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joined as always my co host and my co danny the here here we need and the analyst we deserve the dark knight himself daddy kelly how're you doing man i'm doing so well how are you doing so well well so like timmy's trapped in a well well i mean i'm doing pretty well also joined by craig rollback what is on your mind craig tacoma first gold this weekend film great well yeah we're we're gonna get into that because this is probably the funniest sleeper first week that i could have let's let's let's let's save that for later we'll push you a little later push further down the table right now let's jump into the one of the week which what made you go what this week looking at the top of the leaderboard fantasy football point scores i p p r this week this is not a homer thing but i see two seahawks at the very top which is pretty strange for me russell wilson and tyler lockett number two number one and number two i think is wilson number two so that to me was shocking rosen best quarterback in football also most fun player player that's not always how it goes i mean mahomes obviously was last year MVP and most fun player but sometimes matt ryan is the MVP not the most player it's always fun when the best is player is also the most valuable so i thought i thought that was pretty fitting because i think that russell wilson's play just in general was sort of his i guess submitting his status in the MVP race i think that's gonna be very very tough for him to keep kinda download dr stretch but that was an MVP type type performance it's giving him a shot at QB one honors overall this year i've seen as tough competition from watson lamar jackson but he's he's just blown out and tyler lockett is emerging as one of the best receivers NFL as well he's been a low wide receiver one this season he was if you remember prior prior to this season a lot of people talk about it was very logical as a prime regression candid that he had more touchdowns then he probably should have based on his catches in yards ars and all that but he has just continued on with absurd efficiency and he and russell wilson have almost like a magical connection on the field it's actually kinda crazy i saw this stat from NFL dot com grand barfield today russell wilson lock it formed the NFL's most efficient dual last year completing twenty point point one percent of passes above expectations that's based on difficulty location the bass all that location of the defender and everything like that so oh this year they are also i again plus seventeen point nights not quite to the level of last year but close and also just tops the NFL again so so those who haven't insane connection we seen in every week lock had a huge game against the buccaneers and i thought it was also fun to see decay mccaffrey out the offense is suddenly very very interesting fantasy wise and going forward i think it could continue to be pretty fantasy like productive in terms of you know i always think of the receivers and seahawks passing game is sort of low volume the seahawks never really unleashed russell wilson to the extent that we want them to but going forward i think the combination of seattle having a bad defense terrible kicking game could mean and that they have to get into like game where they really really rely on russell's nail a very difficult schedule down the stretch at the forty niners at the eagles versus the vikings at the rams at the panthers versus cardinals in verses forty niners so it's one of the toughest if not the toughest closing schedule which means i think seattle's not going really be able to play their game that they wanna play i think they're going to have to really rely on russell wilson like we saw against the buccaneers and that could be very good fantasy purposes so long story short i'm excited about what decay mcafee do i'm excited about locket and russell wilson is an outside shot at overall why QB one honors this year seahawks niners on monday full next week is the game of the year as far as i'm concerned it can be fun it's the best game at least so far for sure and i think russell wilson running around like it's recess just after school in trying to make stuff happen around nick bosa no so richard sherman roaming around trying to pick them off that is the level of football the narratives going that is just the absolute best thing and as lock it reminds me of aaron rodgers and peaked jordy nelson i have no idea how good tyler lockett would be in another team but it doesn't matter because as long as he's with russell so wilson the wilson lock it connection is as good as anyone in football yeah i mean i think lock it is a really good player but i agree with you that they have sort of just this connection or wilson always knows where he's going to be at any given time they they're very very good out of structure that's wilson's kinda game his whole careers making plays out of structure and every time wilson breaks pocket i'm like oh he's gonna he's gonna hook it deep deep to lock it in you know more often than not that's the case so yeah it's just it's it's fun to watch i you know my my hatred for the seahawks in general remains just because they make love hatred well they make everything as completely hard as possible in a lot about your coach for someone who has coach who literally crafted the USC dynasty came to the NFL got two super bowls one one fill like you don't i don't know i feel like there's twenty seven teams that would be like wow i would love to have be carol hey look i i'm i'm clear eyed about sort of the about the the difficulty in rooting for the seahawks because on one hand and how people can be annoyed at the fans for complaining because on one hand you the seahawks have had an incredible run of success since pete carroll got here i mean it's their best franchise you're supposed to the rest rosters ever the they got their super bowl win you know it's awesome it's been a really fun ride with the same time it's it's really really hard to shake the idea that they're completely holding russell wilson back to so it's like it's good ed but it also could be so much better it's such a weird sort of i don't know like hard thing to figure out but the other thing is is just like the seahawks of the p. carol l. era just excruciating to watch every single week just from the philosophically and how they approach everything it's got to be as hard as possible every week well this week went well for are you guys did not go so well for everyone else so let's get into some injuries and some states and potential replacements first up i think the big news of the early slate of games names at least what looked like it was jacoby perset from the apples colts he injured his the in the second quarter and did not return had an mariah monday confirmed as an mc l. strain after the came i'm frank reich the celtic coach said it was probably mc l. ish which okay i've never heard an mc l. s. as a diagnosis but it turns out he was right it is it mc l. in the game sealing percent could've turned he was jogging around but right decided he wasn't going to send them back in the fact that that was even on the table suggests it's not the bad he might might be able to come back this weekend's the dolphins but in his absence brian hoyer the other patriots backup remember seventeen to twenty six passes for one hundred sixty eight yards and three touchdowns including a touchdown at his first pass in the game also through a pick six and lost a fumble so it was like you know we all know about the ups and downs brian hoyer the experience not really it's crazy that we're in a league right now with matt moore starting brian hoyer ryan patrick if at twenty twelve now i love it all like probably going to be weirdly decent do you guys think you could pass a sparkle tests and mike can you name everybody who started a game a quarterback this year ooh that missing one oh oh man should kick cut that and then make that and anyway the point is if you're in a two quarterback league one quickly do not add brian hoyer under any circumstances yeah but if you wanted to quarterback league you should probably have brian horror because they played the dolphins and there's a lot of is this week so i just think the culture is such a well coached team and and we've seen over the last two years frank reich can scheme up you know advantageous situations for his quarterback regarding not not regardless civilians but even when he has a backup akhavan there even as and this is the third string guy technically speaking if you count luck yeah i have confidence that they can kind of scheme of things to get decent numbers i from quarterback so who is her and who has helped from this injury does anybody who stock go up or down well so the other this happens in conjunction with TY hilton hilton is out for three three to four weeks as well so he aggravated injury and i mean there's a number of colts that are on the able to benefit from hilton's absences act passed i think stepped up we're a lot of people thought paris campbell woods zach pasco is a great one but overall me for set's not game dolphins is worse so i think i think i think campbell is an interesting one though because they they schemed up ways to get him involved in this last game he hasn't fumbled twice yeah too so that was not ideal clearly but you know they were getting him getting the ball and they seem to be working towards that so maybe his role will expand going forward not one thing to monitor not a fan of rookies with ball security issues other players got some injuries this week levy on bell on the jets getting an MRI this is not a ton of information on this year head coach adam gay says he did not know how serious injury was yeah if bell mrs anytime time montgomery's like the only other running back on that team is getting stamps of any significance he was the receiver at the packers changed running back played pretty well hurt his ribs got some other injuries lost his job became kick returner fumbled and talk about that was exiled to baltimore for a future conditional seventh which is the NFL version of sending someone to say the area the island of elba yeah and then ended up on the jets and now he might be a starting running back to the jetsons it looks really good in the preseason time gummer he's been good i feel like he can have like what jalen samuels does on the steelers o. the energy to getting very versatile guy because of the receiving so i mean he can absolutely hand at a worthy pickup overqualified backup so if that's if bell oh mrs time but we're recording this monday afternoon we don't know bill's going to miss time so don't operate on the assumption but duffy check out what happened is that mariah never person adam field on the vikings the honoree aggravated a hamstring injury first quarter the vikings lost to the chiefs they lost twenty six twenty three ceiling did not come back same enter the kept feeling of last week so we'll see how they handle that hamstring injury going forward but obviously hamstrings are famous for lingering and also just bad for people who rely on speed hammers are the worst when it comes to i think receivers in in particular corners because you're exploding out of your stance and everything like that just seems like the easiest injury to reiterate every time so i've which is a injuries or tough yeah mitchell a play it safe with him the action item here if you are desperate for receiver help call on treadmill actually kinda china's stepped up and and you know emerged as the go-to guy at least in this game you got three or five targets for fifty eight yards BC johnson is another guy in this offense that's that's kind of filled in when when when feelings out so those are two guys you can check out on the waiver wire i'm not super excited about either guy yeah no don't pick up other of those guys i said if you're desperate or playing no no go down don't put someone in your bye week before you pick up the corn treadwell just eat the loss the lung guy cared deeply about our listeners and if a single one of our listeners picks up the koran treadwell and plays the quantrill will i will feel it in my heart like a disturbance vincent force i'm going to be watching treadwell closer than anyone this he's not a couple of quantum will to sean jackson the eagles to sean jackson so he came back so he for the first time he started a game since week to eat just been gone he's had this abdominal injury plays this this week plays four snaps leaves the game and is now having surged repair record muscle injury and made up late in the season so a rollercoaster of emotions for i mean to sean jackson eagles fans and people who have sean jackson fantasy just an absolute roller coaster so there's not a one to one replacement for him i mean his instagram handle does happen to be one of one side but nelson egg laura is still dropping stuff and still i'm not getting tested catches but the whole thing sean is he's the speed element vertical and then opens things up horizontal they don't really have someone who can do that so i think it lowers the boat vote for everyone who's offense except arts this is good firts the say if anything it to me it's a small bonus to people who are hoping for god our continued breakout obviously recy- guttered and do all this weekend but he has looked good over last month and with jackson out it means i think the gia that the eagles one running their twelve personnel to their two tight end sets lot more often and that could mean excuse me that can really good things got her craig any thoughts do you want to get your gloating in about how you wanted to do zachary that kind of forced you to gutter and then zakar it's had a great game i just want to recommend you both that when my spidey senses tingling to adhere to what i'm saying i i will give you credit for the melvin gordon contrary and pick on friday thank you very much lately paid off and also justified us having like a seven or eight minute rant about the los angeles chargers in that started with you kind of going against my pick and then by the end being like you know what actually pretty good pick i like it i go thanks cutting time you can convince danny of anything i think it's also sean jackson his first game this technically only game he had thirty one points i wonder if that's the most ever for a guy who just play one game in a season personality we're seeing will willfuller we'll fuller's probably on that list other injuries preston ashton williams on the dolphins blooms tours ACL in the fourth quarter of the games carted off devante parker season for craig speaking on a roll now these guys devante parker season baby i also wonder if it means anything for albert wilson because he was a guy that a lot of people were excited about prior to this season he's like a golden tate hates style yards after the catch you know explosive creator you know in the open field type guy and he hasn't done anything i mean he had a he had a hip injury early on the season is it miss winter games in ever since he's returned he hasn't really done anything so also mike you sixty having a big guy six has ninety five yards does that turn anything in this tight end deplete world we're living in no maybe maybe no no no who just going forward jordan eakins mica sixty they probably take neither there has to be someone else there's not only literally has to be last up a new segment for this yeah right here don't fucking bother dolphins mark walton starting running back post kenyan drake in miami suspended for four games do what we could tell you who's gonna be the backup in miami now you don't worry about it don't wait a minute this dolphins don't bother with the dolphins running backs don't bother really with the miami dolphins as a whole we like devante parker but that's an exception don't bother all right now we're going to buy as inspired by instinct could play this song or is that like a copy problem i'm gonna say that's probably massive copies you can you do this song can you imitate it i'm only singing once a year and it was the golladay which i did not cut no would sing singing by us no i can't do it i'm not doing it but you know whatever the boy's sixteen on buying we tend it's the most of the season denver patriots philadelphia washington jackson houston tees v the fantasy players we're not playing this week that's brutal yeah the top twelve quarterbacks shawn watson tom brady carson wentz garner mint you you for the top twenty running backs and six of the top thirty fornet philip lindsay jordan howard james whites-only michelle royce freeman three of the top ten receivers and five of the top twenty receivers hopkins eshelman chart coralline sudden maclaurin and to the top tight ends two top ten times i should say urging fells else and so yeah teams are hurting this week it's going to be brutal yes so we just wanna list because there's so many frickin people out this week just won't go roll oh through some people that you can stream like these are guys that you can stream like this week if need be she really have to pick someone up and slaughtermen so deka one roll through we're just gonna roll his off all right jalen samuels the steelers fifty nine forty nine percent owned so it's not necessarily a low number but if he's out there waivers he's worth grab obviously with james connors availability of in question you know he may this is going to be kind of like a game time decision but if connor is back than samuels isn't really worth it but if if cars out still we saw last week he had thirteen catches he's very very valuable NPR leaks particularly also like ronald jones a lot this week roggio aw he's only thirty eight point six forty percent that might be sticking point later in this episode rosia agent cares for sixty seven yards and a touchdown last week at this week sunday when last week becomes this week but two catches for fifteen yards boxer playing the cardinals this week is better than peyton barber now he's getting we're touches and peyton barber cardinals are good match-up i mean you could do a lot worse for someone on waivers going right into your line at the ronald jones and that's really all you can ask for us you could do a lot worse when you're starting someone that was on waivers and the last one this is the opposite which is you could probably you might not be able to do worse is but if you're really really desperate gus edwards my guy in the baltimore ravens who is owned in fewer than three percent of leaks gusts the bus gus the bus wow yes thank you guests the bus goes to the bus going against the cincinnati bengals and this is really if you're desperate but baltimore could get up so early in this game that they sit mark ingram and they could give gus edwards words like fifteen second-half gary's he rushing touchdown this last night against the patriots seat market grim had a like a fifty three yard run or so and then but he didn't get there so that they i put gusta bus in a twelve yard run immediately after for a touchdown so he is the guy spells he's getting like decent carries not if ingram place but ingram's older like they wanna preserve if they're we're up four touchdowns at halftime there's a world will go said what's actually does very well in this game and again really if you're desperate cuss edwards is one of the few handcuffs in the league where i think it's worth owning him even if you don't have mark ingram maybe alexander madison is in that category as well where if you have the room on your roster you're never never gonna play him unless a marking delve and cook it hurt but i don't think you should drop because edwards all year i if you're league is ten teams is probably not worth owning twelve maybe twelve hundred percent he's got playoff altering upside if ingram gets hurt that's actually win your league who else is on that list is free of of handcuffs 'cause there's guys like if they get hurt are not going to be replaced by one person and then there's guys like madison in placing facing w bush and get like sixty borderline seventy percent of snaps maybe maybe like reich well armstead yeah i have him in a couple of weeks i think i think as as much as we slander rashad penny i think he would get the bulk of the carries in seattle if chris carson where get injured plus he also key he's back to fumbling again so yeah tony any pollard i dunno yeah paul goodwin i just so shot pet he's been so fricking durable that man i think it's madison gus edwards though at the time what's the what what about reggie bonifant carolina 'cause he's a fun i asked six percent of snaps and carolina all right couple receivers so many people are on by i mean as decommissioned the andre hopkins juliette cattleman shark like portland suddenly a lot of top twenty guys devante parker parker craig's guy who we mentioned saver parker's owned like less than a quarter of leagues in deck pascal's owned in like less than three so those are pretty good options considering TY hilton's out in indianapolis and then you've got press williams out miami like press williams top ten top eleven yards and that's just not on the team anymore so those guys are both essentially number ones in their team now defunct they parkers a top twelve or see from the last month he's the water zebra thirty four this whole year he's been a wide receiver the three and again he sucked the first one i suck he was not getting the ball in the first three so it's more like he's been top eighty in september and then top fifteen in october october so with with fits magic under center though like you just never really know they can sometimes the the dolphins offense can actually like move the ball and stuff so either it's tragic magic but there's no it's average yeah that's true all right let's get into some categories but i first 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it is incredibly easy had to privacy dot com slash NFL decide up new customers will automatically get five dollars to spend on your first purchase yup that is free money for any online purchase a privacy dot com slash NFL in santa fe already okay let's get into some deceiving yards fool's gold whose real who is not guys with big days decay who had a big day that you're like how about the kenyan drake guys he looked really really good in the cardinals offense kind of freed in the cardinals offense i know it's gonna maybe potentially be sort of short term the thing with chase edmunds in david johnson but potentially returning sometime soon however i will say i think drake perfect for that offense he he cared about fifteen hundred ten yards touchdown at four catches for fifty two yards or twenty eight fantasy points you know his burst and agility footwork i think it looked really he was really well suited for that spread off and said they run there in arizona and so in that was coming against a really good defense too so i think he looks really really good i don't know if this is necessarily the things are an indication of things to come but if he has the main role in arizona i i think he's gonna be a big time fantasy factor going forward now the question is kind of what what the deal with johnson and edmonds is going forward but if drake emerges as the number one i like him a lot i don't think the talent was deceiving i thought that it was if anything was a reminder of the difference between going from a awful designed offense to really well one was like oh oh my god can enjoy i think that the deceiving part is that touches to fifteen rushes i if chase edmunds chase edmunds and david david johnson of injuries that i think will get better over time but they won't be fully healed and that's like the worst kind of no man's land where everyone's going to get like a third yeah if anything anything that's just muddies the water for everybody yeah it makes it worse like for the whole the tide is now lowering all the boats now that works i've never really that one because the tied to that the other thing to know is there playing buchan ears next week who is notorious past final defense good very very good run defense allowed teams to struggle against them though i will say chris carson did pick up one hundred and five from now on sunday so how large run right right where he wanted people and then he fumbled at the end and then he fumbled at the i think yeah so like bottom line drake looks awesome that offense he is still not trustworthy as we just don't know you know the it's kinda like the detroit situation where we just don't know who the actual starter is gonna be yet so it'll be something selena monitor but i saw he looked really sell high do you guys wanna play quick name game with kenyan drake along for sure would you rather have kenyan drake or single terry single terry oh my god single terry can think drake is a perfect season long so high i think dynasty wise if you have money eighteen that's kind of a nice nice landing given devil double tear doubled down a devil single tear kenyan drake or matt brita and those are similar situations have very similar i'm just gonna cut it in my deceiving yards because that's actually what i was going to talk about as rita and go so i'm just going got to pivot to what i was gonna say what i always do anyway aaron jones and seven coleman week l. at the hell happened with aaron jones eighty combined home aaron jones had thirty three touches for three hundred forty four yards six touchdowns seven seventy nine point four eighty eighty points this week combine us twenty three touches sixty five yards no scores benign it was the worst night and a half points combined i think aaron jones is having a deceiving season i think if he has a a great rest of twenty nineteen and he becomes like a late first early second round draft pick next year he's gonna screw everybody i think this is i don't i think this is fool's gold as an entire year fair joe so well there's there's too i think the deceiving part of last week was it last week was confusing when they shredded the chiefs because the packers show two things in that one what was deceiving was how much of the usage aaron jones had to massive games this year right one was without jamal williams when williams was hurt and jones went off four touchdown game yet but they yeah yeah the four touchdown game but they didn't actually change the snap count usage of them when jamal williams came back so on that one that was like the best game the packers overall rushing offense could have had and then aaron jones just had all of it which was not a novel which was an aberration because you're williams is still has a pretty good amount of the russian game a similar thing happened last week where aaron jones just happen to get so much of the stuff against kansas city and the opportunity but it was real was that was the first game aaron rogers ever ever had three passing touchdowns two running backs two went to aaron jones and one went to jim williams that part's real i do think the running backs are more more involved in the passing game than ever before in green bay the deceiving part is it's not always gonna be predictable that who that goes to in this game and liam's jamal williams had a ten to carries aries for ten yards on the ground but had six catches for thirty nine yards and a touchdown so that's that's a decent salvageable flex blades way more than jones got so i think on that one it's actually more of the classic split where jones gets sixty percent of the work williams gets forty and you just gotta gotta hope they don't drop the ball like did against the chargers against representative coleman it's completely different in that he's the lead back but they're running so much that you don't know who's necessarily going to be getting the opportunity in all those guys are dinged up that we don't always know how healthy are some of them so it's hard to predict which of them are going to eat this week but coleman still going to be the best bet breed read it but they run so much they lead the league in rushing that brita even if he's the second guy and that totem pole blind coleman is still pretty good bet so to wrap apple the way back down on craig's question i'd rather have mapped read than kenyan drake because i know that kyle shanahan wants to lead the league in rushing every week cliff kingsbury is berry just wants to pass the put a point so i don't think cliff kingsbury is committed to like enough rushing that he can feed two or three running backs but the forty niners can the bottom line though is you just can't take aaron jones or coleman out of your starting lineup got on your team right oh well no absolutely not right ah so as deceiving this week was or or not you just can't take him out of your lineup oh no i hope i think if there's an overarching points that it's going to be in the middle between these two these are both actually pretty extreme outcomes on either end got jacob hollister the tight end of your beloved ciocci had a big week at two touchdowns and i think any tight end now scoring two touchdowns just worth talking about because tied into so bleak he had six targets this week he played a season high fifty nine snaps she's only played three games this year and their other title and luke wilson only seventeen and the week before was essentially the opposite luke wilson play double what hollister did so i don't know i mean george it'll just got hurt who knows what's going on with him i mean with with tight end so bleak is jacob hollister the former i believe patriot yeah things one percent owned is he the new will disagree i think it's worth if you have a ross by they i don't care about it's a spectacular that at this point the one thing i do worry a little bit about is the seahawks just activated at dixon so there's another tight end in the you know in the in the picture at least we don't exactly know how it is how it's all gonna play out but i also wanted to mention josh gordon is now gonna play monday night it looks like for or the seahawks forgot to talk about that too yeah josh gordon seahawk yeah how do you feel about that i think it's great i mean i'm excited about it i think it's very very strange how the patriots not only dropped him but then no other teams in the NFL put away reclaim on him all that feels very like we're not getting the whole story kind of thing but i mean i don't know you yet i like his his style fits issac style perfectly remains exactly the same decay metcalf in the sense that he can get deep at the size russell wilson's really really good of those sideline passes jim put in a perfect spot i mean you could make the argument he's the best receiver on the team no why not i don't know because he had not current data than with tyler lockett or decay metcalf did this week in four years and he had sixteen games games to play at one if you look at the seasons where he's had sixteen games he's the most overqualified fourth receiver maybe an NFL history i'll give you that i think the arguments there regardless i think it'll be very interesting to see how it all pans out and i'm just like i said i think he's a perfect fit for the wanna do on offense and so you know there's some definite potential chill there that related to hollister you know i just don't trust the seahawks volume wise too heavily target their tight end if they've they've got lock it decays really off right now and then also getting josh gordon vol i just i don't know if the volume would be their weak to trust the guy like that but like you said the title positions nations very grim right now so might just be worth a speculative add seattle goes okay so kenyan drake touches deceiving aaron judge seven coleman each of the last two weeks were deceiving jacob hollister the entire tight end position is deceived us great let's get into the guy you're not supposed to worry about people coming for people's jobs use deka who's the guy you're not supposed to worry about we're all kind of excited i think about what ty johnson could do when the lions portray carson i are kinda look like johnson would get another crack at the lead back duties in detroit he ended up actually kind of being the lead guy got t- my nine russia's but he only picked up twenty nine yards added added three catches for seven yards and six point six points mckissick JD mckissick meanwhile was the guy that we weren't supposed to worry about he got he technically got the start and then he got four areas thirty two yards three catches for forty yards score scored sixteen point two PR points was does i guess the more valuable clearly the more valuable guy to have in your fantasy roster this week in potentially going forward he could be but the bottom line is i don't really trust either at this point i just kind of like the dolphins situation just like don't bother with either these guys because it's a dice dice roll whether you know who which guy is going to be like more involved i just i just would probably go elsewhere with these two craig you got someone not supposed to worry about yeah i mean i just wanted to talk about muhammed sununu the new who got traded to the patriots two weeks ago this was the second game but i consider this is first real game with the pats because we'd have to snap in his first game and he had the second best fantasy hennessy game of his career he had ten catches for eighty one yards and a touchdown the best was week five twenty fourteen where he had ten catches for one twenty and a touchdown i don't know i feel like when everybody anybody gets traded to the patriots or gets acquired by the patriots especially receiver you kind of just have no idea and josh gordon is a perfect example you know we all thought he was he's gonna have a lot better season that he did and he really didn't nothing really panned out mom it's a new showed up phil you still never have an idea and he's kind of immediately made an impact and brady he seems to look his way and he looks really sure handed catchy made you really seems like he's gonna fit in well and i think mohamed sue is going to be like a top twenty five receiver going forward mohammed who jones second half of the season mahama's how long i think about how long is matt ryan out not that long i don't think if mrs like one game on absolutely pick until he misses like three or four maybe i can't believe they gave up a second round or form that to me alone is like they have a huge plan for them they have to also think that we just forget how how much bill belichick cares about things and sui walker bill belichick was just watching tape of muhammed to do blocking like throwing two touchdown passes a season from reverse wow belichick has his own guy you're not supposed to worry about on his out like where he just like he's like oh i'm gonna add this guy and he's gonna kill of you and no one even knew he was good but this this is my plan rex burkhead would expert can be good anywhere else another former bengal that has ended up with the patriots movable via atlanta all right let's get it all right let's see we've been we've been chomping at the bit to do this all right sleeper stream of the week craig has some shit's at talk so just yeah we wanna flex option each week owned in less than forty percent of team four percent of leagues and whoever is the most points each we can wins and take your lap craig well danny hyphen and danny any kelly the two candies on the fantasy football podcast players both put up negative totals and touchdown so look i wanna say something for like so first of all what happened i think is sad but it's also maybe more hilarious and the ash what what are the what are the odds i think the odds are astronomical that both standing i would pick players that would have negative point how many players had negative points in week nine i think maybe two and we both meco hardman of the chiefs negative one point three PR points he fumbled on a on a kickoff had one carry for seven yards remastered was not a factor ended with negative point to point so i have the pie who got negative points it is where he mostert auster zack zender jerry's right mccoll hartman deontay spencer and adam sheets shaheen i think the odds that we could have picked two of those guys are absolutely astronomical i'm not even mad about it i'm impressed the means we're in tune with zeitgeist we're really invite defense okay said if matt brita can't go on thursday and then i was sticking my neck out now my head promptly got chopped off but matt brea did lead the niners in carries an yards over over tevin coleman i woke up on sunday morning because the texans played that six game in london i was like crap darren fellows had one catch for one yard touchdown i'm screwed that what one catch for one yard would literally not doing actually not playing would have picked anybody can you imagine sells old good about your guys is picking poorly i'm going to pick no one you oh my god ten we're honest daddy yeah yeah it's the funniest thing that's ever happened under cincinnati the weekly game we don't worry about what happened last week we got to flush to windsor sir does hype it's up to ends i have two wins one one i guess yeah i've one okay all right well there's only one way to go we can only go up here if it's so let's let's let's try and get people end up in the positive this week so who who who you wrote with i'm gonna zach paschal paschal paschal the colts he's twenty percent owned in yahoo leagues he is the de facto number one in indianapolis this this week and over the next few weeks with t- on the on the shelf i think it doesn't even really matter of his back verses brian hoyer because i think he was still kinda the top guy in their offense he ran the most route sixty six routes on our sixty six naps i should say on sunday five or six targets seventy six ers touchdown so i think he gives him a good solid floor to finish with positive president p p r points this week craig who ronald jones running back buccaneers resilience said said he has finally earned the right to start jones's out rand his running back partner barbara three hundred and fourteen yards at two hundred sixty two on five carries heading into week nine he's had sixty five yards or touchdown and five of eight weeks ronald jones passes the test is good and they're playing the cardinals who give up tons of points to running backs i feel an this week anyway so i'm taking devante parker love half we'll have because first of all i or left blank because i thought craig was gonna take devante parker so i wanted jesuits and then craig took ronald jones and decided who would i rather uh craig with and i i picked onto parker yes there's like area prestowitz out and they're going against the colts in the system entered cornerbacks devante parker again top twelve receiver ever in the last four weeks but most because i wanted to be craig with devante parker i understand it this you know i get that for sure craig was gonna take parker that's it's funny how many points would you guys take from your streamer of the week like what's the what's the lowest point you would take rather than have your guy play that you'd feel comfortable with apparently zero or negative is fine like would you would you take nine or would you rather have back pascal play i don't understand your question to be totally what would you ask i'm asking like going to this week would you rather just pencil and nine points for pascal or risk whatever he's going to do oh no i think that this is a weirdly good week because as we mentioned at the top there just i think all three of these guys happen to have really good situations i agree way hilton is the number here for the 'cause he's not gonna play ronald jones is has a really good match up against the cardinals defense and then devante parker now has press williams is the number one receiver miami defacto and he's out this i think think this could be the highest scoring we will certainly higher score than last week but we usually would cut your goal with waiver guys but not at this week okay now it's time to lay down the law to see court do you have a fantasy football dispute that needs litigation is there a question that only outside counsel can solve take fantasy court with the dancy football podcast on the ringer NFL show facebook page alright calling the case of the justice i think i pronounce that right versus the people here's his case he says i'm the commissioner in a league college buddies and our season just like me well our night season one team attempted to purposely lose by sitting out a star wide receiver on monday night football after he'd been in the starting lineup all week thereby affecting the standings and allowing a lesser team his opponent that week to make the playoffs over another team with a better roster he made his intentions clear prior to monday night football this commission made the decision to fix the the match ups so the correct outcomes were posted to the standings as if all players had played so that's confusing what happened was there was a guy who basically sat one of his players so the a worst team team would beat him so then he could then play that team in the playoffs next week because he didn't wanna play another team that was he thought had a better roster so it's essentially the idea of like tanking is it okay to bench inch players to affect the outcome for other teams i love it personally man you should one hundred percent be able to sit players it's your team and it wasn't it wasn't collusion right like he wasn't agreeing with some other owner that no he realized that he just wanted different he i will not have an easier playoff matchup so there's two legal frameworks here a play in my mind there is one the big commission big government intervention here of just telling you how to run your team they fundamentally not a fan of because it's why i don't like trade vetoes being left up to the people because that's fundamentally late your jobs to run your team buddy don't tell other people how to run your team but there's also this runs up against bad faith where that is the real problem you know bad that's that's the problem with collusion psychos like get pay money for players which apparently it's like this is a but this one i'm intrigued because he let them know oh he was gonna do this beforehand i don't even think that matters i think it does because here's the thing i think that's a good faith i think that shows good faith so excited excited about it ahead of time and he's saying hey look this is what i'm doing i think there's a certain transparency there that i respect backed and i think what you're allowed to do that yeah bencher play your he at the key of this the core he considers online up how are you if you're the other not with a better roster that's hilarious kinda gotta be allowed absolutely hilarious instinct is like this is bullshit but at the same anti i don't think it's necessarily against the here's the issues it's bullshit but it's like what are you gonna do you're gonna change his roster i don't think the commissioner be allowed to go back and in and had the point is if he had started that star wide receiver i don't think that's okay i think this is just savvy man if you're changing someone's roster we're changing it is kind of like it's a fourth amendment issue like you need a warrant to do so you need probable cause of wrongdoing and that's collusion that's you know probable cause that anything went wrong here it's just like you don't like what happened that's not enough to break into his front door of his team and change inches lineup that's illegal this is like napoleon style savvy like looking i would never even think of doing s. i just be like okay hopefully make the playoffs yeah whoever this walsum karma element of like he's probably gonna lose the place to this team you let it and win the championship loses uses the case unfortunately it just didn't overrule just an overall he gave some thought but now a fourth amend violation your cases overturned justin shouts out to that savvy manager shouts to the savvy badger man shadow TK shadow craig i think so we got that's it that's it thank you to everyone listening thank you to justice pizarro for senate question please send your questions to the ringer NFL show facebook

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