"Isaias and the 20015"


Previously. On the Tony Kornheiser shine. What do you think? Nigel I think. It's brilliant I wish I had friends that had horses I could wash him in the race I didn't know he had a horse I found out on Saturday. And he's got facet as. Well. Back towards his best friend. BAFFERT. Trafford Saddles Kentucky Derby winners. So in a fleet for five and a half. Furlong claiming allowance. Baffert in like that's like you go to a pick up game and your coaches. Popovich. What. Are you doing here. This is General George Washington and you're listening to the Tony. Kornheiser show all righty. Then bunch of things to talk about I just wanted to say that the late last night not late last night around. Seven o'clock seven thirty something like that I just come back. And I were walking the dog and we come back. To our house and finish is outside from pineapple landscaping fins got a small little. What one of those machines called that disperse feed and grain as you walk, a spreader spreads not a wheelbarrow. And he's saying you know this is going to help the grass and you got a water at night. We we don't water it. We don't water it. So but I'm your man, it was nice to see Finn. And I said Fin I, owe you a lot of money I. Don't you never give me a bill on he says, well, I like to give bills out electronically on email and I go i. don't like that. So just give me a paper bill. I'll pay within twenty four hours and this seems to be the impasse that we have no life. This is the compromise. Yeah this. Is Life is strange from shared a Haiku forecast path for SIS is simpler than pronouncing it. I'd never heard that name I'm going to assume it's a Latin name of some sort. I. Had never heard it. It's not a lot of high names I understand that and it's hard to get I names although I read every other year would be very good name Iras, McCall's name. It would be a good name sis I'd never heard we'll talk about that in a second, but from Chris Martin in East Lansing Michigan this is fun. I. Wanted to share a David Aldridge moment I had listening to Friday show during your interview with Richard Justice Ritchie told a joke aimed at aging sports writers from a certain era. He attributed the joke to bud short chose my age of the Cleveland Plain dealer before Richard. Could. Finish the job. However, my wheels were spinning I know that guy you see he shares the last name Shaw with my neighbor who has revealed to me in three minute conversations over the years that has spent decades in Cleveland as a sports writer. I thought Bud Sean must be the same guy excitedly I text my neighbor to confirm his reply was Yep that's my dad. WHO's Tony Kornheiser. GotTa like that. Got Me. Happy. So. Let me get to let me get to. The entire thing with the tropical storm sis yesterday and where I live in Washington DC. As my son said last night the day over performed. It was sunny here by two o'clock. It was a beautiful. Lack of humidity afternoon evening it was really nice. We got a lot of rain probably three inches of rain. But. We didn't get anywhere near the wind that other people got and that you see now on television Michael you were watching the today show the garden state parks raise down. Yeah. Was closed to do the Jersey sweep yes. So I am watching as you know being a channel four guy I'm watching channel four early news and they go straight through the today show they kick the today show off the air at seven o'clock they stay with local weather, which by the way is the right call you are serving your constituency. You should care about who's watching you and who lives near you and Chuck. Bell is really lathered up because nobody loves bad weather like a weather man that's that's their pride and joy they love snow they love rain they love crippling. Can't get snow. You got the flooding, right? They love everything that is dislocating and annoying for everybody else they love and Chuck Bell keeps pointing to the weather map and it is filled filled with reds and yellows. There's no green reds and yellows and Chuck Bell Very excitedly, and this is six in the morning five forty in the morning six in the morning six, forty in the morning seven in the morning seven, forty in the morning Chuck Bell is is screaming whatever you see now this just the beginning, it's just the beginning of it. This is GONNA be. Biblically and say that, but that's that's his body language and that's his emotive quality. This is going to be the worst thing of all time and you see the reds and you see the yellows in southern Maryland where people like me who live in DC often see the reds and yellows. But what Chuck Bell is saying is this is going to the northwest. It is an odd pattern it is not leaving it's not going to the northeast it's going to the North West and Metro DC is going to be pounded. I live in Metro DC and he's talking about. How Terrible? It's GONNA be Channel Four's deployed all over the place Darren Ward it gets down in Alexandria Derek Ward is a God Jack Words out there in the rain and Derek Ward. He's always good I really like him Lauren Ricketts wearing a giant face mask and hood is on the streets of Alexandria where she saying how terrible it is, and yet when they pull away to a wide shot, he doesn't look that bad. So like Raven had to concede that the water was receding one. It just simply looks like rain I saw but chuck bell is telling us how terrible this is going to be. where I live I can't tell you how lucky we were. We didn't get I mean it's forecast fifty mile an hour wind gusts sustained thirty right so you saw this and fifty mile an hour wind goes Yup Yup. We can get anything like that. We were so fortunate I've had those wind gusts. They've taken trees right out of the ground and throwing them down for an already saturated area. Yeah. We got maybe fifteen to twenty hour gos- and it was steady rain all morning rain tropical feel to it never really got worse than no so so it was so fortunate. That the storm underperformed here now out in Delaware, plenty of Tornado warnings and plenty of tornadoes in South Jersey, they had plenty of Tornado warnings and plenty of tornadoes. Mike sidell was out I thought in ocean city. He's with the weather channel. Here's getting blown around mean it was really the wind out there was significant. At one point, the bay bridge was under a high wind alert, which means I don't think anybody goes on a high wind alert. I don't think I don't think you can go but here where we were yeah, we got a bunch of rain. Not Torrential rain and not you know. Drive. By the late afternoon. Yeah. So I go out in the morning because I'm reading fifty mile an hour wind gusts. So I go out and I take all the pots of plants down from the top of the deck take him down put him on the ground about twenty minutes later it's over yeah we were taken down. Porch furniture it's. So and it's not like it's not like it wasn't devastating because you can see the footage it was indeed devastating it seemed to be devastating. Barely east of Washington DC and straight north after that. Devastating in New York City trees out in Queens trees out in. Brooklyn stuff falling all over the place I ninety five. Probably Philadelphia probably got crushed but but in Washington DC itself. It was a little bit east like Annapolis. I I, don't know if Annapolis got crushed. That I. Just handled that we we were lucky. My Tomatoes I. Thought I thought my tomato plant was in tremendous jeopardy. Was it was fine. It was fine. Sean, what was it like where you are? We had a lot of rain and pretty strong winds and you know in the next neighborhood over there were a lot of downed trees but you know it it wasn't. It wasn't terrible. It was bad but Around I have friends on Long Island with power out and a little for those hundreds of thousands maybe millions of people don't have power Isaacs instead he lost power I was wondering why I mean understand why is ex in laws power but he apparently lost power but but in the immediate area where I live it, it was not terrible I'm very grateful for that because if it's terrible, you know it stays in weeks, stays and weeks to repair it and all of that. So very, very fortunate on that and it's supposed to be A hot. Atlantic. Ocean Feeding Hurricane Frenzy this year right now what we're hearing well, you'd think so just based on the the heat and the humidity that we've already had everything feels like it's boiling up but that's at a time when you WANNA keep people separate and you already have enough these grains that are cruel virus. We were very lucky in this area not to have to see as many sort of emergency. So I just wonder how you'd think Chuck Bell feels today. I mean, how feels because because it was terrible in southern Maryland, it was terrible in southern Maryland but the track appeared to be pushing it northwest and involving Metro Washington it was never it was never going to touch Winchester Virginia. You know culpepper was not apparently destroyed or anything in the western suburbs but it was you know I mean you you look at. You look at those big blobs of color and then Neil Peart me thinks I don't know. Is this some kid just painting on his own TV and they're taking pictures of it? I really know. I don't know but it didn't I'm I'm I'm grateful I'm surely grateful that it wasn't as bad. You know but I always like it when weathermen rummy wasn't wrong I mean he could say but it's address to how large the viewing area is for for your local news and you're trying to make sure you serve all those counties. Yeah. All right. Being a snow event as KIPP would call it well, erm, have been underperforming. Y-. Well, in the in the area where I live, it would have been underperforming in southern Maryland would have been you know a foot and a half of snow. That's right. So No, they don't. They don't fool around on the bay bridge if they go. Hi, win shut down its. Box trucks. It's. All right. We'll take a break when we come back I was your entire open. What do you want to talk about I? Don't know I wanted thought maybe you'd watch baseball May to watch the NATS. I watched the nats who were sort of rain delayed on on a weird. Arraigned cell storm we got it here. You didn't get knife four or five miles away. Yeah. We got us with the stadium. And the that's win. The nats win and how he goes wild. He goes four for four and it's one out as when actually have to pitch to them. Yeah. Well, if you got other people in the live, they got some name. Harrison. I know it's not once. Getting closer to the DUGOUT. He's now dancing dancing on top of the dugout I would like to see him play. You think you'll play today. I. Think. So all right. So anyway, yeah, I watched a little bit of the nets. I didn't watch any basketball last night any hockey know what happened I had no clue. Okay. morrow. You know it's all sort of pounding at us at once and and now I don't even know. Is. Going to be with us next or is it going to be Chris Cillizza? St San San Steve Sands when we return? I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony. Kornheiser show. This is the Lincoln Financial Ads Somehow Lincoln financial decided to stay with us even though I made fun of their copy. Copies ridiculous. Haven't had a chance to review it, which is in yellow begin by riffing about how you and your family have been talking a lot more this year. Hey, everyone. This new world we're living in has me and my family talking a lot more I mean just right the copy if you're gonna say begin by doing this and then the copy says, Hey, everyone this new world we're living in has me and my family talking a lot more. Let me be truthful. Me and my family talking a lot more I'll say anything when I'm not on the Air I'm like a hermit crab I sit around and drink. That's all I. Do when I'm not on the air straight to voicemail continue riffing about the wide variety of conversations you've been having from the exciting and weird to even the boring feel free to make it as personal as you like, and then they right I mean we're talking about everything from how much. Greater. Was the greatest of all time than today's greatest how to make sour dough bread to win football might start up again and trust me that last one's important and is to me I can't keep watching my dog runs circles in the backyard and call that a spectator sport although when she has five frisbees in her mouth I do so I get my complaint is you're telling me to continue. You're telling me to riff if I understand what riffing. Is I just do something on my own and talk about it, and then you give me copy which says what the riff is I don't I don't get that. Then it says please finish by reading the following and that's smart because the copies actually well written it's the instructions in the copy that are pointless. Let's be fair. The instructions have now lead you onto this beautiful riff. I. Guess about how terrible the copywriting although the copy writing is good. But that's where it's beautiful structures. But despite how talkative we all are the People Lincoln financial want to point out the one conversation that most people still haven't had you financial plans. So fine time to talk to your loved ones about it because the more we talk the better we plan, protect and retire. That's why Lincoln financial is here to help you get the right questions to start your conversation at Lincoln Financial Dot Com. That's good writing that is. This is that Tony Kornheiser show. This is a longtime friend of the show Nick Bolen. Writes I just wanted to send you a new song I made called not on your own now available wherever you get your music digitally. Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoy. Nick Bowen send us a bunch of stuff over the years hasn't he? Absolutely, years only two or three years but. So. Yeah. He plays in Steve Sands of the golf channel and NBC you drove through the hurricane. Yeah kind of had to timing wise I had to be back in Florida to be in the studio by Tuesday. So Monday was the data drive and. It was a little wendy a little a lot of rain but only for like an hour to ninety five as you go down as you know Tony goes far away from the coast until you get down to near Charleston and so we kind of timed it right and only had about an hour hour and a half of really heavy rain and wind, and then once we got past it, it was you know sunny skies and it was fun. So I just opened the show and talked about how fortunate we were, where I live to have escaped the brunt of this that landed on southern Maryland and and east of there. But we got we got some rain. We get hardly any wind you drove in wind can you feel it? Oh Yeah you feel when you're when the wind is home in like that, you could definitely feel it. In fact, I talked to my dad yesterday and he said that it was basically nothing you know back in. DC. Just, a little bit but we. When I was driving, you know when the wind is blowing that hard and it's swirling, you know not just come from one side and swirling like that I definitely dropped it down two miles per hour that I'm not familiar with driving down ninety five very slowly there for about not getting it wasn't a big deal at all. It was about ninety minutes. Let me stay with weather for a second because we do want to talk about the PGA which starts tomorrow at Harding Park in San Francisco and the preliminary onsite standups make it look like you know done sinning in in Macbeth it's just it looks cold and Raw, and is that what we're expecting Have you been to already talk. I have not I've been I've been to San Francisco Golf Club and I've gone by Olympic not harding park now. Yes. So I don't know if Michael has either but we're harding park is France and the south west side of the city. So it's right right by the beach right on Lake Mur- said. And mannequins cold and foggy there and They have that overcast marine layer. Now, they can beautiful as well, but it's got that typical cool. Cloudy Foggy damp conditions that you've come accustomed to whenever you see sporting events in San Francisco and it's going to be chilly I mean highs in the. You know sixty, five, sixty, seven, and it's all who'll sixty five and sixty seven. And I know you're gonNA. Ask me about tiger. Sure. Of course wouldn't he preferred it to be ninety to Cuba to that backup right to be cold and cool and damp I think that's one of the reasons he didn't play practice ride yesterday just hit balls the ranch. Yeah I mean I I. I don't like his chances and you don't like his chances and nobody really likes his chances you know in the under those conditions, right? Right it it's a tough spot for him at this stage of his career with the way, his back has been. To expect him to be able to perform four consecutive days, remember when we solvable boreal. we talked about this last week. Remember when we saw that the memorial was the second day where he wasn't very comfortable. And it was warm and humid there when it's cool and damp and foggy like it will be all this week to expect him to be able to hold up over seventy. Two holes in a row is was is a tough is a very spot for him. He can burn them woods walks on. Thank you do. Yeah. It's like you can't win it doesn't can't he? He could be tactician out there and perform like he did at the presidents, Cup in two thousand nine TV CRTV park and play very well but I think two, thousand, nine tiger was in twenty twenty tiger woods are completely different players for everything just go back to the two thousand five or he's in the playoff against daily and just see how far he's ripping the ball and that's the shell of what he is so. The. PGA. itself is the least of the majors right I mean if you if you one one and it's the PGA, is that sorta downgraded? Love it. It's such a great question I. I don't think of it. That way what you think of the PGA is I mean it's a fair question and it and it, and it probably is just if you said, hey, which major do you want to win the most most people would say the masters and then most people after that would say the open or the US Open and the PGA nobody would say that. Nobody? Would say the PJ I right however nobody messes with Justin, Thomas? Right? He's got one major. It was a it was a PGA nobody's talking about him like they're talking about ricky. So he has won a major yet Davis love the third one, one major. It was a PGA Championship Ryan guys who win majors separate themselves from other players in this sport and like I've said to you before there are plenty of players who are not great who have won majors. You cannot be considered great engulf unless you've won one major and. In the case of the PGA Championship, it's one of the four and I promise you nobody would rather trade this week with any other week golf If it was the only time, they ever want to turn on. No I completely agree with that. I mean there have been people have won the masters or the open. There's there the orval Moody's. There the Michael Campbell's I mean there's not great players and they've won a variety of things. I just got the sense that the PGA if you had a bunch yet if the PGA wouldn't be at the top of the list it is but like you know it's so funny when you when you wouldn't that topic comes up it is it is true Lis- The masters the US Open and the open seemingly are more important than the PGA Championship. However, when you add all up, tiger has fifteen majors, I promise you those four wanamaker trophies are sitting justice proudly owner's Mantel. Alley other eleven major championship trophies. Thank you by the way for mentioning Justin Thomas. Because I have I I'm so curious about what I'm going to ask you now. What an interesting and potentially. Odd sort of novel. Pairing Justin Thomas and Phil. Mickelson, on Sunday. We're Justin Thomas his caddy is Jim MCI bones who fills basically his whole professional career and I don't know why they split up how that worked if it was amicable or if it was nasty but whatever. But here's bones picking up Justin Thomas as bad because Justin Thomas caddy is is ill at the moment and helping him I think helping him to win and fill is right there. You know all these people what was that? What was that light? Well. In a word, I would probably say uncomfortable. It was fascinating I think that everybody was happy for the moment. Nobody's happy about covert by any means. But happy for the moment that. Hats off handshakes fists palms. allowed. Any more sports currently because of the corona virus so I think that I think everybody in that group was happy that they didn't have to deal with that type of dynamic on the I T and also on the Eighteenth Green the fact that Justin played so well at one. with bones on the bag next to Mickelson who by the way shot a three-under-par round on Sunday. Played well but he's fifty years of age. Tony you're you're not GONNA be able to compete against those young guys over the course of seventy two holes. For the most part but Phil, tied for second. Shot a three hundred around that day. and played well But to see Justin wind and let's not mistake this for a bones with it was Justin Thomas Win right but with bones there helping him. that certainly made for a an interesting dynamic between that group. No question about it are they not pals anymore bones and Phil was it a bad break up I don't think pals would be okay. The correct way to describe relationship. Okay, I just found it interesting. I mean out that yeah, I I don't mean to big not. It was It was time to end the relationship. It was run its course and they had a great run on. twenty five years. Now, Mickelson's one of the twelve thirteen great players in the history of the sport and the entire time for the most part he had bones on his back. bodes became very famous because of Nicholson has the nickname. He's not Jim McKay's bones and he's very talkative when he's gone when he's out there working, he is by far and away known as one of the two or three best caddies of his generation and you happen to be alongside one of the most famous players of all time Mickelson. So he became famous in his own right but. It was It was time to end that relationship, and if by the way, if he got ten percent which was the standard fee years back, he made one hundred, eighty, thousand dollars for a weekend, which is bad. May with Justin. Thomas Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I would say Mambo up get fresh I love. he works with us on NBC Golf. and I've known them for years and years and years I would say he he had of anybody. I know I believe he's hit the COVID LOTTERY in the last with Matthew Fitzpatrick with a runner up finish at the memorial and Justin Thomas with a win. He's made a lot of money on his side Gig before he comes back to television in a couple of weeks and by the way just. Very easily with this week at hardy. Park. So it could be an extremely lucrative couple of weeks for bums. I'm have let us get to yeah. Let's get to Brooks Koepka because he has won two in a row on Justin. Thomas. One three years ago. Then Brooks kept one two years ago and last year in this particular tournament, the PGA. showed well, I mean had that one. On the par-five both guys had the same chip shot one group after another. Justin Thomas. Got His ball to stop four feet three or four feet and kept his chip kept rolling in roll off the green and that was the tournament but he showed very well in Memphis. You think he needed that and do you see him as a as someone who could win again? Without question when we spoke last week told you that he kind of sneaked a peek over to Pete Cowan who is known off circles as the course whisperer he's just a fabulous teacher He's still works at Claude harmon Claude. Harmon is very, very good teacher I. Think Brooks just wanted an extra set of eyes. As to why he'd been struggling before last week and he has a Knack Tony I, I'm trying to compare him to other athletes in team sports Orrin Golf but. He has a knack of just showing up in the big events and he just bulldozes his way through these big events two time defending champion Walter Hagen. Won This you know thousand years ago three times in a row. it. It would be an amazing run and there's no question about it. He is absolutely my shortlist to be there Sunday afternoon because. His confidence level Tony so high and as we talked about last week, if he turned it around last week in Memphis where he was the defending champion by the way I thought that would bode well for him this week and that's exactly what he did. Did that sixteenth whole bite him yes. He did not perform well with that ship that you talked about on that par-five but Brooks Koepka is absolutely ready to go and ready to roll this week for non for non golf insiders. Kepco always talks about how these are the easiest. Tournaments for him to win because field essentially shrinks down because. So many players are out of it before it even starts and that just speaks to the confidence. So if you look at how DP win the first round last week, that's what you needed to see for for himself. Just know that that needs not injured and on a more technical standpoint, he's also addressed one of the shortcomings in his game he he bullies the ball into the hole, but he technically had an unsound putting stroke and he's beginning to center to the ball and he's A. PL- putter flat. So he has a better chance, and if you actually look at some of the dog legs, it could remind you of Belle Reeve now obviously, very different conditions. But if you see how might be able to take it around some of these dog-legs, that's where you someone who can play. So aggressively with such speed getting a little leg up, even if he doesn't have to go the Bryson route of trying to carry it over some of these trees where you may never find your golf ball again. Yeah. Agree. Those fabulous my kids fabulous fantastic the way by the way Nicholas agreed with Kepco the majors are the most difficult tournaments to win because of the biggest, which makes it the easier ones to win. You're one of the great players because so many other guys are either afraid. To go out there and win or they just don't have the confidence to get it done under that type of microscope and Nicholas said he agreed with Kepco when he said that a couple of years ago which I thought was fascinating just Nicholas is the greatest of the wall. So this is the obvious follow up question then is brooks kept go great player or a grade majors player. And is there a difference in your mind at such a fascinating debate in Golf Tony and I think he's a great player He has other wins They are not piling up like Justin Thomas get into thirteen with at such a young age. But let's not mistake Kepco for just playing in the major championships. He has other victories like I said, he was defending champion last week at Memphis which the World Golf Championship events. He's one other places like in Scottsdale where you could make a strong case that Scottsdale is one of the more difficult tournaments on the PGA tour to win based on the conditions there the fans and the craziness. does he step up in majors more than he does in regular PGA tour events? Absolutely but I think when it's all said and done. he's GonNa have a pile of wins if he stays healthy. I will get shot here on these questions. What's the caps and can you believe Alex? Smith can actually be a quarterback again. The the Alex Smith is just incredible. It is. That documentary yes I mean it's incredible. Possibly even fathom being an NFL player anymore however I do think that you know when they start taking this football physicals is a lot different than doing drills. He's not going to pay I don't think. So either I agree but I think it's fantastic. Shred met Alex a couple of times. Nice Guy I couldn't be happy for. The cops. That's good. Gets her. All right. You know what all plays out. Don't you find these seating game stupid and a waste of time and nobody cares. You mean on the capstone. Round Robin on the other end is okay the cap sent they had to do that because if they would have had those top four teams, Ya'll doing nothing. Yeah, they would have been such a disadvantage to the other. Teams who were playing for the Round Robin to get into the playoffs. but I don't know I mean I think hockey NBA Mlb. I think that hockey looks and sounds the best with the tarps on and the kooks Great Looks Lake the the NBA looks great I. Just don't love that these NBA AH give it to the playoffs. I can't dig the NBA until the Playoffs Start Right and M O. B I watched the nets every night and You know watching last night those you know forty thousand empty seats I wish they would have done something different at the plastic people in whatever the paper people at Dodger Stadium that stupid looking. But I like the tarps that the NHL did makes it look a little cozier I think. But. I don't know by the way Strasbourg alive house s strategy to it. We don't know I, guess is nerve. His nerve comment is still impinging when they do the nets games and and they do the charge things and they have right scoreboard up and I sit in my house and I go. What are they doing? Why do? There's nobody there. What are you doing? Just play the game weird. I. Am that's why I think the NHL and and and the NBA did it a little bit better than the way basically based on the neckar completely different logistics but I think they i. think it looks okay. It's weird seem sports with no fan we talked about this months ago Tony on the air off the air. CBSSPORTS would know fans we have fans at sports. The energy? No No. No. Not Right now but I'm saying as a sports fan when you're watching sports, that's a massive void. You know golf wait till this weekend a major championship. Fans on. Zahed. Very odd be really on might enjoy yourself. Thank you, Steve. Thanks take. 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You can go to it right now you don't have to listen to me because we are that encouraging about the music Chris Eliza joins US Chris is on fire island he's not on fire it's a place. On. Fire Island is off Nassau county where I grew up what is going on. You have no power only twenty edge. You know I seek outdoor adventure. Whenever, I can whenever I get it. Why why is everyone lively? Yeah. So I my mom, a house, my parents house out and my mom is kept it. On Fire Island in. Santa Barbara One youth here and we come here every. County on Nassau Brides. Jones beach. Nestle. But it suffered. We drove right through Jones beach to get here and you have to take a ferry to get out your because you have no cars. and so when the storm that I can't pronounce so. They. Yeah. Okay. What you said when it rolled through yesterday, we were fine. Honestly. It really wasn't bad. It rained for like twenty minutes and then and then it was very windy for most of the day. But at you know three thirty, we lost power and we have yet to regain. As I said to Nigel for got on it is not. A Barrier Beach with twenty houses out of power is I think a huge priority for the Long Island, a bright energy company. So right I would assume we will get it back at some point, but that point is not right now. So, but fortunately, Sunny Day. Yeah. You know it's it's totally fine. Everything is fine. My Mom's house totally fine. We packed everything away we take. Everything is just down whims but overall totally one, hundred percent five and you did a TV hit right before you lost power. Dishes the greatest so they now can do all this stuff through. Webex. This thing of Siennas I tv hit we got my mom's house behind me decorated. TV kids watched upstairs. My wife watched it from just off camera and then the power went out but it was great because I talked about Donald Trump's interview with axios, which was a wild ride. Speaking of interviews, there's an interview of Chris Cillizza in Connecticut magazine it's rather lengthy. It's mostly a question and answer how do you How do you feel about the article? I thought it was good I mean I as a reporter I never trust by the reporters you know and they're like, yeah no, she's just really just a friendly piece about that always feels a recipe for disaster. but I I thought I thought it was good. Guy Was Really Nice I got to clarify. unbeknownst to me, some people think including my mother. Thought that I started to call my Alma Mater, the limits. Pella. Games the LOOMIS Chafee School for the rich. No. I did. Why would I do that I did and. So but that is clarified in the article. That's why central because that's always appreciate. That was very nice. You said some you said some very, very nice things about me and the podcast but here, three questions I wrote down and you basically just answered them there and he hit it right in a row. I write down do you ever worry about talking to another writer Jeff worry about an agenda I tell people go live if you can never let people. Your words but you would agree with all of those things, right? Hundred percents. Anytime anytime someone says Hitman. We're working on a profile of you I'm like. This is not good. Because the truth of the matter is if you type my name into Google. Like. The things that will come up aren't. VICI- vichy is not good. I told my kids never knew that this this show CNN and then things I screwed up or people who've attacked me right and so it's like, yeah I mean you're going to get those questions like well, the Columbia Journalism Review said Jira Parm Scom what do you think? Just Yeah I. I refuse I mean I didn't I we talked obviously to my Lee and that apparently everyone has told me that worked out. Great. I still can't bring myself to read it. I can't bring myself to read it from my choice agents but I always tell people I say if someone wants to interview you. Your. Best Safest route is totally live totally live and then, and then if you don't like it, just get out of it just say I'm done. That's all just leave. That is true. especially. I think that you're saying the other thing and of course, you have to know the taping laws and every state and I don't do this, but you can record it. So that, you have a copy of exactly what you said in the context that you said it but I I'm not that paranoid I probably should be but I'm not that bad. But yeah I I would say as a reporter and writer, you're always wary. Just. In general though this guy was lovely we talked about we talked about Mike Lee Ron Francis and Kevin Dineen and the whalers he's from Connecticut? We it was clearly not adversarial. He asked me one or two questions about people. Basically I think some people say you suck do you have any back? General it wasn't. You know I mean it was fine. No, it is. It's fine. It's very, very nice but I just boy. Oh, boy. I instruct the people PTI when people call up and they say we'd like to talk to Tony about this. It's Tony's answered. Everything is no he's not going to do it. He's not going to do it, and if they come back five or six times I finally have to say boy I'd love to but I you know, I'm having surgery and I just can't do it for the next five years. So that's The. I think you have to be an and I it Michael was I know about profile. You have to be very careful you. You have to do some of your own research which our PR team does recent research. It just just because I think, I think the idea if somebody said. and. They're gonNA profile. You like all super cool. Not No you have to kind of be you have to be wary I would say these doesn't mean you should never do it and I thought this was cool. It's GonNa run in the magazine and September Mike United saying how my mom you know I mean there's It's very nice. But as somebody who has written, I made a living for years not as a columnist. But as a takeout writer, I did kill files I know how it works. Don't do it again. Usually usually the rule of profiles, the more you talk. The more problematic it'd probably be. You know it's anytime i. read those big cover story profiles. It's like in a series of rate wide ranging interviews over three months. I'm like. Well, it's going to be good. Everybody. Everybody puts their feet in their mouth all the time. Right so we have sports, we have basketball, we have hockey, we have haltingly baseball Yeah, the nationals have been have been good lately the last few games on five hundred. Yeah. What what are your thoughts have? They have they taken your mind off other things have you dived into them? Yet I now have the MLB extra innings package and the got whatever the the basketball. So I can watch every game right? I. I always love sports. I, mean, I grew up on the sports report. New but not having at all. and I felt not that they need it. But I felt you know these people are going to be rich whether or not I think but but the the. The I think what we forget. They are painting real risks to baseball eventually football. I wouldn't do it. If seen at him you know we're going to be three. Days. I. If Houston and then we'll get a there's no way there's no way I would do that even. Now, it be twenty, five, million dollars a year. Maybe that would Chinese. But I do think it is worth noting he's headed taking actual risk forget that they're they're human beings some level you know I got this thing was fascinating I I mean the disappearance a little weird. But the you know what you're saying I, don't think it's worth it for me So yes, I. missed it I. Think I realize more. Sacrifice that they make and time to just watch I I've tried to watch. To Watch the. Basketball obviously. I'm watching any skiing. This weekend was tough because I'm on vacation. Has Sunday known that I want I've been watching the padres actually. Really good what did binders but watch the astros just. Small behind him. Sure. Show I watched that Joe Kelley my kids like headlines and that led us to. Was the I can't remember what anniversary yesterday was the anniversary of Nolan. Ryan. Hitting Rome adventure and then Robin Church. Right beating. So couple times. Coming. With me with my voice yeah I mean they they are they. They look at the for the scored from four months. You're breaking up where are you? Are you standing in one spot or you walking? Standing in one spot on the move. Yeah you just it's just a I I'M GONNA ask a couple of obligatory political questions but not many because I. Think you know my my feelings are that my feelings are Joe Biden should never ever debate donald trump's you'll biden should never say anything you make the election a referendum donald trump. If you're Joe Biden, I believe that is a sound strategy but when will he name a VP and in your mind has he locked himself in a dangerous way I think he will name. Decision this week I think he will announce that decision next week which I. Honestly it's very consistent with what we would historical priming they usually do it right before the convention convention starts get seventeen. although it's not a normal convenient obviously, but but it starts. I would expect you know August. Ten eleven twelve thirteen. Now when you say he has he locked himself in union that he has said he's GonNa pick a woman. Yes. No I. Don't think. So because I, think there's plenty of options. Terms of lucky wants to do go boring, go bold go historic I I don't think he's like him. So I I do however think they are thinking like you are which is if this pick taking announces a week from tonight. If the coverage of this pack is kind of kind of boring could've gone boulder they'll be totally happy with that. Because this election the there's two things that have happened over the last four months one. Donald Trump's handling of corona virus has been panned by the public and just does. Not really seen right. Those things go in tandem but there's a reason for that as you say they they they understand that. What trump needs to do at this point, draw them out right he needs to draw by now needs a made by make a big mistake or a series of yes. If I if I never left his how Biden announced. His. Be Extended in this house in Delaware. The whole rest of the campaign he would win. I mean he he he might take a little for like Oh is he hiding? What's he doing this? So what? Okay. Yes. So what it? Is a referendum on Sean currently on the Virus Donald trump loses. So I think that that goes into WHO Biden picks I think there's less likely you reach for someone like Elizabeth Warren you know you make make liberal happy because you don't really need to liberal Donald Trump. and. So they're not gonna not vote if you don't Pick Elizabeth Warren at this point, right it seems unlikely. So I think it's one of you know relatively small handful of people I think Common Harris despite she's kind of getting run down lately but I, think she's still no mix Karen back obviously from California number of Congress former speaker of the California assembly's in the mix. Seen Rice is still in the next one. millbank. Lambda her the other day. Yeah. Well Rush. Susan Rice as interesting pick in that I think Biden probably likes her the back from his relationship with her right. They served together. She was the national security adviser L. A.. Ambassador you win you went by but yeah, she has I mean if you're looking for the most boring pig possible, she's the one who affectively took the fall for what happened in Benghazi Libya. you know and that will dredge up conservatives. They will be very excited about that. Now is it enough to swings suburban women I don't think so but if you're willing even the most boring possible, she's probably not it I think Kisha Lance bottoms is still in the next seat, the mayor of Atlanta. Who see his do you know who she is beyond being the mayor of Atlanta do you know her her father is? No Major. Lance the rock and roll singer. My that's her father. I'm told this she's the daughter of Iraq. Bump bump bump bump bump major lance major lance. How cool is that? Hilarious? That's really cool. No. I've been told that I think that's true. I don't know you know what I don't have to be. That vaguely twins the memory someone told me her father was famous. So we'RE GONNA go. That's enough. That's second sorts confirmation. Very cool. So I. Think She's Stealing Casino. The issue there is Biden wants experience you know he he wants someone who I mean. He's seventy seven years old You know he wants someone who can step into that job if it's after one term, he decided some. Is being the mayor of Atlanta enough you know I, don't I don't know. But I think those are the the four and maybe throw Tammy Duckworth the senator from Illinois Injured in Iraq, double amputees. Lags, I sitting US senator a baby in in the Senate not actually. For but while serving in the Senate I, think she's GonNa Make Sushi them credible resume So I would say those five I don't think Warren I've been down on war is. Picking her I just don't think they. He likes her in terms of feels as though they have a connection there, very different, politically and I think he would have only picked her if. He had to you know if he felt like the party was fracturing. Given, my track record of predicting who's going to win elections. You should put all of your on Noah's with Warren being vp there. Yeah I think that's the safest thing to this. Thank you Chris, enjoy the rest of I. Hope you get power back. Yeah. We will eventually be I'm going to go walk the ocean. Okay. Good. It's all around you by. Eliza, boys and girls we'll take a break. We'll come back with email in jingle I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. The Don't. Doubt. Sony. Mail faxes Anchin note. Here comes. Back. Saab ferrall. News, but the whole Sandy. Facts. Jason Fused covering Gary Braun nods you WanNa talk about Bethesda Bagels, and then we'll do the rest of the rates I do need but I just want to confirm in fact that major lance is Kiesha Lens Yeah. Major. Linda. Rock and roll star. Bagels we love Bethesda bagels you want as well as several patients around the area. Just go to Bethesda bagels dot com for the location nearest you we go to the one at forty eight nineteen Bethesda Avenue. And they're open every day from seven to three PM. We let you as well stop by check them out that'll do it for us today. But before we get to the mail bag, let me just say when I pulled into Nazareth I was feeling about half past dead. I just need some place where I can lay my head mister can you tell me a man can find a bed? He just grins shake my hand. No was only said thanks to our guest today. That's the ban by the way Steve Sands on the golf channel CNN's Chris Cillizza thanks as well to our sponsors me undies in Lincoln Financial Room. You can listen to us on apple podcast spotify Google play radio DOT COM. If you get the show through tunes, please leave us a review Michael. You're checking your phone just a quick plug from Connor feral the women's Sam this week at Woodmen, and at the end it'd be you can watch it on the Golf Channel Four to seven today. Yeah. See the socialite wandering the Fairwood Country Club. Yeah. The socialite is probably going to be there. Yeah. So we're we all hope that does very very wants a beautiful day today from Rick. Sharp on Monday I went to one and two, thousand twenty emails read. If you read this one, I'm shutting it down to ensure I finished with a better winning percentage than the marlins from Ross, in Gainesville I was delighted to hear you mentioned the brothers four on the podcast I accidentally came upon them listening to an all Christmas Song Plan Chicago when they played Christmas is coming by the brothers four I'd never heard this nor had. My then fifteen year old son who was into all sorts of dreadful sounding music and even he said this is the greatest Christmas song ever for any of your listeners who haven't heard their version of this classic I, urge you to give it a spin. Mr Tony is right there rely heavily on vocals, and this is an amazing version. What's better than hearing the Geezer getting fat and if you haven't got a penny, penny will do what's a hey penny love your show when of course eats Eliza Hey, pennies a half penny. That's. In England yeah, YEAH WE BILL IS ACCENT I hope you're well in gaining weight no, I'm not last week Judd apoptosis production company reached out to the state of Garry shandling which as you know currently consists of me Judd as you also know, is somewhere on the list of people who slighted you try to make up for it by doing the great documentary about Gary Anyway after productions wanted permission for an image of Gary. Which is a painting that was in the background of the King of Staten Island and other really good movie by Judd I asked who did the painting and Bam David Aldridge moment the painter was Dan Bern I asked deeper in the musician. Yes. Apparently in addition to writing for your podcast and has been writing music for Judd's movies for some years. So I reached out to Dan and over the weekend I tweeted his painting of. Gary from at Garry shandling connective tissue from Carl boothby in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida which he says home of the Fifth Major. No not sure unknown peppers. Any chance you plant the Chinese seeds. These peppers have now turned yellow. They are in the process turning red Michael refused to eat one yesterday refused yet every time I come over there more slices on the count because we want to get you eat a man Shane in Madison. Wisconsin, I'm a product manager for a company. Wisconsin that is the world leader in Rodent Control Technology. We're not interested in Cayenne or hair mentors or any of that crap. We're instant one thing extermination. Your tomato evidence notwithstanding squirrels aren't actually considered agricultural pests or risk to public health. So you aren't allowed to poison them, but you can use traps in accordance with local regulations when you want to kill them let me know I am. The God of death, and that is a reference from Michael Clayton one of the greatest movies of all time from John Barnett and Bloomington Illinois. Third Time though you did not meet my previous two emails on the air but I think with this one, I was shot. So why up at four am I'm doing my usual morning routine reading several news websites when the headline grabs me that I thought might Pique your interest the title read Katie decky swims length of pool with glass of chocolate milk on our head. Naturally I was intrigued and I watched an face video of her pouring the milk placing on top of our heads swimming the length of the pool breathing through. A scuba tube carefully grabbing it and drinking the entire glass knowing what a fan you are of her and knowing that you have no social media accounts, whatsoever. I. Thought I would email to you and encourage Michael Nigel to show you truly an amazing feat. Of course then the inner Mr Tony methinks yes sure. She can do with chocolate milk but no way she could do it with regular milk. It's a totally different dynamic. I was shown this yesterday in fact it was happy trails was happy trails to spilt milk for Katie, decky. If it is real if it is not doctored it simply amazing. Yeah. She swims with a glass of milk on her head and doesn't spill a drop. As I said at the end of the the end of the show, I can't walk from the from the table to the sink without spilling something she swam fifty meters and it didn't didn't lose a drop of milk. It's just it's incredible. It's incredible. If you're by everybody has always do wear White House. Abs Es Pajamas show that Tony Kornheiser. Show fast. Sweating in. There's a heart. Muscle land both. Through the cover panic grants Ogle. Stuck in Dreamland. Gravel. I. More man. You got to come along just y'all. Going through routine. Staten. Limbaugh. Not. Your. I'm pushing sixty Lord have mercy on me. Some them. into me and I can taste it. Something's got a hold on me, I don't know how to shake it now then I can do learn despite land embrace it. Bush and sixty lowered have mercy on me. Li I've been noticing that something is the matter. My hair is theater but my belly's getting fatter. We to visit from my bladder Bush sixty Lord I gotta do. Boost and six stay. Ninety. Check. Sixteen. Jesus. Pieces drop. In. Trouble copen how? This is closed and wide open nowhere on Mackenzie. Senior moment Bush, and sixty lowered of mercy on the. How come I forgot the keys still indeed. Dinner burning in the kitchen how my losing My Fish. Bush sixty lowered. I wish I could see you. camp. Were Stephen Mountain. person. Six. Jesus on watching these dropped. Now my bell, the sluggish and call the drug is. Erica. Within Me Move in over got enough to you Ben. Our. Discount on my movie passes. Public I'm a symphony of gases. Remember, we put my reading glasses. Bush sixty lower dare up on my. Every week. Day Cold Not every day. I'm popping pills and squeezing. Am I really watch Laurence Welk for some enjoyment. Bush sixty lowered I. Wish I was dead. Verses Six Nine count. The Mountain. John. Jesus. Should the sister My Wind is breaking. Down my Choisir Aitken back and feel the muscle cramps. Geriatric to Oprah that chicken oh? My God. She called me grams. All the. Spots. Fade me look good. Cholesterol and sugar sags from. The Bushes six, they might potato is done. Now. I have to skip the with my favorite topping. Much pressure rising. Dropping now diapers to my supermarket shopping. Bushes sixty someone. Get me a gun. Count. Oh. Jesus. Grow. Watch.

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