Episode 70 - Master Alchemy Coach Chip Does A Power Half Hour


This is the universe speaking to. You are now tuned into the Modern Spiritual, life coaching podcast? By a certified master life, coach and spiritual guide coach chip. William Souls. We now begin this episode of a transformational journey. unedited. UNSCRIPTED. And creating something from nothingness. Nah. They're being. On a modern spiritual life coaches! It's. Broke out to you sacks. Back well, I don't think. That! Is better than your. Champion Kid. Told you baby. Don't you gotTA sell me up? told me he was spectacular. Sunny days where you live. Be Back? I don't think hands on well. Wow. Wayne Champion. Acting. Needed Shanty you. Can. Your? Champion. Immune! It's coach ship on this Saturday. Giving you a power half hour on the modern spiritual life coaching podcast, and this is date number. Fourteen quarantine is up for the covid nineteen on the Home Front. I've doing fantastic. We're going to put a lot of power into to this. podcast this afternoon, and I wanted to mention to you too as well as on Monday morning at six am mounted time Arizona. We're going to do the new morning. Gratitude show and that I got a lot of great things. Lined up right now. We're GONNA, get into doing a power releasing map meditation, plus we'll do a seven-minute tuna up for our shock rouse. And a whole lot more also, you WANNA follow us on twitter. Go ahead and do that and subscribe to our Youtube Channel as well and on our facebook page. That'd be greatly appreciated. You can go to www dot shas. PODCASTS DOT COM or the modern spiritual podcast dot com, and they could donation to help support this podcast, but right. We're going to to recovery's over, and we are just doing absolutely fantastic on this. Saturday, with a lot of energy built up here we go. We're GONNA get ready to go to this. Right here on the monitor spiritual. Life Coaching podcast welcome. Deeply the many processes and techniques will reprogram you mind. To create change. Deep down. You. And let go as well as begins all to medically style. Letting go many things in your future. So you continue. The same in letting. Lose your. If you. Take a deep breath. And hold for a moment. Long! Gone. Holy for. A. Long. Gone. These. is the feeding read say. Senior? By This guy. You. So. Deal if Bassett. Good. As you do now. Begins. More. Chooses Some mind! Feels? By surprise. Instead. You. That starts. Mansions. Backpacks Scott. Thinking about this situation. Lack. Su- The morning you New York. Tonight. Taking control. Me Program. lost. What. Rush. Something you want. The images of you doing more things you love. South, more. Walks in. The more vaporize bad thoughts. The Not. Take control alive more. What you can do. Mental. Suppose. This. Feel good consciously for. Do, fans, going gach. Those things. More time people want. The morning. Want to. rounded. Makes a difference. This! Change. You're? thinking. Walked. The laces you like being way lights. Things are. You enjoying. Roy. Held you back. More and more. and. Stopping. An. Keynesian. Mind what you want. Now. This. Show. You. something. Positive. Situation. See from. A. You now allow. Sees Mola. Blurry. Colo.. Now. Sure? In esten. Lacombe wide. In. Giving less. Roller. S in. Europe conscious now. Is. To let go of things held you. And things. Seeing you? Less important. Stuff. or You're focusing more and. What you do want to have. Is that you enjoy doing more of the things that you love to spend you talk. now. Fresh! And excited about how you feel and the possibilities for the future, and about how more and more things that held you back, but too long of gone. A, not going now as you wake. Fully back to waking consciousness as I count back from five to one, you wake up. Five? Feeling more relaxed. For! Intrigue. Three! Focused, too. Curious and fool of energy one wide awake now. I, shock rock. Chart. hearth shock rock. Six shot. Shawcross. A! Fan. that's seven-minute shock run tuneup by Jonathan Goldman, and before that was the releasing power nap from John Vincent this is the Monitor. Spiritual Life Coaching podcast. This concludes our episode number seventy for the power half hour on the Saturday and I sure can tell you that the seven minutes shocked Brown tuneup was shaking the floors here in the studio, and I can feel the vibration all the way up to my body. It was very powerful, and that's what we need. After all this chaotic energy for the last couple of weeks to the last couple of months, putting everything upside down and out of control in this country in through the globe, so let's continue on right now, and this is going to be the sole sound healing meditation for the. Mountain Energy and this is going to be all with the Tibetan. bowls. And this is really an excellent one to meditate or just Kinda Joan out I call it cloud nine, and it will put you into another relaxed state. It will fix the the vibrations at of your shock res- well they will raise the vibrations up there and you feel just the ultimate. This is how I feel all the time. With all this stuff, so that's why I decided share with you guys here. If you're sound healing, meditators or sound, healing, musician, and you like to get your stuff played here on the monitor spiritual. Life coaching podcast. All you have to do is write me an email at chip. Add modern spiritual podcasting DOT COM, that's chep at modern spiritual podcasting dot com send me an email with their MP3 three, and we'll get it on the air here, and then I'll return it back with an email is well. Let's you know when it's going to air. What episode? And Right now I'm GONNA. Bid You good day. Good night! Wherever in the world you may be be safe with this covid nineteen, because over twenty one states have surged and. Has One hotspot. I just got through all of this stuff being with the. Exposure to the covid nineteen and we are about recovered here from that, and now we going to do our venables to keep from contracting again I didn't try to, though my wife did as she just about. Completed with the recovery on this as of Monday. That's when the health and human. Services will stay up a recovery on that, and then we can go about what we're going to do and take extra extra precautions as well. So in the meantime here we go with the mountain energy right here in the modern spiritual life coaching podcast of a Saturday edition of the power half hour. ooh! ooh! Hum. Hum. Talk and

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