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Rep. Ihan Omar: Republicans are making a mockery of Constitution


In this thing will come to the Senate and it will die quickly and will do everything. I can't make it. I want this yes to hand as quick as possible for the Center for the good of the country and I think the best thing for America to do is get this behind us. I am trying to give a pretty clear signal I made up my mind. I'm here good morning and welcome the. Am Joy right now. The House Judiciary Committee is putting the final touches on. It's impeachment report ahead of an expected. Wednesday vote by the full House. But after what you just heard from the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. What's now clear to anyone who's watching? Is that the house will be the only body conducting a constitutional petitional process with something entirely different and diminished happening in the Senate by revealing that. He's not even going to pretend to be an impartial juror. You're in the impeachment trial of his boss man. Donald Trump Lindsey Graham is practically boasting that he considers the oath of office that he took when he became a senator to be a joke. United States senators take an additional oath at the beginning of an impeachment trial where they swear to quote do impartial justice according according to the Constitution and laws Lindsey Graham apparently considers that to be a joke to and he's far from alone grams revelation that he will refuse to do his job. Came just two days after self-proclaimed grim reaper of the Senate Mitch McConnell told the trump faithful on Fox News that the impeachment case will be dead on arrival and he essentially he. The jury foreman plans to coordinate the upcoming Senate trial with its defendant. Everything I do during this. I'm coordinating with White House counsel. There will be no difference between the president physician our position as to how to handle this so yesterday on the show I made the analogy of the upcoming trump impeachment trial to the OJ Simpson trial in which a man who many people believed was guilty was acquitted with that acquittal essentially becoming meaningless for a lot of his fellow citizens but overnight a friend. Sent me a tweet by professor. Abram Kennedy. I I think actually sums it up even better because the outcome of the OJ Simpson trial was indeed in doubt. No one knew what that verdict was going to be until it happened. Whereas trump's trial will in that trial to quote Professor Kennedy? It is becoming like a Jim crow trial deep down. Everyone knows everything everyone knows the racist. Defendant it guilty. Everyone knows the all white jury is going to quickly acquit. Everyone knows that the exonerated defendant will continue to break the law. Joining me now to discuss. Is Somebody who will be voting articles of impeachment this week Minnesota Representative Ilan Omar who serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee. Thank you so much for being here this morning so when I saw that that that that text overnight the tweet that was sent to me by a friend it was kind of jarring for me because I was thinking kind of an OJ trial situation but it is true true. I mean no one knew how that jury was GonNa vote. That's why it was a surprise. This is almost like one of those old south jury trials where the jurors go in ha ha ha. We're never going to convict this guy that is shocking to me that that's happening. Now what do you make of it as somebody who's going to vote in the house side. I mean in in the situation. You describe the tweet you can clearly see injustice will take place and what I think. The American people get to witness is a part of party that has decided to make a mockery of the constitution. These are leaders within the Senate knit who are abdicating their responsibility and their oath. If you were being selected as a juror for a case and you essentially essentially said you were planning to acquit. You would be excuse right and so it is important for us to recognize nuys that these are essentially Joris the Republicans have long this whole process. I decided that they were not going to be a fair and impartial juror. They've complained about the process. Even though every single single piece of that process was out in the open and within the rules of the House. And now you even have Mitch which McConnell say that he is going to work with the defendant's lawyers. Can you imagine if jurors in the case Said said well. I mean we're just going to communicate right with the defendant's lawyer and decide what the defense should be and how we should behave life and so it is really alarming and it should be alarming to everyone that is paying attention and I think it. It is the responsibility of the American people to hold these senators accountable to make sure that they're having their voices heard and and to require this process. This constitutional process is carried out impartially. Yeah and Lindsey Graham. I think is particularly galling for a lot of people because he has been such a hypocrite on this. You know he was one of the leaders of wanting to see Bill Clinton impeached. She was out there railing. Alling against President Clinton when President Clinton was impeached for lying to a officials who question about sexual affair. Something that for most Americans was. It was a trivial reason to impeach. President this was Lindsey Graham back in nineteen ninety eight and here he is here he is back in ninety eight. I know what people want to do with this case. I know they want to get it over. I know many of them. Don't want the president to be impeached. But I've got a duty far greater than just getting to the next election. The problem is that I'm expecting the other side to engage aged the facts and they haven't and I'm just blown away by that. I'M GONNA play one more just one more for the for the congresswoman here is another sound bite of Lindsey Graham back in one thousand nine hundred so some people have said. I won't vote for impeachment. Some House members have said I will not vote for impeachment. Let me tell you. Please don't say that until you understand what you're voting on members of the Senate have said. I understand everything there is about this case and I won't vote impeach the president. Please allow the facts to do. The talking. People have made up their mind and a political fashion. That will hurt this country long term and and yet in one thousand nine hundred. I'm old enough to remember that there. We were still not clear. What the outcome of that vote would be? There was no guaranteed outcome. Despite fight the fact that Democrats have the votes to quit the president. There was never a statement that this was a foregone conclusion. This time there is. I mean for for a a lot of people who have followed the senator The place a lot of respect on the way that he would conduct conduct himself and in this particular moment the way that he has flip flopped and decided to abdicate. His Oath of office is quite shameful. Let me just give you one slate example so the house serves as a grand jury the prosecutor in this case. If we say like Adam Schiff would be prosecutor he eh brings the case you have the liberty of bringing in a lot of different evidence we get to the side as the grand jury if the case is if there's enough evidence for the case to move forward now that is very different and then the responsibility jury has within our Constitution and the jurors in this case are the senators yeah and so the responsibility disability we have in the house. It's much more different and much more greater than the through the one that the senators have and I just want the American public to recognize that. This is the Republican Party that constantly talks about the importance of the Constitution and they are accusing Party over the constitution. They are choosing a lawless president over our constitution and they are setting up our country to be one that is Not going to be the beacon of Democratic Democrat processes in the world as it has been for generations. You know I think about it in the case of Richard Nixon. When members of his own party decided that they could not acquit him? They went to him and told him so. They said we cannot quit you. You are guilty and I'm going going to have to vote to convict. You will be convicted so they had a different response when they knew what the outcome would be in their. Jerry was to say to their fellow. Republican you really have a choice of whether to go ahead and go through this. But I'm telling you I cannot acquit you and then. He resigned when we have many examples of that from both parties. Great throughout our history where people have put their country over their country before party. But what is happening right now. It's quite alarming. And it is this heartening and for people like myself and Chhaya Paul as she she helped that institution there are people around the world who look up to our country who say for processes to work for democracy to exist. You have to book towards America and I just want to make sure that the American people people realize this mean for our standing in the world and I'm glad you said that both of our families come from came to this country three from elsewhere and my parents are no longer with us and I think they would be appalled to see what this country that they really revered for. Those principles has become. The father is still around and is shocked. It's even around when the Clinton impeachment case was going in the United States and he understood. Yeah right that this assist process that is going to take place and can only take playing in here in this country. That's right yeah and the thing that I think the most frightening and I want to very interested to hear your response to this. Is that in this specific case. What Republicans would be voting? NO ON IS DONALD TRUMP's refusal to obey their their own body and it strikes me that in other countries where you have a legislature has no power so these are saying we have no power only he has power he is essentially a king. This is monarchism which I never thought if any country would never have an a monarchist in it I thought it would be the United States and the senators really are upper stamping that sort of thought process by saying we are swiftly going to move this we are going to work to dismiss it. We are not impartial We are going to listen to our leader. Now we have in this country tree balance of power our framers and founders and the the writers news of our Constitution New the dangerous that could exist skip if there was no check on the executive power. And so so you have a president who has clearly decided to obstruct Congress with the approval of of his party members. And I WANNA ask you a couple other things. I still have you here. We are also in this moment. You face it even in your with your opponent having to be band off twitter for threatening things that She said about you. You have faced torrent of incoming hatred that's been spewed up by this president. How do you process that just as somebody who is a political leader who is pushed forward in the front? There's a new version of the squad. Apparently they WANNA make a right wing version of it. All white women that were on Fox the other day. So there's a brand around you that has made you a target. Even in your reelection we just had members of the Nehisi easy during the Army Navy football game it was flashing what looked like the white power side. Like these are the things we're talking about in the news. How do you process that as somebody who is an elected official? And how do you. How do your constituents process it? I mean hate SINOPHOBIC. Rhetoric is very dangerous and it's becoming synonymous with the Republican Party. They have refused to condemn and distance themselves from members within their party that have threaten my life and the lives of others that have caused the deaths of people in this country who follow their message message and have put their names. The names of our president and many of the Republican leaders in their manifestos As they have taken innocent lives but what we have to remember as we don't have to be that we don't we'll have to be that country And so my message has always been love. Trumps hate We have a lot of compassion to go around. I recently sent a letter to the judge who is going to decide How long one of the people who have threaten in my life will serve in? We'll be in jail and asked him to really think about the kind of message we want to send. We want with them shine for people. I believe everyone can be billeted. And it's really important for us to send a message to the to the younger generation. We want you back. Yeah we are a community our country thrives on its diversity. Our unity is much more greater. It could be much more greater than it is at the moment. This president is going to be president for short period. Take Time Yeah. We are going to be a country much longer the him and that's what we have to remember. That's what my constituents remind me me. Every time I am back home that we are a family and we should continue to move Katherine Baker. Yeah Yeah right but this idea that you are supposed to hate eight and and wish death upon people. Yeah isn't isn't what families do before I let you go. I want to ask you because I want to end on a positive note because you're trying to do something positive for young people that I think is very important and this is about another issue that we haven't even gotten to because we're so fixated on what Donald Trump is doing and that is is trying to cut off the school to prison pipeline to try to make sure that young people are allowed to go through school. That black and Brown children who are particularly targeted can have a chance. So it's a little bit about that as we've said we can both investigate litigator we can. We can do all those three things and my colleague an Presley an eye and a Bonnie Watson Coleman have introduced a piece of legislation called push shout to act because we there is an epidemic. There's a crisis in our schools. Where young black women and young women of Color in general unroll are facing harsher punitive punishments? Four asserting themselves into classroom awesome discussions or showing up with here that may not be deemed appropriate. I mean the mainstream culture culture and were saying are young girls Deserve Safety and an opportunity to thrive in their schools as everyone else does and we are going to Make sure that there are guidelines for schools to follow and and there is an incentive for them. Also do the right thing. Let's help it. We get a Senate. Eventually that will actually take up legislation like that passed the House Commerce Illinois. It's always a pleasure. Pleasure thank you so much for being here really appreciate it more more after the break. Thank you hey guys Willie geist here. This week on the Sunday. Sit Down podcast. I get together with Emmy winning writer producer and actor. Lean Away F- to talk about her new film Queen and slim get now for free. Wherever you download your podcasts? It's even as they were accusing Republicans of colluding with Russians. The Democrats themselves were colluding with Russians by funding the steele dossier which was based on Russian and Ukrainian sources meanwhile they turn a blind eye to Ukrainians meddling in our elections because the Democrats were cooperating trading with that operation so there was anything these impeachment hearings have made clear at one side of the aisle is grounded in reality while the other side. Is Dennis peddling bazaar long disproved and Russian intelligence sources conspiracy theories and screaming incoherently about the steele dossier and now the Obama Deep State Without Stop Donald Trump for from becoming president. So they spied on him and just pretended that many of his campaign apparatchiks and his campaign chairman. We're dealing with Russians. That argument became tougher to sustain aide this week. After the Justice Department's Inspector General concluded that the FBI was not motivated by political bias when they investigated the very real and very troubling contacts between during trump's campaign and Russian operatives and investigators did not rely on the research from former British spy Christopher Steele when it launched its investigation the origins of the now infamous steele dossier go back to twenty sixteen when Christopher Steele was contacted by the private intelligence firm fusion. GPS To do some research on Donald Trump for a client. Now it's important to remember that fusion's first client was a conservative online publication which backed off when trump became the Republican. How can front runner in the two thousand sixteen campaign? It was only then that a law firm tied to the Clinton campaign and the DNC hired fusion. To continue the research that dossier the steele dossier compiled and all of its salacious. Details burst into public view when buzzfeed published the document in January of twenty two thousand. Seventeen just ten days before trump's inauguration and it still having an impact were two thousand sixteen for the inauguration. It's still having impact just days before trump a set to be impeached. And when we come back I'll talk with the founders of fusion. GPS reveal stunning new details about the steele dossier in their new book. You do not want to miss and we just two days ago lied to the court. Seventeen Times didn't tell the court the guy who wrote the dossier ca was quote desperate to stop trump the dossier. They're using to get a warrant to further spy on the trump campaign. Didn't tell the court who the guy who wrote the dossier was working working for the Clinton campaign but we heard about the truth about the steele dossier this week. In the inspector general told us it was all garbage rubbish which all made up. He didn't didn't tell them that. Donald Trump's Republican defenders tactic of screaming out debunked conspiracy theories on the steele dossier did nothing to prevent his impeachment impeachment. But they do give us the opportunity to dive back into one of the most intriguing elements of the trump scandal. The emergence of the dossier and joining me now are two of the experts on the dossier Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch. They are the founders of fusion. GPS and the author of the new book crime in progress. Gentlemen thank you very much coach and at the risk of disturbing your ears even further. Now let me play you. One other person screaming about the dossier and that will be Donald Trump and this was him at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. Recently take a listen the inspector general shocking report. Prove that the Obama FBI obtained secret warrants to inspired my campaign based on a phony dossier of de bug smears paid for by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC soon the FBI failed to disclose the nature of the political. Hit Job to the Pfizer court. They hit it. They deceived it and they lied. Okay well none of that is true. Who then I'll start with you? I I don't even know where to begin but you go ahead and begin. What was the original origin of Christopher steals research on Donald Trump and who paid for it? The origin of the research into Donald Trump was started in September of two thousand fifteen and it was financed by the Republicans. The first half of our investigation of was all paid for by the Republicans. The reason that we hired Christopher Steele was that we did about eight months of research for the Republicans which which led US ultimately to become very curious about Donald Trump's connections to the Russians and in fact the idea that sealed theon Peter. I'll give you the idea that this Guy Christopher Steele who was hired was this anti-trump horrible person who hated Donald Trump and went out to try to smear and make up lies about him. The opposite appears to be true. This is a quote from the Inspector General's report which by the way the audience found the opposite of what every these Republicans are saying that the steele dossier was not what the source of the investigation simply was not but it quotes steel called the allegation that he was biased against trump from the start ridiculous he stated that if anything he was favourably disposed used toward the trump family before he began his research because he'd be visited at trump family member at trump tower. And it'd been friendly with the family member for some years. He described their relationship as personal and said that he wants gifted a family. Tartan Family Tartan from Scotland to the family member Peter Q.. Tells a do that family member is. There's been a lot of speculation about who that is because it sounds like both the person who originally funded the steel the steel research and still himself we're basically pro-trump or at least yeah I I we all think. It's Ivanka trump. And I think it's mourn acquaintanceship than a friendship You know Chris. This is a super polite British person who when contacted reciprocates and often will I mean you know if he wrote him today joy. You get a Christmas card art in the next week. So it's important to remember though that Chris when he was hired by us to look at these matters he actually didn't know that we were working for Donald Trump which is a super germain fact that people alive working against. I mean we didn't tell them who I was so he didn't know who the ultimate clients no. We didn't tell them. I mean he eventually became obvious eventually. But no it's a it's a part of tradecraft that you wouldn't tell someone subcontractor who the client is going to want to influence their thinking. But I was talking to Chris about this the other day I think he mentioned the fact act that he was friendly with Yvonne Chaka the very first time we met and Yeah he certainly had no animus against them. I mean what we've said previously in testimony and other places is that you know to the extent that there was a pinion that was formed about Donald Trump's fitness to be president United States. It was formed during the course of the research and the reason the reason that Christmas so concerned about Donald trump becoming president was because of what we were finding about him which was really scary. And that is what I wanna get to now. There's a Washington Post piece that sort of compares with the Muller Report Found Steel found in one of the. I'll just read a little bit of it. The Muller reports substantiates the core reporting in many of the specifics in steals two thousand sixteen memoranda including shooting that trump campaign figures were secretly meeting with Kremlin figures that Russia was conducting a covert operation to elect Donald Trump and that the aim of the Russian operation was to sow discord Gordon disunity in the US and within the Trans Atlantic Alliance. Peter go go through a little bit more of what Mr Steele actually found. I mean first of all mission accomplished right. I mean exactly what they managed to do the Russians you know. Chris's inquiry was really broad. Based in the beginning. We talk about this this kind of extensively early on in our book you know he was meant to figure out why it is. He kept going to Russia without actually consummating any any deals. And what he found was a systematic What he believes his sources said was a systematic program to you work with the trump organization campaign to get him elected? Of course you know that finding was about eight months ahead of the intelligence communities finding so a details quilt about in the in the dossier but the underlying gestalt the thing has been more than born out. Yeah and they'll go on. I just going to say the clip that you played are truly amazing. I mean the most amazing thing about those clips that they think in with people. If you lie enough times go as Hitler approved some people start to believe these lies. Believe I WANNA talk about one of the things that these sort of the detail in the dossier that keeps coming up and that is the idea that there are tapes that Russia may have of Donald Trump. That are that they could use as compromise against him. There's an intriguing footnote in the Muller Report about tapes. They don't describe where you all ever able to or was he able to substantiate the existence of any kind of tapes of trump that Russia could use against him. Well so that was news to us and to Chris that footnote that you're alluding to What we what we know definitively? Donald Trump lied about so his presence in Moscow in that hotel his body man or bodyguard. Keith Schiller did in fact later testify to being being offered prostitutes that evening so you know there's a lot of R- as we also write in the book. There is no fewer than about seven sources that we know of who substantiated that claim so Chris and his colleagues had quite a robust discussion about whether to include it. He is a former intelligence professional l.. Decided that you know if there was existing compromise that could be used as leverage against put. I mean honestly. There's a kind of who who cares aspect of this. which is you know that that's not really? The core of what Chris is reporting was the core of Christmas reporting was the Gremlin was conspiring to elect Donald Trump prison the United Sates Donald Trump. Was You know supportive of that and going along with it you have a was involved in all kinds of things with the Russians including business deals which Now we now know to be true. So you know the whole P.. Tape issue is a bit of a distraction from the real core concerns that we just a Christian Republicans they seem to be obsessed with it. This is the book we out of time. But this is. The book is called a crime in progress. And everyone's can check it out on the road and dig into two more about what Christopher Steele was able to Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch. Thank you guys very much really appreciate your thank you coming up this week in Ansi Pelosi put another put on another master just a class in the leadership we will speak with who knows the speaker best and that is next. Everyone Steve Kornacki here. We have heard explosive testimony from key witnesses in the public impeachment hearings. So what's next as the case for impeachment Ben made could the president count on Republican support in a Senate trial. And how could it affect the twenty twenty election. While every Monday Wednesday and Friday I talked to NBC News reporters to answer these questions and more on article two inside impeachment. It's an NBC News. PODCAST that I host. We break down what matters what's next and what it means for our country search now wherever you're listening to this podcast subscribe type for free. Thanks for listening what anybody raises how. We don't hate any not invited in the world as a Catholic I resent. You're using the word hate in a sentence that addresses assist me. I don't hate anyone. I was raised in a way that has a heart full of love and always prayed for the president. And that's still pray for the president. I prayed for the president all the time. So don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. All that was missing was Pelosi clip at the end. You remember waiting to Speaker Pelosi see you remember. Remember that epic clapback from Speaker Pelosi from the week before telling a reporter from right wing sinclair. TV that she doesn't hate donald trump she prays for him that fits it's in with a wider political ideology. According to my next guest she writes at the speaker quote. Many people in politics love humanity but aren't as good at loving humans. The Nancy Pelosi ways is to remember that people's hopes dreams and aspirants define them far more than the titles they hold or held joining me now is democratic strategist Christine Pelosi. She is of course the daughter of House Speaker Seeker. Nancy Pelosi and the author of the new book the Pelosi Way Christine. Thank you so much for being here. Good morning joy so good morning. Sort of epic moments between Gene Speaker. Pelosi in the press that was probably the biggest one but this the moments between the speaker and Donald Trump I think are equally memorable that picture of her standing up up over all of these older white men and sort of looking down over them in the way she seems to scare him. What what is the speakers feeling about? Someone like him. Well part of Nancy Pelosi's upbringing as she told The supposed reporter was that she was raised in Little Italy. Baltimore and a Catholic home with a heart full of love and she's always believed that public services and noble calling back from when my grandfather. Tommy Dallas Andro. Junior was mayor and then my uncle uncle Tommy after him so hurt. Belief has always been in loving other people in public service being part of something larger than yourself and that get your actions really should be expression of your call to service and so I think she's constantly trying to remind the president and all of us really that the presidency agency should be used as a force for good as a force for unity is a force for healing. And she'll never stop praying for that to happen and I think part of her effectiveness businesses that at times she seems to respect the presidency more than the current occupant of that office. In that part of what's behind this idea idea that you know did she hates it makes no sense if you think about the fact that she just did a deal on trade with the White House that Republicans in the Senate don't even want to do right like but she's willing to do that and announced the same day that they did this deal. That labor likes that a lot of the Union folks like with Donald Trump in. Do you get the sense that her feelings toward trump is that if possible. She would like to sort of fix his presidency into a normal one or is she more interested in seeing him. Gone well when it comes to the trade deal. Nancy Pelosi said over and over again when it came to working people. We're not going anywhere without each other. That was very a clear and despite pressure for months and months and months multimillion dollar campaign pushing her to accept the president's version of the deal she said no we have to bring in enforcement it. Because that's everything if you're talking about our workers if you're talking about healthcare consumers and if you're talking about people concerned about the environment so those were always her standards I'm I don't think this presidency is fixable. I don't really think that's the point and I tell people all the time. The norms are shattered so we have to build new ones on the ashes of our old expectations in the mores that Donald Trump has torched really. The question is. What can we get done for the people and that has always been the message that brought brought us? The House. Democratic majority twenty eighteen is getting something done for the people particularly on the economy health care and restoring openness in government so people feel there somebody in there fighting for them so we've seen reluctant conservative. Democrats Max rose. Who has a military background? So you know what yes S. A. to impeachment that the case has been proven. You've seen a freshman like this guy. Jeff Andrew who people probably had never heard of before switch over to the Republican Party because the polling showed be be punished if he voted to impeach Donald Trump. You also are seeing the ramp up. I'm starting to see if you the ads already of a huge ad campaign. That's planned against all the house. Democrats residents in thirty one congressional districts per politico or about to be inundated with millions of dollars worth of TV spots facebook ads texts and tweets blaring blaring that the radical left is trying to remove the president after a witch on each representative is going to be targeted. They're complicit. Does the Democratic Party prepared to message against that to run ads the the other way and to do as an equal and substantial response to that kind of an ad campaign yes and the reason is because health of care is still the motivating factor in terms of electing Democrats. People are so concerned about their immediate health care and the security of their a family. Yesterday you had hundreds of thousands of people all over the country marking the tragic anniversary of Sandy Hook with the twenty little children and six educators. who were or killed In in the case of the educators literally throwing their bodies Over the little children one last measure of humanity. Saying it doesn't have to be this way and and I think when you look at what people really care about the most. They care about the security of their families. They care about their health care. They care about jobs and so so. The impeachment is is in one category and they'll be a counter to that of people all over the country talking about how no one is above the law but the bigger or deeper messaging and the one. That's animating the candidates for president as well is what are we going to do to to restore the health and the opportunity of this country and I think that's where you're going to see the organic messaging that's going to outweigh any paid political negative ads by the Republicans. We will wait to see Christine Pelosi. The book is the Nancy Pelosi. Thank you very much for being here. Appreciate your time thank you. Thank you more aimed to the race. We'll have more after the break but I want to take a moment to talk about something that happened in Connecticut last night seven years ago yesterday to the Day America came to Newtown in Connecticut for the worst possible reason when twenty elementary school kids and six staff members were murdered at Sandy Hook. Elementary School. A young man with an Ar fifteen the people of Newtown have been living with the aftermath of that horror ever. Since in many of the victims families have been working hard to make change in a country where the gun lobby remains. The the boss of one of our political parties will last night. Newtown got to experience a little euphoria. When on the seventh anniversary of their worst day the Newtown High School nighthawks won the Connecticut State Football Championship? On a last second touchdown a few of the players had attended Sandy Hook and one linebacker Ben. Pinto lost his little brother. Jack in the shooting can't think of a town or group of kids more deserving of a win going in town more Amtrak to the break doc. It'd be removed. He's not gonNA be removed if you're confident that the three fifty seven magnum is comfortable with that end of story jazz. blithely talked about killing your fellow citizens. Just the normal day so I gotta Say I get a lot of tweets and texts and questions of it basically boils down to. How do we change the minds of people like that guy who've drunk all the trump grape kool aid and believed that he really is from God? Yeah well it's impossible okay. It's impossible it's like one of those means that say you can't save everybody. Trump is just a symptom of irrational fears of a changing America and the aftermath of Progressives winning the culture wars in the fears and the beliefs of people who worship even just like Mike trump are deep seated and they've been cultivated a nurse by conservative media for decades. We see quite frankly the mildest version of it on the official network of Earth to Fox News this week Senate leader Mitch. McConnell just came out and said that the impeachment fixes it and everything do due during this. I'm coordinating with White House. Counsel there will be no difference between the present physician and our position as to how to handle this so he can say that on Fox because they already understand that. Their Party doesn't have to obey the rules. They just need to win. It doesn't matter what the the majority of the country wants. They will get their way and make America be the way they want it. The end trump wants to be a king. Okay no problem we get the courts and is trump is careening towards the historic shame of Impeachment Fox and friends are on a completely different. Frankly weird but consistent track. You're running joke that trump's you just forget democracy altogether and never leave office. He'll just literally become king again. That gives us the courts right. Mike Huckabee was the latest to run. The joke mean tweeting that he's been tapped as the chairman of the trump twenty two thousand four campaign ha governor. It was a joke and obvious joke and I I'm ready to come and so go sean. I'm serious I'm GONNA actually pain. You know the president is going to get a third term because of the first one didn't count since he was so. Don't Miss Congress in the press. This is hilarious. But this wasn't exactly original on Huckabee's part I mean he's not exactly most original jokester. Donald trump has been joking about never leaving office pretty much since he took office including as recently as last week should do we go back to sixteen years. Do we do that congressman. Can we have that extended you know the last time. I jokingly said that the papers started saying he's he's got despotic tendencies now. I'm not looking to do it and I said well wait a minute under the normal rules. I'll be out in twenty twenty twenty four so we may have to go for an extra term. Now I'm only kidding. These people are so stupid. One of I've Said said you know he's going to win. Don't you and you know at the end of his second term. You know he's not leaving. He's not leaving. You know that and I I taught. He's a comedian. I thought he was getting. He's for real so now we have to start thinking about that because it's not a bad idea Aw Join me now Paul Butler former Federal Prosecutor Dino Madala host the show on Sirius. Xm Corinne jean-pierre cheap public affairs officer at move on Dot Org author of moving forward also joining me Glen Kirschner former federal prosecutor enjoy wine banks former Assistant Watergate Special Prosecutor and author of the Watergate. Girl thank you all for being here. I interviewed you. Paul for my book and I remember asking You and I asked pretty much everybody that I interviewed for the book. What happens in all seriousness? This what happens if Donald Trump who doesn't believe in the constitutional norms or anything. He just leaves in power and money for Donald Trump. If he says you know what if I leave this office I might get prosecuted in New York. I leave him so what would happen if he keeps joking about it. But you know dictatorships happen all over the world when the person who jokes about not leading doesn't leave though so the twenty Second Amendment says that the president has two terms and then he or she is out the remedy when the president messes up when he commits a high crime. Crime or misdemeanor is impeachment and removal from office. Would that happen. We have to ask whether that but if you look at the abuse of Congress Congress articles of impeachment what that says is that Donald Trump ignores congress. He does not believe in the separation of power or checks imbalances and the Republicans. Allow him to get away with it. That's the key and that's the key. You only the only thing that stops a dictatorial. Mindset in a democracy is the legislative branch and the Judicial branch saying no donald trump. We talked about this yesterday. Has Eaten up a third of the Federal Judiciary Judiciary. He's stacked it with you. You know thirty something bloggers who believe that women should be in the handmaid's tale right and then on top of that you have Republicans were out and out saying. We're the jury in the all white jury trials in the nineteen fifties. We're just letting you know that he can do whatever he wants. Anything trump wants he does and we will enforce it so they've given given up their own power and said he's the king. Whatever he wants he can have it? They're never gonna they would never vote him out even if he said I leaving. Donald Trump is how democracies die. And I say that Ed based on reality when you look at history. How democracies real democracies have evolved and become more authoritarian leaders when Donald Trump in the summer he tweeted about very bluntly? Let me do you think the people would demand that I stay longer. That wasn't a joke. That was a tweet. This is called priming. This is psychological term. You get your base happy. They understand the stimulus militia. Giving them third-term third so when you call in that to support that they do that. And here's a scary thing. Last year was a poll of trump's supporters nearly fifty percent today today's support Donald Trump shuddering media outlets for bad behavior that means the end of the first amendment. So why would they care about the twenty Second Amendment if Donald Trump were to go out in the country and campaign. Hey I deserve a third term. He will get support him in his base and Bill Dr The cover of AG will find some illegal way have an argument to at least get it to the Supreme Court hope their GOP controls spirit keeps them there and this should scare everyone who believes in our republic. Jilin things I want to go to you on this because there was you know the stories to my understanding there was a fear that Richard Nixon would do something crazy to try to retain power he would cling to office in some mad way. Start a war you know. Do something insane to try to stay. Stay in office in the end. He didn't he actually statesman enough to see the end as it was and leave but this is not the first time that there's been a fear that the president would try to cling to power in a in an insane anyway the differences. There was actually a Republican Party. That wouldn't let it Nixon do it if he tried. It is so different now where you have all the the neighbors in Congress you have all the toadies who support everything he does. You have congressman. WHO said I don't care? What the evidence is he will? Oh not be removed from office. I will not vote for impeachment no matter what the facts are so. When you have that happening anything could happen? It is a very very serious danger to democracy to our future as a country and I never felt any fear that Richard Nixon would actually stay in office office. We did debate. What would happen when we wanted to serve a subpoena? How would we actually get the subpoena to the president? I mean you can't just knock on the door and walk into the White House that's right and so that was. That was just the sort of question but in the end Richard Nixon said my lawyers will accept it and so we never Had A problem he ultimately believed in the rule of law and I am not sure that Donald trump is anywhere near that. I think Donald Trump does believe leave his own commentary that he is above the law. Yeah I think it's clear I mean Glenn Kirschner. This is a man who said under article two. I can do whatever I want. Art talks like a dictator. I mean you know he speaks in a way that says that he doesn't eat doughty's ever read anything in the constitution. He doesn't leave in even the stuff. Maybe people have told him about it. He thinks thinks that he is the absolute ruler and he has a party Sir. You are right when he talks about himself. He said that everyone speaks says sir. They always address he speaks sort of like Mussalini. And and then the thing is the things that I thought would never happen. The the institutions corrupted including military. He's firing the generals who have courage and the others just given the other generals that we saw in his administration that all just lay down Mattis Kelly. None of them had any courage to stand up to him and now we have an investigation of us. Military Cadets Navy cadets giving what appear to be the symbol of white power the upside down okay. Okay sign and making sure it got on TV and they flat and the Southern Poverty Law Center views that upside down okay symbol as a hate symbol. They means white power power just even if they thought that was just ha ha funny on the lips. What does it mean that military cadets would do something like that knowing it's going to be on TV? Maybe it means that they should be dealt with swiftly and harshly investigate what they were intending to communicate. But you know joy I I know that the president is trying to corrupt our institutions. He's trying to corrupt the military by pardoning war criminals. I was active duty in the army for six six and a half years and the men and women I served beside I you know. I can't speak for them. I can speak for myself but I have a pretty good sense of them and I think they would all be outraged. When the President Pardons War Criminals War criminals that their fellow soldiers had to testify against? And I can tell you you. It's very difficult to get soldiers to testify against soldiers just like it's very difficult to get police officers to testify against police officers. But I've handled both of those kinds of cases I think it's a miscalculation by trump when he thinks I'm pardoning war criminals so if I have to overstay stay my presidential term. I'm going to call on the military and they're going to rise up to help. I don't think that's going to happen with the military anymore than I think it's going to happen with the law enforcement agencies right here in Washington. DC whether it's FBI DEA ATF. Park Police Capital Police Secret Service uniformed division the Amtrak police postal police. There are so many good men and women in law enforcement that when they hear a bill bar for example say you know what if communities don't show show police officers the proper respect they may lose the protection of law enforcement communities in my thirty years as a prosecutor both military and civilian. I never once heard a law enforcement officer. Talk that way so I think all of this is a miscalculation though as we've seen there are plenty of people out there Who Support Trump's hateful rhetoric? Yeah well it's Mafia tactics right. It's mob tactics like calling. I don't know federal law enforcement scum for doing there. That's what Donald Trump did he call federal law enforcement scum and his ag bar sort of had that same sort of you know it's a nice community you got there. It'd be shamed happy to if you don't do what we say right so I want to go to to you on this pre because the other thing that they've done the way that the that world that Earth's to keeps its people in line is that they keep them charged up in afraid but afraid of specific people the idea that these people are taking away your countries and you have to be with trump to fight them. I WANNA play a clip from Fox. News with Sean Hannity. WHO's Donald Trump's one of his spokespeople who also is supposedly a TB separate from him? TV news host went after you included a specific kind of person who is out to get trump ticket. Listen for the past twenty four hours. They have been throwing a massive temper Tantrum as usual. What do you expect for them there pouting temper tantrum anger because they're losing take a look connell is willfully sort of violating adding norms that we have about his conduct or what? It's supposed to be in the settings this deeply disturbing to hear that head of the jury say that he is coordinating with the defendant. That's essentially what is happening here as the majority leader Mitch. McConnell stated explicitly. He does not care about this constitutional process. He thumbed his nose at the way. This is supposed to proceed all those those three people including yourself had in common. It's hard to figure. I wonder I wonder what the we all have in common. You know joy I keep thinking about if President Barack Obama a year before his reelection had joked about joked about having a third term. What Sean Sean Hannity? What Mike Huckabee would be saying about that? They would be having a complete their minds would be blowing up and so the hypocrisy of all of this is just insane. Their guy can do it but certainly we could never ever think about any of the things that they're discussing right now. Now another thing I wanna I wanNA say. Is that the problem with all of this. Is that the people who are watching Fox the people who are following Donald Trump. Believer's him. They believe what they're hearing they're buying it. They're consuming it and so when Donald trump plants the seed in their mind about. Oh ha ha ha. I could have a third term. They they believe what he's saying. So if he ever decides the switch that seed and turn turn it into something real. They'll just go into the street and they'll say yes you're supposed to have your third term and so we are in a dangerous dangerous place right now. With our democracy with our Constitution and Republicans are just clearing the path for Donald Trump. And so this is where we are right now. And we're I it's just mind blowing to see all of this. Yeah I mean you know deny I've I've talked to other people even just for the WHO were Ex. Republicans who said what's happened is that that s Republicans have shrunk in numbers as the white population which is not than me about two thirds of the electorate when it used to be three quarters of the electorate just in two two thousand and as they see that slide coming now. The single largest group of voters is going to be Latinos even more than African Americans Asian Americans and our four point nine percent of the electorate when they were two percent of the electorate in two thousand so as they see they can't change the number they can't change the data the genuine. No they can't. They can't deport us all but the one thing they can do is to keep their base hardcore and they are hardcore the idea that you can switch it to these people you talk to these people look for more than any of you guys is and and you're welcome to talk to them and they call my show and they will begin with the talking points from Fox News or Donald Trump's tweets so donald trump fox news are misleading otherwise. Good Americans who might actually be trouble by the actions of Donald Trump and they'll call me and then I will fact check it and they can't defend it he'll just switched. What about Hillary's emails? What about Hunter Biden? What about Benghazi? Whatever it might be because the level of knowledge they have is kind of shallow because they're getting it from Fox's so what I get so upset is sort of like your federal prosecutor? It's the guys at the top of this misinformation chart not the ones on the bottom. The Hannity's trump's misleading misleading. Good Americans we might disagree with policy. Yeah but misleading them to the point of accepting this reality but the one fact they can't deny folks in and I want my fellow here this under trump. We've one nine governorships. We've on forty house. Seats won over four hundred state. Legislative seats couldn't Virginia for the first time in two decades having that so they can. I think they're winning hand. They can say that. Let's losing guess. What the numbers say? We're winning. And that's why they're scared because they can't win it but the reality is you can look at polling that shows the deep respect for democracy is declining across the West among the right among particularly among White Christians are starting to believe less democracy because they think we can't have have what we want as a country under democracy so there's a slide toward a belief in authoritarianism in wanting an- preferring a king preferring someone who can impose their will on the majority. That is where we're going for a lot of Americans and so. What do we do about that? Even that were in the majority our system is set up to really give them more power than their numbers would suggest do. Yeah so we're getting away from the constitutional design so the Senate for example Senator serve six year terms. The president serves a four year term. The design idea. The idea was that the Senate could somehow be independent. Yeah when necessary and when necessary rise about politics. That's not what's happening here Alexander Alexander Hamilton. All in his feelings about senators like Mitch. McConnell and Lindsey Graham. They're not fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities and the result is not only do they not respect the constitution. They dumb down our democracy. One article of impeachment talks about free and fair elections. We we think of that as something that might be an issue in developing nations or the former Soviet Union we will not have free and fear election it. President trump is not removed from Martha. He will cheat me out and he's and he's already said he's going to jail the thing about it is Nixon never said he did it he never said I did the burglary get used to it right. I mean Donald Trump is literally. He's he's he's sort of Mussalini that to the point where he could admit to the crime he can have his chief of staff admit to the crime he can have the Gordon Silent. Who gave him a million dollars for his inauguration admitted he did it and his his baseball still say he didn't do? He has achieved a level of sort of group. Think control over a third of the American adult population that I don't think any president it has ever had and so that is what's different here. It's another difference. Is that Richard. Nixon not only did not know about the burglary. Rickie didn't plan it. He did get very involved immediately after it in the cover up but here donald trump is involved in the the actual crime. He was on the phone with Lewinsky asking for a favor. He was directing Rudy Giuliani to go and and ask for an announcement. He doesn't even care whether there was an investigation of crowd. Strike or of Biden's he only cared that it'd be announced wants because he wanted to help Russia he wanted to make it look like it wasn't Russia that hacked the democratic campaign. He wanted to look like it was is Ukraine. who had nothing to do with it? He wants to smear Biden so that it will hurt him in the campaign so he is the one who is really the center of all of this and he is working with a foreign power. That is something that is very very different. And I want to mention one other thing which Corinne commented on which is the claims of McConnell to be totally in the pocket of the White House and that he's going to do everything he can at that. There's no chance Of An acquittal first of all. I hope that there is some sensible brave republican who like the Republicans during the Watergate case will actually make their decision based on the facts as they will be sworn to do in their oath as jurors but I was with a judge last night. Who raise some some questions about what powers? The chief. Justice has as the presiding officer and whether the Senate actually when they're not sitting as the legislative branch but they're sitting as a jury whether they have the same powers whether they have immunity so that if they commit bad axe they may not have congressional immunity unity and they may not be able to overrule the chief justice. And I think that's something worth looking into very quickly before we go as you were brought up caride. Donald Trump Britain and may appeared appears. Well at least he's saying he may not even be in the debates next year so we may have a situation where he basically refuses to participate in in functional ways in the election action surprising though he did the same thing in two thousand fifteen with Fox you know. He ended in the way he saw that is. They were making so much money off of his appearance that he wanted a cut in it. He wanted to make money off of the revenue that they were getting. He saw it like a business deal. And if you're not fair to him he's not he's not going to participate. I mean this is part of what he's doing changing the norms and doing whatever he wants a Republicans allow him to do this once. Say One quick thing Garrett Gaffe has has this great article right now about how Fox News is now a national national security risk. Let's just think about that state TV for either Putin taught. Donald Trump is now a national security risk. And they're not even the worst one. Watch away in if you ever go real deep into it. Oh and sinclair which which is doing with the traffic and weather together and Mick Altogether Glenn I'm GonNa give you the last word on this and I'll ask you the same question. I asked Paul Butler because I think you know we have to start thinking way we outside the box when it comes to Donald Trump. Let's say that. He refused to participate in the election or the election comes into question. Let's say on election night. It's announce Saddam trump won vermont. And everyone knows that it's not possible but somehow because we've outside influences that get involved in election. That is the way that he claims that he won the election. And what can the public do about it if they believe that the election is not was not legitimate. Is there anything that the public can do. You know it's a tough question Russian. The public I think has to hope that the institutions that will have to wrestle with those decisions most notably the courts will hold and thus far. The courts have have held when you look at all six opinions that have gone against Donald Trump in the financial documents and the tax return return arena. The the courts have held thus far. Here's my one. Lingering concern with chief justice roberts presiding over a Senate trial that Mitch McConnell has has said is fixed and the outcome is already determined and one of the jurors. Lindsey Graham has said very proudly I will not be a fair juror by chief justice Roberts presiding over that. He better be really careful that he doesn't tarnish the legitimacy of the court by letting Mitch McConnell run roughshod over justice because as you say when we have election disputes that are bound to come up if only because Donald trump will you. You know cry and whine about it being unfair and rigged. We're going to need to turn to the courts and have confidence that they can still handle those disputes. Yeah yeah well. It's not like the Supreme Court decided election before Republican because most of them are Republicans right or like a chief. Justice like killed voting rights away. We have both of those things happen very quickly. What's tailed in Jill Jill Jill? What's your opinion jail? He'll spin today is a telephone. Because that's what started Ukraine Gate old fashioned phone with a separate receiver and mouthpiece and I think it really does represent a Kind of crime that was committed by Corner House. That's awesome one end with a happy note. Corinne jump here Paul Paul Butler Dino Benalla Glenn Kirschner deal wind bangs. You guys are awesome. Thinking is very much coming up. You'RE GONNA maxine is next and today inservice to our duty to the constitution and to our country. The House Committee on the judiciary is introducing two articles of impeachment charging the President President of the United States Donald J trump with committing high crimes and misdemeanors on Tuesday with leaders of the impeachment inquiry and House Speaker Speaker. Nancy Pelosi announced articles of impeachment against Donald Trump standing just behind the podium was congresswoman maxine. Waters Chair of the Financial Services Committee and one of the very first to call for the removal of the man in the White House and Congresswoman maxine. Waters joins me now for your moment of maxine good morning congresswoman. Good Morning. Joe Is so delighted to be with you this morning. Thank you so much so I started off this morning. You know talking about this text that I got from a friend who texted me tweet about the fact that Donald Trump is not even just so much like the OJ of presidents because the conclusion seems to be foregone in the Senate but it's almost more like one of those old one thousand nine hundred fifties trials in the south. The jury went in twenty minutes acquitted. An all white jury just doesn't acquittal because they that's what they just wanted to do. It seems more like that. When you see a senator United United States senator like Lindsey Graham Bragg and laugh about the idea that the constitutional process that you are involved in is going to die in the Senate as a foregone on conclusion what do you make that? Well you know when we have heard a lot of discussion about abuse of power this country has has not seen anything yet. They're about to see McConnell and the Republicans run over the constitution disregard everybody. He's told you in advance that he's not going to be fair And so we're about to see something worse than this country has ever seen you know. Usually and these pass efforts where they've been impeachment proceedings the Senate and the House will get together and agree on the rules. Well McConnell is not thinking about what the Democrats want to do how to Bob Democrats in setting up the rules for what is going to take place in so-called jury trial of the president. They've got to run roughshod over US and the presidency will never be the same. You WanNa tell you. They've been doing this joy. The president of the United States met with the Russian Foreign Minister in the middle of all of these impeachment procedure. Yeah and and you know Juliana ran up to the Ukraine in the middle of these. They are in our face there in the face of Americans and it is terrible. It's got to be awful. They're not going to cooperate. They're going to do worse than what you have. Alluded to about what happened in the south years ago and the thing is is that you know Lindsey Graham is is also planning to put Rudy Guiliani in on the stand in his own committee where he's chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee to essentially do a show trial of the Biden's instead of doing his job on impeachment. I mean the fact that he has the power to do that. I mean it should be frightened into Americans. What do you tell your constituents? You know about impeachment now that it is. It is arrived about the fact that he appears to feudal I tell my constituents that the the House of Representatives the Democrats in the house have done their job. The constitution gives us to responsibility for impeachment. Win Win there is a president that is dangerous to this country. When there's a president who ignores the constitution? WHO's committed high crimes and misdemeanors? We've done our job. And so the Judiciary Committee has gotten a resolution. Out of the Judiciary Committee is going to come to the floor. I I believe that we're going to do our job there. And we're going to vote to support a the judiciary committee and the impeachment resolutions. That will come forward but now I tell them watch what happens in the Senate. You're going to see what happens when you're democracy is undermine you're going to see what happens happens when you have people in power who disregard the Constitution. Who Don't care about the democracy who opened the door to Putin and Russia? And you're going to see that things are going to change. If this president remains in office you will see him align himself with Putin and Russia he already. He said you know that he's not going to condemn him. He's not going to do anything to talk about. The fact that we've been undermined already about Putin and Russia. They're going to do it again. This president doesn't Care Netherlands. Neither do his apparatchiks and said. I'm GONNA play Lindsey Graham for audience one more time then t Graham is off the scale in the way that he's thumbed his nose at the American public. They're telling us they don't care what we think. And they're telling us they're going to do what they WANNA do. They're not gonNA have rules. That are going to be fair. And they're just going to run through so-called Impeachment Jewelry Inquirer inquirer anything. And I wouldn't even play Lindsey Graham again. I want to talk about the other branch of government that is about that. I shouldn't say that because it is a fact. Donald Trump will. We'll be impeached president. There's nothing about that. And that remains on his record I know it is clearly bothering him because he keeps tweeting so it is a real sanction on him that the House has the power to mete out so I should say that to the audience. And there's nothing futile about that because that stays on his record. There's the other branch of government which is the judiciary. There's now been a supreme court that has agreed here cases about subpoenas financial records. That's in your committees. Do you expect that. Even if Donald trump loses that case will those records ever be turned over. Well I don't know what this president will do. We have worked very hard. The court court system moves very slowly. I wish that we could have had a some decisions prior to the impeachment Coming to the Judiciary Committee city. But we're going to get the supreme court that's going to hear the case on these documents and whether or not they should comply with our subpoenas but it won't be heard into March and I'm GonNa Hope That we're going to get the supreme court that's going to be there and that will rule in our favor but we just don't know we don't know at this point and we shall. We shall see and I know that you will remain on top of it and please keep us posted his congresswoman maxine waters. Thank you so much so welcome and thank you for helping to provide information to our public about what is going on thank you thank. You really appreciate all right and coming up. Thank you coming up. We will tell you what Adam Schiff is saying about this week's pending impeachment of Donald Trump nets next we learned again. This sweep that elections really do matter in his inaugural address on Tuesday. Kentucky's New Democratic Governor Andy Bashir announced he would be restoring voting rights to more than one hundred seven forty thousand people who have completed their sentences for non violent felonies on Thursday. He signed an executive order. Doing just that a victory indeed for Kentucky and Democracy and later. I'll tell you else when the week but up next. Donald Trump's latkes are on the other Sunday shows spin spin spitting impeachment committing wiry. We're not seeking to make a circus out of this. But the president is because he can't defend his gross abuse of his office. He can't defend withholding military aid from an ally at war. The damage done to our national security. All he can do is attack pack and sadly too many Republican members or willing to debase themselves by doing whatever the president asks question is why are Republicans placing. This president isn't above their oath of office. I am clearly made up my mind. I'm not trying to hide the fact that I have disdained for the accusations in the process so I don't don't need witnesses. House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff says it his republican colleagues or debasing themselves on behalf of the president. The senator Lindsey Graham doesn't doesn't see it that way. He says he has disdain for the entire impeachment process and he thinks Democrats are going to be the ones in trouble. Senate impeachment trial joining me now civil trial and criminal defense attorney mid when Charles E. J. Dion Washington Post columnist and Co author of the Book One Nation after trump and Washington Post opinion writer and MSNBC ABC political analyst. Jennifer Rubin where to begin where to begin where to begin. I think I'll begin with our Adam. Schiff let's play Congressman Schiff. And he's talking about the the way that this might look differently if the tables were turned and the president was named Barack Obama. I don't think any of us have any question that had barack the Obama engaged in the activity conduct which is the subject these articles of impeachment every one of these Republicans would be voting to impeach him. And you know something. I have to hope to George. If we're Barack Obama I would vote to impeach him the myth when we played the what if it was Obama. Game A lot. Probably me too much. But the Lindsey Graham showed us what it would be if it was Bill Clinton because he was out there railing of screaming that having a sexual affair he had to go and now all of a sudden he's a whole whole different guy right and what I find most unfortunate about this is that Lindsey Graham is an elected official. He is someone who has taken an oath to the constitution. Yeah not to this individual president and what I find even more unique about him is he someone who had railed against Donald Trump. Not Too long ago. He really said that. If we elected Donald Trump we would be in trouble. Double a very staunch person against Donald Trump. That all of a sudden he did this one eighty and it doesn't make any sense because the one eighty has been complete. There's been no discernment mint. There's been no individual thought in anything that Donald Trump represents anymore which is odd right. It's one thing to disagree with someone right. We all disagreed with people that are in our lives was that we love our family members. And what have you but this this idea of being hoped line and sinker on every single thing that Donald trump is it. Just doesn't make any sense and and I think also this does not bode well for our democracy right because as we know the house Going forward with an impeachment is pretty much an indictment but the trial will take take place in the Senate and the senators are going to take an oath in which they agree to be impartial in listening to the evidence and he is saying in advance of this that he's not going to do would I just can't imagine walking into a courtroom and having any party that represents the justice system to say you know I've already made up my mind if we did that. Jer or JER or judge they would be censured it would be censored and they would be removed. They would not be able to participate in that trial so the idea that he would be so bold as this in advance of this trial is it just shows us how how much they are chipping away at our democratic norms and our democracy if it's during vacation and I have to go to you on this Jennifer because you wrote a new bed. That says the following watts easy easy to dwell in the Uttar Abdication of responsibility and loss of sanity and Republican ranks or to worry that Senator Senate Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell is in violation of his oath already scheming with the president and plotting to deny the country a real trial with witnesses. We should not forget what it takes. It takes an army of legislators staffers lawyers and witnesses to investigate a corrupt president under constant abuse from right immediate efforts to trash the process from Republicans they maintained focus kept their dignity and upheld their office and professional responsibilities. That does feel kind of like it. Is that something you might right at the end. A eulogy in a sense. Because I'm not just for the party that used to belong to but for the democracy accuracy that we all still do well. I hold out some hope. And you're right. I think it's a eulogy for the Republican Party. I've had a friendly Hundley argument with some of my former Republican friends as to whether the party is worth saving or not I think unfortunately I won that one and they are not but I think what you have going on on. Is this perfect complete difference between the Party on one side. You Have Adam Schiff you have people who went through seventeen witnesses. Hundreds of hours of testimony testimony. They tried to get documents and on the other hand. You have the Republicans. Who Have Lindsey Graham announcing in advance? That he's going to lie when he takes that oath. That oath is a separate oath required to take under the constitution because the act of being a juror is fundamentally different than their legislative role. The constitution says you have to take a new oath. That says I will do impartial justice. He's already told us he's not going to do that so going to lie. I guess his Os just a farce. But that's what they do. They take serious. Es matters norms of ethics of democracy and they make a joke out of it but perhaps joke will be on them. Perhaps a handful. And that's all it takes Republican senators to intervene to come up with fair rules to demand actual fact witnesses and to have a process of refusal when a juror or demonstrates a refusal to understand and to accept. The evidence is what we need. So we're looking at you Mitt. Romney we're looking at uses in Collins. Islands were looking at you. People who say you're fair you're impartial. You're not all in the tank for Donald Trump. This is their moment. You need fifty one people for the rules. And those few Republicans who couldn't pull back from the farce and make this something approximating a fair truck. It requires some dignity and there hasn't been a whole lot of that going around among Republicans. Let me play Lindsey Graham back and forth produce about whether I want to play this or whether it's just to infuriating in too much but you win the lottery having to answer to this answer for this answer to this accurate Lindsey Graham yesterday predicting an era of bipartisanship and everyone will rally round the king when it is all said and done we find ourselves at home in great conflict. But I'm here to tell you if you wonder what's going to happen in Washington impeachment will be over over probably by mid January. Personally I think president trump will come out of this stronger and the good news. Is that everybody in politics. America Gotcha needs to prove to the American public or not all completely crazy so they may be spirit of compromise coming post impeachment board of political necessity. If anything else you know. It seems appropriate that he was in a land where they have a king when he completely took the to the to the person he considers to be his King Donald Trump. They've thrown away. The second article of impeachment is defiance of them defines of his own body and he cares about take care not not about that. Have we reached a point where one of our two parties are essentially monarchist. Whether they were they believed that the president is Republican. Ought to be king. You know I in the last week or so. I have gotten a lot more alarmed than I was before and I was obviously not particularly calm about what his presidency means. But what you've seen in last week. It's really horrific that statement by Lindsey. Graham is itself crazy the notion that we are all going to rally around Donald Trump after this is over but that's not even the worst of it. The worst of it is as you alluded to earlier in the show. A president calling rolling American law enforcement win they go after him scum. That's the language of a would be authoritarian when you have the attorney general of the United States taking the Justice Department and turning it into a defense and PR firm for the President of the United States and when when you have a Republican members at Congress looking at what happened in saying this is okay. Let's take the party label off the president. A president of the United States goes to a foreign power. And says I want you to investigate a political opponent of mine that is despotism Zim threat to our liberties. And here you have people like Lindsey Graham saying that's okay yeah. This is very scary for the country and if if a decade gate from now a Democratic president goes to China and says what have you got on event with whom you did business or they go to the Saudis and they say what have you got on jared. You did a lot of business with cutter too deep. Bribe you to get money for this. Six six six buildings that need what you got. When when when this comes back it could come back back to their monarch could come back to the Republicans chosen royal family? It always comes back. But they don't seem to think so. By the way just my producers told me that Rudy Rudy. Giuliani has now tweeted in the Republican. Preferred form of communication in his next threat of tweets. You'll be sharing. The evidence gathered hundreds of hours of research turn notifications on and stay tuned. Because you know what if he's committing crimes can keep committing him because the king could pardon him. Look how that works out GonNa come right back when we come back. We're going GonNa tell you something much happier who it is now time to find out with me. BJ and Jennifer mid when Charles whom with whom the week for me is Greta Thunberg. She won the week because as you know she was upset. Donald Trump. She won time's person of the year here and I think it's wonderful. She's sixteen years old and I think she's had a very impactful year right. It's one thing I think to be a climate change activists and to draw attention to the issue. She's been able able to succeed in getting governments and heads of state to kind of take another look at their carbon emissions and all kinds of things and and this is not to discredit the work of other people we know Little Miss Flint has to draw attention to what's happening in Flint Michigan. And I think she ought to be applauded as well but I think I applaud. Greta and I also applaud the manner in which she handled handled. Okay Donald Trump tried to attack her rally by just basically changing her wikipedia page. And I'm just a teenager dealing with my anger management issues it was just a wonderful little shade. Yes but also just showing that she is mature behind her year. Yes and the fact that she has asperger's syndrome I think is also great. I think it's wonderful to see someone sort of deal with that but also be a leader. Yeah and rise above all the stuff that she's getting all the she's getting so I really applaud. Her and uncommon. Changes is the most covered story of the decade and and the young people have really led the charge. They will inherit the earth absolutely and she stood up to the birther and his wife is also a birther. They're both birth and she stood up for herself good for her. And let's go to Joan for your candidate for who one the week during the army. McCarthy hearings back in the nineteen fifties when Joe McCarthy was riding high with falsehood falsehood after falsehood a- lawyer Joseph Welch electrified the country by looking at McCarthy. And saying you have done enough. Have you know sense of decency. My winner of the week is representative. Jamie were asking for having his Joseph Welch moment and here here it is come on get real be serious. We know exactly what happened here. Seventeen witnesses It's uncontradicted there's no rival story. No rival story tall enough of these phony process objections. Let's get back back to the facts of what happened. President nights states shook down a foreign power to come get involved in our election. That's wrong you'll back. Yeah God bless him for that. I mean he combined passion reason and principal to tell the Republican. Stop engaging in this distraction and invasion and I hope that moment gets replayed over and over again because that is what is going on here yeah Maryland it produces. It's like tough cookies man Speaker Pelosi. That is really something. Like Sodas my law school if I may interject. He's an amazing First Amendment professor from Moscow American University Washington College of Law Elijah. Cummings Elijah Cummings moments because go ahead Marilyn producer. Those tough people all right. Let's go up on you. Jennifer Rubin Ruben. Yes Maryland again. Baltimore produced Nancy Pelosi Nazar plus. It could probably win the week every week. This president because he runs rings around her but consider what she did this week she took a divided caucus united them really in totality -ality behind impeachment got through to very sleekly dres- addressed articles of impeachment at the same time she brings together together the trade agreement to replace Nafta she passes a really revolutionary drug prescription drug control bill and she makes sure that the government is going to be funded and doesn't shut down on the same week and then to top it off she goes to Madrid for climate change discussions and represents the United United States at a commemoration of the battle of the bulge. There is someone behaving presidential and it just isn't Donald Trump. It's Nancy Pelosi so once again a a woman is doing the job of somebody else but not getting the title. I just want to say well said by Gen but this show is going to have to impose as a quota. Nancy Pelosi seems to be a winner every week on this show and in reality and then we also had her baby hairs on point together. I have to give her as well. Okay well there's going to be up. But I have to impose a runner up and I have a winner okay. It's unfair rules but it's by rolls. My runner-up is Hey Johnson. who had another amazing moment during impeachment? Here he is checking congressman gates. who was trying to throw shade on Hunter Biden? For in the worst way taken us I would say that the pot calling calling the kettle. Black is not something that we should do. I don't know I don't know what members if any had any problems with substance abuse been busted in Dui I don't know but if I did I wouldn't raise it and against anyone on this committee. I don't think it's proper but that is a very good runner up. My winners. Who won the week are all the black girl? Magic women who one black women are now missile. USA Miss America Miss Teen USA and Miss World. I and that is the first time all of those titles were held by black women. The new Miss Universe is Zahn. `Zibi Tunzi of South Africa. And here she is. We have quickey to play. Look I grew up in a world where women like me with my kind of skin and my kind of here was never considered to be beautiful and I think that it is time. But that's stops today. I want to get me and my face and I want them to fever faces. Thank you go to my twitter. Feed to see Miss World Miss Jamaica becoming Miss World and Miss Nigeria giving her the ultimate girlfriend support. Thank you all for joining US tonight. Mid when Charles de Reuben Levy guys thank you very much more aimed. Hey everyone we wanted Chris Hayes. Thanks for listening now. I want to invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC. We'd like to know more about you. Topics you'd be interested in hearing about as we look to launch new podcasts. Text podcast to six eight six six and we'll talk to you a link to a short survey again text the word podcast two six Six eight six six standard text messaging rates. Apply your input matters. And we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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