Hello welcome. It's time to join dorothy wilhelm who had his very minute is swimming upstream because it isn't crowded there. This new show show is for people who want to break away from the ordinary and live as if it mattered. Let's get going dorothy gets crappy. If you keep waiting well this is will help once against swimming upstream and have doubted treat for you today. Today we are going to enjoy old-fashioned radio as <unk>. Only the lakewood senior radio players can present it. We have a whole half hour of radio. Fund live pretty much lied. They're all live. Ii believe okay good well anyway. That's what we're gonna have and remember you can listen to this show again or find other lakewood radio radio player shows just by going to. It's never too late dot com. You can hear them anytime but they'll we. We're going to talk now to william. Tell me your last name. It is mcclellan. If i was afraid i was gonna say mclaren and i didn't wanna say mclaren so i didn't say anything the thing but i answered anything mcclellan tell us again for those who may not have heard tell us about the players and what you'll be doing today. Will this is the lakewood basically lakewood senior radio players. This is an iteration of the lakewood senior. Players were sponsored by lakewood playhouse here in lakewood washington. Shinkin were saying lakewood a great number of times. I noticed that but i didn't like saving so we're a group of seniors. <hes> senior parts in regular plays are kind of hard to come by so we want to act and so what we've done is we put together a kind of a sketch show it changes every month with the seasons or with a <hes> holidays and we provide we perform these in <hes> retirement centers nursing homes for different <hes> groups. There were all volunteers. I we all just kind of love to act and that's so we're having a great time. Doing we're having a fantastic time doing your programs well well. We really are enjoying having you and hoping hoping to be able to expand but right now we we have a performance every other month and people can listen to it again and again and again as much as they switch so let's without further ado as they say in the old days. Let's go ahead and you get started and remember. This is radio but this is a live eddie and so if you want to respond or whatever like low ride ahead they'll take away all right dorothy will the troops all warmed up and ready to go since the summer summer. Lots of kids have gone off to camp <hes> tradition. There is the scary story around the campfire so let's see how this works. The sketches called it's coming it stars judy ashley as the narrator <hes> bill mcclellan. Does the storytelling am counselor. I i know he's a good guy yeah and <hes> the rest of the true kind of is the campers so we'll go from there. It's coming okay here we go. The day is ending at camp. Whatever the campers have had a great time singing and laughing and telling stories around the roaring campfire now as the fire dies down the head counselor draws attention for one last scary story okay campers. It's time for the last story tonight. I'm going out here in these woods for a long time and i've seen and heard just about every scary story there is so i thought i'd send you off to bed with the scariest scariest story. I know everybody cool with that shit ever all right here. We go for a scary scary story. This doesn't take place in the woods. In fact it takes place in the big city a really scary place there. Was this guy see when home from work working was settling in for the evening in a few friendly phone calls and then there it was an ominous text message on his phone each he'd seen his friends get this. Same message in the ending was always the same. It came for them now. The message was on his phone and he was anxious. Just worried. How long would it be before it got to him. What it even find his house or would it go to someone else. Instead the message had a link in it which he tapped with trepidation up optima his house was clearly marked on there was a black dot moving toward him slowly deliberately as if to torment him with his weight his anticipation grew with each passing moment he had a hunger to finally finish the situation then after what seemed like forever to dot was outside his house it was year as it approached his front door. The outside lights on his house snapped on there was a moment of fear in the front yard but it continued coming for him his doorbell rang. It took him a moment to get from the couch to the door. He opened it there. It was yet signed some type of contracts and then the man gave it to him a large pepperoni eight wings and a two liter diet coke. Yes story however okay bill. Did you write that yourself. <hes> yes ma'am try not to do it again. That was that was fun. Thank you for that was great. Let's next okay well. Maybe not the most scary story was pretty good now. We want to back up in time a a little bit and have a little girl. Tell us what she learned in school. Oh yes this is one of my favorite sketches paul. Get the whole story in a big thing to up to ask at this time though i actually are you creating all of these stories yourselves some of these this one is been in our repertoire for a while the it's coming is newly written and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be with his newly written from joke i heard a while back and the door leaves has been in our repertoire talk for a while lender funday get to hear original live theater that just absolutely by okay. Take it away so the sketches called. Get the whole story. Lilian leeann caswell alias eisley little mary joyce moody is our mother lauren. Donahue is mr graham. The principal and judy ashley's her teacher. Mrs johnson pat moran narrates our tail okay get the whole story six year old. Mary came home from school one day. Her mother asked her what she had learned that day. Let's see we learned how to add to blessed to. It's four c. See we learn that the capital washington is olympia and we learn how to make babies wait. What was that last one. We learn how to make babies. Mary's mother takes her daughter by the hand and hauls her back to school right into the office of mr graham the principal mr graham. We need to talk mary. Tell mr graham what you learned in class today well will we learned to add yes. Yes tell them the last one we learn how to make babies. Mr mr graham pushes the intercom non his phone to summon mary's teacher nasa's johnson just a moment. Please mrs johnson. Please report to my office immediately. After a few tense silent moments. Mrs johnson arrives in the office. You called mr graham. Oh hello mrs martin mary. Mary please repeat what you told me. Yes sir. I we learned to add that. Tell her the other thing. Oh oh whether it had a big babies. Is this true mrs johnson in a manner of speaking honestly. Don't you think lake murray classmates are awfully young or please just a minute in we can clear this up mary. We you please tell us all what i told you about how to make a._b._c.'s. Yes miss. Johnson uses to change the why in baby too. I am at e._s. To the the in and that's how you make babies are logical altogether. We we should have a suzy hand for or the live adventure was less. That's that a guy next. I try and do a little better okay. They'll continue well. It kind of seems sometimes a few simple questions. <hes> can stave off bigger problems. Take care take a hint mom and dak doc over the summer vacation. Children can certainly get into some big trouble. Let's see what this child is up to the parent cell phone. This is called. Where are you and adage. Stars lillian casual eisley as the narrator hat verandas are telemarketer and bill mcclellan. Does the child taking the call where are you a telemarketer calls a random phone number and reaches his cell phone that is in the hands of a child when he realizes talking to a child he asked about talking to the adult in the house. Is your mother home yes. Can i please speak to her. You know she's busy. Well as your father home yes okay. Can i speak with your father. No he's is busy. Is there an older brother or sister there. Yes great. Can i please speak to one of them. No they are busy well. Is there any other adult there. Yes the policeman clave please. Can i speak with a policeman sma. No he's busy so your mother is home. Your father is home. Your siblings are home and there is a policeman there but they're are all busy. What are they busy doing looking for me. It was somewhat bill now. Does this when yours. It's an old joke that i heard that offensive at all but we kind of blue it's good because it doesn't have to be a huge thing. I'm to be wonderful fun and get everybody involved absolutely because this is sprinting such a fresh touched stories into getting you know doing this kind of thing to the theater the dance the dance theater that's right well enough with children's stealing the spotlight here we go from kids at the beginning of what you're you store at okay to a couple of dealing with with issues at the end of life aunt edna uh-huh and uncle. Jack discussed the doilies in our final sketch today. Our narrator is joyce moody. Uncle jack is played by lauren donahue with lillian caswell. Elliot's aunt edna. Let's see who gets a surprise doilies as a new bride aunt. Edna moved into a small house on her new husband's ranch. She put a shoebox on the shelf in her closet and asked her husband never to touch it for fifty years. Uncle jack left the box alone until at at noah's old in the hospital approaching her last days. It's one day when he was putting their affairs. In order he found the box again and thought it might hold something important opening it. He found to doilies and eighty two thousand five hundred dollars in cash. He took the box with him that that day to visit it aetna aetna my ear. I haven't touched this box until today music you. You can tell me about it now. Yes jack. I think it's time my mother gave me the box day we married. She told me to make a doorway to help ease my frustrations every time i got mad at you well. It certainly pleases me that they're only to doilies lease in the box after all. We have been married fifty years. What does the eight two thousand five hundred dollars after do it it. Oh well. That's the money i made from selling. The door lease ended ended. Let's have now with summer vacation coming to your players. Get to take time offer. Will you be prepared me to the summer of no we are last performance other than your lovely show was may thirty first and so we go on hiatus from may until october hiatus can be uncomfortable giddy as it sometimes it is <hes> we can it depends on how you sit with this group or religious never heard this that sort of thing for now so so we'll go back to work at <hes> mid-september rehearsing for shows that will perform in october so it was nice if my players were all on break takamine takamine for this was really very good so i want to say a big thanks to all our players i and and to you as well and i want them to tend to step up and introduce themselves selves and just briefly say what they've been doing their summer lillian you wanna start a lily amazon newest cast member lilius yet letter introduce yourself just meant. She's been with us for a while but she's been kind of on a different vacation. She's had some things to take care of. Someone seen her for a while and we are really pleased to have a vat. I should say so what so what are you doing with your son so i'm billion castle eisley in. I have grand- new grand baby over in pendleton oregon that i have taking up and spending a lotta time with him so that's what i've been doing this a lot of work grandbabies and you play in the show. What parts did you play. I played everything narrator. Everything was really no one else here. We we only have women amazing amazing sketch that has to deal with <hes> a wife calling her husband while he's at a gulf locker room and and <hes> one of our players one of our male players picks up the phone and answers at and lillian is fantastic is the wife she goes through this list of things why saw numerous safeties and i saw new leather coat and he keeps approving everything yeah and at the andy asked. Does anybody know who's phone this is but but lily and his marvelous as the wife sheets just gets a little breath in it's fantastic. It's really having you're having you. Again is so much fun to see every night. You're going to be able to keep coming every the other <unk>. Oh yeah absolutely joyce. We're going to be from youtube joy sleep. I did my best leaping. I i'm joyce waist moody and <hes> this summer i spent my birthday up at seattle pacific center and saw a great eight movie about bears and then i went to a virtual reality program and <hes> that was fantastic. It was very realistic. Gal put glasses and headphones on and you walk through this area like a castle and some of it's real some of it isn't and then i looked at my hands and they had two spots on them and i raised him up and light shot out from them to knock down the enemy airplanes in the sky. It was just it was a lotta fun. I felt very empowered. Is i think view is empowered though that's okay. Are we going to have to wait for you at rehearsals because you're busy playing fortnight or something. I don't think so ah good neil race over here. Hi i'm pat peron and i've been spending the last month moving out of one house into another. I'm moving from north to call my into nyc would say that a lot of times and i guess you call it downsized in because i have provided goodwill with an entire house over. Are you excited. Oh yeah yeah. I lived in many years years ago and it's like old home week. It's like coming back home again. I'm practically in my old neighborhood. I'm only a mile away and right around the corner from burs restaurant absolutely yeah and i'll be bringing my dogs to the new house within the next twenty four hours and i'm trying to get ready for them. You know before the little darlings advice for people that might be having to downsize well. You've got to land bed for about three months and ah yeah three o'clock in the morning. You gotta make all these plans in your head. Where are you going to put the furniture dad. When you actually get the furniture in your new place it's all twice as big as what you thought it was and takes twice as much room so my advice is don't spend three months before the move trying to figure out where you're gonna put everything because it it doesn't work. That's actually get there. You know when i moved to my condo for my house at lakewood there movers brought in everything and i thought i wanted the couch. I was going to have it under the window and the mover said no no no not the window. Put it over there. Is you have much more room than for people to circulate and and the other movers said to me john knows about moves overs determined take with some concern. I said well you know what you think of it. They should know yeah it. Come along honey lauren. What's europe. I went to europe with the previous speaker pat and we spent a eighteen days over. They're going from one part of germany. In the northern part frankfort we had we had <hes> actually we went from frankfurt. We went to the northern city in germany. Which i can't remember right now. Hamburger we had hamburgers hamburg and then we went to frankfurt and had bring vers. We looked down around through munich ended up in berlin and it was a great trip. We saw a lot of castles. We got their riot on the rhine river on a little boat nice trip. We had refund what was the absolute <unk>. Gimme gimme a photograph of something you saw wonderful over one photograph would would be in berlin. They have a space needle and berlin over the tall. It goes way up. It's a it's slate three hundred and forty feet tall and you get on the elevator on the ground floor earns thirty seconds later europe the eye level of where we're gonna look around the whole city of berlin and s really flat country over there but it's pretty country. That's wonderful great to have had a chance to do it. Thanks wonderful and now and by the way this since he won't since he's too shy to tell you that was lauren donahue. Oh that's right. You were too shy to tell you. I i knew who it was. I didn't say anything. I'm sorry donald doc i'm judy. Are you sure yes for today for right now and just been hanging out and a lot of family league gatherings this year more than usual in all our weekends are booked up through august which is kinda cool. I'm get to see my grandkids more which they they live a couple of hours away so that is really awesome going to the ocean with him and a couple of weeks and then in september when all the kids go back to school all around the country. My husband and i will take road trip when things are less crowded where you going. We haven't decided on the road again have a wonderful summer and bill as we say in the business. Take it home. Will i have just been having a marvelously fund summer since i'm retired and things are little slower for me. There have been copious quantities of naps learning the value of a good nap. Maybe two who three times a day other than that you know. It's just the regular stuff. Moldy are clean. The gutters maintenance did he just all the funds susceptive. We all do in the suburb absolutely yeah. That's it exactly well. That's really good and we really thank you for being with us today and look forward to having you. It'll be <unk> timber that will record in september october. Show so remember. It'll be really scary areas steering for it more than the camps that was good that was by so thank you so much. You have been enjoying swimming upstream with the lakewood. Senior players is is that right your radio players rats rice radio players <hes> an adjunct of lakewood senior players so we weren't too far off and we really look forward or it to hearing their original shows every other month on swimming upstream but if you missed any part of or are confused to which as about what you heard you can hear us again on it's never too late dot com or my generation gap dot com or don't say i didn't give you any choices his s._o._b. Radio network dot com and remember s._o._b. Stands for spunky old broads. All of the hosts are women over fifty me too. We'll see you next time months. We'll be upstream. This is dorothy wilhelm. Thanks for listening to swimming upstream dorothy wilhelm. We'll be back next week with more. Great guests had great ideas. No telling what she'll do next be prepared if you just can't wait contact or theater swimming upstream facebook page or on the web at w._w._w. It's never too late dot com. This is the irrepressible sad longoria.

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