10/28/2020 - HOUR 2 - Dodgers, Trevor Lawrence


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Don't forget the search horrible decision. That's W.. H. R.. E.. I.. B. L. E. decisions. On the iheartradio APP the number one, APP, for podcast on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. Thanks for listening to the heard podcast. Be sure to catch US live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox sports radio NFS. One find your local station for the hurt at Fox sports radio DOT COM or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching heard. You're listening to Fox sports radio. Oh our to our live in Los Angeles. This is the her wherever you may be in. However, you may be listening. This is Fox sports radio and right here on F s one Joel Klatt stops by big college football this weekend Michigan Plays Michigan State. that's Pretty Big Game Pretty Sizable Game Pac twelve around the corner sec. How sort of a slow week? It's good. Abby enjoyed Taylor is joining us as well. Joy. How are you? Great. It's nice to be say a lot of celebrating this in twenty twenty senior. Some young people are going to go out and set off fireworks. Let's not forget. It was just. Wanted Championship in thirty two years. So it's OK media don't overreact. It's. Graduates. Story of the day is the dodgers won in the Tampa rays that are really dumb thing with analytics but You know I will say this though it was interesting I was talking to an executive, the other day, and the executive showed me some ratings that the dodgers ratings in Los, Angeles on radio or four times higher than the Lakers and I thought to myself. That is strange. It is a Laker town Lebron is a star. Why would that be town put their arms around this team Lebron an ad, the passing the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant I would think this would be a gigantic Audrey Laker year and the dodgers you know I mean they're very very popular. But why would the dodgers ratings before to five times higher on radio than the Lakers and then it hit me last night. Because in Los Angeles, you've had to live with this team. This is there what fourth trip to the world's third trip to the world series in four years you've grown up with Clayton Kershaw and he struggled and you've watched how emotional it is, and that's the great thing about baseball you go to a minor league even the greatest stars fail seventy percent of the times and it's visceral emotional and the city. has embrace this team and has gone through the ups and downs that is not to discount what the Lakers did but hiring Lebron ad as mercenaries to come in swoop to the city. Win a championship doesn't quite feel the same. People in Los Angeles have lived with the dodgers and when you're part of a family, you see your kids cry and you see him get a d. and you see people fail and you see people get fired and you see the disappointment of it. And all that building and building and the dodgers built this team. The right way that is not to say, they don't have money, but they used sparingly and strategically get Mochi bats too often the New York Yankees just go buy a player to solve a problem. The dodgers never did that they built their play their team through the farm system. They found occasional guys like Mac Muncie on the scrapheap and then they would smartly attain mookie betts not because he really solved a problem it's because how in God's Green Earth is the best athlete in the sport available on the market he was they swooped in and took him. Two years ago, Cory seager got hurt and they brought in Manny Machado but they did not sign him long-term. They did not. They developed cody bellinger. They said, we don't need to pay for this. It's not part of our long-term plan. Seger is hurt. It is a short term issue will get much auto for now. Bats was not brought here to solve a problem, you get to the world series you don't have any he was bizarrely available, and because they have developed such a beautiful farm system, they were allowed to give a couple of players up to the red sox who see themselves as rebuilding to a degree and they get monkey bets but the reason the dodgers right now are more popular in Los. Angeles it's not about the politics Oh for God's sakes folks the lowest ratings were hockey. It's not a political sport. It's not about that. It's because you lived through the dodgers pain they were family it's not mercenaries it was about everybody and you watched their failure I mean, let's put it in context losing the world series is not failure for most teams. But when you live through something, it's family. And it feels so much more special last night than hiring superstars who by the way I love Lebron I love eighty, but it doesn't feel the same. It doesn't feel the same buying championships. That's not what the dodgers did. That's not what they did. They did it the right way. And the reason I bring Joel Klatt on now is because it's the right time to teach my young friend about the INS and outs the ebbs and flows the peaks and valleys of college football and Joel. Klatt is now joining us for the record, a former minor league baseball player of some renown who offered out very much a failure in the baseball, but baseball is a sport built on the ability to overcome failure. That is true and it's true and the dodgers ratings in this town are enormous because we have an I say we this city has lived through seeing Kershaw unravel and they love Kershaw I don't disagree with that. I. Think that's why you're ratings are so big. The fans have lived through your failures year after year after year, and it's like you're like family to them. I was going to be your like drunk uncle getting. Report card I absolutely love it by the way I. Didn't really think much about this all weekend but you're near upset of the week was pit. Over Notre leaving off with that listen. Yes. Give you. That was that was rough and by the white pit did exactly what I said they were GonNa do. Run Defense and it didn't work at all. So let's just address that first Notre Dame. Yeah. The week before they had struggled against Louisville. But I Tony Dungy brought something on the broadcast. He said listen they wanted to work on their passing game. It was windier than they thought. Yeah and so in the middle of the Game Against Louisville Notre Dame how to go okay we backtrack we got we can't do it and I thought Dungy brought up a great point. I think Notre Dame to me is probably the fourth or fifth best team in the country I have them number four right now just ahead of Georgia because of low sag gamed. Alabama is. kind of behind just from a talent perspective those teams at the top in we get that I do think when I watch them now, and I went back and I and I watched that game on on game tape one pit was really struggling personnel wise. They got their quarterback was out so on and so forth. Now having said that Notre Dame is really big Bay a key spots you've got safety that's enormous their tight ends or big. They've got big bodies that allow them to do really cool stuff offensively I think the limiting factor right now is probably Ian Book. If. You just have to have him sit there and drop back and throw the football which they're going to have to do at some point. You know they got Clemson next week not this week next week. Is he going to be able to do that and I think the questions remain for Notre Dame on that but this a really good team. Yeah. Really good five in the country certainly. Yeah and I actually think. I actually think they match up. Okay. With clemson parts of them to your point I do think Notre Dame can lean on your little bit. Your and Clemson hasn't faced that kind of physical team this year Uconn they lean on U. Notre Dame can win ugly. They won't be Clemson but there is you can ugly up games and I think Notre Dame is built to do that against clemes. There is an element to Clemson though that there. So veteran, they're so good. I think they're board. Right. I. Think every I think they're bored out of their mind just waiting like like Dr Butler and three hundred you and like they're just like licking their chops for an opponent that can actually test them and they thought they were going to get that. Miami and they walked out there and just Bam just crushed Miami. Something tells me that we're in for a game like that against Notre Dame? Like like Clemson like they can't wait to be tested finally. And I think clemson might roll Notre Dame. But that's that's that's a week. Okay. You Gus Jenny Taff Michigan State at Michigan. So now you and I if I recall are both on the see I've always had this theory about Michigan football it's not Ohio state. It's not Alabama it's not no. There's like five programs in the country and I think actually USC used to be one. They're not any more than not as committed as I thought they were it is Oklahoma it is Alabama. It is Ohio state boy. It gets real after that they're totally committed to football. And then there's about eight teams of which Michigan falls in historically there really good but Ohio state. Is More committed. They'll fire coaches more quickly Brady hoke wouldn't have lasted a four game losing streak and I think harbaugh given that there are a nine and a half when program to attend program and he's right on track and I think he's done a very good job. I'll go a step further. He has done a good job and listen you know he's he's going to draw the line share the criticism because there was so much focus on Jim and and the antics and the pants, and although he changed to blue, which is interesting right? So it's changed things up. Here's one thing to to really understand about Jim Harbaugh. He's just now. Getting, and this adjustment has been a little bit late. If it comes to fruition watch out because. In, college football, you can't win at the top end unless you can score thirty five points against a really good team. You just can't. That's a sport. That's the sport now right and Bama has had to adjust and we've talked about it. Right? Nick Saban has had to just offensively thirty five, forty points in big Games Ryan Day goes to Ohio State. Guess what you have to do against Ohio state. Now, you can't beat them with Don Brown's defense. You can't just out defense them and tough them and win the game. They came close a few years ago remember and they had that overtime game. But then what happened Ryan Day steps foot in Columbus Ohio and guess what happens to that offense goes through the roof. Now, what do you have to do to beat Ohio State? If you're if you're Michigan Score, you've gotta be able to score and they haven't been able to even come close to the offense of efficiency and what I saw last week from Michigan was the was the corner being offensive Joe Milton. Their quarterback is incredibly talented guy. He's he's huge. First of all he's got a quick release. One of the strongest arms that I've seen in college football in the last four five years stronger than Josh Allen or even Herbert. Throws absolute. Lasers can run it pretty well, and here's the other part. They haven't gone pure spread like they tried to do last year was shape Patterson and just run those like soft. Schemes in the run, you know what they did in the run game they went back to what harbaugh does. Well, which was pull guards pull tackles, run power oriented schemes, and it all has to stem from number forty two Ben. Mason, you're all Joe why are you bringing been mason? Let me tell you why because Ben Mason was a guy who was a full back under the old offense last year Gaddis comes into being spread coordinator. So he's got to go defensive tackle. So we played defensive tackle last year and. This year they're like, you know what let's out of the shotgun go back and be a more power power oriented run game. So Ben Mason's back on offense they're lining them up all over the place he had several key blocks on the big runs and they're back to get that downhill. So now all of a sudden you've got the power oriented running game a quarterback that can throw it, and still a defense that I think can can be efficient and certainly rush to quarterback. This may be Jim Harbaugh's Best Michigan team. I'm not saying they'll beat Ohio state. I'm just saying. I'm bullish on Michigan after watching them last night. So I'M GONNA throw theory you well boy. So I was I was listening to very smart guys on that. Show the Prophet Marcus Lemonis. Yeah very smart. Yeah. Camping. World Very smart show and he was talking to CNBC, one of their financial guys and he was talking about how he is watching people change in America. They want nature more because of covid. And Kovic, some of this stuff is going to change how we act in America. This is not a temporary thing much of this will stay, and even if vaccines come out, he said we are seeing over the last with all the stress and the ability to work remotely in. Virtually okay. and. This is my point. If cove is going to be here for a couple years. The. NBA. Hockey baseball and the NFL have shown an ability because billionaire owners. To handle it, mean God. Until last night, we didn't have a baseball player have Kovin for months right NBA never had one NHL didn't have one but on a college level, it's different you even at Ohio state, you do not have seven million dollars a year for covid. What am I getting to? If, Marcus, La-, Mona's right and many of the business leaders in America say get used to it. This is going to be around till twenty, twenty, three, twenty, twenty, four at some level. It Makes College sports less attractive Ryan Day Lincoln Riley. Do you want to go through this year. Do you want it? I thought I was watching it this weekend and I said. You know it's weird how a world changes in I'm going to be at this job forever, and then you wake up one morning ago. This is not really the world I want. COVID is so difficult for even big financial institutions that Lincoln, Riley and Ryan Day say. I go to the NFL I could see that I think the Ohio state and Oklahoma could have their coaches cherry-picked in the next three months. I will tell you this for guys that that got into this profession because they love the sport I love to develop players they love the locker room they love the team aspect football, they love football. Every coach that I talked to now throughout the country as told me that they're spending maybe ten percent of their time on football. Now, that's not to say bad, but covert is taking A. Huge chunk of their time. Then they're also worried about the mental health of their players, the the social justice aspect. Years. Old In our country with their players and the coaches are saying listen it's just different right? It's not it's not better. It's not worse. It's just different. So if you did get into this based on the expectation that you wanted to be a football coach and develop football players and build football character. College is different. Now now, I'm not suggesting that these guys. Will or should leave I am agreeing that it is different and there is going to be a dynamic shift in how college coaches are going to have to handle their organizations versus what a head football coach in the National Football League would have to change. Now you bring those guys up. Here's why I think that that's so interesting if you're the New York jets and you're trying to woo Trevor Lawrence out of college football i. Come on. Let's go like don't stick around in college right? You don't flex your muscle in terms of your leverage come to the jets wouldn't one of those guys be attracted you I think an Trevor Lawrence said yesterday I'm not sure if GONNA go to the NFL it's like sure would be hard to turn it down. If I got Lincoln Riley I would say though like that comments going to get a lot of run today and Fans out there just give it its proper context because he was asked a question about the future and he gave an answer that that an athlete should give, which is hail worry about that at a later date. He didn't say I'm willing to go back to Clemson, try he basically gave a big vague answer which mature adults are going to do when ask a specific question about their future and that's why I didn't lead with it today. Good good job good job by the way I think the jets might be a better location than people realize boy why say Oh, boy let me say it's better than the bengals. It's better than Joe Borough was going to with the Bengals I. Think Joe Burrows Made Cincinnati way more attract really with one win interesting take let me tell you why the jets are better than Cincinnati Bengals as a destination for Trevor Lawrence versus what Joe Borough had to deal with with the bengals all right is because the bengals hadn't one shoot anything in boroughs whole life have they won a playoff game in his lifetime probably wasn't alive in late eighties was he? No No. These kids are now wasn't alive until I came to Fox there. There you go. Came came to the West Coast. So. All I'm saying is that was the same ownership group. They are historically cheap the bengals art like that organization had Ha- has had the same problems at nagging them forever whereas the jets I don't think Joe Douglas fits that mold Joe Douglas they're. Won? Three. superbowls. Yeah. They've got a ton of picks. Yeah. If they deal Darnold, they're GONNA get I why will they get a first jewel? Here's why they'll get a I is because you've got really good organizations with aging quarterbacks at the back end of the first round that would love to have Sam Darnold love to have Sam. darnold. Code happens if the IF THE COLTS WANNA move off the steelers are going to back soon, the Patriots are in that boat the New Orleans saints are in that boat. The Falcons may be in that boat and they're not even in the back into the first round. But if they deal, Matt, Ryan may be darnold as a ticket. They're all I'm saying is that I think that the jets have ammunition, they have the GM they they've got a great left tackle that they just drafted and and couldn't Williams, despite the trade rumors is a very good young emerging defensive line I just think this narrative the jets are terrible this year and we understand that what they have. They have the most money under the cap this off season so I I'm just saying like this narrative that Lawrence is going. To somehow force his way out of New York I think is overblown I. Think it's media driven I think Lawrence might look at the jets and say that's actually an attractive spot finally to is debut you watch them a lot of Alabama. I like I thought he was the best prospect I could be wrong. I do think his injuries bring him down as a prospect I don't worry too much about size i. think he's got some breeze. He's accurate. He's got an leadership qualities. He's a smart kid. I think he succeeds in Miami will what will concern you over the next month with two as start if you see something I would say just physical ailments you know like if he can stay healthy I think this'll be quality time for him to go develop by all and I've talked with some people he's been doing great and practice great and Bracco you've got that source yes and the other part of this is this is kind of a no lose for the dolphins. Let me tell you why you know where they're at. They're rebuilding a one hundred percent. Yeah. It doesn't really pay dividends for them to go to the play offs with Fitzpatrick. It just doesn't right because then there's still like, okay. Well, when are we moving on right whereas if it comes in and goes to the playoff, you throw it huge parade near like we did it. We've found him. If you don't, it's still find because he's coming off of injury. He's learning. We're developing. We're still building the this is kind of a no lose. At first I was like, why did they make this decision but when you really look at it, this is a no lose for the dolphins. It really is because if if it doesn't go well, he's developing. If it goes great, we can throw a party and you don't have to deal with the question bleeding into the off season fitzpatrick were take you to the playoffs. I'm not even GONNA. Ask for a near upset I on the bench this I know no near upset this week Michigan beat Michigan will beat the parties, the Spartans Sparty me maybe and that gave may be closer than the experts thing. 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In a nutshell, the Kinsey scale looked at two things, sexual fantasies and actual sexual behavior. Listen to mating matters on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or ever you listen to your podcasts. Sunday on Fox a great double header starting to the vikings taking on Aaron Rodgers and the packers then drew brees, the Saints Against Nick, Foles and the bears or other regional action. It all kicks off at one eastern on Fox and the Fox sports. Raiders Browns is fascinating to me joy so. The raiders had that covert issue with their offensive line. We don't know what they went through last week we saw them beat Kansas City. So we know they're talented Cleveland. Everybody talks about what an impressive win it was, but they needed to come from behind multiple times to beat Cincinnati. Now the Odell Beckham situation. So the question becomes this to me feels like a big this is a fascinating game like the raiders here I think we've undervalued them because of last week Tampa Kovic stuff we don't know what they were going through internally were. overvaluing over evaluating Cleveland a team that two weeks ago could not compete against Pittsburgh? Yeah. Their teams we really don't know what they are I. I liked the raiders getting a field goal here. This is a this is a gay right now they're feeling themselves in Cleveland they beat Cincinnati they struggled to beat the bengals. If I told you, there's a team in the NFL? They needed great play in the fourth to beat Cincinnati the week before they were humiliated by Pittsburgh. Does that sound like a great team that's Cleveland. And now you've got a raiders team that. The covid situation we just think now they're bad. They beat Kansas City a couple of weeks ago as the blazing. I think the raiders a very interesting week. I think I always look into blazing five. Who Will we undervaluing today like right now we're overvaluing the niners because they look on the world's best football team against the Rams and New England but they were much more desperate against the rams in New England mass and they have a lot more injury and Seattle had bad fourth quarter against Arizona. So a lot of people are. Selling Seattle stock and it's like no Seattle's back home they're probably going to be. There's a lot of there's a lot of stuff we see were overvaluing certain teams in the League. I. THINK WE'RE A little overvaluing Cleveland morning and I picked him as a playoff team and I think we're undervaluing a little Seattle because of that bad fourth quarter they were actually controlling Arizona for three and a half hours joy with the news. The news this is the third line news sponsored by Mercedes bets the best or nothing to. With time Oh so exciting. Very exciting dolphins that their first real look at to this weekend. When he gets his first start Ryan Fitzpatrick did not hide his disappointment when he got benched for the rookie but Brian Flora's believes the culture of the team is built to handle the change. I think the guys rally around each other I think they support one another. Team effort. Again it won't be just to vote in the to have to do as part as far as. Communication getting US lined up. You know making good decisions were asking of Him we would asking one. The dolphins trending in the right direction. And they've kind of always been well at least for the last ten years or so this is kind of like middle the road team nor really trust them. They're not bad. They're not exactly what we don't trust them but they're not they're always they always have good players right? Well, I wanted to take a look at what I've already lived through, but just put it in perspective of what what the dolphins have gone through at the quarterback position. It's pretty dramatic. They've had twenty one different starting quarterbacks start at least one game since two thousand. The most starts in that span was Ryan Tannehill with eight twenty one since the year two thousand. Merino, went one, forty, seven, ninety, three in seventeen seasons with the dolphins when eight and ten in the playoffs he made the playoffs ten of his seventeen seasons. The dolphins are one, fifty, two, hundred, seventy, four since he laughs and in one or four one and four the playoffs they've not had a franchise quarterback since Dan Marino, left the dolphins. That's why they are putting so much stock into as they should absolutely not about. Not, about winning this weekend and he by the way you're only I think only a four point, Doug, this is actually a perfect spot because the rams off a huge impressive Monday night performance have to fly three thousand miles to the dolphins off of by this may be another blazing five picks her interesting. I I I completely agree with Joel I did not think it was a shocking time to move fitzpatrick. Waiting to. When they were going to do and I always guessing. We kept waiting. We kept guessing what week it was going to happen like we were like I was like week nine week in the NFL move the buyout. So at the the league kind of Forced Miami's hand they were GonNa do it at the bye week clearly, they just moved by wake up why not give him an extra week to prepare with the number one always knew that they were going to move off Fitzpatrick. Patrick said, he knew until that move with actually made. Surprise winning getting to the playoffs. Or winning a meaningless playoff game is not going to help the development of the dolphins unless to the quarterback everything shoulder said is correct. Winning organizations. I haven't had the privilege of being born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and watching the steelers my entire life know what a winning organization does the standard the Super Bowl not making the playoffs that's not what that's not what a winning organizations do. That's not success if you're building than yes. That's a successful season. This year with two. When getting to the playoffs Fitzpatrick does nothing for the development of the dolphins it's mediocrity and I'm not interested in it. Tom Brady's decision to leave New England for Tampa Bay has been working out very well for him. He is clearly winning up divorce right now and Peter King thinks he should have seen the move coming after Brady's last game with the Patriots. He spoke with Brady right after the loss and says, looking back he sees that bracing meaner wasn't just because of the game's outcome. Tom Brady was I would call him discount that day. One thing that I can help with big visit he knew for quarterback New England was hopeless. You tell me if there is one off offensive player on that team that causes a defensive coordinator to game plan against him there is not one. Cam Yeah I'm Peter. Settlers show the other day there's no weapon on the offensive side of the ball. That right and Cam was not there obviously because Brady. Was the quarterback. So the only the only player when Brady was there that the the the NATO plan for was Brady, and in this case it's Kim. There's no offensive weapons that make defensive coordinators nervous and Brady knew that so. Him leaving makes perfect sense. Why do you want to injure career careers? That situation? Why when you were input is given as a not taken and your Tom Brady this was this was like a fork in the road that we all saw coming. I I'm not. I'm not married to Romance Right, Oh God meter like the things that way. Wonderful. I. Love story it's fantastic. The ending it's great. Then there's like reality where. All, the time and sometimes you spend some time apart and then you come back together and then like you work some things out and makes exceptions, you just decide to work it out right or you just divorce and that's fine too. Because at the end of the day you guys both have journeys you have to go through in life and that's really what happened with the. Tom Brady like, yes. Would have been romantic for him to end his career there as the greatest player of all time short. But it's also a spinoff story that he wants to Tampa Bay and could very well what a super bowl this year. I also are available Zacharias his contract with the Eagles up after the twenty, twenty one season, and there has not been much progress on an extension but there is some interest from other teams packers. The Eagles reportedly got calls in the packers and the Ravens. He'd be a great fit for Green Bay about tight end. Yes. Were made but hurt his ankle and had to be placed on injured reserve instead I don't think Philadelphia Shut my question is. Philadelphia I still things going to win that division because I'm not sure if I'd do that. Well, the trade deadline is Tuesday. November third. Third. Four PM Eastern urges. Active. Maybe a trained in the White House to. Arts isn't as eighth season and turn thirty in November he has twenty four receptions on seventy eight yards and one touchdown Dallas. Goddard's rookie deal is also after the twenty twenty, one season, he's only played in three years. So there, the Philadelphia also hurt his ankle. Philadelphia. Same. We can't pay for both. Let's move on. Yes and. It's time for us to get paid. So yes, this would have been trade. You make four obviously he got injured, but it'll be available to make and how long injury after be let's be honest about New England after Aaron Rodgers and a couple of their linebackers coach not paying anybody we're not Jones big money at. Are they not paying Davante Adams big money you you couldn't afford to pay. Zach hurts. I mean, they're not again. I it's. It's not like Seattle where you're gonNA pay Jamal Bobby. Wagner, you're paying dunlap you play whose Green Bay Pan Aaron Rodgers deserves the money and the linebackers both came over made good money not not outrageous money and the free agency a year ago like go pay Zach Hurts Zagreb's deserves to be paid and he's still he's still produce at a high level obviously when. Healthy volume tight end hearing needs another weapon. He's made it clear. He wants to stay in Philadelphia but again, this is clearly not how it's GonNa work out. Not going to have both dogs got hurt and he comes back healthy. They're going to stick with younger guys joy with the news. Well that's the news and thanks for stopping by. Heard lie news. Why Five Trevor Lawrence? I consider stalling and not going to the jets and why you don't need New York anymore in the NFL that's coming up next be short catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am Pacific on Fox sports radio s one and the iheartradio. APP. Thirteen days of Halloween. Of remotes hotels Fred. Is Awful? The most unusual guests they sound like someone you trust. Don't touch it. Don't look at it a tour guide that can't be trusted. Was It luck fates but placed you. Never know. And the newest arrival. Is You Wayne can. Starring, Keegan Michael Key as the caretaker please make yourself at home. After all. This is it. Produced in three dimensional by neural audio to place you right in the center of the story in ways you'll have to hear to believe. For, full exposure listened with headphones or air pods. One story each nights? October nineteenth and ending on Halloween. For. My heart radio and bloom house television listen to Aaron McKie's thirteen days of Halloween on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. I live going to kill him? ME. This fight night a new podcast from iheartradio. This is the story about two guys from opposite sides of the street. Hustler blamed for robbing the most dangerous gangsters in the country. Is. Like A deaf wants me for so. He was aware of Bob and the COP who tried to save his life. They thought he in Robyn did Liz man in this country guys who will not hesitate to blow your hair in nineteen seventy Mohammed Ali triumphantly returned to the ring. At the Hustler's party that followed gangsters from around the country were robbed of a million dollars. This story from Atlanta Georgia has been reported for fifty years. But now for the first time, you're going to hear what really happened. Here from the people who lived it? Listen and follow fight night on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts more wherever you listen to podcasts. Great to you and there's a story out today Trevor Laurence says, he may come back to school I listened to the tape. He doesn't really say that he does intimate he doesn't have an answer yet he will go pro and he will end up I imagine with the New York jets I do think it's interesting though that he does not need the New York jets and let me just say this actors the world changes no longer need to go on Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert it's called Social Media Kim Kardashian told David Letterman I have one hundred and thirty seven, million instagram followers why would go in a late night show? The quarterbacks in the NFL mahomes, Baker Mayfield Aaron Rodgers on the most commercials play in Green Bay Kansas. City. In Cleveland you don't need New York for stardom in two thousand twenty. What about the Yankees? That's not a New York thing if it was, you'd have to go to the mets. That's a great bran thing with the Yankees the NFL didn't have Los Angeles for over two decades and grew substantially. Wall. Street used to be where the rich hats hung out. They made movies about it. Now, Silicon Valley could buy and sell Wall Street and has major influence. New York's a great city and I love it. There's nothing like it in terms of energy and fun when it's not freezing. But you don't need New York as an athlete Trevor. Lawrence has the leverage not a city. Brock yards, my friend, he's been working at Fox sports. Now for a little over a year, we put them on NFL Games now, which is unbelievable. One of the smartest guys that does football analysis work for any network. He's now ours and we love that brought cure NFL player for six years joining me. Back, up to peyton manning the colts which I don't think I've ever said that I think I knew that but I just saw the piece of paper. So let let me ask you this you as a former Seattle guy. We're both Seattle guys I've been saying this that Russell Wilson feels like a life preserver. Sometimes on a sinking roster they got him Carlos Dunlap this morning. I think that's big. I like Pete Carroll I like the GM John Snyder but I watched Monday and I, say to myself it's to Russell. Wilson centric is that what as a former NFL quarterback? Do you see some of that? When you say that Colin because the seahawks are dead last on defense I'll say that again, the seahawks are dead last and giving up over fifty yards more than the second worst defense in the league. That I've called twice and that is the Atlanta Falcons. So you can have a middle of the pack defense but you also need a defense at least they're giving them takeaways call and that is one thing they are doing. They are giving him some extra possessions of, but that Defense did not hit Sakala me one time. They did not hit cuyler Murray one time on Sunday night that can't happen and this is a defense. Let's remember that P Carol continues to have invested in drafts capital Jamal Adams future first round picks like this is a group defensively that they have committed to that should not be this bat. So yes, there is too much on Russ if he's gotta throw it forty or fifty times and the people love it because he's cooking all over the place but you're not GonNa win a world championship. He'll have the biggest numbers however had you may have the most individual. Gory but to win a title to win that division, they have to be more balanced as a football team. There's a rumor out today Zach Ertz too the packers potentially they've made calls. We've heard rumors about Amari cooper to the Green Bay packers. What I think sometimes fans forget you can bring certain players on like a corner and they can pick up a system very quickly but quarterbacks, there's a reason in the summer they invite their receivers and tight ends out to their town because it's all about timing. How long would it take Aaron Rodgers and a Veterans Zach? Cooper that you literally think that Aaron would throw them open would trust them could could could no they would be in the spot like I think fan sometimes think Oh. So you throw the football around quarterback receiver that is a relationship. How long does it take to build? In the further that point I think a little bit Colin. You're not going to Clemson, where you've got like four place, right then you run to formations in your uptempo you're going in Green Bay probably the most complex offense in the NFL. To probably the most demanding quarterback when it comes to that precision in timing you're talking about. What they have done, I had them twice earlier this year and the amount of time they spent this off season Colin trying to eliminate vowels in their call. So, they can make that call in enough time from head coached quarterback in the huddle and still get to the line scrimmage and do all their check with me. So it is a very complex system to now I will say this, you're not going to be the. Savior. Going there to be the one Davante Adams is the one. So you're going there to be the to or for. You're going there to really complicate compliment Mercedes Lewis the tight end. So you're not going they're having to just be the one to hit number four in the lineup. You're going there to hit five or six in the lineup, and also if they make that move I think Aaron Rodgers be a little bit more patients than he would be with some of the young players they've tried to develop. That Allen lazard injury was a big one because he was coming Aaron was really liking them. He was confident that he could be there too. So I think it would be a challenge. It'd be very difficult to any young player that does not have a depth of football background but in Mario Cooper Zach Ertz have played in systems played multiple systems they could do it but I guarantee you that quarterback will be pretty demanding of exactly where they need to be six years in the NFL, he's calling NFL games for US called the Falcons Lions last week. We know the teams that need a quarterback and we know the teams that have a great quarterback. Atlanta's fascinating. You Start Looking at Matt Ryan he's older I do believe is the game changes you can't move them around much in the pocket. He's good enough for some I don't know if the new coach GM in Atlanta and you just watched his game is Matt Ryan somebody a new coach should say all right I'll take four years of Matt Ryan or is it time to draft the Justin fields develop for a year and move on what do you see? Four years that's not going to happen. Now, two years is a different conversation and Colin his finances of his contract are going to make it very difficult on whoever that next GM our head coach is to say trade them move them cut on that's going to be financially. So irresponsible. So more than likely, you're going to have him for two years and I think two years the right system with with the right supporting cast. They've done some good things on offense but I mentioned to you earlier they were the second worst defense only to the sea hawks. Can't rush the passer not taking the ball away some some challenges on that side. So you're going to have Matt Ryan whoever that GM or head coach in my opinion you're GonNa have that Ryan for the next couple of years because that contract is just so financially difficult to move. If you wanted to move off of him, do you think there's a market for cam? Newton I did after the Seattle game then I came to terms with own weight everybody scores on Seattle and then I looked this morning and I'm like if I get to more bad showings and it's not all camps faults the slowest receiving corn the leak I wonder what the market is for Cam would what say you Yeah. It depends calling on what kind of tape he continues to put forward throwing the football what they did. The first couple of weeks was awesome. The League really seen it didn't make many adjustments to it. He's running all over Miami is running all over Seattle but we know that's not sustainable especially a player at his age in his tear on those tires. So it's can you throw the ball effectively enough the last couple of weeks that's been a definitive no, that's coming up no practice time that's coming up. As you said, a beat up receiver crew edelman is just band AIDS right now. So it's going to be challenge in challenging environment for him but to me call him. Be All about how efficient? How accurate can he anticipates I'm not seeing that haven't seen that the last couple of weeks you're going to give him a grace period all new. There's less practice not immense talent outside, but it will ultimately come down to how well he can throw it in more than likely calling how much bill belichick believes in him because they don't have another answer, they're not going to draft one or two they're not gonNA get Trevor Justin. So really comes down to I. Think how much does bill believe in him to extend him long-term six years in the NFL Fox NFL analyst does a tremendous job brought cured love having you on the show man thanks coming by. Always, a blast call in any time you bet brought to you by the way a little inside the the rope is he was at the other place and I went for a year and a half to two years I went to our management and I said he's a star on Seattle radio. The Guy knows more football. You can put him on college or pro we've moved pro he's terrific. He really is one of the most knowledgeable guys I've learned so much from him about football brock you're really really bright guy his family in the state of Washington is it's the manning family in the state of Washington. All end up playing Washington or going onto very prolific college careers. Gentlemen Stop Phoning in your underwear get Tommy John. Best pair you'll ever wear or its free guarantee say fifteen percent right now Tommy John Dot com slash H. E. R. D. It's Great Davin call this now winners town. If the ran you know. The Rams can win the Super Bowl. Now they need somebody to knock out Tampa. It's possible once you take out Tampa they match up with everybody else fine. They've already been there. Let's not forget the got the coach despite what everybody says, they got a quarterback that's already been there. They've got the best defensive Lineman in football, a top five corner and a great receiving core not a lot. They're not rebuilding their lines. It's a real football team. Wouldn't that be something? Our three coming up. Feeling loss. Then we've got the PODCAST for you labyrinth. I'm Amanda Knox. I'm Christopher Robinson. I know what? It's like to be absolutely stuck to wind up in a life I never expected, but everyone's got their own personal maze complete with dead ends, shortcuts, minicars. So we're bringing your podcast where you can get lost on a cruise ship in the trauma of a mother's murder in a presidential campaign or in a corrupt court surrounded by ravenous media a podcast featuring unlikely obstacles a terrorist husband. A shadowy cabal, a pregnant wife across the ocean. So come on, get lost with us as we bring you stories from. 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