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Welcome into latest addition of. Espn Down Thomas Joan here in the studio today by shock his an alley. Miranda we also welcome to the program Frank Leboeuf and Gab Mar County will stop by updating your regarding the corona virus. Now it's affecting around the world were confirmed today. Fifteen aces amongst the team including a number of players. Meanwhile the Premier League set to meet on Thursday discussed. The Seasons Future League on did that today and play is suspended in France until April the fifteenth at the earliest Franco on his start. With you April the fifteenth. Is that realistic or optimistic? Well I really think done. It's it's optimistic. I talked with afternoon in France with Natalie Butler to our president of the French league and she said fifteen affair pro because the government said that we had to stay in confinement in quarantine for for fifteen days then after the. We love if everything goes right. And if the coronavirus decrees will will have to give the time to the to the athletes to go back to fitness like for fifteen days and then they were going to start again. I doubt that the virus will decrease within fifteen days that I think we need more times. Some people are thinking about six weeks. Let's take four weeks and so I guess we won't start before beginning of May or maybe the worst may be awfully the worst mid-may so the the question is is going to be what's going to happen. After the contract of the player was at the end of June so they will have to extend that if they want to finish the competition and of course not many lanes still continuing at the moment The Super League very much parking the trend transport as it stands Top of the table but McKay has is had enough. He said there's more to life than football. I do not feel comfortable and don't want to play football in the situation. Everyone should be home with their families and loved ones in this criticism critical time. He plays the Trabzonspor Gab. It seems surely only a matter of days that Turkey can continue this because look I mean you can play football without fans and that's what they've been doing in Turkey but you can't play football without players and I think what we've seen. Wayne Rooney said is very very eloquently Once players start getting infected or start fearing the might be infected. Then you have to shut everything down right. That's what it took for the primarily to finally take action Michaela announcing that he had tested positive. Where at a time when we know we saw just today we had fifty members of staff at six three players. We've had a whole bunch of guys at Valencia Spain. But if you don't test people you don't know who's infected and I think a lot of people Turkey haven't been tested so a lot of players are genuinely worried about their wellbeing. Of course yes. That was confirmed. The euro's postponed reaction to that on the latest edition of the Gab and Gills podcast. Show download it. The future Emmerick von very much front and center all transit all the moment of course Dates throughout the day. He showed a over on the website about the. It's a boss Celona good enough. Look I think a woman is a tremendous player? But if you're going to sit alone and you're moving away from Luis Suarez because he's getting older. If your idea is to get younger then get really young. Then then think about the future. Don't don't think about the short term fix because I'm an would be Joe's that and that's not even getting into the fact that when you're thinking about the playing style of a guy that needs space and the needs That ability to try to get in behind an attack those places with his speed well. That's not what Barcelona dose another team. That is directed an over the top thirteen that likes to play the little dinky balls in front of the defenders and and try to combine words. You wait tours goals so it doesn't quite match the style and I just think that s a philosophy Fulbright celona indeed. You're trying to get younger if that's your decision didn't truly do that. And think about the future and how you structure yourself for post messy years because those that's happening sure whether they like it or not that's happening and they have to start preparing for that is not the answer. Long-term trying do you agree? Yeah I do agree I. I'm very fond of PM. Rica and can you imagine I play with his father in level because we go but I wasn't even born so can you imagine Yeah I think he is a fantastic and graceful player but When you talk about bustle and you talk about top. Top Notch player where. Pm Rick is a is a star is a fantastic player captain. Sometimes of a governor's is not what you expect he's not. Mvp is not even or land move. Any is surprising needs confirmation but they know the players that we talk every day. We can we make something fantastic we can. We cut and Pierre Emmerick is not from the level is not that far but I think he's not there so it will be a surprise for me his not this exception. What woman and off snow yet when he was making that. Move from the Bundesliga. The big concert. But they had that. Douse what about him? In particular made them not pull the trigger? I think there was a sense to thrived in a team. Like Borussia Dortmund given the way that they played. I think there was a sense that you know. He was very much a front to gold type players as Ali said before you know he's somebody who really benefits when he space in front of them and as long as key. Catanha's the manager. That's not GonNa Happen at Barcelona and also it was a lot of money and this is still a lot of money and I think you know we we get we get desensitized to how much eighty or a hundred million or one hundred fifty million really. Is I think the reality is. He's at Arsenal is contracts winding down. He's trying to leverage what he can to either get a better deal. That looks a lot like his current deal where he makes a ton of money or see if somebody else somebody else will bite but so Boyce said. I don't think he's a natural fit at Barcelona in any way shape or form unless you you think about maybe playing him in the wing but then you have issue and that's not why you'd be buying him but coming into his final year. The contract fifty five million euro for a plan that wherever he's being is giving you goals. Is it not tempting? Bossa chapter because of the price on nothing else. This'll be made a lot about Boston as transfer targets and how much they cost and where the bus or in the house. He has fun for them at fifteen million emitted desensitize. That's a that's a good deal of Boscell but I make this unanimous as incredible talent as many young is he's not a basu fantastic at at Borussia Dortmund maybe even better. Ottosson who played to that very style that he brings. I think the challenge with Obama. Young is because that style show one dimensional. You have to be able to just a whole lot more when you're when you're playing in Barcelona. If three years ago I told you you had a choice between Obama. Young and Grease Mun. I think everybody would choose agreement undergo. He struggled yeah. They added to the list of the players that have struggled who've made that move to Barcelona including of course Katina great for Liverpool pretty much anonymous. Vasa he's been linked to a move to your old same Frank Chelsea. Do they need to continue? Well I don't think so. I mean with all due respect because you talk we talk about fantastic players but again we want to talk about the worldwide player. Continual is being good with Liverpool as been so far pool with Barcelona and Munich. I will have lots of question marks. You know seeing him coming to Chelsea to bring what we have young players very talented. Who are very promising. We have a good midfield players so we cheech Joe. Gino Jorgen is the game. I don't know where it would be so I would be the chairman I would be. Even the coach will be very detaining to pick him up transfers money. You just remind you spend hundred forty five million euro on this planet. He's under delivered so much could he rejuvenate things channels. I listen it's possible to give them these successes in English. One two so and again listen continues incredible talent but struggled ever since he left Liverpool. Maybe English football just shoot ship but that kind of money. I'm willing to take that chance and like Franck says I I see an appreciate what Lampert and Chas. You're trying to do with the youth and how they're trying to progress on their style and the big question becomes I don't see a natural fit for continue and that's one thing when you have an incredible talent you can get him on the cheap and you figure things out but when you he's GonNa cost the kind of money that quite possibly flip cartoon your will. That's not you don't spend that kind of money on taking a chance that you some hope for timid from what we have seen from. Katina lately. How is he a significant improvement? To say William. Who's WHO's right there. So if you WANNA look at the impact continue may have in your team. Just look at what willing is doing right now and is that good enough. Is that what you're looking for? Is that GonNa Improve Your team significantly. I don't think so gab. Mason Mount Christian Pulisic Caroline Hudson or Joy Hakim Zayeck Chelsea next season already. Going to have a whole bunch of players who can who can fill. Oh can do some of what? Coutinho does maybe not as well but certainly on a much cheaper basis. And they're all younger and they'll have more of an upset. And that's before we even get into William and Pedro's contracts are expiring but who knows may yet stick around. I think Chelsea is priorities are going to be bringing in a center. Forward who can provide some alternative to Abraham and possibly a central defender or left or back? It's not coaching. Yo You have to disassemble your squad to to find a spot for him in the eleven got bags. The point I was talking about earlier. Faster have done pretty impressive to things up so badly in the transplant market. Since name are left we mentioned hundred. Forty five million for casino hundred. Five Dan Ballet Grease one hundred twenty million. I'll come as well. Whatever raised on for forty one million pretty impressive Malcolm scored at the weekend. Senate leaders burden but Yeah I mean I think the only positives you're thinking in the last couple of years. Our tour you know had a great first season second season bit more and I think the long lay I I like but I think the list pretty much ends there and I think that has to be. That has to be a concern. You're back to the days of Charissa Chagrin ski almost now. That's another attack it so this conversation is the Hideo Barcelona Martinez. I like him. I think he's another player that perhaps needs a little bit of space to play into a bit of a runner and takes himself out of the central position. We've seen from him at Inter. Is that him. And the relationship with Lukashenko has worked. Because there's a lot of work being done by. Eighteen is in and around new cut. So there's a lot of mobility do a better Martinez. There's good understanding between him and messy. I think this works. I don't know if this is the complete fool answer for some but if I'm taking me to Tina's NPR NRA Ramayana as to WHO's a better fit for how would take that. Is this possible game. I think there's a clause in place or if not that a gentleman's agreement roundabout one hundred hundred and twenty million euros. Enjoy GonNA do everything they can to keep him but I think he made a great point about the sort of player that is if you look at where he is in his development in terms of being a runner in terms of working hard in terms of really being dynamic and intense and unselfish. He is a lot like what Luis Suarez was when he was younger when he was at. I xe when he was twenty two twenty three years old and I think in that sense he would be very good. Fit is understanding with with messy. Seems to be a very good as well. He's obviously a player who seems to be on his way up rather than on his way down. Meanwhile our old friend Gareth Bale Apparently Frank O. Ramle traded looking to get rid of him for free. It's glow inside the problem with this scenario isn't it is a massive wages. The Welshman is on do you think he's completely done as a high level foot boa is a high level. He proved that you can do fantastically well. Maybe a lack of consistency. Because maybe he didn't just pretty well to the Real Madrid lifestyle so maybe the way they play but it is a tremendous player is a fantastic player and I think it will find any club especially if he's free to go and I'm sure especially if maybe king goes goes to someone another club. Maybe we'll love to come to get him back so we'll see if we can find many clubs in England countries maybe maybe maybe Berry says Yemen like him but I still. I still think that he can. He can serve a club very well. Frank the same relationship with these agents shack. He's done the name though. He's think he's a good player. But at this point he's no longer elite. He's not at that level. Because I have to say we just haven't seen an awful thing where has it been and if indeed Gareth? Bale cynically thought that Gareth Bale could help and win games consistently even if they have their differences he would be on the field instead. He is in purgatory somewhere. Forgotten left for dead. And just say well all right Gary. We'd rather you go to the golf course and play golf rather than actually score goals for us because to be quite honest with you is simply not going to work. That's a very strong statement to make from a manager that we see week in week out in in which he makes a decision says you know what I'll pick anybody else. Anybody else instead of Youtube. Why everyone is very much on masonry on the pine. No I think that's fair type. Would you move for less money? If it meant you could play football. I would have as far as Bego if he's allowed to go free. Maybe some structure that he likes Tim's of intimately finances. He's GonNa so much money right now. Go anywhere right on. Mcevers know that you don't have if you don't have to be any kind of transfer fee. Maybe you can somehow meek in them if the magic director of football which you as a managing director of football club make the money work for. Gareth Peyot who we've seen the numbers and I'll tell you why I think based on an incredible talent. I still think he's in the elite level for Bala Stale trouble is. He's an elite level for baller for ten or fifteen games this season and in today's world but that's not really well. I'm just shaved once. He's only part time. That's what he's giving you. Elite level performance. The trouble is he's not shy and that's that's what I am saying. He's not on department even when he's on the Dane elite level. He can I think he can. He can be ready. Ready finally gets himself on gets a run of games. And we'RE NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. But that's that's exactly what I am saying. Is that talent? He's just not on the pitch enough to justify the my. That's what I'm saying you'll agree me. Frankly shaking your head at me. Frankly I want to say is the guy is is for like two or three years in confrontation with the coach. Show with club. So of course it's on the give a hundred percent because is he's fighting with the club he doesn't want to play anymore for that. It doesn't feel something that he likes and two seasons ago then if he didn't like things yes but of course. There is the money problem but now does he's going to be free to go. I'm sure as chuck has said that he's going to find a deal. Where's going to get that money and he's going to a club? Let's get a cab cab but they were ready to gift. Wrap him and give him away last summer okay. Nobody was interested because of the wages. Can you work something out or you give him more years and makes more money over the length of the contract but last per season shore and last summer they? Everybody tried to do that. But the guy wasn't interested the people were keeping him out of the around Madrid side. Right now. Are Mr Average Lucas Vasquez? Venise disappeared for two months at a time or earlier this season and it was like a teenager. Rodrigo I think is about eleven years old the people who are keeping him out of the Real Madrid team. Oh sorry and even hazard who who who's been injured the whole time. This is the reality of his situation and rightly or wrongly. He has now developed a rep with his unwillingness to move. I can't see anybody really biting on it. People are believing this stuff. It's not any what frank just said that. Well it's normal that he's not giving one hundred percent because he's he's running around with the manager. Well I think a lot of people. That's not normal. You're still paid to be professional. I actually think he may be trying to give one hundred percent. He just can't because he's permanently injured and his head's not in it and that's why he's not getting on the pitch and I'm not even sure the guy wants to go. It's easy for Real Madrid to say here. Why don't you leave? He's GonNa say fine me up my mom my my the remainder contract you willing to do that. No so I'M GONNA go park my butt right here and stick around here in Frank. Last word twenty seconds yes. I'd never said he was normal. I said it was. It is what it is. I think even stupid to to go and being going face to face with a coach and I'm not saying that I'm GonNa. I'm not gonNA play going to give any person to because I don't like the way you want me to play over and over like Madrid. Whatever it is. I think he's stupid. I've been converted to that. I am I left the club because I didn't like the way we're playing it was Chelsea was running and they don't want to say but it is what it is and we're talking about. Is it possible for bail to find another club and to find? The club can fit the way he wants to play an club. We can be ready to pay what he wants to be less. It's possible this is just what I'm saying. Either way rule missing football obviously really good either on the website Chris Jones taking us through a hound. This is made as love the sport more somehow. These shorter check it out over on the website. Big OSCO from Gabbay from the website talking about the challenges that you face over the next few months Gaffer maybe people who don't have time to read it. Can you give us a ninety seconds synopsis? Well basically UEFA have said the postponing the euro will cost them about three hundred million euros roundabout three hundred thirty million dollars on top of that. They're also gonNA take a hit because most likely the Champions League this season we'll we'll we'll be reduced somehow show me. We actually play the Europa League of course as well. I think part of the point to get across here is that this isn't just UEFA as money. Eighty five percent of UFO's revenues go back to football clubs to federations via solidarity payments And so this is going to affect the whole food chain and this will probably be replicated I think in leagues up and Down Europe. A lot of people a lot of clubs in football basically operate on almost like a week to week thing especially in the lower leagues they operate very close to the line or even above the line and And a couple of weeks without football without gate receipts creates major major problems for them in terms of cash flow. We're seeing clubs. Lay people off putting people under pressure and and I think part of the idea now is fee for UEFA. The domestic leagues have to come together. There has to be some give or take some flexibility. Everybody's got it is going to be hit. And they need to figure out how to spread the pain around and that's going to be the biggest challenge. The second biggest challenge is putting mechanisms in place. So that clubs aren't in such a precarious position. So that anything like this happens again. We're not going to see clubs going under more action. The decision to postpone it. Euro twenty took over on our youtube channel. P. Shorts had check it out a lot of football community of course coming together to help those affected by the Corona Virus Roman Abramovich it has offered Stanford Bridges Hotel to an medical staff of course are working extremely hard at the moment. The German national team donated two point five million years. Help talk with the virus that Ibrahimovic fundraiser to help fight the virus in his made one hundred thousand euros donation. That's just the tip of the iceberg everywhere. You look at the moment. A lot of the people within the community coming together we love has maintained around the toilet paper challenged Jamie Carragher. Why am I here? You're done the I'm seeing you on social media do not yet done record. Who could do more of the two of you? But I try to tighten. Its sixty one. Sixty one just made that number up welcome. In addition the extra time and ECLECTIC mix of tweets. They Franken Gaba with us for the first. One is shock yeah. Dan should apologize. You disrespected you in previous F C. Show why it's pretty much a daily occurrence turned. Didn't you disrespect meal these suggestions? What now it's just this left open for us to find out. When was the last time you were in check? It feels like you've taken. I have no idea. What did he do? I think most people wouldn't it every day just like a Sunday? Okay Press Premier League side ever my vote Man United Treble winning saga with GAC CABS. Probably got the best memory of one of us. That was certainly the most successful side. I think I'm blanking now. It was it was the united side from a season later or a season. Before you know it would have been well would have been a season later I think that team was even better. So the ninety nine two thousand season obviously didn't win as much. But that team certainly certainly stood out. But if you're talking about the best side and the primarily era probably for my money look to city livable. In the last two years Frank Chelsea two thousands. Nah I don't think so. I think the Chelsea at some very good years but I I would go with last year with Liverpool where they were absolutely fantastic so I loved it. Yeah and this year because they're going to win very easily. The last name Frank mentioned the league ever not win the title this year and you would be very happy. I played against the one thousand nine hundred ninety hundred ninety nine Team absolutely fantastic. They were very young but because I was being against them because everybody was hating Manchester. United AECOM named them as sent out. Who I thought was the most impressive frank when you went toe to toe with them impressing the most the player for me. The most graceful player that ever played against Premier League. Was Steve McManaman right. We look I'm saying grateful grace to play off for the Criminal League. Of course I might just eighteen. Non Non mce Jimmy on Ref- awesome over non shocker rather save penalty from Front Holly Moreno Ali. Moreno's yeah because Hollywood more free scored right. Yes quietly vote on the Roy. Wrong Frank is Veron better than you already. Ooh Hard to compare our. We don't have the same type of football. A fantastic player. Anyone so many things that I would say yes. He's better than me because he won more trophies. That would be the other to judge defy the good career comparing to him but told me he had a fantastic car. Yes the carrier yes fantasies trophies. In his in his room is a layer is a better you. Better at than hanes acting on what pocketing saw acting acting. I yes I for sure I think scoring goals mobile than him. long range I think he's better than him. I think he's a better defended than I was the head or he's better but he doesn't. He doesn't shoot free kicks and penalties and said you know it would be hard to stop. Mike. It was hard to somebody who is the most graceful primarily clavell timeout Etienne Real. Dennis Bergkamp Steve Steve Boy. That's a tough choice. I WANNA go out with Burke Campania because there is a certain level of athleticism. Tyrian read that gliding. He was grateful then. He's very relied on being that graceful player in order to get around people group fruitful. Dennis Buca No of course Frank Burke Dennis Burke more graceful of Jerry. Most but the best of the Best Mano. Hey we got to get to the nitty gritty. Big Question kind of routine disgust has for his hair. It looks amazing. I was the tricalm. The secret is. I go see my Armenian Barber. Yes all right to WHO Who lived in Armenian but grew up in Lebanon now lives in London. Oh He's got family everywhere in the world from La to Tokyo. To Athens loves talking about it. He has no hair right now. Which may or may not be a good indication for barber but he takes good care of me and just about that. How much you pay for. Haircut of interest usually usually twenty pounds raw impressive cab a Lotta good conversation sometimes. Make me a cup of of Lebanese tea or Lebanon's Coffee Jira even better than an experience. Bob Frank someone's angry at you. Owe Virgil van. Dyke battling vintage. Do you really think vandyck survived. Elisa Suarez drug stores and Robin Van. Persie in their prime. Well I thought we were in a democracy and we were able to think what we WANNA thank. Thank you sir. If you think that is better than but for you I don't care you know I think is better than nothing else they can do for you. Thank you very much. The principles of the march graceful shocking. Which Champions League finding with your favorite in this decade up and we haven't had two chapters of this decade looking back at the last. Sally shows you what was the best best. Best Team Footballer City last ten years I think Many easy. I remember that to be rude. You just reminded us that the teens apologize for be rude. Just just united apologized for being rude again. I want us to say I'm not talking to your until three one room. Apologize for a long arm. I gotTa Tell You you look at how to maintain gaps favorite pastor for Frank. How did you become so French talking talking what you're saying? So how did you become so French me the Oh? I don't know I don't know. Just be polite. Yes yeah just be polite critical and just say that Steve McManaman is heading. That's it we have to be stub on. You have to be my question. Why does your parents pick the name for you? That they did was any of you named it on Of someone famous. I saw cat what my parents never told me why they came up with my name for a long time and was unaware of other people certainly other people at my full. Italian name apart from a World War. Two poet named the new really. The only ones. I don't think there's anything to do with him. I really have no clue frank You know that might naming France is written with F. Aw An CK. Miami's if I in Kyiv because I'M GONNA sing into you. Okay and now. The end is near face. I did you not on the mass singer. I did yeah I did. And that was freaking good old cary account because China's challenge. You go with a couple lines then needs to be some sneezing rates. I'm Daniel Bible Daniel in the lion's den final flow you continuously everyday very APP handroll Alejandro. I'm more on my full name. Hundred I have no idea why one hundred about at some point. I was going to be audio because of my grandfather's name right. I think my mom decided against that. And so then I use gregory for my youngest son and he's favorites on. Yeah right now you see on the all. We've all been waiting for this building onto this You'll real name these. Neil you go via shocking might is. It will come from My mother always wanted to name her. First Butcher Neil and my first name but my father felt we needed an African name to reflect our heritage shocker at. He's always called me Shaka. Well they shocker from and does have a meaning like what is it coming from Zulu African Kings County great question. Thank you very much. Good stuff is it. We are done where we pack Tamara. Great thank you so much field questions that you continue to send maybe more on Steve McManaman much appreciate very grateful. Not Stop Complaining about the music. Franken says it's a democracy director. Likes it that's it.

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