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The following program contains graphic material including offensive language. Your this questions advised. Jeez. Got The news g talks with newsmakers g encourages us to have. And she cries with us, speaking truth to power, and Questioning Authority daily. It's the Nicole Sandler show. Welcome to a Thursday another busy day in America I just read something I i. don't even know who to attributed to somebody on. Twitter just posted an October surprise. Every day of the year. Yeah, I don't know what they could come up with an October that we haven't already than hit over the head with, but so it goes Hey, there is some breaking news yesterday we were standing by. Was it yesterday? Was Tuesday boy the days just run together, don't they? They do for me on Tuesday I was waiting with baited breath as they say. Oh, no, it was today. Actually Oh my God. On Monday and Thursday wow. I need to rewind. rewind the tape on Monday. You know we were waiting for Supreme Court decisions. They gave us very little. Today knowing that there were fourteen decisions left to. Announce we thought today was going to be a big day especially since the term, the Supreme Court term and on Tuesday of next week it runs through June and June. Let's see ends on Tuesday. June thirtieth is Tuesday. So today because there were still fourteen cases to announce. I wasn't alone in thinking that we'd get at least five or six of them today. But no, but now and so yeah. What they announced today was one. Just one Supreme Court decision and it was a pretty. fucked up one to be frank just last week, you know the the dreamers got a bit of a reprieve. Right so on a technicality really but. Nonetheless because the the trump administration didn't. Follow, the correct procedure in trying to shut down daca something that I guess they're. Legally allowed to do they didn't do it. They didn't follow the rules. Because trump is an idiot, who was completely? You know incompetent. Was Not prepared for this job and you know sometimes you think well. It doesn't matter as long as they surround themselves with good people well. He didn't surround himself with good people. So. Yeah so. They just did it wrong. They didn't know what the fuck they were doing. So that said they wound up. Not you know. They lost the trump administration lost that argument on a technicality that the law says they can. Try again to do away with Dhaka. They just have to follow procedure. What the? Experts that people who know a lot more about this than I do say they're not going to have time to do it before November. So So you put that aside it. It was UH victory. I'll take a win. However, we get it for the dreamers well today, the only decision the Supreme Court announced wasn't a case called Department of Homeland Security, versus. I'm going to try to pronounce his name. Thorough arrests figgy him Thursday Guillaume. That it was argued March second of twenty twenty, and the question was whether a federal law that limits judicial review of expedited deportation orders and Habeas Corpus proceedings violates. The Constitution's suspension clause got that. Well it was a seven two decision written by Alito. And basically it overruled the Ninth Circuit Court decision, which said. That that people seeking asylum, immigrants seeking asylum here are do. Habeas Corpus there due to a you know a speedy trial. And and the right to due process well, that's not what happened today. And in fact here in in Layman's terms is what they decided. The Supreme Court just handed trump. More. Anti Immigration Wins Scotus is cancelling Habeas Corpus for certain undocumented immigrants seeking asylum while in federal detention. Lovely. Here's another even more. you know. dumbed down explanation of the ruling. People like me. Who Don't who don't you know? Get who don't have a lot of. just a week. After granting a reprieve to the so-called dreamers, the Supreme Court Delta major defeat to immigration rights advocates by upholding fast track deportation process that the trump administration is seeking to expand. The procedure is called expedited removal. Nicely Orwellian forces allegedly undocumented immigrants out of the country with little or no review by the judicial branch in a seven to. What the Hell, oh I think someone's trying to. Okay. Someone's trying to call I. Probably shouldn't answer this, but what the hell let's. Let's give it a. let's give it a shot and see WHO's trying to call hello. Hello Hello. Hi, WHO's this guy? Evan, lapsley Hi Kevin. You calling! Who are you calling? Well I thought you doing some kind of drug cast, but I ANNA I. Yeah, so, are you calling into the show? I wanted to let I wanted to listen to him. So I'm not sure. You can't let I don't have a phone. Listen Line. You can listen online you can go to Nicole sampler dot com analysts in there, or you can download the progressive voices APP and listen on that or on tune in I've a stream there, but I I don't know I'm just a little show. I don't have a have a call in line to listen to. I'm sorry did I. Disturb show now. That's okay. That's all right. That's what we're here for. I'm glad you want. All Right? Thank you. Sorry can't help you. Okay by That's funny, so no, you know some. I guess there are some like stations that do you have a listen line? We you know we don't, but you can go to Nicole Sandler DOT COM. Slash Listen Dash live, and there's all kinds of ways to listen there via youtube or my tune in channel or progressive voices, or you get the APP, or you get the idea. Anyway so there. Was that anyway so? This procedure again. Basically a does away with habeas. Corpus Habeas Corpus Rights. for some. People and it was the seven two decision soda or and Keagan dissented. Justice Steven Brier and Ruth Bader GINSBURG. Concurred with the judgment. Yeah, that's not a good one. And you recall the name Judge Amy Berman Jackson well. She's the judge in the Roger. Stone case and he knows that trump is trying to get Roger Stone off the hook well I today, she. Put forth another order seeking records about Roger Stone's request to delay his prison report date next week. This is her third demand for follow up. Information Judge Amy Berman. Jackson is no one to fuck around with just saying you know in a in A. Legally kind of way. Anyway back to the other breaking news, so the so the Supreme Court finally today I mean after this morning I am on Scotus blog at ten o'clock this morning waiting for the decisions come down and they said. Just one they're just announcing one so that leaves thirteen cases still to be decided by the Supreme Court by Tuesday. So the question was when well we just found out. Supreme Court will issue opinions next Monday and Tuesday. There are thirteen cases remaining to be decided. So that's that. All right, so there's a lot of other stuff to talk about. They had Thursday. Howie Klein will be here and finally we have good news to report from Tuesday's elections in New, York and Kentucky and I. Told You yesterday the in Kentucky. The number of precincts reporting was frozen like thirteen percent and amy McGrath was in the lead well. The Kentucky Senate Democratic Primary Race has been updated now. Thirty six point, sixty nine percent of the precincts have reported. Again, it's still under forty percent, so there's still more than sixty percent of the votes outstanding, but what has happened is. Charles Booker has taken the lead Charles Book are now ahead of Amy McGrath in that primary forty seven to forty percents, so we have a lot a lot to talk to Howie Klein about today. So all right so I'm looking for a funny, and I think with people you know, even though we are not ready to go back out into the world, even be. The the corona virus is not done with us yet. We're still in the first wave and in parts of the country including right where I'm sitting. It's getting worse worse than ever yesterday in the United States. We. Hit a new record, the most number that the largest number of new corona virus cases reported in a single day in the US while. Other, parts of the world, they had the you know the curve that know have. They want flat curve to keep it to a point where? It's not overwhelming the hospitals, so they flattened the curve and then it goes down well in the United States. It's not going down. It's going up. It is going up, but I think a lot of people have gone back to work, or they're venturing back out into the world, so not as many creative fun. You know a parody. Videos are popping up each day, so it's harder to find the really good funny stuff, but I found one and the the reason why I. Really like this one is because it was produced by the Jam Academy Music School in Woodinville Washington. So again. This is I. Guess The teacher and his students. Remotely produced wrote and produced this parody video. It's another Kovic Video and and you know I played one. A week or two ago by a family, I think it was the d five family that did a parody of cakes the distance. Well, that's what Jam Academy. Music School in Woodinville Washington is parodying too so. Enjoy. Here we go. It's their take on socially distanced. On the Nicole Sandler show stuck on the couch for an indefinite time feeling dumping at grumpy sitting on our behinds, we've grown moustaches who need a haircut yearning for returning to a wordless less nuts. Drawn the way. She feels sitting in a full gas tank. While his parents go stern weaning normal to one day return as we signed onto the bandwidth those down. Backgrounds with she video and sound is empty with no traffic jams to learn the states. We're opening fans. The stock market's down. Unemployment is up, but Louisville strong and never give up. We're abiding by economic downturn. Stain hold team healthy. Throw inside Burns. Whistle showing distance. Self Quarantine We're all alone. There was a maxine. Contacts racing racing search. Interest! Social. sanitizer realty, no east bordering takeout, who who eats feast masks, were fashion that Dana's replaced reversal agent of surgeons who shelter in place summer has been canceled at best laid, but we want to watch baseball and have contact raising and raising insertion. REQ- to rate in tasting for the ages of shore, the stock market's down unemployment is up woody, strong, and never give up for a body while surviving downturns day. And healthy growing side. Yourself Branch and This. They have a Jam Academy Music School Enroll Today. That's so creative. I loved it. They did the. Pick. Oh yeah the Jam Academy. Jam Academy Music School in Woodinville Washington good on you. That's a way to make the most of are. Stay at home time. You know teach the kids to be creative with something fun I love it. Good work is a nice little commercial at the end there now have something else funny to play for you. That's you know that was funny. Ha, Ha, this is funny. In a sad sort away. Again. I'm coming to you. Live from the state of Florida. This is our official theme song. As And I bring that up because I'm about to play for you a little bit of video from CNN from a Palm Beach County Commission meeting where there are voting now I think I, live in Broward County and Palm Beach County Palm Beach County voted unanimously to require masks as they should. Because the virus year is on an upswing worse than it ever was. This is still the first What, what is the first surge or whatever it's not? It's not coming back. I was watching us a little bit of our remember last night on MSNBC and he had a panel of people he always tries to bring in. You. Know tries to be so all inclusive, and he brings in some trumpers. These idiots are talking about what a horrible job! He's doing, but they're still going to vote for him anyway. And Orient six one of them a question and he says well. You know if there's a second What what's what word am I? Looking for not a surge. If there's a second you know coming of the virus, I'm having a brain fart then then you know. Then we'll think about it again. This guy said if it comes back in November. And our email. Just let it go and I'm screaming at the television. What do you mean if it comes back? It hasn't left. It's still here. This is the first go round that is just escalating instead of the curve coming down as it's supposed to, because we have idiots running this country. So. Palm Beach County. Has. Way A wave. Thank you. It was the second way. It's the first way, but still the first wave. The wave. Yeah, I again I told you. My brain is just thank you now. Everyone in the chat room is saying wave wave everybody. Yeah. I hate it when I can't find the word looking for, and it happens more and more these days. Anyway so, yes, we're still in the first wave. Anyway so palm. Beach County had a county commission meeting yesterday. At which the commissioners voted unanimously. To require masks as they should. Because, things are food bar here. And in many other places around the country, so I just want to give you an an idea of some of the people who? WHO Lived in Palm Beach County, who showed up at this commission meeting and seriously I couldn't make this stuff up I tried all right. Take it away, crazy people. And, tonight, play for you the only Florida Song again. Yeah, well, you can sing it in your head is you're listening to this? and. Not Mandate somebody to wear a mask knowing that that math killing people it literally is killing people might. People are waking up and we know citizens. Because citizens, arrest are already happening. Okay, and every single one of you that are obeying. The deviled laws are going to be arrested or I. Don't think you guys are wondering. Rested, for crimes against humanity, problem with humanity, today is ignorance, arrogance, an apathy. Keep taking the road of least resistant. Keep listening to the TV brainwashing from birth. And they want to throw God's. Wonderful breathing system on the second. You're all turning your backs on it. I really have many question marks about your degrees and what you really know, sorry ma'am, but I. Don't think that you are worthy of your credentials and I would ask suggestively that. Go Back to school and get educated. All right I don't I don't think that youtube was hearing that It was pretty devastating here. I'm sorry you couldn't hear it. Let me I'M GONNA. Play the audio again because it didn't go out over Youtube. Here's what these people were saying. You literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask. Knowing that that math is killing people, it literally is killing later Ola and my the people we. We the people are waking up and we know what citizens arrested because citizens arrests are already happening. Okay, okay, every single one of you that are obeying the devils laws are going to be arrested and you. Dr Are going to be arrested for crimes against humanity problem with humanity today is ignorance arrogance, an apathy. Keep taking the road least resistant. Keep listening to the TV. Brainwashing you from birth. Throw God's. Wonderful breathing system out the door. You're all turning your back on it. I really have many question marks about your degrees online. Really know sorry man but I don't think that you are worthy of your credential. Oh my God. I would ask suggestively that you go to school and get educated. Oh my God and if that wasn't enough all right this one I know that the sound will work on it because I'm gonNA live video this. This one I wish I, knew these people's names, but again this is a woman from Palm Beach County with this bit of Brilliance spoarer four. Here At the end I don't wear a mask for the same reason I don't wear underwear. Things got to breathe. She doesn't wear a mask. Oh, hold on. She doesn't wear a mask for the same reason she doesn't. She doesn't wear a mask for the same reason. She doesn't wear underwear. Because things got breathe. Oh, my goodness! I it is, it is crazy time and we could all sing the flora dust song. All right so. I gotTA. Try again yesterday. Things went pretty well with progressive voices. We're GONNA. Try today to go into a break and then come back out of the break the way it's supposed to work, so let's give it a shot shall we will take a quick break here as well to to see if it works better this way, it is Thursday how Klein is coming up in just a few minutes, and I've got a little more news to get to too, but I will take a quick time out on the Nicole Sandler show on the progressive voices network. This is labor, history and to. This Day in Labor history. The year was nineteen, thirty eight. That was the day President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the fair Labor standards at the night before he signed that Landmark Act, he addressed the nation in one of his famous fireside chats. Explain to the American people the significance of the measure he would sign the next day. The president declared except perhaps for the social security. Act It is the most far-reaching farsighted program for the benefit of workers ever adopted here or in any other country. Country without question it starts us towards a better standard of living and increases purchasing power to buy the products of farm and factory. The act set the standard of the eight hour workday. The fight for the eight hour day had been a long hard fought cause for labor. The act also set a minimum wage of twenty five cents an hour upon its passage. Some seven hundred thousand workers would be eligible for this minimum wage. It also restricted the use of child labor and set A. A forty hour workweek it took considerable effort to get the Act through Congress it underwent multiple compromises and revisions labor secretary. Frances Perkins. The first female cabinet member in US history was a champion for the measure. The president recognized that there would be complaints over the measure coming from business in his fireside chat, he warned, do not let any calamity howling executive with an income of thousand dollars a day. WHO's returning as employees over to the government relief roles in order to preserve his company's. Company's undistributed reserves. Tell you that a wage of eleven dollars. A week is going to have a disastrous effect on all American industry since nineteen thirty eight, the fair Labor. Standards Act has stood as one of the most significant bedrock laws for American workers. Labor history in two brought to you by the Illinois Labor History Society and the Rick Smith. Show for more information, go to Labor history in into dot com like us on facebook and follow us on the twitter's at Labor history to. These are the sounds of crushed souls. The sounds of despair from former radio personalities languishing in the purgatory of corporate consolidation. Lease. Former radio personalities lost their livelihoods, not because they were entertaining more informative, but because they don't need today's corporate terrestrial broadcast standards of being smelly. Bags seething with vein bobbing hatred. These radio refugees and their audiences have since migrated to the Internet. But their struggle continues as the quest for monetization ensues. Nicole Sandler is leading the way to re-establishing thought provoking and entertaining radio. And you can help by clicking the donate button on Nicole Sandler. Dot Com donate today, or as much as often as you can dry the tears of listeners by removing the rotting stench of corporate radio. Won't you help? Now back to Nicole on progressive voices and Nicole Sandler Dot Com. About five minutes away from Howie Klein so let me tell you what else is going on in the news that is on my little rundown sheet here Oh today you know how Donald Trump is always saying the pre existing conditions we got to. We can take you know we got you covered bullshit. Republicans State Attorneys General to day release briefs Calling for the Supreme Court to repeal the entire affordable care act today we're in the middle of a pandemic, which is only getting worse and this fucking asshole and his administration in these idiotic Republicans are trying to repeal the only way that some of us have to get insurance. It's an action endorsed by trump and Republican lawmakers who have largely opposed the law since its inception ten years ago despite the economic crisis, due to the coronavirus covid, nineteen pandemic trump in May promised to continue fighting the affordable care act stating quote. We WanNA terminate. Obamacare. The case is now expected to go before the Supreme Court. Spring well seriously, and then he tells people we're here for you. We're going to get you better. Health Insurance and you have. The man lies about every goddamn thing he says. And the fact that so don't don't believe. Don't believe them. They are still actively to day June twenty, fifth twenty, twenty, trying get the what's left of the affordable care act. Thrown out. This at a time when the United States is now recorded two point, four million covert nineteen cases, and the three most populous states in the union are setting records for new cases every day. California reported more than seven thousand cases on Tuesday. Obliterating the record they set the day earlier. Florida and Texas both announced they had recorded more than five thousand new cave covid nineteen cases on Tuesday. One health expert in Texas said he fears major APP apocalyptic numbers. It's just got. This gets worse and worse and they're not doing anything. To to try to turn it around. In fact, the trump administration is basically ghosting The virus It's it's. It is insane again. The the the they're making no mention of the fact that we're still in this global pandemic, and it's probably worst here in the US then. Anywhere else in the world, perhaps with the exception of Brazil. It just is insane And on top of this the ghosting where they're not even mentioning it trump at his latest, you know Nuremburg Rallies I. The one in in Phoenix, the other night I didn't hear it firsthand, but I understand he didn't even mention covid nineteen. Insane, but Now testing centers across five states are set to lose federal funding next week after the administration decided not to extend the program that establish them. Colorado Illinois new, Jersey Pennsylvania and Texas. Are Among those that will lose federal funding for covid nineteen testing next week. It is unbelievable Oh and one more thing before we get Howie on the line the. Yesterday. We told you about judge. U S District Judge Emmet Sullivan. He was the one presiding over the Michael Flynn case. He was you know when when the Justice Department told him you need to throw out this case. He said Hell No, and he appointed. A retired judge to basically represent we the people to argue the other side of it, because Flynn pleaded guilty twice to lying to the FBI in line to Congress about. Communications with Russia between the time of trump's inauguration and the day he took office, right and and. But but a panel of the appeals court in a two to one decision the other day. said that Sullivan doesn't have the authority to examine the Justice Department's reasons for dropping the prosecution of Flynn well. Sullivan yesterday said. Sorry I am not going to roll over for you. What he did yesterday was immediately. Stay all proceedings in the flint, case and experts of explained that that move was to make way for an on bank hearing as a hearing by the full court, instead of just a three person panel. Stay tuned. This is not over yet. All Right? It is Thursday and for once in a long time Howie. Klein has some good news to share with us, so let's not wait any longer. Let's get how you on the line. Shall we are you a multi-national corporation? Hungry for a treat will come on down the Schmucky. chucky cheese real personally be seated by Chuck Schumer and self so many dishes, and they're all fresh. You'RE GONNA. Love our blue dog. Special the Dino Burger because we say so a good hamburger and French fries and every burger comes with a side order of Grits I. Love Grits I love anything with corn. Corn Oh for only fifty thousand dollars. Wash it all down within dirty Debbie nine tenths of one ten car choose after a week or two you drink. This gets two hundred calories, and it's a seat and wife year. Vow with Adissu print glass steagle for Dessert Dryer, DNC tarts, who cooking tell the quality of that most restaurants give you a minute, but at Schmucky Chucky you get complimentary, sweet law who picks up the TAB for all this? Find out now with Howie Klein of down with Tierney dot com on the Nicole Sandler show. Hey Howie Klein. How you doing a coal, I couldn't do tumor. You couldn't hear Chuck. Schumer Oh no I'm. Just dead after I picked up. Oh No! There's a reason I. Don't know why it's not not not feeding the thing. I have to look into it. I've been. Taking apart and rebuilding the studio every day, because I've been having all kinds of audio issues but but he played and he he mixed up dirty Debbie's and he you know he's still holding the sweet and low and again. Just weeping today after his defeat on in. You. Know my heart goes out to him mine doesn't I was saying he's probably you know imbibing something a little stronger right now. Because Chucky schmucky eighties handpicked candidates are not faring so well so. Well. Let's I don't know where you want to begin. We had an election day primary day on Tuesday. It was in New York and it was in Kentucky. Shall we begin in New York or do you want to start in Kentucky? In Virginia, Oh okay starting Virginia. I just kidding I although I'm not, there was also a race and the the two. The two ones of course from New York in Kentucky, but there were also congressional races in Virginia, and the reason was really no one paid much attention to them, because there wasn't much going on except in one district, I district with his Republican incumbent, and that were to Democrats one very very progressive name, Qassim Rashid, and the other one not progressive, and they were in a battle and Cassim one and won handily, so that leads us right into the start with New York Okay Talk. I bit off the hard. One I you dead while there was a lot New York and actually I found this really cool. Website decision desk HQ election results and it has ever. It's so good. So I'm going to pull it up now because things keep changing, but the big news is Eliot Angle who so creeped me out during the impeachment process where he would. Did you notice any of those press conferences where Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment managers would get up and there was one where Eliot Engel. He was late in arriving, and because he's a chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. He was up there, even though he wasn't really in the doing the impeachment increase, but then. Then he'd just sort of like. It was like a Saturday night. Live skit gotta find the video of it because it's hard to explain, but he sort of tried to unassuming sneak in behind Nancy Pelosi, so we were standing right beside her when she's on camera doing a press conference, it was just the creepiest thing, and but that's what Eliot Engel reminds me of, but regardless. T guy who's been visiting there for over three decades. Or three decades and he's He's the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. He's a crony of Pelosi's, and he has a lot of power in that way. He's kind of a regular normal Democrat. in terms of the way he wrote he's not you know like a Crowley who's who's a conservative or Some of the real arch enemies like Lewinsky. Blue Doors. He's he's moderate. Need them just to kind of just like the way they are, and the. Thing that makes him different is that he is more than representing the Bronx or Westchester. He's really representing the Likud Party of Israel. He let y'all WHO's. Poor in the Democratic Party. That's that's his thing like when Higham Sabban, who who's an Israeli with American citizenship? When he wants to a billionaire and when he wants to. Bribe someone or I should say give money to someone to do Israel's bidding. He he goes through and works with angle, so that never came up in in the campaign that was not an issue in the campaign, although it someone in the background to some people. I spent a lot of time. On the phone and writing. Talking with With Baumann Bowman. Right I spend time talking to him. Explain the history of Israel to him, and how Israel was not always the way it is now and you know. Try to make it so that if they wound up getting into a debate that came up, he would be prepared, and he's a very very quick learner. And he was very prepared and It never really came up much so in any case that would. That is why we can look at at at Eliot Engel is someone who's got to go. He was he was wondering the masters of Zionism inside of the US Congress, he very very very bad guy, and if you noticed suddenly one of the people who came in and endorsed him, so I from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton all all the the big time pro Israel people. Adam Schiff also Bob Bob Menendez the senator from New Jersey you might. Might say what the Hell is that to senator as a house member and it's a New Jersey and New York. What is that about well? He's the the chair to chair. He's the democratic ranking member on Foreign Relations, and if Democrats win back the Senate which I expect, he will be the chair and he is also a absolute horror on Israel so these are these are problematic people and they. They all endorsed angle who launched? Engel anymore very very very heavily. Yes, with a ninety five percent of the vote in angle, had thirty five percent and Bowman got sixty two percent of the vote. That's huge that that is a route that that is. What it is especially for someone who's been con- with that long, who had that kind of backing out is just amazing, unexpected and very very scary for members of the establishment when they think about. If that could happen to angle, it can happen to any of them, and hopefully they'll mind. The and cues better doubt I should. So that was very very very heartening race. Now there were others in New York besides that one that were very important, in fact, just right above that that district right above Elliott Engel's district, which covers starts in the Bronx and goes up into Westchester well the district that starts in Westchester and then heads off into Rockland county. That was an empty seat, another chairman crony. Crony of Pelosi's Nita. Lowey decided she was going to take a hike and the re again. She you know it's just a standard Democrat, not not a dog, not like a monster, but not good and wasting C.. You know, and she's been there forever, and she's very very powerful, and she does whatever she wants. She was the chair of the appropriations a big big job. I think it was appropriate and and then this kid comes in named. Joe Jones Darren Track today and he decides he's going to primary her, and she decides oh well. I think I've had enough of a career three hundred years old and time to get out, so she did, and then, and after she got out a whole bunch of other awful candidates jumped in all the worst kind of candidates. Democratic Party doesn't need. From this guy named David Colucci was the the most -servative member of the of the among Democrats in the New York State Senate I won't go into his story. It's so horrible, but just please take my word for. Third worst and David Colucci. And then a bunch of rich people, the front of a big Pharma Guy who you know self-financed this whole campaign. Over, a million dollars into it, yeah, just a bunch of terrible people and you know it was scary because there were there were some people that were thinking well, Colucci has the best name recognition. He's the best known of them, 'cause he's a public official, and and all these people who are in extreme right-wing is you know went from? Mondale, who's a Bernie kind of a Democrat and endorsed? Renew deal and Medicare for all and all of the stuff. We want to see our candidates backing so he so it went from from him to you know more. Variety Democrats, and then all the way to this awful call, so people were afraid that the standard Democrats would split the vote and that she would win as it turned out the last time I looked. COLUCCI was in third place up. Pretty distant nothing happened nothing there Mandera Jones won with forty five percent of the vote second-place Guy got twenty one percent so to put it in perspective and Mondale now. Is. His family's wow. Well? The Guy who won Montier Jones is young. I forget how old he is, but he's young. He's black and he's gay and he will now. This is a pretty A. Blue seat, so he likely be the first openly black gay man in Congress in the house. Right openly being the key words course, right? Yeah and he's Great. I will mention one of the things that I almost forgot. That's important. I was. Amazing Schiaffino while where we're talking so I forgot from. Can. Absorb. Hot Pepper so anyway. The Congressional Black Caucus. Yes, such an awful organization that they looked at this. Eliot Engel who is just nothing and and an old white man of you know a very advanced age, and they looked at Gamal women who is an African American principal who's been serving this community in terms of education for many many years and. They looked at the two of them and they decided. Hey, let's back Eliot Engel. Magin the. Caucus! No credibility anymore they they have to start all over again and rebuild them so. They should be ashamed of navy shut and I was actually starting to Light Karen Bass. If I had never moved. She would. She would be my my congress person. She represents the district. Culver City where I used to live, but and I hear now. She's also now being considered by the Biden team for vice presidential not, but I don't know how. She could let this go she. s just say that. This thing. That's a lot more people than there really considering a- purpose. Then those people will feel good about Biden. Puts them in news, and the you know it's good for their careers, and then they're all inviting his game the more to do fundraising for him. There's always there's always a an ulterior motive All right. In other news, I mean I. I mentioned this yesterday AFC being challenged both targeted by the Republicans. She was the big. Band I said both and the Democratic Party They went after her big time. She won with seventy three percent of the vote. That's amazing. Immense amounts of Wall Street money win in attacking her vicious Ly- lying smearing. They're all the tricks and she's still got that carnival votes. That's amazing that that is so bad for them. That just makes them look weaker. Than, they already are the person who ran against. Remember this the Democratic primary so what they did is they ran television personality Michelle Russo Cabrera a lifelong Republican. She's just. She moved from trump tower where she lives to down down into Queens. I don't think she really move what you got an apartment there and claims she was now living there and changed her party registration from. Democrat to Republicans from Republican to Democrat. From Democrat you from Republicans and Democrats. From Republican to Democrat and she decided she was going to go after. On behalf of wall, Street and using all of Wall Street's arguments about why there should be no regulation, for example, against did not play in the district and she did miserably. Good as it has, she should have done Joel now. Go back to being a Republican living back in trump tower. Okay, were there any other big surprises out of New York I mean everything else Prizes there were important races You know a good one for our team? Was that Dana Botha in Syracuse? One was a less progressive Democrat in the primary, but Dana was the heavy favourite, and she didn't win, and she went by a lot and and then Then, and then there was then there's people have to understand this because it's a little bit complicated, but Nate mcmurray! He didn't win. He was in. He was in the special election. For an MTC, the Chris Collins empty seats, his collinses, either in prison, or going to prison, and he had to resign from Congress should not allowed to serve Thomason prison at the same time and people have tried. But so so there are two things going on. There was a primary, and then there was a special election. The person would win. The special election would only will only be the member of Congress until January right, and then the person who wins in November. That person will be the actual congress person. What happened was that nate losses race in the special election. It was a very very heavy Republican turn out in a very very very red district and the guy who who who beat him. By name. Jacobs is again the child of a billionaire. In fact not just a billionaire, but a billionaire who owns a business when mcmurray was working in fired this. Really? kind of incestuous, but okay. Yeah, that's weird, but who of them we'll meet up again in November in November during the general election. Okay so nate. Nate Scott his work cut out for him, so hopefully does. Reddish district in New York. It's a very difficult. But not impossible. No, no, no, no all right. Let's let's go to. Are we done with new? York, or is there anything else there you WANNA talk about. Twenty seven district. Yes, that's that's. That's move on then to Kentucky. Going to Long Island. Let's just move onto Kentucky okay. In Kentucky yesterday gotTa. Give a hat tip to this kid who? I had never known before named Evan I think. Is His last name. And I believe he's the Political Director of the sunrise movement now back in like thousand six and seven the net roots. An eight, the net roots used to organize amazingly well, the whole net roots would get together, and they would go in and they they would scare the crap out of Schumer and who is the head of the DNC and and Rahm Emanuel, who is the head of the triple stake I mean we would have them on the run to the point where they asked to think if we could have weekly meetings with them. you know so that we could know work together so cool. Although didn't work out well, because in the first the first I remember. I was on this call and the first weekly meeting imagine being Schumer he never came back to another meeting. Young off fifteen minutes into the I mean. No one ever heard from him again Wa. Yes enjoyable, but but in any case in those days the the networks organized. You know really really well, and it hasn't. It hasn't been the case. It's been disappointing. I mean we. We want a number of seats in the House and the Senate I mean certainly Testa. We'll tell you. He owes his career to the work. We did a partially not all of it obviously him, who did the work, but we are very very very important role and Jerry mcnerney Carol Shea Puerto is no longer in Congress. There were a lot of people who we helped elect, and then everything fell apart for various reasons and now this kid. Evan From Sunrise Movement. He is doing that again. He is his a net roots organizer Guy. He, you know. He called me and everybody else. WHO's backing Brooker, and he said, come on, let's get together and let's work as a team. And he organized it all and his efforts were mind boggling I have never seen anybody since the early days of the net roots be able to. Get the whole every faction together and working together from daily coasts to to the more progressive organizations. Everybody was on it and I and Evan Webber He. And Sunrise really we owe them a lot and arose a lot and booker is is is people. Don't understand that procurers winning. And the reason for that. Is although he's ahead right now. He wasn't ahead on on election night, but he's ahead right now. And the reason is because eighty five percent of the people voted eighty five percent think. Voted by mail. Well, that's good. We know the state decided. They're not announcing officially announcing, who won until next Tuesday the stadium, right? which point immediately the two biggest counties by far in the state of the two candidates with the most with the most voters and. The most Democratic voters. Are Jefferson County. Which is Louisville and Fayette County, which Lexington those are the strongholds? A booker, those two county said okay. State's not going to announce any returns neither away, so they're not announcing anything now. Booker has banked. So many votes there tens of thousands of votes there that now the question is this going to be just a good win for booker, or are we looking at a land burying Chuck Schumer Wow you know so this so right now. They're showing thirty six point sixty nine percent of the precincts, reporting and with that. Booker is seven points ahead of Amy McGrath yesterday. Of the state, and that's so sad without. Ten in Louisville. Right and those are the areas where he just had a lose lose, but not lose badly well. He won a my. Oh My the other interesting thing is amy mcgraff raised forty one million dollars Charles Booker, seven hundred and ninety, two, thousand, eight, hundred, sixty, seven, well, that was edited a June third, but he after June third once. This kid Evan really guys got going He raised over a million dollars. Compared to what she? That's when she didn't spend, but you do spend a lot, though she's he she she didn't plan to spend any. She wanted to spend it against McConnell, but as it turns out, that will be no mccown. So what happens to all that money so again? Evans started a little movement of. She s that to request that she give. Extra money. Whoever wins. Whoever wins the nomination absolutely as? Right because the goal has to be to get Mitch McConnell the, hell out of there. Right, so we'll see you know booker. The personal call the shots on that is Schumer and we'll just see how much Schumer really cares about You know electing progressive to Senate. He doesn't want progressive in the Senate I. Don't think he wants Mitch McConnell in the Senate, but now we're going to see who he wants in the Senate less right. Does he want a progressive? We know he doesn't. Does he want McConnell? No. But we'll, we'll see where where the which follow the money on this one. Now I would also say by the way that Evan. The hero of the day is I don't know this guy by the way except on on The Internet He is also the guy who's organizing the Andrew Romanoff last minute. Could. Be met here of course, but he's. He's his his election. His primary against Hickenlooper Schumer character is next. Tuesday's the thirtieth the same day that we get the announcement of who won. A. So that should be interesting. Yes, so that's okay, so Andrew Romanoff joined us on the show last Thursday hopefully everybody heard him he's great, and and again that the the people who've come out and endorsed Hickenlooper I. Don't get it Elizabeth. Warren endorsed Hickenlooper. What what the last minute got so much. pushback from Schumer after she after she backed Booker Booker that you know she. She then put out a slate. Of candidates for progressive like Mike Segal and and You know all really really good people, and then she throws on Hickenlooper and she. Oh, my God, you know. People just went nuts I. mean now they're now. There are people who hate her. Yes, which is, you shouldn't have done it. I. I don't know exactly what Schumer set to her, but I imagine he said. You think you have a chance to be vice president. Oh God, Oh God. That's. That is really frustrating. Well, you know, and some people will come out on the right side of history and some we'll come out on the wrong side of history It's looking really good for Charles Booker Right now, and hopefully I mean. Are you hearing anymore? Rumblings out of Colorado is the momentum on Andrew Romanoff side. Big Time big time polling. There's good he's looking up. People getting it. you know people in Colorado who might not have been paying close attention are starting to think We can pick our own candidate to run against. Gardner the Republican. You don't need chuck. Schumer telling us to pick out. And that's exactly the way it should be doing this thing and I feel like Andrew. WHO's GonNa win this? That would be so great, do you? I mean the way I'm looking at. It I think that the sleeping giant has finally been awakened, and it's taken the black lives matter protests and people by the Bible millions going you know taking to the streets and and saying we're mad as hell. We're not gonNA. Take this anymore. This is. When that black lives matters came up in the in the last debate or The only debate that Hickenlooper took part in. Somebody asked him about it, and he said well. I do remember that. Yeah, that was Hickenlooper. Make a move. And that is. He doesn't understand he doesn't know what he said. He literally does not know what he said. He doesn't have a clue and the thing is that Cory Gardner is is beatable. He's probably the most endangered Republican Senate candidate incumbent up reelection this year. Hickenlooper could lose to him I y y the Democrats do this. It's Chuck Schumer and by the way. Didn't ask for us. Oh, you mean Chuck Schumer Yeah Right I mean Chuck Schumer, now you chuck. Schumer went to your same high school, did you He attended at the same time with you? And he and my public school as well. My elementary school. We're from the same neighborhood and as you know, Bernie went to that school was ranch James Mattis, but he was. Right. And, with gator battery Ginsburg as well, it was quite a quite a play any area of Brooklyn. We'll roll some, but did you know Chuckie, then our or was he? No I didn't. I didn't have a relationship with him, and he was considered like a just an asshole. I mean everyone who I know hated him. He was he did very well. I think he was The valedictorian was something like that. He went to Harvard and, but he was just like. You know no I. Don't know anyone who he was. A Nice guy wanted anything to do with him. Well I'm well I. You know I'm taking. This week's election results as a good omen I'm banking on it I'm thinking. The tide is turning that that people are stepping up and finally you know the light bulb went on I have to believe that and all indications say that this is what's happening. All of a sudden something we've been fighting for for for over. A decade is finally kicking in. Do you have that feeling to look very good. I feel very good about it as well. You know you can't say that. Totally take their asses they they did okay in their little world as well, but you know we all you need. Know, remember this one. Has More power. Than Twenty of these crappy freshman that the Democrats voted to put up in the back backbenchers, they don't say anything. They don't do anything they vote. The Way Pelosi says and they raise money, and that's it and that's the way the Democratic Party wants it. Then you get one like AFC and she she she's you know she's a force of nature, and and I can tell you Jamal Bowman will be a force of nature. I know him he will be. There's not going there to do what Nancy Pelosi tells them to do. That's not the reason that he interrupted his life to do this. and same thing with. Same thing with Montier Ron. Dare is not interested in being a you know. Get along to go along to get along Kinda Guy, not who he is right, so I feel very very good about how this is all going to turn out so. Things happen though that were interesting in and I. Don't remember exactly who the candidates work, but the Donald Trump's two. Endorsements both lost in one of them lost to a twenty four year old newcomer. Who's never done anything before like out of right field I guess because Republicans. Was Right but the thing is this. Donald Trump doesn't know anything about about electoral politics is never clearly isn't who's who doesn't know. What's what idea, so he? He decided that he's going to You know. Bring in this guy meadows to be his done. Chief-of-staff so meadows is from the most Republican district in in North Carolina so who's GonNa who's GonNa? Take the job. It's so unlikely it's going to be a democrat I mean it's. It's really too much much. Coca district for a Democrat to run incredibly. Although they have a good Democrat running, but you know I think his chances are very very minimal, so who will be candidate so the Mike Mark? Meadows wife calls up trump without getting meadows permission. And says the trump. The the the best candidate who's running. is a friend of mine. She's my realtor. I, love her and she loves you. And before. Before trump had the brains to consult even meadows or anybody on his team. He tweeted out an endorsement of God. Is that she is a right wing nut, but not as right wing, and not as much. As the twenty-four-year-old? Everybody was rooting for everybody wants to. He did win in a now. He lost in the. In the original primary, she came in I in second, and and she had more voters than him, and then trump then trump went because he can never be wrong. Right you can, you can't. Be Wrong so he then win and we endorsed her. Urge people to give money. but you know when this kid one you know him. Trump immediately called him up invited into the White House, they'll be buddy-buddies. There's no there's no. Don't don't get your hopes up. Just because from endorsed the other one. That was a big mistake. Everybody was like having heart palpitations. How where we are out of time, he's GonNa be a Republican Star. He he will know a lot about the most Republican name. I ever heard like his first name I think. Is Madison or something like that? Yeah He. He's yeah. He wasn't like. Madison, Kawser or something. Anyway he's he he's. He's he's. He's partially paralyzed. He was in an auto accident. You football star and he's just like what they love I. Mean They they they? They love this guy. He's a total gun nut. Sins wheelchair, posing with like also informants not just one of them and And twenty four years old, he I mean he couldn't even be. In Congress today, we'll turn point. Four. I'm in. Bahrain. He's. Looking like. Aryan you Kinda Guy Yeah. We'll be about. How he climbed. We're out of time gotta run because we're on the network now and live, and so we got to run how he climbed, find him down with tyranny, dot com, and of course the Blue America PAC and here every Thursday. Thank you Howie and we'll talk next week. Okay, thank bye and don't forget if you are in Colorado. You vote on Tuesday by everyone.

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