Deliberate Evil


I'm Lester Holt tonight. On dateline a murder tears apart one family and exposes sickening secrets of another in Houston now on reporting. I just heard three gunshots. There's a female victim was shot. Nicole slumped over I. I can't believe she's gone. Male been found apparent gunshot wounds and sounded apartment screaming. I can't understand you. It will never know anybody that's been murdered but to no two wants to be stuck right in the middle of that. It was like hunting party stalking your family. I had a lot of fears for people's safety. This Guy Marshall his whole family as part of this criminal enterprise right. There's a moment in court. Were Ali stares at you and goes like this like he's ringing your neck yes. He didn't like he's an evil man. Worse worse than Charles Manson Here's Josh Markowitz with deliberate evil and sometimes it looks as if Houston Texas just goes on forever sprawling all the way to the horizon. This was also so the setting of a sprawling crying one began on a quiet Sunday night with a young woman named Gallery boggles Audie January fifteenth. Two thousand twelve. She'd stopped by her boyfriend. Corey's house for a surprise visit. She just came to the door knocking on doors. It was like surprise. What are you doing here? And she's like I could not stay away and we hung out for a couple of hours. She went home and I told her like when she got home to text me and let me know that she made it home. Okay just past eleven. PM now heading home. Delray wound through the streets of Houston's Galleria neighborhood as and she drove. She chatted on the phone with her friend Rabin Bandar. She got closer to home. We're on the phone. We're talking then. As Gila Rate Pool into the townhouse complex. Likes where she lived with her parents. For a moment she stopped talking and when I asked you there she said hold on she honked and she said they're not moving and then the phone dropped and I heard a very loud scream. Was this cream like it was from bottom of her lungs like she shouted Solo Solo. Rabin dialed nine one one on another line as he galleries house with my friend. She's actually done. I think she got in a car accident. I heard something. She's not responding back but the phone is still on lean arrived at the front door of gallery and and her parents and everything looked normal. Have Power Insensitive With a smile and I ask if killer is home they said no and I set. I was on the phone with her. I was still on the phone with her. When I actually knocked on the door the call was still alive but there was nothing coming from galleries galleries end of the line? Rabin drove off to look for and called nine one one again. What if something really terrible happen to her? I can't I can't I know what she she is. Though just north of town galleries boyfriend cory waited for her takes him. She was home safe. We kind of have this thing because I would get so absorbed with studying that I wouldn't check my phone sometimes and says she would be like you need to call me and don't disappear and then so this night I external. Hey are you. Okay let me know you made it home and I'm thinking maybe she's doing that to me now that she's like I'm going to show you how it feels all those. Yeah and so So then I just kind of like then I went to bed. He wasn't that concerned but over at galleries complex neighbors had been calling nine. One one I just heard what I'd like three gunshot right behind my unit and a car leaving suddenly and I'm afraid you figure and see what's happened. Did you see the car. I can't see my garage. Define my Tan House. I heard three gunshots and then Repeats Higher Higher Speed. You see the vehicle that it came from no screeching tires pulling out here and it all happened. The garage is of the same complex where gallery and her parents lived soon patrol unit for the Houston Police Department pulled up to the rear driveway. Ryan Ryan Kors Guard was a reporter for NBC affiliate K. P. R. C. Net. I Responding officer know something's wrong. A car crashed into a garage door engine on wheel spinning he looks around reaches in number one to shut that engine off so the tire. Stop the the front passenger window was shattered inside. A woman in the driver's seat slumped to her right and he looks over realizes there's nothing that he can do to to help her And realizes he's got a call for investigators. The woman had been shot through the hand it was gallery within minutes the Houston police. Department's it's homicides want arrived at the rear of the townhouse complex and I went back to killers house police over there and yellow ribbons no grunting crumbs EXAC exactly galleries friend Rabin says he hadn't heard the gunshots over the phone. He was still searching searching for an accident scene and wondered if that lay behind the tate. What did you think it happen? I don't know I couldn't connect dots breath. It would take a long time to connect those dots because this was a mystery almost too surreal to believe and solving it would take not just years but also at least one more murder when we return love ones get the news. That Gallo Ray is Scott. He called me and told me I couldn't speak up my moist white ball. ooh and later or cellphone her purse all that stuttle still. They're all there no robbery. So what's going on here but we really don't know but someone does know it was something she said. I've got a lot to tell you if you'll listen to and when Corrie beaver said good night to his girlfriend galleria Elleray on that Sunday evening in January. He had no idea he would never see her again. The couple had only been dating a little while but the young romance demands was moving quickly real over there. I think we were. We were head over heels for one another. I mean we were together. Twenty four seven for two months. They'd met in school at Md.. Anderson Galleria who moved here from Iran in two thousand seven was studying molecular genetics addicts after graduation she'd hoped to become a CSI one afternoon. Corey was waiting for his sister-in-law Nasreen who happened the walk out with a classmate gallery and I told Miss Arena was like yeah. She's pretty cute and then so sure enough. She went and told her she had a party. And then we started dating a couple of days after that gallery and Corey. Fill fast and hard. Would you like her when she was cute. But what else. She just seemed really league genuine and caring like he didn't have to change anything about yourself and so I was really comfortable being with her. These young couples often do do they spent every spare minute together. Driving School movies dinners. Were just hanging out at all and during much of that time they had company. So you guys all hang around together pretty much yep the other couple in this foursome Nisreen and her husband. Kuti Curry's identical twin Lena Serene and gallery. We were the ones driving to school all the time together coming home together so they got a lot closer than because To close friends dating twin brothers. Right right I'm thinking you were probably not unhappy to see her with your son. I could tell he was happy. Surely Surely McCormick. The twins mom thought her boys had both done. Well cody with Nasreen Corey with gallery as a mom. That's that's what you want. And she seemed like a very good person. slightness rain was a good person. You know surely loved the Energy Delray brought to her household. That's supposed to be the time in your life where the kids moved out. And it's just you and the bomber any yes but I preferred it. That way was nice and there they were all happy. Gilroy had just spent Christmas with the family gallery. After Waif who are in cody's brother. Adam remembered how thrilled she was. She'd gotten a number of Christmas presents for Corey and for other people and was just so excited to give them out selfish. Just this ball of energy you cut bouncing around and so happy. She wanted other people to be happy. That ball of energy was what friends like Kathy. Soltani loved show is is full of life. She was funny crazy full of energy. Everything packaged in tiny body altogether but very loud super loud. Yes they're animated. She couldn't hide her feelings about anything about about the traffic about anything. She loved church playing piano dancing. And most of all our friends and family killary the center of attention in the best sort of way she was just screaming all the time on running and jumping and even hugging people. It wasn't a normal heart hardship kind of hanging on your neck because she was so petit ten so full of life so she she was very sweet and so that morning after gallery was murdered. Kathy could hardly believe it when she received a call that was so surreal. Our of our friends from our grew he called me and said have you heard the news about Galleria. Thought she was about to hear good news. I I was so excited I thought I said. Did she get engaged and He said No. Obviously you haven't heard the news this morning or last night I said No. Why the news on then he told me I? I couldn't speak up my voice Bonding very sad. anyways I try to talk but I couldn't get my voice I couldn't hear my own voice on i. Finally I was yelling but this guy fairly faint voices coming out galleries galleries friend Rabin found himself just as speechless. Hard to talk about her. Sometimes after this corey was among the last to find out he was looking forward to seeing gallery later that day but he hadn't turned on the news before he drove over to her place. There is a bunch of news crew in the alleyway. This report comes up to me and she taps on the glass. You don't know anything about the thirty year old girl that lives compartment right there and I was like yeah. That's where my girlfriend lives and Point I don't know like just a million in pot started racing through my head. She just told me you need to go talk to the family. And so I just jumped out of my car knocked on the door. And and her her data answered as what happened to her. And he's like Geller is dead and it's like it sounds weird but I was thinking maybe she was just in a car accident or something not that like. She was just what happens next. So I I go into their house and her mom's just Iraq Gillary Burgers Bagherzadeh as parents Abraham and Monterey but a tough time. You're remembering what are you thinking about. I couldn't live. Wouldn't you think had happened Badillo. Because she has no any enemy grief and questions were fighting for space in everyone's heads and not one single answer would come easily coming out. Detectives focus on Gallo race friend Rabin the way it turns out was also her ex. I remember calling a friend and telling them if you don't hear from me by tomorrow known look from because I sent something is wrong and you're going to be blamed for it possibly when dateline continues. There's so many in Houston Easton knew and loved gallery so many came to celebrate and to mourn her. That chapel is. I think it's Seats seven hundred people and it was fully packed. There were people standing. People were outside pitcher her. That was the big picture of her and that was a sad day. Her friends were there. Her professors were there in the few number of years to live in. Houston she knows. So many people at all of the Minnesota Jacques. Everybody our life change in Dan for her family. Even that outpouring of sympathy could not blunt their pain. You know when I laugh. My laughing is changed is not like before As murder also the beavers family hard and not just corey the rest of the foursome Nisreen and cody and he was was just losing it over gallery and then I can hear Nisreen in the background screaming and crying all of them fall into pieces at the same time while the family dealt with the shock. Investigators puzzled over who was responsible for galleries. Murder Houston P. Eighty detective Richard Bolton now retired ran lead on the case. He remembers the crime scene that night. A jumble of shattered glass pass burnt rubber and blunt and you can smell like burning tire and you can see evidence on the ground where you know. The car was just sitting there and just spending for a while. Investigators began with the contents of her car which explained exactly what kind of crime time this was not for her cell phone. Her purse her wallet. All that stuff of Geller's was still. They're all there so no robbery. Obviously no sexual assault no sexual assault. So what's going on here at that point time. We you know we really don't know the forensic team went to work. galleria Elleray was shot from outside the passenger window. That bullet passing straight through her hat and fragmenting on the ground. Another grazed her arm. I am launched in the driver's side door. We're kind of gun killer. According tire firearms analysis. It was the thirty eight caliber. Pretty Common Yes sir. Outside the car detectives notice one of the lights over. The garage was out making a deemed driveway. Even dimmer. WHO's not a killer at work irk? Somebody might have reached up on screwed light bulb or could be standing there. Hi CSI swab. The light for DNA dusted it for prints and then did a full work up on galleries car. They found a latent print and sent that off to on the ground near her car. A cigarette rut evidence. Perhaps that someone had been waiting for gallery and pass the time smoking reporter Ryan Cores Guard. They didn't know where it came from or who might have come from so at that point they gathered that. DNA evidence thinking there might be something on there to get that process. Investigators canvas the townhouse complex. WCHS DOOR TO DOOR NEIGHBOR to neighbor turns out one neighbor had heard something and then peaked out his window. He heard two gunshots and then moments let's later. He saw either light blue or silver Honda accord or Toyota Camry fleeing the same. It wasn't much to go on but it was a start now. The detective wondered among the millions in the greater Houston Metro area. How did the killer select gallery? They I needed to trace her steps in the minutes before her murder in the car received yelled at night at a gas station the station enhanced security cameras. So you look at that tape of Gallery in the gas station right anybody with her. No she seem in any way upset or worried Nelson certain she's not looking over your shoulder Nassar. She purchases a pack of cigarettes and she leaves the videotape. Doesn't show any other cars. You know pull him behind her following her or anything honey like that which brought the cops back to Rabin Bandar who arrived at the murder scene just minutes after the shooting. The cops came to me and I was trying to go to see what's going on and they said who are you. I said I'm looking for my friend. And I was on the phone with her and and They grabbed me and put me in the back of the Chalker. Keep you from learning anything. Exactly of course they asked Rabin about the nature of his relationship with gallery. We learned that in the past that he gallery Haditha each other. We had a lot of similarities. You know personality wise on all that Latte. We had a strong feelings but we clash so much so we decided to stay friends so you made the transition from boyfriend girlfriend to to to be pals exactly so And that worked out it worked out. She was dating somebody else. I was having somebody else to then. Then you're okay with that and we both okay and Police asked you about all of this. I'm sure they did about whether there was any lingering anger that things haven't worked out between you and gallery. That was the main concert. Yes so Rabin's presence at the scene right after the murder remained at the very least least provocative detectives. We just don't know at this time we don't really know. I remember calling the friend telling them you know. I don't know what happened but if you so you don't hear anything from me like by tomorrow known. Look for me because I sent. Something is wrong and I didn't know Oh and that you're going to be blamed for it possibly now Rabin wasn't the only person detectives have their eyes on Gallery. Had A number of France. Popularity can sure complicate a murder investigation. Coming out turns out. She'd recently had an unfriendly. Friendly encounter online. They had gotten argument on facebook. Like that Friday. You'll be sorry the next time that I see you. Aw reassembling a murder. Victim's life is a process that moves slowly even though those doing it desperately want just the opposite and so- Houston police focused on the hours before galleries life ended and that landed them on the doorstep of her new Boyfriend Cory beavers. We learned that she was at the core sales that Evening Hill. They watch movies and then left. I think before midnight. Detectives detectives were eager to talk with Cory. Cory says he was eager as well even left his number with a reporter at the crime scene hoping he says that cops would reach out to him so I gave her my phone number like another. Detectives are going to want to talk to me. Because I'm the boyfriend so if you can just pass on my information into them when they get here. Corey came into talk the evening after galleries murder straight from the book. Investigators asked him where he was when Galleria. It was shot at home. Corey said except for quick run out for a soda. After she left I went to a gas station and I told him about this after a long conversation. Corey was free to go for the time being Houston. PD had other leads to run down now. Like a friend of Rabin's Galleria had words with just a couple of days before she was murdered. They had gotten argument on facebook like that Friday. I I think he he had threatened her. You'll be sorry the next time that I see you. And she just Kinda like laughed about it and it was like he's just being silly boy so investigators ran a fool check on the facebook friend. We get you know court orders to stuff his cell phones and he's at a bar so we're able to you know roll this person. I got the feeling it's him then. Another possibility jealous. Father had been embroiled in a lawsuit with former employer. A lot of money was at stake along with some people's reputations. I know it was for quite a bit of money and so I told them maybe they were out for some kind of revenge or something against her dad. Gilroy lived with her parents and so police wondered. You've heard murder. Could somehow be tied to that galleries. Fran Dan. Cathy Sultani acted as the family. Surrogate police told you they were investigating the possibility that the loss of galleries father was involved in against his former employer. Employer literally looked at that. Yeah these are these are routes. They did go but they weren't giving us every little detain unless it was something that they thought they should come on check with the family and get more information on the list went on investigators. Instigators looked at another ex-boyfriend and came by his place for a talk and he had a solid alibi. Detectives also checked out a report of a man who bragged about killing women in the area. Where Gallery was shot? He turned out to be disturbed but not seidel and they spent some time on tracking down a carjacking crew. That was working galleries neighborhood. Well we had the gang task force go over there. We're thinking maybe this was the same group trying to still another car and didn't work out and they shot her. It didn't work out in the shot but their weapon of choice didn't match what killed gallery. He said man we had shotgun. He said we rob people at Shotgun. Then there was that thing about galleries father's lawsuit after a closer look. That fizzled out to two. They went down one after another after another trail and never got anywhere after working through each new person of interest investigators hitters turned back to one of their first. Corey may called in and wanted to polygraph me. which I thought was weird because this was like three or four months later? And it's like why didn't then you polygraph me. The first you know within the first week if you're trying to track down who did this and the answer might be that you're so distraught. Then that that Reading Ryan made any difference I just remember they were asking me these questions. That were what color your shirt was and that was like the baseline question and then they would ask you like did you shoot that girl and then I remember Rabba get really upset because they were just calling her. That girl Koi wasn't just upset about how they were questioning. He was upset. They weren't going harder on him. You were upset because you weren't under enough suspicion right well because in my mind it's like if you're not looking at me what are you GonNa do when you have a guy that actually did it. Do you think he's going to tell you that he did it. So the fact that you didn't feel under sufficient suspicion rite aid. You feel like they weren't working very hard right exactly well. Okay but maybe they got a honest uninvolved vibe off of you bright and even if Corey Saudi should have faced more scrutiny. He passed the polygraph and his cell records backed up his alibi. Corey was nowhere around the Yo dairy at the time of her death. This time. The boyfriend didn't do it. So where does that leave. Detectives maybe whole the other theory would provide the answers coming up. Investigators learned delray had protested against the regime in her native country autry. There was one theory that the Iranian government could have been involved really at added to the intrigue of this case when Dateline continues with all all of the possible theories of galleries murder one simply came from the fact that she sought the spotlight for a cause she dreamt of regime change in her native Iran in this country. Gallery demonstrated organized. Protest groups did anything to make her case. The Way I met her is my mom noticed Ganor because she was chanting so loudly. My Mom Cops are on her shoulder older. Ansett young girl. Don't do that. It's not good for your throat on your voice. They won't hear you Iran and she said no I'm so frustrated and and that's why I'm doing it so loud that's Davey met and after that loud seems to be sort of the default setting. Geller definitely yes. I don't know oh how that voice fit in that tiny body protesting the Iranian regime was also how she met her friend Rabin Bondar she. She was very outspoken person. And in a way feminist. I can say that so. She took this pretty seriously shit. Did she did and she was pretty involved. Did you ever worry that. She was too outspoken. But that was GONNA get in trouble. Yes you did. Did you talk to her about that. Oh Yeah and what would you say. She's not worried. I have to save the took now with Geller as murder. In the headlines there was quite a lot of speculation. There was one theory that was out. There that did the Iranian government could have been involved That's because she was very involved in these appro. Human rights campaigns in Iran was very outspoken. About it would even go to rallies so it was thought it was a belief but really it added to the intrigue of this case. Were you concerned that that part of Geller's personality Monday Governor General we were we reached out to. FBI We even met with an FBI retired agent who is Probably an expert in like Middle East affairs to try to determine if this could be something politically done while the fence looked into it. Police revisited. Someone they'd met the the crime scene. I believe that I was the main suspect because I was on the phone with her I've been back and forth to Polish Elissa session downtown. What police asking you just about everything? For one thing. Detectives noticed Rabin had a photo of guns on his facebook page and we went back and we met with him again over that you know. What did you see what what made you meet with them? He's got guns. Let's go to see if he's still hasn't way maybe he's got a thirty eight can compare and that definitely got police attention. A police attention that access to everything. I can't imagine all my life all my facebook. We could you feel the wait. Could you feel the way I found it that. Yes that wasn't the last time they talk doc with Rabin they asked me to Take a polygraph test you. Did I did willingly. You didn't hire an attorney Rabin gene told us he thought he was the main suspect. Was He right at one point time he was they. I mean but everybody was months went by with no answers in galleries murder. Uh what are the police not much. Everybody was in this bubble of confusion and frustration and so many leads on so many calls through crime stoppers galleries family offered two hundred thousand dollars for information. How many tips came in on crime? Stoppers for that giant reward unless I ten to fifteen yeah ten to fifteen real legitimate tips that you would end up spending man hours jagged out Yep and any of that go anywhere. No I mean took us to a couple people who were. I'd say mentally unstable maybe trying to collect two hundred thousand thousand dollars on her way you know. And forensics results from the crime scene weren't very telling the light that was suspiciously dimmed ceus is couldn't pull up print or any DNA from it. The latent print off the hood of galleries car. It belonged to a mechanic who'd worked on it recently Lee and he had a solid alibi and that cigarette but they found lead nowhere. We process it and it really didn't get us anything Kevin Then Rain No. DNA as for the theory that the Iranian government was behind galleries murder those close to her had always regarded it. It as preposterous. We are not important. They wouldn't waste their energy and time to come and do something like this jewelry. Would the big enough fish. No none of us was eventually. Investigators became convinced as well. The speculation amounted to nothing. We looked but there was nothing. New suggested that Iranian Iranian government had anything to do with this and galleries friend Rabin seemed to be clearing himself. Results from his is polygraph showed nothing suspicious and as for his cell records. Hey said onus outside tower near his home when he's on the phone would gallery. What again exactly where he said he was all along? That said detective still weren't done with Rabin. They thought he might have buried memories. There's that awful night day hypnotize me. Maybe my unconscious mind. You know. We'll tell them something the help I don't think so. And I and I was in June six months after galleries murder. Her friends and family gathered to marker birthday. It was memorialized in this video. Jealous Boyfriend Cory. Beavers was there too and clearly struggling. There's no getting over something like that is there. It's kind of always there you you learn to live with it but I don't. It's doesn't go away now Summer crept into fall and so did the investigation no breaks no arrests and then in the northern end of the city late afternoon as dusk approached came a call to nine one coming up another murder. She found him unresponsive on the floor of the apartment. Could it have anything to do with Galloway Elleray. A witness is about to speak up issues as I've got a lot to tell you if you'll listen to me in. The future has a way of arriving unannounced. One Minute Corey beavers life revolved around a woman named gallery. The next she was is gone murdered in cold blood. I didn't want to believe she wishes come for months. It seemed the ache and anguish would never end and then just as the heaviness lifted enough for Corey to refocus on school and a series of upcoming exams. If you found them in your out of the program. Graham life delivered another serving of the worst news possible it was November twelfth. Two thousand twelve and Corey. beavers woke up feeling Ling drizzle. I was just like I was out of it. Like my brain fog when people talk about that. Twenty twenty connection that that happened that day twin connection cody and corey that innate sense that one twin has when something is up with the the other corey didn't know what that something was at the time his mom Shirley McCormick was first to hear the devastating news around midnight got knock on the door that no parent wants to get voice right. They asked me if I was cody's mother and so I asked them yes I am and is he okay and they said no she she immediately headed for the home of Kuti's identical twin brother who worry about one thirty in the morning and I kind of oak up and rolled over and saw that my text message. She said I'm at your front door. Come come open the door. What'd you say? She just said somebody somebody. Somebody killed cody and then how I remember a whole lot just ten months after the murder of his girlfriend. Corey was confronted with the death of his twin brother. Someone who'd been as constant as his own shadow for twenty eight years. We are really good growing up kind of like. Here's my best friend. Any always he always had my back but then kinda started to drift as we got older. But we were always close now two members of that happy foursome had died violently. Mostly will never know anybody. That's been murdered right exactly. It's one thing if two people were murdered at one point and then it's another that like one person is murdered and then ten months later somebody else's murdered Cudi beavers had been shot shot to death in his own apartment. Sergeant James Do save the Harris County sheriff's Office was among the first on the scene of Cody's murder. Could you tell what kind of weapon killed. Cody I cannot. I cannot tell you at that time. What kind of weapon? It was It was later determined to be a small caliber cartridge casings. At the scene. There were none. It was about four thirty in the afternoon that cody's wife Nasreen stepped into the apartment to find the TV on and the COPPERY coppery set of blood in the air. She found him unresponsive on the floor of the apartment and she immediately began crying and shouting and a neighbor heard that activity and when he came over He actually helped her to dial nine one one to report it. They can't believe that happened. If you're like a nightmare I really wanted that dominate. It was obviously extremely upset. Crying This what you would expect from someone that is lost someone they love and at twenty four Nasreen. Beavers had only been married a little more than a year and now she was a widow. I'm sure you feel at this. This point tremendous sympathy for her. Yes but it would be a mistake to sort of look only at that and let off the hook here. Correct while the worst thing an investigator so you can do is develop what we call. Tunnel Vision Yes it was still wide open at that point so the homicide detective took the wife statement. According to Nasreen the last time she had seen her husband was at about five thirty that morning she had left for work at that time he he would walk her to her car and still dark at that hour. Yes sir it was still dark. The newlyweds had only been in their new apartment for a month. They're so misery and explained she had the only key to the front door. He would leave it alive because she had a key she had the cat so somebody's somebody's maybe observing their routine and goes into the apartment knowing it's unlocked while they're walking to her car right possible. The detective was all ears. It's listening for anything that didn't ring true particularly of interest. How Nisreen would explain the contents of her handbag by the Dan? You came into contact with Nasreen. She did have a gun he was carrying a gun. Yes as the sky darkened the detective. Put the new widow in his car. He he had more questions that it turned out. Nisreen had answers for things he'd never imagined asking. She told me she said sort of a new say. I've got a lot to tell you if you'll listen to me coming up stories of a diabolical plot with other victims. She was being held at the House. She's being essentially kidnapped. Yes and later unveiled may connect cody's murder back to Gallo raise. It had several license plate numbers written down on it and there was at least one address when dateline continues. Hey Guys Willie geist here. This week on the Sunday. Sit down. PODCAST I get together with one of the biggest stars not just in country but in all of music. Nick Miranda Lambert get our conversation for free wherever you download your podcasts Continuing with our story. I cory beavers girlfriend was murdered. Then his twin brother was taken to. You know mostly will never know anybody. That's been murdered exactly coincidence or were the killings connected. Did a witness is about to speak up. She put a lot out there. I'm in the story. Kept growing a story of murder and money. To how much money did he wasn't entitled. Oh bill hundreds of thousands of dollars a scheme so sinister. It could only come from the darkest kind of mastermind. He's an evil man worse. Then Charles. Manson err again Josh Michael wits in the wake of murder those left behind struggle to make sense of the senseless and someone loses a twin. The agony can be even more profound a mirror image vanished after cody. beavers murder came haunting question. Was it possible that his identical twin brother Corey galleries boyfriend was the real target. It was this all a case of mistaken identity in the beginning. I thought what if they were after cory. What if Galleria on Corey where we're into something? I mean we've talked about it. I even go to kill by Mr Yes by mistake. Not According to Cody beavers wife who said said he is murder was no mistake. She had put a lot out there when the story kept growing the story Nisreen told. The detective began three years earlier. In the fall of two thousand nine. She enrolled in a local community college. There she met Corey beavers. Who set her shop with his twin brother? Cody as rain. And Cody. Were instantly a couple soon. She ditched her job started wearing makeup and as her relationship with cody grew more serious Nisreen even converted to Christianity her father Ali. Hassan was an immigrant from Jordan and when he found out he was not pleased he had his beliefs and he forbid her from seeing cody. Who wouldn't let her date played any any boy without his approval? Misery and set. Her father was trying to control her and confined Nasreen to the Family John. She was being held at the house by her mother and siblings miseries. How old at this point at that point white? She was twenty three. If I'm not mistaken and she's being essentially kid that not allowed to leave yes it was the summer of two thousand eleven and Nasreen said she wanted to escape when her father left her in the custody of her stepmother and sister so he could travel back to Jordan Nisreen SAR chance. She said that she climbed out a window and then went to a a neighbor's house and ask them to give her a ride. The neighbor did and that's when she Went to the house in spring workout. He was yes sir. Kuti Corrie's mother surely remembers when Nisreen suddenly suddenly showed up on her doorstep so misery incomes and lives with. You shouldn't have any clothes and a now. She only had the clothes on her back literally. Literally I came on one day from work and she was Cleaning House but she had owned cody. Shorts Cody's t-shirt in she's he's very very tiny so we we have to get used clothes so those of you. I don't know I'm Emma Rescuer. But you know this person that's needy and on your doorstep. I don't know I like to help nope. Two weeks later. Nisreen and Cooney were married by a justice of the peace when you saw them together just stars in their eyes he was low of yes they both were very much. There were some however did not not wish the newlyweds happily ever after. According to Nasreen her father was way past anger at her decision to run off and Mary Cody Levers he became. She says dangerously unhinged obsessed to the point of stalking Nasreen. Her new husband uh-huh and his family many of her neighbors had told her that a person that matching her father's description had approached them and offer them money for information aware. She and cody were living. You eventually confirmed this with the neighbors and spring. Yes we do. So misery is telling the truth about this. Yes the stalking continued after. Nasreen and cody were married and living in their own place. In fact one neighbor reported that a few days before cody was murdered. Stranger had come to her door asking where cody lived. She talked to the person through the door and she only looked through the people at the individual. And so you get a sketch with somebody looked through a people craig. The man in the sketch did not look like like Nasreens. Dad but Nasreen said it might resemble one of her relatives. She told the detectives that gun she'd been carrying in her pocket. Book at the crime scene had been one of many. She and her husband had recently acquired to protect themselves from Nasreens family. You examine that. Yes same caliber as the weapon. That killed her husband. Elsa did she insists on an attorney never and she took a polygraph and passed. Yes anything she tell you not check out. She said proved to be falls out that I can think of no so. You're growing more confident that she's giving the straight story. It's surely in that way at that point. After the murder Nisreen had no place to go. She couldn't go back to the apartment. She shared with cody. That was a crime scene gene so she called her mother-in-law Shirley McCormack room just devastated both both surely and misery in had a bad feeling with cody's killer or killers still on the loose. They didn't feel safe anywhere familiar. We didn't go back to buy a house to spend the night because not serve. No so he went to Spend the night listen. France with some friends Nisreen slept with me that night and just cried all night. Call out for cody For Nasreen haunted by family secrets. There would be many more sleepless nights coming got. Investigators learn gallery at had her own run in witness. Rene's father turns out. Your daughter stood up to him and he didn't like that it. It was in the sterile confines of an interview room. That Nasreen beavers unspoiled the tangled tangled facts of her life. What she'd seen what she'd heard what she thought all of it was interesting? One nugget was a true showstopper. She told me about her close friend. Yellow Ray who had been killed earlier that year. She expressed best that she had concerns that her father was involved in the murder of her friend. Gallery that might have been surprising to sergeant. Do say but it already occurred to some people close together. A blogger Zodda Gillary had known all about Nisreen family troubles. She even had a couple of run INS with Nisreen. Dan Ali Hassan over the phone. At one point he had called gallery and she kind of just told him off and said like just let her liver life. She's old enough to do her own thing at this point. You're not in charge of her anymore. You prison for that goal. She she told me about this call. Corey beaver says that about a month later. I'll ears on contacted delray again. She said hello and then he said is resist that Iranian bitch and then that's when she dislike went off on him the tiny woman with the big voice let Ali Hassan hear exactly what she thought of him then. She started like yelling at him and Farsi and My understanding would be that she was cursing him out gallery. Generate may have had the last word but her parents say their daughter was rattled. Turns out your daughter stood up to him. Not Very many people stood up up to him. He didn't like that you're known anybody like him before like him. A few days days later gallery was murdered. Anto Corey several times when he would talk about gallery at faint. It might have been Ali really really probably Ali Jobe conclusions. She was a voice on the phone to him. What he's GonNa kill her? Hell no just I just felt like he had something to do with it. When did you first hear the name earlier on I heard about it after code had been killed and then I started hearing from the family about about her friend's father being after her on? I I kept saying. Why didn't you tell me all these things that sound? That's make sense. Richard Bolton the Houston detective working the gallery case says Ali. Hassan had been on his radar in between gallery and county for ten. The months prime suspects. Well I'M NOT GONNA say suspects and persons of interest it was rogue. Being a person of interest was corey. Your you know Ali. Our Son brought off the bat. Nisreen Saturday I did. It really seems to me like he wasn't at the top of your list and I'm thinking that the proof of that is interesting. Well we have no evidence to arrest him me. She's making an allegation but there's nothing to substantiate check that while it might seem far fetched that a couple of telephone conversations between strangers could lead to a murder molten. Says he took you can seriously. He brought Ali Hassan in for an interview and asked him if he knew anything about gallery talking to him about gallery. You know I mean. I don't know her. I don't know nothing on what you're talking about. What Open with us about anything you know it's like Sprang anelle have a two by four. They kept an eye on her. Sop even checked out his phone records. They're not even on the phones at that hour that I you know and so we're not able to tell L. whether he was there or not so misters had something to do with his records. Don't cell phones. Dan indicated at all now. Now after cody's murder Sergeant James do say of the Harris County Sheriff's office needed to talk to Ali our saw and he says the man who showed up at his interrogation Meru didn't act at all like the Monster Nisreen described came across as the poor helpful. Father that his his daughter had when it ran away from home and he was merely trying to find her and bring her home. Just help me get her back Hess. I explained to him that I was there. Are you to the murder of cody. BIEBER's and that's what I was investigating. He said he didn't know the guy. Sorry that happened to him but he didn't know anything about it. Uh well say interviewed Ali. Hassan police searched the earth. John Home. That turned up some guns and Ammo but nothing that could be definitively notably matched to either crime-scene however two vehicles were parked in the yard with curious contents. One held some knives wigs knit caps and gloves in the glove box of one of the cars. Investigators found this an envelope with scribbles on both sides. It had several license plate numbers written down on it and there was an address at least one address on that envelope. Sure altogether it seemed suspicious. That wasn't enough to make an arrest. It wasn't enough for a conference call. We had had of course US we had Houston Police Department. We had Recovery County Sheriff's Office of Inspector General Ed FBI and Homeland Security courtesy. That's a lot of artillery against just one guy yes by the time mourners had marked the first anniversary bursary of Delray Staff Sergeant. Do say had assembled a task force and Ali Your saw was squarely in its crosshairs. Just coming up. Investigators make discovery at the earth. San's house a GPS unit with a story to tell they were able to recover. Data which put that unit not only to the exact location but within the same date and time period of the cody Merck. Commend Dateline continues. The if Ali Hassan was a murderer he was a good one. There'd been no fingerprints no DNA no shell casings left behind. Hi that either crime scene. There'd been no witnesses no murder weapons Korean cody's older brother. Adam says the family was not shy about asking investigators questions. What are you going to do to solve this murder and hold the people accountable? They listened but we were given very limited response. We're working the case very generic kind of answers. What were they doing? They had Ali Hassan under constant surveillance and with the help of the fat so they were digging through every part of her son's life arrived in the US from Jordan in nineteen seventy nine and married miseries mother. An American woman who was blind she told investigators about years of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of Earth John. No charges were ever filed his second wife. A Jordanian woman named Sh- Mu was only in her teens when they married by two thousand fourteen Ali. Hassan was the father of twelve. How did he support that family? They will not with a nine to five Gig. Some of the allegations that Nasreen had brought forth worth that her father was involved in multiple frauds odds FBI agent. Carlos constant was a member of the task force. He says the search of the compound backed up Nisreen claims and revealed a paper hieber trail from local fraudster federal Franz Federal Fraud with the Social Security Administration benefits frauds. Special agent at Casta says some of the ripoffs offs schemes were as ingenious as they were brazen in order to boost his government benefits. Kosta says I'll hear Psalm filed fraudulent fraudulent claims in the names of his children and then put multiple mailboxes at the end of his driveway to receive the checks. You how much money did Mr Shawn get from the federal government that he wasn't entitled though several hundreds of thousands of dollars over a period of time in May two thousand fourteen a a year and a half after the cody beavers murder and more than two years. After the murder of Galleria bloggers the full weight of the Task Force landed on Ali Hassan doorstep while helicopters circled overhead the FBI executed the search. While it's SWAT team served arrest warrants parts and by the end of the day. I'll your son. His wife and another daughter were all in federal custody on fraud charges and in the end was it easier to prove credit card for a lot of social security fraud against Ali than than any murder charge. Yes we removed food boxes and boxes of documents out of the House. The attic was full. I think we stayed out there for two or three days. Police call you and say allier sounds been arrested. Yeah they told him. They told us that they picked him up for the fraud. But we'RE GONNA try to turn that into a mountainside prosecution correct. Yeah we know that this was like how we're going to try and get him off the street by now. Investigators thought they had a handle on earth. John's possible motive live from murder. In the case. Of Cody it was clear. Ersan disapproved of the marriage and murder one way to end it as for Delray. She'd never even met earlier song. It seemed her crime was speaking her mind over the phone to a man who resented any defiance dance from women and she didn't care she defended now. She talked before she thought. Investigators had in fact learned that one of Ali. Hassan is cars had been near the delray crime scene and so that got roussin indicted for galleries murder in addition to the fraud charges. They still didn't have quite enough evidence to add on the murder of cody beavers. So surveillance of the earth. John Home continued and that is what eventually really produced a critical piece of evidence. One of our surveillance teams contacted me and they informed me that they observe observe two sons accessing an area of the roof line of the House and the rear of the house which they believe was it was a hidden compartment. INVESTIGATORS RECOVER TO GPS units. That had been hidden in a space behind the gutters. The leader unit was operable over a period of months forensic tax at the FBI computer lab managed to coax one of them back to life. They they were able to recover data which put that unit not only to the exact location but when the same date and time period of the cody murder her it's a roadmap from Ollie's house to cody's House on the day of the Murder Day. The murderer actually departs Ali's primarily residents. All all the way to the apartment or quotas murder in April two thousand fifteen. Three years after gallery. Bloggers and cody. Beavers were killed Donald Ali. Hassan was charged with capital murder. In both cases. We just Kinda WanNa justice and it was just a long time to wait for. The wheat wasn't close to over and neither was the trail of bodies. Adis coming out. All the earth's on goes on trial and it's unlike anything prosecutors have experienced before. There's a moment in court or alley stares at you and goes like this like keys wringing her neck yes she didn't like the dateline. We don't quote tolstoy that often but somehow it seems appropriate here. He said famously that each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way few could have imagined a family as unhappy or as seemingly only dysfunctional as the one headed by Ali or SOM- a father of twelve now charged with murdering his daughter's husband and her best friend and prosecutor said he had help from his wife and his eldest son realize it was really a family operation. He his wife Son Involved in this really trying to take everyone out of his daughters orbit In this alleged crime family. It's patriarch was the first stand trial. In June. Two thousand eighteen. The victims families and friends had waited six years during the summer in Houston everybody's frustrated anyways with the heat and then put on top of it courtroom and all the things that had to here at times it was. The air was super heavy when you're in the courtroom. You see Ali Hassan for the first time in person probably pretty hard to conceal your hatred for somebody like that. I don't even know if I hate him. I didn't really pay that much attention to him. I paid attention to the jury because they were the ones that would decide special prosecutors. Anna Emma's Marie Pram and John Stevenson prosecuted the people vs Ali Hassan their first hurdle explaining what they saw. Aw as the motive than all your son was enraged. His daughter had married outside the families. Faith he killed cody the Christian Christian husband and Geller the friend who talked back to him and who may have encouraged NASREENS relationship he wanted to kill all of those involved in bringing shame shame and dishonor in his mind to his family. Special prosecutors said this was a person's own twisted version of an already twisted notion known as honor killing. He's belief that a woman could be murdered for bringing shame her family and her religion. This is one man and one families extremist views that were taken to the extreme and led to the deaths of two innocent people. You already backers and cody beavers one of the things. You talked about an opening arguments this how this isn't really representative of Islam. And how you're not putting the Muslim religion on trial. This is the way Ali. Hassan interpreted religion right just one man's crazy beliefs and how he used those two stock and murdering people the tricky relationship between fathers and daughters always comes with its own supply of baggage which that doesn't usually include murder this time misery and said it did. She took the stand to describe a lifetime of abuse abuse and control. It was very emotional for Nasreen to get on the stand. She Just being in the same room again with her father who she knows killed her friend and her husband. And he's looking to run out. Looking staring daggers at her when came the evidence prosecutors said linked Ursa onto both crimes the data pulled from that. GPS Unit and remember that envelope found an earth. Science glovebox turns out the address on. It traced back the former home of galleries parents and as for those license plate numbers. One of those plate. Numbers came back to two galleries vehicle. At one of the other ones came back from a vehicle. That cody beavers. Had rented and a key piece piece of evidence came from combing through the files of the Texas Highway Patrol. We data search of All or sands vehicles or the license plates numbers and found that that vehicle had been stopped on the day of galleries murder. Stop for speeding. He was stopped for speeding and the GPS trooper's vehicle go ahead DASHCAM Earth's on getting out of the vehicle. He tells the officer he isn't feeling well and can be seen sinking to his knees. How long after she was shot was only in his family stopped by DPS? I WanNa say something like forty five minutes something of that nature and that's about how long it would take to drive from galleries parents house where the murder occurred to where they were stopped. That's correct was this video that also told prosecutors Ali. Hassan wasn't alone his wife Xu was with it was a young man. Seated in the backseat. Prosecutors say that was earth on Sun the seem this time offering evidence proving all that would be a lesson in the not so happy family dynamic and Matthew told the jury he heard on some talk about the shootings and and then there was a person's wife Schmo after years in jail. She flipped and agreed to testify about both murders in exchange for the promise us of Reduced Jail Time. She's kind of the Lynch Pin. All of this century. She sort of gave you everything that a guilt side for the outside hi to she was first galleries person's wife Hsinchu admitted she was there waiting in the car while Galleria was was killed or San supposedly got out of the vehicle to approach her car. He was gonNA try to coax her out of the vehicle she would not roll. Roll the window down. Wouldn't get out of the vehicle. She testified it was their son. The scene who at the direction of his father pulled the trigger schmooze move also testified. She was there when Cudi was killed again waiting in the car. This time she said Ali did the shooting himself and she was able to provide us with enough information. Things that had happened at both scenes that we could corroborate with the things that had happened happened. Or maybe something that had said to her like she had never been in to cody's apartment but he described it to her and stated they have a cat let things that she wouldn't have known had he not told her throughout trial Ali. Hassan was a menacing presence in the courtroom kind kind of had to restrain myself a couple of times and I had to take a couple of deep breaths but it was like a sadness that then just like immediately turned to to anger because the guy is sitting like right there there was a moment in court. Were always stares at you and goes like this. I didn't say it but other people saw it like he's ringing your neck. Yes he didn't like be a man who was threatening even in custody lead prosecutors to ask ask your son would do. If he were to walk free I had a lot of fears for people's safety because because I figured he would be very focused on the people that spoke out against him so all these people were going to be his new. Hit List if you will. I'm never tried a case where you really thought. These people's lives were in danger coming up all. We are. Sawn sits down with US and makes a stunning allegation against his own daughter. She left a message for us. That you will all up so misery and the real villain Getty Ed. When dateline continues for four weeks the jury listened as prosecutors carefully painted a criminal portrait of Ali or SOM- tyrannical manacle father master manipulator vengeful killer? He's an evil man so he's worse than you expect it. I'm being I'm serious when I say he's worse than Charles Manson. He's incredibly evil and calculating and very deliberate with what he was doing. Uh but up close Ali Hassan defense. Team say they saw a different man. He was loving father. He loved her strove defense counsel. Alain Tanner his co-counsel Rudy. Duarte argued the case against her son was just a character attack. And more importantly weak and circumstantial I believe is at the end of the day. I've been Murph. Never wish you heard everything. You will not have any true idea. Yeah what happened at either mercy. I really believe our position was there was nothing to link him. To either of the crime scenes that one with gallery array or the one with cody beavers. There was no fingerprints. There's no DNA. There was nothing there except the testimony of his wives and his daughters. Okay but that's not nothing. That's his own family. Turning against it right. They had motives to his wife was given tremendous benefit by testifying against instagram. His daughter hated him. According to them Nisreen lied to the jury about matters both great and small at one one point she was telling the jurors said how none of the children in the house were ever allowed to have birthday parties and if they had a birthday party Ali would beat them all severely and then. I had a photo album with a bunch of family photographs. I started pass them to Alan. She was able to see you know that we had caught her an ally what about that. GPS EPS done that show stocking. Doesn't that show Ali going from his house to the scene of the murder. Well it shows someone go in there on that particular day it show someone but not necessarily him. We don't know who it was who was in the vehicle. Unlike many defendants Ali Hassan was not satisfied with being just a spectator at his own trial. He testified yes sir that was his choice. Yes Sir would you prefer that he didn't we. We just leave that up to the client every time Ali actually did really well only testify arly on testified to what he told. Investigators gators all along that the allegations against him from abuse to stocking murder were downright false and concocted by police and family members. who were out to get him? That's what Sam told me. We spoke by phone in lockup it about Islam put on triumph. According to John There were only two reasons why he was being accused of murder religious bigotry and family betrayal and the law enforcement for some time the government and the United States. They bullied blackmailed and intimidate and reports. On that. Put me here. you think everybody who testified against you did so because they were intimidated. Them that the main thing guests so your wife your nephew a few your daughter who testified against using that only happen because they were intimidated. Yes there were forced. If you don't do it we're going to get you and you think I think this is Islam on trial you yes. It just slammed because my daughter clamped to them that because Christian that I'm gonNA come after her. There's ream wanted you to. We were long and if you had left her alone. You probably wouldn't be in here if the police did not use the KGB technique out not be here and hand. According to his father. Misery was the one who threatened to kill anyone who got in her way. She left a message that you'll get to all of the going to catch on. We'll find out about so ms ruins the real villain. I have no I guess he is yes he is the gunman yes sir. I did not kill the girl because I never thought I'd nothing to do with her. And I did not kill the guy. I have nothing to do with them. I am not sorry that he died the hell he can go straight to hell but I didn't tell him. Uh Why can he go straight to hell because because he disrupted my family. You're just trying to protect his family. That the fact that your daughter had married this guy that that you saw that as a as a sort of personal offense against you and your family. That's all a coincidence. I did not kill the gate. I DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO I. Never uh-huh face-to-face number. Four the impact of wants Ali. Hassan had told his story it was for the jury to the side was was he a homicidal mastermind or a father looking out for people he loved. The jury definitely answered Sir that question. Let's just say that answer was easier to understand than the answer to this question. I WanNa talk about your son all in law. who was killed? Not Cody beavers. The other one coming up a chilling story from deep in the Earth. John Family's past Nasreen told me that her father had shot and killed that male because he did not want him to be married to his eldest daughter. It it took the jury just thirty five minutes to come to a verdict and Ali or sounds trial guilty of two counts of capital murder next Kim. The penalty phase. Yes and that was when jurors heard something as unexpected as it was disturbing the prosecution claimed Allier saw was something of a serial son-in-law killer Nasreen told me that her father had shot and killed that mail at their home because he did not want him to be married to her daughter so his eldest daughter. That's right in nineteen ninety nine. I'll ear Ceann shot and killed a man who married Nasreens oldest sister. It happened the Earth's on home north of Houston in Montgomery County Texas. They ended up getting prosecuted. It was not because we were advised that he had claimed. It was self-defense. And that it had been treated as such it gave ever appearance that it was self defense. Detective Jeff Wells of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office reinvestigated that nineteen ninety nine killing for the task force. He says it started when Earth tones oldest daughter wanted to marry a man. He disapproved of in response. She says I on locked her in a room and beat her daily and Askar frequently during the beatings. Do you still love him but the couple was was persistent and eventually married just three weeks later. That new husband was dead in the earth. John Home and the scene looked like self defense. It's the son-in-law had a gun in his hand and Ali Hassan said he shot him to protect himself and his family prior to the the murder itself Ali had fouled report was a sheriff's department that the victim was Harassing the family threatening the family. It look like self defense. He was holding a gun a gun which had been fired trae. It had been nearly two decades later. A different story emerged searched. One that suggests that it wasn't self defense at all but premeditated murder members of the family now told detective whales that Ali Hassan on had made up the charges about his son-in-law harassing it they also said the scene was staged to look. As if there'd been a struggle and the Earth John then placed a gun in his dead son-in-law's hand. That case would never have been reexamined. If Hillary and cody hadn't hadn't been killed true it would not have because he got away he got away was it wasn't charge and he boasted about it too. Many people able when I spoke with him Ali. Hassan denied faking the crime scene and said the original investigation. Got It right. The killing was was an act of self-defense. He says he's wife and daughter. Who told investigators this story were simply lying? They made a historic. So everybody's lying here took to save. Their skin. Served the bus if that nineteen ninety nine case it'd been prosecuted differently. Shortly approach differently a lot of people might still be alive today. He got very lucky. It was almost like a perfect extorted for him. The crime scene officer that they had going to see nothing else whether I murder or second homicide detective was brand in new. She had an investing cases on her own yet. This was one of her. I had montgomery taken that investigation and worked at the way that they should have gallery. And Cody would still be alive. There was no end to the what ifs Corey. Beavers for one was haunted by the thought that even after the death of his girlfriend gallery Houston police might have done more. And if they take in the nineteen ninety nine killing into account when looking at Ali Earth Johnny thought his twin brother. Cody might still be alive. Uh seems like as time went on if he was the one that was responsible then police would have figured it out after we had already given them his name and there was no so. So maybe you were on right so I was like surely you know. They did their job and looked into him and if he was is responsible they would have found it by now but that wasn't the case after hearing about the first slain son-in-law jurors decided Ali your son should pay for taking the lives of gallery bloggers. Not and cody beavers with his own Scrub but moment of. I don't know just a huge relief because none of it brings back Kodner gallery but the very least that you want is justice in this person who stalked all of us so yes yes we are very happy. They don't have to deal with that anymore. Ursuline son the scene. The man his mother's Schmooze said shot gallery bloggers. aww later pleaded guilty to her murder and was sentenced to forty years in prison as for those federal fraud charges Sh- Mu Ali and his his daughter. All pleaded guilty. That daughter was never charged in connection with the murders but is charged with stalking Nasreen. The daughter pleaded did not guilty. Now all that's left for those who loved cody and Yellow Ray of the memories of who they were and perhaps apps visions of who they might have become. What's life been like since he's the building? There's a lot of times like I see something That I think of that I wish I could tell him about that back or just think like how excited he might be to hear this. And he's not there. Beavers lost both his twin brother and the woman he loved. She was intensely passionate about out everything. If you needed help she was going to help you whether you wanted her to or not. I'm guessing the reason I wanted to help. So many people is because the two of you taught her. That's the right thing to do. Yeah came from the to you. That's who she was. Yeah and I was angry and she told me I am life you and she was a person who is so helpful so full of energy and So positive imagine all the things she could've could've done for so many other people in her lifetime that's all for this edition of Dateline Line.

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