Jan 29th 2020


Hey It's Robert here with with Wednesday's Alon Daily it's January twenty ninth twenty twenty such a big day. Let's get started starling. Wants delayed. Launch delayed launched a leads lots of high level winds rough seas but today is the day I feel it in my bones. Ten nine eight seven five four three two one ignition. That's the glorious. Sound of SPACEX launching a Falcon nine rocket. But that wasn't the one that's supposed to happen in a few hours with this launch Starlink will reach one hundred and seventy-five operational satellites in orbit five happened de orbited in this launch. I'm expecting the booster debris recovered on one of the drone chips. There is to ferrings to be caught. My fingers are crossed. That they're gonNA grab all the stuff. Save all this money. Make space space x able to reuse and make launches cheaper. This is on the heels of two successful launches recently and there. There's quite a manifest going forward. We've got to launches of sixty satellites each in February two more planned in March so by at the end of the first quarter SPACEX have as many as four hundred and fifteen operational satellites in space. This means that had they had planned to start service in North America when they reach four hundred eighty satellites. So then we'll be one launch oncho away from starting Internet service through SPACEX. Excellent progress go team. Let's move onto more space news. In a series of tweets Yvonne further outlined his plans to get a million people on Mars by twenty fifty twenty-fifty. That's like twenty nine years from now. That's it's not very long. This depends on the three hundred eighty seven foot or thirty eight story tall starship rocket which is going to be reusable one hundred percent so you know right. Now when space launches of Falcon Nine. They retrieved the booster. The most expensive part are those nine Merlin engines but they jettisoned send a lose the second stage which has a single Merlin engine the vacuum version. And then they recover the faring halves. Well I'm saying they're going to recover the fairing halves at and when it's the dragon capsule that they launch they're going to retrieve that is well just about all the time but with the starship and the super heavy which the booster that takes the starship up both pieces will be recovered therefore one hundred percent reusability and by doing that. It will drop the cost cost of launching equipment people into space Yulon outline that he would need one thousand star ships carrying a hundred million tons of gear or people a year to Mars. That could be as many as a hundred thousand people a year but more it will be cargo goods foods things that need to be consumed and used to build a Mars station or a Mars colony or a Mars city. Alon outlines putting a thousand star ships up at three day quite an amazing launch cadence. He talks about people being able to finance their trip to Mars which might cost around one hundred thousand dollars so people asked on this twitter exchange. Will you be able to find work on on Mars. And he's like yeah. There's a lot of work on Mars and you can use that work to pay off your debts so I just WanNa put this into perspective. A hundred million tons. This is a year of gear. The largest payload we've ever put on. Mars is the Mars Curiosity Rover which was twenty. Two hundred pounds. Sounds like one tonne. So he's looking at really really really ramping. Up the amount of gear and stuff we're going to get to Mars very exciting citing. There's been a lot of progress at Boca Chica. That's the SPACEX launch site in South Texas near Brownsville Texas. They've been building these propellant domes. uh-huh they've been testing these tanks that they construct with the domes and I pumped it full of room temperature nitrogen and then they pumped it full of cryogenic nitrogen both times. They were discovering how welds needed to be fixed. They're finding the leaks that working on redefining the process of building these components the wells and the body of the star ship looks so so different. It's so much more refined it doesn't look like it was banged out of metal. There's a really Nice Article Tesla Ronnie by Eric Ralph about this now. Let's talk about the elephant in the room. The earnings call so today at three thirty PM. Pacific Time Tesla is going to hold its earnings call. We'll covering all of two thousand nineteen and Twenty Nineteen Q.. Four you can go to. I R DOT TESLA DOT COM or. I'll put it in the show links Aw just tune into Ilan daily tomorrow. If you don't have the time to commit and you don't want to listen to the whole thing or maybe you didn't catch all the details. I will cover it tomorrow on the Eland Don Dailey show. Which of course is part of the talking Tesla Network of shows? How can I do without saying that? We're looking forward to all kinds of details coming out of this call Tesla's guidance in other words the the word to Wall Street as to what we're going to expect in twenty twenty which gives a lot of people who are advising on investments. What should they do? Should they sell Tesla should they. By Tesla what should they expect tesla price to be over the next year. These are going to depend on things. It was like what's going to be the production of vehicles in twenty twenty. What's GONNA be the growth of profits and sales how or we can see the gigafactory Shanghai improve and what kind of numbers are we going to see coming out of their gigafactory updates for Germany? And you know what it's funny. I guess. Ilan does listen to the show because on the twenty fourth inland daily. That's January twenty fourth daily. I was recapping all of the different GIGA factories that are coming down the pipeline. I wanted him to clarify this gigafactory five. That was mentioned by the commander in chief but what he did instead. Head was helped to clarify the numbers. In fact he did away with the numbers said in his tweet. Giga factories are now going to be termed based on their location. So this is a change in the official nomenclature. There's now going to be gigafactory. Nevada gigafactory Buffalo Kika factory Shanghai. Hi gigafactory Berlin and I'm still holding my breath to hear where the next one is. HOW ABOUT UPDATES on model why we should get that? They're being spotted in all kinds of cold. Weather climates most recently in boulder in Minnesota up in the mountains of California. It's they've been seen all over California and as far away as Florida Ridha. Deliveries must be imminent that. I'm hoping to find out in just maybe a few hours depending on when you listen to the show. How about energy energy production another big issue for Tesla guidance to see what's going to happen with the Energy Division and the sales in the energy vision it's impressive because that could be bigger than all the cars combined? You remember that Tesla this summer. They announced the mega pack. This is the utility Ludi scale sized pack that has three megawatt hours of capacity in battery. Storage The big thing about this is that it was a big breakthrough. It took up forty percent less space than a comparable pack that was being sold commercially. It took one tenth the number of parts. What's it had a ten x faster? Install rate making the whole thing so much less expensive and it looks like it's heading to a number of places uses like the Moss landing project which they haven't really talked about lately but that's going to involve four hundred mega packs. That's right right. Four hundred packs that hold three megawatt hours each. This is something like one hundred twenty million dollar project. There's another project in my a good town of Oxnard. They were supposed to replace this gas. Peaker plant that sits on this beautiful beach and is really quite an eyesore The company company energy and our jeep was going to replace it. Replace it with a new gas peaker plant which they pulled the permit on and evidently Tesla the power packs are probably heading that way so much about the cyber truck cyber truck we might get some updates like win. Are they going to actually start producing it. It's been tooling all around around. La The last couple of days it's been shown in fact there was a person who founded on the Crenshaw Boulevard which is right near space x driving living with Ilan riding shotgun and dimly. Jay Leno was in the driver seat. So I'm expecting that Jalen show that's also going to feature the model y that'll probably be. He's coming in the near future. And what's so special about this day in history. Have you ever been poughkeepsie. You better poughkeepsie. I WANNA I god. Is that on the back end. You can talk your shoes. Put Your Finger between tells the picture I don't you know I'm GonNa Bust your ass from those three bags. I'm GonNa nail you for that's right it's gene Hackman's ninetieth birthday today. He's an amazing actor. Mine Media Pick the Nineteen Nineteen seventy-one film the French connection. Anybody really care if this guy picks his feet in Poughkeepsie. Well if he does and he says he does then that pleases him outside of his parole jurisdiction and even though he's only getting busted for a couple of bags of heroin which I guess wouldn't get him much of a of a prison sentence if he's out of his parole territory territory that would land him in jail for longer. This police abuse. It's a bad thing but it was a fun movie to watch. I'm Robert. This is Alon Don Dailey. Almost said talking Tesla but it is part of the talking Tesla Network. I am out.

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