing that Sean Hbo where the Guy At the end he goes. I killed them. All of course didn't see it was great. See how he did that. Jinx. Yes, we're talking about James. Say I. I was going to say that the same time. Did you watch that together? We. We dead and my point is that you tell them all. Right? I was asking everybody. Me Did you see Sean Yeah. Do, we all agree by the way that the pandemic and the zoom setups has been such a blessing for comedy in terms of timing, and in terms of getting everyone like it, instead of like being in the same room and breathing down each other's next. There's that little split second pause. Race face where. Yeah you you talk, and then someone else starts to talk, so you stop, but then they give you room. It's that sort of like awkwardness and discomfort in the sound of like esther going through papers right now, which I was just like also growing up all of that together. It's like we're going to look back on this. We start working in actual route like writers rooms again and stuff we're going to be like. Why are we just zooming? It was. Like it had me on edge all the time I never knew to jump in and win to make a joke. When did not can I pick something for the instagram post? So it's not my show but Sharia astor. Are you here? Okay? She's back. Okay what if you do like a mash up post of two movies and it's like palm spring breakers. As, so it kind of implies that you've seen it, but it's also like an amazing joke. I WANNA to be clear. I have a bit about that already, so I don't think I stole it from. You I feel like I should just get out of the way and let Estrin Kevin lives our lives to get. That was magic man I mean she scavenged about rap and you can just feel. Feel it, and that's really the the sort of like. When the male peacocks breads his plumage, yes, but their vibe I wonder if it is a result of kind of the fluidity of the Zoom format has to be that. Have you to admit over zoom? You might have this kind of connection, but you won't have that opportunity at it because you met in New York when she was fourteen. The. the I think. The summer of nine eleven is out. With. The fall uh-huh. those are heady days eighth grade. I want us. I I think is. More like thirteen thirteen. Maybe! There's something. Maybe there's a mash up here. I'm just GONNA Trust and trying to be like Kevin the Esera like me, but maybe there's a match up of the movie eighth grade and the Ulverston nine eleven movie that Esther can do about her personal life World Grade Center. World Grade Center. Esther d like fee. Maybe At this is, this is not as good, but maybe it's. Why is six afraid of seven because eighth grade nine eleven. That can be cute children's book I feel. Yeah good. Special is still not working. It says the the file. Is corrupted. Files sick. That's bad. It's not like it's not like the stream or something like the actual file. Guy Do something to the file of your Special I. Mean I made that? Maybe my standup is so good. It's corrupt defile defile. I don't know. Seems Unlikely throw a bed? Comedy central isn't really network anymore so that it's kind of. It's kind of unclear for everybody how to find it. People keep calling Netflix special, so it's not right. No, it's not netflix past. It's kind of like a go cash. Thing is what it is. You're trying to get people. It's missed like if you can find the special than you're like one of the luck cracks. Yeah, I, think. Are you guys getting reimbursed for comedy central defrauding you. What did you mean I got an email the other day? That said they were going to give me a little money because they didn't pay me enough. And they really sued, and now they have to pay me. Someone sued them on my behalf. Let's drift for what for what show they didn't say. Wow could have been nixed worsens. Pretend time have been big lake. Right we don't know. Wow. Hadn't heard about this. So. That's all that happened to me. No one asked me what was going on with me, but just. I was not CC`ed. Nice Oh, that's so that is clever and fun comedies Andrew, so Kevin, you do, arap, and then we can go rapper that man I rap, the first one hundred digits of Pi. Three point one, four, five, point, zero, zero, three, nine, one, three, four, seven, six, nine, one, hundred, two, three, four, five, hundred, hundred, hundred is one of them, yeah! One zero zero and that's kind of might spin on it to him. He's kind of you guys. You know Mike Kaplan yeah sure. Yes, that's yeah. I know you do cavity all listen to hard and firm. With Chris with hardback. Yeah, I guess I. Don't know that Guy's name I I know the other one, but your affirmed guy. and are you? Cool with for eating during the PODCAST, or how do we feel much better weather? Than leaving to file paperwork. That's what you need is up in Annaborough I've decided that I've been to annoying and I'm not going to talk anymore, kids. Hey. Nobody thinks you're annoying. What but? You seem uncomfortable on the show and you're so scared of the show and the show is just here to be friends with you. We all want to laugh and have fun and everyone just it's a normal podcasts where you get on. You pretend the relationship is not what it actually is. People Make Fun of you, and then you're forced to do a rap on the spot. It's not like it's I. Don't understand what is so nerve wracking about that and then also people hear it. And then make jokes about it to you on social media. About your personal relationship? I sometimes years, and they misunderstand elements of it. What's not to love about that? That's what we're saying. Why wouldn't you put yourself in that spot? esters trying hard to get right now and I know this stirred. It reminds me of Lake when we first started dating and I probably had to wrap three or four thousand times before she would like actually agree to go out on a date with me well, she asked you out we actually. She asked me out. That's right. Governess. When you follow the Lin Manuel method, it will work, you will break them down eventually one hundred percent of the time, yeah! Miranda. Yeah, Miranda! You are i. t s well I. You have to study the Lin-manuel and then you get your Verandah rights. As their. What's the most expensive people can watch your show? Yeah, the most expensive way might be a purchase on itunes or Amazon and the least expensive is wait for August second. It'll be in front of the paywall on what on the comedy central APP. On Youtube now, no, no, no, not you to. Unless you're Youtube TV, but that's John. was saying earlier. That's not something that he is able to I. Don't know I can't see it. Comedy Central Album allowed to have no southbound, no beavis and butthead. T I thought. Well Viacom you said earlier that comedy central's not even a network, but I just got to ask them. How come they're doing to new seasons, Beavis and Butthead, surely not if it's supposed to be saying that that show, my special is like a really pretty girl. Right like when you want a pretty girl, you can just be like. Hey, you. WanNa Burger you gotTA. Rap Three Thousand Times so, that's my special. It's hard to get you. Don't you have to earn my special? You can't just watch it. Can you tell us a line that maybe Dave doesn't even remember that he wrapped to you. That actually made you like believe Whoa. This dude is actually my gladiator absolutely. My name is Dave and I sleep apnea and our Freitas. and. My name's Dave. Dave is Dave and I have sleep apnea. I'm. So tired, but I'm still. GonNa. Wrap up for. That really was the one where like I saw her smile for the first time. And she was exhausted from listening to me, but I saw just like the hint of a smile now like I am in, and then he just started then just research Kevin's life just started rapping facts about him, and pretending that I was Kevin Yup. What's Lake smooth sailing unknowing. Cyrano in this spewed a romance. Having from NAPERVILLE C-PAP of the RAPA. Get a room heavens from Naperville Jesus unfortunately I I did watch Astor's special last night and As actually made it hard for me to do the show. In some ways, and maybe you feel that a little bit that it has felt a little stilted, because she says right up top in the special that she does not like the word, Horny but often what we're discussing on this program is horning. You can feel us kind of and also actually that word aster is the reason all of us are alive so before you don't you're? Horny energy, it doesn't need to be that word to describe it okay well. It's working pretty well so far, so yeah, you can argue seven billion people in the world. It could work better got us this far. Everything could be better. That's kind of the message of the special, isn't it? Everything of the special could be better, but I didn't want to. that. Well Goodbye.

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