57. Out Of Sight (1998)


Prologue it was a crisp October evening. Touch under fifty with a high pressure system jogging in from the West Seattle high pressure system jogging in from the west our hero rutty stumbled attractive away both conventional and unconventional so that his sexiness was undeniable with long muscular legs near limitless patience and the ability to craft seamless. Pros rivaled only by someone. So good you've never even heard of her. Oh Jeez all these odd Judah he grumbled aerodynamically. I wish I could go straight down. The shore which he declared vociferously and sexily as he walked by the exposed brexit various shades of Brown and Maroon along the side of his apartment and inserted the DVD into into the DVD player. Suddenly the music on the DVD menu came on with his massive sexy eight foot wide. Hand flexing the Piston Mike Mike Muscles in his arms as avs riding mice scurrying under his skin. He scooped up the remote he thought about his past the circuitous route that had led him to co Oh host full cast and crew which all started von. Just GonNa skip over that part and hit play now for listeners out there Chris's doing a brilliant writing. Example of Elmore Leonard's ten tips ten rules for to write good ten rules four to be writing well number one never never open a book with weather. You violated that right. I thought this was an appropriate exception to make avoid prologues or did forget to say there was a prologue. Never use a verb other than said to Carrie dialogue. No that's a misprint do you. I mean you're a writer do you. I think these are very good. These are gain a lot of ground by paying attention to these tales. I mean and like any rules awesome. I think even says that in the introduction. Can you were like yeah. You don't like it. Thrown out as a guideline is most important role. Is One. That sums up all ten which is if it sounds like writing writing rewrite it yes well. I'm huge elmore Leonard. Fan of both the Western material and the crime material big crime fiction reader for me L.. No more is up near the top with Philip. Kerr John Le Carre and Elmore Leonard as a master of the form and not genre writer funny unique and a very specific way of portraying criminals and law enforcement without the usual barriers that exist between the two camps and the occasion Asian. Of course I feel bad because I be listening last couple episodes and I feel like every episode. I'm like this is in my top five. That was going to ask. You can get a definitive top five. It's definitely in the top five. I can give you the that if top five at some point but one hundred percent in the top five. I've seen it a million times in fact I'm such a fan that it occurred to me unlike a lot of other movies. I'm an obsessive fan about out. I had never looked behind the curtain of this one That's how much I love it. You never like something so much you don't really want to read about. It's making deleted scenes. It's a strange ambivalence. You seem seem to have because I know you very much like to go by the scenes in general and yes there are times. You've said that sometimes knowing those takes away from actual avid and to leave this kind of Christine the other night I was home and I I had watched all the stuff which didn't break the spell for me but then it came time to watch the deleted scenes. That's the thing I have the hardest time watching movies at. I love all times. Actually the deleted scenes were very interesting in this movie Because you get the sense like hearing about Soderbergh that he's not a director who shoots only what he wants and knows will be used in the edited at all. I mean he's like we shot a lot of stuff right and then the process that he has with his team with his editor is like cutting it cutting it until almost the bare minimum remains almost every scene in the movie they talk about. Oh we shot a lot more here. And it's in. The end reminds me of the Kubrick thing we keep citing all the time of like taking a big novel and then figuring out how to render scenes from it Lens. Those scenes a certain something thing that they wouldn't otherwise have because it is fractured the screenwriter also did the screenplay for get shorty. Also based on a novel was talking quite a bit about the changes that he had made aide. Can I ask you have you. I mean I know the answer but I'll ask it anyway. Have you read the original out of sight novel. I've read every Elmore Leonard Novel. There are so many I can't I can't remember specifically reading them but I know I've read get shorty out of sight and one of my other top one hundred top five films of one hundred Jackie aqui Brown based on Punt Jump Punch so A. I'm a crime fiction guy number one so I like a crime movie as a result But I particularly like a funny crime movie a movie. That's not portentous. And that's I think what I really like about this movie and I think between Scott Frank Danny de Vito Stacey Sher these. They're all the people that are responsible for this movie and get shorty and Jackie Brown existing. I just think they did us all a great favor in figuring out how to bring bring this to life and be true to elmore Leonard's voice because that's what I think is captured the most in really get shorty and out of sight. Those two movies particularly are the best representation of Elmore Leonard's narrative voice as a novelist does the flashback structure. Does that happen in nobody. It was specifically in out of sight as well because the the screener was talking about. They talked so much about what they changed and adapted in sort of adopting that. Yes Scott Frank. Says it's something that Leonard Leonard does I don't remember specifically. How much does it in the in the book right? Remember him saying specifically some sort of short flashbacks to contextualized particular. Where somebody he is? It's got so many that guy actors. Luis Guzman Steve Zahn. It's got big stars doing great subtle work in Michael Keaton. An and clooney. It's got what has to be J.lo's best film performance ever. I really appreciated her new. Yes I guess. Listening to Scott Franken Soderbergh talk talk about how difficult a role it is to cast a need. An actor who can do a lot of different things in Jaylo really does pull all of those different things off. It reminds me of what they you said about Steve. Zahn everybody's favorite lovable Kook. If you grew up watching movies in the nineties they have a great anecdote about where the first screening Steve Zahn came on screen and before he even said anything. People were laughing in the audience as if a really funny friend of theirs had shown up but he said the great thing about Steve Zahn was his character in the movie had to have that Lovable Kook side side but then after he gets involved with snoopy and witnesses some of the horrible things and participate and participates in he also has to portray this kind of shattered. The person which Steve Zahn is really able to do totally he definitely has the strongest most interesting arc and he does a wonderful job with it. I didn't have strong feelings about Steve Zahn. One way the other thing he said he's he's played that first half he's played in so many films throughout the ninety s was fantastic. Just another elmore Leonard Question did you watch do you watch have you you watch. Will you watch justified. I haven't watched justify I watched a little of it but I didn't get into it because I think at the time. That justified was getting its first. Wave of a lot of attention. I think I use that to kind of go back in and read a lot of the westerns which I hadn't read my first exposure. Elmore Leonard was getting into the crime fiction and all the way through that rather than jumping into the series. I was like Oh yeah yeah. He's got this whole other thing and justified straddles. GotTa get away a little bit from the books. The reason why I think about justified tide is not only. Because it's another elmore Leonard thing. I was talking to somebody just a week ago. Who you know not somebody in the arts or anything happening conversation somehow? Justified game up and they oh you know rapturous rapturous wouldn't stop pulling 'cause we got a parties they were pulling like this is the return on to justify and they were and I haven't seen it now you're annoyed no just like wow people really seem to love to sing because to me it looked like if you can remember when it came on. Yeah it's F- Express Express Sheriff. TV's sort of like riding the wave. Let me guess another like this Guy Cowboy hat and yet yeah people everybody who I know who has seen it and it's just goes so much deeper than that two nights ago. I watched the original three ten to Yuma which is based on Elmore Leonard Short Story. I don't think I've ever seen the nineteen in fifty seven original. It's early Christian. Bale Russell Crowe did you see that. Three ten I thought I thought it was very good. I thought those I mean it's such a good story. It's a great. Those was to those two. That was a real pairing. I feel bad for any production assistance on that. I really really really recommend checking out the nineteen and fifty seven original with Glenn. Ford that might be. We've talked about potentially doing westerns. That might be now to do. There's something about doing a western that I wanna make just the right one linnea one of the things. I like about early Westerns. That are really good is that there's sometimes kind of weird in a way that it's hard to describe of totally like we were talking about With Jimmy Stewart won the man who shot liberty valance. Which of course? We're John Wayne is now crawling out of his I. It's not Jimmy Stewart won. It's John Wayne. It's it's got like a weirdness to it there's something about like American Westerns and three times human is one of them. Where it's it's a little weird that kind of off kilter nece and I think that's one of those early early attempts to capture what elmore Leonard does in all of his books it always has that He's just really good at character and conflict so I really enjoyed it. It was fun to watch such good. I have to lay my cards out on the table with out of sight Here we go. Yeah I didn't I mean it's fine but That's it's Jason Breathe. Okay no I understand why all the president's men would be fave or beal. They've and it's funny. I had almost the exact opposite reaction in terms of watching the back matter and everything else give me more of an appreciation. I was like yeah I understand handed but it. It still doesn't grab me and actually find all of the things that you're citing Like I can sort of see. Maybe it's also because of the the bigness of what the stars have become since this move. Even at that time George Clooney was making a very considered adjustment from both the TV career. And a few his first movie famously. Without the Caesar cut and also the first movie that was trying to be something more than your standard Hollywood which of course the irony is Steven Soderbergh. Yes also doing the same of trying to as he put it to climb out of the art art houses. I was amazing. I mean I had forgotten that first chunk of his career post sex lies and videotape. And how weird it got cough gets up have. Have you ever seen this show. I watch skits apples because I was like all right. He's that guy who took that career defining moment where you can do. Whatever are you want as a follow up to videotape which started the explosion of independent cinema in America? And we've talked before Soderbergh's Sundance winning year-earlier sure was the same year that Wendell. B Harris Juniors Chameleon Street was in competition yearly nine and. That was ninety. I think it's because because in the director's commentary so excited to get to the window Harris because those are amazing but then when he got you I thought he was going to have like a whole long thing about how they were like yes the guy and and he said specifically I was on the jury when Camelias finding it was the year after that so he takes that Hollywood capital which is so hard to get any squanders on Kafka which did not work and then nothing works for quite a longtime the one about the kids in Baltimore or whatever life on the hill or king of the hill. Whichever time people would mention I keep thinking of the cartoons at King of the hill where he had so much stuff going on and so much crew and he was like you know what my next thing? I'm just doing the way I used to do it with me. And four people in a camera and then he made skits apple which is so bizarre and feels like Phil MC therapy uh-huh before that was the underneath. I never saw the underneath which is also I think like this sort of a crime caper. I think a little bit more Noir Ish Kafka King of the hill the underneath they are all flops and not just flops like flops critical flops commercial flops because of sex videotape. I was thinking of him as an art house. Guy I so. How can you flop when nobody's expectation will you can't but I guess you can? Oh another thing that I think is interesting about this movie. Is that taps into a lot of stuff. I like when I think about movies. which is it's easy to say the reason I decided he's Great Steven Soderbergh? This movie specifically to me is maybe the best example I can think of where autour director's vision is center centerstage. But let's go back to Danny de Vito who's Prussian company. Jersey films is responsible for this. Forget shorty and for putting together Scott Frank Frank with Soderbergh at a time but that doesn't make a lot of sense to for Soderbergh to hell. NECE particularly coming off of schizophrenia. which is weird and not going to get you a job in Hollywood too? Then have him helm this with all that was on the line for. Everybody is really cool. Bold choice I wonder what it was that attracted them to him. Maybe it was the underneath. Maybe I was just like Spielberg is probably good in the room in the sense of like his passion and stuff so well actually. I would've the thought he kind of said that it was an executive at the studio clooney was already attached. I think J. LO is already attached. Scott Frank was already attached. Scott Frank had written get shorty which is another movie. I love gets ready so brilliantly. Funny inside Hollywood kind of satire satire and has great performances and a great A Great Travolta which also comes in a weird this is. That's the movie he made. Ask Her pulp fiction to think about like where Travolta was pre pulp affection. I mean that's been written about so many times with Robert Forster passing away Tarantino. Did that for Robert Forster's career as well or yeah. Put Him in this movie. That had actually more life changing results. Detroit was working and making a lot of money. Doing yeah crowd talking baby movies to me out of sight just has it. Has That soderbergh style that he can deliver class class. But it's not just him. It's the it is Tokat. Franken is the soundtrack which is incredible David. Holmes Music is is amazing all the reacting all the performances like the editing. I mean the woman who edited edited fucking a whatchamacallit David Lean in the sand with the things with the Lawrence of. Yeah I remember that end of it. Being offered to him and him balking at least let's say hesitating and I think things will not always lineup so well that's I was ready to go but again why they wanted to push persona Berg like what was it. That made them think he would be the right person who knows I. I am always impressed. When hearing him speak he's a very funny talker? He's very funny talking about also very knowledgeable exact. They think this doesn't surprise me about why you like him him so much is he is exactly hitting that same kind of sweet spot. I think as Steven Spielberg does of being both populist and entertainer and yet really putting you'll I thought it and the amount of work that it takes to do something and make it look as easy as it does. Yeah maybe this is. Why the movie doesn't make me is? It does feel a little too easy. There's just sort of so what for me. And perhaps if people didn't speak of it so highly I'd be fine Mike. Hey that was a fun crime caper and the comedy does more. Maybe I'd I'd rock that a little bit more. If it had been built around in and I have to admit this is George Clooney at at my Lee Clooney was at the Nadir Ter- of like this is great. This this is like he is not yet as mature and interesting is that you would become their charm. There is the obvious talent but to me. It seems so like in your face in a way that I find off putting. Let's watch a little of Clooney in the first bank robbery scene which is one of the scenes that Soderbergh says. There's there's three scenes clooney had to be able to nail these scenes and to your point. This was not a done deal for everyone. Thinking about George Clooney and Soderbergh. It has some funny anecdote three talks about. It's really Clooney's first movie where he didn't rely on head bobbing in ticks of the is that was really Kunis thing keeps a little bit of it does Ov. He's a charming guy. Here's a little of where we meet. Clooney's character how can I hope you start talking to. Your Bank. Manager has his case open. That's Mr Glendon. One of our assistant managers are manager as Mister your show that he's not in today but you see them out with the briefcase. Yes that's my partner has a gun in there. If you don't do exactly what I tell you if you give me any kind of the problem at all I'm going to look over my partner. He's going to shoot your Mr Glendon between the eyes take one of those. Big envelopes hopes input as many hundreds fifties and twenties as you can pack into it. Nothing with bank straps rubber bands. I don't want any dye packs bait money start with a second drawer and then the one over there underneath the money Karen is okay. Come on the right keys right there next week. Due bills off the bottom of the Jordan first time being around doing great to smile reticent being held up Very Pretty Smile twenty. Twenty Johnson doesn't my my partner assigned and that's good now. He's GonNa wait thirty seconds until I'm out of the building. Make sure you haven't set off the alarm you have. He's GONNA shoot you Mr Gwen in between the eyes okay. I think that'll do it. Rather thank you nice day to me. This is an elmore Leonard thing. It's the competency the good criminals in his books they know. Don't give me any the dollar bills off the bottom of the door because that's going to set off an alarm. Don't give me a dye pack. Start with the second drawer over there and then work your way over. Don't do this don't do that. That's because elmore Leonard and in his writing associate did so much research about this part of the joy if you're a crime fiction fan is you get to learn a lot about how to do all this stuff. The competency stuff. That's what I think. Clooney embodies so well and the funkier nece even when there's like scary shit going on a hard thing we see. This is the scene he does nail. But I was going to say when you talk about the competency. That's very interesting using but to me I had the opposite reaction in terms of when I really clicked into the movie. You know fully because again I I don't want to like I hated it known. It's just it doesn't speak to me but but I will say I did perk up more. When he goes outside in his car won't start of course and that's how he gets caught? It's the knowledge and the charm that it start out with is fine. Me seemed like a but the fact that they were willing to undercut it someone with something so clumsy and so just sort of bad luck doc. That's what I think of as Elmore Leonard's style that there's some element of that sort of chaos and that's life and sometimes your car doesn't start you know all of those things that are very different different from the Hollywood conception of of being a criminal and I also think he writes these characters in a way where they might be charming might be fun for us to imagine the cool life of crime in some way but he never allows that to become over romanticizing. Always shows you how these guys make mistakes. Screw up our screw ups long long for something that they could have if they structured their life differently but they don't have the ability to do that for one reason or another. I am fully in the movie. He's one of the best embodiments of that. I think that ever has been put put on screen in an Elmore Leonard derived movie. And I think that's above and beyond where even something like get shorty which is a really hilarious delirious funny comedy we don't really get that from Chili Palmer. We don't really get that from Travolta. You know he's just super cool. He's a super gangster. He's got that infallibility. That's fun to watch but I think what's great about Clooney here is the car doesn't start. Willful dumbness that he allows himself to portray when he can't remember the movie quotes in the trunk. Onc With J. Lo I think that's great clooney being such a huge basketball player in real life which was like part of his thing and then having to be portrayed playing terribly present. I I don't know that terrible great looking good basketball so you didn't look that bad. So yeah I I could see what you're saying. I don't know how much my appreciation for it stems from loving the genre but I'm pretty sure a lot of it stems from actually my thought you just said had you thought it was sort of easy. Actually think the movie is really complicated in terms of how. It's assembled the the fosse time stuff the back and forth it works really well well. It's easy to watch but when you start thinking about it and you listen to them talk about it. It's the last thing I would do. Setting out to make a movie set a challenge to say like Ono we can cut to this and just jump in it and the audience is going to go with us where it works but it's almost insane to make the choices. Yes in the moment. I think that it would work. Which is probably why they shot around everything? So much. Because Scott Frank screenplay had some of this jump cut time stuff in it but I think the reason they talk so much about Bowie shot so much of the scene that we didn't use. They just wanted to make sure that if all went wrong they could make some leaning version Steven Spielberg even says how the producers kept pushing him to cut in the script. He's like yeah. What are we just shoot the whole thing? And then we'll cut it in the edit but when I talk about it being easy epic I meant more that it was. Because you're right I mean it's one of the things that makes him. Emigrate director is that he does make it look seamless. It doesn't feel challenging to watch it or confusing but I think what I was saying that it was easy was more like the thematic Depp. He talks a little bit about being worried about like sort of what snack. George Clooney is kind of the perfect actor to do that kind of thing and again later would particularly with Michael Clayton somebody being a little bit over a and even describe here. Soderbergh says Jack is on the backside of his. Yes there was a peak. He's now in the downhill side of it. That's something that he can do very well. I just think at this point point who kidding George Clooney is not in the down his life but I wish it had gone a little bit further into that. Well I mean you get out of prison for your whatever. Stay Okay and you're in your early forties or whatever. He's portrayed as being I mean. I don't think you have a tremendous amount of employment opportunities so you may get and this is what you get. He's just been the security well. This is all stuff within the genre. Yeah and you're right like but I think that's the point I mean I think the point is you and I would say yet. Take the security guard. You're so smart you're GonNa work your way out of that. That's that's kind of what Albert Brooks is. Character is offering him not to say that the character of Albert Brooks is not presented as a whole who is Lording it over Foley at the same time he is doing that but shit man you just got out of prison but there is a straight you might you might as well take the job. But there's also something pure and honest about the way Jack fully recognizes is is what's being offered to him and throws it back in Ripley's face. So if you want to talk about Albert Brooks Our Brooks I remember seeing this. The first time it'd be like what that's Albert Burqas. He allows himself. I mean he has this kind of got the bad teeth the bald wig. He's a white collar criminal. You kind of pre-stages made off right or listen made off and any number of other white collar criminals. Let's watch a little. You WanNa watch a little him fully does so when they are in prison. Ripley offers fully A job when he gets out of jail kidding did he meet security guard. Hey take it easy all right. Peggy control you know. Something wasn't sure that you show up here but I was very sure if you did. You'd throw this job in my face. Let me tell you something. Every single thing you've done with your life up until this point in the real world means nothing less than nothing. You're a bank robber. He's not a very marketable skill. We don't see a lot of bank robbers walking around with a pension plan. Now do we. I think you know this. That's why you're here today. I've offered you a lousy job with a lousy wage. You want something better. Why don't you show me? You can change then then I'll offer you something better a lot better but until then my friend you'll have to earn it the way you earn some rich broad owns a company selling off a piece of time than divorcing her. This is new rocky. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps bullshit back in prison. A guy like you a place like that you were ice cream for freaks. Got Their Duckling. Maurice and a dozen other guys would have led you to. You had nothing to were nothing. I saved your ass so you'll pardon me if I don't want to sit on a fucking stole all day and say sign in here please. Or Hey pal. You can't park here all right. I can't fucking fucking do it take disappointed. Oh here we go. which is the promise you boys? There's two ways we can do this. And he's thrown out on his ear and he goes into rob the bank. Then we're at the beginning of the one of the great things in the is to Clooney's credit. The scene had had a version. Where there's a glass paperweight on Ripley's desk? And right at that point that we just cut off fully picks up the paperweight and hurls it at this massive fish tank thank which bursts spectacularly clooney was the one who said to Soderbergh. I think it's funnier if when big bruiser comes in and says the studio as we can do this he said. I think it's Funnier if I say. Oh Yeah what what are they and then just smash cut right away to him getting thrown out on his era Kudos George Clooney for having an sort of really good notes. It may be watched all the deleted scenes. Yeah and it was very interesting because I don't think there's any of them that I think we're like. Oh Yeah you should've kept that in. It was so good. I think our brooks is great in that and you might like the book more because I think the fully character in the book is older to your point about sort of not necessarily buying Clooney's on the downside of his life but that's Hey Chris that's Hollywood movie movie star. I mean come on you gotta make the started it. What do you want it to be like Why Peter Gallagher Underneath James Forsyth as like a grizzled ally why bank robber black and white infrared blocking it? Should've been Harry Dean Stanton at crime. What have I done with Albert Brooks is so good good did you are? I think it was on one of the special features. No I think it was because reading after that because he was comparing specifically doing this role to his role and drive arrive that this might be the first time he's done this kind of thing. Yeah non comedy but a criminal but I guess he's done it a couple times since and he was saying the thing about Dr Ryan Ryan Gosling Vehicle Line Gosling Nicolas Winding refn. The thing about this was. He's not a physically intimidating guy. He is a white collar and they'll get get a lot of comedy out of his like weakness easily would've been. He has a safe full of wigs and yet he is still able to not only make it funny but like like what he says. There's something to it kind of but you also hate him for saying it he's able to do all of those things and then there's the turn and I didn't come up with this. And then he was one of the articles you sent him. He pointed out with what he says so to skip to the end of the film when they're breaking into his house. There's the made that he is having an affair with. And she's upstairs the great the Allen that a great Nancy Allen and other second timer on the FCC podcast and Jack Please leave. Get Out. I'm not going to leave Midge. I love her. They don't make much but just like another. Little wrinkle added you that. That is one of those things that I think in. Both elmore Leonard's writing and in what's best about this movie it's a little bit of a surprise doesn't change the whole plot but it just gives it a little bit more texture. We now have a toll free telephone number. That's like listeners to call us. Let me log in so I can fear numbers because I purposely chose a good one and what we want you to do something like call us and leave us a message to be specific to that Chris you could say anything you want suggestions of what we should do. Shouldn't do near Ellison movie that you've got to watch all the way through whenever it's on things you Hayden movies. I would think that something we would have fun with is if people said I want you guys to address this trope not let us find some examples to say we got this great voicemail from listener and they mentioned this film mic trope. Call US toll. Oh free eight five five seven five five five three two two. That's eight five five seven five five five three two two. That is very very memorable. Yeah eight five five seven five five three two now Chris. Here's going to record a clever voicemail thing so that when you call Oh you're gonna hear him and he's going to figure out how to do have value added. I thought one of the more interesting clips was when he talked about the famous trunk. Seen in how how in the script and ass shot it was one shot rise like eleven pages of dialogue and Soderbergh resisted all through the process including up to the first preview view. It kind of reminded me of like that. Sometimes the studio executives are the heroes of the movies that love as unpopular as that is to say but soderbergh tells the antidote after the first screening screening. Were they included. This probably eight or ten minutes single shot of Lopez including talking in the trunk. Casey Silver said. Well you need to do this. And then of course you need to reshoot the trunk scene in and said I know and so they went and did reshoot it with cuts which were so much better. I mean a fascinating to watch it though and he does say the thing he's like. It works as like a short art film. But she's moving so much you would think that a long cut like that would make it feel more claustrophobic because you only but no it actually made it feel airy and he had easier for them. You can get a sense of how long they'd been driving. It didn't feel as cramped as it did. When got another one that was coney thing was like Kinda get he ad libbed the magazine where your shit occur facial reaction when he does that feels kind of natural because I think it was maybe an ad Lib in the moment and she's kind of laughing at the moment but it is his charm about allowing himself to appear stupid? Did because I think as an actor Chris you told me this sounds kind of dumb to say but I always kind of think. It's brave for an actor to allow themselves to appear less than and smart in a scene like that even though you're get it you're George Clooney you read the script you know the part you understand. This is your character in the moment. Maybe it's just me. I feel like I'd always WanNa to choose being blindingly clever as opposed to kind of stupid but of course it's a risk reward thing and putting yourself out there it's a risk because also if you look stupid and it's it's funny it can work but if you just look stupid when you play closer to your chest and you don't make the biggest. He'll at least have something that they can work around right. It's the same kind of thing like you know when actors actors become very proud of putting on weight and stuff like there is something about wanting vanity and get something that clooney grows into. Yeah well. Here's a little. This is part of how we meet Jaylo Jackson escape from prison. Ching light scared voice. I what do you want me to do scream and how much anyway not just GonNa sit here take it easy for you to screw up my ex one. You're married this year debuted as we didn't get along we had fun. We just didn't the thing that sparked gotTa have that we still talk is not gonNA end. Well these things never do shot like a dog. It's going to be in the street I want. You must really see yourself some kind of Clyde Better Kabbadi inclined. Pardon the movie shop and it's one median fadeaway alligator that movie about TV. The guy's not gonNa Take Shit from anybody taste. Yeah beautiful the mad as hell no longer take them where your shit part where they get shot. I remember thinking to myself going to. I mean that's a great scene. They're great together cuts work great so many times. I don't know why I'd always thought their orientation in the trunk was to the back of the car. But now when I watched the scene I realize their orientation is facing the back of the back seat right. This is gonNA be really confusing for people. I wouldn't suggest you get a piece of paper sketch out. We're talking about right now better yet. If you have a car with this on speaker go into all the door closed behind you. I always think sometimes movies like like does that matter spatially. Do you have to think about that stuff as a director if nothing else just the consistency of like when you're getting in to turn around into it wouldn't make as much sense in you know they're getting in. Yes that's true when you get you're getting in so that's a great scene. I think you need the clooney thing. He is best West there. He is best at that opening scene because that charm that is his kind of got. You works super well then when it's in sort of more normal scenes when it's not actually called upon the fact that it's there almost becomes distracting though here's something that also is potentially distracting. It's a pity the J.. Lo doesn't have more to do what just because she's also a tremendous amount to do in the jury. I just wish there was more thought. She was so so fantastic. And she is somebody who's star power and charm any adjective can describe her. They're always all there and she moved seamlessly from one thing to another so so much. It's it's such a frigging joy to watch one of the things with Elmore Leonard in these novels is there are always five six eight characters that exist in orbit with each other and it's not just her story. Roy Are not just fully story right. I guess in a way Yes we are following really buddy and Jack as they are the device through which we move through the other characters as an actress Driss role. It's great it allows her to be competent in her job. There are so many scenes where she displays the same competency that it fully displayed in that bank robbery scene soderbergh got really kinda heated in a joking way with Scott Frank on the commentary track right the end of the movie where she famously shoots fully in the leg because he's basking for a suicide by cop and she's like Jack I'm not going to shoot you. And he has a little speech and she does finally shoot him in the leg so that he's not mortally wounded and Scott. Frank said something like I I always thought he should have pulled out his gun and pointed her to and sort of it was like. Why are you crazy? She would've blown away right away. She's a federal marshal whatever whatever night she's like. I love that because I think he's saying the integrity of the character is such that you can't violate that for a scene. That was a great little moment. Because you can feel the screenwriter is like ooh attention created by two people pointing guns at each other and Soderbergh is saying we gotta be true to who she is her character. That's first and foremost she's a law enforcement person as much as we see standoffs with the cops and stuff in the mood no the fact that like you said somebody pulls a gun on a cop. They're gonNA shoot yes. That actually doesn't iten. Yeah that diminishes. Yeah because there's a trigger and also Chris I know you're a woke millennial snow flake proud of it when they shot the love scene. She's the one who leads the action. He's not the one who's like. Hey great we're not hotel. I'm stripping naked. You follow suit. He's reacting to what she takes off he only jumps into the bed after she jumps into the bed. And this is another thing that Soderbergh says he had to fight even even with his film editor she was like. It's not very hot. There's no action. Oh she said they don't really go at it in her British Way and said Yeah. That's like that's what we got. I guess it was one one of those points where he hadn't shot some of the stuff that maybe a studio executive would be like. Wait a minute a little more hat and Clooney and link. I'm not done. What do you do see George? George is basketball toned upper torsos on display and you get C.. J. Lo in her underwear ya but it's not a gratuitous scene and he says and then he's like I find that really the way he explained explained. It is once somebody takes off. You're watching a documentary right and I think there's something to that and he uses interests also attention guide because it does trigger that once the closer offers kind of nowhere to go similar to pulling the gun. You're looking for reasons to not do it and You know this does bring us to this scene because the sex that we don't see them have happens after this scene in a bar where brilliant finds her and they have this conversation where they both take on these other identities and they flirt and they go back and forth between being being who they really are. And Gary and Celeste and Gary and Celeste you were saying that it was written in the script as being sort of two discrete scenes. They do the Yes. Gary and Celeste in the bar then they go upstairs stairs and they they have sex but here you have them cutting back and forth between them talking to each other and what's going to happen one you get this fantastic thing if you get to see the actors again playing two different things you literally two opposing sort of flavors. Yes in the conversation. They're both so guarded. which is part of what the flirtation is and then when they're like it does a pretty fun sex you know yes sexiness right but it's also like they're laughing it's not over serious? Their unguarded their unguarded. I I always forget to remember how essential the three clownish guys trying to pick her up. Beforehand are in that bar scene. There's like three guys at a hotel bar you're in to them tries their best line on her and she's just totally uninterested. Yeah and then. Of course clooney shows up in all we see at first is just from the neck down his reflection in the window and then the scene kicks off but a drink loved one. Uh I'm Gary I'm Celeste. It takes forever to get a drink around. Here was only launches go. They're fine. I mean you just got here. You help yourself like Bourbon. I love it. We got that out of the way. Tell me so less. Where did you living among sales rep and I came here to call on a customer? But I think it'd be hard time because I'm my girl as a sales girl and I have a problem with your hair outfit but actually this is my second can favorite outfit. I had a first favorite but it got ruined and I had to get rid of it. It smelled really heavily cleaned it. Now now tell me what do you do. I want to go with this yet. Don't say anything yet. You're working for somebody else. Gary so last where they know about anything I see a game. I've never played before order a game. It's not something you play does make any sense to you. have to something that happens. It's like seen seen someone for the first time it'd be passing on the street and you look at each other and for a few seconds as this kind of Recognition you both know or something next moment the person's gone and and it's too late to do anything about it. You always remember it because it was there and you let it go and you yourself what invite fight stopped and if I had said what if what if male having a few times you live and only and then we're into this intercut seen the mastery of the music coming in cross cutting and and the freeze frames which soderbergh famously uses these freeze frame moments throughout the whole movie and this scene particularly has just such a commanding use of them and then an after the scene. He says he realized he doesn't use them anymore. Because the movie has caught up to itself. This scene is incredible Chris. Even though he's the first person listen to admit he completely cribbed the concept of the cross cut scene frostless rogue and. Don't look now. Don't look back with Julie Christie and SEX SYMBOL DONALD DONALD SOUTHERN CANADIAN horrifyingly always gets listed as the number one hottest sexiness ever filmed. I've never seen it of you. Oh yeah is it that hot yeah. It's pretty hot. I can't imagine Donald Sutherland anything. I just feel pasty pimple Canadian. Honestly no no no offense to our Canadian but Julie Christie is able to make up for whatever okay but in that scene a Nicholas Road Cross cuts between the sexiness itself and then getting dressed afterwards. SODERBERGH goes goes the other way before. Hand some funny moments in the commentary track between sort of organ frank. Soderbergh if you don't know him you could probably into the tracking thing. It's kind of a Dick back but I think he's not bothering to explain that he and frank know each other well enough to give each other a hard time and there seems to be it. Goes both so you figure like okay. They must I but I love Scott Frank Lake had such ownership over the screenplay that he frequently would call up soderbergh after screens be. Like what the fuck. Yeah they had these skirmishes to to kind of get where they arrived. We play a little of Don cheadle his performance to me. This is also so elmore Leonard to me I think one of the other cool things I love about the the movie is the prison stuff particularly feels real Mike. It's we know we're in movie prison. But it feels real even just in backgrounds because the way they shot audit with actual cons or ex-cons in actual prisons gives you a little bit of that flavor even when they're just standing around that you can't fake but you know it's funny because I had the same reaction but coming from from the opposite direction because sometimes you'll see like a prison thing specifically and they are directed to Daphne everybody has like a knife sticking out of their face and like there's nobody. There's no light into. What do you mean what prisons? But these teams looked much more. Real than that they weren't such such apocalyptic House gapes. Yeah as to ah get to feel like a place. They were more banality of evil prison. That's a perfect way to put it. here's Don cheadle. As snoopy Miller read rib is baby. Maurice over there you go. They should know fishes for not so fair. See Start now. There's going to be an across the board cost of living increase. I mean you know and I got put okay here. We go on credit card fraud and props for that but since I shake that loudmouth pussy in the yard the other day is like my done broad street rallies booster official way to fuck up. Man actually done bradstreet. That's the I've heard it both ways. Point is that the price is going to run is is based to okay so gets no black. We got some minutes to talk about a write for fishing's what I said is going to be two thousand. How's it going to be three thousand? Come on you're going to be three thousand and that a saltwater shit that you put in your is they call it autumn Bush. The Bush launched this three hundred. Do an extra pillow. You WanNa get. Definitely yeah I know but that's going to be like five cs five scientists shut the fuck up or can't you read the fucking Takayama I met. You got a problem with their problems. The dumbest fucking shakedown in the history of Deng shakedowns. Five hundred bucks pill does seem allied as shut of date nights pillow. Bogus still much for your company Chow. My accompany come on. Watch this motherfucker back that how much necessarily know my ripple utility Fargo Argo really. I don't know first of all. If he kills you and he's going to get nothing Woah. Well the man don't just have to die slowly. I mean he could accidentally hurt himself. Fell down or something real hard you know like a shift or my debt. Don't worry if he falls on anything snoop transfer his ass out of your fashion. You can throw a fight and you're you're still gonNA last time. I checked and do what you want. Go outside mass MOCA cigarettes shit in smoke demand once you get your punk ass up Outta here man. That's protege my number thirty two in the federal prison system. Thirty two miss right. Outta what twenty funny kick this crack. What's going on here? The reading this fundamentalist shit. We got all excited nervous super clear out a year now don she does amazing. I mean his ad libs in their soderbergh says he threw in a lot of that kind of dialogue himself in some places. It's so good I just love the little button where they pretend to be reading the book on chill is just fantastic and everything. What's funny is he doesn't look particularly physically intimidating imitating and yet he like inhabits this character in such a way that it that he brings? That did you hear the funny anecdote. Where when they were filming some of the boxing scenes in Detroit? Elmore Leonard heard came on the set and by that point in the movie soderbergh and cheadle cheadle had had sort of said because at that point. SNOOPY is out of prison in in this scene that we just watch. He's wearing his do rag and he was supposed to be wearing that through the movie and he said you know she's got prison like now he's trying to style himself. He's trying to be the man like he's not going to wear hear that prison Sort of said okay. All right bye and he said that was the one day elmore Leonard showed up and literally the first thing he said was. I hope he's got his do rag before he saw cheadle on the set without it. You know he's gotTa understand that that it's such a different medium. Yeah I can see an author being like. Oh that's his thing that's how I remember it but then of course to see it out. There loses the don shuttles thing like yeah. Yeah I'm in a different place. I'm trying to be gotten rid of the name. snoopy all of that. Well of course. How many sort of bad film adaptations has elmore? Leonard lived through probably by at that point in his life. He sort of like the Stephen King of crime adaptation. He's gotta be second second only to Stephen King if the if you said you're absolutely right because because he goes back seven not just the crime stuff but also hombres earns. Paul Newman. Oh I would imagine there's probably more than King I mean Shit. Nineteen eighteen fifty seven to present day. I mean yeah that's a lot yeah One of the things that I love. We've talked about this before i. I think the only recorded instance in film history where one character appears in two unrelated movies. Michael Keaton's character our radio the married F. B. I. Agent that J.lo's character is having an affair with also appears in Jackie Brown as Ray Nicolette because the character or appeared in those novels sort of tells the story of how they arrived at this place because the character is in the books I guess he had appeared here and they saw like. Oh can we do this. And he said Tarantino brought him over and they showed him all of Keaton's stubborn on Jackie Brown and he's much more central character to evidence counties in the whole movie here. He's really only in one scene. Literally one there's one actual scene and then there's a TV things you see. And so turning. showed him all the stuff and they try to figure out like at work and there's two things in the movie I don't know why in protecting the last one because it's not a spoiler remains came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty you. I'm particularly listeners. You've had your chance. Let's just I'm going to save of it too when we get there. There's another great actor that has a small cameo film. Apparently they both did it for free. I wonder what's the line because it sounds like one day if that for both of them but Kim did it for free. He's really yeah. I'll come I'll come. Do that. Shows up on location and these are in their in Miami right you. which is her father? Brilliantly played by Dennis Farina. Keaton is so fucking good in this Chris I I could watch that scene over and over again. Everything that's going on. This is actually she one place where they didn't shoot a lot more around right a scene but it has that feeling probably because Keating is so fucking good and he'd already portrayed the character to the degree in another Phil. So maybe that's a CODA. Let's continue but the way he embodies rain nicolette. Who is the kind of FBI agent who literally is wearing a t shirt that says? FBI The ask. Why is here good? Yeah I golfed to take take care of me. And he's worked on his boat every since that is during Nikolic pushing to meet you batch likewise raise working with the FBI. I task force on the prison break. Tell me radio you ever wear one that says undercover know. How's it going good was it finally? Was it off a tip yeah. Somebody's about to mountainous Hobo camp near the airport. You know calling the number. I knew it. As soon as I saw there was a reward Cubans full swat two choppers. That whole deal is going to shoot so we took him out got away but he did folly haven't been there now. Strictly Cuban you know fully handed right. He must ozone agenda. You know what I mean. He seems to be the only guy kind. China knows what he's doing. It's so fun when there's that long pause after the undercover Judy's like so who is he dumped as you're not getting or is he Keaton's allowing the character to be just dumb enough to not get the joke in the moment but smart enough to have it sink in ten seconds translator in that reaction shot and as he sits down and he realizes holy Shit is fucking with him he kind of has this funny laugh on his face which becomes sort of the arc also for for the scene as you know because Dennis Farina characters not fabu that his daughter is sleeping with this married man his freenet also in get shorty. Yes anything that yeah. I'm trying to read dentist. Rena filmed in our apartment here in New York. If I could ever sit down through the five thousand seasons of law and order and find seen would be great to have but they were filming in our neighborhood and they slipped a flyer under and said like hey. We're looking for a location. And we let them film. And it was a scene with him interrogating someone in our living room. Who was supposed to be a therapist therapist? I never got to meet him. We were banished from our own home as the Hollywood does when they invade your house cat but man Keaton. He's a guy who's really into into law enforcement is a certain type of law enforcement person like I said he's wearing an f. b. i.. T. Shirt the leather jacket. He so into it and the scene you mentioned before he's such a brilliant throw throw away where then. He's on TV at the Hobo camp that he was just describing and he's got the full flak jacket on Bloomberg Veltroni. It's not a threatening situation like pointing and talking to the camera so brilliant and it's such a again charm. If I think about what it is I love about the movie. It's kind of like Paul was talking about in the time trap episode. Like something that you can watch where you're just you're you're you're in a different place. You'RE GONNA filming place to me. That's this movie. There's a charm armley everybody's sharp and funny and it's put together in such a way that I never get tired of looking at the art of how the film is assembled and the joy of the performers Viola Davis I just love her. In general and using it came up recently in reminded me of that in fences particularly like her performance in two thousand sixteen is like one one of my favorite screen performances. And then she was in widows which we covered which although we didn't love us the movie She's and this is a role that is so different from those. There's just so much that she is doing. She is just such an amazing actress. There's a great thing where Scott Frank says you know. She has the scene with Jalen with Isaiah Washington where she's SORTA beleaguered put upon girlfriend sister. Who is being taken advantage of by snoopy Miller and by Isaiah Washington character who really dismissive and cruel and her dog? has just died and she sat about that. They're sensibly on opposite sides of the law but Karen Sisco and Viola Davis character. Have this connection as women. You'll lawyer I'm looking for somebody named Glenn Michaels Glenn I don't WanNa go in and I said he stayed here last November hand this house. He said he stayed with Maurice. He ain't even have that much. I'd like to know where are you goes but same time I don't WanNa know you understand. You say your dog was killed. Got Run over by a car. You call was a she name Tuffy. What do you think I might find Maurice Greece Moselle? I don't know Jim the fight I know you know Miss Fight Tomorrow night. Down State Theater. He used to take state the State Theatre Maurice she looking for man they mcglynn the task. You there is a bond feminist bond against the idiocy of men and frankly which is kind of like what then occurs that amazing scene with Isaiah Washington. Scott Frank says like there's a thing she does with her is kind of cuts her eyes and looks away sort of ashamed by the emotion. She feels over being sad about her dog being killed. Yeah it's one of two scenes where Jaylo has such an interesting scene with another woman in the movie and there's another thing I really loved about Gaelic like she has this kind of like they're women together in their scenes which I think is interesting thing to portray when she's an investigating police officer trying to get to the bottom of this criminal. I don't know if you have more than three hours worth. Here's the problem I feel like we can't do a movie and not play Luis Guzman. There's a great scene between with him. Jennifer Lopez and Catherine and keener another Just sort of love her. Here's another thing about a movie. That is now twenty twenty one years old. These were people. Besides Georgia. Everybody was at sort of wasn't quite right where they are today. And Catherine Keener doing a very small Zola. You see why she would go on to become a big star. Luis Guzman is great. I mean it was just play a little catheters Adele. All these ex wife Guzman who soderbergh says just one of his favourite actors plays Chino. WHO's one of the escapees he's from prison? PS that fully sort of jumps on their escape plan. Yes ruins it but also then uses it as a way to get out himself yes and so he's trying to track down fully so so he has tracked Adele down in brilliantly clumsy fashion and J. LO happens to be conducting interview just before he arrives at the apartment my vision in my money. You are quoting Dr Doc. Who are you or maybe you who you Gino on the thing that tell them that he has to wait? Wait until you have to get dressed you and me the home hoping when you're eh jacket. That's it when I mean. Then breath marshalling indoor asked him a bag of dill. Oh Fleet I think the year can you Minna. Forget about it and then we forget about these own also auto maybe. Oh you mean. A lot of that just improvised by Lewis is on L. A.. Four like nice bag bag. I gotTA make it goes out to you. Because Katherine Pierce character is really unemployed. Magician's assistant is and Then we'll Jennifer Lopez calling her superiors He's like hey how do they do. The solid lady and after going back and forth between Jalen the phone I tried to explain the which they say the thing that's another place where like they shot the whole thing of her explaining how to do the sawed off the legs the trick and then in the room they just kept paring it down paring it down paring it down and it actually works Burnley? Oh yeah they just cut away from it. She's on the phone with Wendell. B Harris Junior worming harming her way onto the task force and then they cut back on the ground and he goes fake legs Thank thank you well spoiler for anybody really. Anybody who's been magic of you know what's funny. He's now I'm nick worms away onto the task force to go bust Foley and buddy. Yes at buddies place yes and similar to sort of the security guard thing that happens to fully like she comes thinking she's going to have an imperial job on this right and then the person in power to motored gives her the job like stairs radio if there's if there's a problem yeah it's a parallel between them and you're right. One of the interesting things about movies does not end with them running away being happily ever after. No you don't even know if they will ever meet each other again or anything like that but to treat like their traction as you kind of understand besides their both being two of the most beautiful people ever made you understand what what s and neither case. Does it reduce either. The person who's attracted or the the one that they are they're not just attracted to one small thing about a person. It's you you see that. There's some overlap in both interested in their their experiences. Even if they're on the opposite sides of the law and I think that's the thing that gives elmore Leonard's books looks some of the weight we aficionados of the genre enjoy is that sense of connection then characters often find in books like this is a little bit at odds with kind of the hard boiled it crime elements that surround them. But it's really that heart. It's tough cynical wisecracking exterior that masks a need for human connection and I think what elmore Leonard does really well all in the books and what. This movie captures really well. This scenes between her inject fully or really interesting and really sexy. And you do feel the connection and yet you also see. This is a federal marshal who's attracted to criminals and when it'll be harassing me please. People go and listen to our episode on his film Chameleon Street eight which is one of the great American independent movies ever made. It's vitally important link in filmmaking in black cinema and Wendell B Harris Junior near is such a fascinating and interesting actor writer director. Yeah if not for all of those other things just his acting alone like it's such a pleasure and they're only he's only three frigging frigging credit. Now you don't get a lot of opportunities to see him if you've already seen whatever it was this movie out of sight your next best. Chance is Chameleon Street and then of course I there's road trip. Here's a little Wendell in jail. If we don't play it who will next thing. I knew the paramedics were pulling me out of the car. There's there's a couple of points I keep wondering about have to do with the two guys a grant you but he isn't and this Fella Jack Foley I swear the man must've robbed over two hundred banks in his time. I told me he didn't remember. How many rubbed go? You talked to him and the trunk. Yeah state what'd you talk around different things prison movies this pillar hall to hostage you. Talk about. Movies was an unusual experience. You know fully made let me think of that Fella. Carl Tillman the one that you were seeing. It turns out the same time he was robbing banks. You recall that and what happened to call all the time came. You shot him. But you didn't shoot Foley or the guy with him there on armed you had a shotgun and you let them throw you in the trunk okay. Now you've got your sick in your hand and you say in the the report that you couldn't turn around you do pin down but when the trunk opened how come you didn't cap the two guys on most of the time. Fred goes to crooked bookkeepers. I've been with the bureau. Fifteen years on all kinds of investigations. Have you ever shot a man who was the last time you were primary. Hi Mary through the door. I have to qualify to know what you're talking about talk another time. He's such a great presence and so well used because he has such a that voices insane but he's playing such an officious twit and even better once they get to the actual room in there. And he's he's all like Keaton he's like a guy who's in love with the idea of being a law enforcement agent but he also knows his limitations. Your Primary Your Secondary. You're point man you're gonNA use around. Why the managers doors metal? You know what I mean. They might all be Aram on a metal door makes a lot of noise for a good. It does. We're going to shock. Lock Round for shock. It is the whatever God he was so good I just he could have been one of the greats and when I posted a picture from out of sight a couple of weeks ago. Oh someone commented. I listed people that regretting it and I didn't mention it will be Harris Junior and someone said don't forget will be here. Sure I said yes. We did a whole episode not knowing if this was a listener or not right right and they said Oh yeah. I love that one. I sent that episode to Windows. The second person is not the same person so everybody seems to be in touch with Wendell and as a Wendell. If you're free we will come to you. I WANNA do rochat down him Wendell. B Harris Junior career spanning retrospective episode. I WanNa hear what happened didn't happen. I want to hear what could have happened so Wendell. If you're there if you're listening and you're in touch with Wendell tell him to get in touch with us you can email the pod at full full cast and crew pod at gmail.com. You can call us. You can do all kinds of stuff. Let's make sure that Scott Frank gets a lot of the credit here for what was on his page right. Scott Franks it's also written little man tate dead again you like that. Yes Malice I am God. Is that the one that was Alec Baldwin. Is the Doctor Dr. Yeah Heaven's prisoners less good Alec Baldwin with what's her name TERI Hatcher Teri Hatcher. GET SHORTY OUT OF SIGHT MINORITY REPORT CISCO The Minority Report Court Fan. Yeah I think you are too. Although wouldn't you just talking about that a couple of your Bloomberg right exactly you didn't you didn't like some aspect of it. It's more that I think when he sometimes his humour arise last driven and more like just an add onto minority. Report is not a movie where we need a lot of Spielberg in humorous touches. which is why like like water? Came in and I was like come on. Cut the interpreter barley. Marlene me okay. Everyone's going to get more money on that anything else he's done. The Wolverine I was at Logan Logan Logan he won an academy award for so he's won two Academy Awards Business Lunch Logan and for out of sight. Oh no kidding Yup As far as alternative casting. Yeah put that one back. Sandra bullock again tests McGill from working girl the TV series as you almost always painter with that brush. It's just such a funny credit that It really is the fact that there ever was a step into an iconic onic role in a destined to fail adaptation. So she was considered for Karen Sisco as well as Karen Karen Karen Allen Heater Which I think is interesting and I and you know this comes up? Sometimes I wonder was. She disappointed to have the not even third banana role. She has a great job with all that jazz but I wonder what the emotional territory of that was. Yeah afterwards and then of course the only other part that is able to read any alternative casting for because because of course George Clooney was was already slated within Steven Soderbergh jokes about like. I couldn't have gotten rid of him if I drive us. But the only other thing was the character of Ripley I read two possibilities awesome abilities. One Garry shandling which I think would have been fantastic. I would have been great just because he sort of like to be junior is in so few actual movie Whenever he is? It's such a such a strange presence. And Danny de Vito Shar which would have been very good and he of course as you pointed out is one of the producers on on the film and also has a major role in get shorty and has one of my favorite scenes in any movie sending up a Hollywood actor pomposity. They're sitting at a restaurant restaurant. Danny devito breezes and in his Martin something or other the most famous actor in Hollywood and they just so quickly and brutally send up the thing of like not ordering. I'm from the menu. But because you're Martin where you can order whatever the fuck you want. You guys voted because I really have something after this. Can we order. Excuse me I. which name Steph Stephanie I feel like an Omelet. Can you make an egg. White Omelette with shallots shallots slightly brown very little and no salt. Why don't you bring to the table? Pick on have oh I know about having those strawberry Frappe pays a little reach with strawberries in and and reduce draws for Harry. I mean if I see I think right now I'm GonNa take like a year break from outta sight but how to sign previously is one of those movies if it's on of watching it all the way through get. Shorty is still that the other small cameo film let it be said Samuel Jackson Junior Samuel Jackson. Junior now could Samuel Jackson appearing in the final scene as a prisoner that J.LO's martial character has put in a prison van with Clooney. And you come to learn the reason that she's put them together as he's broken out of a lot of prisons kind of a name Juror says lonely standpoint title Jarrow was Muhammed Flight from Mecca in six twenty two slight rather than Leavenworth gave me that name. You're in Leavenworth him for turn me meantime came. I left you bus it out. I prefer to think of it as an exodus from an undesirable place before they ought we are others. Yeah that was the night the ninth ten. If you count that prison hospital in Ohio I walked away from my walk in Henry Giro Giro. Now we're off the glades. Look that way supposed to leave last night with the Lady Marshall but for some reason she wanted to wait she did. Now is Scott. Frank Elmore Leonard Collab- what that Indy. It's not what Barack yes. And Scott. Frank was saying in the commentary that he had a little bit of difficulty figuring out what what was at I. I believe it was mostly his idea but he did. Consult with Elmore Leonard and I think they banged that out and Soderbergh. They knew they needed someone with a massive star presence residents to be that the Giro character. Because you had to feel something as an audience member can't just be some guy right. The surprise of it being Samuel Jackson and was great also is funny that Soderberg said he fought tooth and nail not to have the cut away that exists twice in that scene to Karen. CISCO's face shot through the windshield of the car. He had always had the back of her head. Jack starting to put together that maybe she put them together in the van for him to learn how to break out of glades. It's and you see the back of her head but there's two shots once it really becomes obvious that's what's going on where you see her and she has a sly smile on her face and I think he said the contract because he didn't you want to put those in for like a long time. It was SORTA stubbornly insistent on not having them. I only insistent on the single take in the trunk seen around there too. I think that your signature openings get appropriate amount of attention. I don't think however that your signature endings get enough. I don't think we need to center them in the narrative of the podcast castle. Cut It back into the centre. What Chris does he plays the last line of dialogue from a famous or infamous reknown or slightly well known film? And what we want you to do is be first to figure out what it was when the episode goes up. We'll put up a image from the film that you're talking about. That doesn't give it away and we will say who can identify Chris's final line from this week's episode I love that is against graded on facebook. facebook finally has a reason for being anything else on out out of sight. No that's it all right. Let's move on to headlines Headlines I've got for you Chris and they're both related. You know we talk a lot about robots singularity. Yeah we're not GonNa talk about that now. Bummer animal singularity two of them first story to singularity Nano sink two examples of the forthcoming animal I owe the joke on this to the wind. Blowing Dot net the headline writer scientists train rats to drive little cars to collect food and the rats like it is the headline. This is an experiment where researchers at the University of Richmond if trained rats to hop into little cars and drive them to collect food. The experiment suggests their brains have more plasticity than previously assumed. The article was was shared on facebook. By the Boeing Boeing writer. They wrote alternative title. Rats trained scientists to train them to drive little cards to collect food and the rats. It's like it which I thought was more funny. Second in the Animal Larry. Unfortunately the story has a tragic end. Oh great but it's the human who has a tragic end so Well I'm just saying I mean. Some people have more sympathy for animals than they do humankind and some people have more sympathy for humankind than animals. Goals is that what people do man shoots dear. Dear wakes up and kills man. A hunter shot a deer it. There's a big bucket. Had A giant rack. He approached the deer. The deer was not dead leapt awake and impaled the man through the chest with his antlers. That was actually originally the the the novel out of sight. That's that's how it ends. Look it's coming it's just about which side you plan to be on thing. That comes up on twitter facebook whatever every now and again of like like a picture of a raccoon on top of yeah right. It's like they're doing it they're doing it. I laugh every time I do too. I have one which I've always found. Interesting Amazon. Shopper is blasted for using a snap of herself posing next to a coffin with her review view of the perfect blue dress she bought on the site. I can't possibly follow that sentence that you just said. Leave a review on Amazon saying like Hey distresses gray like fit blue and put a picture of herself in it and it was a picture of her at a funeral with somebody's casket. Oh okay. She's not in the casket. Okay that would have been better. That would have been. I think we probably would have heard it from bigger news sources anyway. We'll be interested me about this so much that you know so. She had a picture of herself. That thought looked good at sure. But of course the vitriol of everybody an wrong. This guy's already dead so don't fence there. One person not complaining. Liaoning is the person in the casket. Funerals are hard enough. I mean anything that can kind of lighten the mood. I think we're all four and look. How easy is it to get a good picture of yourself true? You get one the two yellow regardless circumstance Care Watson. The background speaking funerals. You saw the story a couple of weeks ago. The Irish guy who pranked all of his friends by playing a recording of himself saying like. Hey what's going on I'm still. I'm still live out here. Did you see that. It's hilarious very funny. That's funny because the second headline was grandmother seventy seventy is saved from being cremated alive when her husband noticed she was still breathing. This in Thailand and I think it was actually lying in state for three days and they kinda thought you was dead but then as like doing the last putting her in the thing turned out she was still alive. That sounds too bad to be true. And that's the thing you on the other headlines. That's okay Chris. Second installment of our new segment bomb squad. Are you excited very care for it. I loved the first one and again. This is not coming from a mean spirited. Place this is coming from a place of understanding that a film is good because of the efforts of so many many elements that it's almost impossible to wrangle together on the commentary Steven Soderbergh's even talking. About how little he liked the trailer for out of sight. or Yes. That's right. This is a choice. Sometimes it goes well or not you know so this is no sometimes you make a trailer good trailer bad movie trailer. Good movie and we're not making a judgment. I'm just saying we're making judgment on the trail. I'm making a judgment on the trailer. Alert now look and this week's bomb squad Ho boy. This is Ed Norton's motherless Brooklyn. Okay listen I got something wrong with me. That's the first thing to. Yeah no I got my head's man I twitch and shout makes me look like a damn freakshow cut that out touchy Bailey. I'm I'm sorry but inside my head's even bigger mess. I can't stop twisting things around words and sounds especially have to keep playing with them until they come out right. Jeez I asked like I said a Damn Ms. Then I started working for Frank. Frank Minna private eye. Frank Frankly frankly Franko He's the one who taught me how to use my head. Turn it into a strength. He gave me a place in this crappy world until I screwed up Anybody know what frank was into on this. There's something going down and the big and they were not happy about what he found. We find who did this. We square accounts. If I figure it out on the make him regret. I promise you that that's her. That's the girl that was followed. I think she founds what happens to people in the city wasn't news yesterday and it won't be tomorrow. Where's everybody go mostly just disappear? This town is run by Moses Randolph. When someone isn't seen for what they truly are? That's a very dangerous thing to have the first inkling out power works power is knowing that you can do whatever you want to. Not One person can stop you okay. I'm calling it at one seconds problem with the trailer as I see. There's a production value problem. It just doesn't quite feel as cinematic epic because let's face it making a feature film out of a Jonathan Awesome novel is probably not a fifty or a hundred and fifty million dollar enterprise. I remember reading about this. When acquired the rights from writer Director Edward Norton? That's my other death knell. Listen love you actors. Some of you may great directors however. Listen you never know until you try. I know as a crime aficionado. I have a set against a literary author slumming it in the crime genre as Jonathan Latham sort of did now. He's trying to write a a a detective novel. I think those of us that love genre and appreciate authors like Elmore Leonard or Philip. Kerr John Carre who are literary literary within the construct of this genre. It's hard for someone to come from the outside in get in to us not accepting of that okay and who knows Jonathan Jonathan Letham. You know he is not all high brow he was a comic book reader. And stuff like that like you might be a genre fiction fan before he may but you know what is. He's not a guy that has any any bona fides in our world. Edward Norton was impressed and that is bomb squad I am. Let's say I'm making some bold predictions and I think in the next few weeks I eighty rubes or genius. I think I would have not even noticed that this movie existed but now I going to be watching the box office. Okay angrily We have a little time for latchkey TV. Do you want to jump in. I'm just GONNA go really quickly go for so I'm home. It's two o'clock I'm going to start watching alive and well on USA. It's a news magazine just because of the juxtaposition of these two hugh stories and what audience this is for the conclusion of an interview with Milton. Berle skin-care tips for new MOMS. But I think that's a counter program we've got everybody got both. He's going to watch the first half hour. She'll watch this I can't. I don't know to thirty frugal. Gourmet watch growing up. No Jeff Smith. I didn't quite understand with the word. Frugal meant while it was an early cooking. Show Jeff Smith fronted it he was a very genial man. He later had some scandalous issues. which I won't get into here but not frugal? Gourmet was a great show in the eighties and early nineties. I used to watch that a lot. Another show this came up. I sounded familiar. I'm not sure because I watched it. Or maybe you referenced. At three o'clock Denmark's star-spangled that sounds familiar it does of me I think it might have been on a previous episode of that. He was when Nick Blake on our right airplane episode. I believe he watched it. It's a look at Denmark's week. Long Celebration of America's Independence Day. When's the last time we did anything? Anything Denmark Four. PM Speaking of crime drama underrated crime series. Police woman starring Angie Dickinson. I saw little of an episode of this the other day. Hey Dude Angie Dickinson was kicking ass in policewoman really. Yes like I've ever seen an episode was throwing motherfuckers to the ground and taking names and not taking any any shit from the man shot to policewoman. That's an under appreciated crime. Drama of its era. Then I wanted to play you this Chris because I'd never heard of this. Have you heard of a cartoon called Trans or Z.. My mind the horrible meal. Mightiest of machine Violent this gets right here on earth snake monster destroying people violent gets his arm ripped off and then the look the bomb. What you know what? I knew that you did well. Does that does that happen. Somewhere else. Transformers right he's a protector of he so powerful he cannot be sneaking upbeat destroyed. Chris everybody talks a big game waiting like whatever the opposite bearing the lead is if he can't be destructive and why the hell my wandering to watch. There's no you know that they're going to say is I've never seen a cartoon robot. That was a robot that I remember friends had Sharm out. That shot the arm out. That's how I knew that the arm we remember that you never got. I never saw it at a toy store but I thought it was so cool. I didn't know that he should have known. Yeah that it would have come from a Arjuna that they'd be a cartoon with and then I'm going to choose Jefferson's just because I found the other day this bizarre story about Sherman Helmsley which I wanted to share with you Jefferson's despite Georgia's is warning. Florence lends money to her shady cousin. I came across the other day. Chris are you familiar with the sixties freakout acid trip band Gong and no matter cut in some representative psychedelic brain. `Age from Gong it out The in having heard that Chris you can imagine how bizarre it would be to find out that Sherman Helmsley George Jefferson himself was apparently a lifelong prog. Rock obsessive. No kidding and David Allen who was the founder of this insane. LSD driven. Prog Rock Act told a reporter that he met Sherman Hemsley in seventy eight or seventy nine and it didn't have any idea being English. Who Sherman Helmsley? Why did you ever were but chairman? Helms he kept calling

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