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Acids intended for mature audiences, the views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partners, sponsors or affiliates enjoy. This is Michael Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people. Let's get ready. For boxing voice. Hey Daddy. This adult was. nope. The Input of. Watch me. Under! Hostile. Relations. Compaq into no big deal. And you're fighting. Trump. Active Tables. Have the end of the day. My Actions Dot Com. Signal. Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another breaking news addition as Marie. He'll soon lamont drops. A bomb owned well defense. Can. The loaded glove. Allegations are ridiculous. Sad irresponsible. The WB slams. The wildest team will get into all the details. He obviously had an interview with Sky Sports. In, both cases breaking news. Reseal! Bomb. I was there before and after the fight. I saw the kind rops I saw them with the son. I was in the rain when they came into the rain and I was sitting right there during the fight. A No moment in either fight I saw anything that would look. Suspicious whatsoever. After the fight. They take the gloves. Kinda to the commission. Is your something. WHOA WHOA WHOA little bit at a time. Let me add on to some co host. Get this thing started talking a little bit boxing. You know the number to call in one four to five, five, six, nine, fifty to forty one press one time voice your opinion here. Don't forget. You can add to absorb skype. Let's go. Chapman indefinite. Alexander Heath no Alabana Beth. has never been to now. Conspiracy continue or are they really? Or can we present a case of long-term? Glove Gate Abuse. I don't know we're going to discuss some of the stuff because Maurice. That, he was present for a lot of this. But before we get into it, my mask supermax back from the ashes. Back like John Wick happy to have you healthy front, would it? Be. Looking. Yoyo, what's up is good to be back. TV has been a minute Yemen glove game more controversy Maurizio Soon Lamont saying it's all rubbish. dammit pretty much. Can condemning the camp for what they got to save member. Let's get into Atlanta. See what's going on. That's what I meant. What up what up supermax I mean look sky. Sports did an interview with real. Sue them on what we were hoping. took place. You know. I guess that is a win, right? We gotTA accept our small wins as well as the big wins. In what I mean by that is yesterday. We were still scratching our head. How mainstream media hadn't touched this? You Know Mario gave his reasons as why he thought mainstream media didn't such an eye obviously express why I felt like at this point. They should be picking up on. Boxing scene reported. And Sky Sports reported, and that was because both Tyson. and. Mauricio Suleyman had something to say so. It's a little bit different when you think of Sky Sports. It's not titled. Tyson fury's glove allegations instead it's it's more like Tyson fury. gets backed by the WBZ WBZ backs fury over ridiculous glove claims, so it's getting the coverage, but it's. Painting a narrative. Hey, don't believe these ridiculous claims. Check this out, but it still getting the coverage, so I'm not sure if this is good or bad. Or probably nothing at all. I mean look Obviously, there's a lot of people still feel strongly about this. And I. Really didn't never never went back and really look at trying to you know investigate this. Kind of took it for what the fights. Were recent you know while the one and two, and and you know and that one fight where he had the thumb, you know discrepancy on his glove and you know the the referee came over and made it right, but I went back got some videos, and just like lightly still into this quote Unquote Investigation of Club Gate Right, private Pi Dumi so. As got the video I've given him the time stamps and. Two separate videos that I've so far. looked into and there's a couple of. Couple of fights where the glove looks funny. taped up to high bent hyper-extended so it's like it's a matter of. Not Not necessarily getting all this information, and then saying that he did do it for that particular fight, but like I just saw too many too many things. That's farthing. Look Kinda. Odd So I. Don't know if it's a matter of F- weights. Happen Or just the type of glove, or even my own theory that had ripping into the glove as you're fitting it in I. Don't know, but I'm starting this. Maybe this is more like something like the way he fits in his glove. Maybe combined with something else. where he he kind of rips into the glove, and is able to you know. Put his his knuckles into the upper part of the letter that. All again conspiracies according to you know I was miss about the say. How could you rip into a pair new gloves though like? At least need a razor. No my theory was okay. The inside of the glove right when you slip on a glove and the palm is facing you right the knuckles on the other side so when I'm fitting it in if there was a glove that was made where the stitching is light enough where it could pass inspection, Specter's can check the stitching. It's all right. Everything's in place, but when they go ahead and fit the glove. Tyson could just dig his hand and rip into it, but you know this all goes along to where where we're now Marie saying that the gloves are collected and it goes to the commission so. I mean for me to stay in behind. That theory would mean that a lot of people would be involved. No, because if you rip a into a glove. It's going to be noticed by somebody if it's going straight back to the commission. So I. Don't know if it's more of something. the way he fits his glove I. Mean I noticed that he got some finger injuries I know those. Are you know normal in boxing? So I don't know where he got that front, but It just the gloves to look hyper-extended in those time stamps that I gave you and that's early on in his career so I don't know I, guess you guys, the judges and seeing those images and seeing what you can collect from it. Well let me bring everybody up to speed for those who don't know where obviously discussing Tyson Fury's denial of the glove tampering claims Tyson took to social media yesterday and made a video denying any claims of. With his gloves and Now the WBZ President Marisha. Sue on who has come out to back Tyson fury has described the allegations as ridiculous. So. Let me give you some quotes obviously. We, are. We're so says. Fiori, obviously you know. He took to his social media and made a video and engage kind of his. Version of. What took place and why? Wilder felt the way that he felt. I, remember him talking about punches to the temple and. Being a two hundred and seventy five pound. Man But I. Do have the Audio. Going in and out there supermax. And this is just a quick video address all this. Foul play talk from Walden's tame. Distraught an article befalls a some blunt objects in my office yet to big nineteen stonesevent children's seventy five pound stress. In H, both so yeah, getting punched. The temple made it up to you, but you know nonetheless deontay wilder training. J. D. as was in on the conspiracy, his wall along with all the Las Vegas State Commission guys. Never left that yeah room jade is in the room. Wide dropped examined him. He was no one avenue gloves Paul examined. Yeah and everybody else was in the ring. Don't leave you. We all notice so everybody citing foul play. BOCCE! Next time how Dentin ISA boxing career ended because they obey to knockout losses in a row by by forever. Al.. Obviously. He's a legend like if this was true. then. Jd would have to be in on it now. If you remember Marcelo's wildest posts, he does claim that a team member. You know chose money. Over being loyal that being said Marisha Shula. Mine had his own response to the claims and he was interviewed by Sky Sports and. Mauricio had this to say so. Let me get to that. In both cases, there were at least three inspectors on each dressing room. I was there before an after the fight. I saw the ten rops I saw them with a glove son. I was in the rain when they came into the rain and I was sitting right there in the fight a no moment in either fight I saw anything that would look. Suspicious whatsoever. after the fight, take the gloves there handed to the commission, Is your something. that the it's very. because. Try to take away something from a huge victory, one of the greatest nights of sport in the then three at could try to put a blemish on that the event. So. so the audio cuts there, but the quote goes on to say it's so. We're responsible and stupid. It should not be given any consideration now. I wonder if he's talking simply of the allegations and he himself has not gone on to view any of the photos or video any of the evidence that. Alexander claims now you want me to go to the video that is called top ten Tyson fury knockouts. Yeah and the first time stamp. You're saying one fifty, four or fifty five. would. You got one fifty five? Yeah. Right all right, so let me go to that me about the tickets to school the see. can we do here? Dome. Why you do that as I gotta say I mean honestly. If you're ratio, you don't want your champion. being labeled as a cheater will think that's kind of where I'll say he comes into play on it I mean the WBZ champion is the ultimate representation of your. Of Your You know. So basically you're insinuating that he's supposed to back fury. I think that's a big part of it. I mean I know he's had a close relation louder, but like I said you know what especially at A. Boxing Organization like as big as the WBZ you know you. You don't want to attain champion. You don't WanNa. Look like you guys are just openly and actively support of cheating. Controversy with the French chasse titles and things of that nature over the last year so I think they don't WanNa pile on anymore to what's already been. All Right? So what are we looking at at one fifty five a? When are we supposed to see this big piece of evidence that you're presenting? So just. Do you have the actual tax timestamps? Pre. I have the tax. Right, on the first one fifty five. You can read exactly what's going on. I. Put the note right next to the Times the brother. It's an audio podcast. I'm doing the video. Go ahead and tell us else. Can you want to do it all right cool? Cuckoo Cuckoo I mean normally you do it, so don't look at me like I'm playing the video. But what are we supposed? This is your evidence. What am I looking for? Probably that's why not therefore you want me to speak on it. I will. That's why I left a note there. You. Get it! No, you don't just stand there chill. All right one fifty five roller tape taking. Left of looks, floppy and wrinkly worn all right. Let's look at on which one is. Is the left of higher. You okay, so with the green shorts or you're talking about the one millisecond at fifty five. Where does an uppercut? The arm. The left arm is down this arm. When he's wearing black shorts. Are you on the one fifty five mark. Christ, if I, tell you to go to one fifty five. And! He's the guy in the ring with the black shorts. Guy Says yes tight security with the black shorts. Jesus. You done. When I press play Dumi. It's going to quickly changed to another fury. That's why we're making sure you're talking about the scene with him in black, not the scene with him in Green. This is your video. I'm just trying to help you. Show it to the people. It's a quick time. Stan, fifty five and he does switch over to another fights back, so we're only focusing on the black. At this moment right spe- yes. One. That clear because look. How fucking facet goals and I've done it three times. You just pension. What the Hell Am! I looking at what am I looking at? Tell your starting there. This is where it starts. Start making it a big deal. Just play the tape. One fifty five left love. It's down. It switches over quickly. It's going to over many fights and many scenes where the gloves look funny. This is the beginning so now. What I'm asking is the next scene. Are we still looking at the left glove? No is just this scene from this fight. The next fight is going to be another seven in. That's less than four seconds though Chen. Look, it's cool. It's only building up. And in this particular. Shot at fifty five. What Rome do you see with the glove? Now fifty five right? You thought you were going to let it play so that people could catch the glove down the fifty-six. Dumi stop saying i. told you already I. Let it play three times. This is going to be the fourth I keep all right back. Should improve because now. We're having very a lot of trouble communicating. 'cause a little alterative right now. Look Pillay at one fifty five. Fifty, six fifty seven. You can see the glove now if you WANNA freeze frame one fifty-seven freeze frame. Look at the left glove freeze framing. We're we're freeze that one fifty seven. K, do, you see the left glove down I. See the left glove down I see it worn and beat up frankly. Barely! Okay. That's just not wanting to to to agree. It's wrinkly all right supermax. Global. I'm with this I. It's it looks a little worn, but not okay fine all right? That's your opinion. We can move onto the next time. Stan seven, fifty eight. Left glove taped up to high. Way Too, high, and we'd have to bring in a trainer. Obviously, that could bring us into that world where he could tell us. How are you really allowed to tape your glove? So you look at time. Samson fifty eight left club up too high I feel like that's us just to stabilize the wrist more in Oh from the floppiness. To avoid the glove looking flopping mcgann, that's just in theory, but it does look taped up to high. And you could freeze. FRAME IT ON A. By a forty one. Because you know again, I was just giving you a couple of seconds so that you wouldn't the pass it. On his on there. Okay. You got a forty. Forty one, forty! One is on the floor. Right now if you look at it at eight, thirty nine I guess as he's falling, you see the way he tries to brace himself. Normally you would try to brace yourself with your palms of your hands. He avoided at all costs and literally brings it up and tries to Stiffen Armagh. You see it no. I saw when he when he hits the when he hits the floor after he takes that right hand. And a forty I guess is when he literally on the floor eight forty. One is probably when he's right on the floor. But it doesn't show him getting back just swarmed in the floor. And it's harder to see this in the freeze frame, right? That's why I wanted you to play from eight thirty nine to forty one. Plan the. Plan? The plan and it doesn't show him enough. It just goes from the drop to him punching Steve Cunningham in the stomach. No, what? You don't see him getting up. What I'm saying is when he gets knocked down when he gets not because down usually when you fall on your, but you're trying to brace yourself with your hands. That's my. That's what I'm trying to. Make an argument here, normally a person. We try to brace themselves as they're falling. He doesn't do that. He Avoids Break Yes. Yes, he kind of fell with his elbows. I see what you're what you say what I'm saying a supermax like you have to really put on your you know detective, Pi Glasses and really look at it like that, not just in a dismissive man. You got to really look at what I'm trying to make you see so supermax. You got it. I I. Did kind of awkward father very awkward. Right so I. Don't know if that's what is it all right now? That's the next one. No I, did you? Did you have anything to say on it? I was just GonNa say what? I guess what is it that you are proving with this? They tried to avoid bracing itself, so his glove went and looked so hyper-extended back as he landed on it. So being installed. This is the floppy glove you know situation if I don't want nobody to see that I have a floppy as glove, but I'm so conscious of it. He. Kinda goofy the same way on the first knockdown. So then doesn't like the brace himself with his left hand, because I got another time stamp where he's adjusting his shorts and he avoids Fan. Go where we go now. The next one is in. Time, Stan Eighth Fifty two. And, that's just it has nothing to do with his glove, but you see how he legally scrape Steve Cunningham space and hits them with a right hook for the KO. Right anything else any other time stamp. Yeah you got time. Stand nine eighteen. And again you can see. The tape is too high on up on the left glove. And the other time stamp when I mentioned the same thing, it was on both gloves and this one. It was only one club where they taped it. When they taped it high. And what you mean by? It goes all the way up towards not not towards the bottom towards your elbow. It goes up all the way up to high of the glove. Like towards the elbow towards thorson uncles towards the knuckles. Oh, you mean taping it down. Yes, swords the acting compacting that leather. You know what I'm saying. Anything else on this video. No, the the next video was the one that says the British Tyson future world champion is when he fought Zeller. And the only thing well, I had a couple of things, but the first thing that he avoids the glove touch. Them. And what does that mean not listen? I'm just putting things that I saw that relate to I, mean. An with jet and again this go ahead supermax. Others say what the glove touching thing I've heard a lot of fighter saying that moment. There they're not interested in touching gloves. A lot of people would just stick the hand out. Okay I'm. GonNa show you, but I'm not just going to show you a glove, touch and again everybody that's probably crucify me right now in the UK and this is just ostriches that I've made that. I think that need some looking into what time stamp in the second video. So the second video you can go to time stab. In, the very beginning where he where he avoids. The the glove touch so right roll the video from beginning then, yeah, right from the beginning, you could see the boys the glove touch. Howdy avoid glad he's the one that hit the gloves. Is it another fight. You're on the British future champion. He slammed look looking. He slams his hands on the Bellas gloves. Your that mantle exists like Lou. Dibella Lord have mercy. Why are they doing there? Look he literally pounds on them up boom to fist to fist palm barnum. Hold on. Let me get you the actual type steps. Why is that Lou or is that Dan away in there? So the left like, he wanted to cousins in their next. Set you a couple of videos on all right there we go. That's definitely. This is definitely the British Tyson. Fury Future, world champion. Second to thirty six. Yeah Goethe time stamp to thirty six. Just. Make sure I'm doing the right one. Yeah we heard all that chant. What are we looking at? Me Second. With the jazz about it I'm all the way through thirty nine now. called. At big fail. Now. It's not the epic fail. Man is that you know what I'm saying. We we didn't couldn't coordinate properly. I guess throughout the people but I I let me say this. I'm going to your timestamps, g. you mean you don't got the right Tom. Sawyer. You got the top ten Tyson fury knockouts again. We just went through those. All right so the next one was uses right hand to adjust his shorts every time. Okay, yeah, so in that video were Mark Zeller. See the thing is. We would have to go through it. I didn't get those time stamps he he's just constantly adjusting his shorts and not using this left hand, right. And then. The fight with Alexander. Zelin that I put that in there for you. That's the one where I just broke everything down. That has like five timestamps. Or sets put it in now. Yeah I'm, sending FEARY. Tyson not doubt that ball headed dude as Marcel. That's not Alexander. I'm so just. Talking about the link. Yeah the link I'm sending right now, I. Had through, sorry. They get that kind of straight I. Let me just say I think all this is going to be great promotion of for the third fight. Though I think this third fight can definitely. Be built great off with all this controversy and you have one side. A lot of what happened here is a wildest fans have polly helped? Vilify him in some people's eyes, so there's going to be people tune in to see moves. There's going to be people tune in to see him. get his redemption is like a slight next, said yesterday on the show man. This is very very reminiscent of the Pacquiao mayweather days. It's gotten that split. Got That I got I'm waiting for the time stamp. I. Two minute thirty six seconds referee comes over to furious corner to check to protect her and beltline from what the cameras shows, right? And then move onto to where they're touching gloves. Two minute thirty six. Yeah All right. Thirty five. This is thirty six right now. He comes. He's checking protector. and. What happened okay boom, and then from there go to Time Stanton number four zero five right now. Want you to look at the referee. How ads Tyson furious coming to him? He doesn't even look Tyson fury in the face. All he's looking at is the left hand glove and immediately grabs. It is Krista Hammer? This is for the Alexander's Zelin fight that you're watching right now. You said four, zero, five, four, zero five. So soon as they're Tyson the ring. Okay so as soon as he's calling him over before. Tyson gets to the center before he even grabs him. The referees staring at the. And immediately grabs the glove shows a lot of importance to grab that glove. is you see that at four zero five? At, four or five, yeah! Four zero five is where it starts, and you see the action. Take Place. Five He grabs his own. All Right, okay person play now all right, so don't don't press play now. I want you to notice is the way he stares at his left hand, Tyson fury's left hand and glove before he even gets to him. He's overtly reaching for the glove to grab it. That's all I want people to look at to look at that demeanor. So go back to four or five. Yeah. Did. You Watch the playback there. I JUST WANNA make sure it's showing or representing what you think it is. Beautiful with the silence. I thought you. I. Thought you played. Channel. Mask Nets if he noticed. I, mean you're the only one that I'm talking to right. Did you notice what I was trying to portray? No S. Coming forward I. Don't see the ref looking at only his hand I see the REV grabbed his arm, and then turned his attention completely to the other fighter. Shows it look. Like he don't even look down at the hand, he's only grabbing his arm the way you grab two fighters when you bring them together. I right if you guys don't see it what I see that it's fine. You know what I mean I'm not gonNA. Argue what you don't see. We can move onto the next time step if you like what's one? Six Zero Four. And if you notice Tyson fury's right glove is pressed against the fighters body and is trying to push away. Found that the club was a little hyper. But you be the judge I'm playing it now. How! How many seconds do we go six zero four to what? Now you, you could freeze frame it at six, four, six, five, and just stare at the right hand glove, and look at how bit looks. It's the ninety degree angle when he's pushing a guy often. Yes, I see that. Okay. What other times. And just to just to go back to four. Four, zero, four, zero five, so you didn't you didn't notice. I thought I was sharing that. You said I didn't notice what. You didn't notice that at four or five when they when they do the close up Tyson fury, and then he begins to walk. Over to the referee. You don't notice it. The referees in that in that in that millisecond is staring. Wraps. In that second, meanwhile, you said like Yo, the referees looking at the glove. That you didn't let me finish as as they're still touching. They managed to touch the gloves real quickly. That's the last thing he let's go. He still holding onto that glove even. The guys love he's he's weird. We hold them. He's holding the arm. You're wrong about that full five. He he's not, he's not. He's not holding the. The the padding of the glove nece saying he's he's holding that arm in arm. But that's what all revs do when they bring you to the center of the ring. That's I raise. I'm not saying that they know what I'm saying. Is that look at the points that he showed from the? Horns he grabbed the high and closest tour. You WanNa. Grab the fucking right. Hey he didn't hold onto zones zones glove. that. We could argue all his. House dough. You. Keep saying the word glove. He grabbed his four on where he grabbed his. He got to take the gloves. I can't have no I'm not relaxing, not going forward. Show me what time he's touching the glove. He's never touch them I just first of all I, just made it clear that he's not touching the padding glumness. He's touching that that non. Love he's. He's not go go so far as to let his hands off arm, and even with executives. Even what his fingertips. He Touches Tyson on Chas. Bro, I write for a quick second. Let's go and immunity grabs it again and that's. Where I got it frozen that he's touching his arm above the tate. He's not man. He's touching the. It's right there video how? He's holding. I got it I got it still shot it? Look, he's grabbing. All right all right. Okay, so that proved. He's grabbing his arm now. What are you with this? We moved. We moved on to the next. What I'm saying is that there's a lot of the. He paid too much attention to me today. Love Okay. We agree with any of that, but you did agree with the ninety degree angle on the next time stamp. which is six of? Was it sixty four? Yeah, thanks for. Well, so we're going here, so let's move on because I know. You're aggravated now I'm not just this is why I. As in a show like this is like this is like me. Tell US somebody y'all. Look out the window. slightly. Turn your. Closed on. Just wash my whole little thing here, did you? Did you not see that ninety degree angle, so it must have? Seen the ninety degree angles when he's pushing when he's pushing in a fighter off of them. Thus far so let's go to six fifty one, which is the last time stamp and I could close this. 'cause I, this was a light look over I'm not I was I was going to do way more research on this but whatever? Right now right six fifty one. That is six fifty one. Okay look at the left glove the way he's moshing him all right Alexander the way he's pushing Alexander. The way. We're saying now so now. We're saying that he can do. The Ninety degree angle will either glove because you showed in the other fight. That's the beauty of it that people can take this to either. That's the way he fits his glove and he's able to do this or this is just a continuing. Right so. So you're telling. Me On. Hold on. Just hold on all right the floppy glove people try to write it off as He gets an advantage because he's got a high along reach right? That's what you said so now. You're saying that. Tyson wants a longer reach on either hand dependent on the fighter. So you're saying he wants a longer reach from a southpaw in the last fight. You showed what he's pushing them all and the gloves that ninety, but in this fight he wants a longer reach with the left hand which is Jabber Han. Come left him. A first of all I never argued that it was his right hand. In the past, it was his left hand. There was the floppy gun. Show. Show, let me still cut me off. That was the end that I told you that he needed in order to reach his opponent faster so. mean a quicker. So what is it that you're saying that I said? Do Me, listen the left hand you explain to us the the reason, the floppy globals on the left hand, so he can have a longer reach, and he conflicted Jab, so he can land the right, correct, okay. All, right in the video you show today. Just think about it, arguing which one. I think it's four zero five. He's pushing. The guy off in the right hand is at a ninety degree angle the power Han. Six so forte. is so my point is. What sense does it make? If you just said that the left hand is extended, would a floppy go love to give you a longer? Reach an advantage, but then you're also gonNA. Extend a floppy on the right hand. Okay, so that's that's where you're kind of like lost with me. I'm pretending information you. You're killing the Messenger. All I'm doing this information. I could've left that out and said no I, couldn't I? Couldn't if I was one of these? These people that are just gonNA present, whatever proves my narrative. I'm presenting whatever I'm seeing. It's for you and the TV fan to my words and dissect. move or agree with some of the stuff on presenting I'm just I just don't see like? Why do you have both hands floppy like shit and you'll have like? It's not what I had that you want to ask. You master the left hand only because it's a jab at like, why would you put a floppy club on your power hand exactly I don't know the answer to those questions. What I do know is that that's what. I'm saying, but maybe because it's A. Most. A. supermax got of air coming. You're GonNa talk, or because you just like coming in with air. Meet Him. Yeah any other time stamps whatever. Now six fifty, one was was it and that was the right hand that was You know looking kind of. Kind of hyperextended. And Yeah, this is just something I. They're pretty quick man. You know I didn't look at any other fights. which interest is still to go and look at other fights because at the end of the day, this could be just all talk, and you know things happen the way it happens, and a better guy won that night. Or some some foul stuff happened You know all I can do is just look back at at fights in the past. Try to like take a close look at gloves and certain things, but there's much more footage to to look into for me to even say this solid or that I'm confident. That fury is A. Cheater or whatever you know, what I'm saying. This is not my arguments to. Solidify that. I'm just presenting information. That I quickly went into looked into and I saw some things that were Kinda, odd and I don't know I. Don't know if it's just the fitting of the gloves the way he fits his gloves the way he you know, he flicks interest I don't know yet, but I am interested in going and looking at other fights and seeing if I see any more of his glove. You know BS. I Is At this point, I think a lot of people don't take it seriously because there's been so many. Different reasons. We, look at the whole picture of what happens Cincinnati the fight with all the claim is the lottery got drugged some people said it was outfit the team turn on the commissions in on it. It's like you tell me that. The perfect storm happened on one night. All these elements finally mixed together and this. This is the the bad side of the mayweather effect in my opinion, because it's so unfeasible, you want your guy to be unstoppable. You know whether it's Cannella. Lose into triple g-getting about the gift decision. You know different things of that nature cysts. Is Part of it. It's hard to accept allows. We were fall so far from the days of. Having our fighters be able to lose a fight bounce bag. We want our guys to be so unbeaten. To me if I'm allowed fan I like both guys actually but I the way I look at it as like this. I would use this abrasion and say hey, look, you had to take. Every advantage gets me to find. Get me so now on the third fight when when microscopes on I'm GonNa, come back and get you and I'm GonNa validate everything that I've been saying. We got a Super Chai for my Jordan James says. We need all topsy to be sure. Yo, the buildings beauty of that is grammar steak or not. It made it may. It may news you know what I'm saying. His brother where international and viral were global. Should I say Enviro with that You know with that comment because everybody picked it up Marie. Soula mom was forced to talk about it here. We are still discussing it. It's got DUMI going back watching. Footage seeing things. But. Let me. Get some suprachiasmatic got drink more water. The says the same soon. Man Who defended Alejandra Jimenez meaning you know like. Says that the gloves are good. They're all good. The same guy said Alejandro Hernandez was clean. I'm saying defending champion. That's what I mean. Casual, no choose me casually bad while the fans are disgrace hashtag clashing bound from Texas. Act Can Murray. Says Ness love to act confused like a Mo photo he cheetah. I guess. I guess he means Tyson fatigue around arm cheating. I don't know Sam, but there I am acting confused again. Sam says. Video so bad! It turned into a debunked fill. A! Key Reynolds. With this. Mind for this man I really did me, too. He was like showing he said you see me staring at the. He really was. I'm still sending some unseen footage. On A. To Lamar. Leaving dressing room at the referee rules and I don't know how or about bracing works during his gloves on you. WHO, so you proven sooner, mom, a liar I don't. Like Brad you left without the gloves being on. So, what do you know? Who? I if I was a bad version of the x files any flag. You know you can't use that. And it was fifty seconds you believe to. Cracking down. KIEF Renos says it's crazy. How many people are defendant is? Do doing this I have been watching supporting box and with my money for thirty years I will stop if this is an address correctly, this is not okay. I. Mean I think it's getting that attention now right like? Like I said yesterday. I said. There's no way that the brother could come out in mainstream media doesn't pick it up and at least. A few outlets did I would be happy when ESPN picks it up the way that they pick up every other day. My. Thing is I think it's just. So bad, the mainstream media doesn't want to pick it up as his boxing. Has This huge history corruption? And right now this just horrible for that was a big fight a big event and now there's more it's like every time something big in boxing happens. There's some kind of cloud covering. You know what I mean we can. We can never just have a big fight. go off without a hitch. It seems like. We've got another super chat from Sam Henry this says this is funnier than the movies. Leave video to Lavon. Modi's. And looks like we got A. We said the Jordan of one. WHO said we need to do it? Topsy to be sure, but it looks like we got a new one just came in from. P. S. K. that says we saw deontay wilders rhys shot. Ortiz. Aj Low blow the cheap. Excuse me. E. J. Lo blow. They say that he said we sold the wilders. Risks Shot Ortiz so what he hit him with the Oh you mean the slap and punch here year. Baton. Shit, and then he says EJ low blow. They cheat. So, what is he saying? Americans cheat to Americans cheat to you guys. Video of EJ landon ball sites on porter. That's what he's trying to say. Ruined? Said funnier in the Marines XLII blasphemy sir, you're right. That's an instant classic forever. Forever. Well. Let's look it is what it is. We are only reporting the news. Dumi went into definitely X. files with the video I thought he was going to have solid in there, but we do have as Marisha audio, calling these claims ridiculous and you know, do me provide a new video while it is ridiculous. Until he gets some better looking. It did look sad and ridiculous and responsible of me not to do a free contest show beforehand because we had bad communication. Surely I. League. Marisha. Dube's. Did you play on my champ? I played like five times already I. still don't see. Me, and I mean all all of them. At least you saw one one idea. Listen, I'M GONNA go out to the callers? I know. There's one guy who did see everything you saw. He's furious. He's he's upset. He wants justice, so let's get out to the callers. Before acquitted as Before you do that again, guys. I put this together. Real quick I, thought it was something that you know just just to get. Get it going or whatnot, but I will be back. Let. Let me say this has a fan. The Rufus I'm actually glad that wild as a guy who likes louder the he hasn't come out of the knowledge this. That's the best thing for him. Because I think it. Wilder starts binding to this. If you want him to win, you don't want him to buy any of this because I feel like wilder didn't make. Make adjustments felt like he didn't may need to make adjustments, and that showed you know I know people criticized for not going directly into the rematch, but look at a now hindsight being twenty twenty. He looked right so hopefully while they're saying no. Let's let's not buying into this. Let's make the right adjustments and come back in and improve where we can because it's. It's not like wilder can improve. Fear is not the only one who can improve, but if I feel like if he buys into this. We're just going to get more of the same poll. You need to be perfect for twelve rounds on the gotta be perfect for two seconds. I think that backfired he. You gotta remember. He's coming off of his last five fights. Fights outside of the Brazil, it's to to with fury to with Ortiz. Those are tough fights fights up at different points. People felt like he was either losing or loss up until the knockouts. Ortiz of course so I think the best thing he's doing right now is not bein into it, not speaking on it, and just making those adjustments man wherever they gotTa beat. The third fight! What do you mean not buying insurance? You think his brother said what he said would how? Believe. His brother believes that A. Believes then that means while the has to somehow believe it. Sou- ballots. I think I think he's not going to buy not sold the. So you tell me to it, so you tell me your brother Matt is going to make up a story about how sick or bad you're doing. If you don't believe it, and you're going to let them go public with it with the fame of. I don't make that's what I'm saying that we. Had Conversation, since then obviously, there's been no retraction but I think as far as strategy wise I think there's someone in his camp saying. Hey, look. I know whatever stores are out there, but let's let's work on making the right adjustments and stay away from thinking do at that the other day wilder and all of us thought he had everything figured out that that one punch racer was gonna always come through in a didn't in this fight. As there's a few adjustments, he can make that that, I think his team sees and there's they're trying to stay. Keep Him. Maybe he does believe it, but the his team trying to keep him focused on making the adjustments in the ring. Your Super Tap swail says whatever do me smoke and let us know. Some fire. But. I, WanNa try that Shit. Show! Let me, go scholars. Go out to the sponsors man. Zafy Boxing Bush. Hey, thank you. Eddie is such a nice guy. We going. Oh yeah, the sponsors the sponsors. Remember to write his five stars on Itunes. These calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle, charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation. visit us at El Camino. Electrical Services Dot Com. Going out the Texas class inbound. What up! No Class inbound. Yeah. We hear you. Okay permanent perverts, so let's let's go ahead and get this out the way. and his crazy theories or series from these can confirm these guys who have nothing better to do with their life, instead of discredit someone that they pray and wished upon a star that wouldn't have beaten wilder. Like I swear these people cry themselves to sleep the night while they're lost and then have been bitter ever since, so they have to make up this garbage theory about anything I. The gloves loose then it's to tight then there was no padding then somehow his own off his own coach. J. D.'s would have to be in on it in order for that to even happened like. A dog like I personally don't wish we would give this thing the time of day also I'm not gonNA call any channels, but we know these channels who basically thrive on making controversial topics that are very one-sided, so your way Tyson fury still the champ once his belts back. He's going to have to beat fury. That's. Right we're going out to rail in Detroit. Not Real Shit. Over, the chain sounded real rugged, not to say I thought that was. My to go check that in the meantime go out to Seattle Washington sisters. Shot him nine. I don't. Think. Mr the, see maybe. Was Good. News coming out with this. And it's like ridiculous. I know what to say you talking about. Tyson fear. He got tactic do. You different. I mean who rob You while also rob in your. This. You got to move like him to beat him. That's like that's what I'm going. To be this, but. You talking about a do. Crazy man I call for defined Tyson foods. That's more call y'all my medicine. Defense. Round the Ringa without. Well got a phone to me. We going to. Allies! What up? Going to Info Joe Talk to me. In Feijao giant! Portion of the. We call. Unduly? Yo Yo Yo y'all hear me. Loud and clear jam. A male like I, said yesterday, man really has a dent in his hair like his brother said if it's true I, would know if I would want him to come back for the third fight man, and how questions y'all the panel. while. You think that he hasn't came out and spoke about all this controversy yet and one last thing you can answer i. take my answer off. The air did. Say Charles versus. Tangalle. Yesterday. When I heard him say. A need to do is shown that when y'all get a chance nets. That's that's that's big news, right? There s go fight. I think that's all I've gotten better confirmation. Yeah? He, said but he also said is not done in a in an official yet, but that's what you know. It might be. That might might get that off so. let me see here. WE'RE GOING OUT TO A. King I mean. New Jersey what up. Through. Back, Back cheering me. Yo. You know what it's like. Joe Says some interesting you know like. Some people's GonNa fill that kind of way. Some people going to say Yo. He really got this level of injury. You know why. Why would he even take the third fight? So in a way you know people questioning. Why hasn't wilder, said anything? Sometimes, that's like you know. If you really want to take that fight you know like. If he'd rather all a subterfuge in the confusion. Take whole dentist, say himself. Auto WanNA take to fight. You know what I'm saying I think. This goes back to his philosophy, wanting to go out on his own terms, so even suppose he speculate whatever. His brother's going out on a limb and putting that out there and people's grab hold of it, suppose while they're in the passive way in. It's not a judgement, but just in a passive ways like Oh. If enough people say yo, the fight shouldn't happen. It shouldn't happening. That would make me back out of it. But on his own, he probably would not. Not, refused at fight, he would go into the third fight will lose a job regardless of the consequences, so a lot to think about with that was still nothing to really go crazy with shoutout to do me on on a crazy research tyson fury. You know what I'm saying. Hair Nevio mass how you noticed like some in volume saying We got a few super chats here. Let me get to them real quick, and then we're GONNA. Go back out to these caller at it says. Dan, on say. Then until well. Let me! Go back to the phone lines. Remember you can call by calling up one four to five five, six, nine, fifty to forty one press one once on voice, your opinion on the voice of the people hotline. You could also add Nestor Gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation. Let me head on out to New, Orleans j Mac, talk to us. You know what these bitches sport total disrespect. Adult. Own! Smartest thing you can do. Stay away. I'm I'm challenging one. Hundred. Million You. Hear me YIP. Myanmar has just. been consistent with this Dang their stuff. Look suspicious. came out. I think it should be looked at. Things should be checked on and got nothing to do with. One in a fight or whatever stuff like de give theory. If you WANNA fight square, but the fact that America some people sit up here and with the hatred in the The fact they didn't want Deontay wilder win. They ignore the shit that did come out. That should be looked at it, and that's the type of people have issues with us. Well everything I love people like that, but come meet me in my face furnace center, because I ain't got no type of dealings, but nobody who hate that much if he needs to be called out about it last, but not least wilder I. Don't understand I'm not bringing it up. No more fighting the fight. About it, you'll hear nine for me ever again. We've got another super chat for Michael Buffalo. That says I hate Dumi never read my supercharge, only ness will. He said dummy. It's still me with. Oh, so is he saying that he hates you? Because of what you did, he doesn't want you to read is moving forward or does. He says he hates you. Because you never read a super chats and on the I do now, this is. This is Tyson fury hardcore. Oh, so he's took a stance took us. That's it no longer no longer. Will I be able to? Sound off Michael. All right, let me go to. All right, so it's allies. You're up. What up maybe? COMMUNING That background on. 'cause normally the music goes off by just having. But. Alex wherever you was talking about? You nearly ruined the brand of the box in West. That was complete nonsense. I just I just have the PC. Keep saying I don't know why people don't like water. Too, many people don't water wild is the guy. He. He didn't WanNa find AJ purely because he didn't WANNA lose to another mill in front of his wife, he wanted to provide for his. which is cool, but he came out saying I want to be undisputed. Everyone's ducking me. He did too much lying and manipulating public line. That's why we hey. We I wanted to see aging. I WanNa see him fight the. You don't want to because. He won't do it. But that's cool. Right all right no matter what happens. Aj Don't WanNA. Pump the wilder really wide on no problems. Let's let's make sure that's clear. Hold on. A. Cyp says. Running with my call, counterpunch number one. He don't even want to wait his turn cutting in line. Over. What would up? TO RUN THAT BACK With Jane Maxine was true I've been sitting here for for for years, you know. Antibody a bigger while supporting me, and that's facts on and the biggest love supporter I'm with him. Win Or lose, retire retire. We go partying regardless because I'm proudly man for doing what he has done, but his life enforce community for his people and his family. Everything else are do is childish. We grow men. It's okay to like a dates. Okay like Siri, but what is not okay, is continually talk about Aj for years, and then when Siri coming, be wild. You actors, if AJ. Aj didn't do it. Aj don't want them. Problems y'all are ridiculous and pathetic. If anybody wants to be mayweather y'all would've jaw. Cried, y'all would've ran and celebrating the streets. He just because he beat guy, and you'll guy. Don't want no smoke. Don't means to carry that hate my man. Let it go into chat every day on this show. It's only show that allows you to do that everybody. I gave you more. Chill gave him more time than the counterpunching I didn't feel right giving you a counterpunch as if I call you know you being a long, listen a friend of the show and all that good stuff If you don't know, counterpunch is obviously you know you can do see what is the way to cut that line? Get right back in when someone says a little something that you know tickled. The feather baby tickled a nerve. You want to get right in and That's how you do it that being seven. Keep line moving. We got a looks like. Geo what up. Key. Year was going Oh man what up? Man I'm I'm still here with it. Man is something going on the glow. I don't care about no other video. You see what it don't fear Itchy. It still doesn't mean date he didn't do in the fight. Against Wilder is is crazy. Man Is I. Don't WanNa stand him in the whole may hold. Real is suspect and. Keep saying while depends this of fans there. Was Wilder, fans that that may fear. Get suspended a day after he vacated his bills. No is always suspicious. He's widow, ours, mobster and all. Smoke, knuckle chimney, but you gotta be a fire over come on. Come old, people. Don't get mad. Man. But this. What thirty five we'll see but. Definitely something going on with the man gloss but I, just common sense I don't see why people the NAT at. Everybody deny they steal. Don't have a reason why he's doing it to. Do. Christian Nano four go. We're going too five one three brandon, would it do? Yeah don't me. Calling you porno tank tank. Try Brother. Oh Man. I. Felt like? He put himself out. The I feel like the Messenger in the three hundred. The guy gets kicked down the well. But Like I say gloves get inspected at every. Get turned. into. Get inspected. Notice A. Cheap to happen. WBC Nevada Athletic State Commission J. D.. Anti free with all have to be cahoots, pullers, ocean eleven touch should all. In a Sitting? FBI, the CIA DA. I just don't I just can't see as possible, and and like I, said yesterday, man, I'm just. Tender. 'cause bud tenders don't have to go to this type of Shit because our guy. Yellow counterparts C. Y. P.. Burger. I want. All the water heaters chair I'm going. Ask You one question. We are not answer. To be, honest Who won their first fight, was it? A draw with wilder was a theory. If, your say was fury. Yard Let. Go to. OATHS, oops, oops! Don't cry about what we're doing. It will route advantage will reach. Let go of when you let go that. Man Hurt you hurt. Ask The question syrupy out. To. Who's the Knicks who? Looks like Billy Billy Ska- Bilski Belitsky. Billy Ski. GotTa go chant. Niger come on. Now Dan. I mean they don't say. No this? Is the first time. Did Oh my God. I was crying like doom seriously will be smoking. GotTa See. GotTa say. Oh I have no words I just laughing cry, but do miss your seen shack because. Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock DUMI still not done. I'm not going to stop it till I. Feel like I'm satisfied and what I'm seeing. There's. Lots again. PS. We don't know now. Gotten this just. La Kimmy up there before right now like. I've come to talk with. Mike. My Camera. I. Thanks for calling in do me. No, you did your jobless in. You've given lender. And this is the first time she's ever called like. She literally just made a skype because it says you know how the live says that live right before the using. Either used it or just made it. WE'RE GOING OUT TO STEVE AS CHICAGO. What a! What. Have the. Yes. All right. Yeah knows you should be ashamed for common Dumi Man. I'll tell you what I told you. You got the message that I sent you when this first broke out, right? I didn't believe it I sent you a message. That I didn't believe any of this, but I'm telling you if you watch both fights back to back. There's something fishy in that second sight. Watch, those fights back the back and that's what opened my eyes. I didn't believe it either. Because like you said you'd have to so many things, but there's something suspicious. and. We shouldn't be called crazy for thinking that. I'M NOT GONNA get stuck I see that I see. You can't tell me I'm not seeing what I'm seeing. So if you really WANNA, get editors. I didn't even watch the video yet. Of any other I don't need to look at it I. watched the fight. Look at the fight rookie, both probably Specter back, and I'm telling you you're GONNA be scratching your head after the second fight and be like. Something they write. But what does something but? What what does that mean? Does it mean the? Doesn't mean the glove doesn't mean the trainer doesn't mean. With the girls thirtysomething, don't look right with the wealth. And you. The way was hurt none of. y'All but that's yes. Yes, that whole deal. Would you restore fight looking for somebody else? You've already put it in your mind that that's what you're trying to see. You can trick yourself that way, too. I mean my question, okay. If if gloves were were diamonds. That's fine, but what about those first two rounds were wilders landed them clear right hands and serious eating them. You know he's landed some good shots. That didn't have the same effect. All right we got. Decatur Georgia lids low. And everybody thought the Columbine Shaw idea about in check shout about. NOMI laying tile. Brian is wrong with you doing bro. It's plenty of people that are thank Tyson for wrong. It's either two things about it you either see some or you don't. And if you don't for whatever reason, Hey, that show thing, you know what saying is, they'll stand tall bre you. Did you get the emotion you? D? I'm actually tying it, but like I said yesterday, though it all depends. Depends I see. Here's the thing here with Dante widely here, but I'm ready to see the third. If I owned the until you come out and say Shit, stay in the dog Bra I mean unless the injuries should do we. We got A. You know what I'm saying. We gotta talk about this for but other than that stay in the back brook. He trying making it a crew tight, so we can. Learn and get a matter of fact. You need to have while Tyson theory tutoring. From the time he started getting up to the time. He gives it a breath, so we can get a fight the every. Year period prop, but Audi allegations. Sit on the abroad I. I do want some Ridley in two months again ranks lying. So shot there about my, and it's okay to go for somebody and not disrespect the other guy, I always say that she show 'cause if beyond why the problem. You're going to be them. Tongue tied in, but I'm not become stay. The slow counterpart see Welsh he numerous. Think about two things. You did a good job, but you shouldn't be the one defendant water blue blood. Funded Phenomenon Dante's box, and all that putting out videos ego. They're putting out videos. They talk in detail they didn't. Did they studying day. Need to be the ones on the show an interview talking about this. That's what these they don't WanNa go there. They don't want to go there because they got all the information. They want to put it on to where we know you're doing like this. You do that overnight secondly I. Want to ask this. They both in the first fight wherever last gloves. Routing, the nearly put fear into into hospital didn't hurt him at all, but then the second fight they change gloves in theory is as an animal. If they were that easy is by changing gloves. A lot of boxes do it series. It's a new secret to to so boxers how to get power and light and hit like they never hit before in suspicious Jassem clowns messy. Isn't it? Using the same goes dealing wise using now A. Lotta, you cave starting to use those flag gloves I believe. We got a super chat for my Nano. Four go also called shot, he said. Why is glove do that though? I can actually see him saying like Yo. Let me go out to Aaron and Kelly would up. Yeah you know again. What's done is done I know. There's no boxing going really right now, so we gotta talk about this, but again you know it's like a felon. If you got two or three strikes on your record, then you know was gonna look like if you're around. The the scene of the crime very failed to drug test. He had issue with the glove and one of the fight. and you just see anyone that comes out of the UK. It's always some kind of shadiness whether villa white with eight days all some shady, some drama series, talk back and forth we. We don't know what we're. GonNa get with very bad, so you in the third bike. Just do this simply what they did in the seventies and then the eighties. Put your gloves on in the ring. Right before the fight. Do a history lesson that way there's I. I bought all over varies gloves and that way. We'll know for sure 'cause I guarantee. If he's not going to have the power in the third, he did the second by all of a sudden miraculously. He's not gonNA bother all over the place, but he couldn't even knock out any other opponent before that I mean it's ridiculous, but but the gloves on right before the they ring the bells and we'll see what happens. I don't know why we don't want won't do that. Get that question, too. So amount and see what he says about that. Ask them questions. That's my call. It's pretty cool I. Don't. Know. Up things imagine how long it would take like, and plus the trainers will feel feel rushed, then some trainers will be like fuck you unified. We're GONNA take our time and we're going to wrap. Ah, kidding me. You can't do that right I get them, but you can't do that right there. I mean like. You know what I like about this I. think that from all of this attention on this. There's there's GonNa be. you know a lot of a Lotta Critique and scrutiny on the glove protocols more than ever now so I'm just glad that the attention is always on. Is Still on. Don't cheat you. KNOW SCOPE is on. Don't cheat and I think that this is going to bring more attention because it. This is nothing new man glove cheating is nothing new, and we're living in a time now where we have social media where able to spread information throughout the whole world. Such a speed that now it's like everybody's going to be asking for it. This cameras going to be on a lot more so even though you took the hot seat today. If better protocol more more critique and is on this is is to come I'm cool. Be An attack official lamp. And that's the beauty of it is. We got the third fight coming up like you said there's GonNa. Be so much is on the gloves and everything in the preparation coming in the fight there one whether you believe fear cheated or whether you believe wilders, just getting team side is getting excuses. Somebody's gonna get vindicated in their fight. You know that's that's the beauty of it. We're GONNA. We're going to this resolve. itself eventually We got another super chat from Jordan who says. UK Drug Cheats. Where big baby from question thinking Emoji. Quick I don't know if you've got the tiny tim NASA says fans. Built him up so much. It could MP he lost. Guess, he's talking my wild. Yes. Yup Yup that one did slipped by me. And I got to see why pee on the Counter Punch but I never said the message. You said because I can join no because I can join me haters. Going out the storm boombox and in Colorado. Stone. Stone Bone not. All right. We're going out to Caesar Las Vegas. Go with your DVD what. So grey show man full of drama you know. Just like everybody seems to be, I'm. Just as tired of talking about this. Seeing it all over new evidence all this stuff and The end of the day, what happened happened right by? He cheated if he cheated look like he got away with it. Or they're letting them. Get Away with it right because no one's. No one's picking this up. ESPN should have been picked this up since they first brought it up, but they didn't because. That's their guy and I get that you know. They got it right with their guy, but I feel like enough has come out to warrant some some type of investigation, but apparently it hasn't and I'm almost positive that it's GonNa. Take overall. It's GONNA take apart! I mean it doesn't help with the WBZ. Saying that it sounds ridiculous. But at least can, it's made it to mainstream media. Is See everybody. He was talking about ESPN nets. But what about I? Mean Fox is a pretty big network. You've got undisputed defiles. Network Fox. Like that was going on with. What but this is the thing. While the knows he could use the tools that is. Hand to really spread this message. But he hasn't chosen to do that because he could, he could get on videos. You know he could do interviews he they go to the PBC podcasts. He could go. You know to the Fox show he could go on sports skipping Shannon. Yes, sportscenter, Max, Max Kellerman show. There's like he could do not publicity. Run on this if he wanted to but I. Think it's more along with what I think Santiago said yesterday. You know there's just so much damage control. Their comes with that. If you go that route I I gotta believe he's being advised not to comment on that I don't know. For me, I think it's a little bit of the opposite Joseph. The fact that the rest of the team is so quiet. That makes me believe that they're not telling him not to comment that. It's a strategic. Let's not talk about it. In an IT's. That Shit, y'all think about him any anybody that's been watching boxing for the last four years, could you? Could have told you this this. Shelly finkel wouldn't done interview and World Boxing News in almost what four five months that don't even make sense you know. Forget that he ain't got time for me. I'm nobody, but he always drop stuff on world bikes nosing. It's been nothing, but we got a multitude of suprachiasmatic came through during the conversation I. One is obviously from a nine or four. Go saying anybody got. That answer and he's referring to when he says you know when he said Wise Glove though. Obviously? He comes back and he says ain't. Nobody got that answer and Dax in the UK plus Patriot he says still love you do me. Thanks for the laugh laugh. The Fist Emoji and Boston jared says when a six nine two hundred and seventy pounds, man decides to fight off the front foot and sit down on his punches. People skulls get dented. Gloves have nothing to do with. C.. Y. P.. counterpunch four. Where do you call us? All three of you. Dan. It's only. Only three out trio. I mean Naza called? You know what's even worse about this, not the fact that it's going on the fact that it's going to continue to go on. It ain't nothing you can do about it. This is an American boxing channel. This is an American fight that took place. It just happened to have a UK dude in it. Listen I just said an American boxer. Mess at this happened you do. We own the rights to it. We go say we want to say we go. To like it dealt tune it is that simple. Nobody wants about AJ versus bullet, and if you do go, go that channel, but until then respect respect TBB forgiving the opportunity to wait every day. 'cause like I, said everywhere else. They blocking you so I understand why here everyday day you're really just. See up the out. Or maybe not. fucking. y'All see why P really gets a kick out of like. Laughing at. Proven them right man. Don't even is out there alone. She representative for the UK Today and cold, then you. Don't we? Don't do that. He usually is calling in and stuff like this cray Odia think. Gracefully, quit boxing communities. He said there's far too much. Seen Nausea trying to talk him off the ledge to maybe keep him around, but. I don't know. He sounded slightly depressed, so I gotTA share this man you know. I talked to the owner of this. and and I was trying to get him on, but he was busy today. so we'll set that up later, but check this out. A game, WHOA! And he's about to turn up. Drop that down a bit. The game. Year. Things they need. To. Do is. Oh Hossam I made a Tyson fury. You heard that yeah. I heard that I've seen the cartoon we said three. He said three years out the game. The Markets Bach. Ho Yoda's do got sued famous or wilder born. Wow, the not my main's head back to Ireland. It eat them. Fire be we started to do. Some fire for so wait a minute he he clipped a bunch of boy soundbites and made a rat SOM-. Okay I can't confirm nor deny any of your questions because I'm saving all that for a interview. The we're going to do with him. I WANNA give him. You know. He doesn't have a lot of follow us I wanNA give them the right publicity because he does his thing, he he, he's a man of many talents. Once everything is set in stone. He was busy today. Once everything is set in stone. You will understand what I mean and you will. Appreciate it and I mean not you I. Mean You the listening audience? That doesn't know any other details that you already know pro that being said. Just trying to come up the middle with a counterpunch, no way. She's GonNa Call Teutonic. person. Deserves an award for that? That's the case. Man You gotTa make a sky. Band called twice Dan. Real The counter would it do? A quick on full. Mr Cyp the Crybaby It seriously Yomata lost. He lost I know he's a champion and I think he's great, but he lost. Take the L I. Commend a move on move onto the next to know ages said big for you guys, you know he loss came back. You know did the right way again. All good take your l like a man. I move on these crybaby shit serious. Over. Tarp a smile, I! Oh, all right? Yeah, because you know, she's trying man. Nobody really leave along with the rest of the UK called the May I. Go. Let's see what do this. Just just her really come on. Back up who we got we. Got, that they scared CYP's iphones. We want to eat dress I mean excuse me my gene talk to me. So I I hate this topic I said it yesterday. But I'm just GONNA say this. If you really think about physics, you have leverage plus weight equals power. My man put on thirty pounds away. Of course she's GonNa hit harder is more way behind behind leverage, and secondly if you look at multi gloves, and you look at the way that they have their long guard. The gloves actually move their way so depending. Who the WHO? The glove maker is I can see the reason for moving that way. I think they're just looking too much into. Rather lost lessons. Wait for the third fight. Hopefully he wins Even I'm GonNa pick fury again for the third time but enough enough excuses, man, let let let them fight it out and see what happens. Yeah I can't label the as an excuse just yet until we get confirmation that wildest brother was making things up I mean. He's a legend as a dent in the head. Then I seen pictures from blue blood that that he has pictures of the Dan. You know what I mean so I don't know all right like until wilder comes on and says man. My brother's crazy ain't got no day in my head I'm not talking about Notre Fight Man I'm waiting to see. Is He still good? Is he even fighting it all these lies? Is it a rumor because if he got a? or He suffered a Dan is a he'll. Did he go back like I don't even understand what we're talking about I mean we need to figure out. Is this real I is the brother? Crazy or the brother, telling the truth and wild on. Your right is there a lawsuit pending? That's why people so we're like what's going on. The next day I mean that's damn. A fracture school. I mean. Water to be back as big forever. Ford, again, I don't watch him and made, but I know. He suffered a skull fracture some craziness in MMA his. He ever come back that Brazilian do. Nasty Mantha. The Brazilian bigfoot do remember the. Do we used to be from strikeforce? He ended up going Oh. Yeah, yeah, there's a my album in. A hole in his head. Yeah, we not I. Think I think you're talking about cyborgs who got need and had a dent in his head? Yeah, he got ooh. That knee was ugly. Venom pay his face broken. Have Right! Yeah, like the date he his forehead got cleared. Come back or was it a rabbi I don't I don't know if he came back after he's took to coaching or he might have had one. I doubt that his career pretty much ended I think they're. Real quick? E Y. Cook a counterpunch. Real Najjar, the counter CYP coming back and intrigue. punts from the gods, but AJ sure shorts. Joshua took his laws like a man. Why call them shirt shorts. Short shorts. Oh. He made so he. He meant to put short. Short short says it's definitely shirt the but all right CYP counterpunch. Aj took a decent, but there was a lot of rumors to. We can't like they was come on. There was all types of excuses the father was. For the finals can, Cusi got knocked out before the fibers party and it was mad excuses. Let's go. Right hand, let me go, yeah! He called himself. He called her lucky punch when the guys but see wipe P.. E. R. MS Naza. Chick increased on. Get mismatched. Check this this CYP out. Yo Yo nauseous has been dying. Okay, she's been dying for an opponent and Boorda was. I've been trying to get an opponent for three years, but she only finds that thing one, twenty, six or twenty. Five, one, thousand, six, hundred, twenty two, so yeah, don't make me set that up for the border wall. Even though we we don't even know when we come back to. The UK We need. You can always. Going to, be. UK Najah First Feisty to. Get Out of here. Naza just made a skype. She Ace I see what as She the bully woman though you'll be looking for a fight over three nights. I have been looking for a fight, but she just made a sky. She just experienced I. Counterpunch, see you ain't call CYP A. You can't say TBB without see. Webby I'm joking, but then he does say that as his catchphrase. What. Texas lacking judgment five. Oh now Z. With the canopy. would. Like seriously the CYP you had to hide behind your girl. Oh you scared. US good yet. That's what I thought. You guys just little crybabies. Get over it. He lost you know. We've on. Me Out. She's out you suck. Yo So. That's this is getting interesting. We might get find out of that. Let's go to. Colorado would up OC. He's bent to. What are? I'll know how. Sending him off his or my son with a with a box of voice song you. Like stone I'm like what like is it a clone clone or Burner counter, so I wasn't sure. Is Funny. That seven one nine is still there in the one that he is seven one nine. I'M GONNA. Go to 'cause you seven. Oh nine right? Now I'm seven non Colorado Springs s southern Colorado. I got a seven to number two. Yeah, that's one of Mar now that somebody down here. What's up? Man With come would. Office feeding my son and the people, they heard it on TV like man. What you? Call and make sure nobody's Oh my entities. We. Thought was Mike had a snug. My skype being you know listening to ideas for a little good Young Crazy Oh. Let me. See Seven one now who? We only got one seven one. Now you the first your new colour, seven one nine college brancheau insurance new call in show. Let me see, let me see. Hopefully him master so normally. When we go above and beyond for people, they'd be like yeah. Talk about yeah, you got to introduce yourself. Introduce Yourself. Go. Fights is a fury. Making his professional debut. At is crucial man. y'All rundown. Gives you a little history. What a! I I call them before. This is just a new number. Yeah, yeah, no. I me, remember you. Yeah I want to show people who were dealing with. We're dealing with Tyson fury that already popular PD's allied about me in the former expose them. He already has something going on in the Kirsten. Everybody's saying that he had some going on gloves and sparring. We talking about the WBZ, who just passed a key clenbuterol off to where you can have any system after can Nello. African Nilo already popped for Kim Clenbuterol, so we dealing with them, and we dealing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission who vouch for fucking Antonio Margarito in the Koto fight. They vouch for him so these three entities we dealing with which I want to count out the rumors like anything is possible when you're dealing with these three entities. Some good. What what? What did you say about the WBZ again because I? Know you were wrong and I just want to address that. No they they like basically raised the levels that you can have your system when it comes to coin raw. Yeah, that's that's. Why we? Why are we going to believe mind that's why are we going to believe is WBZ. That's misinformation. WBZ look it up right now. Let's get out right now. WBZ No problem. No problem Once you hear this the then you go, look it up because you are wrong, water. Who is the standard protocol for all drug testing? They raise the levels WBZ, nor does vodka have control over what's on the banned substance lists, and what are the ratios for the banned substance in terms of you know contamination and what's in your system? How many you know! How much of it is good or bad? They don't set the protocol food. They follow wider, so you need to look that up. all they did was out. Dat Wada's latest raised levels of Clenbuterol, but you know boxing fencing, don't do the research automatically associated WBZ and Cannella somehow. He got a pass. We got counterpunched from CYP number, six Missile. The saddest part about this. Is that the UK? You got a curl speaking of feel. You got a female speaking of for you on a box turtle. Oh my God y'all staying Yagi laughed at so much. You don't even realize when the joke's on you. Secondly Margaret is a super athlete. We are actually no bullshit. One of the fittest couples fucking world. We do this every single day. We ain't fighting no nobody as a group. We're not doing that like real talk. She Ain't like me. She don't play them games I'll do. Do this for fun. She Ain't getting no rain by the PLANO Games secondly air. We got a new song instagram key Lolo show we didn't we? We just started last week, so if you want to see her in meter, go see for yourself. She too bad too beautiful to boozy playing games with anyway y'all keep having now stick for your since we're the cry babies. Get your hips get you bibs you're. All right well there you go. SEE WHAT HE HAS A. Show I WANNA see. Nausea right bag wasting no Tom. Mr Cyp I. Bet you'd swear player goal will be to you guy yet. Oh, well, go to. The. But you twerk like a little bitch like wilder for your go. It's okay, you know I'm not hating in just a you know I'm not just doing this for fun or whatever you call it. I actually boxes also feel free. Bring the smoke I want it. I'm. I'm out whether you go. let me see I got another Cincinnati gotTA. Make sure who it is because it doesn't look like my good friend. Brandon maybe someone else, so let me just double. Check that, but if you haven't done so already pleased thumbs up helps with the visibility show lets us know that you enjoy the content and that you like what you see obviously, and if you haven't already subscribe, subscribe to Youtube Channel. Help get to that two hundred K., we're only at one hundred and fourteen, thousand, seven hundred and something like that trying to get fifteen elohim genes. Would it do? It do what it do. You know what we do gotta take these little small victories, because like you said we gotta make a little noise. You know, but where there's smoke, there's fire and I. You got fury coming on here, trying to defend himself then you give us the Wack Soon Lamont. To in you know what I mean so watch out like a good call crucial because. He might have been wrong about the Clinton. Bluer can brutal raw levels, or whatever, but what some of mine did do is create that brand size built, which did help Condello, and we know what. Cannella was associated with as well so. Here, it is a man that can even explain what the hell. The franchise belt is till, this day. You know what I'm saying. Coming out trying to defend MR fury like Silimar. Still. We know you might be a Bro. You know these reporters care say it, but we the fan and you mafia fans. You tied in commissions. Mafia lead stock acting like boxing is a clean innocence forced all lucky. To this day. To this day. Jay Mac. Boomerang bring it back. can you hear me? Yes. Sir unclear champion you. Call to see why Peter the finish off against a little treasure trove guy speaking for the UK. Komis sutro there. Is a nice person. In person and she's fall from a treasury true, but see what kind of point seven. What they say, it means around my. Out Say welcome. They say the girls talked to she now. She ugly, but you better not be. Could you do a whole lot of trying to get my attention and I? Don't want your attention. Check out the kilo show and you will see. Why don't want your attention I don't want it. See what Pedo need it. I'm out until I call. Now anyone interested in second out nauseousness, you think she. She's quite a few border wars video. She's been a judge for about three border wars events she is. The treasure trove. But I think that. was that. was that what we what we drop I? Think boom swoosh. I think we wrap the everybody. And might have done it. Boomerang much NBA. George Foster to on the super against CYP or George. supercharged for Oh, he kinda punts for Naza Alright, but real quick. We're GONNA go to UH. Magenta is booming you ready. I'm good all right on the national ARIGHT CYP Boomerang. Forgotten. Is that y'all here in a chat every day for years talking talking talking Naza chick, come and Y'all rather pay to hear her say. Withdraw are afraid to say, and they call that a victory last month. Check real man. Don't send women to fight they wars. They leave him home. They bring home. It's scalps and they fry it because that's what happened to any UK ever ever up become man enough to step to this just like Jay met see if I ever catch twenty on the person. That's all my life. All you gotTa do is call us EP. I'll turn around, and I'm coming straight at you. You Ain't got disrespect me. A nothing is going down on site. I'm tired of stop. Having girls fights so battle. If you WANNA say some, call me like a man. It only show ain't gonNA. Hurt you. See What Peo-. Though only. Naza counterpunch courtesy of George Foster UK Bridgman. While while out CYP, you're hilarious, sue you got smoked by a goal and then Robert than actually fighting the go back, said Ou or you guys go to fight your battle Blah Blah Blah. Come on, talk to me I'm talking to you. You don't want us that me I'm sending myself. This is me against you I'm here for you, so talk and these on my type of ended it. Why guys sorry? Anyway out if you don't have anything for me yeah. Sticky L. on take your L.. Move On. You lost. Just take. Take it like a land. Again officials from over. All right now. That's it right because we got oh big nick, you can do the second UK so to call in big nick. How are you? Got Leaving real knowledge all alone. Won't. Go down alone. She kind down the loan. She. You know what she's been defending it good as well. With our Stockman Jeez you guys, have you know what the problem is? The while the records yeah, this is the thing when your so desperate when you're desperate and you're stopped of. Success and everything basically just stopped of anything. You will look anything to clutch onto man you. How bad missing while to win the rematch right, but the thing is, it's not GonNa Happen and when it does happen. You probably GONNA end up while the rep ways writing big baby Miller on him to come back and putting all on him. Because you know something, genevieve order belts are GONNA be round waste of one man and we know Aj. So that's my cool. All right we're. going. Out to Steve See. Believe may be in the UK. Off. Authority care will while comes out and says to be honest because he goes on that. Oh Shit from them. Student channels started nonsense anyway. Driven Bar Rice at the end of the dice I. don't care about box in the might the same shows free time which I've been doing for four months. That I not realize real fans of his all these people mike easy excuses. You just pray and more pressure on the garden. State that Omar. Mine. He's gone lot to live up to now, but he called signs at bullshit goes on their shows. Huge offer his. Prophetic and the whole world is lawfully honestly. Thought Deng Care. What Walter says you know why, from the fighting the commission and that was. Done. Walton says you call get why. All Right! That is your time and that is every one that I'm aware of. I want to thank everybody tuned in. We'll be back. There is a lot of Pfizer in a few minutes. Wow, this kind of went on a little bit further than I thought but yeah. Catch on actual, subscribe to the Youtube Tennessee get notified whenever we do. Go live looks like. Okay now no I thought I thought George Foster. Did it again. I'm just say Oh. All, right so any any any any closing out, guys closing out. just going away for a super Mexico's the window. Oh I think George Foster. meet. With must be nest, would definitely not me? He does supermax This is just embarrasses all good. So anybody else know man being left behind here at TB Cook a counterpunch Mr. See why P.. Oh, yes, again, number eight. So they love Y'all actually covering the topic. Everybody's talking about may deserve that money. Spend that money. With that money, and the UK, if you cats fighter better than you gotta say when. You gotta realize what's look like and that's a serious statement. You don't do that all the y'all in that chat for years. She's just got here. She got more nuts than. Just said she got nuts than all the. Changes spoken see. The truth is that it does to hurt my man counterpunch like an hour supercharge like an hour ago that it was owning it'll be three UK, dudes and it was actually the only to when a girl. So Mystic. See why I guess I guess they feel like they don't need to defend themselves for whatever reason. I don't know. Buddy all right, Mazzy Gio, instagram or twitter on excellent piece. Alexander Score Doomsday underscore. L. A.. G. Tick toxin handle and twitter Alexander TVN again. Don't kick the message at down the water. And I'm big. Underscore suit makes fifty six on is e. For effort do me. I appreciate the efforts at I came over minded, but we'll try again next time Docu. Tunin keeping them live fight. Jasmine piece!

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