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no found me there what is up is envy eight free agency time there's been three billion dollars committed not a free agency a lot of money out there floating around the lakers i've spent one point two million one no i think it's one point is at one point two two point one way one of the many dyslexic for a minute there were just waiting two point one million dollars on eight shooter from phoenix by the name of troy daniels that's right troy daniels who shot thirty eight percent from three this year richards who are dying with the ball in the floor fill it up a little bit a little probably in a perfect world come off the bench i whole lakers he comes right now he's a starter yeah at the male as far as a starter he's in are back court right we do know that much his entire backward actually believe that card that's right eventually he's the kind of guy you bring it is a bench score a very reasonable signing at that level and you need guys at this level you need these guys a because even if and by the way we're waiting we're on co why watch because at any moment that could happen when i when it's if it were officially in apple time and i want you to know that no matter when it happens we will have it for you instantaneously first guest that goes those two things go together instantaneous so obviously it will be first a in a what we know is that there was a meeting a with a married there is at least they're confrontation with magic johnson between in a uncle dennis an collide leonard at some point yesterday brad turner is gonna join us at twelve thirty is that right i he actually knows some of the contents of that conversation there is going to be a meeting at some point in the next day or to collect apparently it's not taking any meetings today had a day off i'm off today i'm off to they act like every one of those restaurants it's open over the weekend so they closed on mondays although frankly who knows at this point really who knows when these meetings are going on i don't believe any reports about quiet leonard 'cause i think quiet leonard is just a weird cat he's gonna do whatever he wants to do a on his own time apple time as you'd like to call it just at this point also doesn't matter because you know indeed troy daniels has really go take a look at the free agent list one were down there actually pretty much everyone's going there is an excellent combo plate though they excellent fallback combo plate is danny green plus marcus morris both still ended okay but that's that's fine too nice candlelight yeah they other dealer move that that i was looking at today he let if collider's miami miami is trying to trade goran dragic edge that also an option now that is they very fine on trade him into the cap space you have remaining if collide doesn't go his memory of quiet goes back toronto and he's i think at this point it's toronto it's the lakers the clippers thing because there's no second star from the go with the clippers could come up with a deal for like bradley beal or something like that there's no other star star friend a play with a in elway with the clippers so it's it goes back in toronto in which case danny green probably goes back toronto or becomes the lakers in which case the dana green me ask you a question what do we know about somebody named adam silverstein steam sounds jewish he's eight blue he is a blue checkmark guy a but i'm not sure that means anything he's listed as a at allen silverstein tv a and then it has is instagram and snapchat before about this before i will answer this question by with with a question okay is he delivering good news for the lakers yet it is good and then i think he's credible sources collide leonard and they lakers are inching closer to an agreement on a max contract will bring the so cal native back home to team up with lebron james and anthony davis contingent on a few training staff additions from his camp now that's not common a lebron i think at least one training camp addition 'em in a whoever you want no good cry fine bring all your friends uncle dennis assistant coach to any of the members of the training staff wanna play yeah because we have room that jalen a so for what it's worth and i don't know be the level of credibility adam so i don't wanna lose a sale adams silverstein maybe knows exactly what he's talking about but that's at least out there in floating around right now i did it looks like the lakers the momentum behind the lakers and it is a stunning change in a sort of direction where things were versus you know three months ago six months ago it really does look like the momentum behind him becoming laker but make no mistake the lakers are absolutely pot committed oh god yeah this is all all all all co why is it yeah here's a look the ever say this is for everything because they knew if they sign collide leonard it's gonna be the room exception which is a little under five million dollars and minimum guys yup as it turns out if they don't sign why it could very well be the room exception an animated guys right yeah remember to the lakers get absorbed players into their cap space but depending on who you're trading where they might still wants something back and the lakers don't have much to give at this point you know maybe you could find a second rounder somewhere the they could make it work if if they're trading partners desperate enough to to make it work but you you know sometimes type something again and the lakers don't have that after the david deal yeah not necessarily somebody the lakers were hot on but ns kanter is now starting a two year ten million dollar deal with boston second year as a player option simmons had a list of the best remaining free agents eight hours in free agency yes and like seven or eight of those guys are already gone yeah no no they're already on now i payton is gone now yep i find less interesting since he cut his hair yeah yeah i liked him much better michael thompson had the best description of it all you remember michael thompson who used to work here he used to work but michael thompson the best it looked like i said he's not commented on any any must not have anything interesting so not at all a baton signed a gigantic deal but i know comma who's just rolling around like scrooge doc includes money they actually delivered cash delivered his entire spits the gold coins out of his mouth found found a but you know you you have this thing like he would say that alfred peyton looked like he had his hair on backwards yes i was the best description of also have ever early through absolutely true 'em yeah it's it's really gonna come down to exact it will go through the rest of it there's a lot of interesting stuff out there they're definitely winters there's at least one one major big time big time loser named the knicks ben lyon yeah ben lyons for ban that is sad for him although julius randle got a handle on the one hand sixty three million dollars for julius randle yes good job julius and then it's like the knicks it's a cynic yeah a the knicks wind up signing julius randle three years sixty three and he gets paid we'd better himself one in one a outside of the second year and gets paid they signed todd's taj gibson bobby portis in wayne ellington and they'll prepare an offer paid knicks fans stumped yeah meanwhile a be big when reggie bullock you're right they ran reggie bullock yeah the big winner of the day a was obviously brooklyn yeah brooklyn comes away where if kyrie irving d andre jordan aunt katie will miss this coming year but man they will be unbelievable all halonen cars that her harris carousel avert spencer dinwiddie oh he's a lot of the island they still have to arouse jared allen the guy's making news if they need to fill in other places they or they developed just really appealing young talent there like i think terrorists liberte has got star potential it's great yeah he's a great player on the team must just worry about hated his foot at some point last year and then they located again yeah and then i vacuums pretty good reassembled it anyways running behind yeah he had a really good run as you know he's a great wing player that's that's one of my least most scary injury things i heard last year to dislocate kate you're entire floyd is gary mailing dislocate that that's like i want to say located i i need that thing that the other team did really well in the western conference with utah utah looks fantastic great team they get by a boy i'm boy boy on bogdonovich after already trading firm on which still am starting five of conley donovan mitchell joe ingles boy on bogdonovich and rudy go bear right now the lakers get why they're obviously be prohibitive favorite in the west end in the entire league but second i would say now the second best team in the west is probably utah i think it probably is the lakers don't get why i realize lebron an anthony davis is better than any to player combo you could come up with utah but the gaps with the jazz it's gonna you know that makes demi formidable opponent for the lakers the west becomes wide open all right coming up next more of are free agent frenzy we're gonna call this the free agent frenzy frenzy show the why watch show a we will have more next mason in ireland brank emanates season for johnny sp intellect already spf mason ireland brank chairman estes infra john a d a tj mcconnell give me what you got there bryan a just been used on the radar he's he's available and still on the right that was it is as a whole but there are a lot of guys like i got a reporter which did you notice eating on the list not breathing off a ladder that's what people making their lists of oh yeah i'm still out there which is action what i was about to look up it's not a lot of dudes no it's not i mean there are people though there are guys are 'em titus jones restricted emmanuel moody ea ties but those are those players i mean there are literally people those players are ralway bobby marks at its highest jones in eight it's a ten million dollar range still a very good emmanuel moody eight eight to ten million dollar rancher a quinn cook is i mean there could be good but he's restricted a he is restricted he's a minimum guy according to bobby marks i i can't imagine that golden state assuming they have a mechanism to keep ended the debate is just crazy they'll hold on how about the return of jeremy lin i wouldn't sweat that know how about j j i think he's staying in dallas okay this is bobby's new list i don't know but that's the point is like this this villis shrinks by the minute this morning south korea was on the list he was he's not anymore a danny green is still in the list that's a big one right but danny green comes here maybe if quite goes to the clippers a backup plan but if collide goes back toronto damian ringo's such around that's what it's exactly what i said greg you disagreed with me i think if if collide goes back to the toronto danny green follows i think that danny green will then take the money that was meant for quietly i know yeah if if they offering sort of value in illinois thirty but you know if they if he'll get more money year most i wouldn't whatever the lakers offer him danny green will get in toronto and he'll stay there yeah because they've got they've got burger he's just waiting he's waiting on why there's a guy his name is harrison sanford he is the host of with danny green on the it's called inside the green room podcast it's with danny green in this guy hairs in sanford hairs in sanford today was on cbc show which is a show up in a canadian harris harris this is where we are harrison sanford who's on the danny green podcast the co host what's on the cbc and he said go ahead and he said that he that danny green is waiting on what collide leonard does if collide leonard stays in toronto then he's gonna have more money in las angeles to take on auto by the yeah i'm just did i gotta be actual words they came out of danny grange mouth last week will things had happened last week a totally different what they happen there's no like last week is different from this week it is yeah so what they said last week doesn't really mean much what you're what you're schooling some now here's the way i only i wrote my point is i think toronto comes up at basically the same amount of money that the lakers would and all things being equal light these other guys wanna run a battle in toronto do we know what their cap situation is in toronto is they they all they have is david words right now but if they paying more than you do have to pay the luxury tax over every over when they go over so are they willing it's about charlie man they're owned by far as i know yes yeah look these are just different ways to look at it i don't think that we don't know how toronto is thinking what their money first of all they're thinking of an entirely different country exact right now you don't kadian it's totally different metric system now right there thinking centimeters how many how many kilometers motors is danny green away from us right now thinking parade in in provinces right they don't think it's they they think provinces that's right a you know take ontario right that would be ontario provinces way way more politely lee it they they very well do you all right so you guys believe that danny green will stay there if kwai signs and in toronto i believe the danny green will sign in la yes okay by the way i assume everything's on the table now it is market people about danny that's remember what happened when you blast tiny played that mystical that's true every time you play that letter disclosure exactly so maybe that's the thing like flaws in in i sometimes at symbol 'cause everything i say it's silly yeah which is this is like we're just waiting on living this guy who doesn't talk who doesn't doesn't speak here there's gonna be no bread crumbs no nothing nothing run the honolulu to decipher this'll be this'll be awful day of of our law and it kind of threat i look in an everyday he may not even be taken any meetings today he may be saying nap this this free agency thing i need a break i need a break i can't handle aria of this i they tickets the toy store in her something like a doctor's appointment loyal jimmy has thing is centrist it is describe what that it i'd say the fear is this ramona put it out there that like they have an idea of what they might wanna do 'em and you tell your team an you wait to see what gets out and so you you raise a piece of information there might be true might be false it might be really important it might not be but the idea is you put it out there you tell the people close to you and then you wait to see if that piece of information gets it's out and if so then you know people in your team are leaking stuff so he's checking the people on is not the teams that he's starting to both i think you know you're checking missy of new information could stay within the whatever circle it is so you find in portland crews talking with the lakers exactly nobody well yeah but you know collide doesn't like noise right it's it's it's he wants about basketball he doesn't want it to be about noise he doesn't like the drama he doesn't make lakers 'perfect justin as far as i can tell people totally don't pay attention that ryan healy inner soft now so if you wanna know is on the organization go week easily remember three months ago there were stuff flying all over the place about what's going on inside that building this that i can't blame anybody for being a least a little bit concerned in suspicious about how well they take care of information right and so maybe you put something there maybe you know little piece of of something that if it gets out you only told that one person her those two people over there whatever might be an that was basically the through the promoter put out some of this delay might be that type of tests to see okay convince people be trusted do you believe leave the guy on reddit who claims to be an h e g guy oh the rather dude yeah i think he's a real person i do too from my understanding from what i've been told i think the lakers saying there's a real person that is also my understanding 'cause he's got interesting stuff yeah i mean it's one of the here's the deal and i i if you read his stuff is this guy on reddit who is essentially an employee of aj agee owns forty percent of the lakers they're involved and all this stuff they're involved in a lot of the marketing i'm sure they've met extensively with the new balance people if collide all that tried to formulate what the marketing plan what things would look like if collide was in la and so you know if you work raging you around this stuff you're previous some pretty important information and so he's kind of doing is reporting back and say here's what i've heard here's what i know here's what i saw you always with the copy out of other things maybe going on he's not you know mr agee no but the thing she said was that 'em kobe has somehow vouched for judy seto right because how they managed wise health is of incredible importance in toronto has alex mckechnie and his group who did a fantastic job of why he's comfortable with those guys and he was always gonna be treated as well here as he was there and that load management thing is gigantic virk why it worked out so perfectly last year that's why he makes it makes so much sense for the lakers an offer him a because they're always gonna be two stars on the planet not just judy seto who's gonna be responsible for collide load management it's those guys it's any given night you just wanna take the night off because they're still heavy other two and you're still very good chance of winning games i i wouldn't expect any of the three to play more than sixty five seventy game no wouldn't make sally only played thirty five or forty as a as a group load management works we thought we thought this year in the finals i a coming up next for you brad turner from time she knows some of what magic johnson communicated to co why can't you could tell us if rob pelinka is gonna come to the meter that's right i dsp on away mason ireland ireland out today is on vacation the long vacation in a very long time what they'll be back i dunno but he will be a scratch golfer at least i can report at one week from today john will be back from his vacation so the show will return to normal and brian cabinet ski will return to whatever it is you do the rest of the time that's that's it a joining us right now fellow well well joining us right now is brad turner from the l a times they run already man vegas and brian hold on one second on its own vacation in again can you believe david he's so lazy yes yes i agree with that so a us so brad you are a you become aware of some other conversation between magic johnson ankle wise camp a tell us a little bit of what has been said between those two parties well it's been a lot been sad but we'll start with number one co why ask you magic if in fact they tried to create the him when played in san antonio an answer was yes they did but because of these deep seated let's just say between the two organization especially san antonio was the lakers here's in the lakers eyes at least that they were asking for so much the lakers just couldn't do that deal and so once he explained that to collide and explain to him that these two franchises had been going at it for you long long time i even do the magic days into the kobe bryant shack days kobe bryant polish all days they just couldn't do a deal where they would give it up you know up to maybe even more than four first from picks so he understood that the next question from wise uncle was is it true that they were so much this function going on any organization between bajic in jeanie and blink motion rob pelinka and magic was honest said yet they listen issues there were some problems but i had yes i did say that by politico is back saturday but we're past that now no this is my word you guys were all past that assignment that the main goal now is is i wanna see the lakers at indy eight championships and i think you could help with that if you have any problems with anyone what you should do you should go to the order jeanie buss she could solve any problem which we had any issues because she is the owner she is the ultimate problem solver you could always take anything you have to heart china brad turner the l a times just try you're sure what's going to do is it effective and then it just you know fans looking better people you know us by look at angle really like it's just that easy to move along with that effective enough for clive brooklyn's only collide those avatar avatar decal by up to the owner they know it's not i would say if the uncle is calling back after that compensation several times that it it must have been effective eaten up because then accomplish conversation turned to other things just on him having grown up being embedded johnson fan so if you continue to so after that that it must have resonated in doubt that this is what i took from you're original statement there jeanie buss is the ultimate problem solver you can only go to her is that magic way of saying saying bypass rob altogether no not only go to if you decide that you need to go you can go to if you wanna you don't wanna go to rob i mean that's the first race of people start where what's blocked because he is there every single day but if you decide you want to go past that jumped passed the gm then go to the unit being what lebron james do he goes to the younger they wanna make sure why can't that they could have some of the same power than the brian james had by bringing some people to work with him medical people some a coach or two they wanna make sure that would be okay that genie is okay with the in that if they have a question about something can we go to the owner with this nothing against survive they respect why they think i just doing his job that course they wanna know what those issues or robert lead in genie all the same page just magically that then all that's fine but bottom line is he wants to win at nbc championship me either choir choir personal quite individual she wants they know who kenny play where that could help him win another title at least another three to the i think the the the fascinating thing about this like who's of all the voices at least in my mind the one that matters the most is lebron and him explaining to a co why like how this is gonna work from a basketball standpoint when you put the three of those guys together with lebron and eighty in why what is your understanding of how the two of them have communicated in the message that lebron communicated to collide what we can go back to the game they played against each other toronto the lakers when we saw by telling him that we would talk no mind center there that they have had conversations i think or i don't know i don't think anyone knows except for the two of them end their camps but i could imagine the brian james saying some sort of what happened to him in miami brian d wade and chris bosh at some point during that season dwayne wade said to the brian james this is your team you take it over annoying the brian james being the player that he is being a spark for guy that he is in one that this is just seventeen coming up that he could easily turn to anthony davis anti acquired the say all the one the take step back i'll be the one to facilitate tate more because i like doing it anyway i'll be the guy that would deal with the bt every single day but i'll be the guy to make sure they do guys shine i want to win at mb eight championship here with the lakers would you say that that that is true co why an obviously it's gotten to the anthony davis than it could work together once they will say for the bron he does share the basketball he's not a ball does he have a lot of stuff going on around him yes he does but co why has basically nothing going on around him except playing basketball you only pay sixty games obviously eighty has his injury if the deal with it but they don't have that not all that circles so if it just one guy with the surgery is if you guys can play do that thing then i'm sure both guys all three guy would be fine brad turner ellie times is what this do you have any sense of timing when a meeting might be in one co wise decision might come absolutely love them any at all we we'd prefer it'd be some time before three o'clock today yeah no it'd be good starting the show today that would be good but that's not the get now why is also is scheduled to meet with another team in in l a's called the elliott clippers i am unfamiliar with the bat yes i am a little bit as well after a lot it is also going to meet with the toronto raptors the team he won the title where it's so there's nothing concrete and then stone with the lakers win they're gonna have this meeting as far as i know maybe it's been set but i haven't been able to one of that information is done soon that'd be the break man i wish i would have long vacation 'em bc light the clippers saying there's most of the reports seemed to indicate that 'em that he wants to have at least one more star with him on whatever team he goes to i guess they exception maybe being toronto because he knows that situation and kyle lowry is there to the clippers seem like they've been shut out on all those players does that take them out of the runway i guess they're still gonna meet but how how far down is that seemed knock them in the race together ooh man that's hard the answer is for me the way shut out of these players and i wouldn't do that were only because all of these guys decide what they wanna do and you're at the mercy the only way i mean i guess unless you the next now they've been shut out at shutdown is unfortunately them know how how it would work with the clippers was interesting because one one thing we do know is that it is tough hard nosed playing team they have a great coach in that they have a great owner steve bombo they have this really side is smarts fun officers have all that going for them but is that enough to sway why to go there only he knows only he could decide that it can't be an easy decision me again she won eight championship not just for one city but for the entire country that has to wait when he has to mean something to you know but in the end where does he wanna beat does he wanna bring a toronto but he would have been outlay well they wanna play for the lakers clippers only he could answer that question brad last thing for you you said yesterday wrote yesterday along with tony again guli a that the meeting was scheduled you'll be a heads up with a jeanie buss in that they were considering expanding the meeting to include rob pelinka you have a better sense of who's actually going to be in the meeting for the lakers not oh so for hoping to find bation but as a day at twelve forty three p m one that is not a guarantee the general manager rob pelinka will be invited to the meeting to try to recruit why leonard it does not equate guarantee that is crazy that is crazy 'em all right hey brad great stuff thank you very much for coming on we appreciate it and will send her regards to john ireland vacation a destination right now oh man that guy that what a life life to be john ireland all right hey thanks brad thank you all right there you have it so i think he's a he's brought some clarity end a kind of the clarity is that there was there is a conversation that he doesn't seem to have been disqualifying the answers that a that they got an that you know the other it's like this is the most cou why process yeah ever because we don't know anything okay let's react to it next mason in ireland brian cabinet ski in for the vacationing john ireland e s p n a lay a couple of nuggets to pass along on free agent center forward rashawn homes signed to a two year ten million dollar deal with the sacramento kings and jj berea who had mentioned a couple of minutes ago is considered to be a lock to return to dallas so just a couple of names to a to throw in there a we will keep you up to date on every single name that comes across a here and then be free agency so a brown what what's it take away from brad turner's conversation are conversation with brad turner it seems like conversations between magic johnson and camp why went well enough that they're they're stay on the process magic's explanations about how the front office in a way that is that is a weird question to did you guys tried a trade for me is interesting i think he wants to know like red line said all along yes there's just something you know paul george one in the same thing right you know in part of the reason he said he stayed in oklahoma city was you guys had a chance to come get me and you didn't i wasn't a priority for you that so i mean why i guess they want the reassurance who's a priority now i don't see how he could possibly not know that right but you know guys a weird yeah no and particularly a car on the questions about what's going on in the front office you do need to talk about the magic into jeanie buss andrew rob pelinka liking get everybody side here because if you're really doing your due diligence you can't just talk new organization 'cause you're gonna get their interpretation of course things were fine you have to find out like really what is going on in uncle dennis an end magic have any previous relationship and so he no dennis knows magic magic and so he's gonna trust magic to be honest with what it sounds like magic was the crazy thing is magic just quit on april eighth then went on first taken torched organization and now he's vouching for the organization that he torched it's at least he said yeah this is a real thing right at least they did try to say oh no is overblown and whatever i don't that would have been a terrible answer the question obviously wasn't overly you quit over it friday went on tv and you're just being like you say torch them so he gave me honest answer of yeah it was a bad it was a problem there's some stuff that need to be fixed we've all moved on beyond it any way it almost sounds like he's saying my being out of office by being outside of this situation improves it it makes easier for everybody else to do their job i could still be an advocate for the lakers and fill all these cracks almost isn't ambassador and a consulting which are really what he should have been given yeah andy rob linka can get in there and do the heavy lifting the dirty work in the salary cap and all this other stuff and so this works better now there were divorced because ultimately co why hasta have some faith in rob pelinka is general manager 'cause he's gonna make every little decision along the way who were the veteran's minimum minimum guys i mean that's not magic johnson isn't gonna do the asking me the guy who runs the the hiring and firing make sure you have the right people in the training staff all this stuff that's important to him like you know lebron convene on rich paul hit a lot of stuff done answer hey what's going on rich paul why isn't that's not his guy right and so he's gotta make sure there's trust with any organization that they'll bring in the people that he wants they don't get the same kind of respect in treatment that lebron gets me answer is yes he will lebron could bringing five guys were trained staff and he wants a different nutritionist that's fine is why wants his own nutritionist nine nutritionist on staff yeah if that's whenever headaches so but you just you're uncapped on nutrition and he's yes you could have as many nutritionists as you want you can go way over the nutritionist cap is now but this is the kind of management that lincoln needs to be good at because we want our own nutritionist we want an extra guy on the coaching staff those were easy easy eventually though the questions get harder the requests get a little bit pushy right starts to really in encroach on me autonomy organization you have to draw a line somewhere we want our guy we want you sign are guy to a four year deal at thirty five million like that's what we want right well no we can't do that or whatever it might be you absolutely it's not luring lebron james they're executing the anthony davis trade that makes being the gm of the lakers complicated that stuff is mega mega good at socal mega taint they got steve is it happening magazine you think it's happened i do i think that's that's my favorite yes vegas has the favorite oh yeah considerably why infer the turk hawaiian for them be a championship super i think people are angry 'cause quiet and you sound like all these guys are coming off the board oh wait a minute he's being being selfish we we got a call yesterday at like an and i i love her cheryl whose name just sticks in my head because it was the one woman show yesterday she was really really nice but she said why is being really selfish and i said it's been exactly ninety one minutes in free agency ninety one minutes but people are like does anyone have a good team around him and this and that like all these guys are often but why understands if he signs with the lakers none of these free agents that are off oh yeah can come here unless he's gonna take fifteen million dollars a year and play which i gotta do if he comes here it's all gonna be veteran right he idle anyway and would have been anyway so all these extra free agents don't matter in so if he goes back in toronto yeah the lakers are kind of screwed but that's not why problem no that's not his trowel he goes back to toronto danny green is gonna go back there much degrade chagrin an that's how it's gonna be the lakers will be released tough spot okay now i wanna make a statement here greg you can back me up on this john ireland there's i'm getting dm's from people saying tell the truth did did ireland get fired no ireland has not been fire ireland is on vacation when you say it's been suspended now he's not he's not been suspended now he's not a he will be back one week from today monday and the reason he can't be here is because as you guys know over the course of the last couple of months he's not allowed to talk about players on other teams because he's employed by the lakers on an technically a guy like anthony davis isn't part of this team right yet there's a moratorium and it's not over until they are not only that it's like okay well we're not talking about anthony davis anymore well can't talk about why letter either right you can't talk about data green can't talk about everybody so here he wouldn't be sitting there being quiet right and that's what you want that is for all those people who were angry that i'm here i'd still be here till noon it'll be here stories i really wouldn't be an ireland i'm gonna just do fast right he would leave the show in ireland would do the fast track let's talk dodger we should get ireland and the phone to fast track today he's allowed to do fasttrack he could do fascinating interview one said we should have been to one segment today on elliott see i'm sure he has a ton of fasttrack right since we all sit in right fasttrack all the time brian don't use it right fasttrack is that not the part of the arrow fasttrack even when i know i'm not coming in right just to stay sharp we just we just constantly right fasttrack myself emails with fasttrack questions that reminder hey don't forget about the stuff that i could using like six weeks right right i still have the sky penis question on my list for ireland when he comes back we never got to it when did when you were gone don't even know about it yeah i said ireland do you want to question about like food

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