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As someone who lives in breeze college football. I can promise you that this season will bring the mayhem. You'll feel it during huge wins and heartbreaking losses on Dame winning. Dr. Drives it in post game. Fender bender. This season teaming up with AllState highlight these key moments. The let fans know mayhem can show up on game day. Imagine what can happen the rest of the week for expert advice. Call your local agent today. Everyone on welcome to fresh addition of ESPN FCA, I'm Alexis soon as back with my partner in West Indian crime shack, his my tailbone IT. We'll be joining us as well later on to talk some more football and what our weekend to be back shackled. We've got a host of juicy fixtures. And it doesn't get bigger than this. At least in Germany in the Bundesliga all I've were on this one Dortmund hosting buyer Munich who have not been enjoying a good start to the season. A lot of pressure on Kovacs to see if the baron boys kinda bounced back ten minutes now. Is where we pick things up Markelle Royce winning the ball but his shots. Get saved by Neue become used to the higher pressure from bursar Doberman. What we've not used to seeing Markle Royce make a mess of those opportunities. All right here. We saw taken down by visa, but no call shock. Should this have been not for me? I don't think there's enough contact refugee that one. Right. Well, twenty six minute now is where things change it Levin with a header makes it one nil. Byron Reverend Oscar all alone sent of the box. You knew he wasn't gonna make a mystique from there. The cross themselves. Nabi thing of absolute beauty second half. Now Neue taking down marker Royce to this have been a penalty. I'm. Happy with this call I think commits overly show tries to pull out mix enough contact for me county giving ROY she was brought down convinced easily stories tied one piece fifty second minute now Kimmage finding Levin ski and he scores by lead to one commercials kept on side by the player who just drifted off the field and then come back in and then just stands at eleven skied again to yards out. No keeper no problem that man is not missing from there. But what about this man now Royce again missing from here shock? Yeah. This one surprise me ball takes defection getting to him. But once you takes I touch Joan you thought it would be a goal. Good defending date on Sancho finding Paco out cafe and he just can't get the shot in again thing on the goal line. But this is a waste of choosy from Caserta here for me. Tickets. Clues time sixty minute now hanging fines Markelle Royce yet again. But his shot just goes wide Roy's show crucial to everything about Borussia Dortmund just couldn't get his shooting boots on or so you don't have time about Marco, Royce. And that is why he levels scoring again to to check with the cross. And this is a very difficult skill hallway controls that finds you power prize. The direction is beyond me that was tastic by Royce seventy third minute now barren turning over the ball. Axel is about to find this man right here that we've been talking about Cassese gonna score easy going to score. Yes. He does and Dormont take the lead. Once Arca comes off the bench. Somehow he finds himself on the scoresheet. But this from what we've been missing all game long those forward passes that pressing of buying Munich higher depart wanting to get in behind it every opportunity fire started to do it. They got their rewards. Well, that was an all we heard from Myron before ski appears to score here. Well, he's called off side. He says no though, shackled. He says, no. But once you have a look at the replay refugee system gets this right Levin dossey just off site. Good furnish. But the linesman's right? So that does not read well for buying Munich fans and their struggles continue as Borussia Dortmund take this one just having a look at some of the. Statistics there shackled. But how great was this game? It really was and the O'Kelly shade was a game of two halves especially from a brochure. Dortmund perspective. Byron started really well. The likes of Frank rebury involved from the start giving Lucas paycheck and amp salute roasting in the first half all of this game that you sure by Munich pressing higher playing at a higher temple numbers, your document, which is not something to be able to see an awful lot for quite some time Dortmund struggle to really find their rhythm. And then when they did, and we'll get on the other side of Munich amazingly. Royce was very wistful firm. Also, the need expect from him. And then all of a sudden the second half starts, they get that Parenti as a said in the highlight. I thought was you correct call toward the penalty. And then you show their best rather than looking for these the sideways. Pas I and trying to go by. In that. We they started to get those flicks as you show with the winning goal moving the ball forward pushing by me and the pressure and then an aging by mimics gorgeous couldn't keep up with buying with. Berkshire Dortmund as we said about Bush adornment pretty much from the opening of this season the youth the temple they play with it's hard to live with for ninety minutes. Even if you're buying Munich for banks live with them for ninety minutes. So what about the entire season? Now as you just said an aging squad now by Munich are seven points behind doorman who top the Bundesliga at this moment. So how worried should their fans be now very at this point? Now, a lot can change seven points is a rescue believed for by mimic, especially the place that they will to call on the resources that they may may turn to come January. Who their coach me be in in December or January time already on Kovac? Well, I think we'd have to see I think is something that's the the board will be looking at unthinking about seriously, especially when it comes to the Champions League as I said seven points is retrievable. But if Bonn continued to fall time continue to show these deficiencies, and you see that MS spillover in. The Champions League. Yes. I think this by mini boards. Sydney can't pull the plug on Cova fee that need on the other side of the coin as much as we talk about buying experience. And they knew and can retrieve a seven point deficit the question for for Brescia dogmatise dischord had the experience to to lead from the front. It's easier to cheese, and it is to lead similarly, given the high temple style. Can they continue in this Wien through an entire season through the competitions in domestic competitions and through the Champions League right now. It's a good problem to have right now. If I'm backing somebody to win this league. I'm backing all right. Well, let's have a look at some of the player ratings for Borussia Dortmund shack. There you have it who stood out for you for me. It's got to be marker, Royce and given a nine hair. But his first performance was a six, but only expect no no what we expected of a tall. But at the same time and as much as we speak about the youth of Borussia Dortmund, and as tempted as we are to think of Markle Roy's as part of that youth. He's one of the more senior and experienced players know and a very disappointing. I fortified by his standards, yet still goes into the break comes out and takes his game over almost. Singlehandedly in the second half. That's mockeries we knew and we've fall in love with over the last few years, and you just wonder hold much better or how much how much accolade we'd have he would have. But for those injuries. And you see exactly how big a miss. He can be when you see exactly hotel anted. He is once it gets going. Focused now to the primarily Crystal Palace hosting Tottenham. Harry Kane they're expecting a lot from this man because he's your fantasy cameras on the thirtieth minute though. His long range shots was saved comfortable for Hennessy despite the conditions strike by hurricane though, fifty four th minute off a palace corner from Tompkins tongue. James Trump can just shrugs aside as Markelle should have done better, sixty six minute. Now defining moment of the game. Twenty year old one of Argentina gets the header and Spurs take the one nearly he just follows in after the ball is blocked on the line. You see joy in history. Kittery time. Now lorries has quite a save their shocker solo should have done better this close in. He had a little bit more time than that replay would suggest I thought he should have scored once you get within six. Yep. Tina, very happy man for that one win. But overall county Spurs record away from home if they all play their matches away from home. They'll actually I in the table. But instead they are not they have played eight games away from home and those age they have won seven so knows home sleep home for them. I suppose. Living onto elsewhere in the Premier League Southampton up against what foot will take this up in the sixty six minutes. Saints already one nail the past fines, Charlie Austin. And he looks at home off the deflection takes prosecutor. But that joy is short lived as Iran says, no, no, no, no no of side on understanding disappointed from Charleston when you see replay. Again, you see what the lines one is thinking player any picture is affecting the goal people. I'm not so sure I think the deflection is what puts the goalkeeper off my opinion should have stood definitely not a happy eight their eighty second minutes the failed clearance falso plus say Hello and his shot deflects in and we are level. Yeah. Sure. Instead of Southampton being two-nil at this point all of a sudden, they find themselves one what after? Deflections ears again and the match finished one one. But Charlie Austin was not a happy man after the game. Charlie that equaliser must be sickening. Ridiculous. I Chaman guy. We could go Mike toenail games dust. It wouldn't guy Fisher straight points died standard. Explain can you. Explain. Hit my choice. Hit may foster to joke about this health officials out clearly they need help. Clearly, we lead the league in the world watch league load. Give him all the help they need because krill Costa two points tonight joke. All right. So Charlie us in their very emotional. And I would say rightfully so shack a pleading for VAR, basically, understandably on the one hand Hampton continue to struggle every point is valuable point when you're tendon detail for Charleston players made his name and living by scoring goals to see goals disallowed. Or be rather frivolously is a hard thing to take new question. The prema- league should have our but prema- League Managers voted in April. Not too old to continue the testing fees of are. There was some speculation. I was a unanimous vote. I won't I won't echo that just yet. A lonely official documentation says they got the two majority from the vote now keep in mind that Mark Hughes. Charleston's manager would have been a part of the vote as he'd been manager for Santon as of much so. As much as you understand Charlie Austin's, frustrations as managers you have to look to here as to why this isn't yet a part of the primer league. Now, some of those managers who voted against v are back in April on no a little bit upset at some of the decisions, and the fact that referees on able to call in technology, but some controversies we've seen not just in the premium league to start with what we three months four months into the show. You knew what when this vote comes around next time at freely assume it's going to be an April of nineteen I expect everybody everybody to be on board. But give them some give them some of the misunderstandings. Some of the made in England's testing during the FA Cup. Give them some of the early teething issues. Jimmy and Italy had maybe you under you can understand why why the prema- League Managers were reluctant. But when you see our work as well as it did and the World Cup. No, all of a sudden second guessing decisions. And unfortunately, there was no get out of jail free card between the end of the workup on the started prima league season. They have to live by that decision. I think we're gonna see a lot more of these decisions. Indeed. But thanks to check a history of your work is done for the day. Good to be back with you. Let's have a look at the primarily table Manchester City right there at the top. Remember there in action tomorrow with their cross town rivals? The United in juicy Manchester Dari that's on Sunday. And we will definitely be tuning into that. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent hailstorm here to describe the event of a bro. I was just hanging on the roof. When this gnarly storm starts dropping baseball sized hail. Shingles got beat up a few windows broken who savage digital anything to help narrow. I was in survival mode. Your football can't help you in a hailstorm. But the gyco co insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Call gyco to see how a Ford -able homeowners insurance can be. Ooh. Juicy one in the city at tomorrow Sunday two twenty pm eastern time on ESPN, plus eighty Milan hosting you vent us make sure to tune into that one. I know somebody that will be myself and this man right here on Nancy our very own city expert, but I'm Kelly to get into this game with him because he wants to shy away from it because he's ever the professional an AC Milana boy through and through some Matteo how much are you looking forward this game. I don't know if me LA nation is necessarily looking forward to this game meal under missing their spine to centrebacks. And of course, Lucas big mea all out for months and the way that you've meant this have been playing compared to the way meal and have played recently. You think of that meal on game mid week in the euro played against wral beddis where they were truly awful in the first half. It was one of the worst performances that I can remember from me LAN. But of course, the story lines are plentiful Gonzalo Egwu Wayne turns to play event. Bonnici who was at meal and for one season, they even give them the captain's armband and now he's backing event this both should start. Those are the latest indications in the Italian media. It's a game. That means so much to me llahu who finally are in the top four who won to stay in a champ Zeke spot event, this already building a bit of a buffer as well between then and second place, so they could really pull away with Napoli dropping not picking up all three points. This is such a vital game for both teams as you said, you mentioned champions, they talking about events that lost matches United some basically say that they weren't hurting too much from that. But what are you expecting from them as they go to the sense hero latest indications from you. It's going to be de up more yeoman's Zouk it's back from injury. And of course, Cristiano Renaldo they have so much firepower. This is the difference between event the other teams and said he is they have death at every single position. And you look at Milan when they lose one or two or three players Janata of the meal and manager has to change formation. He's been alternate. He's been playing three at the fact that gone too. Four. He seems very confused tactically. The good thing is though that the players in the locker room are fully behind Tuesda. Even though we've heard murmurs Arsene Wenger in the shadows. Even those lots any Brima choose also been rumored to go to there's a better chance of joining than Wang, or so let's put the coaching controversy aside because right now milliner into top four, but they have not been playing the best football. I think they miss Lucas bigly. I never thought it'd be saying that but without Mattel Musacchio the center back for a few months without my Dada. Another centreback. So this is going to be depleted Milan. Side that needs all the star power that they can have can. I squeeze quick prediction out to go for it gone. Give it to me to one for you Ventas, and they can't get away. Both says it because I don't wanna be too emotionally invested in this one or else all away with pain. Once again, I think you've enters get a massive three points at saints here, which by the way, nearly ninety thousand attendance the atmosphere is gonna be rocking. I think you just want the interference get after you. All right. Let's get into some city action from today Genoa hosting Napoli when I make predictions for this one I thought it was gonna be care cut, but twelve minute now in senior shooting from the long range, but his shot goes off the post, but here in senior so good from outside the box scores cutting in on his right out there. And like I said I thought this was going to be easy to predict but we'll predictions out of the window. And I saw this one general taking the one lead of this twenty year old truck or crush on. All the talk about Kristof. Piontek Syria goal score wasn't scored in five games. It was the Qantas show today. And she lots see not a happy man with his team that point thirty-six vow saving deed. I don't know if y'all knew Ron through the. Chennault goalkeeper knew too much about the diving towards the center and that ball could've gone anywhere. It goes right to him. And here's our things get messy look at that rain. It looks like hurricane see spring in the Carribean. The game was delayed for about ten minutes. And then despite all that water still on the pitch. We had a game a Napoli find there. What about the ball from juries Merlin's? These are the two second-half substitutes on chill out these masterstroke to bring on far beyond Andries Mertens lovely hit with the weaker foot as well from far beyond eighty six minutes. Now, still look at all of that water there. But not only again, probably the rain did them good because they get that second goal to go to one up so important here, of course, trying to keep pace with you Venice. Well, of course, that was an own-goal of confirmed the goal there was a claim for a foul. But in the end Napoli get the win at two one. If we have a look at the top half of the city ass standings. You'll see inventors there at the top sitting pretty thirty one points as Milan who again, they will face right there in fourth and Napoli in second on twenty eight point. So let's talk because like I said on paper, I kind of expected this to just go not police way. But overall your impressions on this game. Can't even judge the second half of football. Giving the swamp that Napoli play with Napoli thing. I was okay for them to come back. So quickly even wonder, and I know any goes in Italy. But it wasn't football was being played. I was surprised sometimes they postponed games in the past. But in city, you never know. And the mossy the stadium where that game was the play that has notoriously terrible drainage systems. So the second starts pouring it piles up. It wasn't proposes little triples over the top with Napoli when juries Mertens isn't playing. I think they're fundamentally a different team. To get the best version of Napoli trees. Moore has to be in. Of course. That's because attic Milic striker who alleviates Mertens when he's getting arrested was in. But when Mertens came on the second half and fob young came on to have more technique. They certainly have more talent. And I feel like dreamers right now is Napoli's most important player the way that he links up as well. And just look at the goal. How came Therese Mertens backheel to find another player that I wanna see in the starting lineup through thirty million euro signing morale beddis, but Napoli right now need to keep up with your Venice. It's been now the one that we've expected in the last few seasons to give a lot of pressure to you. But in the end you've always pulled away with it at the end. And of course, we want competitive school that all right? So we Napoli for the neutrals perspective to keep up with the Bianco. Eddie and not let it be over by Christmas. I have to worry about that. But Ancelotti, and he's also have this to worry about the Champions League Napoli were in action made week. And there you have it there at the top of the table joint. Top with Liverpool on. Six points. I have PS G and Red Star Belgrade. So Mattel your overall thoughts on Napoli's form in the Champions League. And their likelihood of getting out of this group considering there some other two big names there that are rushing for that spot. This is the closest group it's one of the most competitive groups as well, especially given the way that Redstar has been playing getting a result at home against Liverpool won a moment for them. Throw it out then four Napoli. This isn't Modine soussan if you'll manager who only played the same eleven players they tired him out. And in Europe. You never got the success that they wanted cuddle on sheltie has one more champions leagues than city that the keep that in mind. This is a manager. Who knows exactly how to get results in this stage of the competition? I think Napoli get out of this group. I felt they deserved a lot more in their game against potty soldier Monday. Were brutally unlucky totally come away with one point in the last round as well. Napoli their style is why I love football. I think it's why fans start falling in love. I don't wanna get to Philip. But they really do play Napoli. This matter if the coaches Saudi or unsure lofty, not only their affective, but they play the most aesthetically pleasing football. I think in Europe alongside maybe mentioned your city. I hope they go through for football sake. All right. Well, let me see what you think about Inter Milan. Of course, I know your professional groupie in the Champions League, they are right behind Barcelona but good results mid week. I guess we could say that Spurs also came back to life and PSV in this group. So your thoughts on inter in the Champions League, and who gets through very different team, the Napoli inter the very physical. They'll play very defensive counterattack. That's how they were forced to play against Barcelona, and they were incredibly lucky to have a point against Barcelona as well at the sun pseudo because Barcelona dominated the could've put four or five goals past them in that game. I thought the Knicks came away with a bit of luck. It's all down tomato if he's not scoring. It's like interplay in ten he's under striker that brings in players striker that can hold up the ball. All that can link up he's one dimensional, but I think one dimensional in the fact that he only scores goals, which is great. Here's one goal. Every twenty six touches, which is the most insidious the most of any striker just to give you ninety s so they need him scoring in these games. But also to provide him with the service working get a clear chance remaining on November twenty eight into Milan facing Spurs away. And then December eleventh, they are home to PSV. How do you see these two games going and overall their likelihood of just getting out to the group Spurs into the game that you want to circle on your calendar that will decide who goes through to the next round and is going to be so difficult for enter to there. But we know that Spurs ninety like playing at home these days. So that might be advantage in Europe is a very different competition though. And this intercept isn't exactly have a wealth of champ Z competition. Many of these inter players playing the chamber for the very first time. It's been a long time since shows marina was in northern Italy. All right. Thanks so much say, oh, well, speaking of internal line, you can catch them in action. Tomorrow sunday. Six twenty five and Easter time up against Atalanta on ESPN two Mateo will be up bright and early with the Roosters to call. Welcome into extra time. I hope the NBA's watching because I've got to hear that should be NBA players says they are set here with me with all their high Montauban empty and Shakai his Hislop now before we get into all of your questions. I have a question for you matab because shocking. I we're talking after watching their classics. Do you think I'm Tony Kante could go to buying good? Wait. Okay. I stuff on demands and expects one of the highest wages in world football. They wanna pay him that amount. Sure. Are they going to get the kind of football that buyer Munich is known for absolutely not I'm going to name drop here. But several legends have told me that playing for is the most difficult thing training is nowhere near as fun. Just listen to what the Chelsea players are saying now, we are catch up back. They got that Brown back. They want Modise Asami. They're tired of Qantas ways. No. I don't want him at. But the question is if buying decide to get rid of Kovacs know who to replace them. It's not that many not that many big names out there is the one, but he's collecting very big paycheck right now to just be on an extended vacation. So I don't think he wants to go anywhere at the moment. Once that headache who wants none of you. That's for. Sure. All right. Let's. Right. Lessons shocking. Kartik wants to know wouldn't the big matches beats classical or others. We should happen. Almost every week in the euro European Superleague lose their value. If they are played regularly. One reason these mashes are craved is because they are so rare tell what you think Kordic if the Super League happens, I'm done with football. I'm gonna go find another job, I would have milk, and I'll call and the last all any extreme with European football. This would be the ruin of football. He's upset me. Right. The mystique of the matches that we've come to expect would be gone all the domestic leagues would be ruined. It would be a case of the elite richest get richer. And that is this is not good for football is good for casual fans who just got into the game two years ago. And they wanna see a Chaim seek match every week. That's not how it works really have the championship. It's angering me right now that we even have to talk about this. It's ridiculous. Everybody wants to that. I cannot add to the with me to one hundred one into Montana one hundred and one percent hates going to anger me. All right. Let's move on. Now. This one's from Chris big boss dog Nick over. Nick over on as asking would you say that jobs as conduct after the events is game is acceptable. Mattel is what was that? He also that couldn't wait a little bit. Yeah. Absolutely. He's the perfect villain. He makes sports more entertaining. We need Josie Marino and his antics because what he was getting changed things that I can't repeat on air. If I want this job tomorrow. He was getting things for ninety minutes by the fans, which were terrible which you expect in the talent statements, which I love as well. That's why it's heat, and they remember him from inter so why not have a little bit of this. After the game. I loved it. I want more of this sport to check. I know you said it's on the show here this week because it's not like he said or showed anything it was really rude that we will stay that needed to be bleeped out. I was please. Or in this case as a manager you are subject to all kinds of abuse from stan's and very often. You don't have an avenue to get back at them. I think if you to do that without. Crossing the proverbial line. Give by you give back to those fines. Good as you have. Absolutely, no problem with it. And I saw nothing role where Joe's did. I have no problem the module having go back at funds who'd been abusing him all game long family. All right. All right question. So I guess told the line, but don't cross it's somewhere else is asking would you who do you think should win the Balon Dior that's from level gang to break up the monotony of Messier and whole Domeisen killing them. Bob, a low one over the summer the World Cup. If you look at five your model, Nevada winning the door. If you look at him that was because of the town World Cup in two thousand six he was a teenager. He was a pivotal part for France. I think he's gonna be the future as well. So give it to kill him in Bombay. Why not let's have some. I'll tell you. If you don't get out to this group stage this season around is hard to make that case at the end of twenty eighteen and a no so usual name, but Christiane I'll do has made the leap from Spanish for bowl to talian. And almost hasn't lost a step continues to to do. Incredible things game continues to be in the voting. I just for posterity seek would like to see a different name. But I'm not sure who CV Stuck's as well as rebounds. All right moving. I now finally this one's from Nick. And he wants to shock has one hundred clean sheets in one hundred seventy nine career appearances for athletic. Oh, how isn't he better than Debbie? The hair. Without question for me Yano block while the five goalkeepers to recent five, and he was in thinking might have been in fifth, but don't shoot me, Nick. But for me, I think over the last few years Dovid hair had established himself as number one. Think you almost a lesser version of Dovid hit this season menu. Hide in previous. I know go get me wrong. Take some to him because I felt that avid to here had been simply exception for the last four or five seasons at the same time Teigen, I think it's continue to improve. I have him. Don't number one. No. But that being said if I had to choose a goalkeeper between black and the hair right now, I still go with the hair again. Don't get me wrong. We're talking about two incredible goalkeepers not a lot between them. But I give the head. End-all forgo. Keep a top. Exactly. What about you? I'm gonna give it to John Luigi. Boo. Fall edgy. Much. One quick question before we go shopping. Have you apologized to the half for your critique in two thousand and nine apparently our viewers into this show of a couple of weeks ago. But whether. Apologized to hear over your asleep. Oh shit. I mean, Montana got some Italian legends numbers like easily apparently. So we. Found what is lit. Two years ago. I guess tune into ESPN MCI show tomorrow it's available daily as well on ESPN, two back extratime questions. Somebody who's. If you're a smoker. Switching isn't easy. You've tried vapes. Andy six they just didn't deliver the satisfaction. You expected jewel is different. It's not an e cigarette. 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