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<music> you're listening to the after the show maybe podcasts from dot com confined this podcast on the i choose music stokes google play youtube voice assistance just say listen to after the show maybe focused and you can also find ace corey dot com where we post written reviews kc the way area hosts. Hey scully on sits. Welcome welcome. Welcome talking to just me or i everyone. I'm talking to three different people. Welcome welcome welcome welcome. Oh am i in that group. If you want our listeners and you all right so what is is going on today before after the discussion was not much movies sex jokes then i be some in this movie be that much you're just doing stuff. I'm doing stuff. I'm here spreadsheet. Let me say before we start this sir review that if you wanna win a copy of the movie review and today called the hustle dot com if you do that before wednesday ah of this week you'll be here in this on a monday you can enter to win a copy of the blu-ray so good luck and congratulations. If you win really listen to the review i well no because you might just want anew blu ray for your collection get. Why are we doing a blu-ray. Don't wanna watch is is that spoilers. None so is saturday august the twenty four th this is after the show five hundred ninety six. Excuse me review podcast. We look at a movie every week this week. We're looking at the movie the hustle so twenty nineteen release actually out on blu ray now it came out in twentieth august so you can pick it up now all copy from our handy. Dandy competition rated p._g. Thirteen and our friends at universal sent a copy for review so said talk talk gives us the synopsis of the hustle and then i'll give you the one off the bucks a remake slash reimagining of dirty rotten scoundrels which was a remake of dirty rotten scoundrels us apparently without first movie at a different title yeah but i mean existed and then it was remade and that was redone throwing the women in the mix here so we're going. It's like ghostbusters so it was then announced. Women female runs and what was the discussion of me before the movie when i saw who was in it just to get dark full disclosure here. Let me say i've got a new four k. Blu ray player on the front on the front page when when you load a disk it shows you the cover of the movie like a pitcher and you look at the screen and said it's not the movie we were watching. I hate that woman <music> hathaway likely what you said. I like anne hathaway talking about rebel well. It's not a fan of rebel wilson now. Don't hate her as a human. I've hated her her onscreen every single time i've seen her once i disagree we looked at all the movies that rebel wilson have been in and you've never watched pitch perfect affect movies so now you actually know her from being bridesmaids is in two scenes of bridesmaids. She made that much of an impression on you. She's in she's fed sit with a brother. Jonah hill did not make impression on me either for many many years so that joe to oh you only after many years and many different roles and a little more effort said well. Just throw again correct anyway. That's what you said so. That was my first thought and i you know i haven't actually given you the. I'll give you the synopsis of the box and see how it pans to sit. Talks said talks was what <hes> female remake button scout care act which is a remake of the movie before that all right is one of the books joseph chesterfield eld brackets and hathaway is a glamorous seductive brit. Joseph josephine jealousy is a glamorous seductive brit who defrauds goal wealthy men penny rebel wilson brackets maasais wads of cash by ripping off her marks in neighborhood buys despite the different methods both musters of the outs of the fleece so they can conman that wronged women wilson's talent for physically early and hathaway wilson's talent for physicality and hathaway's withering wit does that mean a wit is like going away uh-huh shriveling up our combustible combination as the pair of scammers plow all the stops to swindle naive. You've tech billionaire. Alec shop in buckets in this hilarious comedy ruled accurate mine. I'll always i mean come on analysis says thanksgiving dirty rotten men a run for them money anyway. Let me talk about the hostal. I do not hate rebel wilson do hate her. As a person did sainthood watching her. Yes hate that type of comedy right and she personified it fully yes so let me say i have watched iran scandals or more than one occasion in fact. I had to go back march trailer just now to see if i remember i did remember. I view of the scenes but it's been some time since i've seen when you i'm sure i watched it. At some point. I mean is classic steve martin doing his like you know when he was by the jerk by kind of comedy at the time. I probably laughed my ass off why i was young and i wasn't very smart. Let me tell you about offensive martin though the hustle back as when it finished i was thinking this is a hard one to to discuss. I like to describe how i feel watching the movie because it's it's super dopey like the entire time like it's really like kind of dope alie written. It's not particularly. I don't think it's funny a lot but there are some funny parts but most of the jokes mrs for me like i was like oh you know but then occasionally rebel wilson would say something gabriela. Oh that's kind of funny don't know if it would have been better if it was our rated because he could have gone a bit further with the comedy like longshot did that. We watched a couple of weeks ago. You know long shot was actually quite funny. We enjoyed it even though longchamps as an element of doping to also share bombing the comedies right so uh this one just seems extra dopey as you're watching it and anne hathaway super over the top and again that she doing these silly accents and it's almost it almost like it's like monty python imparts. It's so kind of like ridiculous like with the with the housekeeping guy and you know what i mean fawlty towers at one point like one of the scenes. I was like this is so stupid like it's <unk> she's training her and showing her out to throw knives jobs and all that sort of stuff yeah in this james bond ish villains munching kind of thing and it's just like weird and then there's like i love heist movies is this isn't a heist movie though it's more of a catis movie but the con- itself is actually for me. It was fairly interesting and then it what happens with the con. Is it really just like it starts off as a thing and then it ends up is like just making jokes about blind people really like the the whole. Don't forget the fat jokes. I'll get to that rebel wilson's. As far as i can tell rebel wilson's whole like stick is making fun of itself being fought and with physical comedy like slapstick. I mean it's really vaudevillian. Slapstick of falling over are jumping off somethin' and and the other joke that she does is like that. She's not not overly bright most of the time so that's really old fashioned kind of comedy isn't as like benny hill something is really and you know we're just talking about comedy yeah and is that funny. I would say like for me. You know i'm not. I'm not a great fan or anything. I'm sure funds. Uva will love what she does but for me. It doesn't hit every time like she tries to say rude. Things and some of it's funny sounds outlived. You know what she's talking like. She might say something funny like like something. Vagina is she'll say something unexpected and it's funny but then like most of the time it's like seeing a fat woman fall over a thing. It's not particularly funny right said spoken by a man who's married to a fat woman. Tell you to to follow jump. Kick people honest you and that i don't get my feelings are very easily. They don't use a believe me. That's one of those comments you fully accepting that. I'm very round and me accepting that you accept it and using i'd have you follow umbrella time because you're so fat and now i'm not saying you so i own my god. I love it. I love it. It's hilarious. It's just not hilarious that it's still fine. I mean i'm no. I'm not either. I find really offensive still funny sometimes but then everyone has their own definition of what's offensive offensive or what broke at people's like up tightness but this movie's offensive tall really. I don't think like just make his like. It's just kind of old school like his like. It's like an all is well is like the euro scoundrels. It's like that kind of comedy. You go back and watch. The super dated you even from that tralee console. It does agree that if for me. I don't think offensive is the right word but it's insulting as in. Why do you think i should think this is funny that way a lot. I mean there's the rebel wilson is self deprecating not so huma huma and i don't particularly ever find that really funny. I mean there's nothing that i find funny unless it's done with the real delicate balance islands and of course she doesn't so it's the thing though isn't it like india is not sir thing is quite clear. That's the thing because but there there were times where i did laugh. I have to say there was some funny lines and every time a left it seemed like it was an oddly type thing where she say a bunch of different things and and it just sounds funny. You know what i'm saying. I disagree i didn't i'll you after a couple of times to. I have to say yes but not at her. I was very cognizant of what i was laughing at. I'd have to say that ninety eight percent of the time. She wasn't funny one hundred percent of the time now you know what i'm saying. I'm hathaway's like playing the straight woman but it's not really like like michael. Claim plays the straight man in the old navy and steve martin plays like a really dopey opie. Kinda come on guys like over the top they did it. He is but then also outrageous because she's doing stupid accents all the time time it kind of sometimes are insulting offended by her. <hes> british accents abrasax was terrible vote about that. I it was all kind. It's our she's like a con. Woman who impersonates different people obviously to try and comfortable and she's got a variety of personas right and they're all kind of like literally when say monty python you know when they do a german guy and you're like oh. My god don't do is is that that's that's what i kept thinking of. Oh this is like you know again. I'm not a prude and i can take. I'm not i'm not. I'm not german person to be offended by that book. I can sit there going oh. It's a bit like broad. Broad is a good word for the whole thing comedy yeah if you if you think about it early days of entertainment and where i'm going all the back like vaudeville early radio things like that if i was sitting in mid america gotcha where we are listening to the radio one hundred years ago radio was around then <hes> was it yeah just barely nineteen eighteen nineteen. I dunno ben. God now have to look up when radio was on what whatever you're listening then you would have less exposure are to the world you don't not had probably a german person listening next to you or gone to germany or had any one of your friends and family casually go to germany for vacation like we do today and so the con- the you're listening to the fake over the top german accent and russian accents and british accent accent elo cabinet and that to you that it that's just how the people sound funnily enough rebel. Wilson is an australian her australian australian accent sums offensive to me and wrexham. She's a sounds like he's even putting on an accident. I thought she was australian. Such australia really right on the her. Australian accent sounds like ak pumping it is she's doing a bogan. You know what a bogus no no. Did you ever watch big brother australia. A bogan is like a you know like when i was saying the it okay british but like a like low class kind of person okay. It's almost sounds like rebel wilson's point in one of those on to make some funnier or we're saying hang the stereotypical idea of what a lower class person resume again can't be right. Maybe she is. She is a bogan. Are you a snap. Do we have classes classes now. I'm saying that even cheese sounds like she's putting on an accident when she's actually australian right which i think is for effect because it's funny. They don't feel very theatrical like you are going to big play and everyone's just it's a little bit self indulgent the the people making it and doing it and it's all very like you could imagine it on a stage which it probably has been in the past but i mean this particularly. It's very severe all the time. Can i tell you a movie it reminded me of not literally just like getting reminded of it and it was that one with blake lively and ana kendrick that we watched australia the vibe of that movie even though that movie wasn't really accommodate it was like a whodunit kind of think it had that light the french this kind of music in the background on the old credits with light. It looks like an old spy movie and the way it was kind of cheeky everyth- everybody. Everybody was cheeky with everybody right. I'd like this. We had cheesiness to it. I can't remember that movie was called. You know what i'm talking about but it reminded me of that book a comedy version of that rather than usc thrilling because there's nothing thrilling about this one right now i mean the comedy in aspires down to light. I'll give you an instance of i. I'm assuming they think is one of the funniest things in the movie is rebel wilson on these <music>. She's in the ocean and she's on these <hes> budget column jet ski boots flying open there and they lingered on it and yeah yeah no thank. You were supposed to think laris but i was thinking. This is exactly what i was thinking in my mind. I've seen the amazing race. I wonder what they call up. That's what i was. Thank you weren't amused. I wasn't like oh look. I think the joke was oh. Look a fat woman flying through the air that was joke and felt like it and i. I don't know even if you asked rebel wilson. I think that's the joke and she's out like fine up. In the i mean that's kind of luvell of comedy here. Is nothing really super clever. I don't think she falls over now. I mean it's nothing clever they she's training china to be like a con artist at one point and she literally falls over many times jumps overhaul like a gym hall and falls over it. <hes> throws a knife into a thing stops himself. You know it starts stuff fast comedy uneven what's on hathaway's comedy stem from here like just just being just the funny accents and the zones really she walks. She walks weirdly bunch lie. She tries to act overly the sexual to try and get like cohn some guy into fuzzy. So what are you trying to say about this movie. I'm trying to say like i didn't fully enjoy very tall. I would never watch it again. I'm not offended by it but it feels like they could have tried harder. Just veal funny like definitely didn't feel intelligent which i like anne hathaway a lot and do you think she's got like there's something about her that she's very versatile to me of always liked her and i'd like these things smarter. It can be funny and smart at the same time. I mean we watch march lotions eight which was a female lead us not that great not great but it was also half comedy half heist movie but but i feel like an anne hathaway was in it but i feel like that at least achieved like it was interesting like this just even the con <unk> side of this which boils down to them calling this face like the inventor of facebook kind of guy he made an app the app not facebook yeah. He made an app. He's on a well. It's actually like tender yeah. Actually yes like tons things disappear. After a while that issue described it. She's like well you can send insults to your best best friends and they disappear after ten seconds and then hathaway's like would want that i agree with her but the you know so they caught him this young i._t. Entrepreneur guy and that's what the connors and he's not that interesting mccombs not that interesting either is. I mean like i say evolves down kind of goes downhill the come to me and then it then rebel wilson to pretend that she's blind for like a bunch of time in the movie we maybe like fifteen minutes of doesn't save it and it wasn't fifteen minutes and everything is like a blind joke. I mean it's like it's so so it's like ooh. I can't see you know yeah. I can't see so now. I've spilled something on myself and i've touched her and called her amanda. Ah yeah that stuff and there's you know there's a couple of those things that i found funny. Just a couple and that's not what you're looking for in a comedy is it. I think it's because the tension of things is not being funny is pressing so hard against you that when something kind of pokes a little hole in it you're like oh that was just mildly funny to release the rest of my hi judgmental. You know when you say stage play the end sequence with the guy by talking to them. The guy plays thomas. He comes comes up the path and he's talking to them. Oil lodger them likes very old feels. Really a phony and like you know here is a lot about like ways. I don't know who it's who it's four a ed glass jen. Yeah i don't know is it. We haven't seen a lotta rebel wilson stuff so is it for rebel. Wilson funds is a her things things like this more kind of and we not that familiar with her so like we don't get this is if i'm hathaway funds anne hathaway's done this kind of like roll before she's been a bit just in that one saas ocean's eleven yeah yeah and she yes. She did the thing with the necklace and so she even she goes over the top on this possible i oh this is running away from a completely like she she. She's being too silly like it's you know like the accent is of it's silly you know when she's trying to seduce. The guy is just don't be like it's really doping and i was like well. It's not even funny like oh. She stunted on the thing. She's gonna fall off and you know it's like something. From the nineteen fifties you know like oh yeah bewitched but then people do incorporate that in modern comedy and again be fun and it can be funny. I don't know we should all over it. I and i want to say there was some funny things but do you remember what they were. I was struggling a little bit or those. Remember the things that were not one of the funny things was the butler guy where he's like the relationship between rebel wilson and this butler guy and this guy. He obviously hates her her. She's annoying to him and he's kind of sadistic. <hes> i like to that but he didn't build on that joke fully enough. I don't think think that joke was funny and pay off about him like is he. Somebody is your father is he. Somebody like is he actually the mastermind. You know we're doing this woman power thing thing i mean when my mind wanders to all the possibilities of what you could right into the story of a movie that means the story of the movie isn't enough anything else that when you sows trying to find things funny was oh issues twice in the movie i really liked it. Ah but that's it where where she uses the dress to hide yeah now that i like that yeah that's cool that was cool in both instances like it was. Is this the beginning of the movie right at the end of the movie and both of them. I was like now that is interesting and funny. Why isn't more of that because you've used it up. It's gone like happens once that happens again so there's nothing like that throughout the thank you know and they're doing this calm. I think about the less you like it as a couple of twists and turns you kind of know where it's going. I did at least did you. Did you tell me i mean i already knew it was a d'oro scoundrels remake. You didn't until the end of the credits right but i can tell totally what was happening right so i kind of saw where it was going and it really is just that is that you know take the outline from the old movie and it's the outline book the lightly did with ghostbusters. Turn it around female it and that's what it is. Is there anything you liked. I mean like in hathaway still army. It doesn't put me off and i think it looked really nice a lot of the time it was well nice visual feast of places and a little weird c._d._i. Noun the green screen blue screen. Whatever just occasionally which was like did you heard when there was in his garden. He was on the sun lounger and rebel wilson was background was not real was it. I don't think so it looked really weird. If it was it was like i was like that looks like she stood on a green screen because whatever's behind is not quite as attractive as what is the film that in spain by the way. It's supposed to be in the french riviera like the original movie. The book is filmed in whether the doing an spe yorker my arcadia yeah. It's which passes for france anyway. Hey the very close to each other. Is you know sony and there's a lot seen sun but <hes> it's hot is a hard one because i didn't come out of it. You know what we watched hot pursuit and we universally hate that movie. This didn't feel like that though i didn't watch it again you said had no but it didn't end. I go got worst movie of the in my head immediately. I didn't feel like that either because there was some something about until true. The truth is probably hathaway. I you know i don't dislike rebel wilson when she soup bean soup abroad by falling it is forced yeah but then when she get her calm down just a bed and she's just doing like some of the dialogue yeah then she's is fine but it doesn't isn't an i'll tell you the dopey thing about the inci movie donor you agree the whole sequence where she's pretending to be a princess incest. Oh god that was so bad. I thought that was where the movie style to lose me. I was like oh delay 'cause i was i okay. This is like a silly kinda. Come on this movie and that side drop and i was like what is this what gary weird explain what that is associates one of the scams where anne hathaway because she's the beautiful elegant sister cons dude like a rich dude into buying her an engagement it ring desperate in there and then she says oh and what about my sister and she has told them that she's like sixty third in line to be queen. If sixty three people die up for her she'd be clean they buy into it which is also really weird and then she was oh and my sister hortense will love to come with us live in america gar wherever wherever the guys from and they're like okay and then they she introduces them to this sort of and she colder feral princess like she's got mental issues she's violent. She's in this room underground under lock and key and like nasty teeth reagan's e from the exercise and it makes no no sense unless you are literally making one of those over. The top plays where we're watching a theater. Production is a monty python skit. Oh told us elite early. Life of brian is like what the fuck is up almost embarrassed and i thought who's i get it on the set. The director dr all the people all the people the people performing it. They're loving it. It's like a performance extravaganza right in front of their faces says right because obviously they're doing lots of comedy and off the cuff. She's doing all kinds of like. Probably what's it called. What did you say earlier. It's like you know no no script just like doing yes and there are loving it so i think their bias because the right at the moment and then they watch it back and then like oh my god. It's so funny and it's not i mean it's somebody rd one. That section came on. I was like you have a green light. This is just it's just shit like actually was semi plausible to that point and then i was like what is this this like who what businessman's going to dislike james bond mocking land lewin's met and the first one that they did was the guy from breaking bad right yeah then he was like hey hey honey you. Don't you worry your pretty little head yeah. I was like doing like a ridiculous like texan cowboy guy. Yes that was all very strange. Rush and i couldn't believe that it was part of it's just as like edible movie. Yeah i did that sequence with weird feral pharrell princess. Let's call it a federal prince actions. It's a good name. It also doesn't match the rest of the movie never ever knows that we had again now. It's never the same so if there's there's something uncommon uncommon starts you watch it for a little bit and you like okay. This is like airplane is crazy. Anything can happen an any thing can come out of anybody's mouth. This movie doesn't give you that impression up to that point and then that is weird food and then it just goes back to what it was like at the beginning. It never goes like strip and none of the holds are barred yeah. It's a weird. I guess that is that sequence. Sequence stuck out to me is weirdly out place and the conclusion. Was you know we usually style movies. I don't think after conclusion on this swab is also really laying on the also kind of loosely sets it up for a sequel which i was like who hasn't frightened to that. I was like wait. What are you what are you doing. I was frightened too. I was like oh really like yes. They're gonna put some capers but in no thank you i am. I don't think he did particularly well. So probably won't get that sequel. I don't want them to fail but i don't like this movie. No and you know it's often often hard for us. We comedies because i have a weird british humo- and you like very particula stuff right number particular. No i mean this. You liked like like bob's. Burgers is very funny. You know bob's burgers is funny yeah. That's what i'm saying so i like we had stuff too right so often when we get presented with like a broad comedy light. That's all the of the week with them blunkett on it again. Shelley's thrown the long shot. Ah i really enjoyed that was really funny and it was hard to it at a nice message and i thought it was really fun. You also did yeah. I mean you know. This is nothing like that. It doesn't really have a point. Don't really have a message but as of like like rebel wilson falling over if you like that that's what this house is. Anne hathaway doing really stupid accidents rebel wilson awesome doing clumsy stuff anything else like luxurious sets like posh hotels and marinas constantly showing the contrast between the attractive thin elegant woman and her and yes they're styles. Those are very different. Soviet swapped the rolls around. If you think about that way that could have potentially been better. You know what i'm saying. If wilson was like the sophisticated investigate yeah really sophisticated and really pulled off her whole you know that that more elegant intelligent side and anne hathaway away was sort of like the bumbler. I don't know i feel like for me. It would've worked better but so as as a comedy for me. It's fairly floppy. Yeah floppy just like rebel. Wilson flops on the ground falls of many delays another fat check a a joke. It's not really a fat joke is making see she making fun of fat people 'cause she is a fat person or people think that's really funny or is she saying i'm a fat person and i'm not afraid of it and i just do what i'll have a look stupid. I'll do you no no no or is it making fun of. I don't know well as a fat person is on powering. It depends on the situation comedian though a she liked going fuck it. I know you're just going for the cheap fucking joke remain ever everyone's gonna laugh except the people whoever wins says as being too sensitive. Everyone's going to laugh because it's funny to make make fun of fat people. That sort of the accepted social also don't also dumb people. She does that too she does. She's dumb because has the implication issues dumb because she's this fat unattractive woman right. You know what i mean so she's thought stereotype of fat is what she's doing like just the whole current. I don't we get it. I mean i do get it but i don't get it like i do get come lowest common like people who watch the three stooges and think he's it's hilarious when they just slap each other on the head by now that's the level of comedy that makes them laugh who look at him on the head who some shell shell fell and knocked him on the head that we've seen again if you do it in a way that seems to make sense that doesn't even sound right but i can handle it but but you know we watch those abbott and costello movies well like the joke is often way kicks him in the ass like well. That's actually that would be the if you were sitting back in the cinema in the day. That movie came out the whole audience would be outrageously laughing im- kicking him they also say that's the whole thing like seven times during the movie. I guess that's what they're going for like when she falls over everybody's supposed to be laughing but ali really is the question twenty yeah a lot of people will yeah all right so maybe we're just not the target audience but again. I'm not prude crude. I don't have a problem with being open about who you are how you are i mean i'm not at all like it can't hide the fact that i'm not skinny and i'm not afraid of pointing out all the life things that go along with that but making it just blatantly the laziest easiest joke you can possibly come up with doesn't add to a story. This is my problem with it yeah so well. Let's move onto the cast. Anne hathaway joseph ville josephine chesterfield. I'm really like ann hathaway. I always have this is not a finest moment after even uh she just goes. I think 'cause rebel wilson's pretty over the top. I mean an hathaway kinda got into that and went like too far. It does is supposed to be a bit more reserved or whatever but it's just stupid impasse specially that german doctor that she's doing actually the house my favorite character she did. I mean there was some funny ceo after that when they were trying to when she was trying to prove the rebel wilson was not a blind person that whole scene actually enjoyed that father was funny but is very brief not unlike anything she was doing it. We're just stupid. There was like a british. She was doing in the train at the beginning. Which was did you know. She always kept that accent. Remember yeah she did which was never committing to me and i'm not british now. It was just i don't know if she just really over the top in this. She was over the top emotions eight but not quite to this level rebel wilson place penny any roast. Get it pennyworth. We've discussed the we haven't scenery much. You haven't seen in much even though you think you have. Apparently she's a really good stunned comedian. I could see that personally. If you just left to like tell jokes not after here not be physical. I falling rolling over on the stage. Yeah i'd have to hear what the kind of jokes are <hes> but she's also a most people in american noah from the pitch perfect series as a movies which is a singing competition right and she's a good singer so <hes> that's what most people know from think but we never watched those movies so we can't comment ingrid. Oliver plays bridget does yasa and she's like the assistant to. I'm hathaway right now. She's a police officer who she's paid off me as having a relationship with so she can do her scans all of the scout yeah i like her. She killed a captain pantsuit. That was a funny line and she's just like in the background yeah. It's a bit physical. Sometimes nicole nicholas woodson played albert use the sadistic butler. I would always the albert if you think about just albert like from batman is alfred from burma. Oh sorry that's michael. Caine in the michael caine was bringing it around. Bring it around but yeah he's bottlers like this reserve like fuck you to the lady who's in intruded herself which is the young yeah rebel lady when she got hunt super glued to the wall. Don't ask us how the up but he did. That was another bag gay my god there's so many bad bed that we're not funny and i forget them because they're not fun. No i don't even understand that one hung stupidly to the wall and then she asks alba of you got anything to get rid of superglue he already audit and his on and then he put it just a bit too far away from and that's the joke that she and him doing that revealing it and how he did it kind kind of cool that was funny and then instantly it was money. No it's like a falling over joke again. I'll be honest. I'll be very very honest with the don't be honest. There were times when in the skunk me sound like super nerd actually thought i could be upstairs working on my seed spreadsheet a cheat then you wouldn't have got to experience what i'm saying. Is that occurred to me. Particularly the times i was coming up and down the stairs to go to the bathroom because we paused a couple of times. I was like wow i can just go to my computer and have more fun working on a spreadsheet now full disclosure. I love spreadsheets and i love my gardening stuff so i'm making a spreadsheet of gardening stuff and that occurred to me. There aren't many movies that i would be like wanting to jump <unk> ship to me enjoying some things was or i really like this new four k. player at scott better contrast magic. Ah i was getting new player yeah i was looking. I was looking at it. Go yeah the so. Would you say this movie is made for people who watch movies on their phone like while now they're doing something else could work in that respect because you might look at it and get a funny gag out of it and they're like it's on regular. Oh cable and these commercials every five minutes. You just you just see bits and pieces. I'll be drunk and what that would help a lot. Ah i was drinking so it has potential and then finally alike shop thomas westbrook. He's the most like if i was going to cast somebody who was like a guy who made an app. You know like the guy you made. An app. Annie made some money from a guy. I was looking as vice going. Oh yeah that's exactly the guy i think of of the guy who made up and the character. He turned out to be not know when he's dressed as the other guy at the end well. That's just a persona persona. It is ridiculous yeah. It's not even see through it in a second directed by chris addison is famous for directing the t._v. Show veep on h._b._o. I've never seen it been heard of it. Yeah julia julia louis dreyfuss. Yes and she's like no president. She's a female prison. Vice president thinks what veep is fresh off the boat. Which is a i guess an a._b._c. Be sitcom and you can kinda say that that kind of you know because it's pretty vanilla this movie. It's not super -fensive is but you think if you made it more adult. It'd be funnier. I don't i don't see i don't know say like we just watched the one with seth rogan long shot and that was more adults and a lot of the comedy came from being adult. I think you know if that was like a p._g. That would have been really blunder blonde mutebi lying you know so maybe this could be helped but then again. I don't know because it's the same it didn't have the most sophisticated story story i mean you know fish out of water and a pair that aren't meant to be together right now pretty basic stuff also but there was some hot to it where i felt awesome things at certain points and there was some funny lines in it. You know it was actually funny so so this director it's very sorry mara fax all the block in the camera position in nothing's fancier outfits no but i think in this case the director director loving what he was seeing in the moment on the set being entertained him his own personal self by these people who he obviously has a lot of respect for it is what brought out a lot of the wacky nece. I think yeah i also have to say the movies. Supremely lit is very nice. This looks really looks like a million dollars. You would say but there's never a shadowy in how into that it cost fifteen million. He's never like a like like a shadowy. Sequencer dot is just really like luxurious the enzyme which is what they were going for you look at the cover of this movie it shows them both with a gold copy on them like you know but then again that doesn't really fit the actual movie like because it's not like though luxuria they just in some hotel they're not gain gazillion dollars or anything so extras on the blu ray there are few hitting the mark as comedy klotz <music> conan artists and each country with direct and that's as you also i wanna say you always got digital copy with a blue raise them fall case and universal moved over from giving you the regular digital copy that everybody's been using the us that you can apply to. I usually apply it to voodoo so i have a big catalog of movies do while universal. I've gone to this only on. I tunes coupon which which i don't like you know. Obviously i mean why like the other coupon that you can get the light like digital copies work this way you got digital copy in code and then you go to your favorite retailer doodoo movies anywhere or wherever and you redeem your code and it puts it in digital library then you can just watch all your movies whenever you want. If you can't get to the disks now these new ones you have to go go to. I tunes to redeem it. I don't even have an account so account redeem it. I'm not starting one up just to redeem it. So if you're not an apple oh person you've got an iphone. You're on android this digital copies useless and it doesn't mention it on the box. That's the thing that i so i'm not into so somebody made an exclusive deal yeah. They must have any seems to be just universal at the moment. There must have made a deal with apple to say hey our. We'll send people to you to redeem that goes propsal by something else when they get. That's probably how it works stirs. There's so if you wanna even though we just shit on this movie if you want to win a copy of the hustle. I don't think of it as shitting on i think of it as being honest in our opinion. This might be your favorite movie of all we both didn't like <hes> you know the one the assignment or cattleman or hot pursuit spending vehicle pursuit and then my favorite i mean i can't again failure to tell you what make up your own mind by going and answering our competition when a copy and tells what you think of it thanks to universal for sending a copy and <hes> given us a copy to give away next week review will be the giant summer blockbuster godzilla king of the monsters which is the sequel to to congress coalisland if you remember that one we reviewed it last year so it wasn't great. I really liked punk school skull island. I didn't particularly like you remember. The first zillow yeah it was all doc all the time you could barely see godzilla and we will like west godzillas like dot the the power goes off in the city and then you can barely see him when we will. I is this something wrong about matthew broderick. No talk talking about the one where the breaking bad guy in ah oh yeah yeah. That was the beginning of this trilogy. Can this called silicon. The monsters is the third one in that set okay but that one with the dot gonzala which i was calling econ belly all the time he's just wondering around your is i got zillur or is that just nothing as mountain wasn't that fond of that even though i liked the concept conches gholam was much better for me i actually kinda liked how bizarre it was and that vietnam kind of vibe to it remember with the helicopters and the rolling stones playing out of it and stuff on some that made it good but okay. I just liked the whole vibe of it. I like the the c. g. It was really good. I thought not one with the massive conch. That was a really big kong. It was good. It needs to be big. That's the whole it was better than peter jackson's conch yeah because that one was didn't seem big enough to me that kong agree this congress giant like godzilla sized conch so next week we'll get to see godzilla zillah king of the monsters and hopefully we can see it. I one of your recommendations. I'm going on an hathaway recently. We saw oceans site. I thought she was really fun in that some going oceans eight and my favorite conman type movie is much man by tony scott nice which riches nicholas cage is really good. It's really cool conman movie. I didn't see the karma is going on in a never sorry come in until they disclose you know what i mean. <hes> it was it tricked me so really cool film and it's not just come movie. It's like a relationship movie about in between him and the young girl member. It's really cool but you know a lot of people saw it yeah not so much men and ocean's eight llosa mine are not movies. That's not that's not. The rules of the rules says movie recommendation recommendations all oh all. I'm going for here. I am going for a couple of youtube things a lot of youtube. A lot of people probably do and a lot. The people think youtube. Yeah can't find nothing on confined nothing on there. I would ever want to watch well. You and i watch a lot of youtube. In fact it fills the air's <music> as we get live our daily life. Wouldn't you say yeah you got who was imprisoned. You ought guys with <unk> build computers. You bought a guy who rides bikes downhills <music> mostly computer thoughts on boxes amazon amazon. Things is like a instead of having music playing all day we usually usually we have a video on a device. We're not sitting staring at the videos most of the time you are absorbing what they're saying especially computers. I do gardening some photography. <hes> other we watch nora lee is that you boots truck driving around the world on her motorcycle. Things like that and i just think that yes it takes a little bit of effort to wheel to get down to the ones that are quality for you. Yes you have to weed through. What's called cold'll. Give to kiss love frogs. Get to your prince or princess however for gardening. I've found kelly kim which is c. A. l. i k. i._m. Mm-hmm 'cause she's in california and her name is kim is one of my favorites. I've learned some of the most of what i know i believe from her and there's a couple of others in there <hes> but it's fun to watch i can listen to her if she puts out like in the beginning when you find somebody and they've got like one hundred videos does your and you liked listening to their voice and you like what they're saying. You're like yes and then. I can just watch her for hours but i'm not really watching a glance. She's like now off your pruning year tomatoes. You wanna go down here and oh look at this when it's gorgeous like yeah i know it's one of those things. If you don't like gardening you don't care but whatever you are into. You're going to find something i would guess and then my other one is rare seeds or baker creek women to live in missouri bakery. Rare percy's is in missouri. It's one of the biggest gardening heirloom seed saver type. You know holy that holistic realistic natural place you know they're into home steadying and all that kind of stuff and they have videos that will really teach. You have my grandma's around anymore and i asked my mom about planting growing tomatoes shake. Oh no just stick it in the ground. It'll grow this one of the extent of it or she'll say. I don't know i've never grown good tomato so that's it. That's my knowledge from my heritage of people in my family. There's others who know more but i'm like okay ago to hear and rarer seeds baker creek rare seeds. They've really good educational videos. You like just watched one. Today is about ten minutes long about different kinds of garlic are like how they grow how they taste when to grow them went to plan thumb all crammed into ten minutes and i really absorbed it not the garlic but the information and i was like wow this is just now when i do wanna grow some garlic this winter i have terms in my head. I have technique in my head. I have understanding very rudimentary. Yes the guard expert after ten minutes. However it's amazing easing isn't it that you will go out and try to find out how to set up your lyric server for our plex thing for our house a file server for our house to watch movies and so yeah and you had never ever done lennox or unix before i'm making this machine that and then you start watching videos goes and in a short amount of time and with quite a bit of effort on your part to like persistently dig out all the little bits and pieces not dislike slap something on top of it and golic. Oh look i know lennox because that's not what you did. You figured it out but that was your education and even at my job now they we have a just watching we don't do courses anymore. We do online classes that are all video based basically like ted talks and you do videos of of whatever the thing is is you're learning networking or we're going to dave center so whatever the thing is that applies and i think it's a really good resource. It's entertaining you to me to learn stuff about spreadsheets. I know it is what it is but i'm learning. It's entertaining. It's it's a resource source and i think that despoiling everything down to movies and t._v. We're moving on. You know you'll be able to find something that you like so i'm just recommending mending whenever stop liking movies because movies are what would mo movies like the tono. They're all different. Classes of entertainment aren't there. You're yeah that's just an anonymous or fully immersive. Would you say what movie yeah yeah yeah imagine. I just don't do anything i mean. I've always been like watching a movie. You watched the movie yeah. You don't talk into lights up yeah. You're completely immersed in the world in the story that the trying and to tell you maybe that's why we take it more seriously sometimes. That's what we're in it for. You know we don't we don't sit like you can. I can promise you when we review a movie like we just did hustle on our cellphones no off watching even in that movie you're just weirdest can absorbed in it and that's why i think we're a little more sensitive to like. If it's not a great story or it doesn't look great or the giants crappy because we're all in you. Are i want you to take me to that place in that time with those people or those aliens aliens or whatever it is and spend two hours in that story ab- watching it soaking it up carrying about the characters and all that whereas a kelly kim video watching video or you're watching seth right down the hill on a bike <hes> which is insane. 'cause i watch those two utterly insane <music> but it teaches you. There are things in the world. You didn't even know existed like the guy who opens amazon. Pallets didn't even know that was a thing like never even heard of that before so aw that's a whole other kind of those aren't fully immersive unless you really learning something because i'll find if i'm trying to learn something technical. I'm really staring at added. I'm all in. I feel like that some are like that. Some are just sort of casual you know but i say i'm not an advertising for youtube or anything i i wish if google was the sponsor you know i'd buy more seeds nice. I got and retire from my job and buy more seeds and plant more stuff but just give you two but try whatever your hobby is in. There are other video format or video platforms for people who like things that cannot be on youtube because i have have a friend who's actually on one of them. Be more adult side of things but again. If that's your thing that you've been so try <hes> try learning something from the youtube world this week count ascoli stuff. We finally played walking dead. The final season moves moves waiting for ultimate finished so we could go through clementine story to the end and we did happen. There was some crying. There was crying so not spoiling it. There was some happiness there was some i yeah those some pressing the expert and really fast vast yet. Did you decide with the final seles. I had this thing. It's a good game anyway. I don't play it. I watch so if you've like sit watched the entire tire thing season to season three season four. Which is this one and and foreign today's. Is that what it was called four hundred days. It wasn't the four hundred days when wishy no there was to yahoo spinoffs michelle on on the foreign the whole of the whole of the world yeah telltale games aims amazon be person so i like the zombie apocalyptic a story in general whatever it is i want to explore it telltale unfortunately fortunately no more they actually went into liquidation but here's the thing that game elbows games that were they made was better than the shell is it is i i. It's the same world but i think the characters are better and i think it might be down to like the you'll. I mean you're not playing them. We're still making choices along the way like <hes>. I'll often say to you. What what choice do you want for this like you know it might be an you'll pick some so you are shaping what's happening so i think that might be part of why you feel more invested in it true until today will really the only only people who do that kind of gameplay anyway clementines my favorite walking dead character of the whole universe i think they did an excellent job with it a- and he's awesome the final seasons also also. I really enjoyed it. I didn't know where it was going. Did you like the shocks. There was a lot of oh. This is what we do in some cooled flashbacks to the older games talking about yup. The definitely finally make it very emotional. Join the join. It's time oh yeah so <hes> yeah. I think it you know people say oh. The final season wasn't as good as the now. I think goal is if you like the style and the game play you're along because you truly like i said people like us this just in love with the character and all of the way that they made it all the things that she had to go through. We're just in it to see it through. We're not there there to criticize it or pick it apart or find the flaws. I mean you see it sure there are a bunch of flaws share well technically but i never care about that but i'm not the one pushing the buttons so there were times i pushed that square and i'm like yeah right sure it it all like it takes too long to load something or y- yeah there's there's you know it's not but that doesn't for me that doesn't take away from the story or the experience of care about the people or like the innovative ways. They're not innovative but i mean they explore things about as ambi- apocalypse that we don't explore a lot you know why kit like dislike season heads having to like make their way in a place themselves or no adults around your kids which hasn't been really as seen that but <hes> clementine story you know fitting and afar. It was really a good season. Unfortunately we never see any games. I mean tell tale gone so so we know the walking dead gay. I'm talking about seeing none of these games in this style like they might have paid since it and other people can't do it because is it. We played a bunch of them. We play guardians of the galaxy. We played the wolf among is really good. I love that concept yeah wells. Did we play. I mean that one is really really cool because it's like fairy tales or real l. the characters from all fairy tales of ever heard like grimm's tales and all that are real red riding but they've been like outlawed and they have have to live like secretly. All of society knows they're there but it's like when superheroes are incredible for superhero ing as illegal and they have to hide in there. It's kind of like dark c._d. World that they live in it was really interesting. We played the game of thrones which was kind of like a backstory of that was good there. They were all kinds of good view like style and you like what the story they tell so. It's not like they all disappeared. You can go and buy like the whole telltale catalog for like very cheap. You know 'cause they've gum. You can like get all of it for next to nothing so if you've not experienced these games you can do it that way. The other thing is <hes> is the disney d twenty three celebration this week so disney been going crazy releasing all kinds of stuff and amongst all that stuff which does lots of the disney channel is come into on them coming on. It's an app. It'll be on your roku. You'll be on the apple t._v. Ban all those things is a five nine thousand nine a month. They're going to have all kinds of new shows. The new show of note is a show called the monday laurean which is directed by mr jon favreau on it is the world's first live elections towels television show. It's ten episodes styles on november. The twelfth belief and we saw the trailer and you know i'm towers not so the trailer was awesome. Typically i was like i was and how did you feel about the trailer looks good. It looks like there's another looks like a new star. Wars movie is coming right. That's what it looks like. It looks like high quality. I always impressed. It wasn't like i was like oh. You know it's just i was was t._v. Show will it look different from. The movies will be a bit cheaper. It just looked like a movie it did and what was my comment. How can this looks so good and the hobbit looked so shitty right so disney spent a lot of money on this and that's not what makes it good. No there's some good talent and it to <hes> <hes> also jump fibro but the other big announcement is the second live action star wars tv show which will come after them under laurean is a a little thing called kenobi. What'd you think of that little while mr mcgregor is reprising reprising his role as obi-wan-kenobi nice and his whole show about obi wan kanobi account believe it while it's happening like it's just amazing time to be incest towels what's happening. They wanna make a lot of money. Yeah well make as much money as you giving me good styles. They don't give me like solo one out solo uh-huh book if it didn't hate it then hate to watch it again kim you know i'm really i really like that is really enthralling to me to see an o._b. Kanobi series with you know to me. Alec guinness is overrun kanobi but you know in the prequel he's he's not so can't bring alec guinness back to play kanobi anyway so <hes> yeah disney d twenty three. There's a bunch of other stuff including marvel doing a she. The hulk live action in similar veins of the star wars a she hulk t._v. Show which i'm into that too yeah but you don't know i always say oh you don't know until you see it because you've thought so low would be great too and then you weren't as happy about it so marvel i kind of trust because of everything komo them everything and there's a bunch of this disney streaming. There's a wonder envision dies. Come in there is is a a black widow t._v. Show there. There's a bunch of marvel stuff so this d. I feel like this disney streaming platform which everybody i remember when they started. I taken away their disney store from flicks and people will i._o._u. Crazy disney. You can't go off and make your own thing netflix so the kings well. They sound like they're really serious isg disney and if anybody can do it disney come right be an incredible streaming service. You know another thing that i was like oh disney. I was thinking disney really greedy but then today they announced when you subscribe to disney. It's five nine thousand nine. A month which to me i was like does actually sounds like the low for what you get. You get lost stuff but also netflix charge extra for four k right. You know because you've seen it on the uh-huh disney said no faulk as streams are included and you five nine. You don't have to pay extra. We'd just go this one here and we also allow you to watch on five screens at once. There's no extra like and i was like wow like disney. Probably don't need us money bolts. They just like that flake. She'll just i think they're trying to make netflix. You know people looking at netflix too expensive because look at disney what they're doing over. I'm impressed with that because it could be easy to be disney with it. You know you've got a new style tv. Show that everybody wants to see. It would be so easy for you to say that's twenty dollars a month. Everybody if you want star was right relations that are standards. Were grateful to them for not doing that shouldn't do that. I'm just super impressed. The five hundred ninety nine a month it seems that seems the right price for a streaming service with certain that you want like because it literally has stuff me gazza bunch of marvel stuff and styles. That seems worth it to me. You know so that's coming in november and i'm sure jacking a crash on day one because there's so many people wanted to see it. I don't know i hope disney have the service already because that could be a disaster if you everybody's watching coaching style walls and it just dies so what's for dinner today. Tonight is going to be veggie. We're vegetarian as well. I'm telling you what we're eating being in for many years now one of my favorite foods my whole entire life leaves dabbling. Already is a skinny person so i like things with lots of carbohydrates and sugar sugar and heft always loved my mom's homemade beans and weenies that would have been hotdogs chopped up cooked off in a skillet in another japan she would do onions catch-up mustard brown sugar cook that all up till it's all nice and like saucy ad in pork and beans kansas borge means not pre baked beans or other beans cooked that all together probably add more ketchup cook 'cause it cook it down mix in the trump <unk> hotdogs and then bake it in the ovens. The top got kind of all christine weird only god i could've eaten. I probably did eat my weight in my my mother was the indulgent type like oh honey. If you're hungry eat some more so you know then we became vegetarian didn't become like magic we chose elevating meat and i've just never found a hotdog veggie dog that was the right texture and flavor and everything and i bought some a couple of weeks ago. Light liked life. I think is the brand of femmes or something and i think it's light life and oh my goodness. The texture is perfect. Don't you agree yes. They are now. I like to the other ones too that you didn't true. Also i was raised on late cheap hotdogs. My mom didn't buy like the expensive all be whatever so we had the combo one. I was raised on hotdogs in con in brian. He has ears like mushy like vienna dot com wieners. You know they're kind of like like mushy. I liked those at the time as well haven't found a used substitute for those as sharing the funny thing is probably didn't have any meat in them to begin with but <hes> so so now we're going to have been making we by bush's vegetarian beans baked beans and chop up these veggie dogs cookham in the skillet and it is absolutely satisfying one hundred percent divine. That's what we're having all right. So what is your advice. Believe isn't really vice. I just wanna pass on a thing that you said earlier which is really funny as watching a video wpro of a guy who was eating some honey because he had <hes> honey bee hives is farm and he was like dip in his finger right in the hive and like lincoln it and like oh. It's a australian so he's like oh might like usually getting off on it and i hollered innocent honey just weird right because it just be spit me. That's what it is that we still eat honey. I'm not knocking it. I'm just saying that's what it is. Just like milk is like posse reproductive liquid for another species to feed their young and yet we indulge in lots of dairy products right so when you think of the reality ever like oh right and you said yeah just imagine imagine a big giant be dipping into a big vat of like human spit and then and then say <hes> it's not like that's exactly what we're like yeah so they had just put down your mind big giant be bench a little tiny humans humans buzzing around its feet spitting in a big pot and it licking it up and going <hes> delicious that is not advice in any way shape or form but at least have planned to that in your head which is hilarious all right so. Let's say that well. You know where you can spoke us. If you listen to the beginning of the show it's pretty much everywhere except spotify because we haven't figured out how to get it on spotify. If few we aren't even trying you have not figured it out. I try and i get no way of emailed them. Please tell me do it. Somebody told me that i have to have certain host after not use the hosts that i'm using. I've used another host and they can put fiber. I'm not doing stupid so you having a how you just reviews the no that's just like a rumor okay in the red it spotify thing okay. Only certain hosts get grunted spotify satisfy podcast so yeah you can catch us everywhere you catch them instagram facebook. It's a emails me a school as dot com. If you have any feedback don't email said she really should has nothing to do with any of you man petillo my instagram feel like looking at pictures of plants and stay costea rebel wilson and hathaway and just beat the funny next time thank. You and i'm gonna say thank increasing or someone will do it for you.

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