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Episode 38B - A Very SKBC Game Show


listeners this is Stephen Today for our bonus content this week. I'm joined by a very special guest. The my girlfriend Lauren Lauren. So the reason why. I'm having you on this episode. Aside from the fact that we were both born at home Is that this is our green mile series of episodes. Which is the only Steven King Book that you've read got wrecked on the after you asked me to read it so we always start out by asking our guests. What's your relationship with horror? How do you feel like like Disney channel Halloween town or any like any? What's The scariest movie? Do you think you've watched and enjoyed Harry Potter okay. We'll take it so you're not a fan of horror so like remember when they did horror that one episode of bones. Yeah and we had to stop watching it. Yeah yeah cool so a little bit different in terms of our usual so what? I thought it would be fun to do. Is We're GONNA do those like buzzfeed click Video things where I'm going to basically throw bunch of Stephen King stuff at you and you have to do your best to give me the way man's like so do you have some qualifications right. Okay because you talk about Stephen King all the time this is true. So maybe I've absorbed some knowledge. Yeah well now share with. I hope so. Is there anything you want to say before we dive in we have I? I'll explain? We have three games the will be doing. But do you have any only say last words last word seems kind of ominous study? Pray for okay. our games we have three segments okay to the first segment is. I'm going to read you three story. Names these are all from the same collection called a skeleton crew. And you have to tell me which of these three stories is not real which one I made up in which two are in that collection. That'd be our first game after that. We're GONNA do a lightning round of ten true or false Stephen King Trivia facts and try to really burn through those quickly and then we'll have a final section where I'm going to show you images of three Stephen King Villains you gotta tell me who they are what they're from and what their whole thing is what they're about what they do. I should be very qualified for this. Yes I think it will be. I think it will be easy and quick and good new. Identify Win Man. I should have thought about that before. We start recording. I don't know what you want. You want like. We have like a thank you section at the end of our show. You can have you on the thank you page for like a month and a half. I win and it's my podcast okay. That's fair will be will become the the Lauren Boo club. And we'll only read things that you write saying. Maybe I don't want him so here. We Go. This is our first segment a ready. Do you feel I forget the rules? Okay so the rules are. These are three stories. Two of them are real. They're all front. Same Collection of Stephen King short stories called Skeleton Crew. I think it's in this basement somewhere. I could show you the cover so here. We're going to hear any turn all right. So our first story is called the raft. The raft is about four college students. They're on break. They swim out to a raft on a lake in the middle of October. To hang out and just generally be horny. Teenagers Together They are hunted down and killed by a sentient oil slick. That's your first one. That's the raft. Our second story is called Grandma. Grandma's about an eleven year old named George also Georgie. He's left home for one night with his bed. Bound grandmother of whom he is very scared of he starts to think that she's no longer bed bound in fact up and around in wants a big hug it's implied that she's a witch and he gets possessed so that she can have attornal youth sats. Grandma OKAY IN. The last one is called the river the woods. This is about a couple which hikes across northern Maine. They get lost in the woods and they find a man claiming to be a forest ranger and he leads them around in circles for a while and then they die. Okay so clearly. You're not from New England in their right mind goes serving in a lake in October. Steering King with no this as a meaner so I said that the raft is false. You know it's fun. The raft is a real story. Yeah it's early October. Vote No wonder these kids. Yes they die they do they do all di Ra horribly. I mean they should have known better. Yeah that's fair. Talk Tober assume. Its main because Stephen. I just wanted to know that I changed my lie about the river. The Woods mid-sentence because I realized it was a bridge too far. I was originally going to tell you that the forest ranger was also a ghost. Yeah I was like this story seems to obvious I could cheap throwaway store. Yeah fake. That one's fake. Yeah I guess more like Middle School. Yeah Kid right so horror book to be fair. There are a lot of Stephen King's synopsis. That are like bad. Like there's one that same collection called here there tigers which is about a middle school student Who is afraid to go into the boy's bathroom because there's a tiger in there? I mean I would also be afraid to go in the bathroom Thursday tiger. That's Fair Bureau wise ladies. Why why like this relationship I have ten to reform questions. Okay and I'm going to try to get them rapid fire. I don't have a hard stop on this but I really wanted to be like your gut reaction. Can you want my gut reaction I do? Have you been holding back? What are you hiding? Okay ready all right in. Stephen King's Carrie. A hardcore Christian character refers to other characters breasts as dirty pillows. True in Stephen King's the Tommy knockers aliens invade the planet earth and create devious contraptions such as a psychically controlled killer Roomba. I hope that this is true. What's your answer true? Stephen King wrote in scrapped an entire book about Techno Vampires in the late nineteen ninety s which has not been published to this day false. That's fall to absolutely of public. Stephen King was a high school English teacher. Before writing in selling this best civil selling novel Carey. I know this is true now. In fact Stephen King's pet cemetery. Character defends themselves from vampire with glow in the dark plastic cross false. That's false but only on a technicality that does happen. I did not know that there were vampire. Isn't that ten minutes because there aren't there are vampires in satellites line. Which is where that actually happens. Like a kitschy glow in the dark. Yeah it's someone from Massachusetts. I'm upset by this. Stephen King was doing so much cocaine in the nineteen eighties it. He has no memory of writing his bestselling novel Cujo true. That's true cocaine folks. Yeah I don't do drugs as Stephen King Book Club. Psa The more you know Stephen King's why fantasy book the eyes of the dragon features or race of Lizard. People called the scale man lizard. People are true so this focus That is the first one. You've gotten a wrong Arnaud. Scale conspiracy theory class would be of Sensei. Stephen King is himself Lizard Person. Yeah yeah that was not the true fall so you did get one wrong. So far All three Stephen King's children are also bestselling novelist true false. Niamey is not a bestselling novel. She's incredibly decorated minister. Didn't even know he had three kids. So yes shot in the dark. Yeah well it would go. Stephen King recently deleted his facebook account because facebook's policies around falsehoods in political advertisements. That's true because I agree with him. Day Steve Act check. Woo In this glass. One here in Stephen King's epic horror. It includes shifting ancient evil which becomes all of the five following things one killer clown named pennywise to a giant Eagle Bird. Three a silver age. Where Wolf four a sickly vagabond five. A swarm of giant mosquitos false. That seems a little over the top. It is one hundred percent. There were several things that left off the list including a mummy and also like the Hansel and Gretel witch house owes us like a Bognar. Yes it is very specifically bodyguard interesting so we use things with Harry Potter analogies. I know 'cause as we said my horror is Harry Potter. But you were there. You got it so J. K. rally never would have done something so ridiculous so far. Our tally is our tally. Is that our first game? Unfortunately you guessed wrong on the raft. That was the true story. A true or false. I WanNa see you got eight out of ten. Sounds right. Eighty eight or nine. Yeah pretty pretty solid on that. This last one is going to be a little more difficult. This is your free form section. So I'M GONNA pull up three different images and you gotTa tell me what the characters name is what book they're from and what they do makes them. Availa all right so this. First One's a Gimme. I'll be very surprised if you don't get this one clearly very qualified to play the scale to describe this case. This is penny wise. He's from it. What else much Tell me GimMe your general impression. And like what did they do? Okay so my favorite thing about penny wise. Is that in the movie? The the actor. Who Does pennywise can actually do? The thing with. His eyes amended that they were. This is offset freaked. Everyone out yes. That's my only trivial. He lives in a gutter. Apparently he does not live in a gutter. No totally like sewers. Is I think the word but I like I like you. Shit fuck man. He lives in a gutter. Trash asked. Monster scares middle schoolers. Apparently he turns in a bar. It's a bug is a kind of a big scary blogger. Yeah Cool Yeah. That is what it is so I gotta work at these next. You're going to be more difficult. I'm really curious to see if you catch this one. That's the guy from the shining. Yes okay so you got the book right okay because they just did a really dumb superbowl ad Democracy evidence it's true that's act. What is this character's name? I have absolutely no amy something try Humphrey Humphrey. Just humphry one name. Now I am. One name Humphries Medal needs. He needs no introduction his name is Humphrey so he's from shining. And what does he do makes him a monster he kills? Tracy Ellis Ross. So he gets kind of possessed maybe by an evil hotel and then tries to kill his family. Oh Yeah it's pretty bad. He does not live in a gutter unlike penny. I've got one more villain for him. Who is this and what book they from in? What do they do to describe the pictures in all right? So there's like angry looking woman who's this woman is definitely been in like every movie there's ever been The actress Kathy Bates got like a sledgehammer Insurance Pretty Mad. Yeah so so. Based on that information guessing it's not Bates Motel now is that he even came. No Bates Motel is from the movie. Psycho which is an Alfred Hitchcock. Yeah Yeah it is. It's in the right ballpark. I'll give you that. So she looks like the tribal from Matilda. Yeah except he's not because I've read that book in the movie so I haven't expert Great D WANT ANY OKAY. So this this characters from the book misery that all my God. It's so good. This movie is also excellent. So this character. I'll give you her name and then I want you to do your best as to what she's doing a villain okay. Does it involve a sledge? It does involve a sledgehammer. I have given you that breadcrumbs. So this is Annie Wilkes. Any WILKES IS A. We'll call her unstable. She's she's issue related to John Wilkes booth no wrong. She does not assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. I can tell you that much so give me your best. Guess as to what she does with the sledgehammer the next one Smith she does smash. That's it's a fair assessment. GimMe Gimme one more word at this man. She probably takes out some anger on some unsuspecting New England. There's you know you're shooting not far off so any wilkes she's obsessed with this romance writer named Paul Sheldon. Paul Sheldon gets in a very bad car accident. Near any wilkes his house any will to us to be a nurse slash serial killer and she captures him and keeps him in her home So what she's doing with. The sledgehammer here is forcing him to write the next novel in the. You told me about IDID. Tell you about this book. Yeah Yeah Yeah. So that's her. There shouldn't bear like a hippocratic oath. yet she doesn't. It's not her strong suit NAM. They it's not recommended to do this nursing school right now. I'm not a doctor but both Phoenix and his wife work in the medical field and from what I can gather from what they've told me you generally don't want to hobble the people that you're taking care of baby you should include a like a seminar on that. Yeah that'LL BE OUR NEXT BONUS. We'll just get the word out to all. Medical Profession Is V. So you're you're I WANNA say one for three. I'll miss you got. Oh give you like one and a half from three. 'cause you nailed Pennywise Pennywise. Head Down Jack Torrance you did your best Hubert Humphrey. I'm sign here. I am talking. Shit like I'm an expert. Can't even get humphries name right in any wilkes. Unfortunately a was a complete with but she is a very angry looking ladies. You did get that. She does take some anger out on on a new Englander. So you weren't wrong there either. End these books. Well thank you for coming on the program. We appreciate it greatly unfortunately did not WanNa thank you slot for the rest of the now. Okay we will. We will thank you for like this episodes. Thank you coming on and yeah come on by any time. Some more insights into Stephen King. Yeah thank you. Thank you boo club listeners. For indulging this incredibly goofy bonus episode. Goodbye Goodbye.

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