GSMC Movie Podcast Episode 153: A Quiet Tenet Dispatches a Knight


Can't decide and torn between a romantic comedy action or an Indie film to watch for the weekend. Well well golden state media concepts move you. Podcast is your ultimate guide to the latest movies. Join us as we dissect. The latest on the blockbusters. It's the Golden State Media Concept's movie podcast neural And pay guys and welcome to the GSM see movie podcast brought to GMC podcast network. I'm your host. Cynthia and I'm here with but better. Tell him will you are. It'd be like the long run way to say something the more people will be like. Who is she talking talking to myself? They're like no. I'm Keith. I'm here and I am trying co-hosts Keith. Yeah Co host Keith. Trying to be funny but I don't know how working yeah. It's not working. I don't think it's working. That's I don't think the audience are digging right now. You don't even know. Hey listen comments if you think. My antics are hilarious. Because they're hilarious. And so what did you do this weekend? realized in our other podcasts. I didn't ask you how your weekend was. Us I went on like a five minute diatribe. About how my we was alright and I did my Valentine's Day stuff like on Thursday and Saturday instead of on Friday and then I didn't even ask you. You started talking. It was so rude of me to not ass. Oh my God. It's the weekend. It was gray. Engaged in no new moon caged. I know I engage gradually honestly. I would actually be annoyed if my boyfriend posted me on. Valentine's Day me personally. I think he's just too. It's cheesy like I would need my day. Yeah I wouldn't want to be proposed on Valentine's that's just me but then it's your Valentine's Day forever like this is your day. Now you own Valentine now because everybody does. It's the same. I don't know anybody who's thinking I know so many people. It's the same. If like my birthday. Were on Christmas. It's like why don't feel special because everyone's getting gifts you. Don't you want other people gift? Yeah I'm just so just birthday is like my. It's my holiday. When is your birthday. June twenty eight. Don't forget it absolutely for cancer. Gay Obsolete Forget it especially since your cancer like you know what I don't just mean. The Constellation cancers are a cancer. Yes that is true. I'm I mean I mean I. I didn't watch any like new movies over the past week but I I'm more like into TV shows right now. So I'm watching that you're watching. Narcos Narcos just released and then this novella obsessed with Ruby. I wish honestly I mean. I don't think he'd have the same effect if you were to watch it with subtitles because it's just like not the same like if you're reading it. I don't know with no violence. It's a little different but there's novella watching like really really good. Is it different than like Telenovela? Like it's not a sort soap. Yes soap opera. But nowadays like they're making it a little different like back then novellas used to be like they used to run for about like four months like an entire season and now like the then that work that these shows are on. They're making it more like short movies. Which are kind of split like shore like two months only so up goes by really quick whereas in the past when I grew up watching Velez in high school. It was like four months. Long say kind of like took a long time to build up like someone always ended up pregnant. Someone always dis. Someone always cheats like something. Crazy happens someone always says by this time. They're like novellas now. Have matured ally. There are acting as way better even just like the scenes and the way they shoot things or a lot better the Everett anyways I believe you back. There are a lot better days. So that's what I've been doing and I'm disappointed. The other Parkas. He said he did not watch. Sonic the HEDGEHOG. Alex to watch even said I was going to so. If I'm being super honest my girlfriend was supposed to go out of town on Saturday and I was supposed to have like all day Sunday to myself but she ended up having to cancel that trip so she was around so I hung out with her so I wasn't able to do like half of the things I had planned on doing this week that we're going to be like me time because she's been around so it's like. I WANNA hang out with her right lane like you didn't want to go to sonic the hedgehog like Valentine's Day Day. We were doing other things last week. I cooked her dinner on Thursday. She hung out with her grandparents on Friday. And then We went to Brunch on Saturday and she had plans on Saturday and I had made plans as well. I believe so. It definitely was just from a lack of coordinating schedules. Not necessarily a lack of desire. Okay so but it definitely I'm not hold you to. Because he needed to report back. I Really WanNa see it excited about it so I apologize to everyone in the audience. Who expected me to have seen sonic hedgehog this week and I especially apologize to my co host. Cynthia you gotta I need to hear back from you know I'm just a crappy co host and I'm really sorry I forgive you this time. I feel like you say that every week bowl for different things for different things for one interrupting to the art silence won't go. It's back. I have mentioned it right. I shouldn't have mentioned it bother you. That doesn't I'm sure sure. Okay let's get into what we're really here to talk about so music we're here to share with the guy so we chose the movie trailers or movies that are were most looking forward to for this year in twenty twenty and I will say this my honest opinion. There weren't too many. I was like absolutely crazy about. They're also like a lot of movies on. I couldn't watch through like I watched through so many trailers matt is movies coming. There's no there's a lot of movies but not all of them really captivated my attention. That's what I was GONNA say. There's a lot of movies coming out but not that many are Mike Okay. I like bad boys. I was like I'm going to see day. I don't ever see a movie on opening day again why I saw a yeah when I was like nineteen. I used to do that with him. I saw bad boys opening weekend on an opening day. I saw the third day Which probably explains why. The movie theater was absolutely packed. Also was like the worst thing I've ever been to Iowa and explain my frustration that they had the same line for at the concession. Stand to buy food and your ticket which I've never seen at the anyway. Let's just go on a diatribe about the terrible customer service we at movie. Okay honest I could actually patio delay. Not Talk about what we said. We're going to talk about for the entire podcast. Get TO THEM. The final minute mark and be like okay. We're done right like these are looking forward to the mall for quick and not talk about. They get tired of that. I will get tired of that. I don't like to complain too much less. Get into my first pick so tenant way I'm actually really excited for this Movie to come out. It's an action drama thriller film. It's expected to legal action and thriller drama but Yeah I feel like they always say drama when there was like some type of romance may be. It was pretty clear that there was romance. Her antenna is expected to release July seventeenth and I'm a registered as a synopsis which goes and action epic revolving around international espionage time travel and evolution possibly about a man trying to prevent. World War Three through time travel and rebirth which already sounds interesting synopsis. And the director and writer of this film is Christopher Nolan which he's notable. For many other blockbuster films like inception interstellar the Dark Knight and more. Which is actually really surprised when you Keith watched the trailer you're like this looks tight because you weren't a fan of inception desert from the same director and writer. Christopher Nolan like well okay. So the beginning of the trailer is awesome. But as soon as they say we're trying to prevent world war three. I'm like oh I'm out like it just seems like such pithy thing. It's just okay. If feels like they're using specific terminology to increase the stakes of what it is that this person is fighting for and then he's like nuclear holocaust right and they're like no something worse and then it's like time travel like. I don't know it to me. It just feels like another Christopher Nolan movie. That's going to end up. Having tried way too hard to be something interesting when really it was just like why. Don't you just make a secret agent movie about him? Doing time travel. Why does he have to be preventing World War three and like there's layers to this? You know that's the whole point. I don't WANNA judge a book by its cover and say that the movie trailer or the movie is not going to be good. But like the fact that it's leaning on the idea that they're trying to prevent some worldwide conflict like it just feels like they're artificially raising the stakes through the storytelling which I am not a fan of like you don't have to be saving the world you know. I don't mind they say the world no no like I think it could I? I'm not saying this is going to be bad. I'm just saying like for me when I hear them. Say we're trying to prevent World War three. I think I'm trying to prevent myself from spending ten dollars to see this movie in theaters. Why well we're totally different. Opponents is when I heard that line I thought like the timing of the film is like perfect just because it relates to like some world world issues that could possibly be facing and so I actually like took it like completely opposite from what you're saying you're like oh because of them trying to save the world and using that line of World War three year like more hesitant to see the film but I'm the opposite I might more prone because I'm like. Oh like what is about like. It's kind of the relatable. I think the media has done a really good job of trying to like leverage people's fear into thinking that because of the current political climate there were experiencing were constantly on the brink of some sort of worldwide conflict. But Mo- like I don't think we'll ever have another world war it just doesn't make economic or social sense. It's it's just not confiscatory for us to do so the rest of the wars on this planet will probably be fought via proxies can much more similar like Vietnam and Korea than the world wars of the past. It'll be like small battlefields where we're using some sort of like artificial perception of the native population. Cough cough Iraq war where there were weapons of mass destruction await. There weren't actually weapons of mass destruction. Like it's it's all about economic gain and what is socially acceptable. And I just think that using throwing around the term woodworth three implies that there is some possibility for worldwide conflict like that. I am not saying that like humanity has evolved by any means. Because we're still like a bunch of in my opinion were still a bunch of like brutal pretty generally awful as a group creatures but like to say that World War. Three is going to happen. It's just a little sensational. So I feel like they're leveraging that perception in the general populace of being like. Oh we're on the brink of some sort of worldwide conflict. Let's release a movie about it like that's kind of where I'm at on that. It's kind of like when they released a what was that one two thousand twelve. It's like that is just like the world the world how a what a great observation. I just think that's like totally true but the play on people's fears which is why I'm hesitant to think that the movie is going to be good because it's like well if it's not good enough to stand on its own and you need to try to leverage this general perception in the populace. That isn't even true. Then like how good can possibly be but the action looks great so good. I like flying up a wall like the car flipping and then reverse. I like what happened here in the League. And then the guy that comes through the door backwards like it's mind boggling. I definitely think the point of the film is to try to confuse the audience. And like you don't need to understand it like it's just trying to like mess with our minds and I think that's an even say that in the trailer right. Don't try to understand that. Like the what is it when a word is the same way forward backwards? I I don't know I can't remember ten is that is that way so yeah I'm a fan. I'm looking forward to this film and July I'll go see it for the cinematography. Inception had incredible cinematography that highlight of the film in my opinion like just the way that they were able to do things and shots and every oh so this looks similar to that so. I'm definitely interested so before we move on. Do you have anything else to say with up to. You interrupted me. No no go ahead. I was just GonNa say we're GONNA come to a quick break. I know I beat you to it and when we come back. We're GONNA share. More of our favorite movies wants to know the latest and hottest music hidden the airwaves. Don't listen to the golden state media concepts music podcasts. G keeps you on the loop with everything you need to know from hip hop and the top floor and we'll throw in news of your favorite artists card certain tour dates and so much more further because this is the gold standard in music. Podcasts Hello and welcome back to the GSM. See movie podcast. And I just made you listen to the whole song. I like mad convinced. I started the recording at the end of the track of the Song I is there something wrong with their audio right now because usually when we bring our we come back from the break in the middle of the music. But whenever I do that you always make a start during the music. I know because it's just the habit and I like listening to the tunes. Yeah well now. They got to listen to the whole tune. And then hear our voices anyway. What's your second pick for this week? Cynthia so the second movie trailer that I'm looking forward to watching for this year. Twenty twenty is a quiet place part two and this actually a sequel to the first one. So the quiet place. The first one came out back in two thousand eighteen which I actually saw in theatres and because I wasn't it a straight to net flicks movie. No it was in theaters. Yeah I remember because my boyfriend dragged me. 'cause he was. I want to see this movie. He thought it was going to be more horror but like a really wasn't as more like suspense. Suspense Thriller So I'll read you guys. I The synopsis of the First Quiet Place. So you can better understand the quiet place part two so there's GonNa be a synopsis for the first movie which goes and a post apocalyptic world a families forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultrasensitive hearing and that same kind of concept travels onto part two in which everybody is silent. And if you make a noise like this monster kind of comes and gets you but it's kind of funny because just in the trailer alone for a quiet place part. Two there was more dialogue in that trailer than in the first entire of a quiet place like clearly the majority of the movie. Yes. I haven't seen it. It's pretty good and that's why I was looking forward. I'm looking forward to part two because I've seen the first one I think if you're a viewer who's just looking at this. A quiet place partout without seeing the prior. While you probably like wouldn't be interested but because I saw the first movie and I liked it I am interested in seeing the second one and how it plays out because the second one just looking at the trailer looks already so much better than the first movie. Better the trailer really. Yeah See. I think part of the reason that the first one was so interesting was that it was basically like a silent island right. Which is why. I'm super surprised that they're doing a part two. I'll I was too. I was super surprised because it doesn't make. I don't know what happens in that movie. I would assume that at the end of it they died. That would make the most sense to me. Sandra Bullock's in that one right now. Wait which at the same as the same movie. Straighten of was in that one called bird houses or bird house thinking not thinking of a quiet kind of similar. It's kind of similar. I know what you're saying though but so I'll read you guys. The CAST members for a quiet place partout. They're pretty much the same people from the first one. Which are John Krasinski? Emily Blunt Noah Joop. Melissa Simmons and others there are like the main characters and John. Krasinski you guys. He is the guy that plays nine. Tom Series on Amazon. He's the he's mainly known for playing in the. Tom Clancy series on Amazon Amazon prime series. Oh I was gonna say he's widely. He's more popular known for playing the character. Jim in the often. Oh No no definitely better known for his role. Well Anyway. She's he's writing and directing the two. Yeah he did. Both which I didn't catch that when I saw a quiet place. I don't remember if I saw him in that first film in it. I think he just yeah produced it. But she's actually in this first. Aaron the second one He was in the trailer. Actually which basically I was like worse than when I saw right. I'm I'm really interested to see again. Just 'cause I'm trying to compare how ACQUI- plays part two relates to or they're related. But I I guess I'm just there to compare and see what they kinda do differently. How are they gonNA make it more interesting because the first one was Pretty good again. 'cause like a silent movie. It's different which I totally was not expecting when I went into the theater and also because I saw in the theater like gave me a very eerie vibe. Super Weird side definitely WanNa see a quiet place part two in theater. They shouldn't name this movie a quieter place. I not quieter because there was more dialogue. There was literally in a trailer loan. There is more dialogue than in the first entire movie. It might be like this film is supposed to provide some sort of like exposition as to how the monsters came to be. Maybe a problem or something like that. Yeah kind of backtracks a little bit. Yeah because the the beginning of the trailer definitely. It looks like they're showing things like this is how the world started to end. And it's like I think it's the main character of the movie. Who's China like running people over? I like freaking out. I mean obviously accordingly because people are getting murdered in the streets by giant monsters came from nowhere. So it's definitely interesting. I if they give expedition as to how these things came to be and like how the world ended and like what what it looks like now. I would be interested. I guess but like I don't know I haven't seen the first one I feel like it's it's kind of like I tell them that flakes I think on FM. Well I mean honestly to me. It just feels like it could have just been off another releasing a sequel. Kindness feels money grabby. It looks interesting and it could be interesting. I'm just hesitant but using the first one and you seem excited so I I will see to your experience because you watch you have to watch like the lights turned off like yeah. That's it just in a dark room by yourself by myself now. It's obviously not scary. It's a PG thirteen so lake. Is it I thirteen because people loved that move. Yeah I I think I'm pretty sure speech. Tammy there wasn't any like sex. There wasn't crude language. I mean there was barely getting tired logs so pretty hard to get an r rating. When you're barely talking right. You'd have to pay the people be so funny John. Kaczynski is like calling people. Who Do the ratings? Please just just make it rated R. I know that there's there's literally nothing except for jump scares me. Please just make it sell more absolutely honestly like I don't know if you have the same experience but when I see rated pg thirteen in a movie. I'm like Oh yeah medial. Especially if it's like an action or not are any film like any evidence like comedy action especially horror. I'm not engaging in this content. Because how could it really be interesting? I need crude language in there. I wonder I wonder if kids feel the same way because when I was a kid and I saw pg thirteen. My parents taught me that. That was like Oh. That's bad for me to wonder if kids still have a similar experience. Yes because it's just what right Internet like. We literally grew up in a time where we had to go to the theater to watch a movie. We didn't net flicks. There wasn't twitter where you could just desensitized to like everything that would be an A. Pg Thirteen rated movie makes sense. Yeah Gosh that's terrifying. I may never have children. That's a joke that's a joke. Let's move onto your movie trailer. Pick JERRY. I have war but we're only going to talk about two of them really briefly. We'll talk about the two primarily I So you're going to say about about this now French dispatch. This is definitely not in my realm of movie picks and I WANNA know why it's yours. Okay so the French dispatch is this year's Wes Anderson Flake and it is being described as a love letter to journalists set in an outpost of an American newspaper in Fictional twentieth century. French city that brings to life a collection of stories published in the French dispatch magazine. This Anderson's first film for Disney. In sixteen years I guess the life aquatic with Steve Zizou. Also a a wes Anderson was for Disney film are for Disney the studios and then the film includes five Oscar winners in its cast. Frances mcdormand till the swinton behind showed del Toro. Christoph Waltz Adrian Brodie and lots of other GIR- Nominees Timothy. Shallow may CRC Ronin Bill. Murray Willem Defoe. Bob Bobbin Wes Anderson never has a problem finding actors that have been nominated for Oscars actors love acting his movies. It's pretty funny. I didn't recognize any of the actors in that movie. They're all like pretty famous. Okay so wes. Anderson is a director for people who like the art of movies. I'm trying to sound like I've got my nose way up in the air here but like I think. Good way to describe. It would be wes Anderson as a director for English majors. So if you went to college and you were an English. Major Wes Anderson is like the perfect director for you and if you also have you went to college in your film major than you. Probably love with Anderson to like his movies really focus on like setting the scene with cinematography and symmetry and all the way that he shoots. All of his movies is just gorgeous. He writes most of them and so the plot is ultimately really similar and almost always male centric. Just because I mean right what you know right like I wouldn't try to write a book about a woman just because I haven't experienced life as a woman so I'm not surprised that a lot of his films are kind of like more male centric Which is probably partly why I really like him because again. You know what you're familiar with. You have a proclivity for. I don't think there's anything wrong with that but I just really love wes. Anderson's movies. I think that his last film I love dogs was amazing. I mean I cry every time I watch it it. It's just really it's like it's got that same kind of a Classic Nineteen Fifties Atticus from to kill a mockingbird type of masculinity vibe to it but it's as emotional as you can get within that realm was Anderson has done a ton of really good movies. I honestly don't think I've seen a movie by him that I don't like I really love grand. Budapest hotel I love. I Love Dogs. I Love Darjeeling Limited. I think there's yelling. Limit is my favorite of his films that I've seen so far but he's just got a pretty substantial catalog of really good films and he focuses really heavily on like deepen meaningful content. The acting always powerful because people love acting in his films and then again the cinematography is just. It's absolutely incredible. Like I will say that I did like the cinematography throughout the trailer Watch one of his movies like you really GRANPA. Best Hotel is probably like the most accessible about one. Yeah should check it out. I think like it more than you expect honestly. I wouldn't be like when I was going to be trailers to pick for today's episode. I came across this one And literally like twenty seconds in exited out. Because I was not interested. I honestly just de understand what was going on. I was trying to follow a law. Smells like I just. Don't think immediately twenty seconds into the traffic. I just don't think it's for me. I don't think I'm the right audience for it. But maybe for someone like you how you said your English major or a filmmaker like you probably going to shake his art of filmmaking. More than like me. Yeah well. Martin Scorsese loves Sorry loves WES Anderson. He thinks he's he called him. He called Anderson the next Martin Scorsese. Wow Yeah which is pretty high. Yeah and the like I said the actors they are quoted. A lot of actors have been quoted as saying that. It's the most fun they've ever had working on a movie and they did as much improv. As possible but also had a well written script to go off of and this isn't this is what's Anderson's like. I don't know eighth or ninth. I would say movie I think So He's definitely very experienced at this point. I think that part of the reason that the trailer is so confusing because I think the movie is like four different short stories that are kind of like put into one film to make a point about something would be my guess so if they were to do a trailer on each short story like it would basically just explain the entire short story so they have to do like these tiny little snippets of like each story so that you aren't as an audience member they don't give the film away to you completely so okay. Yeah I think it like yeah. I don't think it's for me personally. Yeah that's not to say that it's going to be a bad movie. I still think you should give it a chance. If it comes out on. Netflix should check it out. I don't think money to go see this. No no no honestly I would. I don't know what kind of movies your boyfriend has to pay for the two of you to go see it just because I think I think you guys would be surprised. Now howick tell you what's Anderson really is Ham Ham and I have like the exact same movie tastes. Were both very heavily in love with action movies. I think I think you'd be surprised. I think you might find yourself liking it more than you. Maybe I'm open to it. I. I'm not closing off. You know I have an open mind so I'm just call. You introduced to me a lot of like new music. I'm down for new movies as well. Okay well right before we go to our last commercial break and then we're GonNa talk about my other picks Interesting little tidbit about Anderson. He's related to Edgar Rice burroughs which I just thought that was super cool. Edgar Rice burroughs wrote Tarzan and John Carter. Which is super awesome so anyway. Yeah on that positive note. We'll be right back. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen and hear this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than podcast blitz with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. Www DOT MC podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play Hello and welcome back to the GMC movie podcast and Keith has more to share on his top movie. Picks are do you got to so. I got two and then I think you're just in case of pick an extra one a you know why time we'll talk about the extra one. I think sometimes too like I get overwhelmed when I see too many trailers. It's the same thing with like music kind of needed like go. Take it easy because of our when. I'm trying to see a whole bunch of trailers a lot want. I almost just like. Don't watch any. Yeah so am I like just choose a couple and stick with it and like I mean the first two that I chose. I'm really interested in the Green Knight. So that's your your second pick here. The Green Green night is a two thousand four studios. They do a lot of really cool stuff. They did. Uncut gems see wanted to see. I know remember. We were talking so much smack about that movie. Like everybody's loves it. I can't yeah we have to see it now because maybe like yeah we got. We missed something but we busta because you and I were like not a fan of the it looked like it looked like it was going to be a garbage like trash film apparent. So could maybe uh so. Green night is an epic fantasy adventure based on the timeless Arthurian legend about the Green Knight. It tells the story of Surg Wayne Played by Dev Patel King Arthur's reckless headstrong nephew. Who embarks on a daring quest to confront the eponymous Green Knight who is a giant who is a gigantic emerald skin stranger and Tester of men go in contends with ghosts giants thieves schemes wonder if they rammed intentionally and what becomes deeper journey to define his character and prove his worth in the eyes of his family and kingdom by facing the ultimate challenger. Apparently they wanted to list from visionary filmmaker David Lowery comes a fresh and bold spin on a classic tale from the Knights of the Round Table. Like yeah anyway. It's a story about going if you're familiar with a theory and legend you'll be familiar with the Green Knight which is part of the reason why I picked it because I think Arthurian legend super cool so my thoughts on the trailer. I like the. What would you call that? It's not cinematography but like just had another word like the vibe not divide the vibe but like creatures colleagues were you call like? The animation isn't really automation tool effects. Special Effects I guess I think that's on point. Whoever did their makeup and everything. I really liked it but again I didn't. I don't know if it's like I'm I don't have enough coffee today. I didn't understand the plot at all. The only reason I know the plot and I knew what the movie was about is because I'm familiar with the theory and legend of the Green Knight and specifically of go Wayne. That's the only reason I knew what it was about. If you don't know what that is like look up some some stuff on the mythology of the Green Knight and going before you watch the trailer so that it makes sense but if you've never heard of that stuff the trailer will make absolutely no sense to you. I mean I I like that. It's like John Laura. I don't typically watch it's like medieval fantasy I kind of got looks like a psychological thriller But it's like nothing clear but it still interesting like I'm so very interested in I just don't understand what's going on. Yeah well. The director is David Lowery did a movie a couple years ago called ghost story and like on. Imdb it's not listed as the film that people most know him for which is a surprise to me because ghost story like when it came out in two sixteen. Everybody I knew was talking about it. Have you seen it? It's really good and like all my friends who are super into like interesting cinema. They were all like Oh. It's such an amazing film and like the premise is a kind of like sadly hilarious. It's like the ghost of a guy possesses a sheet and then like wanders around his suburban house to try and figure out what's going on with his wife like it's just interesting so I'm not surprised that the trailer seems a confusing or that like the the whole thing is kind of like. I don't know it's like it's being kind of like advertised. As like an action psychological thriller. Like you mentioned but I wouldn't be surprised if it has like a lot more emotional and personal themes running throughout. I would guess that there's going to be a lot of personal crises. That happened in the film. Just based off of what he's done in the past and like what kind of interesting about this and part of the reason why. I thought it was kind of cool. Is that in Arthurian legend. The Green Knight is like a Judge Tester of Knights and so some people consider him as being friendly and others consider him as being terrifying as far as people who are scholars in the realm of our three in legend Jr token the guy who wrote a lot of the rings. He was a huge fan of our three and legend. That's like a major influence or on all of his work. He said that the Green Knight is one of the hardest characters to do any kind of like analysis or come to a conclusion on just because it's just difficult to find where his place is because he's not considered evil or good or he doesn't have a ton of symbolic representation or metaphorical representation. That is has anything to do with this color. So it's just interesting so I think that this this director who's kind of famous for doing kind of alternative takes on things that were familiar with in kind of like a tongue in cheek way the fact that he's doing a movie based on this portion of our three and legend just seemed really really interesting to me So dumb the green. Yeah I think again. This is a movie. I probably wouldn't pay fifteen bucks to see in the theater but I think if it comes out on Netflix I would be down. Watch it because it does look interesting. I don't get it so johnny. Just do more research and like behind in the know like it's got one movie. We talked about a couple of weeks ago where the guy's girlfriend left him after ten years. I can't remember what it was called need. We talked about the trailer do. Does this sound familiar Guy's girlfriend leaves and after ten years and then a monster taxes housing. You remember what that I remember? It feels similar to that movie. Just kind of like weirdly quirky horrifying. You know what I mean absolutely so I know. I don't know what the name of that movies I can't take right now. I'm sure that if I were to go through the show notes so check out the show notes guys. I'm sure you'll be able to find that movie and my last pick for today is a new addition to the Marvel Universe which normally I am definitely not a Comic Book Movie Guy I. I think that they are way overdone. Disney has just like beat the crap out of this dead horse and they're still somehow getting money out of it but I'm a fan boy of comic books. I have a hard time. Not being excited when they take a more tertiary character and give him his own film or her her own film. So there's another film coming out called more BS. Which is the basic plot is a scientist suffering from a rare blood disease who attempts to cure himself instead becomes afflicted with a form of vampirism which gives him superhuman human abilities but none of the superstitious weaknesses usually associated with vampires. So the main guy is played by. Jared leto which is yet another reason to be excited about this and it kind of is like an anti hero hero movie. It's kind of like if you read. Comic books. Venom is a hero in his own comic book series. He's not a villain like he is originally in the Spiderman series. I believe that more BS in kind of a similar Eric Gray area Moebius is consistently in every Spiderman Universe that I've read more BS has been one of my favorite characters in the animated show from the Ninety S. The more arc was one of my favorite ARC's from Spiderman. Every time he came in and it was like a character yeah. He's a character from Spiderman. I think he originally appeared in spider man villain rarely okay and it's finding because before in the trailer before they even credited saying or the credit said from the producers of Spiderman. There is this one scene in the trailer when he has or he's in the cave and he has his hand out like all these bats come and like there's a dozen into his hand that immediately took me to spiderman and then right after I thought that is sending the credits from the producer spider-man's so I definitely see like similarities with the stories and then he literally turns into Batman like my man took in the in the in the movie. It looks like and in the comic book series. One of the things that more BS runs into. Is that his key? To cure for his disease ultimately turns him more and more into a bat and like the funny thing is so like Spiderman Ninety percent of the villains in Spiderman became villains the same way that Spiderman did. I got bit by a radioactive this. I got exposed to this thing at the same time that I was being exposed to radioactivity. I got like it's funny. Almost all of the VILLAINS FROM SPIDERMAN ARE VILLAINS for the same reasons that Spiderman as a hero. Funny out of all the movies. You suggest that suggested more BS. My favorite like morpheus. I probably would go to the theaters and pay fifteen dollars to go see those foam. The acting looks superb. Energy said Jared Leto was starring in it. So that's just like another reason. Why Jared Leto is? He's a great actor now about i. I like I like the trailer and it looks exciting. And it's a character. I'm not familiar with so. I'm even more intrigued. Why out of all the trailers you've suggested? Which wine are you like the most exciting city They're all different. They're all very different. I would say I'm most excited to see the newest Anderson Movie I need. You'RE GONNA say that but I really am pumped for the Green Knight Film as well. I kind of feel equally about them. I am a wes Anderson boy so I have a really hard time. Not being most excited about his his movie. Unfortunately but the other ones that I picked definitely look at. I probably won't see more BS in the theaters. Honestly it just looks really exciting. And I'm glad that they're getting like Disney has beat the crap out of that out of marvel so much that they're going to tertiary characters and giving them their own movies like okay cool down. It's funny to me but I made regardless I've just kind of excited so and I definitely ten it I wanna see. You probably see in theaters. Looks like a CNN theaters type movie and maybe a quiet place. I might wait for her on Netflix. But what about you? I know you're not seeing any of my picks in theaters already said that he is more BS. Probably the only one. That's okay ten for sure would be another one. I'd see ten and a quiet place. I mean that's the reason why I put them in the show notes But from your picks I would say more BS. Probably maybe because it's more action type and again that is like my favorite genre so that's what I'm more prone to watching But again there's all just my opinion at the end of the day and I think that's going to wrap it up for today's episode here at GSI movie podcast. If you guys liked what me and Keats or Keith and I suggested then forget to like subscribe air Subscribe leave a comment a rating all that good stuff and as always thank you guys so much for tuning into another week of our episode and we wish you ought to have an amazing week. Yeah and let us know comments which you think of all the trailers. Yeah have a good week. Is You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts of movie. Podcast part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot Jesus MC podcast dot com or download. Our podcast on itunes. 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