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That's the ring dot com slash W. C. K. Welcome jam session. I'm Juliet Limon. I'm Amanda Dobbin still in quarantine. Hey Amanda Politically I've Dylan Quarantine still talking about Megan Harry. We're going to get into their statement released on Sunday night. GonNa Check in on to our faves. Brad Pitt Nancy Meyers just recommendations but I of course. Let's talk about the Sussex as your Los Angeles neighbors our Los Angeles neighbors. Yes that's true. We got a week off last week last week. We didn't actually talk about that. That was that was good for everyone I think. And unfortunately now they're back. I feel like we should talk. There's several facets of this. They were spotted in Los Angeles. And I sent you the Paparazzi photos and we tried to diagnose which neighborhood they in. Let's start there. Let's talk about where they are in. La The picture. There's two sets of Paparazzi photos. One is them leaving home on a slow on a very clear slope. So they're on a hill somewhere And then the other is then delivering meals in Burbank. And the clearly we're delivering meals in Burbank. Because they were next to like Zion's said Burbank. I looked it up the cool. That seems like a normal place to be delivering meals. I buy it where are they? Where are they currently saying so they were on a hell so that points to a couple of areas? I think it would be completely implausible that they are in Hollywood hills or above west. Hollywood like I'm the Sunset Plaza area because it's just There west side hustle issues. Obvious I agree with that. I think they're westside people because Meghan mother is she's aaliyah but she's on the West Side. I believe yeah. And there's there's more privacy and more mechanisms for them to stay relatively hidden on the side but I do agree when we were looking at the background of the photos they did have a certain. Hollywood hills vital to modern house. Yes it was a modern house that is common in the Hollywood hills. But I just don't I don't see that I guess you could. You can go over the hill and get to the valley fairly quickly but I think that would be so wild did. I just don't think Meghan would do that as she's very carefully cultivating her image. So I've been thinking about it. I think they're probably close to the getty up in those hills which is also wear like Jennifer Garner lives and for all five access but also close to the ocean. I think that makes that. They're probably not that close Jennifer Garner because if they were close to Jennifer Garner we would be aware of it because the Paparazzi are closer Jennifer Garner. Because they're also close to Ben Affleck and auto rbis rand so I think that's right that they're probably west side Ish. I they have to be in some sort of gated community. Yeah I think you're probably right. Yeah that's a good point. The other that's been rumored Is Beverly Park which is like at above Beverly Hills? Basically it's where it's where Villarosa or at least a banner pump lives is possible but I think they're probably like someone with good 4:05 access and in that also could be on the other side of the four or five which is like Belair Ash. Basically so I think they're either Brentwood Canyon or Belair. That's just my just my take. Have you noticed that? Do you think you're projecting at all? Because any time I ask you about where you would live given unlimited resources and or where you would recommend that celebrities or people with a lot of means live in Los Angeles four or five accesses a common theme with you. Yeah I think it's important for them. Okay expand on that for people who are not familiar with Los Angeles. It's a highway with Carpool Lane. Which is essential. It takes you valley for shopping and like Sushi. And it's just like a line of demarcation that I think people associate with. I think that if I was really rich I would live in those fields hills. Close to Griffith Park for probably or Melba. I have been running past that. I've been doing a lot of running on those feelers boulevard. Which is Bono says hills Because it's very wide and so you're able to keep a much further distance away from people except for cars. Go racing down those fields boulevard and yell at them if you have been driving down those boulevard and a woman has been saying rude things to you from behind your car. That's me just steph way I slowdown. There's room for everyone but it does look very beautiful in those hills. I think that's a great choice. That's Mark Ronson was living that is was living. Yeah where do you think they are? I think Westside Bel Air or similar someplace where there is space and also I do think. Some sort of gate gated community. Just some Bas- you know most of the celebrities. I have been thinking about gated communities because on the aforementioned runs that I'm going on I run by a very small gated community That's between Los Villas Boulevard and Franklin Avenue. In like it's Kinda Hollywood Hills East. Pretty it's between Hollywood hills and the lowest field is hells and I believe it is where Angelina Jolie lives and several other celebrities. But it's gated and they're they're very nice subtle gates that's where will be delivered right. Yes because that's Angelina. Jolie bought that house but it just is very clear and those are just. Those were the streets that I can't run down and that's fine. I have other streets that I can run down but I can't imagine them going with all of the speculation and the tabloids will they buy this Malibu House by that Malibu House and while they live here in there if there are other houses visible in the photos of the house? They're not buying it because they need a certain amount of physical barriers so I think probably somewhere in the west side hills is the best case for that. Yeah I agree with that and also like it's not likely but it's possible the house. They were photographed outside of their which brings us to the next photos earliest. Not where they're staying because it seems like there's some suggestions they staged the photos of them delivering the meals in Burbank. A what is the? What is the grounds for that? That because we got security cam footage and then there are Paparazzi photos. They seem aware of the Paparazzi. Yes just just that they were doing a good deed and they are caught in the act of of this. Instead of just basically like allowing for the I don't know if it's true basically setting up the photo op so that it wasn't so that security cam footage wasn't being sold essentially. Yeah I could see that. I wouldn't be surprised I will also say I. I have to imagine that are the single. Most in demand photograph that exists right now and Paparazzi need to to even if we don't we both consume their work and feel really queasy about it. I'M NOT GONNA pretend to be above Paparazzi photos when we spent ten minutes being like well. Do you think it's this neighborhood? We're really not but I'm conscious conscious of the conflict inherent there but so I do kind of think. At some point they were going to be found by the Paparazzi now were. They wasn't intentional that they were found doing charity work. Possibly but I'm also you know. They're out there delivering meals to people who need it and a time when we need to do that. And I'm just not going to criticize it at all. I think if you're listening to this and if you can either give to the ringers find your local food bank or two frontline workers or if you if there's anything you can do to help anyone in need right now that it's way more important than anything else we are discussing and so if they arranged it in order to remind people do that. That's fine. It's not what I would do. But it's fine. Okay yeah I agree with you. I mean they also they are staging photos. It's great to stage photos doing a good cause not going walking. Your dogs are going to get coffee or go down to walk you know. I think that like their intentions to do good are definitely there. They just make so many other bizarre choices and that leads to the statement they put out on Sunday night which with more context becoming a little clearer. Why did but it's still pretty strange. Let me just read it. It was longer than it needed to be. So we'll just read pieces of it. Essentially they put. They basically said they're no longer going to be complicit in working or in any way work with us on the Daily Mail the daily express and the Daily Mirror it also includes the Mail on Sunday which is part of the Daily Mail essentially and all right. So here's what they said as Duke and Duchess of Sussex now settle into the next chapter of their lives no longer receive any public support. We are writing to set a new media relations policies specifically as it pertains to your organization so this went to before outlets though. It doesn't necessarily say that in the statement like you. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex believe that a free press is a cornerstone to any democracy particularly in moments of crisis at its bassus per free press shines light on dark places telling stories that would otherwise go untold standing up for what's right challenging power and holding those who is a system to account. This is very Washington Post to them. Democracy dies and darkness Moving on we'll skip a few pieces here. It's gravely concerning that. An influential slice of the media over many years sought to insulate themselves from taking accountability for what they say or even when they not be distorted false or invasive beyond reason when powers enjoyed that responsibility trust we all place in this much-needed industries degraded. There's a real human cost to this way of doing business and it affects every corner of society. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have watched people they know as well as complete strangers have their lives pulled apart for no good reason other than the fact that salacious gossip boosts advertising revenue with that sad. Please note the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not be engaging with your outlet. There'll be no cooperation in zero engagement. This is also a policy being installed for their communication teams in order to protect that team from the side of the industry that readers never see. That's kind of the most important paragraph They also said what they don't do offer themselves up. As a currency for the economy of Click Bait and distortion we are encouraged. This new approach will be heard and respected. So it's came out on Sunday night and was like pretty immediately derided by both fans and critics alike. Yes sir I mean this is timing and I think this goes for everything that they're doing which is just spectacularly bad timing and making things about them at a moment when just it's really were not focusing on these petty problems and we're not focusing on these issues. We have larger problems and more important people. Focus our attention on but they they do. I feel for them. It is bad timing. The reason that they released this on Sunday night it came out or my best. Guess probably has something to do with the fact that they're the first hearing and their lawsuit against the Daily Mail. Is this week this coming Friday? And since this statement The court documents that had to be submitted for that hearing have started making their way into the press and there are a lot of the text messages and personal communications between Megan. Markle and Harry and her father and Other information that I'm sure that they don't want out in. That is being raked through in the Daily Mail and every other tabloid and and that you know I have read and you have read so at some point if they can't control the timing of the court hearing which apparently happening like via zoom conference then. They can't control that. This information is coming out and it is personal and I do understand wanting to do something. I wouldn't have done this personally. I still think they're getting like absolutely terrible advice. Just like the worst. Yeah absolutely I also think why. Couldn't they have acknowledged that this information is coming out like? I think it would've been better to be like our our court case in our continued fight for our privacy and to uphold the laws of the UK continues this week and as a result sensitive personal materials will be disclosed. We ask that you respect our privacy while Blah Blah. I mean I think it's completely reasonable to be unhappy that these that this information is coming out. These communications are coming out. I think it's completely reasonable to want privacy and you know. Obviously there's like a fine line as we love to dissect all removes but like try to do it from a safe distance and respect that I think to like continually trying to like make what they think. Believed TO BE PROACTIVE statements. About like what they will not be doing is so it comes off as a juvenile and entitled and I think that's the real that's really the essence of it is like it just feels amateurish and like not fully thought through. Yes they're trying to be both above it and get reap all the benefits from it and it's a very have your cake and eat it to situation and you just can't do that. I agree with you. It's perfectly reasonable to express your dismay that this information is coming out in public and that everyone is allowed to read it. I also would be upset. I do believe that as members and benefactors from their royal trust they had like a certain responsibility to the public but it does not involve a private conversations with your parents. It does not there is a line. There is a basic right to privacy. That was not respected here. So I think even you know suing the press gets in like icky or iffy territory right now for larger reasons that we really don't get into in this podcast but I also understand the case that they have against the Daily Mail. I just don't understand why you can't say were suing because we don't like what happened and then after you win you say we won an hour no longer going to be speaking with them right. It's just this whole thing of making a big to do of what you're not going to do. Just draws attention to it creates a vacuum that people can fill with all sorts of things. And it just doesn't make any strategic sense. Yeah the other thing is already said this. They said this in January. They're not cooperating with the railroad so we get it we know that already and also the best way to not cooperate is not just to ignore them just stopped giving them the access and they won't then they won't really have the stories and they'll have less ammo against you. I don't I don't understand why they usually proclaim things all the time. They're no longer royal proclamations not necessary. Yeah I agree with that and you know. It's a little bit like the conversation we were having last week. Ignore ignore pretend that things don't exist whether it's a commentator or the Daily Mail because they've that's the only power you have and getting someone to go away is not giving them attention if you give them any attention. It keeps fueling them now. I do understand in both cases. Actually why would personally be very hard to do that like especially the Daily Mail and the UK tabloids are going to keep covering them regardless. And they're gonNA keep being vicious and unfair and probably printing a lot of lies and printing a lot of things. That are just unfair. And if you're you know you're a human being and I think you can to some extent feel like the humanity and the outrage in this of just like. Please stop doing this. Please stop interviewing my you know half sister or whatever who just says terrible things about me all like that is human and I really get it and it is very hard to sit not respond to those things and that's why you need a PR team and that's why you need a bunch of intermediaries to be handling it for you so that you don't swing at every pitch but yeah you just can't just don't do it. Ignore it as best you can. Because that is the only way that they will lose power bright and there needs to get their side of the story out. There is like so intense. But you know you just gotTa let it go guys. Just I understand how hard of that is like. I know that look very easy for me to say that but I don't think they're doing themselves a lot of favors. No one does the other. Tricky thing here is that there is like wanting an invasion of privacy and just wanting the attention to go away and there is wanting attention on your own terms and this seems if it were just the former. I think we will get your statements. I think we would. Honestly we would see last pop razzi photos but it just is this sense that it's not. It's not that they want to hide. It's that they want to be living on exactly their own terms and on the one hand I get it. I WANNA live on my own terms as everyone in my life knows every single day but they really want the attention and they want to be able to to benefit from the attention and there is something that just seems like misguided about their strategy and also again at this particular moment. It's not really. It's not what anybody wants. Nobody really wants to be giving them attention right now. We have more pressing issues and it would be a great time for them to actually have a functioning charity or arm or something where they could use their platform to focus attention more towards causes that need it right now and they don't and so again that's a little bit timing on a little bit bad planning and a little bit and a lot very very bad press strategy. But it's it's not what you want. No it's certainly not and then I my favorite updates been Harry. Come from Jane Goodall. Whenever she did she says it. Harry misses the UK. But like of course she's lived their whole life and now he doesn't so. I don't know it's very hard to know like what's actually happening that who knows I was thinking. Can you imagine how weird it must be to go through this for both of them? This tremendous life change and then as soon as it happens you know the whole world changes to and they're just in some rented house. I guess they've just been in various rented houses for the past two years. Yeah and they are more use than others to not really being out in the world and to being cut off from people. I guess that's sad but must be very strange to be so far from home. Yes especially when yet? I mean you know his his dad had it. Oh it's so weird and his dad and his prime minister but I suppose I duNNo. I hope they're happy and I think that's also gonNA continue to get uglier as the Court case goes on. I hope that they hire some publicist. Some real better. Some different ones from the people who are currently advising them because it's not working. No more statements do just just do what you can i. Yeah I feel for them but also they opened this lawsuit. You Know Yeah I. It's not even really the lawsuit that is necessarily bothering me. It's it's it's everything else. Yeah keep your head down and try to help other people Harry Meghan Good Luck. We will continue to look at photos of you and Phil Phil. Mixed about it. But let's be honest. We'll keep looking like all we can do is be honest. We're GONNA keep okay exactly all right. Let's move on but I got a new shell. Hey what's up everybody? I'm to Mel Hill and I'm Ben late to introduce new podcast. The wire way down in the hole we're going to recap breakdown in analyze every episode of the iconic. Hbo Hit series. The wire starting from the beginning with sees a one first episode. Hit you on April fifty. Every podcast episode will include Recap Signature moments foreshadowing key character deep dive little known facts and also awards such as we love your show. But the stringer bill. Fuck boy award my personal favorite episode and more so subscribe to the wire way down in a hole on spotify apple podcast or wherever. You get your podcast. We'll see you in west Baltimore on April fifteen. Subscribe to the wire way down on the whole wherever you get your podcasts and now Amanda last week we spent an inordinate amount of time or perhaps a reasonable amount of time on Brad Pitt. He was on celebrity. Iou and since then. Nancy Meyers has caught this show. I want to say I was very touched by the many many jam session listeners. Who Sat me and you this. Nancy Meyers Instagram Post. I felt seen and known and understood from faraway. So thank you to everyone. Yes over the weekend. Nancy Meyers posted on instagram. I will just a video of Brad Pitt. Hugging one of the property brothers and it's a clip from celebrity. I owe you. And here's the caption. I'm on day. Forty one of my quarantine so I maybe seeing things but it seems Brad Pitt is on property brothers. Whoever did this for me? Thank you multiple exclamation points. Sound up all caps Bingo exclamation point. Great stuff absolutely love it. Ansi Myers is like in the great category of people over fifty using instagram. Who are sort of like sharing their the delights. They come across as they happen. And you know it is delightful the sort of the distance with the platform but the genuine nature of the message is very pleasant and I recommend following Nancy buyers. I really do. I have a request which I understand that. Nancy Meyers is a film director and not an architect and builder in any way. But I do feel that a Nancy Meyers director's commentary of celebrity. Iou would be content. That I personally would really enjoy. And so it seems like she's in quarantine. She has some time if anyone listening knows. Nancy just consider it. I Bet Nancy has some thoughts on Santa Monica Flatlands. You know what I'm saying. There's hard to fathom that she hasn't had a design show. The homes are a hallmark of her her movies. Let's get her and her production designer onto a TV show. I think it's a great idea. I mean seriously that person. It's got to be the same person all the time. Haven't looked into this but I just assume continuity of aesthetic. You know let's start with a three minute instagram video. That Nancy Meyers can do from home. Nancy I believe in you Brad Pitt also popped up on some good news. The John Krasinski web show. That is very charming and as Brad Pitt. It's really we should just say also on this show he hosted a stay at home prom from billy eyelash and the Jonas brothers I mean people are really committing to some good news. As is John Krasinski. Who's just all in? I didn't used to like John Krasinski. And now I've had to revise my opinion also because it seems like everyone else likes him like famous people not famous. People everyone yeah. I slight the Homespun vibe of this still. It seems like he was like I don't know I should just try this and everyone else is like. Yeah Okay John. We'll try it with you. It's like it's like the Gal Gadot. Imagine gone right sort of right. I just like you must be so bummed that a quiet place to didn't come out and he probably carved out all this mental energy being promotional front and center mode that he was like a here. What should I do with this but I really admire that? Instead of sulking or being movie got delayed and I don't have anything to do. I don't know that I would find the positive energy to do something but I admire that he did and I really admire that. He Got Brad Pitt to do the weather. Which of all the Cameos of course this is. It's like that's three second cameo that I want to focus on but it was really important because it really is just like a now the weather and it's three seconds of Brad Pitt. Sticking his head outside of home and being like it's Nice And then it's over that's it and he's he's wearing the same hat. It's a new brand. Because he's wearing a sweater amid green crew neck sweater. It looks like kind of a very vintage J. Crew Nineties J. crew situation which I really liked and I would love to bring back for myself and for others in my life and it was definitely analyzing the skyline behind it to try to figure out where exactly Brad is located. Though I I do know that he is along the hills east from where I am a bit. I have a general sense of his location but was confirmed it was a little bit lower in the hills than I expected to be. Quite honest looks like an arts and crafts style house to me. Just based on the very little we can see yeah which is But again I'm assuming that it's his house because everyone's at their home right now but Brad Pitt is one of those people who own three to four houses in the neighborhood. I know that he is also friends with several other people in the neighborhood. I believe that is also where David French our lives. I'm told that SODERBERGH is around there as well so he could be. You know borrowing someone else's home the likelihood that we are seeing Brad Pitt's actual living quarters to me seems quite small. Even in special circumstances he is very private and I think he knows better than that. But it looked lovely. Yeah it does. It does look lovely. Also who doesn't want to bring back J. crew of like the turn of the century Great Times Great Chunky cotton? It's sweaters which I happen to love. Personally I love J. crew from like nineteen like when the Pacey and Joey Catalogue of Nine Hundred Zero Creek Cadillac worse of more doing oral history of that catalog so that exist that was really really formative for me and I definitely. I'm sorry for the children who are listening to this. Who weren't born then? Also I guess thanks for listening to old old people do a podcast but that was very formative catalog for me. That specific Dawson's creek one but also all of them. I mean I remember. I bought so many ill-fitting Khakis because I was like. I think this is how I need to look and I need to try out the different shades of the Khaki Elsa the color naming was so evocative in the cloud and album and it spoke to me. It's best young letters definitely see phone green. Yes yeah moving along. Let's talk about some things that were we're into right now like I don't know what you're what are you reading right now. Manda Right now. I am reading this sequel to a year in Provence by Peter Male. Have you ready your progress? I have not. I've heard good sue. It's something that had been recommended to me by several people as kind of like escapist French travel literature I watched under the Tuscan Sun a few weeks ago and everyone was like okay but a urine provides is actually make sense and is better which having now readier prevents. I can confirm that. That's true but yeah so it's it's about a British man and his husband who I think in the late in the early nineties moves to provide a house and it's just about his first year renovating the House and Learning About Provence. Senate is entirely escapist and really lovely and I found myself looking forward to reading it at the end of the day because it was so soothing and then I would like stop reading to explain to Zach like how you hunt truffles. And why did you know that? Do you know the number one problem with using a pig to hunt. Truffles know what he might eat it. Yeah and then you have to fight the pig to get the truffle away but obviously pigs are quite large so then. You're like wrestling a pig. So people prefer to use dogs that have been trained like pigs or whatever. I know a lot about trough hunting. If in the ninety S if people want to ask me so I I finished reading. It was very delightful and my next big. Reading project is actually that. I'm GonNa read Wolf all mental and then I'm GonNa read bringing up the bodies which is the second and the third in the trilogy just came out so I'm going to try to do all three. That's like my ambitious reading but I guess it was Sunday night. I was supposed to start my ambitious reading. And instead of starting my ambitious reading downloaded to your boss this sequel to which I have to tell you. It's kind of like disconnected essays. It's really peak. This book did really well so I guess I'll just you know empty the contents of my new book yet. It's not as good but I'm having a lovely time. What what I'm reading planning to read. Okay great love it. I don't remember why but somehow I think we'll get back into some Sarah vowel. Who's like one of my favorite writers and I'm reading partly cloudy Patriot. Which is her essay collection from. Two Thousand Two. And it's just great. I'm also really liking reading. Essays like reading to time and then putting them down and like having a lot of like small bites to come to and Sarah vowels my idol like just in terms of body of work and the way that she thinks and I'm really enjoying reading some like uncomplicated. American history with like injections of like pop ideas and I really recommend that. She's just the absolute best. I just feel like I don't know if I could be someone else. It would be Sarab al. Probably I really love that for you. I'd like to have her mind. I was also going to say I would love for you to have her incredible money but yet to both would be great for you. I also admire Sarah. I have found that I have been doing comfort reading before this. I I had life after life by Kate Atkinson on my IPAD and it was late at night and I don't know I just started reading it and then three days later I had reread the whole thing and that is a very upsetting book. I was about to say it is a interesting book to read Right Out. There are some parallels and but. I find I find the way that she writes comforting if not the subject matter so and it was familiar and then I did move from that to a year provides so I'm not trying that hard everybody but yeah I mentioned the Wolf Project because maybe people here will hold me to some sort of accountability. Now that I've said it out loud the other thing just to follow up so we talked about Camilla. Parker Bowles is reading list last week two weeks ago recently on the podcast and I was very excited as I imagined on the podcast and I went to my trusty libby APP. The library was very sure that I would be able to get all of these books like fourteen week waits for all of the Camilla Books. They are extremely and demand. Camilla Parker Bowles is influence is quite strong and or she's picking books that are very popular that I'd never heard of but so weightless for like five different books but the earliest one is going to come in a month so I have to find some way to fill the. How will you feel your time? Well probably by reading one hundred pages of Wolf Hall and checking the Libya everyday being like. Is it ready? Is it ready? And then maybe one day it will be anyway. I'd like to recommend to you. The new show ethics Belgravia Julian fellowes. Down Abbey's new show. Yes I watched two episodes last night. And it's like just as you'd expect from Julian fellowes like a a a very beautifully designed and spoken and British accents. Soap Opera and man is a great. I love it. It's really good to crucial characters. Die In the first episode. So that's all you need to know. I believe it or not have actually read Belgravia the Julian fellowes novel wow this is adapted from Julian. Fellowes has several novels that I recommend to people they are the Julian fellowes experienced by in novel form. You know again. It's not Kate Atkinson but they're pretty good so I'm looking forward to it. I just kind of have to arrange my various streaming services so that I'm able to watch it but that's definitely on my list there's a free epochs trial on Youtube. Tv right outs. It's really great. Okay that's great to know. Have you been watching Mrs America? No going to. Its next on my list to deal you know I am. I've really been enjoying reading. I feel like I. It was hard for me the beginning of quarantine but now especially with essays. It's Real I've really been getting into it. I'm like Oh fifteen minutes like Oz reading asa and that's been really nice. Yeah I also finally got to a place where I could boast read and I have been watching more movies which is good. Because I'm supposed to for work but MS America's the first TV show that. I'm like oh I'm I'm excited to watch this. That's great that's a nice feeling it's about Phyllis schlafly and whereas Steinem and the fight about the IRA in the seventies and it starts. Kate Blanchett is Phyllis Schlafly and Rose Byrne as Gloria Steinem and everyone in every other not every other but many actresses who you admire are in the show and it's very smart and while made so I recommend it. It's fun it's on Hulu I'm in. I'm I'm definitely planning to watch it. It's been really a lot of TV. I caught up in Westworld so I've just been busy. I'm not caught up on Westworld. You don't need to catch me up your top celebrity instagram right now. Thanks so much for asking I still if I had to pick one place other than my home to be. And this isn't one of those things which like pick a table even though you know what? I think those are kind of fun. I always know exactly what table I would sit at. It's very clear today but this is not a pick a table this just if I had to be anywhere else it would be in the Union Wade household. They seem to be having a great time. Eilly do they're just they'RE TWAIN. Wade was like cooking deep. Fried Red Velvet Orioles the other week. He was just doing cooking tutorial for no reason and they're playing games. They're in the pool. They're making means I just. I would like to be a part of that household. It's every day I go to check in and I'm glad that I did. I'd like to be in a home. That has the Peleton. I think we can assume that. Have one similarly. I feel like I usua- curry's like having a great time in quarantine is well not to say great but like first of all. She looks great these days. She clearly pull really committed to working out a lot. I know she has Palestine I think she cooks lots like their home. Seems good as well wants to meals for me. I'm really getting sick of taking care of my own meals. It's like my least favorite part of life right now. I'm enjoying it but as you know I like cooking so I find a ridiculous amount of a brain. Real estate is committed to. What will I make for the next meal? And when am I gonNA start making it and and I'm trying to you know? Avoid waste and make the best of the resources. So it's like a puzzle of like how will I use this little bit of this? Can I do this? And maybe if I'd like pickled onions I can put them in this other thing Pickering London's pretty easy. Did you know he didn't yeah? You just pour vinegar over onions and Polo salt and sugar. If you want. That's that there was a great episode of the Magic School bus about pickling about cucumber into a jar so that's the basis of my information about pickling in general. I mean that's that's it. That's how you do it so. I have been enjoying it but it was already a hobby and like something that I enjoyed in a way. I just find that my brain shuts off like when I'm shopping signing. It's one of the only times that I just actually not thinking. So that's good and mileage may vary. Can I tell you the other thing I really got into you? Yeah okay well you brought up the Peleton and it made me think of this so my preferred exercises running and when I can run in Los Angeles safely and medicines. I've been doing that but it's like Ben Rainy and I find that exercise is like I'm in a better mood. After I do it. You can know the days when I didn't exercise so Kenmore. Now who is a media personality from the two thousands turned author and basketball fan and ringer fan? Thank you Martin L. She was one of the early. This was not a name back then really but she was one of the beauty bloggers. She was and she. If you're interested in media stuff. I recommend her book had a wreck. Your Life it's very niche but she has a particular voice anyway. I follow cat on twitter and she recommended the workout videos of a celebrity trainer named Kit Rich. Who IS JENNIFER? Lawrence's trainer among ratings and a great name Kit Rich. It is a great name and cat was saying that the videos are thirty minutes long. Because that way you'll do them and that was really appealing to me. And that I just Kinda felt that Cap Martin Allen I would have the same tolerance for bullshit in this particular area and so one day when it was pouring. I haven't gone outside. I was like okay. I'm going to be influenced by Cameron and I'm going to do this video. Which is on Youtube? You can find it on Youtube. I put it on my TV. I loved it. I can't stand this sort of stuff as you know. I hate organized anything but especially finished glasses. I you are one of the only people who has ever got me to go to a soul cycle class and I did it with you because I like doing things with you I. I have otherwise not gone back because I really don't like people telling me what to do. I loved K. Rich I just really liked provide. It was thirty minutes as promised which is really useful. It was incredibly hard and I did the modified version of the workout. For at least fifty percent and really seventy-five if we're being honest but there was just something that was not annoying about her. When she was giving you encouragement I was like okay. I will accept your encouragement. It's very hard for me to accept encouragement from people so if now is finding someone who's like positive affirmations you find palatable that's the key to a workout class like Howard the affirmations delivered does it sync up for your personal needs right and again. I JUST WANNA say thirty minutes that which is just. You can do it for thirty minutes as soon as you get to forty five. I'm like well that's a lot of time and I don't really know whether I have that kind of time but I don't know if you also benefit from an endorphin boost or looking for something else to do. I really recommend kit rich. Thank you to get rich. Thank you thank you to Jennifer Lawrence. I guess I also could understand how she fits with Jennifer Lawrence. It was a little bit of a. I WANNA say not taking it too seriously. Was the vibe while also being a good workout I don't WanNa. She was ahead of her time. But I feel that I have a new appreciation for Jennifer Lawrence. I feel stick has become really commodified in a way. And she's no longer doing it which I appreciate but like she was really into vendor pump rules very early she was. She was fairly early in terms of like being cited to meet Kris Jenner. Sort of like being the relatable celebrity is now such like a normal state of celebrity that I think we take it for but she was kind of early. Yes I think that's a great point and I think this confirmed to me that she has good taste and she's doing it out of her own interest in authenticity. It's like I was like oh I get it. I understand why this works Rio and I and I kinda like it too so I'm gonNA check it out. I've only done one can rich video which is like the most popular one. But I'm thinking about trying another one. Youtube is that where you go. It's just on. I mean you can find her website. But she has a youtube channel and they're all right there and their thirty minutes. I think she's also been doing some live streaming during the during the Corinthian has also been doing some stuff with. I think. Baby the baby which is a Charity that a lot of celebrity mothers specifically work with but seems to do great work. So you can do that and support a good cause and also feel like Jennifer Lawrence for thirty minutes. I'd love to. I'M GONNA check that out. Thank you for the recommendation. Thank you everyone for listening. And we'll be back next week. Hopefully I present them Harry News. Well also hopefully other topics as well who knows the celebrity landscape holds by Amanda Juliette?

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