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See store for details and terms and conditions. What do come on y'all? Right now, we want to this to you song. Aquarius. Leaper? Lille cancer. Brown. Child's. Larry. Robin. Lynn. And I love listening to live. Thank you. For keeping. Y'all still though in stone Neo vives loud things song feel me. What s right? Hi, guy, my band sway. Am I had? Tara, Tara known you. Rob. Bring you win. Seven three record sink clipper Radi, your boss, still dementia. You know, we made my Gallus PK, Robin lease sponsor wean video with past the Troy west Shelly care risky, Nick. At the Bobby Willie Brown like skinny Bobby Brown. Judge show branchy y wall bomb baby radio. Save radio. With robin. Wins you'll live with. Sports are three sixty. Clipboard. She's a superwoman. Cima savvy Patrice Jack see miss media. Floor. All. Tonight. Not pay DJ. Three. Across in. Jim. Mind. Need man. We can. Mike, bingo. Rabid. Over in my hand. Rebounded. The. Bigly. So much of the fact. Mama. Maybe. Nineties singing. Bell? The. Failure. Thank of people one. So. Back to. Always. That would. The house. So much. Wish was. The house. But then. People. You know? Nineteen ninety two. Agree. View. House. So much back. Mama. Always matter of fact, that would love this house. Which was black. Do. Harry. Thank everybody can't hang east coast, west coast. Thank if it's up put it down turn around on the ground, mama. Why don't think place that hang stick about? Thank thank everybody gang bang, east coast, west coast off to win the same thing. Give it up down turnaround on Saint Lawrence. Hang the bus stopped over there near fanfare blocked, the whole flock standing on the corner paying like live. Live punch lines. And we felt like did would no Antlers. Ducks every day up to schools, the body get stuck and it always call audible fuss. Then they ran across the street before. Packets. Hopefully, we'll have to you. But will need it had to with. Scheme. The we the chain. Got the latest do ready till we don't dude how his your way that takes you. You just paid a day Dan, down just to take off the butter that the all milk. Thank everybody can't thank west coast south to win the same thing. If put it out on the ground, blah, blah, blah. Place that hang stick up. Thank everybody came back east coast west coast off to win. The thank thank you up titled while. Lori. Give me anything got to watch Joe that because if peel out some people whack this will. Do you want them? What you got? Fact, only paddle. Away. You went this. Gotta keep the steel. Religio with that. The school would douse on take pay right now part you want to call. You saw like the price of making with the play sweat like pleading aside, we'll make it last forever. Like, right or wrong way. Maybe if you cry to Hueco. Hueco sold you and even by all I know what I got. I give up they could sell. It gets the money and live it up. Right. Co pocket. Gotta start a pissed and I'm on anybody. Got an issue. What hope it don't come that Olympic denied it the run attract, but I'll have to play call Louis. They decide to rob song thaw Jewish stays got to watch back because should never allow some people wack. This world is a love is all call you want to go. What you got? Attacked battling going no matter where you went this the so-called gonna keep to stealing close because you never know what that the sex. Stick them up bang, bang, everybody game back east coast, west coast, south to win the same thing give it up put it down turn around on the ground. My team Hainault say place that hey, stick up. Thank you. Everybody gang bang, east coast west coast off to win the same. Thank you up. Turn around. Say anything old weird hall? Over we call him that because he was six nine fifty pounds. Using the football out of the sewer. We never team up one every time. There was somebody on that screen. We didn't want to see the mommies all really well. We sat through about twelve chilies Pichit. You look at this get up off the floor. Before you get nowhere. So. During the team that up and looked. Listen you. Always going sideways. Got his toes up six feet ahead of us like radar. Really scared ready to goal second. And. Hera hera. I was gonna live. Into you say that even if I woman to you have say Dinty, if we're going to get eaten alive, you know, that as we bumped into them. As. I don't know the name of the wine that came out of the alley that imprudent. Student street. Kim what the guys all? I know is that he was wrong. That's all I can say he was purity wrong. You just don't walk out of a now that empties on the ninth street with what making some sort of warning glue kids. Let. The movie was seen whole lot harder mines there's there's just little old one. When he came out. Now on fuel. Well, fill out the report on this man that the doctor said what this four feet right up my test. That's on my head for half hour. A half hour straight down that we say anything. Yes, they said. Did you see them at all? Yes. It was a little kid riding on top of toss spin when he was beaten with sticks and fast, the fast the pool. Kid. Just having inside. With fantasies? That recipe. Sure. Win. Conceive all the. Thank you. Can't. Fair. How? Which Super Bowl ad. Did you like best is AP? Correspondent Mike happen reports. One marketing expert thinks it's become more of a challenge for adds to stand out during the big game become increasingly difficult for anything to for any company to really stick out Emory University. Marketing professor Michael Lewis doesn't think there were any touchdowns. Among this year's as buddy likes, the Bud Light corn syrup pads came this corn syrup, just livered. Let's not hours. We don't feel like with corn syrup taking a very clear, but kind of humor shod at their competitors. Over the corn syrup. Lewis says some Super Bowl ads now contain political messages causing advertising executives to consider whether an ad will alienate some of the audience or be universally. Enjoy. Up nearly unanimous calls from his own party to resign Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam continues to cling to office AP correspondent, Ben Thomas reports. He's been completely dishonest. The sharpest call came from the chairwoman of the Congressional Black caucus Karen bass who told NBC's meet the press needs to resign. Immediately follow to Saturday news conference in which northern tried to walk back his apparent acknowledgement that he was one of the two people in Florida one it's medical school year, but pay it is definitely not me the person in Klan garb, nor the one black face. But he went on to say around the same time, he did put shoe polish on his face anybody's ever tried that. But you cannot get shoe polish off to imitate Michael jacket was a dance content or them said he would not resign because it would be the easy way out. I'm tom. Stay. Them to ask you. Please. Don't know. Friends. To ask you. People foreign doctor just because we check the guns at Florida's Amina brands change Hanford. On the psychopath sitting next to you. Sitting next to you think gotta get this sitting next to you. After. He's don't fall. We don't deal with outside as well. They say new commas have certain smell. Yeah. Trust issues. Not to mention saying they can smell your intentions. The freak show sitting next to you have some with people sending next think is sitting next to you after all. These. Frenzy. Get snow. Them to ask you. Did you? Chide to on you Justice. And I say. Caused us is me. Oh, you oughta take place. Causes. Alright. Try. Actual five five. Like. Uncool. Bring. On apple picking. Screaming? Sessions like sipping. Butter. Got me. Back home. Fly live. Get you keeping. Me. When. Trying to. The. The. He has all. Is. His. Teams possible. This. There's ringing. See? Meaning. Day place to be for free, Robin. On clinker scuttles run down production. Come trail. All these join seem that shared room this song as we go from the floor. With robin. The key. She to win the gosh don't think play it back. Chamber. Doc. Up in the morning. Computer? To winning. What not so? He from the pay. Challenge bringing aid away scale. Twenty four seven blown tracks spoil conscious the microphone for the chat room. With robin. The artist and she win the gosh don't think play back may. PM? Doc. Kala game exclusively on the latest pop. Song compensate in rural movement feeling. Well, we don't win. Future. Like student concrete went to bring union. May off baby girl on the hoax like she's still fuss doggone apiece. Catch you in to a motor skills. Audits close with the stepping Willie Brown. He'd drop in west comes Sam from the cram like helping ramped up. How could hitting feel talk back? Track spec. Another chance with Robin Lee playing in the artist and she win the gar stone thing play it back may. Ep. In between. With. Floor. All. Let me see you. Announcing in Augusta. Like. Not pay DJ. Excuse me, cross the. Kitts work three speak speak pass me. Crossed in. Temple. Party. Mind. We can. Robin. Robin. Keeps you hollerin. Robin. Good. Radio. See this. This love. With you. I'm in love. Said you. When us. Kim. We. Oh cana. Show. Heard some. Income. This guy. Zillow. I do. Me. Shake. With this guy. Secretive? Rockall? They look like. The Pat on mosquito. What slipped up? Was playing. That is this. Such a change. Stuff of making to any fallen asleep, Paul peak sign the creek. L on the Michigan. What? Wells, Chris now got a MAC funny staff watching the watchers money can't protect when the glass house. Attorney blow in the six being. With me. 'cause you bless doesn't mean you Honey. Let me see the moral of the story is a woman. So is seventeen. KFI? Five. Got the cash flow whichever way like, Alex. Man, the pointy money. Never made the still faking text the rock. That you need. I can't. Competing spot. Steamy windows. Teachers short to that you took it. Money. Make. With. Track. Very. You don't. Yes. Guy. Do. That. That's. Some. Chris. -tracting? Job. Stolen. Callback. What? But. Act. Not. Abdomen. But just being lonely. The what? Their while. In the white. At least. She. Skidding? Oh. Yeltsin machine is being key guiding you if you take that beats some then mashed what's going. The streets. That's what you see. You can't say. Can't change. Can you feel sick thing? That is right in the way that say snap. Eight hundred housing race. Millie everything doing this. To tell me. The west. Kind of an easy. Chemist? Happy that figure record. I think that's piece Kamei. To come back. For many. Crabby? Can you hear me? We don't know next. Go go. Fell ten peaches. Pitch. Mexico. Step in. Trinita Mattel actually based. In between. Born. That's what you have. That's what you burn one. If we played them fed times, they might win mind. Not escaping. Patrick. Counting was academy. Clubbing is. That'll be seen more this. It's the people. Shit. There's gotta be better with. When it comes to walk. To be the form. Cops because you. Like, maybe. But then yet. See? Some people. We ski. We stay with. We shut them down. We cap. The greatest hockey team. What I do what? I. If I sit down and try to tell you break it down technically couldn't because I don't know. That's God his troop. But I do with what I do here. Feel it. Right. It say. Come. Got thumped and back. Maybe from bollocking. What mom's gone? That would put drink milk. Never. What's funny? And that the crew dig Molly. Like. Like a maniac brainiac. No, man. Better sweat, Bonnie Raitt apply. That's all really need an Bagga blue. Can you got plea? If you don't believe just checked. From the rumpus kind with good when it comes to what might. Cats when Christ all the time. Maclear crazy funny from dummies. In the looks like when the Thomas cap a little. That the naval. Like Tito won't become Vida. Sweet Peter from them, that's really need. And. More. Fun. That's our key swing. That might be. Writing. Phil just make. The ladies the pip. I like to swing but after the wheel. Rates. Now, I never have this. I never would have got run. Like, I really need a bag blue. Bacopa? Only. Queens. Until. Is. See? They wanna see. Gotta keep. Own. She say. Call maybe. On these. We need a Cooper. Compliment told me. They wanna see. Baby. Keep what's on. Charles. Everything good. Seamer. Owning level rock. Even sold on. Fucking. Look at. In chicken. Baby. Good. They wanna see you. Gotta keep a tunnel. Is on. Church. Played. Through the. People who will. Pass. All have seen. And. Just feel. Even. I. One another. Be. Daily. I'm fin wander fall. Tune. Shoe watch it grow. All. Two. Yup. Much too. Is. And. Has no. It's not something you just. Playing. Those. When you know. We'll pin down the street and ask Archie. Each time. You don't see that? Cost. Town. Okay. Good. Floor. All. You. Announce augusta. Like, not pay. Crossed. Three. Me. Crossed in. Can. Stay. Stay. Shop. Nice day. Stay. So. Go. Stay or why. Are you say? Every. Whatever you say. This is. Of. In a row. No. All of the. Who? Only. This lead is. Goal. And. This is. We like the look straight at 'em. They got buddies Brooklyn floor schwinn the classics the coup on fats up. He touch the kinks, and sinks she figures. Fateh joints. Our like the Mary. Freaks the clicks with Madame where kinky semi. It's so fly hip from. Sway the corner. How was the buzz in? Especially in facts started saying Allie may back from. Of the styles like mouth like sixties funky wires waves just sit in junkie strike damn. Damn we beat tha that what key Talaa, but I'm like. Cool like that. Like that. Feta took some she in Sweden. Upon club with. Because he can't plan. A crowd works Abby with us. We conceal. Understood understood the plan it put into what? Beaches. Shit will lifted plastic the basical spastic. Play shot. It don't matter exploit our man Cleopatra. Jones kill. Chill chill. Chill like. Get your feet because the force them TAM's. Tam's? She s because she I got crew kids seven and a Christian. Nickel. That's my man was the esta. Catch a fizz missile. The reaper the slick like my gangsta stroll just like coming. And he buggies up your stage. Platz twist the braids and peace like. Peace peace peace. Piece out like smooth like job like roll like thick stack. Like, I'm down like black funk like. A man like that. 'cause I swing jazz like that three that we like. Yeah. Hugh. True. Shoe crazy. Swell. Sure. Sure. Like. Much. Free phone count. Like, I say. Just which. Number. Fray. Record stating only. Actually. Trai? Flack. Gotta make. Took them in. Still. Shimmy. Listening. Sir. Shah win cheese. Go. It's not a wall when she. Ainhoa son. She's always gone too. She goes away. One this time. She's. Plunder if she's. Hey, Sam shy. This how? She goes. Who? When do do do. When a new. Thing. They know such when she. He knows show. Saver. Which? This how? She goes. She does. She goes. She goes. Did you? Here. Look for all live through the. That the game that I hate to. I'm phelan's. Same. After your rocket. Think that? Then. Outside. Don. Caravan? Where I'm coming. Thanks fall to give. Leaving. Com. You've helped me. Free. Lost in Iraq. Two. The ball hasn't free math. Iraq. He hasn't. Is alive. Hey. Three. Load lister. They all nutri. In the shadow. Will show. With. And. A ham. If. Dead. Will. Still in studio if things fail me what last ri-, I got my pants way. My hat. Tara known. She'll. The wind chill with the. Seven three record sink rate. Yom boss. Make you know, we like K, Robin. Lease we baby. Baby with pastor. Troy six Shelly care. Keen, Bobby Willie Brown skinned Bobby Brown, judge show brand t y. Baby. Radio. She'll. The. Max. Sixty. Klay washy says simple. Cima savvy pro. Trees Jack seem miss me. Robin may worldwide distribution. The bad. Brad a witch. Run a damn case for dark star records real slick. With girl me grab. Turn. Rob stopped. Bring you win. She'll thanks. Tarn? Sheila we stopped. The. Asked what I'm saying? We. Clink? You. What was your? You can't be talking about me. Like, here's my. To you later. If. Quick. Next. You. Just kissed. Stowed in studio ops things fail me what that's right. I got my bench way. Hi hat real. Tara known. Thanks. Seven three sequel. Rate your boss, still make you know, we made. I came Robin. Lease. With pastor. Troy six Shelly care. Bobby Willie Brown like skiing. Bobby Brown judge show brand t y. Baby. Save rate. She'll. Thank you. Sixty. Klay, washy simple. Cima savvy trees, Jack seem miss media. Robin may worldwide distribution. That. Bad. Brad Berkowitz damn. Kafer dark star records real slick. With graham. Bob. Rob. Bring you win you'll live with the. Turn. Stopped. Thanks. What right. We. Clink? Still you. What what's your? You can't be talking about me. Like, here's my. The floor. All. Now. Not. Excuse me. Three. Me. Crossed in. The. We can. Independent. Need? No, I don't. Free. Nothing missed. We know. That. I'm. But you. Good. You got me. Common phase. Play. Schmidt. Win. For real. Makeup. Queen crown down. Few things we can make. Back when not which nothing like, that's why. Which thing even when will break me. Vacuums maybe. That's real. The way. In fat ass. Chris thousands. Feel the feed getting up. We only have. Got mad love to give. One. And if. You. Thin. Out. Intone in the back. Of. Even lock. Temperature. Maybe. You'll be my way of telling you. Think kiss founded. Twee? Chancery? You're listening. With Robin lavon. Fence. With. Kiss. Change thing. Comes. Comes comes. Camp. Take your. Thing. My conscience. In Qena, really? Tell me. Everything. Comes. Sandy chosen caddo sets trencher is in tritter. True tone. To poppin charge. All the. Ill. The name. Sweet. Started three. Fair. Is. Back to. Draft phrase. Got to get. What? Halley? While in. Watch. What? They, you know play. Team foul. I give it all. Cartha novell. In my plots. All. All. That's. Thank you. Thelma? On the. Swear that you will from the peasants. As we try to starts again. Three. Self of. I just to of. I tell myself. I just wanna. Hello. I'm robin. Lynn. Creator and producer of live lie. We have over two million juke graphical listeners reaching two hundred countries with not talk music twenty four. Just two. Five dot com. Got. Got. You know what every day? Thank. We could have. No. No way. You know, changing. Aches watchful wave. Private. Every. Everybody. Night. We. What? We have hit you need me. People say the phone just call me if you need to hook girl. Can't. Larry. Robin. Listening to live. Thank you for keeping. Warned against fake news during a visit to the United Arab Emirates the first people trip ever to the Arabian peninsula. The birthplace of Islam AP. Correspondent Charles de LA desma reports from says in a speech young people who often surrounded by nicotine messages and fake news need to to Sarindah to the materialism. Hatred. Amp ready to play a tiny Gulf nation guts by ball rain. Egypt. Saudi Arabia, and the you seen such propaganda publish since start in June twenty seventeen the crisis began off to a state run news agency was hacked and fake heightens will publish. Fly life. Keep in. And that's. Always see out of. To know. Give. Fine. What swayed? We. See? In the one. That. Jan gee is back. Needed. To this that if hail. In business missed. Play to him. Janicki? Can't you? Me back. And then in the tower in campaign. I got a. He is. Here. Ten. He had. Dude. Suck. Foot. Let me scale checking. TV? That. For the. Ten. Yeah. The back. Kimmy? Play. He packed. He's back. Yeah. Back. He. He's. The tool. Todd. Staying. Biggles? Quick. Fits. Cake. Crips? Jeff. Name squad. And. She. Coaching? Say. Y'all. And. Now. Shake. Our? To me. Shake it. Shake it. Everybody out. Crew. The. To tread. Plan. She. Box. Got chewing. Have. Keep. A will destroy. Just. Charts? Take track. Plan. Floor. All. Let me see you. I guess like. Hey DJ. Crossed three. Speak. Crossed in. Temple. Potty. Jim. Can. Sinus freezing. That's how we are ready. No. When my Donald. Louis. Sally. No, you don't own nothing else. I've tried to show. Yes. Gift. With picking young flame sip. This sewn in both at the gate. Take those jump. Nike. Way to be we. Rehmi post. Talk here. Wave DEA solvent. Trop? It's twenty chain. Joe is crazy to amass statement shit. Fuck fuckers don't even know, they ain't even ready to know. Okay. Let these fuck is. No while we ain't never stopping. When those. Have. Two. Happy. Good. Stowed in studio. Bob's things feel. That's right. Hi my bench way in my hand. Tara known. With the max. Seven three wreck sink clipper rate, your boss, still make you know, we. Kelly K, Robin lease spots. With pastor. Troy. Shelley care. Keen? Bobby Brown likes skiing. Bobby Brown judge show brand t. Baby. Same. Turn she'll rob. Bring you win. Sports sixty. Washy says simple. Cinema savvy. Patrice check seem media. Robin. Worldwide. Go. Beret. The bad. Brad a witch. Dark star recor real slick. With that girl me grab. Boesch turn. The. Win. Turn. Bob. Win win. Right. We. Clink? Stu you. Worst. You're proud. You can't be talking about me. Like, here's my. Tuck to you later. Would you to go with? Down. Three. Steve. While. Laugh. Last is. He. Chill. Bye. Now some. What? We. Tired working all day? No. You should. Right, women's rights and women's rights are human rights and for our time. Wage equality. Simple reform. It really is a revolution. Two one. Have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things. Take for granted ignored overlooked underappreciated. Probably. I got to get. Open your doors. Take your head out. Age. Joma? When you get. Skip to. Things to. Skied have these? Get out of your chairs. Crazy. Have. Pardon? To be. Hi. If I can. Wall. Stole went. That will. Sean. Where? Can. TJ? A lobby. If you don't want pays times that takes different brainwaves opera full for all my days. I got laser. I'm gone cares. My F area. Cropping like. Finger special. Kosco? That's right. Stop on. Every time that. Straight out y'all from there clapped. Stepped. Yes, I'm a papermaker Schuyler phaser travel Raver major lazer pillow with the clock. Just maybe. I'll be. More. We really to it's time in Jupiter hotel with hell, and we love making swell. My blood tree until dead memes in my life makes sense. Don't give on a beach without nets. Let's Cal checks. Give or a hard nine clouds. I'll my loud cashing checks fuelling. Hello wreck scared. She's upset want. My life is just all other. Sitting Juba on a cloud. I'm on a cloud. Stillie drift. Still Dietrich in ghetto hotel lobby. We. People he space traveling across the galaxy. Boy. Yes. Some place with the corners striking as any boys. Station happens. Freak safe travelling tabulates. Stop ghetto. And table. Cats contract. The next. Kick. Honesty was build. This pump. That's. Track. Us pay now in scrape you don't want. Mess with me. Want us? So. TM slow. I'm still drifts to Gail. Oto? Still. Schedule. Dan, six. What the hell you will? Call me. Flex. Shalt young per peak. Scott. Horns legion show. True. Power showed and one that's. Do. Call. Why y'all? The may catch money checks. Came stay in the game. The same. Today. Things. Few criticize away. The block emplo this. Out on my shoes. Asking. Making. Chief twice the with ice. In that type. Slightly check. No enticing devices. The merchant practice. You'll name think you can't get the whole game. I have. The takes the basement when the had the vary. Had the size. And that was back on the streets have sneak through alcohol. The bad. To sneak when the trust got the same. Curtain falling. Jimmy. Just make. Thank make. In the nine five with the crew. Check this out. To close. It. Fairly. Same. At. Seems. No. Think. Heard thing. And. Came out. And. Bills all and. And. But i'm. Got cow that with. Stack the pig. Count has gone long. To to ask for. I. My wife and my kids all down with and. And jeff. Calling. I am a man. That can some. I. Can. But. No. Floor. All. See you. Like. It's not. Cross music. Three. Me. Crossed in. Eric. Temple. Potty. Can. Every three in. Two. Stack the path in sales. Cops. With. To the curb. When. Eleven. Stroke. With. The. The couple of. To know Goud. Body in. Two. Buying the battery company Maxwell technologies for about two hundred eighteen million dollars. In stock. The deal. Gives us a boost in battery technology tries to cut costs in mass produce electric cars. Those improvements involve improving battery capacity in cutting down on recharging time Maxwell technologies chief financial officer told analysts last month because of recent technological developments sandiego company expected to form new partnerships within six months, tesla says it expects to deliver three hundred sixty thousand to four hundred thousand vehicles this year a growth rate of forty five percent to sixty five percent compared with. It's really. Eight. The sage keyed up. That stuff. You got a long way to go. That can't go. Can't go. Yes. Going off. Is no areas. Essay. Say gate boy. Got a long ago. Can't go. Gives me. Ghana call in. And. Monday. The. Sam what? Combat eat this instrumental like big fullest several in morning Joan what you sleep in on not be key into the money. Always oh, my platinum sleep in the fuck essay. So I'm fucking some gassing. About the numbers. I don't give in these these these pay cuts. I ain't got enough even. Festi- dreams problem. Ms monitoring fucked Anita fuck and pink safe, really big point vessel Graham, horrid in have rich. Go get attitude. I won't say no that's about it. If it's money. And I'm if you think you ready from the only homeland piece snakes killing cops, killing my Preston P. This is a maze. Yeah. You know? What else is amazing? I six s forty nine bucks metro really imagine streaming all the way down with that amazing camera. I've switching that smart. You know, what else is smart parachutes? Switch to metro and get an amazing iphone successfully for nine bucks metro T mobile phone offer requires porting of number currently active on T mobile network are active on metro and pass days. See store for details and terms and conditions sky. Dining, this is amazing. Yeah. But you know, what else is amazing, and I six s forty nine bucks metro really imagine streaming all the way down with that amazing camera. I've switching that smart. You know, what else is smart parachutes? Switch to metro and get an amazing iphone successfully for nine bucks. Metro T mobile phone offer requires porting of number currently, active T mobile network are active on metro impasse days. See store for details and terms and conditions.

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