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You deserve a current account. That isn't all take. That's why a on post. We're doing party for thirty. Just open an easy to use her into count. With us launch thirty euro, I will give you another thirty euro for free to open a current account like Gibbs pop into your local post office today or search on post current account. Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends March thirty first two thousand nineteen see smart account for details on post is authorized by the minister for finance to provide payment services, and is regulated by the central Bank of Ireland in the provision of such services. ABC radio news. I'm Joanna here in Christ's church. New Zealand all of the flags are flying at half-mast on our council are in voting's today, and until further notice merely on dolls L. She says there are no words to describe the revolution chief fields for what the gunman in Christ Church believes in has false, the voice of height, and the only way that communities can respond to the voice of height has to come together and love compassion, and kindness, at least forty nine people were killed at two mosques in Christ Church students went on strike around the world today to send a message about climate change among the speakers in Washington. Carlos Stephan, ignorance is bliss it is dead. Isn't crying against our future? Speakers in DC stood behind a banner that read we don't want to die. A Florida man Caesar say 'Ok charged with sending pipebombs two prominent critics of President Trump is expected to plead guilty next week in court in New York. Thousands of people have been urged to evacuate on eastern Nebraska rivers as the massive late winter storm moving through has pushed streams and rivers out of their banks. There's a clean up in Michigan as well. From a tornado last night. This is the assistant Genesee county. Fire cheat we have roof through completely off two or three different trailers. We've got trees twisted tops or rip trade off. There's heavy heavy damage a late winter storm system continues to move across the midwest. It will send rain and snow into Minnesota and Illinois today. Fifty one women are suing the US Olympic Committee. It's board members and a number of high ranking officials for failing to prevent their abuse at the hands of imprisoned sports, Dr Larry Nassar, the supreme court says it will try to resolve all the legal issue. About a citizenship question on the twenty twenty senses. The justices are expanding their April. Twenty third argument to include whether to ask about the citizenship question. This is AP radio news. Police in New York are responding to the New Zealand mosque shootings. Here's the AP's. Warren Levinson news of the mosque shooting in New Zealand, turn what would have been a joyous occasion. A ceremony to rename a street in queens for a Muslim center into a somber observance police Commissioner James O'Neill sent a message that has become depressingly common in New York patrols and counterterrorism operations. Have been stepped up and locations deemed sensitive to our Muslim community here in New York City. We stand with you not just today. But always O'neil says the NYPD has a longstanding relationship with police in New Zealand, and is offering assistance to authorities in Christ Church where a gunman identified as a white nationalist opened fire at Friday prayers. Warren Levinson, New York, December death of a firefighter in Worcester. Massachusetts has been ruled a homicide. Authorities determine the fire he was fighting in an apartment building had been deliberately set by a tenant that former tenant has been charged with second degree murder in Massachusetts. I'm Ed Donahue, AP radio news. I'm ready to take the next step arm ready for university. That will help me Vance in my education and career a university that will make me feel supported an connecting ready for ODU online. Click the set or go to online dot ode dot EDU today.

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