Hour 3 - Steve Levy and Rick Fox (06-07-19)


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Just that's all you have to say to the players cups in the building, whether you're winning or losing cups in the building, you can think of no better pleasure than if the cups in the building, and you're the visitor, and you make sure that that Cup is not on display for anybody. They don't get to celebrate cups in the building, or if you're the team that's winning. And, you know, the cups in the building just. Little more added pressure their cups in the building. Yes. Paulie Patrick sharp. Good NHL player. He was in the building last night, helping might Trico with the coverage and they asked him about getting the Cup and having the spend a day with it. He was great. He goes, you know, I'd have my kids, we filled it full of ice cream and made a huge ice cream. Sunday out of it. He was I made sure to have it completely cleaned before I put the ice cream in it because you never knew what the Blackhawks player before him did with it. We'll talk to leave. He'll join us coming up a little bit here. NBA TV tune into the NBA finals certainly for tonight. The gametime live NBA finals presented by you to TV nightly on NBA TV poll question. Mclovin. It's brought to you by man versus food on cooking channel did the NBA get a right by spending Mark Stevens for a year and finding him five hundred thousand let's see seventy one percent. Say, yes. Yeah. I think they got it. Right. But if you want to inflict a little more pain on him and you wanna make him divest his interest in this team fine. Would never let him sit courtside at a game again. He's an owner. I hold him in a higher standard higher regard, and he should act accordingly. Well, the poll doesn't specify should it be harder are, are looser. So I guess that result is a little bit could be deceived. Yeah. Point was he find financially based off his net worth, or just fine five hundred thousand because if I work at jiffy lube, and I did that too Kyle Lowry. My getting fined five hundred thousand. Because that's interesting. I think because you're the owner. Right. That's why five hundred thousand he says he's an investor who has investments in the team. Yeah. I don't know if they go, how much is this guy Mark Stevens make it makes two point three billion? That's how much he's worth. All right. How do we make this hurt five hundred thousand dozen Hersholt? He were a billionaire that had no relation to the team. They might not have been able to find him in any way because he just don't know person. No, they would just kick him out. He be able to go to a game again. But, but do they have a sliding scale for you know, if somebody is worth ten you know, if the clippers St. boomer like Walmer is worth, he's worth whatever forty billion dollars bomber trip? Somebody doing the math he'd be fine like twenty twenty million dollars compared to this guy. Yes, mclovin, Chris long was point on Twitter, that only rich people are going to get that close to the court. So it seems like it's a rich people problem. But he decided, you don't know what the people the upper deck might come after players, too. But so you're, they're not going to get five. Nobody who we see on camera. Those games is trouble paying a fine. That is a rich crew. Yes, say, yes, it's going to say only rich people would also be partial owners of a team too. So that kind of goes hand in hand. Yeah. But I don't know how that if any owner does, that is five hundred thousand dollars by way. Packers accepted. Of course, because everybody the everybody's got a piece of the whole fan base is part odor, which is awesome. I mentioned last hour. I don't know. We were talking about the first pinch hitter in baseball history. That was our this sports history brought to you by continental tire. No matter what you drive, where you driver, how you drive attire for you. And I didn't know if it was hey, can you get up there in a pinch and help us or does the manager just pinch the player and say, hey, can you go up there and bet. Yes, paulie back in one thousand nine hundred six according to the baseball guy that included baseball slang pinch hit meant a safe drive with men on base is when the scores closely knitted, it was more so a situational term like we're in a pinch. This guy is a good. Hitter. It'd be Kim to being a clutch hitter is more description of the act than someone coming into the game. Like you didn't pinch hit for someone back in the early nineteen hundreds in late. Eighteen hundreds you were you could be put in the game. But now it's become the act of replacing someone at any point in the game back in the day, according to Christy, Mathewson wrote a book about pitching in a pinch hitting and pinch is more about tight situations. Yes. Mclovin was bullpen is like the, the relievers are like a bunch of cows and a bullpen. Is that what bullpen means to say curiosity with all these baseball? I don't know. Paula can you check on? Boivin plaintains pepper pepper wise. Pepper culpepper. Pepe around here, you know. Yeah, I do. They still have that sign. No pepper played here. No pepper. And that would those two spots can't play pet. No. I know you ever played that growing up. I never called it pepper. But I bet you that, that, that then you're going hand no pepper here fritzy's trying to secure Steve Levy, I put him in the code of silence. And good there. Todd. Yeah. We've got Mr. Steve Levy on. Okay. All right. I'll get leaves here in a moment and your phone calls are welcome say, good morning to our radio and TV partners. Eight seven seven three DP show Email address, DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. He's the popular Steve Levy covering his twenty fifth Stanley Cup final for the mothership is the blues one game five, not without a little controversy and Steve joins us now leaves. Good morning how are you? Good. Good morning pig is where I'm at with my young kids so and talking pepper. That's my first. Okay. Thank you, Steve. That's all we wanted from you have a good flight. I could talk any. Well, okay, there was controversy here. How big a controversy was last night that finish. I'll tell you about two texts. I got one from a Saint Louis fan who recalled the Don Dinkins your call that worked against the cardinals now. So that's the older generation, and then heard from the NFL assistant type was that the, the miscall last night was as bad, if not worse than miss pass interference in Rams saints last year, the NFC championship, so yeah, so those are some of the comparisons from the younger people to the older people. This is a big deal. Dan? And I'll tell you, you don't wanna get too deep into the officiating. Not sure how many people actually interested, you NHL has as depth issue at, at the official referee spot, and they've kind of done it to themselves because of some awful mistakes in earlier rounds. They have put great referees on the bench. So they've ice these guys. And so their weight down their debts chart by the time they get to the Stanley Cup final. And so you're seeing referees and the Stanley Cup final otherwise would not be calling these games. And that is definitely a factor in what happened last night. Okay. Us through the play. Yes. So it's, it's Tyler Bosak and Nola char. The Bruins Chari has the puck and the puck and his skates and Bosak is going forward. And just, you know, it's a trip or it's a slew foot or somewhere in between. And you can even see that Bose active blues as palms in the air already ready to arch to call it the official and the official doesn't make the call. It was an all the Bruins then stop playing because it looked so agreed just that it had to be a penalty called. And so play was allowed to continue on. So it's sort of, twofold, there's no call, you got the one guy already complaining to the ref about being sent to the box, which isn't even happening. And then you have the Bruins sort of standing around and watching what's going on. And that allows David Perron to really beat three Boston players and score the goal which is you know eventually the game winning goal. So look it's a bad look. And Dan this this Cup has been really good. This has been a really special Stanley Cup based allot on the on the teams in the market. Right. Saint Louis has been waiting for this. For so long. This has been a heavy, heavy hard hitting series. And unfortunately you get you get a call like last night. And you know, that's what people are talking about the, the front page of the Saint Louis post dispatch this morning Blair's. You know what a trip? We do love clever newspaper headline. So, but also, I think the blues prepared for penalties leaves. I think they are. Right. So I can't sit here and go boy, what are the Bruins complaining about a penalty should have been called? And I think the blues expected a penalty to be called, no question. And and, and they had their palms near all sorts. The player Bosak of Saint Louis, I think was on his way to for the penalty, and you go, so he's not continuing on either go David Peron to keep playing and score that goal. So the lot of you know, we're going to talk about the call. I get at Boston was dominant in the first period, this game should have been over in the first period. I think they outshot them, you know how even was eighteen to seven, so there's a lot going on unless we're not that far removed from from game three when when Boston and say was seventy two Craig Berube, ED still interim head coach of the blues goes on the attack the next day, then and he goes three steps. Three times in eight minutes, span, he goes, hey, and the first three rounds at least penalized team of the NHL and, you know, he kept banging home that point, you know, and you wonder if it's the booze disciplined, or actually, the way it's being called and in games four and five but Bruins power play opportunities have been cut in half. So, you know, we think Saint Louis, you know, smartened up all of a sudden. Or did he really have an impact on how the officials are call Siri so, and that makes obviously they fabulous fabulous? Peter come Sunday night and Saint Louis to see how that's called. And he Steve Levy from the mothership covering the Stanley Cup final. When Charles comes out when I realized he had a broken jaw, and then I saw that they were fitting him with special globe helmet. Then I said, you know what he'll play like hockey players play. But should we be surprised that he played with a broken jaw? No. And we shouldn't be especially because it's him, right? Hockey players, you know, are a different breed there, the bravest athletes on the planet. I think, and, and while hockey has gone a little soft, you know, we've gone away from the fighting and all of that, they are, are still of the bravest and you'd put chara on top of that list. I think it was going to fighting Steve, if I said, let's take a poll, no names attached. Would would players want fighting back in hockey. Absolutely no doubt. I would save you ran a poll seventy five percent of the players would vote for fighting in well and, and by seventy five percent of the media included, and the fans. The other thing I was curious about this with netting at a hockey game. How many arenas have protective netting? So when pucks fly into the stands, nobody gets hurt. They all have their only in the they're only in the end zones. Okay. Behind the goal, which makes a lot of sense in the NHL has come a long way on this that used to have really short glass around the sides. So that glass has gotten much higher over the years. But the netting is only around the end zone. And quite frankly, Dan, you know you see once you walk in the building. But after you're staring through it for five minutes, you don't even notice it's there and it it's the, it's the way to go man. And, and baseball, I think has to follow that as well. Yeah. That's what I kept telling people and I went to a hockey game and I, I saw the netting and then after a while I didn't even I'm you watch the game. And that's why when I look at baseball and go to, if you put it in, it will become the new normal, and people won't be upset. I totally agree. And, and look looking nowadays, you look around on the crowd, and especially those great expense to seats people on their phone, the whole gun, just not. They're not paying attention. And so it's you're protecting them from protecting themselves. No. That just not paying attention. And, and the NHL you know, I hope they don't they really hasn't been an issue along the sides. You know, behind the pensions, where there is nothing. It's just a little higher glass. But that's, that's probably able to, you know it's probably little, too, and here's a chance to get out in front of it, and look smart. And really nobody gets hurt. Because as you say five minutes into watching the events it disappears through is how many sports centers have you done? Apparently not five thousand waiting for my special, it hasn't happened yet. Well, I you counting re accounting rare. No, no, not rears. I thought two thousand was the magic number that I put up. Elco is at five thousand on obliterated year. Martha was there eighteen years, how could she do twice as many as me? I mean, come on mechanic, maybe cutting rear rear rear twelve times in the morning till the till six PM. You know what I'm coming back to do. More sports. Centres. Yep. This just give me. How many sports I don't we didn't? We didn't do too many sports centres together. Did we not enough? But you were always very kind soul. And of course, the sportscenter, you missed was my biggest down. Oh, no. No. Take that night off of all of them. They had to take that show. And I, I tune in, I think that's when my daughter when my daughter was born in, I just tuned in, because a tune into sports center in Obermann is crying, and I go, oh my gosh. Keith lost it. He's fever broke down. He's crying on the air and I all my God. So I called the assignment desk. I said, why is why is Obermann crying they go? You didn't see it. I go, no go Levy, just said bowl, djing disk it, but he didn't say desk, and I go, oh, no. And I felt so bad. Because if I don't take that night off, then you're just you're just Steve leaving. I mean you're not bowl djing disc leaving. Actually, it's kinda worked out. And I really thought it was gonna fire the day, why don't you start a foundation being noted be caulking, extent that, hey, that was great television. That was twenty three years ago. So what's, like Chris Webber started a timeout foundation? How about a bulging disc people with back issues? The same ring to think what it looked good on hats and t shirt. Yeah, I don't know raise your hand. If you have a bulging disc. We're out just great. I'd rather have the be known for the hockey overtime thing. But that doesn't seem to stay in power as bolting. Yeah. No nobody cares about the overtime. Hey, tell Melrose, we set a low, great to catch up with leaves safe travels, thank you. We'll do you think you about Steve leaving from the mothership twenty fifth Stanley Cup final not counting rears? Of course, their leaves Goodman. And, you know, I will say this about Melrose, Melrose was waving the flag for hockey with the mothership when hockey would be moved down using the third, so you do your your headlines and your big highlights big games, and then there'd be the second tier of big games when you go to break, and then come back. And then in the third part of this sportscenter, then you'd get hockey and use the of being ninety seconds worth. You didn't even get on camera for an on camera lead in, it would just be blues in the Blackhawks. And then you'd go into the highlights and then to scoreboard then highlight scoreboard highlight scoreboard. And then maybe another highlight that'd be a in progress. The ducks. Know then that'd be it, but Barry, Melrose was always always always asking sportscenter to do more on hockey. And when they had it, they did if the mothership had hockey than they would do more, but leaves, and I think it's just a great boondoggle for leaves and Melrose to just go out and have a hoot and cover the Stanley Cup final. I think that's what it is good for them. All right. Your phone calls coming up. Rick, Fox is coming up next. The former Laker he'll join us and we'll get to more of your phone calls. I think we're doing Skype. I think we're Skyping look at us two thousand seven we'll get us new era. Yeah, we're Skyping. I take a break back after this. On the Dan Patrick show in sports at trade can make or break your team a good one community championship, but a bad one can set your franchise back for years. It's no different when it comes to selling or trading in your car, you need to make choices. And with truecar. You gotta star your roster. Just go to truecar enter your license plate number and watch how your car's details pop up. Then answer a few questions. 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And find out what good game really means from the trio, who's taken the business by storm, including the three time NBA champion behind team, echo FOX. Download new episodes of the G G podcast every week on apple podcasts and podcasts one. You know what it was? Wondering driving in today. Who is going to play. David Bowie in the David Bowie bio pic. If you have Queen with Freddie Mercury you had the Elton John rocket man has got to be in the on deck circle. I'm guessing here. Dan Patrick show. Brought to you by Mercedes AM GB prepared for whatever comes your way. The all new GT four door coupe. Because life is raised. Visit your local dealership test drive today. In fact, that's a topic for Twitter, maybe you can help me with, who would play David Bowie in the David Bowie bio pic. Yes, paulie. I got a double check this. But there's an upcoming bio pic called stardust in the works on David Bowie. An actor who's rumored to play. It is Johnny Flynn. I don't know at all. Johnny flynn. Didn't he played for Syracuse? Yeah. Remember, they six overtimes, and they the temporal took them yielded then timber with GM David Kahn for taking him over Steph curry. You said he would. May will you? Right. You also said he may go on to play. David Bowie down the road and NBA career doesn't work out now. Jonathan Rhys Myers played a David Bowie, like character in velvet goldmine. Todd Haynes nineteen Ninety-seven movie. Okay. But remember him? Yeah. He isn't that the next bio pic, we would be on David or prince. Ooh. That's our only one is supposedly in the works. Johnny Flynn is the lead singer and songwriter a band called Johnny Flynn and Sussex, wit, and he's been in a Netflix show called love sick, and he's actor musician. I went to see rocket man thought it was good. Not great. Yes. For what would have made it great is there something that's it. It's, it's, it's presented in, in a unique way. I'll say that, but, you know, the, the actor who portrayed Elton John did a great job. But everybody else sings Elton John's songs. Whereas, you know. Randy Malik was lip synching Freddie Mercury, but did a wonderful job in capturing the Queen frontman, yes, well, after the success of bohemian, rhapsody financially, they're going to pump these out every year, as you can see this prince and but gets, like four years from now they'll be doing the monkeys. They're gonna go through everybody. Well, there's no controversy with the monkeys whereas, there's, you know, this kind of behavior with Bowie what kind of sexuality was he prince with who he was on a guns, N roses by OPEC that could be fun. Because everybody got really wasted axel was kind of a jerk. Yeah. And they've been ninety ninety minutes on that basically the story. Two minutes. Rick, Fox is set to join us Rick Fox, the former basketball player, North Carolina, of course, NBA player and played with the Lakers. He's got a podcast. The podcast gaming and east sports podcast available now on podcast one dot com. Apple podcast and the podcast one app. Rick Fox joining us you got three championship rings, right. Rick. I do too in two thousand and two thousand two Wendy wear them. I used to wear them at this time of year, if I attended the NBA finals for the TV when, when I worked with within the TV where the McKay, generally if I go to vet where speaking, because I know individuals a one c it stories stories are great, but they wanna touch feel the actual hardware. If I said, you could only get one ring out of the house. Yes, which ring in two thousand one because the two thousand one run was the fifteen in one stretch where we blew through the first three rounds of the playoffs, and we were as insane as I think I've ever been with teammates coaching staff on the floor, and we almost were perfect in the NBA run up to that championship that year. But it was there was a level of confidence that we stepped on the floor with which was intoxicating and, and something. I never felt again. What about that one loss? Yeah. That was the a six law us were alanon this bananas. We lay off we were slightly, maybe a sluggish Cogan had his best game shack didn't have his best game. And yet, we still went into overtime. That's the game. You see a lot of highlights Iverson, stepping over to Ron Lou, but it was the one that got and they deserved it that night and to this day, I think we could've made on down the greatest team ever forgot undefeated. Gimme a Kobe story. I haven't heard before. Will you probably heard a ton of them ever told you the one? After the preseason game where he stepped onto the bus, and I think he'd scored twenty eight points in the fourth quarter. He had he didn't. He didn't play in the first half was dealt del. Harris didn't play in the first half of the preseason game at twenty eight points in the fourth quarter but he stepped on the bus. And he said to me said, we're gonna get could score seventy three points tonight. Seventy three points to do that. And sure enough, you know, a eight years later, I'm sitting courtside of a Laker game. I'm retired and it's a year out and they're going to army at the game. He scored sixty points and three quarters and that growth or so you'll for eighty one in a game. Oh, that's how you were going to. If somebody's going to score one hundred a game again. Like, we'll did who would be that one person. Currently today. Yeah. I would say James harden are Steph curry is Steph, got on a streak in knocks down twenty three's on and just in a, you know, of fit of, of he checks. And then, you know, at some point team gets so frustrated they start following him to try and stop them in the perfect free. Throw shooters of it goes the other thirty of thirty five points him. How would your best Laker team do against Golden State, while your team? I don't know who's playing tonight, thousands at which one this cake. Okay. Let's say they're all healthy Rick. They're all healthy, and you pick your two thousand one Laker team. Right. Can you step back as an analyst, and be honest in assessing who would I know it's different areas different, you know, different officiating different rules of and get away with and all of that. But let's say the two thousand one Lakers playing today's NBA. Rules against a fully assembled warriors team. Yes. Now, we've done this exercise for myself because I'm so impressed with this current warriors team also finally, enjoying the current style of play of the NBA. It's entertaining. But it's also really, really fast and skill sets are increasingly a better, quite frankly, than I think, even our era when it comes to the range of shooting speed with which they, they conduct offense of execution in his cop court set. So I'm gonna give them that credit to begin with style play is going to be huge physicality is allowed on. They do not beat us. If we can't touch them physically defensively it'd be hard for our air to keep up with them at this pace because they're so fast and so free flowing but I tell you defensively, the game would be decided because they'd have to send half of their team to do anything with shack. A paint? I mean they would just have to literally send three guys do anything there, probably the core frontline with file out in the first half if they did decide to double team, and we had shooters, Krisher, Robert ory myself in wish we're all shooter, so we rarely got open shots when we did we love that knocked him down. I, I look at the ups Derek Fisher on the physicality level would've been aggressively in, in Steph curry, you'd be able to chase him be able to put a body on him physically, which would think would wear where stuffed out of Kobe. Brian, all defensive player would would be able to guard anywhere from two to four interdependent, who's playing that in terms of size matchup, if you're looking at it, and you're saying they're going small, and drain MAs four of five Lynch, wreck who wins this series when the series in our era and we'd have to get away with beating them up in their era right now today. But I definitely think that people forget, how athletic shack lows and they think will shock wouldn't be able to keep up with these guys. I disagree shack ran the floor faster than anyone just as fast anyone on our team. And I think we take that series. Your favorite shack story is what? The day we all had the decide whether or not we were gonna practice with him, but naked because he ran out to the to the fog late for practice in his Justice and nothing else came right into the circle with like kiss. Yes. He loved to do that. And he loves to be loved to, like, hug people, and he's naked, right? Shot, the move, yong-chol drew was in that one. So his ass. Bobby dutiful, I guess. Right. And what are you doing? Are you doing movie on the Showtime Lakers? Or is it a is it a documentary? So it's a TV series with Adam McKay max or seen Jim had great, great director Oscar winning director and show runners from television series. This recapping the, the nineteen eighty Showtime era, and it's a book from Jeff Probyn. Yeah. So in celebrating that era in celebrating the icons from that era in, we really excited about it. I know you doing stuff with each sports, and I, I'm fascinated with this. In fact, the campus of full sail university. They have an eight an e sports program there that, you know, kids, come from all over to actually learn how to do E sports. You have a podcast here. What, what, what kind of captured your imagination with these sports? Personally I just had a love for video games in. It's something that I've done with my kids something doubt my friends throughout my life. I cut my teeth personally competitively twenty six hundred white found the basketball. So that was there among five competitive. Buyer was the pilot light came on their east sportster, meet just I experienced it live. And I didn't Madison Square Garden back in two thousand fifteen and it was in that moment that I saw arenas being filled. I saw a generation that odyssey technology has afforded them the pleasure of playing games on their phone plan on their laptops entertaining themselves maybe differently than we did as kids. We came from the aero down the video game. Trolling get out of the house in in this generation. If you tell them that they'll put it down, pick up the phone play games on there for long. So they want to express themselves. And, and some of the best of the best is like an any the'll have risen to a level where they're entertained to watch the things they do are, are unique in. It's not easy to be done. They are the best in the world. Navigating pay for it. They're sponsored to do it. There's leagues and franchises. And I just happened to fall in love with one of the games league of legends. And I have any sports organization that could piece in that game. We have the best players in the world. And so I I've in that culture bound for the last five years, and I thought we'd do a podcast, the G podcast to celebrate a game celebrate eastwards to talk about things that are happening culturally around video games. Each rick. Fox three time NBA champ, the podcast, the podcast, the gaming in east sports podcast debatable on podcast one dot com. Apple podcast and the podcast one app. We keep trying to get Ray Allen to do a sequel to he got game and. Yeah. Now, Denzel says he's up for it. Really says he's up for it. And I, I asked Ngoni said, I'm fine. He said, get spike and get something going. But I'm wondering what would the sequel be two? He got game. I'll tell you this much. I'm not holding it up either. Sure, sure that I can find some time, which holding up it's been over twenty years, I think you have to generational writing. Neither have to you know you know Jesus shuttles worth is now if self Afaf's baby is now maybe it's not a son. Maybe it's daughter. I think you college basketball today. Maybe his son is figuring out whether to go straight to the pros. I think the storylines Feick is obviously Oscar-nominated writer and directors. He can he can figure it out. I think it's just probably scheduling and timing at I love, I love the idea of revisiting where that character Jesus shuttles worth is conic as he was along with, you know, spike gases would grandfather, that's why gum, Denzel would be probably a grandfather. Suttles word son, getting involved again in his son's life. And what do you remember about shooting that? Oh, I got to beverage, I still have a soda proof of those memories, too. I remember the two scenes that will remember the first time on dishing four I walked in to cashing director's office in New York with spike in and out came a meal. Joke, bitchy auditioned for the character role the of the of the prostitute, and in behind me walked eighteen year olds arguing Dawson elbow. She signed in, she just got off of the show kids TV movie kids, she bent. She asked me to borrow my headphones mental ahead phones to, to get prepared for her scene. And I went and it was Ray Allen Travis best to myself on dishing for these characters. And in the casting office was just spike in Tyler the casting director and we get done with the scene. And we hear this, this clapping in it's neither of them clapping, and we're wondering clapping and in the closet on the floor was sitting Denzel Washington. It was really good. Getting getting the role and the second thing. I remember about that movie was being on set and shooting, probably one of the most I opening scenes for me, as Degan recruiting Jesus shuttles worth the come to tech you, and as a recruit on campus, and I've done this before not to this level, but you show the guys show, high school kid around you wanted to feel good about the school in fall in love and want to introduce them to the young ladies. And in this case to the women that were playing the assistant coaches on entertaining. Jesus shuttles worth with were two famous porn stars. I would never. Apollo ROY with these two women just remember that, you know, I was on set with these two women and I had those Polaroid's to the day how boy Flos pull Monico, I'll Menem's twenty years ago and, and we did the scene in the scene became iconic, it became really icon, IQ in, because everywhere I go now, people want me to recruit them to come to college. I think that didn't happen at North Carolina. When you were recruited. Oh, no. I didn't have that type of recruiting tactics. Hey, good luck with a few things here with Showtime, and also certainly with the podcast. Great to talk to you again. And we appreciate your time as always Rick data anything wins tonight, when's the series ice. I'm saying Toronto. I I just think homecourt advantage. I don't know the health, even if Durant and or clay play tonight. I just don't know how healthy they're going to be. And I don't know. I just get a weird feeling that we've forgotten about Toronto, the entire playoffs and here they are. And then you kind of look up and you go, oh my gosh. You know what? They're pretty good team. Not only that good. I think that the health of it all is going to make is going to be the difference maker in this. When we won three games, we went through champs in a row when you play into June, like the warriors of announcing for the fifth straight year to tack that Huck physically town, the body. We're seeing happy. What actually happened to our team in our forth, run to a championship didn't make I pop attended by foot. Kobe was hurt. Robert ory got her shack got her you fall apart. And they physically by frankly, are all kind of wears of planet June for five years in a row is catching up with if you had your life on the line, and you can have already take the shot or Kobe take the shot. Is a shot that an absorbed, putting grandma's around? Does he have to create a shot himself now or no? No, no. He doesn't have to create a shot because that would be easy to. You would take Kobe there. So spot up three game. Your life is hangs in the balance Robert ory Oreo or Kobayashi. Robert ory Oreo, every time all really every time, okay? All right. You're going to hear from Kobe. Got to create it. Get it off goes. Oh, yeah. They definitely that. Hey Rick, thank you. Good luck, and always great to catch up with you. Thanks. That's Rick Fox, I told you some stories you know, the fact that Koby gets on the bus after a preseason game and says, I think I could've gotten Seventy-three like what and shack always loved to do that, that he would just come out in his shoes and nothing else on, and he run on the floor and practice in any start telling. Paulie didn't use the bathroom next to shack one time. Yeah. Last year at urinal and, you know, I got the bad left. I I just I told us on air before. Guys, we were all together at some party Kim. Or what party we got to go, drew premier premiere and I go to the bathroom. There's two urinals. I'm on the right urinal. I can't see much out of my left eye. But I could see a tall guy, went into the urinal next to me. There's a lot of tall guys at his party drew party line any players, and I don't really notice anything and then the door swings open, and I hear paulie for whatever you do don't look to your left, and it was Reggie Miller. And I, of course, I looked to my left and their shack urinating. Don't look down. You'll never recover from it. And I'm laughing shack laughing and I did not look down to my left if you miss any of our celebrity interviews this week from the Mercedes AM, man cave. Go to the Dan Patrick show app where you could watch and listen from inside the Mercedes G men, Cape. Mercedes in g driving performance close up shop after this on the Dan Patrick show. Everybody's got it to do this. I get one for my wife drop off, the dry, cleaning pick-up, some milk figure out something to get out of the house. So I can relax here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. The good thing you don't have to drop off or pick up anything. All you have to do is go to Geico dot com. Fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance you like extra money in your pocket. Do you like not having to drive somewhere to pick something up? This is a way to do it. It just may be the most rewarding thing on your to do list today. That's Geico dot com. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight me news headlines, right after this podcast. Close up shop here. Okay. Have a great weekend. We always feel on Friday. Meet Friday, arcade, fire. Recipe of the week, thanks to trigger meet Friday, grilled lemon pepper pork tender line. If you've been waiting to get a traeger grill. Good news for you triggers running their annual Father's Day sale, including one hundred dollars off the pro twenty to thirty four the Bronson models, fifty dollars off the portable tailgater, no better place. No better time to join traeger nation shop online or find a participating dealer. Traegergrills dot com dot com slash DP show. Reggie Miller will join us coming up on Monday, a couple of things here, the term bullpen. Some people think it came from Casey Stengel, the former manager longtime manager, he was tired of relief pitchers shooting. The bull in the dugout therefore they were sent elsewhere where they wouldn't bother the rest of the team. Hence they would shoot the bull in the bullpen. How serious he was when he made this claim is not clear. But John Miller, who is the great baseball voice for ESPN for such a long period of time now, the San Francisco Giants voice said that back in the eighteen eighties relief pitchers warmed up beyond the left field, fence the same area where there's a stockyard or a pen that had bowls in it. Right. So it's either where there were bowls in a pen or you were shooting, the bull, and they sent you to another place where you could shoot the bull hence the bullpen. Do you think a hundred years from now? They'll be doing a sports radio show. Where did the phrase load management from when are they dropped that phrase, Rachel Nichols, make that one up here where to come from Jimmy? Let me see what else did we come up with you. I threw this out. You had Rafael Rafa, Nadal beat Roger Federer again. And I said, have we had an era in tennis men's tennis, where you had three different players in the same era, who have at least how many how many grand slam titles, does the joker have do we have teen believe okay, you have three players with at least fifteen majors competing against each other and Federer Nadal and Djokovic. This tweet from Yankee two four seven nine. Mike Miller, this is the golden age of men's tennis. And I don't think it gets the appreciation it deserves because none of the big three are American right point. I think you can go back to the golden age of men's tennis in you had Connors McEnroe, thrown in there, along with Bjorn board. And then p. Sampras came along and Andre Agassi came along. But now, I think that's about point if two of the three were Americans, this would be a big deal. If Serena Williams wasn't American, it wouldn't be as big a deal, but it is because it's a Serena Williams already final results of the poll quick question. Mclovin did the NBA? Get it right by suspending warriors part owner. Mark Stevens for one game and finding and five hundred thousand sixty six percent said, yes, they got it right. All right. Chris in Kentucky. Hi, chris. What's on your mind today? The show got a couple of things for you. I I just wanna think paulie as a poodle ni-. He's created greatest t-shirt that I will ever, the losers basketball. I can't wait wait, wait that simply hall that way. And number two, you mentioned the calendar yesterday. And I can't wait for the twenty twenty version of the counter come out last year. I remember you teasing the calendar talking about how, you know, different dance take a month and you're kind of teasing that a little bit and made me wonder if which which would give what most, you know, sounds sexy without we get February it's times day, and got to April in my mind that I thought, you know, that's gotta be seating. Well, we're, we're actually going to we're going to have a draw for months. I think, but thanks for the phone call. Chris, fritzy. Would you. Learn today. Tarver duty tell us do to improve pitching, this more foul balls hit than actual balls, in play, mclovin, for one shot, Rick, Fox we go to Bob Oreo ver-. Kobe Bryant Seton. Steve Levy still trying to outrun bulging disc, paulie, you may go back to if you sportscenter. It's catch up with Elco. What we learned brought to you by truecar you wanna make a good choice and truecar will help you with that with that if you're selling or trading in your car. Check out truecar true cash offer not available in all areas. Reggie Miller on Monday. In the meantime, have a great weekend. Everybody talked to them. I am sports broadcaster. Anne, Marie Anderson. I'm Olympia and Holly mcpeak were both former athletes business women and mothers, and we want to help you create a life, you want using sports like a boss. Whether you're an athlete entrepreneur or parent, we want to help you get to where you wanna be well good, because I either got too many kids. Or I'm over scheduled overwhelmed. Honestly Holly half the time I feel like I'm screwing it up. Well, that's why we created this podcast to help get coaching parenting in the whole sports culture back on track. We've got a big network of people elite athletes like you Holly, entertainers experts. We're gonna find out what works for them. 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