Ep. 766 - Sexual Insanity


The New York Times a former newspaper has set off a bomb shell with a new report of completely unsubstantiated rumors of yet another absurd sexual allegation against Supreme Court the Justice Brett Cavanaugh. The report of the factually empty gossip was such a bombshell that blew several times reporters out of the newsroom and into a vast darkness of journalistic malfeasance where were they floated desolate soul destroying moral vacuum along with most of the Times editorial staff according to the allegations. Someone said someone said something about out something else. Someone might have said about Justice Cavanaugh. No wait sorry. That's James Taylor Song now wait. That's actually also the New York Times piece. Although the Times did not supply the lilting melody or soulful blue slash country vocal stylings of Mister Taylor at his extraordinary artistic peak time story alleges and I'm not making this up that some guy I saw Kavanagh's friends push Kavanagh's penis into the hand of a woman at a party at Yale. The Penis later returned to Mr Cavenaugh by his friends who said they'd only bartered as a prank. The allegation was alleged in an alleged book by some alleged reporters for the Times newspaper but in the book the woman in question says she has no memory Marie of the incident a fact that was left out of the original time story which is both an astounding act of corrupt journalistic malpractice and standard operating procedure at the The Times Democrats immediately reacted to the fact free third hand rumors by demanding Kavanagh's impeachment in a statement by female make believe Indian presidential candidate who asked to remain anonymous while she was degrading yourself by spreading baseless calumnies quote is unfounded. Slur is just one more unfounded slur to add to the pile of unfounded slurs. I which magically become founded once you buy them up high enough unquote mobs of hysterical leftist females immediately gathered outside the Supreme Court shrieking believe all women while simultaneously making that utterly impossible trigger warning. I'm after leaving and this is the Andrew Klavan shop taking all sustain. You should see tops live easy to see it. You know I often tell a story about a young couple who lived across a New York City Street from me when I was young on myself and they put their bed by the window and they left the window opened often at all times of the day I could see making love to one another with enormous vigor and creativity tippety. It was shockingly raw stuff difficult not to watch one day. I remarked upon it to the live in girlfriend. Who would one day become my wife? I said look at this. This is downright pornographic the graphic and she said why what's pornographic about it. We do all the same things they do. which was to me a revelation revelation was this the inner life makes everything worthwhile while the I is pornography may be true love to the soul we humans live a deeply material life but we live at a spiritual level whether we want to or not this is one of the most confusing and confounding aspects of human existence our animal selves provide us with everything that is based about ourselves? Our bodily functions are raw desires disease Z's and death but there are also at the core of our nobility. What is there in human life more beautiful or poignant than the site of a mother with her newborn child? It's an incredibly human thing and yet is not a human thing at all. The same phenomenon happens at every level of Mammalian life. What makes it so amazing for us are God given and godlike consciousness of of its depth and meaning many people throughout history have sought to remove the animal from humanity and leave only the mental or spiritual behind religious celebrates who seek to leave desire behind philosophers who elevate thought over every other activity or scientists who seek to handover central bodily functions like birth to machinery sorry to leave us quote unquote free to pursue are quote unquote higher callings? I've always wondered though what is the good of improving the life of man if he's no longer man when you're done with them. Clearly the higher wiser more vital most human answer is to immerse oneself an animal life in a completely spiritual way some hedin. It's believe hedonist. I believe that this means experiencing physical pleasure to its depths but every time they've tried this seems to result in disaster the abuse of the week by the powerful I suspect aspect Aristoteles Christianity comes closer to the truth when it advises us to apply the moral sense that holds us to the virtue between extremes and looks to God to supply meaning depth and joy to both the pleasures we have and the restraint we need to make those pleasures moral that path is both straight and narrow but one one thing seems clear especially right now in this present moment if you step off the border of the straight and narrow path sheer madness wise beyond and we'll see why in just a second but first let us talk about light stream and you know flight stream. You know why I love Games because I like you like everybody uses credit cards without now thinking about him. I use credit cards without thinking oh it's actually money then at the end of the month is funny. 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Dot com slash Andrew subject to credit approval rate includes point five percent auto pay discount terms and conditions apply offers are subject to change without notice visit light stream dot com slash Andrew for more information information. I always wish every time I read that. I wish I had one of those fast readers. Who would take me through that but I but I don't just stumble through it on my own? I'm still in New York waiting to do the roast for Ben Shapiro which follows hard on the roast who's roasted last night. Somebody Alec Baldwin roasted last night. it's a little harder to roast Ben because he's an actually really decent human being but we'll do our best and I'll be as nasty as I possibly can. Let's let's start this story with this time story which is an amazing piece of self-destruction by the New York Times is in keeping with what they're doing now. Everything is get trump. Everything is destroy conservatives. Everything is lump conservatives with trump and just page after page about how trump is evil. What a terrible thing he's done to his will never recover never mind? The economy doesn't matter never mind the fact that we're not at war never mind the fact that everything is actually going pretty well at the New York Times. Donald Trump is the devil and they cannot stop attacking him and part of him is of course the appointment of Bread Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court with you you know not wishing anything bad on Ruth Bader Ginsburg but very possibly another Supreme Court pick coming up so they're getting all the more hysterical about it so so they're a book is going to come out. I think coming out tomorrow it's called something like the education against Brett cavenaugh written by two New York Times reporters and so they run this thing a new story and you all remember how they tried to get him with Christine Blazey Ford and he'd done this horrible thing when he was eighteen or seventeen or sixteen years old whatever it was house and now they say they've got a shocking new sexual allegation that when he was a yells in the eighties he was at a party and I guess the ideas he was naked and some of his pals shoved him into a girl so that his penis touched her hand. You know this is written by Robin Pogrebin Kate Kelly and we'll get back to them in a minute but this source is well look Mollie Hemingway and carry Severino wrote this wonderful wonderful book justice on trial. I read it. It's I I recommend it highly. It is deeply deeply researched all about this attack on Brad Kavanagh where came from and the strategies that we're using all this stuff and so here's molly talking about the the way the Times reported this allegation so there is this book coming out on Tuesday. It's written by two reporters who were actually kind of involved in anti cabinet. effort is probably the best way to put it. They were reporting on it for the New York Times. They were pulled off their beats to help because they both had backgrounds privileged backgrounds where are they had intersected with. People who were in the story and Robin Pogrebin went to Yale with cavenaugh she actually bloomed with one of the central figures who coordinated anti Cavanaugh Ebina efforts she lightly discloses that in her book and now they're out with a book and carrying I I've been reading it just finished it and they also have an essay where they they claim that there was another allegation. left out of the essay. Is that there that the claim that was made is actually denied by the alleged victim they put in their book but they didn't put that in their essay which is causing some people to question their journalistic ethics. This is amazing stuff. They did put an editorial note. After twenty four hours of enduring the wrath of human all of all humankind they put an editorial note mentioning that the woman that the the woman who is supposed to be at the center of this doesn't remember this is she doesn't say it happens. She's not she's not denying issues such remember something like that ever happened which is pretty amazing easy not to leave that I mean that is an amazing piece and you have to remember the big thing. The big take on this is widened the F. B. I. Research This but you have to go back and remember that the whole thing thing was about delaying the Cavanaugh acceptance was delaying putting him on the court so that hopefully something magical would happen they would find the trump was actually Vladimir Putin in disguise you know they would actually get to an election and vote him out of office something anything to delay so they kept pouring things on kept asking more more and more things kept moving the goalposts and finally the Republicans agreed to let the FBI investigate the two most believable allegations the Plessey Ford Allegation Asian and one other allegation they investigated those no proof that they had taken place and this came in and it's obvious nonsense now here's Carrie Severino the other author of the Book Justice on trial talking talking about and this is amazing talking about the chain how this piece of an intelligence how the story actually becomes a story how the sources pass it along. What's so funny about this? Allegation is the incredibly you can. You waited nature of it so what they really have is to Senate staffers. Who say ah that's dire told them that he heard from a woman that at a party ca that when we're everyone was maybe drunk? Kavanagh's friends pushed him and his Genitalia Inter her now. What's crazy? Is it just the story itself. Is I mean if even followed that that's impressive so many links in the chain and the the part they leave out his that this woman apparently has told her friends that she doesn't even remember it in style himself and the women are not speaking to co Pogrebin and Kelly so this is eighteen. It's not even like third hand fourth hand account of an incident that even if it happened happened as it is described sounds like it was Kavanagh's friends who were the wrongdoers here so it's it is a very bizarre thing to try to hang your hat on as a new allegation ah on top of which star who they referred to as this kind of just a well respected you know guy he runs a he runs a nonprofit and they say oh he's a well respected. He was also a on Bill Clinton's legal team where they were defending him against charges of sexual malfeasance seasons with Monica Lewinsky Sire is on that legal team and on the other team against him Brett Cavanaugh never mind that so they've got these two reporters one one of whom was involved with trying to take down cavenaugh. They've got a source who isn't talking to them. Who says that who was on the Bill Clinton team against a Brett cavenaugh plus it wasn't even from the source? It was two people to AIDS telling them that the source said that this happened at a party to a woman who doesn't remember it. I mean it's not it's not something you scroll on a bathroom wall. This is not a new story they should make it into some place supposedly as as terrific traffic journalistic venue as the New York Times. Let's pause just a minute because then I gotta get to the funny part I mean this is already kind of hilarious but I'll get to the funny part in just a minute but let let us talk about ring ring. Is there to help keep you safe and it really does. It really does give you peace of mind because you can talk to anyone who comes to your door. You can see him on a camera. Look look at your phone. See Him talk to them. Find out why he's there what he's doing there and and check out what's going on at your house. 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That's ring dot com slash Cleveland for a special offer. Additional terms may apply like for for instance. They may want you to know how to spell Klavan. It's K. L. A. V. A. N. So that's the story we're dealing with right. Is this complete work of nonsense and of course the left goes crazy. Liz Warren says she tweets out last year. The cabinet nomination was 'em through the Senate without a thorough examination the nation of the allegations against him I mean that's other garbage. Confirmation is not exoneration and these newest revelations of disturbing like the man who appointed him cavanaugh should be impeach each Kamala Harris I sat through those hearings Brett Cavenaugh wide to the US Senate and most importantly to the American people he was put on the court threw a sham process and his place on the quarter's an insult to the pursuit of truth and Justice and here's Julian Castro what's happening right now with Donald Trump and what he's doing and the presidency and what happened with this cavenaugh process is that they're completely undermining our democratic process and the necessity to go by what is truthful and honest especially when you're talking about somebody's sitting on the highest biased court in the land that is supposed to be the ultimate arbiter of what is right and just and what came clear. What's become? I'm clear is that that he should be impeached. The house absolutely has the ability to impeach him. The question would be what the Senate would do and you know I wanNA know at this coin why why did the. FBI Not Follow up on all of these leads that they have they didn't lift a finger to investigate it and if they brock walked they did bring some of that information to the attention of some of those Republican senators why those senators say anything is utterly ridiculous. I mean would you would anybody investigate. Instigate this. Anybody can say anything about anybody and we know the left does this. They did it to Clarence Thomas and they continue to insist and make movies about the fact that this was true when when even even if everything Anita Hill it said about Clarence Thomas was true it would have amounted to nothing a little bit of irritation a little bit of course a few course remarks it would have amounted to nothing Clarence Thomas. There was never an allegation clarence. Thomas Heard Anita Hill's career she followed him around. She followed them from place to place because he was helping her career and grooming her and the idea that he did any of those things is completely unsubstantiated but even if it weren't even if it were and I feel that personally I feel that way about Brad Kavanagh on blazes four to by the way I mean this is I know an unpopular opinion but I feel if he did something Jerky in Highschool even if he acted up active wild in college no I do. I feel that that makes disqualifies him to be a great judge in the Supreme Court. No I don't and I mean I have I listen to I have dual feelings about the metoo movement in in general I you know I want ladies to be treated like ladies and Gentlemen to be gentlemen. That's a very important thing to me a very important value to me but I'm GonNa talk about in just a minute once the logic of that falls apart art. You can't blame people for behaving the way people behaved at a certain period and then going back into time and saying well now. We're going to prosecute you for things because or mores or morals of change that's absurd on top of which the whole thing about Cristina blazey forward. Is that like her allegations were not that believable or unbelievable at all. It was like somewhere in the past. I don't know where something happened. Even other women you know obviously left wing. Women went out immediately with this incredibly stupid logic of I was tacked so I believe her which makes no sense whatsoever but other women said I remember every detail of what happened to me when I was attacked attack and she doesn't remember anything and she didn't plus on top of this. This is new also from federalist with where Mollie Hemingway and carry severino work within days of Kavanagh's confirmation to the Supreme Court Brett Kavanagh's father was approached by Christine Ford's father of the golf club where they were both members Ralph Blazey Ford's father went out of his way to offer Ed Kavanagh his support of Brett Kavanagh's confirmation to the Supreme Court says Christine Place who Ford's father saying he was glad he said I'm glad Brett was confirmed in the com- The encounter immediately caused a stir at the close knit private golf club is staff and members shared the news. I don't know if this was my daughter. That's not what I would have been doing if I believed her and it made me feel it certainly suggests that the father had doubts about the allegations and thinks she may have been making some of this up so I I have to report reporting the reaction of the Democrats I have to report the reaction of the media. Which of course is the same thing but it was interesting on the on morning? Joe Joe Scarborough had on a I don't know what his name was kind of. A media commentator Joe Scarborough like treated it like it was kind of his his his pal the New York Times had had gone astray they'd gone astray as opposed to the fact that they do this now. Every single day I mean this happens to be a particularly egregious example sample of it but they're newspaper. Reporting is now simply an attack on trump. It's virtually hate speech against all conservatives is not trying to get the news subjectively. It's not trying to tell all the news. That's fit. That's vistaprint and Joe is sad and I could not believe the New York Times would write this piece without that information contained in it. I are you surprised a twenty four hours was twenty four hours went by before before they clarified that fact and let me just ask also or producers just put in there that is Max tire may be respected but what is it not relevant to know that he was opposing counsel on the other side of Brett cavenaugh and the Monica Lewinsky Wenski legal proceedings. I don't understand why they didn't put this information in the article that strike you as strange yeah. That's certainly good context being provided here about starring Joe Right we were talking about yesterday and we're puzzled and remained so that if the woman involved saying that she doesn't remember that raises some questions actions about the peace. Certainly I'm not going to the New York Times is made their own editorial judgments about what should be included but just taking a step back beyond this one article. I also also just want to read it. Underscores flashpoint the cavenaugh hearings were and remain and we'll be going forward. It's Kinda strange that they don't know I can imagine why the New York Times would do such a thing. I can't imagine how they could have made such a mistake. Maybe it was the drugs. Maybe you know they. They took something for a cold old had gotten their head. Their heads got stuffy. You know it must be something it must be. There's got to be a reasonable explanation. Why The Times would unleash a rabid attack on a Supreme Court justice? They don't like without checking the facts. I mean what really there's gotta be some other and then the commentator I love the way he goes like it just points out. What a flashpoint this is it? He points out that these guys are coming liars. That's what it points out just say lie to get what they want. They lied to get power. They lie to get the to keep control. The Supreme Court for skirl reasons in the first place because they've transformed the court into an agent of change. They've transformed the court from people who kind of call balls and strikes strikes. The UMPIRES. were out there saying get. That's constitutional no. That's not what the founders meant. You don't like. It changed the constitution. They've changed it from that too. Yes we interpret this to mean whatever we want to mean. It's Thursday nowadays are standards are such and such. It doesn't matter what Ben Franklin thought it doesn't matter Thomas Jefferson thought it matters what we feel in our hearts parts is right. I mean Anthony Kennedy who is a judge a lot of the Times but he drove me crazy with this stuff like well. You know we feel the dignity of gay people and therefore the Constitution the two must mean them. Do we have the absolute right to be married in absurd that is what the left turned the court into it wasn't supposed to be that it's not supposed to be that now now and so that's why they fight so desperately for it but let's get a little bit of a more measured a Mormon measured reaction from Msnbc where the com- grownup goes these this is the guy named Jason Johnson Who Lord Love Him is a journalism professor. There's the mysterious debt. We don't know where that went wrong. We have no idea where that went. I I don't know anybody who spends that much money. On national six make any sense to me then you have the thousands of legal documents right things that he wrote the Bush administration that Republicans wouldn't turn forward then you have a history of sexual so I said last year joy. I've never heard of a guy who's a one time rapist. I've never heard of a guy who's one time sexual assaulter. I grew up with guys like this. He's former around this area right. He's the fifth guy and again great okay. He's the guy who comes in after everybody else encourages them. You can get away with he's been pretty much covered his entire life and now he's on the Supreme Court where he can move that same despicable Sajjan. It's the attitude that he's gotten away with entirely cowardly life to the greatest massages of all which is the price United States journalism professor. What's recently Morgan the university? I can't remember the name of the University Journalism Professor Yeah we can tell we can. I can tell I grew up with guys like this. He's the fifth guy in a gang rape. and you know that that's somehow is worth saying on on TV unbelievable. It is unbelievable stuff the hatred but but you know the thing that gets me about it is of course there is the Clinton hypocrisy that Clinton who was very credibly accused of rape who was obviously a serial cheater serial adulterer adulterer. Obviously a deep died liar. I mean looked in the cameras that I did not had sex with that woman when he obviously had I mean this is a guy who lied. He perjured himself he was accused of rape nothing from the left just defense okay typical politics suddenly when they think they've got something that they can get the their opponents with They're going to use it to the hilt. Okay I'll take that as as typical politics but it also brings out the fact that the culture the culture that could have created a party where a guy was standing around naked is not conservative culture. It's the left's culture the left did this every step of the way it's the left who told women that they were the same as men fishes enjoy sex the same as men. It's victim blaming if a woman gets a drunk drunk out of her mind at a party with men and then wakes up with a stranger insider. That's you know that's just victim blaming to point out that it was unwise for her to get drunk the that absolves the guy it doesn't but it's still that it's unwise to get drunk in the same ways unwise to walk down a dark alley at three o'clock in the morning. Even though it's the muggers fault when he attacks you know it's the left that created this culture entirely and it's the left that still seeks to raise the differences between men and women and makes it absurd to have rules about sex right. I mean if it men would have different rules about sex if women had the same rules as men that that's exactly what's happening at a drunken party where everybody he's running around and you know with close half off and is drunk out of their mind. That's that's women acting like men right and this is basically what the what the left has been selling women are the same as men except when men are women than women are so different you have to cut off your Dingus to be one of them but then suddenly you're a woman. It's madness. It's madness. If you don't start with the animal facts of life than you deal then you can deal with the problems they come up. If you start with the animal facts of life you deal with the problem up there are two kinds of people men and women. They're very very different. Their physical bodies their brains. Everything about them is different. They built for different things. Why because nature doesn't care that you WanNa be a ski instructor? structre just cares that you reproduce it doesn't care if you want to paint the Sistine Chapel it Jus- cares that you make more people and so it has created us for that fact and so surely Orley surely the instead of eliminating that and try and instead of trying to erase it what you do. Is You deal with it in a moral way that is who you humanize your animality that is how you humanize the physical facts of your life and that's what human life is about that is what human life is about. It's not about eliminating the physical facts of your life. It's not about only being a brain. It's not about living celebrate unless you have some specific reason to live celibate. It's not about any of those and it's not about like turning over to robots and sheens to do the things that human do demons do is about living the life of an animal human in a spiritual way if once you stop doing that the only other other choice is the kind of madness. We're seeing now it is it's like a sexual disease like a sexual pathology where everything having to do with sex is screwed up everything having to the sex is madness. Why because we've lost the basics basic idea well? Let me stop for just a second and talk about vistaprint. You know I finally did get my cards cards. 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We'll get free shipping on all business cards any style any quantity just go to vistaprint dot com and enter Promo Code Klavan to for free shipping on all business discard any style any quantity limited time offer own the now at vistaprint dot Com Promo Code Cleveland to that is Promo Code cliven followed by the number to you support our show when you support our sponsors and I know you're asking. How do you spell to you don't need to spell to it's just the number two but I ha- you have to smoke klavan which is K. L. A. V. A. N? There are no es in Cleveland. I just make it look that easy so once once once people's relationship to their bodies goes insane once they loo I mean because that's everything about being human as your relationship to your body wants your relationship to your body. Go goes off the rails everything off the rails and that is why we're starting to see stuff coming up. It just speaks into the madness of the moment we're in. There's a guy who was a the clock for his name. Was He died. September third. He was an abortionist in Indiana he lived but he had a place in Illinois and they went to his house and they found two thousand medically preserved fetal remains found on his property pretty this look the Gosnell case he was keeping souvenirs. He any preserving them right. These are medically preserved. Fetus fetal remains that he was keeping on his property he performed abortions Indiana with women's health clinics he lost his license. The state suspended his license in two thousand fifteen after two people accused him of performing abortions worship thirteen year old girls without properly admitting records to the state's Health Department so think about it from it kind of shocked when you hear that when I first heard it that I thought wow that's really shocking and ugly but why is it shocking. You know a doctor a guy who it is a medically trained doctor can do pretty much what he wants. That's a job in demand and people can do it and people can choose the kind of doctoring they WanNa do if you choose to be an abortionist into to do it because you like it. I mean you could make the argument that you think it's an important thing that has to be required but there are lots of important things treating cancer is important treating all kinds of diseases uses important. Why do you choose abortion? 'cause somehow you'll like it. You'll like doing that. Who Likes doing that? You know I mean it's like it's kind of it's a kind of sickness right and I think that it's just there's even story out. I mean I I hesitate to tell the story. It's so horrific there it was a Missouri tried to put a ban on abortions at or after eight weeks of pregnancy right but federal judge has temporarily blocked that from being implemented because he says he thinks it's unconstitutional and he says it's GonNa take a while to work out and similar laws have been struck down in North Dakota and Iowa however the judge allowed allowed one portion of the policy to take effect a ban on abortions based solely on race sex or diagnosis indicating the potential for Down Syndrome in other words. If you find out it's a girl and you WANNA boy. You're not allowed to have an abortion how they can tell that's your reason. I don't know planned parenthood vow to fight to block that portion of the law to a planned parenthood chief medical officer for planned parenthood of the Saint Louis Region Calling Mick Nicholas said although we're grateful today's ruling allows us to provide care to some missourians we will continue to defend the truth. Every reason to have an abortion is valid reason so there's a new this is from from life news. There's a new report that people were kind of monitoring read it. You know a social media place. Social Media Site and people are talking about a fetish for getting pregnant and having abortions is a fetish for the sexual fetish it. My girlfriend enjoys her pregnancy. This is a quote from read my joy friend my girlfriend enjoys her pregnancies and she enjoys the abortion for data to abort is between twenty and twenty four weeks of just station. Another person wrote that this girl is with a male partner who is just like her into breeding and they have been practicing their fetish for quite a few abortions and you read that you think like Oh my God. This is people have a sexual fetish for killing their fetuses but why not why not everybody enjoys something. Some people enjoy serial killing. Some people just enjoy cereal. What's the difference? What's the difference once you lose? The idea of human life is a spiritual enterprise based in material real fact once you lie lose the idea of human life as a spiritual enterprise located in material fact you have lost everything thing and you've gone mad you're going and so this is a country society has gone insane in many ways. One of the things we have to remember is that at a community a society a country a nation a world can go mad and be perfectly happy while it commits fifty million abortions in here and you can do it. We've done it. I got to say goodbye to facebook and Youtube. Come on over to daily wire dot com and subscribe and then you can be in the mail bag. Yeah you can get the leftist tears. Tumbler is ten bucks a month one hundred bucks for the year and the most important thing. Is we get your money so come on over the daily wire dot com Tom you know we're talking really what we're really talking about. Degrees Tahiliani the idea that things have a purpose when you were into that purpose you get you get it right and listen. The Catholic Church works on Telly Biaggi when it comes to Saxon they say sexes for having babies is for procreating therefore you shouldn't use any birth control and therefore gay relationships are always wrong. I have a different view of Kellyanne believe sometimes if you're a person who can't reproduce if you're a person who can only love a person of the own your own sex. I believe the technology according to Aristotle permits you to do something to us something for a good purpose. that is outside the immediate purpose so the example I give is if I carry my computer and someone tries to Mug me and I hit him over the head with my computer. That's not what the computers for but that's a perfectly valid thi Laos as for the computer so there were many different ways to do this but you have to do it. You have to do it at some level because you can't know what a thing is good. I if the thing is good if you don't know what you're supposed to do with it you can't if your life is good if you don't know what it's for you can't know if your body is good. If you don't know what it's for all everything you know she has Lewis said even corkscrew you can't if a good corkscrew until you know what is four and so this is the logical way to look at it and this is why you know the idea that you humanize nice things by using the moral sense has been abandoned by the left because it's so hard so difficult to do and it restricts you and it means. You can't do everything the one that always bothers me more than anything anything is race the left as far as I'm concerned is now operating at the level of toothless clansman you know one of those guys and a CD pool hall who talks about race and everything is race and all blacks and all about the blacks in his whole I mean they're just doing it with the whites and they think that makes them better to me. It makes them exactly the same I in my imagination the New York Times all the left is just a toothless guy who meets in the at night with a mask on a sheet on his head talking about race because thinking about human beings as entirely as what they're races. We really even a little about what they're racist. It's degrading. It's degrading to you it's degrading to you and you know what I don't do it. I don't do it when I say that I don't mean Oh. I'm like pristine. I have not a racist bone in my body. I don't mean that at all. I don't mean that at all I in the same way I lust after women but I don't go after them. Because I'm true to my wife I all kinds of crazy thoughts all kinds of thoughts that oh I don't act on them. I I set them aside. I live according to my lights not according to my flesh. I don't live according to the dictates of my body. I live according to my moral lights because is that is to me that makes me a human being so now as the the fallout from the last debate has been really fascinating the last Democrat debate. They're all going after after Joe Biden they since he's weak they sense he can't win. He's too goofy at this point. He can't remember anything he can't be make sense. He can't make an English sentence and so now they're going after him. In terms of race okay do we knucklehead row setup because I think we should start talking about this. At knucklehead row the OP-ED ED page of The New York Times darndest uh-huh so Charles blow the most aptly named Ed writer on Knucklehead row and one of the chief knuckleheads because he blows he he wrote a piece Joe Biden is problematic and he talks about the moment the debate which I noticed too 'cause I had a totally different reaction to it. The moderator asked him the asthma question. She quoted something he had said in nineteen seventy five and when he was asked how to deal with segregation in schools and he said I don't feel responsible Biden said back in seventy five. I don't feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather I feel responsible for what the situation today for the sins of my own generation and I'll be damned. I'm the Fifield responsible to pay for what happened three hundred years ago and the questioner said You said that some forty years ago but as you stand here tonight what responsibility do you think think Americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country and I immediately thought just say no joe say none none because none of the people who held slaves here. None of the people who were slaves is here we have to do with the moment he what he said before was true but instead he made that stupid comment about teaching people to use the radio and the record player remembered him sound like one hundred and fifty years old instead of only one hundred twenty five years old and he said you know we've got learned. Teach teach black parents basically to go home and teach their children things so Charles blow says his language belies a particular mindset one of liberal of a particular vintage in other words. He's too old on the issue of race. It is paternalistic and pities. It sees deficiency in much the same way that the conservative does. I don't know who he's talking about there but I guess it's the conservative Charles Charles Blows Imagination says it response as savior rather than with savagery. That's what we need in this country. We need more savagery their thing we are missing in this country as savagery so he takes after him and it's just it's funny that he blames this on age because I think he was telling me Joe was telling the truth back then and his lying now he's lying now when he says says Biden is trying to make it up and he's trying to relate to black people which is always hilarious and he he's at a pool and he talks about a an inner city pool well he talks about how he was a lifeguard at this pool and he faced down the evil gang member corn pop the evil corn pop in here's Joe telling that story worry about his life and corn pop was a bad dude and he ran a bunch of bad boys and I did he back in those days. Shy things things have changed one of the things that used if you use palm eight and you hear you had to wear baby cap and so he's up on the boardwalk enlisted mess it. Hey Esther you off the board. I'll come up and drag you off well. He came off and he said I'll meet you outside. My car was mostly these raw public housing behind it my car there was a gate out here. I parked my car outside. The gate and I said I'll be waiting for your birth. Three guys straight razors not a joke. There's a guy named bill right mouse the only white guy and he did all the pools he was mechanic and I said what am I gonNA do. Come down out here in the basement where mechanics we're we're. We're all the pool builder is used to be chained went across the defend and he cut off a six foot length of chain. You follow up you walk out with that chain and you walk their car and say you may cut me man but I'm going to wrap this chain around your head. That's Joe he gets the guy. The guy is I hate to see them lose because he's GonNa leave all the humor out of the Democrat line but then he went out so he we went out to corn pop the evil corn pop and he apologized he didn't apologize for telling me to get off the board. He said he politics for calling him. Esther Williams was famous swimmer earn movies and that was the end of the fight so there's Joe relating to black people he's going to need to do it. He is the most popular Democrat among black people because they consider him. I'm an ally black voters because they consider him an ally because he was with Barack Obama and obviously he in Alabama got along. He was a loyal loyal vice president into Obama. Although Obama has not endorsed him and I personally think he's being hung out to dry and he's done for but we will see still again it is it's an amazing thing to watch the left. They have been doing this now for over a decade to reduce themselves to the level of clansman by their absolute obsession with with race which is not at all not at all taking the human body and transforming it through the moral view. If you have a moral view you understand that you have to love your neighbor whereas yourself you understand that you have to treat people equally there. They think that they're fighting racism but they actually just continuing racism. I'M GONNA have to wind wind down here because we're running out of time but I I want to go to a final reflection which is still in the same kind of vein what I've been talking about in the Wall Street Journal last last week they had a an op-ed by a guy named Stanley gold far he was associate dean of curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania's medical school and he says a a new wave. He's still at the medical school. This new wave of educational specialists is increasingly influencing medical education. They emphasize social justice as it relates relates to health care only tangentially. He says the emphasize social justice that relates to healthcare only tangentially this approach is the result of progressive mindset that pours hierarchy of any kind and the social elitism associated with the medical profession in particular these educators focus on eliminating health disparities and ensuring that the next generation of physicians is well equipped to deal with cultural diversity which are worthwhile goals but teaching these issues is coming at the expense of rigorous training in medical science. The prospect of this new politicized medical education should worry all Americans says meanwhile unconscious cardiologists surgeons and other medical specialists are in short short supply the specialists were produced must master more crucial material even the less and less of their medical school education is devoted to basic scientific knowledge of this country needs more gun gun control and climate change activists medical schools are not the right place to produce him well the left went nuts and the medical people went nuts on twitter and and they've piled on the distorted his argument according to The Wall Street Journal. They said that he believed the doctor shouldn't have opinions about political issues but that's not what he said he he said those issues shouldn't interfere with scientific and clinical training essential to producing doctors who can serve patients. The most disappointing response came from from Penn Medical School which the Dean Larry Jamison j Larry Johnson and senior vice deans Suzanne rose sent a letter to students and faculty. It said this please know that the views expressed by Dr Gold for farm in this column reflect his personal opinions and do not reflect the values of the Perlman School of Medicine we deeply value inclusion and diversity is fundamental to effective healthcare delivery creativity discovery and lifelong learning we are committed to ensuring a rigorous Ariston comprehensive medical education that includes examination of the many social and cultural issues that influence health from violence within communities to changes in the environment around us so so a complete fantasy a complete cloud based idea where you float around and you worry about what your gender is and what your Pronoun is and what the weather's like and who's what corporations destroying the weather and don't fix the cancer that the guy came in with and don't listen to the complaints that he has and don't look at the symptoms and learn everything you can the disconnect disconnect between the physical and the moral the disconnect between the physical and moral makes people insane that is the way it is way too Luay to use your animal life to its fullest is to apply morale albumen morality to the animal body and that is the idea that will give you a beautiful life and we'll take you home to the life beyond all right. I gotTA stop there but I would back here tomorrow. In this same studio in Beautiful Glorious Midtown Manhattan Tonight is the Ben Shapiro Roast. I will try to destroy everything about him. His reputation his self confidence possibly even his physical person and will return to California tomorrow after Michelle be here tomorrow to listen to what happened. I'm Andrew Klavan. This is the Andrew Klavan show. Hey if you enjoyed this episode. 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