Mike Leach Mississippi State Interview (Ep. 777)


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What's pull back the curtain because because this content train it's starting to debilitate my life? Yeah Sean I'm sitting here. We recorded the NFL picks podcast less than twelve hours hours ago. Yep you're already regretting Tennessee. Titans pick not me baby. Tighten up. I'm still I'm still. I'm on board to man. Listen I love the fact that we could possibly have a super bowl. mediaweek overtaken by a story of a head coach. Wanted to cut off raval at this point. That's all I want. That's all I want anyway. College football yes is what we're here to talk about Beckley. Sean is going to put some music on this. Mike Elite special edition interview so excited as always to talk to coach Leach. Sure you want to get in on. MISSISSIPPI STATE WIN totals. They're not posted yet but they will be coming up over at my bookie dot. Ag Course we gave you a full ride. And I. I don't know about coby but we gave you the winner to the National Championship. 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And just create a splash in the industry with your gut. Your model of of handicapping daily daily fantasy lineups and you told people anyone would be like you. Yes I don't know about that Sean. As you say all the time if you're not throwing up plates awaits you're nothing like Sean. That money green now now. I use the gym over at Gold's gym and they don't have plates. It's a it's a resistance thing with some hydraulic drellich press. But it's been great for lattes. Have you been back to the walgreens lately. Koby early you missed it. Right around Christmas Christmas. I went back to the walgreens. I think I think we discussed this but I was wondering if you've been back you're talking what you said. You told the Guy Mary Chris. Great yes okay. Yeah so so you did hear that. I haven't been back logging since but I hang out in that parking lot. Keep an eye out for one. It's a new year man. My New Year's resolution was not to lose it. I almost lost it at the guy guarding the ruffles chips at the Anthony Davis event. But I didn't cooler heads prevail. No more possums. I'm just curious right now. I haven't Kevin had a meltdown in two thousand twenty. I'm keeping that streak alive. No meltdowns in the new thousands of people across the country are tuning in to listen to Mike Leach in Kobe wants a personal personal life. Update okay anything else. You WanNa ask Sean about then. He didn't answer the question I think he's got his not under control. Not Not a problem getting London amount of team last month. He told he taught all of our listeners. How To make their Dick Twenty percent longer? Well that's that's just that's just basic math over manscaping dot com you. I mean think about if you're doing landscaping you clear. Twenty percent brush around a tree the tree. It looks taller without react. My Garner Lewis comes by. I'd say take it all the way down I say take it take it. Take it down to take it down. Twenty percent I don't want to kill the grass. You know what the neighbors looking at me. Funny all right enough messing around. Let's get to the Mike Mike Leach interview joining us on the line newly minted head coach Mississippi State Football Mike Leach Mike. How does it right now? Trying to put your staff together. Well you know it's always this. You got to make the best decisions you can get the right guys and and you know I mean. That's what's it's important and that's what's going to help move the needle so Yeah I mean it's always hectic too because you know everybody's got a variety radio things that they need in their life or where they're from family all that so. Yeah looking for the best fit. That makes that helps make you the best up team you know round things out. I know you're you just left. POELMAN had a great run over there and pullman everyone wants to know will bigfoot be found. you down there to Mississippi State. Is there any sort of transfer rule does he. Does he have to sit out a year. What's going on with bigfoot? I would like to sink. Some big foot would migrate down there. I would like to think you know Send a nephew or cousin down there because we definitely would not WanNa go without your rock. If he's a part of the program you want him to continue tenue his legacy even in the SEC. He seems like a great great athletes. Great News I did a little research at a little digging on the old old interweb turns out. There have been a number of large footprints found in the marshes of Mississippi. So I have a feeling he has relatives down there he will. He will be visiting outstanding at Washington State. We had this gigantic big foot. The cost to you know that was like seven feet tall all and we You know framed it out and made it so it stand and we move it around the building so he'd be looking out at different window from time the time you know we know we know. It's actually coach. I'm sure you don't follow me on instagram. But it's one of the few pictures I posted on instagram grammy with your very own bigfoot so very memorable experience in my life. Yeah yeah you gotta you gotTa have big slick embrace the local legend now coach of curious air raid in the SEC. Would it hasn't happened in a while right. I mean what since you were at Kentucky would be the the last time I think there was an air raid at in the SEC. And now you're joining the SEC west where you're gonNA be going up against the national champion Lsu Tigers and Sabin and Auburn and am. So I'm curious. Are you gonNA make any adjustments. Like maybe traditionally what you're doing at Washington state to what you're doing now Ed Mississippi State. Well we'll look at the players. We'll see what our players are able to do. Because you always want guys Put them in a position to do do what they do. Best and You know that's Ultimately we What what we WANNA do? But the thing is as far as a a kind of the core scheme. Yeah we'll continue to do that You Know Eric concepts are all over the NFL nowadays And what's we're exception for the last ten years of things Super Bowl of air-raid concept. So we'll definitely continue that and then But you know there's different Things have different qualities if Tennessee is different abilities and you try to feature that so you might see from different foist players you know just kind of defending on What you got going you know what I mean? Definitely go Mike My my wife. Actually she got me. Your book Geronimo leadership strategies of an American warrior. Love it great. Read if anyone hasn't checked it out highly recommend it's a good mix of Apache history mixed with like how you can kind of incorporate that into your life as a leader are I know you just tweeted out a cool quote about the art of war and how that impacts air raid offense or. That's your pin tweet. How does what you've learned from the Apache Hatchet studying them? How does that Impact Your coaching philosophy? Well you know they. They were great at that utilize all the resources they have. Yeah they did a really good job of You know whatever resources they had Making the most out of them because they they say we're outnumbered outgunned And you know of course in the end Five thousand concern for chasing under two hundred patchy who they never did yes The Apaches got tired of running after a while Ah after about now. This is years went on for years and years nearly ten and then depending where you start her in that and and then of course they They finally got tired of running and But it was the most formidable Group of Native Americans. That eventually broke. Captain Crook Who is the greatest Indian cider in history and and then But anyway you just keep plugging away. It's like any time you think you have a tough day anytime you think that you can't do something. Then you look at Geronimo. And it kind of elevates your point of view and your potential and but now it's an honor entered. Write that book The and I was thrilled to have the chance to do that We written a book on My past asked into coaching Swinging your sword We self published it. It ended up on the chance on the New York The Times bestseller lists on the screener. That had the up to me right. Don Geronimo good deal. Yeah that I mean. Do you ever sit back and look look at kind of your your coaching history. Because I mean we started at age. Fifteen coaching Coaching Baseball. I read and you've just Kinda bounced around and had this long coaching journey to ever sit back and go. Oh Man. I can't believe I started out talking. Cal Poly Line and now head coach. SCC SCC program shoot. Maybe I ought to kind of preoccupied with the Knicks Jeff. The next day the next item you know and Eh You know I after the bowl out pretty good big Asian gone on choice screwed. That up. Couldn't couldn't be more excited to go to miss it state and much noise with to make those cal L. Wills with our players and our yeah. Do you think you'll ever get to the point where you're where you're burned out on the cowbell or is it just so fun to ring that you can't stop you know in the we're in the words of Will Ferrell and Christopher walking. You just need more cavill. I think that's true. I think you need more cowbell and I I think that it's an outstanding tradition and And I was conscious of it. But there are literally built everywhere. in Starkville and among the Mississippi State Faithful. And you know they'll have a number on the shelf and you know they're like trophies in different people remember different things. No it's a great great tradition. It's probably the best thing the SEC ever did was unbanning the Cowbell who knows the SEC. Backley you talk about the history over at Mississippi State. I know you go way back with coach. Jackie Sherrill Darrelle. There's a there's this legendary story where Jackie Sherrill took his team. They actually watched a bull get cash traded before a big game they ended it up winning the game versus Texas. Do you have anything in mind. cut out of the box. Inspiration methods or things to kind of rallied. The troops that you're already planning for this season. Well we're certainly looking forward to As an Educational Shinwar listened forward and to Allowing our players. The experience Many educational demonstrations as it can department or other departments around camp. Listen you know because I think that's what That's what higher education is all about edify the masses and make sure that people listen filling lives and Elevate thank society with what they learn. Exactly go and kind of even staying in that same path former Mississippi state coach Emery Beller he's created with inventing the wishbone formation. I know you've talked about it. Before about the wishbone. Being connected to the air raid or at least what. What's the connection in there as far as offensive strategies well emory Balart? I think is one of the greatest coaches at American has ever produced and He created the wishbone and And you know. The wishbone has a lot of misdirection. But I think the thing that I was most impressed with the wishbone is That is most impressed with wishbone. was that everybody such ball. The skill positions additions touch the ball and running the triple option. They're able to layer the field some too if that's what the decent gives them so. I've always been impressed Chris but when I was Per started coaching the wishbone was very prevalent. Number wished on teams. I guess the Air Force was really running it but even then but Oklahoma was winning National Championships. Anthony Shifts with us and so it did have an influence as we put together. The air raids Because One is stretched the field so we thought that was. The second thing was that it's all skill clears touched the ball through. It did have an influence. Then you know during the stress field and put the ball people saying how do you know similar similar in the way that the air raid like you said spreads it out. Everyone touches the ball. The the wishbone was kind of like that. Just on the ground with the running engaged spreading people out you know getting the mismatch. Is there when it comes to. Yeah just wrote in the ball versus versus throwing the ball all over the place own show and we'd be remissed because much like the wishbone and the air aid. Checkers is all about flanking your opponent and you know this coach Leach. The Checkers Hall of fame is in Mississippi. Do you have any plans to visit. And pay homage to the Great Hall of fame probably will That sounds like a great place to have a all fame for checkers and everybody likes sectors of all the genes that exists other than little rule. Here rule there that somebody tries to slip in on. Nearly everybody knows how to play chess so I think taking up pretty universal game and I didn't know that they were checker tournament things. Maybe one day you'll wash. There's the retirement plan right. There exactly now coach leads. I know you used to coach high school. Baseball Right Have you have you followed the story on the Houston. Houston Astros and Boston. Red Sox essentially getting caught for cheating and I was wondering I it had you ever encountered that and do you think it happens in football college football at least like stealing size you don't signals. Oh Yeah I think it does I think it does. I mean that's why there's the legislation on filming and stuff like that and now they actually heard it teams to know of teams that did and And then nowadays you'll see guys that have three or four players with a baseball camps on one of them's supposed to be the one that You know the signs that count you see people hold up signs. Try to confuse for you. See nowadays. A couple of teams have shower Turkeys for. They're trying to cover up the signal caller as he goes Did you guys watch. Yeah I get a kick of these guys of run their mouth. Yeah and I realized most of the NFL does it. And I also have a lot of friends that do it but I think one of the most absurd pretentious things ever covering your mouth stuff I think that is a virtual waste of time occur annoying personified the idea that the NFL or college football have lip readers that are standing by live that can read your lips and then then transmit the signal in. Why not just worry about tackling wrapping up the fundamentals instead of limiting well? Yeah so they're gonNA have a lip-reader up there who's going to be like Ralphie on Christmas story Decoding the message. He's GonNa you know lip-reader Breeder to the guy that's up top of the booth. He's GonNa say okay there this now there that okay. It's that yes definitely that. And then they're going to do this. Yes that they're gonNA do that then they're gonNA do the other thereby The Guy in the booth tells the guy who they had set on the field that that's what they're gonNA do. He then signals to his players the pertinent information at which point they signal the pertinent information to all their eleven players. Say on defense and and They immediately accounts and stuff. Apply when you consider that all these teams play spring football against each other and camp against each other Without any of that silliness in doing quite effectively actively and their defense though they you do not helpful things. I mean it's I mean it's utterly ridiculous and it's utterly ridiculous and and grown and experienced in Otherwise very intelligent people doing this constantly constantly. It's an insane level of paranoia. And you're right I mean you would have to know what you're saying. And then have their the exact play call she to know. It's literally playing charades with your neighbors. But you're standing outside their window just watching from afar. That's that's what it is. Yeah well now coaches we as coaches we are people. That's that's just a fact but Yeah there's a point where it gets a little all over the top and you famously. Use that paranoia to your advantage where you were you drop the fake play sheet before the Red River shootout out and then they you know they sucked up your play sheet and then you guys ended up jumping out to a big lead. That's the problem with stealing information. It's only useful if it's right exactly toys. Yeah that and then you've got X.. It will be you know. It's too big of a distraction than these ciphers and delivered. The Messenger probably better off just playing your base Yet coach leads have been seeing you posing with the bulldog I know you know. Now you're Mississippi State bulldog. How does your bulldog matchup with the rest of the SEC? Mascot seems like a good have. It's hands full. You're going up against tigers. It's an elephant gator. I think I got you over the razorback but it seems like the bulldog has its hands full. How would you rank the bulldog and in the SEC mascots in general well I think the mess outstanding first of all you have a tiger which is a hard one argue? A AH I'll ever a pack of bulldogs. We'd probably have more than one. There'd be a number of tigers are so low and the elephants afraid of a mouse and we're bulldogs so I'm going to give the bulldog the benefit of the doubt and gators hate gotten gators eight dogs and I know this for a fact because because you know when I used to live in Valdosta Georgia and I like to know more about this. But you don't caters ambivalent the puck cheap Dorm and I'm out there fishing when they're skaters around or even on golf courses. Don't get on golf during their things seem I'm pretty ambivalent about people and I don't know if it's because the dogs Wigley or something because I don't think food source it's more hatred. They ate dogs young. Yeah and guys. They'd treat on top of their pickup. By A gator 'cause The gator one of the dog you know and the So but we've got a number of dogs and gators obviously eight dogs and got to go with the bulldogs. Yep You know Gamecocks you know you'll have is razor. Sharp be ready to claw do all that stuff. GotTa go with some full dog again shortage. I'm going to say copied bulldogs with harmful the original Commodore Auburn. Although it'd be better to fight the eagle the bulldogs are tiger probably already covered over the listening the commodore now you might have to dodge some cannon fire does have a sword sieg keep their head But again bunch of bulldogs in you know Kinda like those wild dogs of Africa and then Let's see the wildcat L. Cat now. wildcats are fierce. There's no question about it again. I mean and Just as a Sirius' very soon I gotta go with the bulldogs. Who Am I? Leaving out Ole miss the rebels. Well Well there the bears. What is wholeness now? where the rebel? I'm I'm confused myself. Okay okay. So the bears Well you just do a dog's left and chase until we treat the bear and then A razor backs and You know oftentimes used dogs to hunt raise impacts and got to go with dogs dogs You gotta different daughter at aim. 'em Yeah Yeah but we have a dog thank junkyard. Take care of them The Missouri. I didn't realize until you walk me through all this three tigers the SEC. That's what makes it a tough birds three tigers thinking about that as a mascot three sorry coach. I gotTa tell you though. I'm really excited to see you in the SEC west. I mean what made us all connected. was I wrote an article claiming I mean I thought you were the best coach in America back in May and now. I'm delighted to see that. Yes I know you're you're you're one but you're going to be in this conference coaching against you. You know the Nick Saban's a a an order on you know Dan Mullen Kirby Smart. I can't wait to see the air raid against These guys but how do you feel about being being in conference now with the most elite coaches probably in college. Football weather's great coaches great teams. Great Resources and to be perfectly honest I guess I felt that way about every conference I've been in I mean Different conferences will have their favorite coach and and You know in different coaches will be different places in their career but I can't say that I've ever been in a conference with the bad coaches. You know you might feel like one. Pill is better than the other guy but every conference difference. I'M FIT in. I felt like had really good coaches now. You said I read an interview recently. Reset part of the reason you made the switch from Pullman I'm in Washington State to Mississippi State was the was the fear of missing out was it. Was It just the fear of Coaching in the SEC and coaching a different program and new opportunity. What what exam win it we? We've we've done. We've had some tremendous experiences that watch at Washington state. I love Washington in-state. I always will very proud of our our our players. Our coaches And everybody I dealt with their I felt was yourselves standing. You know The the the biggest thing was really just a new set of experiences the opportunity to build again and have another set of experiences and In a different part of the country You know recruiting Kids from in different places because you learn a lot from the players you recruit and their experiences and their backgrounds and so that's always exciting fighting and then It took me a little closer to the family that to my got a daughter in Atlanta and one in Oklahoma City. But the bigger thing was it was you know to check out different part of the country. you know do some good things and And you know just kind of a different region region with different qualities different Dynamics and you know just Excitement of that really. You mentioned the region and you. We're now moving to a region that is rich with pirate history. You of course are pirate kind of sewer. Do you have a favorite Mississippi River. Pirate well the Mississippi Mississippi River. It's hard to beat Jean Lafitte you know but And I've actually been to his bar down there in New Orleans It's at the very end of Bourbon Street but it's supposed to be is An original one that he hung out at But yeah all that stuff throughout goals and there is a lot of history there and I'm excited to check that out. We're excited to see you in the SEC. We're excited to see coach at Mississippi State. Appreciate you calling in coach Leach and Yeah good luck in the off season here and good luck Moving into the twenty twenty season the head coach of the Mississippi State bulldogs. Well thanks so much. I really appreciate your having me on and look forward to seeing you again. Coach as always a preachy appreciate coach Leach. 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We'll be out there. MARCI team most likely two months. Yeah March Eighteenth to March twenty first. Be Out there. I mean Thursday Friday just hardcore watching a bunch of games Wednesday trying to get an event going. I'm going back and forth. I think I have it secured making announcements in. We've checked all the boxes. This is right we sean stacking the money green will be in Vegas. Yes Ryan Real Money Kramer will be in Vegas. We will be out gallivanting in watching college basketball but what the audience wants to know what the clients want to know. What the de Gen- only army wants to know is the database? I mean come on. Is You know I miss the NFL. Mr Guys Christmas dinner that you wanted to do but hey I will be at March madness situation where your boss says. Hey Hey come to Vegas. Yeah and you say no no. We'll pay forever. We're hooking up three meals free drinks now I gotta I gotTa sit in my apartment so you can never guess Yeah I mean it's GonNa be awesome. So is that breaking news it will do. We have breaking I. I mean I think the breaking news is Will Nick Velvet Aching an appearance at March. I've talked to him He's he's discussed you know. He's he was in Bora Bora most recently. So He I think he will be there you can we. Can we have more breaking news Sean. Sure friend of the PODCAST ask from from deep in the Cave Dick Olsson. Wow tickles has confirm cock. He will probably be in Vegas. We'll see if the logistics workouts Dick Wilson will be their cousin Mush in firmed in the the wack pack is showing decker. Go Oh superfan. Judge Dr Supachai discharge not confirmed confirmed cited Iran McKee. It sounds like he's going only host to the NBA odds pod song. Do we have an Allen. cooley confirmation he has been hidden up wanting to know what's going down. Sounds like coolies going to be out there. Maybe that's a twitter. Poll excited to agree with Alan. Cooley spinoff it'll be signed. He'll be signing headshots. Nice so it's going to be. 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Titans fans need to To be a man head over tie tunes and leave that review because much like we challenge them to be great They need to return the favor now. And I'm GonNa Challenge the fan. Sean how would you say six hundred. What six hundred forty three? I expect that number to be a thousand by football season next year. That's a good goal challenging. I'm challenging the fans much like I challenged the Tennessee. Titans and we just got we just got a new one. I like where this guy's coming from. His name is peds six PD PD. Maybe there's two days he's in there he's done being a free loader that's the name of his five star review because there's a lot of freeloaders out there guys thanks for the picks I love your PC conversations the station point I got a complaint though. NCAA first half under is the worst bet ever. I try to one morning but who wants to spend all day Thursday then Friday of the tournament pain by every three point try and then he did Emoji face. A better bet is stray dogs and collect a handful of drink. Tickets keep up the good work. Yes this review was helpful. Brian still proclaiming the bedding. All thirty two first half of the tournament thirty four. Because we're going to do that's fine. You don't have to join me. I'll happy to bet for you. Yes Ryan will be better for everyone. They'll probably go eighteen and sixteen and lose is on the vague but again like those drink baby. I'll bet them all and then listed on props while now now A thousand comments right. Are you going to cut your Dick off. If you don't get a thousand comments well and and do it is. I'm GONNA come on and ride stick. I'm not cutting cutting off. Hold on I give up I can give up wrong me our oil consumption. I'm not giving up my why. Why did you say oral consumption? Just said Eh. Eat so much. weirder than oral consumption is. I'm saying there's any other I mean I'm playing with fire. We're going to go down this. How Far Oh can you go to? The consumption question is and I'm looking part of integrate podcast castors. I call myself and I am great because I look in the mirror. I break down the game tape. I'm kick myself. We're all should be kicking ourselves that we didn't somehow bring up the Mike Table cutting his own dick off to Mike Leach to see if he's Willie. Would you be willing to do that for an SEC. Championship or a national championship. You know we'll have to say that that For for part two of the conversation or or part four now leeches on the show John Wayne Bobbitt porn after you know he was in. I'm not interested. I'm I'm not through his Dick in a yard. Do not mean like Dr- Dr- she drove out into the country and through his Dick AH yield hair to grow new a little bit about me. Real money crammer. You can follow me on instagram. Would you get is your Promo your instagram. In the leads conversation I wanted to make sure coach Leach knew where to find me not my genre porn. Born watching porn with guys who previously had their day cut off not into that genre very niche. But I'm not into that feeling it's right next to snuff Sean. Yes let's do. We've we've done it all and take you guys as always for tuning into the sports gambling. podcast thank you for participating in the spur scaling August fourth sports gambling podcast. I'm sean stake in the Money Green and he has ryan feel free to go. Wendy Kramer let it ride yeah.

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