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Games coming up this Sunday and if you're having friends over to come watch some football and they're planning to make some guacamole just say hey. Google remind me to buy Avocados at the supermarket the Google assistant is ready to help you get more done with just your voiced in the car at home and everywhere you take your phone they're great let's start right off the bat go bigger go home expensive players we think are worth the money decay who's worth the money this week I'm betting on Lamar Jackson Bounce always by my co host and my co Danny the hero we need the analyst we deserve the Dark Knight Himself Danny Kelly how're you doing back game for the Ravens he's gone up against the bengals defense he is sixty nine hundred so on the more expensive side clearly but I think he's due for a big game he struggled a bit is no that the London game this week starts at Sunday at nine thirty A. M. Eastern yeah so did you know that that's fourteen hours of football which is longer than entirely it gave up twenty five point four points Kyle last week at home including ten rushes ninety three yards and a touchdown on the ground so with a big game against you know with remember to set your lineup Saturday night game is very early unless you're the kind of person who's checking your fantasy lineup at before nine thirty am eastern which some people are but yet so you're lineups but it is Thursday afternoon right now not Sunday and we're going to run through a bunch of players like daily fantasy matchups this week we're going to break welcome to the dentist the football podcast on the ringer. NFL show on the Ringer podcast network. My name is Danny Hyphen. I'm joined as one day he has a really good rushing floor he threw picks he threw three picks last week and still scored eleven points because he ran for seventy yards on the ground so uses early on in the season but going up against bad defense this week so I think he could be worth the money the other thing that I really just love about Jackson is on any has a passer especially over the last two weeks tussle ill-advised picks last week can just hasn't looked as good against good defenses as he did against bad defense posting a big game against them I think that Lamar Jackson who is still I think he's a little more refined right now and and a further along in his career I think he could have a big day the Bengals are also just bang like may then cordy Glenn is still the concussion and their Andre Smith is one of their other main tackles out so they're just devastated and they used to have a similarly Tough Injury List Dat rushing floor also gives them an incredible ceiling if he does end up throwing three touchdowns this week so all in all I like him the Bengals have given up tenth most fantasy points of quarterbacks the fans a personal thing I should probably talk if you're just a fan of you getting up at six thirty well it's the panthers in the bucks so I don't think it applies to too many people important important note though a nice kind of a double trouble here because it's Alvin Kamara so you're going to get great value and he's projected to be extremely low owned he's had some ups and downs this year but I think this is a year Deka I'm doing extraordinary are you a man extrordinary wow Kruger you extrordinary order I think what what's better than at defensive end so there's banged up as anybody so the Ravens rushing his games can bet craig who's worth the money this week Alvin Kamara down draftkings lineup at the end but first we're going to run through some categories will jog jog system categories I remember but I don't know five days ago Christian McCaffrey cremated the Jaguars all let's let's flip this the other way these are too rich for my blood guys that are really pricey and not worth this week decay who's not worth the money this week so I it's okay I'm always happy to see headship decays so at the takes me feel good on doing great it's Thursday excited for football I'm excited for football did the rings trilogy combined do you get up to watch the London game though I mean actually I guess I should ask if I'm working on for that game really help them not if you're not if you're just so I'm out on the homes this week if you listen to the most recent ringer NFL show Kevin Clark on his take shop takes that The chiefs should rest Patrick mahomes points now only but obviously that's still pretty solid for a quarterback but you know you're looking for a huge game and I don't know if I can really trust that this week against Houston Yourself Jinx Myself Kamara safe bet Adam Levitin has extremely low on his week six expected draft kings ownership rankings so this is he's he's probably the best quarterback in the NFL and he's amazing everything the I I love the guy but I'm just GonNa wait until his ankle is fully backed up and are you talking about their defense but I'm their offense for one Second AG Greens out Receiver John Ross's Out third-string Alex Ericsson's out they lost their first round left tackle in era getting good about saying Camaro come on we conquered Morioka we this is the next Mario Kamera is playing at Jacksonville this week and I don't know if you go where it was before before I kinda bet the House on him because you if you're spending that much money on your quarterback your your banking that he's going to have a massive day so for me I'm just not GonNa Forgave Oh oh who's the backup Matt Moore Yes yes it is thank you thank you what a journey and no Sammy Watkins so if he plays I'm in it's sort of it's sort of a mix of Bilo contrarian because I bet you a lot of people will probably be Kinda scared Williams but I also think that could be bad for Patrick mahomes because I think that Texan's front is much better than Jr Watkin have easier time penetrating pitch very good I know this goes against everything I've stood for my tire life but Leonard Fournette this week what I'm with you I think for me it's mostly I just don't want to spend the most money you know of any of my players are on Mahomes more more than I think he more than I think he's like ticking away from Patrick Mahomes this week just kind of figuring out where he is with with regards to his ankle I mean clearly I love the Guy He's all World Rico but they'll have the ball more going on here I think they'll they'll do they'll do more with their drives than they did last week I'll put it that way so bullion I don't really know I don't think raising questions I'm regular listener question of the week sorry crank put you on the spot and like hell and Camara seems like a safe bet and he's eight thousand dollars Kamera dammit G I'm not gonNA take that chance this week saving walk INS likely still out it's a little bit unclear on what Tyreek Hill is going to be doing last two games mahomes had only eighteen eighty nine dump author Patrick Mahomes Dame's this week and Williams had fifty seven percent of snaps in I came back so I like Williams but I also see how mahomes could not have some huge data had the ball for twenty two minutes last week it was twenty two minutes and forty five seconds that's the six lowest time of possession since Andy Reid became that she's coach in two thousand thirteen so that she the only had nine carries for twenty three yards last week and they also like three catches for fifteen yards but the point was this is homes tyreek Hill Damian Williams all those guys the chiefs offense the only place the I mean the colts beat the because they kept their offense off the field. I don't think the Texans are GONNA be able to do that so I think the chiefs love the ball more often and I do think that's going to be good for and credit you had Tari Killer Bilo the week I do we'll get to that I was thinking we could do it now the chiefs all right that's fine the only reason why tyreek hill is next now players are too much like homes not too little just right goldilocks so little rain sweet spot are this is a week where he can get back on track the jags up the most points to running backs this season I can't believe you said McAfee created the Jaguars benefited Gallup a lot he's a deep threat he's dangerous kind of in the underneath on slants and things like that he's just he's really broken out he's a really good player off Fayoum exactly not really sure exactly what he's going to be able to do and everything like that so yeah that makes less you could also be scared off by as much as the colts kind of Sh- well culturally shut down the chiefs offense but they show Craig loves the Goldilocks so my goldilocks guy this week is Michael Gallup receiver for the cowboys please me he's he's hedging hedging he he's the fifth most expensive running back this week you know what people this company think of hedging that's he's going up against new it was a sweet spot player for you this week there's nothing that you in Craig love more than I think this the Goldilocks Category now my favorite ones deceiving yards orlands listen to what New Orleans has done against this year they faced tug early sixty three yards Chris Carson fifty two yards in Ezekiel Elliot thirty five yards so you have no idea how he got there man but yeah I just think this week he's not he should not be the fifth most expensive running back I wholeheartedly concur he is fifty six hundred which just feels really kind of actually a little bit low to me going up against the jets jets defenses terrible I would assume that Dak is gonNA come chiefs offense of line especially because they're left guard had an injury action on the same plane homes are injured his ankle the left guard the chiefs did as well so I think that there's going to be a good amount not feeling forget this week they could be down early passing game could save him but from a rushing standpoint unless he has another one of those games where he rushes for negative eight yards for the first three quarters it's GonNa be a fun match up seeing him go against Marshon Lattimore if that's the case overall I just really excited about this matchup and I I like charcoal I love you so I pick that defense apart Gallup is averaging he's only played in three games this season he's averaging one hundred thirteen yards per game which is in the NFL twenty two points for game fantasy lies he's just really really good for them really outstanding defensive tend to tilt their coverages towards Mario Cooper Cooper's clear number one and I think that's really good chart for his own part has what I've seen really really good body control he's really good in the air he's he attacks the football on the Air Justin Gallup he also is averaging twenty two point three points per game he had thirty nine last week eight the week before seventeen point six and then eighteen point five in the previous two weeks my bilo the week is because last year he was the literal number one wide receiver in fantasy football so I really am fourteen points ended analysis. He's I believe the seventh most expensive this week can add regress badly or anything like that this week I agree with you there you you going with chiefs this week you want to try to get a discount if you can craig who's too rich for your blood this week twenty platelets I have an honorable mention this categories well another second year breakout player. Dj Shark the Jaguars going up against New Orleans he's fifty five hundred so he's one hundred you're gonNA save so much money so I think the ideal situation probably be to trade him next year all right well there's another place that has a giant logjam of good players which is he and men's you have a really good sort of back shoulder connection they've really connected on a few those he's got elite Dvd ran like a four three at the combine so I think charges yeah everything I I wrote about this week at the Ring Dot Com and that kind of I think that maybe biases me a little bit towards towards check this week we would all love to spend more time the seventy order I was gonNA literally about to bring up quietly sell high because he's just broken one run that just he's this year's Derrick Henry anyone who has Leonard Rickie both the most impressive thing impress you the most his accuracy is which I think you could I mean I don't know how you're GonNa like make a hierarchy of the most whether you're talking like a deep deep pass down sideline which is why those back shoulder throws been working so well or just on a little like bootleg he hit shark a little help hands-free just say hey google to get started touchdown last week I don't think he technically started because Matt Brita took the opening play the game open for a touchdown and he just put the jets but Coleman also looked really good as Marlowe stanfield would say one of them good problems to too many quarterbacks yeah right and then there's the forty niners who have too many good running backs my sweet spot right now Tevin Coleman this week for keeping them off the field you know I'm just GonNa jump Damien Williams thing now because I also like Damian Williams this week with all the chiefs right now but I like Damian blame says a Bilo this week because early trade him you know next year or whatever they'd have to eat some dead money but I mean having having Menchu on a rookie deal six round rookie deal in the long run so he's a little bit all over the place but I think he is there clear-cut number one I got tons of confidence in Minzhu Menchu has just been really and I think he could he has a potential to go off this week so I like him at fifty six hundred it's absolutely beautiful nothing I've I've burst explosiveness suddenly you're not the same player and Coleman against the Browns on Monday night football looked really good I mean he was making people miss like he it was really it's really breaking out. I don't think he's necessarily GONNA continue to score touchdowns every single week but I liked this matchup the saints have given up a lot of points receivers this year thinking about Gartner Men's shoe you're very lucky he's he was legitimately impressive I gotta say I was not expecting be as impressed I was expecting to be like yeah he looks pretty good like right on the outside shoulder so he could turn around and get upfield like that kind of accuracy I just I think is really really cool to see so I think that that's a repeatable trade that I think could really carry them heat one of the many chiefs running backs so this is Damien Williams not derail Williams also not Shawn McCoy or Darwin Thompson I've trouble keeping track of them all but really the issue was he'll Damien citing to see him back and I mean when he was with the Falcons in two thousand sixteen and Carl Shanahan who's now the forty niners head coach was the offensive coordinator for Atlanta he was one of the top twenty the chance to be the starter there for long term is there an issuance fulls comes back well he's under contract for three years and he has a Shitload of guaranteed money so that's an issue but they could potentially important things for a quarterback the accuracy he's gotta be up there as like one of the top ones he was just putting the ball in the exact location that needed to be on so many passes for net knows that he just has goes through most of the fantasy day with about three points you can't walk out and you can check after the game I go you one hundred twenty five and seen points I missed some time with an ankle injury hidden week one but ankle injuries are really scary when you have a starting running back because even if they come back it's like you know the holes close so quickly in the NFL make you miss is so hard that you lose just take ten fifteen percent off the top of your your lateral movement or your thing for my love but love for Michael Gallup the cowboys but Michael Gallup being on the cowboys is still forever one of my favorite and one hundred thirteenth my lucky number so there you go there's my expert analysis forty four hundred dollars on draftkings doesn't make any sense he's the he's the starting running back with this yeah he'd sixteen Russia's for ninety seven yards going forward and the four running time they run the most in all fifty seven percent of the time there's only two other teams above fifty percent rushing at all so running backs fantasy football coleman was and he has a bigger role in this team it seems like as much as it seems like he's a bit piece here's a bigger role in this team than he did back in the day I think he's only going to get more of workload I think he's as good a bet to do that as any of the guys in the top like list on draft kings and might as well get the cheapest one I think he's the sixth or seventh most expensive running back this week does this week Cincinnati is the second most finished points to running backs this year and I think this is GonNa be a lot like that Miami game the Ravens played where Ingram one hundred yards and two touchdowns like the first half and Gus Edwards hasn't really been chipping in to his workload at all he said five carries a game in the last four weeks and it's GonNa be a blow out so I think marking rooms and if they and ultimately coaches are coaches are protective risk averse people we're seeing less risk aversion to my lineup so D K we don't want to do that so who is your bargain but of the week this week I'm rolling with Jamison crowder the jets he's only four grand this week on do is try as hard as hell to not my real answer for this and this is true cream hunts I carry was a fumble real my real answer to this because if they fumble again it's been extremely grim for the last few weeks that's not a purply because even the word grim like they were openly debating whether Sam Darnold who could die if played in his era I'm pretty sure he was which means that Jeff Wilson isn't going to be the touchdown volker anymore for either Breda or Wilson thing was because they was because Greg you're arguing that play that coaches should play their best players we've seen time and time again that that's like expecting coaches to play their best players is complete is it now real quick which team would you guys want to coach takeover tomorrow any team yeah the Browns browns. I don't want to touch that Yeah Oh my God I we'll think Craig Ravens fan it's sweet spot Greg Yeah Mark Ingram who was playing the Bengal I am safe for his press beautiful bargain bin of the week you fill out your Austrian you didn't save enough money and now you're rolling through like Oh my God am I gonNa have to put Reichel armstead football game should play as an open question at the very least their messaging on the subject has been poor yeah so week one last time these two guys played on the same field together and by the way darnold is back this week that's been announced whatever so that's good news crowder worth down but that's because now it's kind of okay to go for the fourth down there still risk aversion other areas the risk of their avoiding is not playing worse it's getting criticized like the remains deep throughout a touchdown threat necessarily but he could rack up the targets again in this game and I could definitely see that happening I think you know he he and lady on bell or both doing their bit yes like talent the removing talent from the game so they will get criticized if it happens again yeah we'll Jeff Wilson scored so he's fine I guess Craig Craig some kid came at neat like took a three to start the game ill-advised three missed it you get pulled I don't think that's the way I agree but if someone fumbles and you pull them no one questions the coach yeah I mean it's just not going to happen like look at Aaron Johns in Green Bay for the last year and a half has been like why don't you just play him or you know it's just so fries you and like the potential games here I think the Dallas is going to be ahead probably for most of the game which means that they're going to have to rely on darnold pass ball around that's not true I mean it could be a real school coaching it's Exa- cosign it's say Combo of like part punishment part eh he's fallen completely off the fantasy map since darnold spin out the jets offense has been I mean about as atrocious as you can possibly be in the NFL it's been in week one had seventeen targets fourteen catches for ninety nine yards now it's important to know that this is for PBR like he he's not necessarily a great standard at the goal line is the coach's fault for not pulling them so it's as their own ass and it's the goal until the probably score anyway let's my real always hated that tactic you know there was like high school basketball coaches where if had eight rushes for sixty eight yards last week and honestly even if David Johnson does play he's a back injury and by just reading the reports about it seems like they would pain so that's kind of inside but yet don't don't land coaches to play the best players maybe the dynasty football podcast coach team this real we have with defenders hand that became a pick I don't remember the specifics but essentially they combined to turn it over three times so that's why they weren't getting the ball at the goal line because if there's anything you cannot do go on back the ball over one game punt why does fumbling in a game make you Poulson but it doesn't mean they're more likely to fumble again in that game one this one's pretty simply chase Edmunds is pretty talented player and David David Johnson obviously is really talented versatility is good at a lot of little things chaser you have to earn it like like there's a there's a disciplinary aspect to it for sure I don't know I just wouldn't you want your best player on the field if you think you all Matt

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