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Maple Leafs Make A Trade


Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one three thoughts the podcast brought to you by one two three four show show show better than normal shocking. Actually but here we are insert time again. driving up to Devi. PF We finished two in the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS NEW YORK Rangers game and they get a call from our producer Matt Mushroom. WHO SAYS INSERT time for you boy and here? We are acquiring goaltender Jack Campbell along with cow Clifford heard from the Los Angeles kings going the other way trevor. More Columbus's third and twenty twenty NHL draft and a conditional third in twenty twenty twenty one. You know we're removing some stuff from the podcast today where we talked about Jack Campbell and the Los Angeles kings and the Toronto Maple leafs and putting it in its place place. This shouldn't come as a shock. Should it the people that have paid attention to the backup. Goalie market and Toronto. No I guess the timing Ming. The timing shocked us because obviously this was done during the game so I think people were kind of thrown by that. But when Sheldon Keefe keynote in the post game and was asked who was starting on Friday against Anaheim and he kind of hemmed in Hod and said there's some things that it could happen here or whatever he said exactly. I think people knew that something was up by the way you got home. I'm still at the office. I had to do a sports night. Hit in my t shirt tonight God I heard about that. Yeah I couldn't even get out of the office but look we talked about And it'd been talked about book quite a bit today. I think around that Jack Campbell was a guy that Kyle Dube is new wealth traded for him in the H. L. Cal Clifford is a guy that kyle was this new. Well I ever. Klein is an agent. We talked about it on the podcast earlier this year you were the one who mentioned initially the kings and the leaves had done business. Before where Jake Muhsin a lot of circles circumstantial evidence but it works with a couple of other things you can point out. Would you SORTA dry try to drop to the reasons reasons why this trade works in the background of all these people. I'm and I'm just in this off the top of my head. I think Jack Campbell might have been. Kyle do buses I trade or at Lisa's first. Big Trade as a general manager of the Sous Sainte Marie greyhounds. If memory serves pallet taken over the hounds announce and they were mainly going with a seventeen year old goaltender by the name of Matt. Murray who you now knows. That's paying with that minor. Matt Murray Waterberg Goal Early Cup. Champion Matt Murray that Guy. So they brought in Jack Campbell as a nineteen year old goaltender from the Windsor Spitfires Spitfires and I WANNA say they gave up a cutting Deuba Schiavone five second round picks to get him which as you all know anyone who follows the OH H L that is a lot for a player. I know we've seen mammoth IOS but that was a lot. Also it was called dubious that gave cal suffered his nickname. The colonel because because his middle name is frank pause think about it a F C Ingo today go. So there's some Arcane Trivia Trivia can throw around in your group chats and your your water coolers as it relates to these two players in their new general manager at Luba Snow Jeff Kyle dufuses talked about the trade didn't work like it kind of blew up in his face. They were ranked tenth in the country. When Sault Sainte? Marie made that deal and I think they missed the playoffs chiefs. It's kind of ironic. That in some ways that he made that deal in the Su- to take them to the next level and it didn't work work and yet he's going to a guy he knows at a time where again. She needs it to work. That sue team was relatively young team and made the people probably would have thought they were punching above their weight class There was a lot of seventeen year old on that team of eighteen year olds on. That team wasn't as if you know your your top. Your lineup was all night a nineteen year old. You have like a eighteen year old nick cousins Brian Schools and David Rolls and these types of a call in Miller would have been on on. That team is an eighteen year old as well. Generally when you win and junior hockey collection of really good nineteen year olds and it's key overage guys at twenty so he brings in the nineteen year old goaltender gender. Thinking is GonNa show it up but you just might look at that and say okay. He's a new general manager. He's learned a lesson in the. Oh l. you know. Jeff I I don't have time for it to come. Mattie was fax so especially junior hockey fact they get as I'm going through this and like a bigger myself. How deep don't Oughta go into the House roster from two thousand eleven two thousand twelve I can actually hear your eyeballs rolling back into your head? Elliott's it not only did they roll back into my head but they did like a three hundred sixty degrees circle and came out the other side and then back to front so so obviously these are two guys that they know you were watching that game the game on Wednesday night and you could see. They couldn't continue this. I mean the one piece of information that they had that we didn't was that Frederik Anderson. We don't know his health. But you can't do this anymore and I really hate to kick people when they're down but and I tried to pull my punches on that aside ride from the obvious. Because I don't like to do it but you could really see that this couldn't continue the way it was going and Berkey. I thought made a really good point. Thank Frederik Anderson can make those ten to fifteen saves tonight. That the way you play you have to make those saves Hutchison just can't it. It had a change when you play a style. We've talked with this plenty of times under Sheldon Keefe. The way did this. Maple leafs team is GONNA play. I mean you really rely on your net minor to make some ten dollars all save. Don't you Elliot play that UPTEMPO. We're GONNA move it. We're GONNA out score. You're running gun type hockey and you don't have a bunch of Adam foots back arrived back there To help mind the four you really do rely on your goaltender to come up with some some whoppers. That is Frederik Anderson and and that is not Michael Hutchison. You know what I thought too as traders made it's a rare trade that's made you know deep into the evening and the maple leafs use are flying home you know what's going through Michael Hutchison's had as he's on that plane flying home. Maybe thinking himself have. I just played my last game in the. Nhl H. L.. That's a that's A. That's a tough flight back to to personalize it a little bit more than you know than than we normally do in podcasts or do the way we talk about hockey players. It's gotta be hard flight home for Michael Hatches and like as a team like if you're Johnson bars you the captain of the team. What are you saying to Michael Hodgson on the flight back? Yeah that is a tough one really tough and you know you saw two virus at the end of the second period. Just after he gave up that fourth goal which was a really really really hard one you know making sure he waited to give him the tap like just trying to do anything to make him feel a little bit better. It's a moment jeff. That's that's really hard moment way to absolutely kill the mood. But it's a very very very fair point okay. Becomes the question what what happens with the police. He's now and do you think they're done. I don't think they have to be done. Like I think they let this breathe Clifford. They were in New York. The kings were so you know what the thing is. Clifford in Campbell probably flew home with them too. So they're going to you know they're gonNA meet the media on Thursday and they play the ducks on Friday. They could be in the lineup against. It's a team. They both know very well. I think the one thing is trevor more. That's what the Kings want. They want a young player. Quick player a player is going to get more opportunity there in here and what it allows Toronto to say is. We didn't have to give up one of captain or Kerr foot or Yonsin and that means they still have those those items in their arsenal if they wanna do more now and I think that's the question is is this just. Is this the only change they'd say let's see what happens with our goaltending now better or do they say you know what we're going out and we're getting a D.. I think the initial plan was to let this play out closer sorta deadline and see what they see how it played out By we'll see they still have the opportunity to make those moves if they want to do them one small thing as well on on Trevor. Don't forget the Los Angeles kings are kind of getting a local boy here to write the kid from California And that always plays well as much much is that. Might you know. Sting someone Trevor Moore who you know leaves his first. NHL team he is going home here you know he is going to play at the staples APL centers so as much as it might suck not going to a playoff team. The kids going home and he's going to get a chance to play more and you get a chance. Taymor ended up going home. If you're not gonNA play he's GonNa play and you know. We talked about this on the show tonight as well Elliott and that was if you're the Los Angeles kings what are you looking for you. He looking for scoring. You're looking for speed and you're looking for youth correct. Yes and he's on a good contract any on a good contract and that guy works his does too does not clear. Now I gotta say something just before we wrap this insert up so the trade broke around ten forty five and later somebody sent me a picture of tweet and guess around ten o'clock a burner account on twitter had it and I can't give you the name of the burner account count because I don't want to get fired but I was talking about this when things cooled down while we were waiting to set this up with a couple of people around the League back and it's interesting like people are going to be searching for the identity of that person who it is. No it's gotta be somebody. You knew one of the players. That's my guess. didn't have the picks Campbell they clifford and they had more. When you see something like this your competitive juices get going is a challenge to you now? Are you going to turn into the Hockey media's Hercule. Oh Farro for all those Agatha they're trying to solve this no I. I'm curious I'm not gonNA do it publicly. I am curious privately by I will. We'll tell you I was talking about it with a couple of GM's tonight and they say that that would make them crazy if it was their deal. The game one of the Jim said to me. It's bad enough when you get it all right so another sidebar story to one Well all done Elliot. You're now free you can go home I'M GONNA go get stuck in here because the kids are skating early and listen I WANNA give special. Thanks to show L.. Easy for Baramulla producer this week. Who right away said? Look I can get back to the station if you guys need to insert on this show well done buddy. You've earned it at your pillow tonight. My friends yes and also I believe so. We're doing this in three separate locations. Jeff is at his house mean show are still at the studios does show was in the Raptors sports net private box tonight watching the raptors. Come back to win their franchise record twelve and all. I think he's like half in on the bag to jeff and so right is a third person we have to think WHO's at OEM P. That's Josh Santos Right Right. So Josh thank you very much for helping us out and there was somebody who called into gave technical support who is at Sam Staples so jeff and I are on on the air show Josh and Sam. Thank you very much for working behind the scenes to make sure we got this time for us and our listeners. You know we always say Elliot. It takes a village to make an insert. Almost GonNa say he was away and we three people to replace him. That's what he's going to be a big dog Ram. Don't come back now back to our regular podcast. Elliot's Trade Deadline Approaches Wolford drill down on some of the teams and what their needs are bang. who selling all the obvious stuff in the listeners? Like it when we go team by team. So we'll start doing that in advance of happened later on this month but I want to focus in on a couple of names teams. And let's start with Thomas Tar Thomas Tata boy you'd better. I don't even know if I do that very well. Look I think the Canadians nations have made it very clear that they see injuries derailing their season and even though it's unlikely they're gonNa make the playoffs that doesn't mean they wanna make themselves worse for next year and Thomas. Qatar is under contract for next year. Just like Jeff Petri. So I think the Canadians have made it known that. If you're interested in Thomas Tatar you're GonNa have to blow their socks off. Thank Edmonton's has been around there. I think Pittsburgh's been around there. Those are the two I kinda think I have a handle on but like I said unless you're going big. You're not not going home with them. Speaking of Montreal you mentioned Jeff. Petri that player would have to be a much desired commodity. Oh well we talked about it. Last last week Eric Angles by the way. I hate to mentioned Eric Angles. Because it goes right to his head like just right he becomes impossible to deal with of someone talks him up angles at a great piece on Petri last week. Just a a scare that they had and lied to see that everything for him and his wife and their family family turned out. Okay again we talked about last week. He's he's a very hot commodity but I think they're going to try to extend them. He's eligible for an extension July one. I think they're going to consider it so again. If you WANNA do that with them you've got to really blow their socks off Tyler Toffoli Los Angeles case yes. He hasn't played great this year. Although it started to get better like I've I've been watching them in Ottawa lately. Those teams play really hard now. The results aren't there. They always play in games just enough to get close. And then they find that heartbreaking to lose L. A.'s. Still that that a team that you look at Los Angeles and I keep saying the same thing they need people that can score and they need to get faster. Yup and they know this but I look at to fully and started play a bit better lately. Todd McLellan started making noises about how we'd like to get them signed to an extension and I think some of those conversations have happened but what I think they're going to look at is I think they're going to look you know Boston's been in their Calgary's definitely definitely been in there. Someone told me they thought Philly had some interest to a you know Dave Scott who's the CEO of the parent company gave an interview a week ago. Glory said they'll they'll probably try to get some help and I asked around in a couple of people told me they heard to fully might be on that radar you know he probably cost you a picking a prospect aspect I think Arizona was in that game two until they got Taylor Hall but I wonder if the Foley now to fall got a lot of La Connections. Now I could see the kings saying. Look if we wouldn't mind getting something for you and we'll talk about it in the summer but I've also heard they're going to be very careful about what kind of contract contract they'd be willing to do for two Foley because they aren't happy with the way that he played on this one as a whole you mentioned Taylor Hall second ago. Is there a chance if Arizona on a falls out of this thing like completely collapses. Is there a chance they'd move Taylor Hall. I don't think so I I do think it was their hope to try to see if they could pitch them at the end of the year. I mean their game on Tuesday. That was a huge win for them over. Edmonton I mean Edmund and went in there and they laid Nag. When I heard the you know? You're coming off the one battle of Alberta game. Then you have the Saint Louis game on the Friday in a which you win and that's another measuring stick game and then you have the Second Battle of Alberta game where you finally win you win big and then you fly to Arizona on Sunday. Part of me was wondering if I would tune into that game last night. Jeff and all the players would have sunburns like it's one of those. It's one of those games. And while they didn't they played like like it. They were absolutely not themselves lately. They laden egg trap game. Whatever huge win for? I think they're going for the play offs and angry. I'm just add the caveat being if the bottom falls out completely yes I guess I guess that could always happen. But I think they're going for the bombs falling out in them knowing dolphin the next two weeks three three weeks. No I don't but just you look at the record since made the Taylor Hall trade and if the goal he's been out I understand all that I'm just saying you look at that division and the Pacific civic is still jump ball and you can make the case for everybody being in everybody being out We'll talk more about those teams. The podcast progresses Josh Manson. Yes yes always liked him. Love Him with hampers lent home the Anaheim ducks. AB- traded a lot of defensemen in the past couple of seasons like shocking amounts like normally teams. Don't let go of that. Many defenseman Anaheim has for some reason. Trapped around Clayton stoner right. Yep The bear hunter Sir. Is there a chance they do move Manson. So I looked into this last week because I heard the Manson rumors and I hadn't heard his name and You know I asked around and you know one guy had the great line. I mentioned on hockey night and then on the blog which my wife agreed with by the way that you know. Your wife doesn't love you as much as the docs love Josh Manson. I always wonder under 'cause I do this to like James. Myrtle had a comment and the athletic pointing to what I said last Saturday night. And he said we'll see about Josh Manson and whenever someone writes bad. I'm always like okay. 'cause I do that sometimes all right. We'll see because I think I have something but I can't say it one hundred percent so will I'm curious to see what this means. Put it this way. I think Josh Manson is a huge part of the dockside. Daddy I do think he's the kind of player that Bab- Murray would love and you'd need a crowbar to pull them out of the hands. But I also recognize that I think they feel even in those been hurt. He hasn't been himself this year. And maybe for the first time he's not quite the apple of their I now now that doesn't mean it changes that doesn't mean he can't get back there. Maybe it means that they'll at least listen to what the interests are or maybe it means that they're trying light a fire underneath them so he hears it but the one thing about the docs is the first time I became a huge fan of Leandra seidl. Was that playoff series against against the ducks because I think that when they were at their best you had to be tough physically and mentally to play against them because they they beat you on the ice and they hurt you and they were tough tough tough tough tough hard team now. You remember for that series against Nashville. Yeah it was at series yes excellent series fantastic brutal series stories so I think they kind of lost a little bit of that identity but Josh Manson is still that guy so to me that says the Docs. That's a real sea-change if the ducks do that I want to pick up on that point that you made about your wife all right yeah. This could be dangerous. This could be. Yeah it'd be your Journalist yes identify as a journalist. Yes there's a saying in journalism if your wife say she loves you get confirmation get confirmation on that Elliott Friedman. I did I asked her. I said she's like who's Josh Manson. I think I've said this before. My Wife Likes Baseball and basketball. She's got no time for hockey. That might be true and that will kick off. The podcast thirty-one thoughts the podcast brought to you by the all new. GMC Sierra Drums Eliot Ernest. Hemingway may one said there's nothing to writing all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. How was it putting the blog together this week but everything that quote I think of you doing these all nighters on Tuesday? I've gotten better at this. Actually I've gotten better at starting to write a few thoughts earlier in the week if I can Dan. Although I usually end up rewriting them I have a thing now. I have a cutoff now. Now that they want the blog published on Wednesday. They've given me a set day. They wanted that day so I don't like being up all night and sleeping for two hours then having to come in to do this and Wednesday night hockey like I think I'm like menace when I'm driving for one thing and and he gets tired so on Tuesday nights slash Wednesday morning. I have a two. Am Cut off and so two am. Whatever I'm into four? AM texts Texan emails from. Yes while yes good though so I have a two. Am Cutoff. And if depending on how much I still have to do I set my alarm so it will be anywhere. My alarm will be set from anywhere from seven to nine so this morning it was seven. I got five hour sleep which I know uh-huh sleep doctors is not ideal but I've gotten much better the rest of the week so I got up at seven and finished today so I'm working on my process of trying to make it better right but I I will tell you jeff that the Arizona thing that was a lot of stress is not the right word but it's there are certain things that you do or you pour over every word that you write that one in this sensitive one. Let's start there then because if you a fall that hemingway quote that is sitting at a typewriter or in your case a laptop and bleeding. Because you're pouring over every single word because every single word as I read your thoughts it's on the Arizona's situation and the NHL investigation did they have players workout which contravenes various bylaws in the NHL. I'm thinking to myself as as he's writing. This his fingers are bleeding. What do we know about this situation right now? Well what we know. I I think the number one and thing to know is that the other teams are upset. Arizona has a lot of teams. That are very upset at them right now. Basically basically you know what I heard is that this was not a case. Where other teams reported the coyotes? Okay so so just wrong on the same page if anyone didn't read Elliot thirty one thoughts blog at sports net dot CA. There has been an accusation against credit. To the reporter. Darren drager was the the one who broke the absolutely. Let's give credit to the That they have brought in prospects and had them work out for the team which is not allowed. This is alleged edged. No it's alleged and so let's give you some history. It used to be the wild west when it came to this league. Scouting combines. Oh yes every team. Would I have a bill or they would go to every prospect and they would say workout for us and eventually got to the point where the junior teams and rightfully so Or internationally the teams but these pro teams with these prospects. They'd be you know enough's enough like let's get some structure to this. So the League agreed and they sat down. They said okay. We've got some rules and the story. I was told wise at the first time they ever really brought this up and this this was when Lula Morella was still in Jersey Eighty. Now I remember at the time I'd be asking who spends the most on scouting and people would say it's probably Jersey when he was there and this is probably about around the turn-of-the-century so the league lays it out and the story goes that Lou Lamoriello puts his hand up and they ask and yes and he goes what's the fine and somebody who was a manager then and is retired now said to me. That's when everybody realized we'd better have some teeth to this because he didn't in care lose just going to pay. The fine just didn't care so a few years ago and buffalo fought hard to bring the scouting combine to their rank. And you go all the time. Every year I go they do. Oh good job right they do a fantastic job okay. It's perfectly situated as well It's close to the hockey media Mecca of Toronto a great facility. They're like in and Buffalo. Does it does that up first class so when always do wonder though there's a rink there that is active and understand. This is all off ice skates on some of the guys here. He ought to change this up a little bit and put them through some on ice testing to complement. What you're doing all right for a different discussion? But I always look at this sideways and say there's a pad there with a bunch of beer leaguers as these. You know Thoroughbreds are you know doing video to Max tests stes so we have a guest producer. This week Show Elliott who is in here for almost two leading and show. This is what we call one of Jeff's crazy tangents since you can leave it in but his are worse than mine. I just want everyone to know that. Bad tangents Jeff's are bad but I know the good that one was good. You know I have to say it's not the first time I've heard that argument and you're not the only one that feels that way. Though the agents will never let it they will not let that happen. I I know it is a fight that I have with all of them done enough already anyway. Getting back on track so then Timori. When he was the jam in Buffalo the he brought about the same thing he said? We'll just I'd like to know like we'd like to do our own things and leave said you know. There's a fine for that. And he goes and he's got the Padilla's on his side and and look. I know it's tough and buffalo right now but nobody's ever questioned the Padilla's willing to spend money off so so he says what's the fine Gary Bettman goes. It's two hundred and fifty thousand cases as he's like. Oh that's not even the pool is going to stand for that a couple other. GM's checking the story with over. They rely they remember laughing at that conversation. So we'll discuss some teeth to it now. One thing I haven't been able to figure out yet is what is the exact for lack of a better term patient patient zero where this got found out. I believe you know right now in in. You've mentioned this to me the C. H. L.. NHL Agreement is coming to an end at the end of this this season correct and I do believe it's possible that one of the avenues this came up was the C. H. L. said that this is happening to Oth- enough's enough Ah How come my guy has to go to dinner and dry fits. Yes and I do believe that. That's one of the possible avenues. The other one I heard is potentially found out was a US S. H. L. team. Where someone who was either Like an executive somewhere the NHL weather team or league stumbled upon it by accident. Okay and then. What I heard was one team complained in particular about? They came back from our long road trip. Third Third Player had played a lot and the coyotes asked to meet with the player and they said look. I don't want you to do a lot with them and this person. Apparently he you walked in and salt was happening instead and freaked out now. I looked into that particular accusation and somebody handed hard and said it might have been revoked but but that was one of the things I was told about. So you know basically what we have right now is in. The coyotes said look and you mentioned about the fact that players were asked to go and work out close to these meetings and stuff like that. And you can't do that. You can interview people you can do testing on lake. They gave verbal stage. It happens all the time but you can in town prospects at dinner. That's fine you can't do. The physical testing the coyotes. Ladies have said there is a gray area that maybe we could have violated here but the rules aren't clear. The other teams are going bananas on that they are not buying that so the league isn't talking every time ask a question. I'm being told still being investigated still being investigated still being investigated. I think this is GonNa take some time but I think it's GONNA COME DOWN TO A. Is anyone willing to talk. What's written on paper are their emails or anything like that and see the thing the thing I always say when you deal with the Batman in daily is these guys aren't stupid? They're very successful lawyers. And if they're coming to you with questions chances are they already know the answer and and in the Post Houston Astros world. You know there's a heightened sensitivity doll this and I tried to find out like could there be more penalties. Could they go for draft picks. Could they go for personnel. Suspensions John Checa get in any trouble and nobody's got any answers to this stuff but I've heard the coyotes are prepared are to defend themselves and I know that the other teams in the League feel that Arizona has floated the laws and there should be some punishment. I mean. We'll just have to wait and see see ongoing story something. That's reaching the by the way I gotTa tell you know it's someone after. I published pubs the blog about half an hour forty wrote wrote this. Somebody texted me. And he said there's a One of the things. That's GONNA come up like these Amazon Echos is or these Google nests. He said that there's companies pitching teams. He thinks there's some teams using them where they bring one to an interview view and the player talks. And they can you can get some analysis from the voice and he said to me like what if Amazon is doing that and I don't know that they are not but he said like he thinks that that is going to become an issue because technically clearly. There's not a physical test but you can. They think you can get some sort of medical or psychological information from it. That is fascinating. Yeah so we're going and all these teams are business or virgin territory. This is all new. All right we'll see where this one heads one thing and we know where it is headed. It's just a matter of how they get their the Winnipeg jets and Dustin Buffalo on what. What is the very latest with the separation of player from team? Well we reported on Saturday night that something was coming that there was something coming that would sort out the rest of the season. They'd pontic into the summer and then it was reported after that They're working on termination and I do think that's going to happen. He he has to go on waivers. I didn't go on waivers on Tuesday. We're taping this on Wednesday. Didn't go on waivers today. I've been told it's eventually going to happen. Just maybe not as quick as everyone thought not. One of the issues is that there's a grievance filed here right now now from what I've heard there's not a lot of confidence that Buffalo's GonNa win this grievance you never know what an arbitrator is going to do but from what I've heard there's not a lot of confidence there so one of the things you have to do is you have to create language that whatever happens. It can't be used any fruit or grievances that happened with Mike Richards. Yep when he was bought out by L. A.. They both agreed that the buyout couldn't be used in future grievances. I I think that's part of it. You know I think we gotta get there but I do think the contract is going to be terminated so this allows the Winnipeg jets to do something that they perhaps. I didn't think they would have the ability to do now is some newfound cap space either procure players or weaponize. Well I I think they're going to try to add had a defenseman I I do now. I don't know if they go for a bigger swing a guy with term. That's GonNa cost you a bit more like this is a team. That traded first round picks needs the last two dress. Now they got the second one back for Trueba by you. Know you're only trading those picks when you think you can win. I don't think they're looking at it. Necessarily that they can win. You know barring during a huge deal but remember. We talked earlier in the year about. What's Al macinnis? His role in Saint Louis. How does this play out in the room? I think the jets look at it like their teams played pretty hard. They've been really competitive in a difficult situation. I think I think in that kind of setup. If I was in charge I would try to reward my players. I try to give them some help and I think maybe not like necessarily early swinging for the upper deck home run but just something that allows them to say last last few seasons. It's been Hayes. It's been fascinating Eh. And those costs you a first round those. They paid a premium for those players. I don't think Winnipeg has the appetite for that anymore while they just do it when you have a chance to win. I don't think you have a chance to win there right now. At least barring something spectacular happening. But I think there's nothing wrong with saying to your guys Jeff Flake. You know you guys played hard this year. And we're going to give you a chance and I bet you they're going to look for someone with term I I right by you know. I think they do something. Would they be willing to pay a roster player for it like what are we talking about here. Like all the rumors last Ostia Nikki leaders. Oh going to well. He has played really well and he's played different this year. He's played angry burr under the saddle. We talked about all this even after we talked to him a cargo at the beginning of this year there was a different attitude of almost as anger simmering in. Nike's the likes of which we've never seen before but if you're going to get you gotTA GIVE A. He's been a target before is still. I don't think it's going to be healers. I could see it being raw slavic. Could you see it being Veselin. Maybe maybe it's gotta be a defenseman why in I think that's what you're thinking right. I mean they've had such horrid injuries but I just think they're going to try to reward their group so what happens the buffalo and then now no one thinks that he's GonNa play this season. No he hasn't started skating yet. I think the biggest questions you're going to play at all you know as I was talking to someone today who knows much better than I do. He said you know. Don't guess what Buffalo's GonNa do. Don't even bother to Anthony. Stewart always tells antion hockey Sanjay all of us. Try to speculate figure what he's GonNa do. Don't bother don't bother. I mean he's a unique guy. Put it this way. If he wants to play there's going to be a lot of interest But it's more likely a summer move. I see. I do wonder if we've seen the last of dust in buffalo in the NHL. I hope not because player. He has everything that that you want. Russians he everything. He has a lot of what you want in an NHL Defenseman that other defenseman don't have namely He's got a high skill set He's offensive player and he hits for keeps and so few players do that. All hit on Mark Stone is still the hit of this generation race. You know I will never forget that I worked sidelines that night like I've been in. I think two car accidents in my life where I've been the driver. That noise was louder than the two car accidents I was in free at that is gonNa cry at bubbling ever level stone the devastation that big bucket. I don't know how stolen was okay. After I remember back for a chef by you know it was really really interesting wise when the news broke that you know he might be done there. There was a really nice threat on twitter of you. Know jets fans giving their offline offline moments and. There was some hilarious stuff in there like in the Nashville game. When through like to predators and a referee away way too was so funny some great stuff in there? That's a player as well as we talk about a team. Lake Winnipeg where they're located geographically that guy state a lot of those guys of state but wasn't buffalo one on the first that always look for the player in a market where the general manager may have a hard time recruiting looking for that Pied Piper looking for the gods like like no. This is good I'm staying here well. Before he signed his contract. The All Star game was in Nashville. That year. I believe and I just remember that. He gave a scrum at the media. Availability the day before and I think it really got taken out of context and I can't remember the exact words the jets fans will remember it but I remember people were saying. Oh my God he's leaving and I remember thinking the exact opposite like to me the answers. He gave a made me think that he was staying with eventually. Did and you know you get that self doubt where you're I did I did. I read this wrong like everybody and that was one where I was right. I mean there's not lots of other ones where I would put away off but that was one where I was right and and You know I just felt that you know. He's one of those guys and it goes to don't apply conventional wisdom to dust in Buffalo. Don't don't there's not a Lotta guys could walk away from fourteen million at this point in time. He's he's walked away from eight at looks like and we'll see if he recouped anything if he comes back next year but this is a guy who's probably made more money already than he ever thought he would have any lives a pretty simple existence. What does he like to do as the drink? Drink beer and fish like wouldn't that be the best existence ever so I I think the one thing that's unfortunate. Is You know Dustin Buffalo and the the jets. It's a marriage that should never have ended in divorce. Those guys were great for each other and it ends with a lot of hard feelings and I think that's so as business goes sometimes by gas. It's like One of my divorce friends says to me. You've got a really love someone to hate them. Give any idea where it really went south. We are a lot of the right things. At the beginning of the season from the Winnipeg jets and giving them time and the decision. We're not pressuring Dustin. That's the great relationship. We kept hearing between management and the player. You have a sense of. Do we have a sense yet of where it took a turn. Yeah I do think last year ear was a you know Blake Wheeler talked about it. Line is talked about it. Paul Maurice's talked about it. How hard last year wise? I think that was is one thing you know. I think that organization did a lot of soul-searching about the way certain things were handled and and to their credit. I think they've worked hard to make things better. But there's no question question I think at some point this year when the jets realized Yo the season was a struggle. When reality hits you in the face I think that buffalo was mad was getting upset last year and then this year and I think the organization itself was is this year another ongoing story Battle of Alberta. Yes on Saturday greater was wonderful. It was a wonderful all night last week Whether it was Wednesday whether it was Saturday on the nightcap game when hockey night in Canada all of it was fantastic. And I didn't have a problem with any of it. Some of the enduring during images will be the goalie fight Darnell nurse pointing at Cam. Talbot saying that guys waiting for you at Senate race. Would you like to go address the guy doing the Ken. Dryden Boe's first of all well. Congratulations on the fan. Took that picture. Winter Great Darnell nurses deserving of a contract extension simply because of the controversy. Coming out of it Should meal blue-chip done something. YOU HAVE CA- Chuck Fighting Bear you have the Edmonton oilers just handing it to the Calgary flames in their barnum. What sort of happy with the way? Look out as seventy back there. Garner's data thousand battles coming up to this thing. Blew over to hurry and spit is coming up the center ice as this thing comes unglued. ooh The high slot here fighting. Looks like Matthew. It's cooked shock. Bear bear the bear comes on top. Villa wants so both sides it is both guys played through the other key respectively the year before the battle doll per. They're going against each other. And Mike Smith came rate. The Senator Talbot said You know what. Let's do this the better better. If you're looking for an outcome that would have kept the fires burning and move this to another level and now with more increased anticipation for the next time these two teams meats and the entire NHL saying. I don't care how you have to do it but fix it. So these two teams meet the opening round of the playoffs. Saturday's game all of its how oh concluded what happened. The final score all of it mean Saturday was fantastic. I was pretty. That was the perfect outcome in a Lotta ways if cheering for listening to continue except for the flames like that was except for the flames. But listen. They've won. Somebody sent me a note. They were laughing at says. The best eight three game I've ever seen complicit in Calgary as bad beaten Edmonton three times in a row Edmonton goes into their barn and smokes them your thoughts on Saturday. I mean it was Great Theater Theater Right Jeff. The League misses the. Hey this is the heat it really does. In the regular season the play-offs the hates never a problem but it misses it in the regular season and that game it was. It was awesome and everything. That happened happened organically. I always enjoy games. It's where the coach has to ask the team. One thing before they go out you know what that is. What's Do you have your tie-down done up. Because we want everybody to have their. I don't care who you are. You better make sure you have your tie-down done up guy dragged dragged in. Yeah you like like that. That could chalk now. You can try like Chris. Rock the dressing room because he heard his ribs they look down. They forgot to tie it down. Contract bear they don't catch that and they that one kind of slid under the radar. You know there's one thing I want to give credit to on the H. L. for this the H. L. has made us aware but their video room. If you ever question during the game just call us and we'll see if we can get you the answer so they in that second period and I wasn't sure of the rules for the goalies and I just said Smith Talbot 'cause you never know like there. It was one time I caught like with when captain through the stick this year against the Canadians and got the penalty. Yeah and I took a picture of the rule book and I posted on my twitter feed in some from the League. Texted me and said you know you just posted the two thousand twelve rulebook. It's been updated since then so I'm thinking like no. I don't know that I don't know when you guys update update the rulebook so I was able to call and I said look just spell out the rules for me here and They said two minute penalty leaving the crease. And if it's a secondary fight game misconducts and that moment because the viewers they're expecting you to I have it right right so in that moment. I appreciated that. There was some where we could call right away and get the information so we can have it right and as a broadcaster I appreciate that. Did you ever thought on the goalie fight. So we we tape caveat for interview that will air later. Yes and Keith. Yandell played in Arizona with Mike Smith and he absolutely texted Mike Smith and said you wanted that. Didn't you right. You could tell all he he wanted that. So bad and the best was the shot of Smith looking at the bench and the coaches all look the other way not realizing he was standing right there. The two things are pretty sweet at that point point. Ken Dryden pose. And then the stick flip or I was like Smith like that the whole moment by Mike Smith and I'm surprised it didn't get more play so he's doing dryden pose in Talbot obliges and he does the stick with Darnell nurses help pointing allegra all of it. All of it was wonderful. It really was. You have a thought on Milan Lucia because he really heard that night now Tuesday night against the San Jose sharks meal nutritious fodder Berkeley Goodra but man did he hear it on Saturday from all all corners. I feel for the Guy Really. Do you think about Milan Lucici. When you are the Moral Cup you remember the shift of? She's absolutely a just any just went about destroying everybody on that line a missile. You hit big the way Trevor Glass. Here we go from you. He's running around the big three bodies on that ship that fill the land for the bill. Hare much the way you served me throwing six two hundred twenty all over. You can see when he was in Boston. He was the true heartbeat of that team. Yep He's sat the emotional most physical tone for a Stanley Cup champion and I've spoken to him here and there and you know interview them and I know when he was traded to Edmonton are to Calgary he said all the right things is a new chance. I'm GonNa make it work when Ken Hitchcock was hired a new chance. I'M GONNA make it work. Whatever are has happened? He doesn't have it anymore. And you know Mark Giordano was the captain of the flames came out to phantoms guys. Don't WanNA fight him. I think there's another thing going on here that it's probably very difficult for Lucia to stomach number one. He got spended this year so he's a bit gun shy but at number two. I think players aren't fighting them like it used to be. If you fought Lucia each and you won. It was a huge victory for your team. That guy just beat Milan Lou cheech and number two if you adult in pro drop them yes that was a big a huge right and the second thing is also if you fought Milan Lucci. You were taking one of Boston's best players off the ice. He doesn't have either of those things anymore. Unfortunately unfortunately he's not one of Calgary's best players and the mystique has disappeared because he doesn't hunt or pray like he used to so. I hear that players have been turning down fights with him not because they don't WanNa fight him because he'll kill you but because it doesn't make sense sense for their team and he's not the win anymore the it's not the winning you're not subtracting a player. Who makes a difference? I think that's got to be really tough. I kind of looked at Saturday. Hey with Lucia and this might just be me being naive but I said to myself. It's gotta be hard. You know five minutes ago this guy was playing on the Edmonton Minton oilers. And they're all their Doesn't have to be hard to find that hate against your old buddies. I don't know I know players have done it before. Like guy get that and guys go to different teams. He ended up fighting against your squad. But I remember I asked Anthony Stuart that on hockey central. And he's like it's tough. It's tough like you know you're going to barbecues with this guy five minutes ago and now it's like all right. Here's a protein. Go beat that guy up. It's a different role. It's not unlike James Neal plan against his old team. Yeah I'M GONNA score and show them This is gonNA slam the Sandwich grabber into the face. Well that was a game on Saturday night. Jeff if we didn't need to fight you could run over somebody and I think that's the thing like it to me. It's not only about the fighting but you could. Have you know that was the kind of game where you barreled somebody. You'RE GONNA get away with it right. I know a lot of people. Listen to this. They're going to say they're going to say look he's making six million dollars. No need to feel sorry for them and I get the attitude I just you know I I see a guy there who had an identity and for whatever reason he's lost that identity there's nothing worse than and then doing that publicly like you saw the look on his face as he did this cross on Monday the day before the San Jose game and you could see it you can see how much much he was struggling how much it it hurts them to have to defend himself to that but I think what has happened Jeff is that like we said earlier. I think guys don't seat is worth it to fight him anymore. What are the big stories around Edmonson? Is that Second Line Yup Ryan Nugent Hopkins. Leon Rice title Calorie am-among Komo their goal. Share January is ridiculous. Seventy two percent or something like that as teams game plan against against Connor mcdavid and rightfully so that line is destroying second pairs consistently That is one of the big stories coming out of Edmonson right now it is and you know this is the thing. This is a win for the American Hockey League. Because we're right now when a guy gets demoted to the AHL and they're talking about caught can Yemi and Montreal It's a disaster. It's a bad thing. He's a bad pig. whiffed on that pick flop so color. Yamamoto goes the American in Hockey League. And look at them now. He looks like a better player. That's why going to the aid. Shell is not a failure. That's why it can be a win and obviously this kid Went Down with the right attitude. Did all the right things. And he's coming back and he's making a difference he knows so. That's big and the second thing is you know what it's done Jeff. It's sold dry seidel. He doesn't have to play with mcdavid that he can be successful and the teen can be successful that he can play somewhere else and that's what they've wanted this whole time. It's one thing to have a load up on that top line. But they've wanted these two separated from day one and we know that tries to look specifically. Last season wasn't too thrilled when they would get split up We know that but it's different now. It's completely different Update on Darnell nurse. Yes we talked about him with the picture. What's his price tag going to be? Well I know a Jim. Matheson said he had the big tweet. That nurse was Asking for eight million and the one thing like Jeff when you are negotiating. A contract is generous for eight million dollars. No I know well you should just like your criminally underpaid. If you don't but you we always go in high right of course like you know we're GonNa go operate negotiate. Our contracts with show like shows brutal negotiator. He's representing Rogers and he's going to come out there and he's GonNa say yeah. I WanNa pay you three dollars an hour and you come back with okay. I'll come up with eight. Eight million will work out where we go. You always come at high. Just it's like I never worry about that as much. There's what you're asking for and what you really think you're doing being number one and I have believed this. All the way through Darnell nurse wants to. He wants to be an oiler. You know him and Connor mcdavid a really tight. You can see his is passion when he plays on the ice he wants to be an oiler and Edmonson has a hard time getting guys to go there. You have to keep the guys who who are difference makers who want to be there. That's number one but number two. I think the biggest thing is their caps situation. I've heard they've made progress. The the question is do you go term Maurya Punt it until the summer and then see what you do with your cap and go from there. What do you feel can haul and wants to do you want to others? I know he wants to keep them. But is this a short term deal is a longer term. I think you always WANNA lock up guys for as long term as you can't but they're really not a cap hell barring some moves for another year speaking of caps and speaking of contracts. There's gets another Kenyan team. Oh West Nuts Vancouver cannot yup and Jacob marks from. CJ reported the two year deal. And when I heard that I asked around and they talked about how costing kind of set the market for thirty year old goaltenders a couple years ago or last year signed for three years four and a half per and he was thirty thirty at the time and I know Kemper was turning thirty so arizona went one year shorter but same a v. And I think that's what Vancouver tried to do initially now again like we say with nurse. Just because it's your initial offer doesn't mean it's where you're willing to go to but I think what it does show is Vancouver's limitations about where it can go like. Vancouver has some very difficult cap decisions to make and I have. I have had people tell me that. They are skeptical of Vancouver's ability to get marched from where he wants to go numbers wise so I think they'll keep he working at this. I think the tough thing for Vancouver is you know. They're going really well right now. If you watched benning and Dan Murphy who did an interview and thereafter noon game on the weekend benning was being careful and that's because he knows in that market we all have jobs because because those fans are rabid you say one wrong word and it's a powder keg it is a five never mind five live seven alarm blaze. Okay so he's being careful but I think there's going to be a challenge for them. I think it is. I think they're cap- situation situation. Makes the challenge but here you are seeing here going into Boston. You've won. What fifteen of eighteen your first place in the Pacific Division? I really liked their team. I like thirteen ally. And you're sitting there and everybody's talking about Jacob Mark Strom and the big debate out there is with their director of amateur scouting jet bracket kits. I I know I know. They're pulling their hair out at this stuff. We talked last season about how Elliot Patterson changed everything with Vancouver canucks How much has Queen Queen US done? The same it has it has further changed everything. I really believe that I think and the other thing too is i. I liked their depth. The best teams you win with stars and you win with depth in K.. And they have it. I think Hughes's he is so much better than I thought he always. It's it's really amazing. Those Patterson like you have as long as you. Don't screw this up. Somehow you have cornerstone players for a long time for for a long time and both guys what they have. Jeff Hi q their honesty when you look at these two players yourself. That is a twenty twenty only hockey player. Like that is a player. WHO's built to play in this game right now? There's no throwback no this is a hockey player in two thousand twenty. This is a defenseman in twenty one. Twenty twenty those are the guys. I think they're smart enough. That could play in any era that would adjust completely. People would say twenty twenty five years ago when he can't I play I think that's BS. I think he would find a way to play. And by the way I'm with Travis. Green that call has to be made on Pederson. If for those of you didn't see it. It was in the first period. He got rid of the Puck as he was coming in to the corner and he got dumped about two and a half seconds after he got rid of the puck and he was hurt and it was probably heard because he was surprised as much as anything else because he doesn't have the puck anymore. You gotta get that call like to me. That's like Giordano mcdavid. I know the fans hate me for saying injured. Anna's not a dirty player. That was a two minute penalty. This thing the other night in Boston was a two minute penalty. I think those calls have to meet before we get the HASHTAG ask. Thirty one. K Alex Ovechkin sixteen goals in his last ten games. He's got forty this season. Six hundred ninety eight on the career chasing chasing Wayne Gretzky eight ninety four for Gartner Espo Dion Hall Yager how then Gretzky and you look at the game against Los Angeles. They held them. Shot Lewis for what was it fifty four minutes and then bang in four and a half minutes. Patrick I know I used to. Maybe I still do a little bit chuckle. When David Amber would say he's going to be Gretzky? I'm still chuckling. But it's quieter the you know. I have to say this. I want to find this clip from the two thousand Sixteen World Cup of hockey or inaugural events. Go and ask them about Gretzky and I will say Oh veterans a lot of great interviews. He wasn't as best Thaddeus but when I brought up the Gretzky thing he immediately perked up and he looked at me like I was nuts past five hundred goals last year the NHL Record for goals eight ninety four wing Gretzky. Do you ever think about that being number one ever. I don't think Toco somebody will be disrupted and this Hockey right now in this sleep. I think it's possible impossible Gretzky. It's impossible you could challenge so you might be able to do. I have to have six season for fifty goals. I don't know if I'M GONNA be able to skate on six years. But you know what you can tell. He wants to do this. Everyone's talking about and I talked about angles is impossible to deal with when you give him a compliment. If if ovechkin breaks this Gretzky record and is going to be beyond impossible taking them out of my out of my able to studio with amber. It's lucky that you and I are the only two grounded guys at sports net. Yes I know. We're going to Sane people around our shop. Quick thought on The NHL in how it handled the Koby will be Bryant. I just love the. I love some of the stuff the players did I. I loved Kirby number twenty four and number eight on the Blue Line for Columbus and Buffalo. I Love Daba wearing the Bryant on his twenty four Ovechkin with Indonesia twenty four. There's never there's never ever something wrong with going the extra mile to be nice or show appreciation. Something it's never wrong. I just thought it made the players in the League look really big time. While said quick break we step away we come back with Hashtag ask thirty one questions turnips. uh-huh okay couple things Elliot before we get to Hashtag. Ask Thirty one. Thanks everyone who sent us long notes. Look the Eddie Olczyk podcast which is available at Apple podcast. Google play and and Youtube. That was a real delay talking to Eddie and it sounds like you guys enjoyed it. I enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy doing it as Elliot referenced earlier we have a podcast coming coming out. Date to be announced. our interview with Keith. Yandell on Super Bowl. Sunday was great. Yeah he was really good. It was it was good him in the panthers Adeline Lin from panthers Set it up for a couple hours before kickoff and depending on went almo regains His brain matter from this wedding he's attending attending in Calgary coffee water. I could tell this is GonNa be a big wedding because he's already begging like extra time to do it but yeah it was really good okay. HASHTAG ask thirty one. This comes from Matt Crawley after the spectacular season. He's having this year. What does it Tony Dangelo contract extension? Look like for the ranger. That's a great question. I can't tell you this right now because I don't know but he's got great art case like the Rangers know that if they go to our with this guy. It's going to be big numbers. I think the biggest question is do you believe it. You don't just think that this season is a freak well all to this point because he's always put up numbers he's always had this potential and he's always been that player in this even goes back to junior. We ahead various run INS in in different situations. It's always been the guy that's gotten in his own way. It seems that this year with the Rangers. He's not getting in his own own way again. Well is working. You always wonder when a guy grows up right to me. It's it's similar. Anthony declare like nobody ever doubted that declare had the talent it was. Could he just put everything together. So I think with the Angelou I look at it similarly to declare they both have big cases. They're both going to do very well. Paul are you giving those guys term. Do you believe it from Mike has what are the odds at any of these. Four players are moved at or before the trade deadline. Let me make a note. Okay okay here. We go josh. ho-sang the islanders of really tried like I. I just don't know where the market is for him right now. Julius Tongkah I think that's more likely summer. Yes you pull your V that one. I think depends on edmunds and can make a deal that will help the now that that involves him. Zach Bogosian yes. I think somebody takes shot. It's accurate Gordon from Mike. Parrilla do you think the Blackhawks can legitimately contend for a playoff spot since Nashville and Arizona have hit recent slumps or should they be sellers at the deadline. They're going to take it right out to the deadline. If they're in the race they're staying in. They Stole a point. The other night against Minnesota should've lost that game and regulation came back and got it. But if you know Chicago. They're all about winning and pushing the envelope. Think as long as they're in they go for the one guy that they might sell as Gustafsen if they're not signing him from Derek how NHL GM's contact one another. Is there a group chat out there. They communicate in or mostly done by calling one. Another when you're GONNA put a player out like this guy is available. There is an email that goes out. Yes there's there's an NHL email and they go bananas. If we find out anything that has is on email chain. I've been on the receiving end of a couple of those reactions. The you know they're like us. There's group chats there's tax there's that group email l. chat there's tax. There's phone calls. You know I I mean there's some guys were like Emoji guys and there are some guys who aren't apparently but I think kids there's one big email chain that kind of does the official. These guys are available business and I think a lot of them do phone from Mike. Do players pack pack extra on road trips when they think they'll get trade. Yes that has happened before. Some guys have definitely done that. And they'll say all going on for a one Game trip close to the deadline. But I'll take some extra clothes with me. Yes that does happen. I remember working at trade deadline. Show with you and I got a phone call from someone. Saint Louis was is on the road. I think of told the story before Saint Louis was on the road and get a call from someone in Saint Louis saying. This is a two Gamer and Patrick. Berger's packed leg five suitcases. Have you heard anything. Because he's convinced that he's going somewhere From Matthew Conte. This is an interesting one K.. Curious what your answer is on this and it might take a little bit of time so I'll let you. I'll let your brain spool after I ask it if you could magically pluck any player of any era off their team and put them on another team in that era who would it be and what team. Now My go-to on this one is always and you've heard me go on about this guy before. Joel Chile Malaysia. I still maintain if he ever played for the seals and the stars and the barons. And you put them on the islanders or that halves team. He'd be in the Hockey Hall Hall of fame right now. That would be my guy. Can that's a bit too obscure for me. You'll Balaj really. Well now. I mean it's I I mean I know Jill militias. He was the goalie coach in Pittsburgh. When Marc Andre Fleury was first starting out player? Okay I am taking Gila Fleur. And I'm putting them on. Connor mcdavid swing flipping Erez. Okay keeping I was thinking Sameera. Well didn't realize they were time travel rules on this. Hang on to be consistent. Pluck any player of of any era from their team and put them on another team in that era off. All right well now you can do whatever you know what I'm doing I'm putting Ovechkin with mcdavid. No I'm doing even better. Oh Gee I'm putting Ovechkin with crosby. I'm watching how they play together. We didn't get any tax about this but I do want to ask you about it because it was nasty on Tuesday. It's rare when you see a team. We've seen teams get booed as they leave the ice. It's really rare and for that team disturbing when the team gets booed coming onto the ice. That's what happened to the Buffalo sabres going into the third period of that game against the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday a Buffalo Sabres Elliot. I wrote about it last week. We talked about it on the podcast last year. I heard that Jason Jason Botterill did not want to fire Phil Housley 'cause they'd made a lot of changes and I wrote that and he got fired that same week and and you know I'm telling you I hear the same things in buffalo that they don't they fired enough people and they don't WanNa do that anymore but I'm not saying singer writing that with any declared of power because you know I heard the same thing last year. I think there's a lot of soul searching going on in that organization. I just down down top down everywhere. It's everyone you know the one thing I do. Kinda wonder is if Ralph Krueger ran a Premier League football team. I've always wondered if they look at him as more than just a coach. If there's a bigger role for him in that organization and then there will be a new coach or this. I can't actually listen to assume you can't be the coach and be like yeah. You can't do that but I have wondered. Wondered if they see a bigger role for him interesting on that will wrap up again. Thank you for the comments. He was fantastic. None of that was me and Elliott. That was audio Israel. Check and Stay tuned Fan My reversible sweater and you revert your sweater got a lot of play on Eddie. Could not stop talking about that sweater. Chick repellent go to keep you handle pod gases Coming out soon So we will leave you with this. This is a listener recommendation. I love this David. James Allen is a Toronto based singer songwriter currently releasing a new song every month in support of his upcoming record radiation. This is from his sophomore record. Here's David James Allen with plain view thanks to dusty for the tip and thanks for listening once again thirty one thoughts. The podcast suit me swim you. Didn't Mama all my place. The Hey Mama if you could see them here you eight juice still love me even though I did such long now swimmer with a fish and no cars trees of struck my Golden Bears Mama now they come in home You Go smale Mama Is a big mature the place where the uptake it. Hey Dog

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