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And good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. This is Mike, and this is Mike Dell's world, and this is not a test up Assode sorry about that little test Assode yesterday, but at test something, and I'm actually testing something today too. So this won't be a really long episodes either. But I figured I'd give you a proper episode or at least a proper short one. Can't really tell you what I'm testing and what I tried to test yesterday, which by the way was unsuccessful. So you noticed that up Assode has been removed from the feed now listening on Spotify. It's probably still there. But otherwise, it should be gone. And if it isn't gone, well, so be it. But what I was testing yesterday did not work, and that's okay. I probably be testing again. But I think I'll use a different feed for the for the next test on what I was testing. As what I'm testing today is artwork. So I'm going to have two different episode artworks in the feed. So I'm going to have one embedded in the MP three file, which I will have a I don't know what I'll put in there. I'll put something to to denote that that was from the. Eighty three tags in the MP three file, and then I'll have another one that's gonna denote that it came from the R S feed. So if you guys want to participate in my test, look at this episode on your device while you're playing it and tell me which of three images, you see do you see the one from the ID three tags? Do you see the one from the RSS feed or do you just see the plain old Mike Dell's world logo that's on every other episode? So anyway, it'll really help me out to figure out what goes where and in what apps do they work seems to be a topic of conversation. A lot amongst new podcasters for some reason, they wanna go through the extra work of doing that as you know, with me, I'm I'm I'm a lazy podcast or when it comes to all this. Stuff. I want to set it up once and not have to deal with it. Then when I record I just record when I'm done. I just upload when I'm done uploading. I just hit publish and then I'm just done. I don't wanna have to think about it so much, but since that is my business as well as my. A hobby. I have to learn stuff. So what better way than to actually try it out? So like, I said if you could just shoot me, a note one way or the other and tell me which piece of artwork you see for this particular episode episode three oh, eight of Mike. Dell's world. So not much has happened. It's three oh seven because that wasn't too long ago to weather's been interesting here we've had four and a half inches of rain since I don't know probably last four days something like that today. It's not raining, and it's not supposed to rain anymore today or any today. But man, we got just hammered. But funny thing was we were about four and a half inches short for the summer since June. I guess and so we made it up so right on track with normal rainfall. And normally the fall is wetter than the summer. So we'll see if we catch up and surpass but definitely four and a half inches of rain in such a short amount of time. They're still puddles around a little bit. And everything is certainly greened up. I'm gonna have to mow the. Alone. Even but should only had to do a couple of times this year. Just because it's been so, you know, so dry. It's the lawn looks fine. It's just wasn't been growing very fast. So. That's the way it is. But yeah, sorry for for the short episode, but I'm gonna cut this off about five minutes here and get a real episode out. When I when I test the other thing I was testing I will put out a full episode of oh, twenty thirty minutes. Anyway. As then I'll be able to maybe I'm not gonna be able to tell you what it is. But you might be able to figure it out one way or the other. So anyway with that at a record in episode of your podcast by blueberry this week. My guest host it's gonna be Sean Thorpe from our support team. So that'll be interesting Todd's on sinement. So we're gonna be recording that that'll be out Monday. We wish record early and then it goes out on on Monday morning sometime usually early, but sometimes delayed depending, but anyway, so yeah, check that out over at power press podcast dot com. And I won't bore you with more instrumental music that piece of music I played yesterday. It was called if I had a chicken, and it's from the YouTube creators library, so you know, it's free for all type music. But anyway. Yeah. Won't do that again. At least not anytime soon. Hey, we made it to six minutes. Catch me later.

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