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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent on grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. What's in your wallet? Cried passion and patterns re of college football leaves here. He's the Paul finebaum show. Our one podcast there. Wake as a ride the end of March. Upon us. But the man is convenience as we say Hello to you on what you'd be pretty crazy Monday. Glad you're here. I hope you had a good weekend. And if you're an SEC fan you did for as teams move on this week sixteen. Including tennessee. He was down twenty five. But they are in the Sweet Sixteen and fortunate to be there. Avoiding one of the maybe the biggest meltdown in NCAA basketball history. Well, North Carolina and Auburn to James you don't often think about. You're talking about the blue bloods, or the sport with a meet this weekend. In the Sweet Sixteen ROY Williams versus Bruce furrow. As you see teams versus number one teams. They done it before. Going back to the eighties. Remember, georgia. I don't Mississippi State barely Florida getting warmer Duke seems to be a popular team to take down. And of course, Kentucky did it. With Ohio State Kentucky thing down number. One. Doesn't seem like a big upset. Michigan state LSU that a match up. We will see. LSU survives with an amazing finish Tony Benford versus Tom Izzo. Not a match up. I expected to see in the tournament. Interim coach versus hall of Famer. Can Kentucky win without PJ. Well, they've done. It twice has not been easy, especially against Wofford took a dismal shooting day by Wofford's ace three pointer to survive. And someone who didn't survive Avery Johnson. Pick up your check on the way out of the building. You are done it Alabama after four average years now apparently Alabama wants better than average. But who will they get? That is the question. We're not about average ear. We're about excellence, and we want the best caller because from now on if we if you don't make a good call. We're okay. Can you the tournament? Sean farmers have make a good colleague play for UCLA. Now. He's one of the ace's of ESPN, Dan, dockage, nobody better than him. Call tucker. And Bruce Pearl the Auburn head coach will join us. So what about it? Let's get some calls in here. I mean, let's get some really we had some calls Friday that we had to have a series. We were here all night going through the John Hayes report, not the mole report, the Hayes report, he did a dossier on every caller that we had Friday and some of you are not making the grade. So the new rules you get bounced out you gotta you gotta you gotta have to have a play game on another show before you get back here. Eight five five two four to seven to eight five eight five two four to seven to eight five. We're here until they tell us to go home, which the beep says will be in exactly four hours. So looking forward to that. Glad you're with us a crazy weekend and even crazier week who who had four SEC teams going to the Sweet Sixteen you did you did you had more. He's on Mississippi State would be liberty. Yeah. Most people did to let's grab Mario. Who's in Memphis basketball talent about it? Mario. We're not basketball if we're not in a time. So there's another town you you just got a new coach give a chance to go out and bring in the best recruiting class in America. Yeah. Well, you hopefully, they do some next year. That's all we can do is look forward to that. You wanted to say was it you wanted. You parrot me, no threat notes. We're balancing CF. I said, you got something to say or we're going to send you home and cry with the team on I try to keep my colleague issues puff. With NS you with Lawrence as far as the head coach pretty miserable. Here time coaches is putting my apostle right? Like, they're not too. Sure, they're gonna hire person or or let them go. Right. Well, listen, I mean, they have an extraordinary circumstance there with with Tony Benford, and he took over when we'll Wade got nabbed a couple of weeks ago in this FBI probe to Benford credit. He's done a really good job. A lot of people including myself wondered you tell us you could move along with an interim coach who had not really been successful Dade coach. But team when it really mattered Saturday against Maryland came up with the player of the year. So I give them a lot of credit, and he's a couple ends away from maybe being the permanent coach LSU. Let's grab some more calls and Dennis is up next in Kentucky. How are you? Dennis. Oh, pretty good. Thank you for taking call Paula just wanted to thank and congratulate all the players in. SEC that's made it to the final sixteen. I think it's a tribute to what kind of league we've got. But I wanted to make a comment that was made prior to the game at LSU played a weekend. And I think it was Kenny Smith and Bilas were making a comment about the cloud over LSU, and how they shouldn't be playing and all this stuff and what happens ill. They knocked out. I think they I can't remember who they previously beat. But anyway, that was a general gist of it. And I just wanna comment up. I did berry hard to believe that they can make those comments, especially what was going on with with UNC or when when they revest gave for for years. Listen, let's take one thing at a time. They are. I mean, LA LSU right now is not exactly a are shrines, Dave Iowa. So. Oh, I didn't hear either comment, but they made it. But if you're an LSU fan, you better put on your seatbelt. I'm not LSU. You can tell you about coach did. So let's coated. Okay. No, no. Don't get me wrong. I they whatever happens. They are. What are your question here? My commun- is you know. Lastly, what happened avail Louisville? Louisville took action newly they you know, they more or less gave themselves to death penalty over this. They lost a championship, you know, and they did bad things. But I'm just saying maybe that's not the way to handle it because they got they rarely shafted themselves by taking themselves out of it. I think playing happen. Let's let's let's not be crazy here. Okay. Lou. The lucky I still have a basketball program after the mess that Rick Pitino led. I know that and I know that they paid Liz anything they were back in the tournament this year. All they take down a banner, which does not. I'm not a little fan now. Okay. All right. Let's go next to bear who's up on the on the phone. Hello there. Paul. Paul. Oh, good afternoon. I I will say if you're Kentucky and worry about touchy. Don't worry about it LSU. Nobody else. I'm an Overman. I won't say I'm extremely proud of boost. Poland these boys. But the one thing I wanna do Paul finebaum. If I could give a call out to Tammy I'm sorry. She's not here to say that. Yeah. She would've I think Tammy would have really gotten to kick out of this season as she would have feud of enjoyed two things Auburn success in Alabama's failure. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. See I'm the top that I really, Dan or know how to spell the meaning of of the word shot and Friday, but she would she certainly enjoyed it. When Alabama was was was was failing. Hey, great to hear from you. Harry is up next in New Orleans. Good afternoon here. Call seems like a month since I've spoken to you. It has been a month. After those first collars, anyway, all I have a question. Only on the show. Oh new rules where we're we're in the Sweet Sixteen. Now, we no longer allow play in teams to hang around this late in the tournament. All I know. Well, if I don't think they will. But it it's LSU should win this championship. Would would they be the first team to have a win it with a assistant coach to Damon happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the university of Michigan fired Bill Frieder who apparently had accepted another job. And I believe the athletic director was both Schonberger and he fired him Steve Fisher took over and Michigan ended up winning the national championship. Well, I I didn't know that Paul. I appreciate it. I knew if anybody would know you would ball. So I'm looking forward to the rest of the all new, but I I didn't know that phone call. Thank you very much. Now, that's a great call gets to a point. He makes a point. He moves on. He doesn't start deviating equivocating blow the aiding. Can't think of another word that ends in. They were Jack is up next in Virginia. Hello, jack. Hey, paul. Show. Great to have you on. Now. We'll talk later vault by ball after this. Theatrics go. Okay. Sorry. All right. Do you think the administration ready to get rid of Holly? And you know, even even her three players. He's still the cutoff up again. Offer Abby as an as an opinion as I don't know how they can keep her. I really don't. I mean, she did not she failed in every regard. If Tennessee wants to Tennessee, Alexa, key, Holly Warlick as as the women's coach them good for them. But she wouldn't. I would I would I would have fired her today. You know, even two players who lift or still in turn. So and now her. Mail her players question coaching ability. So I think. Let's see. She's a she's done. She's done what she was asked to do. She took over for Pat and the program has progressively gotten worse. So I mean, it's not a very difficult decision. This is not something that that requires deliberation. I'm sure everybody from Tennessee administration wanted to give back in town late last night and enjoy the wind, but I expect her to be gone. I mean, unless Phillip Fulmer and the university they're just decides that they want to continue on with mediocrity and a very valuable program, which lady vols are based on we call. We've got five six calls a day here about the lady valve people really do care and people want change. Thanks for the call. Do appreciate it. We're up against the break. Your phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five back with more. We've all taken a chill pill. And we're going to be kinder and gentler and honor of the way President Bush. Band is up next in Tuscaloosa. Hey, Ben, welcome to our program. Hey, paul. How are you? I'm doing great. Um? We're we've been hearing rumors of brick Patino being the next head coach of Alabama festival. Would you like to sites the source of that rumor? Now, we just been hearing that around, but we think Alabama will be the next best team in DC with Patino as their head. Coach can certainly be the sleaziest team in the FCC with Rick Pitino is the coach absolutely pleaded even that these days lease any sleaze sleaze apparently can win win. Would you like to say Rick is the coach? Yes. Good basketball coach. Yeah. He's a great basketball card. Well, I I'd be willing to bet you Ben you don't see him as a coach. Anyway, Sean farnum joining us from ESPN to talk about the weekend, and Sean always great to have you onboard. Thank you very much. Don't wanna make it too simple for you. But let let's start with with the power with the power conferences, the big ten the ACC, and the SEC pretty much taking all the major most of the most of the spots. Not all of them. Does that does that tell you anything about college basketball, or or or did you expect us? Expected this. I mean, this is one of those years where I did intimate. We'd see some upsets in the first round twelve fives. We're gonna come back into play after taking a hiatus last year. Really? I mean, this this is a year where their separation Paul between the best teams, and then just the okay teams and the teams that have played the most consistent throughout the course of the season are still alive in the start of the teams that have been ranked number one and we country during the course of the season are still very much alive in the NCAA tournament. So it it's it's not that we haven't seen this before last time we saw it was two thousand nine and it was very very chalky that tournament in. And I think it's gonna even get more Chaki as as this gets closer and closer to the final four in fact when we did our bracket marathon up in Bristol. They they were going through maybe some of those prop bets from our friends in the desert, and they were asking if the total seeds would would be over eleven and a half of the final four, and I said don't want. I think it'll be on there. And it's looking that way. Obviously, Oregon is the one outlier, but they put in playing some great basketball that they've made a great run. I think they're run probably comes to an end of the next Brown shell let me start with Kentucky, the PGA Washington situation is affecting them. But as as they go up in class, and and do they ever this weekend? What's going to be the net effect of either him playing without much ability or not playing at all? Well, I think look there there there will become a point in this tournament where they would definitely need him. And I was so impressed with PJ down the stretch for his maturity how he played how often they would. They would look for him in in moments of meeting to get a big shot when their offense got a little stagnant. They went to PJ Washington. And it's unfortunate that injury has taken place at this time, my full expectation is playing a team like Houston. Houston story was the score. But they also defend really really well and Corey Davis junior and has been there Goto player all season long. They've guys like Rodney Brooks and DeJean as I like to call them, DeJean algebra, and he's come off the batch of Ben a consistent presence for them. I think Kentucky has enough to get past Houston. My concern would be the following game. I guess a team like Carolina. I think that's where Carolina's been playing the best basketball in the country for better part of last month and a half even with that Duke loss, you go back, and you really watch the the film on that game. They played better than do Duke made a couple of extra place. And I know it's weird to say when they lost the game. But I literally Kobe white a couple of opportunities where he could have made a better decision with the basketball. He doesn't try changes the way that game kind of gets played out. But I I think that's the game. That would hurt them more than anything of not having DJ Washington available. If indeed he's not able to go this weekend crazy story, of course, with with LSU in spite of everything holding on the other day against Maryland. They win at the end. And like everyone else they moved up in class considerably your thoughts on the Tigers. Well, I look at this game. And this is actually a good opponent for LSU because Michigan state has had some problems. We're turnovers over the course of the season that's been there. One achilles heel is that they turn the ball over at a at a high rate at times over the course of the season. They played Bradley Bradley, wasn't that great. And yet they kind of started a little bit. They played a Minnesota team that you knew they were gonna stop into the ground because we've seen that a couple of times already in big ten play. Now, they're going to go now. Michigan state going to have to step up and deal with the length and athleticism of LSU. I think the key stat in all of this is going to be the turnovers, and it's going to be the turnovers by the two guards caches Winston has played at a high enough level where he should be in Los Angeles the week after the final four as they finalist for the John wooden award. Trauma waters has been outstanding. In understanding how his role has shifted and changed. I think at the start of the year when I saw him Paula. I said this a couple of times during broadcasts. He's what my son would call a try hard. Now, I didn't know what that meant. And so I had asked my son before I used us it why why are you saying that kids try hard? What does that mean is what he's trying to everything right daddy's trying too hard to do everything right instead of just being himself like he's trying to be something special. And I thought that's how waters was for the early portion of the season when this new recruiting class that came in with all this talent jumped on board at LSU that he was trying to do too much. And instead he kind of got back to now being who he is and in doing so this team has really taken off. But it's been a great season for them outside of all of the distractions. It all the allegations. And obviously, we'll wait situation is tied directly into that. But for the players in that locker room and for the players that have been on that floor. Dave accomplished them really special things this year. Talking to Sean farnum of courses, we go through some of the other games. Some pretty epic ones on the horizon, Tennessee who knows where we would be today if they had lost that game in over. Time a no rid Barnes would having a very difficult game. But but you know, they they certainly play a hot team as well. And purdue. Here's the thing with Purdue though. And I think this is a great match for Tennessee on e even though Tennessee hasn't played his best basketball yet this tournament. I thought they'd be in the first twenty minutes against Iowa. And then the second twenty minutes. I was like wait what happened at halftime? Where did this team go? I is Purdue is a team that's very reliant upon Carson Edwards. Now, you say that and everybody knows that and yet Villanova couldn't stop them. And he went for forty two. So he can really fill it up. But there's also been games this year where he has struggled, and if you make him shoot a high volume of shots in order to get to his number because he's probably going to get to his number regardless. But if you can force him to have to shoot, a low percentage to get to that number it really benefits, you what would you don't want to have happen is have him be officiant in getting to his number over rotating over helping and then opening up scenes for other guys to get their points. Because they don't have really a secondary score that's been any with any kind of consistency over the course of the season the schedule. Out really well for them inside the big ten minute allow them to get the share of of the big ten title. But I I think Tennessee is a little bit this week. There's some there's enough negative stuff for records of his coaching staff to show those this show the kids on pill, especially in the second half against Iowa. They you can't have an arrogance or cockiness coming into the next week. And it has to be a very much so business like approach for this, Tennessee, volunteer team that has so much experience. And and really just now, you know, these guys as Well Paul but getting to spend as much time as I have our last couple of years with with grant Williams, and Admiral Scofield, I it's hard not to root for them. It's hard not to be like, you know, I really wanna see these guys do. Well. And and I think this is going to be an opportunity for them to advance. I picked up to go to the final four when I did my bracket originally, I don't know if I'm still going to hold like would hold true to that. If I could redo my bracket now, I might give Virginia a slight edge just because of the Incan. Insistent with see we saw against Iowa in particular over the weekend. You've already alluded to the last game. I want to talk to you about speaking of Carolina with with Auburn playing you talking about a half a basketball they played one for the ages the other night what what's that matchup? Look like to you, look if you're repeating every region Auburn, and you you were talking to somebody who would never watch basketball all season long. And you just showed them the first twenty minutes of that Kansas game. Maybe that's the best team in the country. And that's what that's the scary thing about Auburn is that they can be that team. And Jerry Harper doesn't get enough credit at all for what he does. I mean, he has been fantastic for Bruce Pearl, and he is still good in transition of finding gut. The console this game is you're playing a team that likes to run as well. You're playing a team the shot the ball really well as of late you're playing a team that can really rebound the basketball. And that last point is the point that I think is is probably going to give root for all limited amount of sleep between now and gametime. Because I don't see a way that Auburn could rebound with North Carolina North Carolina crashes the glass, so well at the offense event, they love to pummel you down low in the paint. We go back game against Duke with sixty two points in the pain. Luke maye is a match up nightmare for most teams, and he will be for for Auburn as well. And I looked for Kobe white to continue his stellar play. But is in particular in that too man game where you can pick and pop Luke maye or you can post them up and get him down low on the block, and he's just as a fishing down there. And he's a very good passer out of the block. So I I think I think Carolina like I said they've been playing the best basketball for probably the last month and a half. And I am -ticipant that this run for Bruce Pearl as great as it bent in as well as they played, and they were certainly one of the headlining stories coming out of the opening weekend net that they'd probably ends at the hands of the tar heels last question, it only requires four different names or maybe five depending on who's in your final four. Who are they? My final four is originally set before the start of the tenement was good zagged and Duke, Tennessee and Kentucky with Duke playing Kentucky in the national championship game. If I could redo that now, I would make them take us where you can't hear. No one's no one's engine. Okay. Good for you. Then this is what I would say because the PJ Washington situation, I would move North Carolina. And I think Tennessee still has a chance to knock off Virginia in that upper half of the region. So the SEC would end up getting one team in the national championship into that game. And then we'd have a to Carolina rematch for the national championship. That would make the world very happy. I'm sure Sean. Thank you, very real. It would fall off. It's access ball. It would just it would be just silly at that point time. I mean, we if you haven't known I on we would certainly be telling you a lot more about him. We'd find out what his favorite food is what he likes for breakfast. What Spock he puts on? I it'll be riveting television. All this. I thought I thought he would he and taco were the same person until last night. Sean. Thank you very much. Have you on? Hi, paul. We're back with much much more, Bruce. Join us in the final hour as we continue with your phone calls after this back. We are glad you're here. Let's grab some more phone calls. Reggie as in Kentucky up next. Hey, reggie. Hey, how you doing? We're doing great. Thank you. I'll tell you what thanks for taking my call. And if you remember me last week Monday and Tuesday, I called you win. I was watching you that was crazy show. Save coming off duty stuff. I don't know what happened Friday. But please don't cut me off. No, no. You got all day. But I'm a basketball junkie, and I'll tell you what that that walford word me when I've seen how they play in that first game. Oh my goodness. But we we got we, but they skirted him and took care of. But I'm I I'm looking at the brackets and all this stuff, and you got to five that one one two three and a five Auburn and up there. I I've had my TV tar down. So I haven't are what you all said on the show but Oregon third twelfth they was twelve seat and that other than that. One two three and twelve is on the top line. The other side is one two three four on both the top and bottom the brackets. Yeah. A Kentucky fan, but I want. I I don't know what I'm allowed to mention them on the radio or not the on your show, but Duke Duke was beat yesterday that taco fall, buddy. They had them beat. That would assure messed up everybody's cracking. But I'll let you go. I just wanted to get my two cents worth in. But hope you don't cut me off. Well, thank you very much. Reggie, unfortunately, I did Tisch is a mixed in Arkansas, you're at the end of the call, by the way, Tisch go right ahead. Hi. Hi, pal. Love your show it forever. I've taught several times wonderful. I'm a big razorback fan. But that's another story. But what turnament we've had? I mean, March madness is really March madness right now, and I'm just loving it. These games have been so exciting, and it's just been so much fun to watch. And with the world the way it is right now, we need this. And I think it's just been a it was interesting yesterday was a boating utterly bizarre news day as everyone probably knows. And and I found myself even being a news junkie by the time. We got to do that ended that game. I was one of the more riveting finishes I've ever seen considering what was it steak? I forgot there was even something going on on the on the news channel. So it was great. And I know wasn't that great. I mean, you know, you you were so into the game that nothing matter. It was just that right there. And it was the special counsel more found more collusion at the end of the game with the referees. And he did in the investigation the two year investigation. The truth. Ball will listen you have a good day. Thank you for taking my call. And of course, I'm gonna say we pick city. You got a great to hear from you. Thank you, very very much Chris in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hello, chris. Hello, either blocking the lady Volve the fans and the players are in a very moment on little Mike is short and sweet talk talk. Holly Warlick variety is on the wall. I wind up and listen to you. There. Chris I listen to you're the second cholera on Holly Warlick, you know, some people are wondering, you know, what's going on up there. The one thing about that program is there's not really a sense of urgency because they're not playing again until next November at some point. I do think you'll hear from the university. You know, they're back in town now after the trip to a high. Oh, I'm sure they don't want to rain on the valves men's team parade. But at some point they either have to say, we're keeping her. Or relating her go my sense is they're going to let her go. But I'm a couple of hundred miles away with no real knowledge other than what you have. Thank you for the call. Let's maybe stay in Knoxville again Robert is in big orange country. Hello, robert. Hey, thank you for taking call out of cutting questions. He's real fast and do another false beat Iowa who's been between our Purdue today with chance to be tune. Then I had a question for you. Did you know who they have hockey team in Knoxville and ahead they play into the Birmingham bulls? Do you know who the now for the Birmingham bulls? Well, the first question is really easy. I mean, Purdue is the big ten they did they tie for the big ten championship. They win it outright. They michigan. Michigan state won at the one that tournament Purdue is infinitely better than than Iowa Iowa. To me looked like a middle of the pack team Purdue looks like an upper echelon team as far as the the Birmingham. Both believe it's ally gold. Yes, sir. Is that enough you need, but he is fantastic. And he's made our league better than it were. Well, listen, you you're talking about you. I e y gold is is one of the preeminent play by play broadcasters in the country. He he was one of the original people doing NASCAR. He he's done allies done. Highs very close friend of mine. So I I have mild expertise on him. But he he was doing hockey. He got his start sitting up in the rafters at Madison Square Garden. Broadcasting the games into a tape recorder as a sixteen year old that's how experienced and he he is he's also the Alabama play by play announcer. But you know, he also was the person who he was one of the first people in America in the seventies to do a an afternoon, call in radio show in Birmingham. And so I mean, he he is a pioneer still fairly young guy. But he's a pioneer in the industry. Robert, thanks for. Bring that up. Glad you could call us, and we are up against a break back with much more. So glad you are here. John hammond. Louisiana you're on the air. Go right ahead. Hey, Paul how you doing? I'm a been listening about a year. First time caller. I really enjoy your show. Thank Alison spot on. I wanted to add my two cents on this. Michigan state LSU matchup. I'm thinking, I'm not a betting guy. But I think six points is a little strong. I was looking at a whole Michigan state game. And I don't think they're going to have the athletes at in. Specifically in the guard position is I don't think them guys are used to have in like if you put a Jonathan smaller net low God, they have I don't think he's used to that just wanted to get you thoughts on I think it's actually John it's hard to it's really hard to go against LSU right now, they're playing I mean, they they've they're playing so well, they've got a little luck. They needed it. But they also made the play at the end of the game. Thank you very much for the call. Gerry Texas next up? Hello, Gary Payton ape, oh, how you doing? Thanks for taking my call. Thank you throw throw another little hat into the picture. I don't think I've heard anybody talk of them. But I'm looking at Virginia playing really well. Yeah. Bad half. Real well defensively, they really do and got to get out club. And I think Auburn Auburn is going to be up there close to. I mean, they're going. They're going to win another ball game. Well, they got a tough one menopause, North Carolina. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, they're tough team. I mean, they're they're I listen. But think about this Auburn. Who was a team they beat New Mexico state on on Thursday. They beat a highly inflated Kansas team on Saturday, and I realized. Kansas sounds really good. But I mean, this is this is one of the worst is may be the worst Kansas seem I've seen since. In twenty five years. Yeah. Well, you know, they they you know that like I said that's why they put these. Yeah. Listen here in the Sweet Sixteen now, we're we're not down to we're not playing. Not playing the files yet. But now, these aren't these aren't bums left standing, thanks for the call. Do appreciate it Bernie is up next in Kentucky. Hello, Bernie what's going on as burden. It's not Bernie. Slap me silly for forgetting the wrong time. Yeah. That's all right. Hey, I was heard you gone phones. Name. As is your name is Vern baron Vernon. Yeah. Paul diva befo. Well, go ahead Vernon with a van. Yeah. With a with Alwin, you you you talked to me before. Okay. Whoa. That's wonderful. While you wanna talk about. Hey, I heard John farm and say a comment Amanda is interview. Instead everybody wants to see do can Carolina in the final game. Right. I I beg to differ. Ain't nobody outside stay in North Carolina. Or the maybe the toy CC sports writers will to see that match. You again, I like to see it for the finals. Well, where do you live, and that's a good point. Yeah. There you go. I live. I live in North Carolina. My homes and Alabama. Yeah. It's all is on board. Three years. It's hard to live out there without got drunk cooling. Hey, Vernon what's wrong with wanting to see the two the two bluest programs in the country play for the network. If you go back in history to bullets programs in the country is Kansas Kentucky. I'm not going back in history. I'm talking about twenty nineteen twenty nine teen. Vernon Vernon with me Vernon with a no in at the end. Let me tell you something. The biggest rivalry in college basketball. The two most recognized teams outside of Lexington Kentucky are North Carolina and Duke, you can go anywhere in the country. And that game is the most watched game. It's the most anticipated game. And I'm not taking anything away from the blue grass state just being out the truth here, which I tried to do on occasion. Lungs. They allow me to. Well, I'm just telling you that. That's not that's not a verte. I'm just telling Bernie. I'm just telling you that you're wrong. Well, I'm telling you, you're oh, well, I'm telling you that you're wrong. Well, I'll tell you your round. And you you think you're you're you're you're wrong wrong. Vernon you you're from Kentucky and your buys your by. Why am I buying because you? Dan show. What would it? Hey. Hey, what does it matter live? Okay. Over there under ACC Bill. Well, I'll tell you one thing I've lived in the south mine tire life. I've lived in the SEC footprint mind tire life. I've been to Kentucky countless times. And yes, I do live there right now. But I'm telling you the truth. And maybe it's not because I've been exposed to it for the last couple of years. It's the fact that I can read I can listen. That's routers thing. You know, they know it's true beat North Carolina wants this year. So what? Well, you don't give them any credit used for you to say all North Carolina's Bingham North Carolina's. Have you ever? I've never said that and. Yeah. And you can you give. Hey, Bernie, can you give me a reason why Bernie Paul well burning? Let me ask you this. Your name's not burning. No ex- Vernon. Well, listen, Bernie, let me say one more thing. Do you may not Bernie your name is Bernie, according to buy board here. Well, court court in my driver's license. It's burning prove it. I'm of it. Approve it ain't.

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