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Hells Angel Pt. 2: Sonny Barger


Due to the graphic nature of this kingpins crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of drug use and violence that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen on a summer day in the mid nineteen sixty s at Bass Lake the California hells angels with gathered for their annual meeting the unofficial leader thirty year old. Sonny Barger strolled through the quiet campground as president of the Oakland. Charter he was a legend in his own right. At least that's what he'd say as Sunny w-e-l-t he's spotted Lebron's new California. Hells Angels Flag. It featured a redesigned logo that had been strung up by some members of the so cal. Charters the show of unity pleased sunny. They were all brothers under the patch. No matter what part of the state they called home but something unusual caught his eye. Sunny looked closer. The flag was riddled with small holes bullet holes furious. He stormed up to the nearest. So cal Angel Grubby Glenn. Sunny demanded to know what had happened or his brother's really so pissed about the redesigned patch that they would shoot up their own flag grubby. Glenn kept his mouth shut but sunny had a secret weapon for making a Man. Talk his fists. Sunni wailed on Grubby Glenn and soon all the nearby angels were getting in on the action. Sunny kept punching until the so cal. Angels were all on the ground or in the lake if anyone was unsatisfied with his decisions. Tough Luck Sunny. Bargar was the head of the hells angels. And what he said was law. Welcome to kingpins. Apar- cast original. I'm Alistair Murdoch and I'm Kate Leonard. Every Friday we journey inside the ranks of Organized Crime Rings From Street gangs to mafiosos to understand how a kingpin or Queen Pin Rises to the top of the underworld and why they full as we follow the lives of infamous crime bosses. We'll explore. How money and power change them and how? It changed the community around them. You can find episodes of kingpins and all other parkas originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream kingpins for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type kingpins in the such PA at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network? This is our second episode on Sunny Bunga President of the Oakland Charter of the hells angels by the mid nineteen sixty s the hard partying and sometimes violent motorcycle club was loved and hated almost equally. Cops detested their mayhem but both hippies and conservatives respected the clubs strong individualist Streak Sonny. Barger grew up poor and neglected in Oakland California. He tried to find a sense of purpose in the army but was kicked out for forging his birth certificate in nineteen fifty seven. He stumbled into the hells angels however unlikely. His road to the Brotherhood was being an outlaw finally gave him purpose in life rising quickly through the ranks. Sunny became club president a precarious role when the angels were gaining a reputation as low level. Drug dealers thieves and violent rapists at the same time they were growing famous in the nineteen sixties counterculture movement as respected drug lords and parties especially after opposing anti Vietnam War protests in nineteen. Sixty five. The hells angels. Were a household topic. Suddenly folks all across America saw them as standing up for American values they became modern day. Cowboys Sonny Banga was growing into his role in the club. He wasn't just the president of a biker. Gang he was also an iconoclast businessman naturally. He was inclined to capitalize on their newfound popularity. Sunny made quick work of expanding the club in one thousand nine hundred sixty six the first non California Hells Angels. Club was founded in Omaha Nebraska. Soon motorcycle clubs across the world were petitioning to join the famous fearsome. Hells Angels. Sure the angels were still drug dealers and violent criminals but sunny didn't think that prohibited them from running a legitimate business. He officially incorporated the Hells Angels in the State of California and trademarked. The name and Logo Hollywood soon came knocking wanting to take advantage of the popularity of these crafts cowboys. Sunny loved the idea of Free Publicity. But of course that authentic name and logo came with a price tag one of the first big bike movies was hells angels on wheels in. Nineteen sixty seven which was the first serious role for a young Jack. Nicholson audiences loved the grittiness and authenticity of the film. Which heavily involved the hells angels themselves. The Oakland Charter were paid as consultants on the movie and Sunny even acted in a small role as president of Hells Angels. In his memoir he recalled how well. Nicholson fit in during filming. Some angels even took him for a member of another charter. This kicked off a trend of biking movies that romanticized and valorize the hells angels a dizzying slate of films followed including angels from Hell Angels unchained. Angels Die Hard. Hell's angels sixty nine and black angels. The Glamour was free and brought in good coin but sunny remained focused on the real moneymaker the angels burgeoning drug trade nineteen sixty seven was the year of the famous summer of love when hippies and free spirits flooded into the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. They were looking for freedom and free love and of course lots of drugs. The hells angels had always been prolific pot smokers and low level dealers but their encounter with Ken Keesey and his Merry Pranksters in one thousand nine hundred sixty five introduce them to psychedelics. The hippies did we'd LSD a lot of which was provided by the angels. But what brought the hells angels into the Big Leagues was Finn Psych Ledeen? Pcp for short. Which the hells angels made famous under the street name Angel Dust. Pcp was a powder that could be snorted or mixed with tobacco or marijuana and smoked. Plus it was cheap to make in large quantities in a lab. No need to wait for marijuana plants to grow. This gave the hells angels complete control over the process if they could speed up supply. Well that meant they could meet demand meaning more money but the heyday of angel. Dust was short-lived hippies. Took it seeking transcendent dissociation? 's but too often got bad trips which could include hallucinations. Paranoia and psychosis sunny. Knew there were problems with. Pcp but didn't want to give up the stable revenue from selling a lab may drug so he found the next best thing meth a shell. Oil scientist named Kenny. Maxwell taught the angels everything they needed to know to be successful street chemists but just as the hells angels seemed on top of their drug Laden World. Their popularity much like the decade of the nineteen sixties was about to come to an end. The summer of love continued through the apex of the famous Woodstock Concert in August of nineteen sixty nine yet. One band wanted to make an even bigger mark on rock and roll history. The Rolling Stones said about staging their own outdoor concert in San Francisco on December sixth nineteen sixty nine arguably the biggest Brit Band in America. The stones were wrapping up touring for their upcoming album. Let it bleed. This conveniently helped them shoot. GimMe shelter a documentary about the guys. The dog though would be incomplete without a big finale. Something only a huge free concert could deliver. The stones were no strangers to the angels or so they thought during their nineteen. Sixty-nine CONCERT IN LONDON. The band had mistakenly believed the leather clad. Security guards were members of the hells angels. The stones like the image of being protected by so they reached out to Pete. Now president of the San Francisco Hells Angels to broker the deal in exchange for five hundred dollars worth of beer. The Bay area hells angels with sit on stage and protect these wimpy rock and rollers that big finale as often require months of planning the stones had only days when they couldn't get the permits necessary for golden gate park band scrambled to find another location. Eventually they landed on the ultimate speedway a car racing track thirty miles outside of Oakland. The speedway was no woodstock instead it was full of busted cars and broken gloss and there wasn't enough time to build a proper stage so a smaller one was constructed just a few feet off the ground. The only barrier separating the banned from the audience would be a thin piece of string. The venue was less than ideal but the stones hope they're founds wouldn't mind but the night before the show. The hippies and flower children of San Francisco weren't arriving in droves as the band had hoped instead a different crowd camped out getting ready for the next day. They were rowdy and started drinking even the LSD was different when the summer of love began. Drugmakers run a mission to produce pure drugs with the blissful highs but as the illegal drug trade grew more vendors jumped in and they were far less scrupulous some even added strychnine poison under the auspices that it would lengthen. The trip others laced. Lsd with speed which made people over stimulated party is also mixing booze with acid something. No hippie would condone just a few years. Before now getting stoned wasn't about to spiritual experience it was about getting wasted. The cocktail of alcohol and acid led to erratic often violence behavior as the morning dawned on December ninth. A group of hells angels rolled up in an old school bus with their wives and girlfriends but instead of bringing some order to the chaos. They did what? Hell's Angels Do Best. Join the party. Sunny Bongo wasn't on the bus. Sure he was looking forward to the free beer and concert later that evening. But December ninth was a monthly offices. Meeting Sonny was nothing if not a stickler for club rules while he and the other senior angels were discussing business in Oakland. Things were quickly getting out of hand. Almonte Concert Goers Broke through the flimsy string barrier during Carlos Santanas said forcing the younger angels to protect musicians using their favorite weapons fists. By Five PM. The Sun was setting. The crowd was riled. Up and sunny. Baga was pulling into the speedway with pack of Angels Largely Unaware of the chaos awaiting him almost immediately knew something was wrong. The stones were due to perform any minute yet. The band was hiding backstage seeing the massive rowdy crowd. They'd hoped waiting out of sight would calm things down. Sunny sent his angels to work clearing the crowd back from the stage. They even created another barrier using their own bikes. This was as good a protection as could be offered. Everyone knew that when you mess with one angels bike the whole club would make you pay for it. Sunny and a few other angels then ventured backstage for a meeting with the stones formalities. Did little to take off the edge. Though the stones were fidgety taking their time and retuning their instruments stalling the inevitable. Growing impatient sunny assured them that it was a safe. As it was going to get things would only get worse the longer. The crowd was forced to wait. The stones though didn't want to chance their safety. They wanted the angels to escort them onto the stage. Boga bristled at the proposal. He'd come too far to be serving to a bunch of wimpy musicians but to keep the peace sunny and a bunch of angels took the stage ahead of the stones a warning to the audience as he anticipated their presence did little to control the angry intoxicated crowd. Just after the stones took the stage one exhausted audience. Member leaped up from the grass and rushed towards them which just so happened to be the exact spot where the angels bikes were lined up on stage. Sunny spotted a fan kneeling top one of the angels bikes. He yelled the guy to get off to no avail so sunny jump down off the stage to remove him himself other hells angels followed suit abandoning the stage to protect their property. They shoved and punched the audience. Who responded by pushing back and throwing glass bottles as the music began drugged out fans kept lashing out. A topless woman tried to climb over the front row of the audience and onto the stage while several angels unsuccessfully pulled it her sunny hopped backup and kicked her in the head. The naked woman dropped with. Thaad clearly spooked. The stones tried to get sunny's attention. They were going to stop playing but sunny knew that the music was the only thing preventing a full fledged riot from breaking out. Sunny pulled out his pistol and jammed it into guitarist. Keith Richards side. His message was clear. Play or else the Music Lurch Don as if queuing up the worst part of the night an eighteen year old fan named Meredith Murdoch hunter was high on meth and desperate to get a better view of the band. Murdoch was pushed back from the stage and knocked down by a group of angels in response. He pulled a pistol out of his pocket and held it out to defend himself. A hells angel named Alpes arose spotted the weapon. He pulled out a hunting knife. Then tackled Murdoch. He stabbed him in the back. Five Times as Murdoch lay bleeding on the ground the rest of the angels swarmed his limp body beating and stomping him until he lay dead. What Sonny Barger didn't know? Was that the death of Murdoch. Hunter would haunt the hells angels for the rest of their lives. Coming up the feds put the squeeze on Sunny. Baga and the hells angels. Hi It's Kate. I am thrilled to tell you about a new park house show. I'm hosting with my the dark side of and political scandals partner Richard. They are natural born leaders with a never ending thirst for power through force and deceit. They rise through the ranks toward radicalism. Eliminating anyone who stands in their way and the only thing more inevitable than their rise is there ruin discover the true stories of power. Greed and deceit in the park cast original series dictators. Every Tuesday dictators examines the reign of a real life tyrant exploring the unique conditions that allowed them to seize control. Each dictator is analyzed in two part episodes with the first giving insight into their rise to power and the second chronicling the impact of their downfall. Hear more about the men who claim to love their country but were intricately responsible for killing millions of their own people. Men such as Prime Minister Benito Mussolini Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and even Julius Caesar himself discover the governments that fell the lives that were destroyed and evil at its highest level followed dictators. Free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story in the nineteen sixties sunny biogas. Hells Angels held unique status as rogue outlaws and pop culture phenomena but when Angel killed a Raucous Concert Goer at altamont. All of that changed. It was unclear. Who to blame for the mess. The Rolling Stones. The other concert organizers and the police all certainly shouldered some responsibility but no one could deny the famous outlaw bikers were most complicit it was an angel who wielded the fatal knife alum passer was charged with the murder of murdoch hunter but he went on to plead self defense and was acquitted though he avoided prison time. The court's ruling on his innocence didn't matter in the Court of public opinion. The hells angels lost all the public. Goodwill they had built up throughout the nineteen sixties. They were longer viewed as misunderstood individualists. They were murderers and to the police. They were the biggest organized. Crime threats in California Sunny Bargar would enter the nineteen seventies squarely in the crosshairs of the FBI. In June of nineteen seventy his oakland home was raided by the feds. Atip indicated they might find a big drug stockpile but that turned up dry. What did exist in Sonny Bono goes home however was a lot of guns and unlucky for him? California had recently passed a law stating that ex-felons like Sunny where prohibited from possessing firearms violation of gun. Laws wasn't exactly what the feds were going for but it would do as protocol dictated. They had two infantry his stockpile. In that moment the feds courts a lucky break. Donald Howarth a former Mr America just so happened to be walking up Sonny's driveway. He was an empty handed. Either the suspicious looking briefcase. He carried contained three hundred fifty thousand dollars worth of cocaine and heroin. Naturally the feds searched him not a bad consolation prize. How with was convicted of possession and sentenced for five years to life incredibly sunny manage to beat the charge. He slid off on a technicality that the Fed sees the drugs before they officially entered. Sonny's home beating criminal. Charges was a theme that would continue through the early nineteen seventies for sunny even when the evidence was staring the police right in the face. Two years later in January of one thousand nine hundred seventy two park rangers outside of Oakland noticed a suspicious site. A caravan of vehicles was winding down the mountain roads. Late night thinking they might have caught. Some illegal hunters. They attempted to stop the vehicles. That's when all hell broke loose one car careened off. The road then tried to run over the park rangers when they approached on foot the other car gave chase down the hill as random objects were thrown out of the windows by the time. The rain just stopped both vehicles. They were sure they weren't dealing with ordinary hunters. But sure enough inside the car. Not other than sunny. Baga and a handful of Hell's angels but as the Rangers proceeded to arrest the bikers. They heard some muffled noises coming from inside the trunk when the LID was lifted. They found two men bound and gagged inside. Meanwhile the other Rangers had backtracked up the road. Together the items that had been jettisoned from the vehicles they found a handgun shotguns ammunition and Silva belt buckle engraved with the words sunny. Baga President Oakland Hells Angels. Sonny was arrested a typical open and shut case of kidnapping seemed imminent. By the time the case went to trial though the two men in the trunk had changed their tune. They now insisted that they were willing participants. In an innocent hazing ritual. This was a frequent occurrence at a hells angels trial key. Witnesses would suddenly disappear or change their stories at the last minute there was little the police could do sure they knew that the hells angels. Were COERCING THE CHANGES. But the authorities didn't have a clear plan to stop such behavior and without these key. Witnesses the hells angels would then. Walk free. Sunny bug is clear. Cut Kidnapping case WHO's reduced to a charge of unlawful imprisonment. Bargain pled guilty pay define and walked out a free man but sunny bargains. Luck with the law wouldn't last forever. It turns out dead. Men couldn't testify on his behalf. Just four months later on. May Twenty First Nineteen seventy two. The police responded to a report of a house on fire in the Oakland Hills. Once the fire was extinguished they found the body of the homeowner Severo Ajello. He was slumped in the shower with a bullet to the head later that same day to cleaning. Women found the bodies of Oakland residents. Gary Kemp Patrick Kelly Smith and Willard. Thomas shot to death in a nearby home. Bullets at the scene matched those found in a jarrow. It didn't take cops long. To connect the dots. Adjara was unknown. Cocaine dealer and camp often moonlighters driver. This was clearly a drug deal. Gone wrong. The police didn't have to search long for more information days later. A man named Richard evolved the walked into the local police station. Ready to tell his story. The Oakland Hells Angels. Were responsible for the murders consequences. Be Damned evolved e would go on the record evolve had worked with Jarrow in the past but on the ninth in question. He insisted he was only that as a friend camp and Jero had recently acquired a large haul of cocaine and we're looking for buyers and Oakland hells angel named Sergei Walton purchase. Ten Thousand Dollars Worth roughly one tenth of that total Sergei Walton was also conveniently the right hand man to Sonny Barger and ev- got the sense. That the hells angels. Business might not be finished. According to evolve sunny showed up at the house later that night in disguise with a pistol and a silencer sunny. Kill the jarrow and ordered both angels to dump the body in the shower and like the House on fire. Then he moved onto kemp and the rest evolved was unsure about Sonny's motive but offered his own speculations. Maybe he wanted to steal the remaining drugs or maybe sunny felt like the guys had reneged on some kind of deal. Either way evolving insisted that the boss was responsible that was enough to satisfy the Oakland Police Department. They arrested Sunday on charges of murder interstate dope trafficking and possession of nine hundred thousand dollars worth of cocaine. When questioned sunny insisted that he had never arranged a drug deal with the victims. He'd never even met most of them. He encountered one or two but only through low level mischief like selling them fake. Id's plus sunny had an alibi for the night of the murder. Sure he had been hanging out with his girlfriend but that heads account for something right. The police weren't taking any chances. They set bail for sunny at one. Hundred fifty thousand dollars which was way more cash than the angels could scrounge together. So he settled into the Alameda County jail to await his trial while sunny satin his cell the California State Departments of Justice issued a report detailing the extent of the hells angels criminal enterprise in just over a decade. They had gone from small time drug dealers to the biggest organized crime threat in the state. The State of California felt pressure to make its case against Sonny. They might finally bring down the leader of the hells angels but little did Sunny. No that the body count had not yet finished coming up his fellow. Angels turn on Sunny. Bugger now back to the story. October thirtieth nineteen seventy two was the day sunny. Baga stood trial for the murders of drug dealers severo at Jarrow and his associates earlier that year on that very same day a search warrant was served on a ranch near Yucaipa California. A small town north of San Francisco. Was it a coincidence? Probably not the ranch belonged to George weather and his wife. Helen within had been an oakland hells angel but since left the squad he was looking forward to taking a break from outlaw life to work the land but what was buried underneath that land got the attention of the FBI. Police had been led to the ranch by an angel named whispering. Bill who had served time alongside sunny in the Alameda County jail lonely sunny had confided in him about some angels business trusting his incarcerated brother to keep his secret but little did Sonnino. That whispering bill was dying of throat cancer. He wanted to spend a few more days as a free man. So bill made a deal with the police that eventually led them to dig up weapons raunch and sure enough buried deep under the earth where the year old remains of to Georgia bikers big Tom Shoal and Charles Baker who had been strangled to death they also found a young woman who had been shot in the head. This led to three. Hells Angels being arrested on suspicion of murder. Even weather and his wife didn't avoid the storm. They would take an in on narcotics possession and stolen firearms in police custody. Weathering was frantic and furious. He'd been sucked back into the very life. He tried so hard to escape desperate. He did the only thing he could think of. He grabbed two pencils and shoved them into his eyeballs whether n- lived and would even see again but he knew as he sat in jail. He had to do what was best for his wife and his kids. He had turned state's witness on Sunday. Burger back in Oakland. Sunny was involved in. What would become one of the longest running criminal trials in the county's history and this time sunny on the inside? Onlookers wouldn't be intimidated into silence. But even the best witness couldn't make up for insufficient evidence. There was no murder weapon recovered and a key found in son's house matching. A suitcase of drugs was too generic. Anyone who owned the popular brand would have the same key even worse. The police had undermined their own credibility. There was written evidence discovered that the Oakland police had traded guns with the hells angels in the hopes of reducing the angels bail when months of evidence retrieval and witness statements were concluded the jury unanimously found. All four defendants not guilty. The feds were pissed so they decided to charge sunny with every other crime. They could possibly pin on him. Given the slew of evidence they collected in their initial investigation and admissions. He'd made on the stand. They had enough to move forward. The charges mounted to possession of heroin cocaine marijuana as well as federal and state gun charges. Finally Sunny was convicted. His sentence fifteen years to life in nineteen seventy three thirty five year old. Sonny Barger entered folsom prison. He was told he wouldn't be eligible for release until two thousand two but while Sunny Baga was serving his sentence the state of California passed. Sp FORTY TWO. A law eliminating indeterminate. Sentences this included Sonny's fifteen to life. In addition federal drug laws had changed reclassifying his former convictions with the new laws. And some math. Sonny's sentence was revised to less than the five years he had already served on. November third nineteen seventy seven forty roads Sonny Bono. Go walk down to folsom prison and back into the world of the hells angels. Times had changed with sunny in jail though the FBI was getting serious about investigating the hells angels for more than simple drug crimes. And now they had the help of their new informant George Weather N- In one thousand nine hundred seventy. The federal government passed the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations. Act Better known as Rico. It allowed leaders of criminal organizations. Like the hells angels to be prosecuted for crimes. They ordered others to do. It also added additional penalties for crimes like murder or arson done in relation to a criminal. Enterprise this would be damning for the angels. They kept expanding just as sunny had wanted them to while he was locked. Up by the late nineteen seventies. They controlled ninety percent of the meth trade in northern California with five labs dedicated to producing the drug. They made over one hundred and sixty thousand dollars worth of meth every single day. In one thousand nine hundred seventy nine just two years out of FOLSOM. Sonny was arrested and charged with drug trafficking prostitution and the attempted bombing murder of two policemen. But just like his prior murder case. This trial quickly fell apart. Due to lack of solid evidence after two mistrials the charges were dropped. Sunny even threw a party for the jurors. Sunny was a free man and had just beaten the same recode laws that had taken down members. Of New York's Italian American mob. But what would eventually shackle sunny for? Good would come from inside his own organization. Anthony Tate was as unlikely as informants come. He worked as a bouncer. At topless bars in Anchorage Alaska in the late nineteen seventies there. He befriended both the bikers and the cops when he was feeling generous. He gave the police tips about criminal biker activity on a log taped bet to police friends that he could infiltrate the local. Hells Angels Charter. The prize a steak dinner and a bottle of whisky. Tate quickly earned his reward and eventually became an officer in the local charter which was formed in nineteen eighty two. The cops passed him on this time to an FBI. Agent named Tim. Mckinley Sunny Baga was mckinlay's ultimate target. But I had to get his man to California McKinley partnered with Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Agent Ted Baltas. The two agencies didn't normally work together but the angels had proved so tough to nail down that they felt the need to join forces. Tate's became a woking mold everything he saw and every word he said was recorded they communicate with. Tate's the same way the hells angels communicated with each other pages and payphones to avoid a tapped phone. Line tate eventually worked his way up the ranks and became west coast representative this move. Put Him on the radar of Sonny Barger on August twelfth nineteen eighty six to members of the rival biker gang the outlaws gun down a hells angel named John Webb in Kentucky. A long simmering rivalry that finally exploded sunny went to investigate and handpicked Anthony. Tate to lead the charge now. Mckinley and Baltics had to stay patient. Collect their evidence and hope that takes cover would hold on September twenty nine nine hundred eighty six tate. When to Sonny's house the plan was to talk. Vengeance regarding the outlaws but sunny was indifferent to any plans for revenge. He knew it was near impossible to find the outlaws who had killed web but he did tell tape that if two outlaws were involved then shoot two of them and call it. Even the feds told Tate to sit tight and not be coerced into murdering anyone. They were so close to getting the perfect piece of evidence to build their case against Sonny. The patience was rewarded on October. Eighteenth Nineteen eighty-seven when Tate showed sunny photos of the outlaws clubhouse in Chicago. He then proceeded to explain his plan to explosives on the roof. Sunny responded if that's what you gotTa do do it. This was the evidence the feds had been waiting for. They pounced on November Tenth Nineteen eighty-seven the police came to arrest sunny. Baga Sunny was I confused as to why he was being cuffed which grew into a fury once he learned one of his own had ratted on him as Sonny was marched into FBI headquarters. He slipped from his handlers. Hold just long enough to give one of the ATF. Agents a swift kick to the KNEECAP. He would go down swinging. But no amounts of flailing blows could stop the inevitable. After a five-month trial sunny was convicted of conspiracy to violate federal law to commit murder a cell in Phoenix federal prison and a fifty nine month sentence awaited. Him Sunny was released from prison in Nineteen ninety-two. He was fifty four years old and recovering from throat cancer. His time in Phoenix though meant he was a convicted felon forever on the government's radar when sunny got out. The Oakland business he built from nothing was all dried up too. Many of them meth cooks had been busted without sunny as their figurehead. A lot of the Oakland hells angels scattered. Sell Sunny decided to stay in Arizona. He liked the desert heat and besides California was getting too liberal for his tastes. Anyway it would have been easy for sunny to leave his bike. Capac- behind by a piece of land like George Weapon had tried to do but sunny had been a hells angel for too long. It was the only life he knew. And even the risk of another jail sentence wasn't enough to give up that identity so he started over. He reached out to a local bike again. Cold the DETI dozen who had reputation as the longest and most violent gang in the state the dozen had put in a lot of work eliminating rival gangs in Arizona including the vetoes. Mongols and Devil's disciples. They were in total control of the Arizona drug trade and had no reason to accept an outsider into their organization in October. Nineteen Ninety eight six years after he was released from prison. Sunny Bargo was founder of a brand new charter the Arizona Hells Angels. His first order of business was to bring over some old California brothers to clean house. They kicked out a bunch of the dirty dozen members. That Barbara didn't think. Were bad enough to be hells angels of the One hundred and twenty original members. Only forty two stayed. Eighty five percent of them had felony arrest records. To this day the Arizona Charter has the reputation for being the most vicious of all the angels Sonny Barger was back on top of the hells angels his next challenge restoring the angels to the height of their nineteen sixties popularity in two thousand. He published his autobiography. Hells Angel the life and Times of Sunny Burger which became an international bestseller. He has since written half a dozen more books on the life and times of an outlaw motorcycle gang with sunny as the author of his own story. He painted the picture of the Angels. As loveable outlaws. Who were the unfortunate victims of government? Overreach the FBI. Atf would continue to try and catch sunny for gun and drug offenses but nothing major would ever stick again. He even made it back to Hollywood. In the mid to thousands sunny landed a recurring role on the angels inspired. Tv show sons of anarchy where he played the role of Lenny the PIMP Janna wits. It seemed that Sunny Bugah managed the most difficult feats of all full from the heights of power scrape rock bottom and still make it back to the talk. Thanks again for listening to kingpins. You can find more episodes of kingpins and all other parkas originals for free on spotify not only spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy. All of your favorite podcast originals. Like kingpins for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to string kingpins on spotify. Just open the APP and type kingpins in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram. At podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you. Next time kingpins was created by Max Cutler. And his OPOKU studios original executive producers include Maxon Ron Cutler sound design by Trent Williamson with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carleen Madden and Travis Clark. This episode of kingpins was written by Margaret's Lebron with writing assistance by Kate. Gallagher and stars Kate Leonard and Alistair Murden Kate here. I can't wait for you to check out a new show. I'm hosting with my the dark side of and political scandals partner Richard every Tuesday delve into the minds of some of the world's most infamous and feared leaders in the park cast original series dictators. Join us as we examine the reign of a real life tyrant exploring the unique conditions that allowed them to seize control. Discover the governments that fell the lives that were destroyed and evil at its highest level search for dictators in the spotify APP and listened free today.

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